moving on

let's see.. before i can continue with my entry, an intro is needed to the situation i face today. let's just see if i can make it brief n not drift apart from wat i wan to express here.

quitted my uni (UTP) last 3 weeks ago. was doing my chemical engineering degree, 1st semester 2nd sem. under petronas scholarship, which pays all my acco and tuition fees and allowances of rm7k per year. bonds me 10 years upon completion of the degree. consequences of breaking the contract ( failure to complete the degree ) wld be paying back all the money they had sponsored me. tat tallies up to rm40k now... family's financial is tight, as my dad is payin for my sis's education in russia (medicine). n now, 40k debt, and my next pursue of education.. hmm.. 1st impression if i'm reading tis in another person's blog - man, tis guy is a jerk. all he does is adding burden to his family.

moving on, for the past 3 weeks, i hav only a handful of things to do. let's see.. the daily routine wld be.. wake up, gym, breakfast, online, nap, games (mtg), dinner, online, sleep. yea, tat wld be it. yup, all the days for 3 weeks. mayb a few exceptions here n there, but tat covers most of it. oh yea, the inavailability of the rm500 allowance money disrupt lots of my plans to make purchases and visits. practically, i'm so broke. i need to get a part time job seriously.

yup. i've decided to get a job. b4 tis i was wondering.. if i cld get a job at shopping complexes for a decent pay. i mean, mcD offers rm3 per hour and u get free lunch/dinner. sure u hav to top to take my eyes off tat offer... but it seems to me, nt much shops offer such wages. so i kinda made up my mind to work part time in mcD. yup, tmr after my gym session, i'm off to the nearest mcD to enquire abt vacancies. hopefuly i can get 1. i mean, besides occupyin my time, i cld earn some money for my expenses. phone bills, shoppin, mtg, n the most important wld be, my dear. need to save some money to visit him u noe? love him very very much. no doubt abt it.

hmm.. next wld be my pursue in education. i really really want to pursue mass comm. was interested in broadcasting initially. however, i do realise tat the career prospect in tat field is sort of limited... upon thinking on the whole pic, i think specialising in pr won't be tat of a bad idea. i still hav the basic of mass comm, but i'm more wanted in the corporate field perhaps, in hrm. food for thought.. after making a mistake on my 1st choice in tertiary education, i can't afford another 1.. so i'd seriously appreciate some views from viewers. so pls do giv me feedbacks.

ok, where to if i'm gonna do mass comm? apparently my dad is really broke. n tarc seems to be the only place affordable. n guess wat? according to the counsellor, i'm eligible for a full scholarship for my pursue in diploma in tarc since i've obtained all As in my spm. hmm... hope tat's true.. however, the kampar branch doesn't hav intake in jan. n hell no wld i wait till may to start studyin... i need to continue my studies as soon as possible since i've already wasted enuf time. most prob i wld be pursuing it at kl. hopefully.

another option wld be utar. i cld apply for a pre-u course there and pursue my degree str8 away. however, no confirmation abt any scholarships available for me.. so hmm.. personally, i wld prefer ktar better. somewhat related to.. well only 1 person who's reading tis wld noe. hehe ;)

well tat's basically abt me trying to move on.. so wat i'm gonna do next is.. make some phone calls for enquiries, photocopy my certs, get them certified and wait for reply from the uni. meantime i wld be working hopefully. never actually worked b4. 1st time exp. hope i can learn from it. guess tat's all from me tis time.