Readers & Gays

It is no surprise that one of the factors that keep a blogger going on writing is the readers.

Knowing that someone is actually reading, interpreting or understanding what you are sharing on your blog is awesome. You know what's better? The reader actually leaving a comment. Industry rate of actual number of readers ratio over comments is actually about 1%-5% depending on your site's traffic. Technically it means if your site is very popular, your readers who comment ratio is usually much lower.

Thanks to Dan's comment on my previous post. I'm a little inspired to keep on writing but I'm not sure how long this would last but hey, I'm trying. :D

Anyway, since hardly anyone reads this blogs anymore, I guess I can get a little explicit with my gay life here. After all, it was one of the reasons why people liked my blog to begin with, long time ago. LOL.

Thought of some interesting questions I would like to answer myself about my gay life and I thought I'd ask myself one and write about it every now and then.

What makes you gay? God? Your choice? Or?
I'm not sure if I shared it before but I always enjoy sharing this part. While it is easy to lie back and just say this is how I am and I am born this way I actually see homosexuality as a choice. I would actually say I made a choice to be gay when I felt that I would be much happier being with another guy than a girl.

While it is not easy to dispel traditional thinkers saying that you're born this way thus you made that choice, but it is a chicken and egg situation cause I'd dispel your your thoughts by saying you're complied to say that because blaming the way you are born you're taking 1 step back from being responsible for your deciscion/choice/actions and say this is the act of God that you're behaving the way you are.

That's just nasty because various other groups such as NAMBLA (google it up), necrophilia and even child molesters are started to plea that they were born the way they are and cannot help it just because gays get away with it.

How freaking hard is it to say you choose to be gay because you're happier being gay? Okay fine, perhaps not everyone is happy but the drift is you feel at peace with yourself for being gay. That's the first part that justified your decision in my opinion.

Well, there is nothing wrong if you disagree with my views because these views are mine alone as I've not openly climb for public support on this matter (as if there are no other important things to raise awareness about, LOL). But everytime I hear gays say the words "I Can't Help It, I was Born this Way", my mind goes "Yea, just like the rapist was born to be interested in non consensual sex, murderers to be interested in taking lives away and criminals to be interested in breaking laws".

So yea, if anyone asked if I'm gay because I'm born this way or I chose to be gay, I'd say I chose to be gay, loud and proud because I'm happy with my choice.


Complain without any action

Most of us suffer under this condition. Me included I think, but I do like to think I take more action for things I really give a damn about.

If I don't take action, I'm merely complaining for the sake of complaining but accepting the fact I want to be subjected to the thing that makes me complain. LOL.

There is no right or wrong in life, but only decisions, actions, consequences and interpretations of what has happened which was crafted for a specific reason. There is no such thing as a neutral interpretation as there is never sufficient neutral words in the world to paint an incident neutral. Thus most neutral interpretations often paint what they share about happenings in the past as what was reported by certain parties to show they are quoting sources and some may even put remarks that they find it hard to believe on certain reports.

It is no surprise after all that the victors write history and never the losers.

Complaining for god knows why

Bla Bla Bla

There will be lots of short updates as I do believe I no longer have what it takes to write long posts.

Anyway, life has been mundane. But I am enjoying 2 things at the moment
- Reading Starcraft novels
- Playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

They are both technically not new stuff but I just got to doing them and I do enjoy them a lot.

I've always been a big fan of fantasy stories - especially if it relates to a game I played before. Thus, World of Warcraft novels are definitely a big hit to me (except for the latest - Shadows of Horde Vol'jin story, damn stupid novel with hardly any storyline). In fact, I have all the novels under the Warcraft banner and I just started one for Starcraft. So far, the story and delivery did not disappoint. Let's see how it goes if I'll go on buying more Starcraft novels to read.

Simulation management games have always been my favorite. My first ever game of such type was Holiday Island and it was awesome except the fact the game will keep crashing if you ever build (or let your opponent build) an event such as Miss Beach or something like that cuz the News keep popping up and causing nuisance for god knows how long (you'd need to bid to win the rights to organized the event then don't organize it, LOL).

Then I discovered damn lots more but the best ones were on 2 branches.
- Settler/Zues/Pharoah/Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom
- Transport Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon 1, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

The first type was building cities and having building spawn walkers to evolve your housing - getting more population, building awesome monuments and what not. The second type was managing an empire to generate revenue for yourself. Both types are awesome but I can hardly find anything worth playing these days (new ones).

I initially pushed Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 to the side due to the fact it was 3D and I thought it was no longer the same engine for the previous games. Boy was I wrong when I gave it a try after 8 years the game has been released. The only 3D thing about it is that you can rotate the camera easier (for building rides, it is awesome). and u get to see your guests a bit more 3D-ish (trust me, 2004 3D guests aren't exactly top notched, LOL) and plus, you get to ride your own rides and feel what people feel riding your roller coaster (not a big draw for me, but hey, when you need to throw time away to get some income stack for a big construction, go ride some of your rides).

All in all, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is awesome and I do feel I'll spend a lot of time on it. Starcraft novels would probably be an on off thingy when I have money to buy a new novel every now and then. :P

Living my life happy

When the Other Side Stops Talking

Of course you try to keep talking. Nonsense.

But when it turns out you are the only talking for the rest of your life... it gets a little demotivating and eventually you stop talking too.

I wonder if that's the reason why my dad stopped talking much in his life.

I know I am not motivated to be only one talking anymore. I guess I'm starting to enjoy silences myself.


Doing More Things

I've been thinking.

These days all I do is stay at home, watch series, play with my dogs and some Starcraft 2 (which I suck at now, sadz - no friends to keep me competitive). I hardly do anything outside.

Perhaps it is time for me to have more activities outside. But I hav nowhere to start due to the fact I've been staying inside my comfort zone for the longest time and I don't have friends. LOL.

I have a wonderful boyfriend but when it comes to friendship, I suck big time. Forever alone relates to me quite well.

At any rate, I have 1 group of friends who play Magic the Gathering closely. Perhaps I could expand to that group and try get myself closer friends to hang out and do stuff together.

Perhaps, perhaps perhaps.