Hiatus End? Maybe?

It's like every now and then I get the urge to blog again.
And then I dropped it.

Heck I even got a Dayre account to try mobile blogging but it just ain't my thing.
Well, basically if Dayre could be updated via browser (using desktop/laptop) I'd probably stick to it since it is more convenient than a regular blog.
But it can't.
And I hate typing using my phone.
Phones are okay for short messages or chats but typing a piece of your mind?
I prefer real size keyboards whereby my 90 wpm typing speed can be put in good use. LOL.

Thus I came back here.

What's new?

10 years relationship last October, happily attached to a job I'm rather contented about.
Basically I've in a state whereby stress level is kept at bay minimum.

I've also taken up gaming slightly more seriously.
By gaming I meant both card games and digital games.

Magic the Gathering is still hot as ever.
I can't play tournaments thus I quit Standard/Modern but I spent equally a lot into EDH.
Just completed my duals and Imperial Seal not long ago and planning on Timetwister.
Yea, I'm a hardcore competitive player when it comes to playing games if I can help it.

When it comes to digital games, I tend to be less competitive.
Reason? Well, I ain't the best nor do I have the time to invest to be one.
But I still try to play it well.
Basically a Blizzard junkie here with Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft & World of Warcraft.
Yea, restarted WoW cuz of their Xmas sale not long ago.
I'm such a sucker for game sales. LOL.
I'm playing in Suramar/Draka server in case anyone is interested to hook up. LOL.

Well all the above adds up, means I'm not exactly spending lots of time hitting the gym. LOL
Thus I'm gaining weight and it's safe to say I'm no longer the hottie I used to be.
Imma try to hit the gym more if I can help it but hey, you guys who read my blog since the old days are captivated by my wits and not looks right?


Okay fine.
Imma hit the gym. T___T

Well I'm basically bored at work with little to do thus the thought of expressing myself.
The next time I have a specific topic to share, Imma write it down and publish it here again.
So hopefully this blogging phase continues? LOL.



Been awhile since I'm back.
I guess it is safe now to blog since no one reads this anyway.

I'm feeling pretty vulnerable.

Let's just say that I'm no longer who I used to be, physically at least.
As such, I am often disappointed when things don't turn out the way I wish them to be.
And so I tried doing more for others, hoping that perhaps this world ain't so superficial anymore.

Who am I kidding. This world is superficial.
I learned that 12 years ago, come on.

Well, fuck this shit.
Robb, you gotta get up and change.
Else wise you'll be miserable for the rest of your life.


I guess it is fair to say that I live a rather happy / contented life.

I mean, sure waking up to go to work is a bitch but hey everyone has to do that. LOL.

Other than that, I actually have pretty much everything covered. I get access to games I enjoy (lies! I don't have any games to play *stares at tonnes of game icons on desktop and PS3 titles) and I have the company of my love everyday without fail.

Add to that, I even have 3 adorable dogs at home with me everyday.

Thus, whenever I'm off work, I cannot help it but to head home right away just to enjoy myself with entertainment and company of my loved ones.

This is of course a problem as I secretly (lies!) wants to obtain visible abs before I hit 30.

Of course with the current rate of things going, it is going to be a long stretch. LOL.


My Childhood

I'm back!

And Dan, you didn't say anything wrong. I just got lazy.

Thanks to your comment which I was too lazy to reply, I'm writing this post to share more about my childhood.

I come from a rather traditional family (of course,adjectives are relative, so in my case traditional in relative to my peers' or what I felt other families would be like).

Let's paint and set the background a little;
- Man of the house has absolute say for everything, no explanation nor justification required
- Children are to obey instructions from adults no matter what.
- Never ever ask why
- Can't leave the house on your own to explore the neighborhood (never even been to the playground on my own thus no friends at all before I went to school)
- You are expected to be have according to your gender (girls will have to be polite, wash the dishes, do housework, guys have to... well not much drawbacks but shows chivalry and never hit a girl)

Now the above is clearer let's paint my characteristics when I was growing up;
- Mischievous and always against rules as I don't understand the need of them (no thanks to the no explanation clause), getting hit from my parents was not uncommon (yes traditional families hit their child from where I come from, LOL)
- Enjoy being happy - games, television and basically anything that makes me smile
- Attention seeker (I love getting compliments from any family members and by that I meant aunts, relatives and parents)

As a result of the above I was actually very expressive of my thoughts and sometimes even putting them into action. My elder sister on the other hand were different from me as I felt (I'm not them so I can't really say they are this way) that they were;
- Obedient
- Takes precautions and will not take much risks in exploring

Naturally my younger sister follows her elder sister since they are both girls (she has her own personality but in the younger days, she did just follow).

Due to the clashing characteristics, we were always at odds with each other and most of the time my sisters get the upper hand (refer traditional gender roles, guys - chivalry, not supposed to bully girls bla bla bla) and boy did I get into a lot of pain due to them. LOL

So technically if you are asking if I have unpleasant experience with girls during my childhood, I would say it kinda contributed that I didn't exactly enjoyed my sisters' company as friends as much. To add to that, I never ever had any close female friends in my entire life.

Due to this vacuum I fell for the first person outside my family who treated me well and I think that changed how I felt towards guys and girls. LOL. Check the sidelink under My Life Story if you are interested.

Anyway, the only thing that stood prominent in my childhood for me was that I was fat, enjoyed the attention from everyone because I was quite bright (scored pretty well during examinations throughout my elementary school days) and I love video games and television. :)

Ah good ol' times. Won't wanna go back though as I do enjoy my current life as well.

There you have it. I'm back. I'll try to blog more but no promises as you can check from my recent entries I've promised this so many times and yet I keep breaking them. LOL.

I'll write whenever I write. ;)


Readers & Gays

It is no surprise that one of the factors that keep a blogger going on writing is the readers.

Knowing that someone is actually reading, interpreting or understanding what you are sharing on your blog is awesome. You know what's better? The reader actually leaving a comment. Industry rate of actual number of readers ratio over comments is actually about 1%-5% depending on your site's traffic. Technically it means if your site is very popular, your readers who comment ratio is usually much lower.

Thanks to Dan's comment on my previous post. I'm a little inspired to keep on writing but I'm not sure how long this would last but hey, I'm trying. :D

Anyway, since hardly anyone reads this blogs anymore, I guess I can get a little explicit with my gay life here. After all, it was one of the reasons why people liked my blog to begin with, long time ago. LOL.

Thought of some interesting questions I would like to answer myself about my gay life and I thought I'd ask myself one and write about it every now and then.

What makes you gay? God? Your choice? Or?
I'm not sure if I shared it before but I always enjoy sharing this part. While it is easy to lie back and just say this is how I am and I am born this way I actually see homosexuality as a choice. I would actually say I made a choice to be gay when I felt that I would be much happier being with another guy than a girl.

While it is not easy to dispel traditional thinkers saying that you're born this way thus you made that choice, but it is a chicken and egg situation cause I'd dispel your your thoughts by saying you're complied to say that because blaming the way you are born you're taking 1 step back from being responsible for your deciscion/choice/actions and say this is the act of God that you're behaving the way you are.

That's just nasty because various other groups such as NAMBLA (google it up), necrophilia and even child molesters are started to plea that they were born the way they are and cannot help it just because gays get away with it.

How freaking hard is it to say you choose to be gay because you're happier being gay? Okay fine, perhaps not everyone is happy but the drift is you feel at peace with yourself for being gay. That's the first part that justified your decision in my opinion.

Well, there is nothing wrong if you disagree with my views because these views are mine alone as I've not openly climb for public support on this matter (as if there are no other important things to raise awareness about, LOL). But everytime I hear gays say the words "I Can't Help It, I was Born this Way", my mind goes "Yea, just like the rapist was born to be interested in non consensual sex, murderers to be interested in taking lives away and criminals to be interested in breaking laws".

So yea, if anyone asked if I'm gay because I'm born this way or I chose to be gay, I'd say I chose to be gay, loud and proud because I'm happy with my choice.