I'm walking on sunshine~ or am I?

I'm cool with stuff now. I love zach more than ever. And surprisingly, i'm still cool though my financial status has not improved. my dad banked in sufficient money for my transportation back to ipoh. i'm going back to my hometown this weekend since my bf is doing the same. i mean.. my life in kl without him so far, is quite boring. i remembered when he was back to penang after chinese new year.. man, was that time difficult for me..

so yup, at least for half a week when he's not around i can occupy myself with things in my hometown. i miss the delicacies in ipoh as well. not to mention i dun hav to pay much when i'm back there. :P ipoh, just 1 more day, and here i come! yeehaa`~

right now, i'm supposed to be pressured as my assignment is due tomorrow, but here i am blogging in 1 window, 5 active msn windows beeping non stop, few channels in irc chatting and also jammin wit my speakers. kekeke. looks like i'm getting comfortable. guess i shld stop here. i can't multitask tat well actually. wish me luck so tat i dun screw up in my assignment.



As my title indicates, i'm relieved at this moment. well, it turned out that i worried too much. i mean, yea, i'm paranoid. :P but well, the rumor ain't that good as well actually. the sissy middle-age old man actually comments that i'm a lousy bf. reasons? i'm broke and sometimes my bf pays for my things. that hurts my ego greatly actually!! but then again, it is a fact.. that i am broke. looks like i do need to improve my financial status quick or else i'd never know how much my ego cld suffer.

well, enough of all this bad mood thingy. i wanna try changing my feelings when i'm blogging. well, the sissy old fag actually said that he won't want me as a bf. god sake, am i thankful for that statement. i mean, look at it! (yes, it's an it, cuz it's too glutious to be called a male species for humans). keke. sorry that i cldn't include a pic for u guys to see how awful it is. actually i think u readers shld thank me instead. keke, i saved ur eye sore! well, a friend of mine told me something funny regardin the old fag as well. he's quite average in looks and a lil' meaty, but the moment he saw the old fag, he had this thought in his mind. we asked what was his thought, he answered, " After meeting him, i know i'm goodlooking now!" ROFLMAO!!!

well, this is a good try to blog with other sentiments rather than uncertainty. i'm actually blogging this before my class. actually, i'm late for my class. couldn't care less as the class isn't really that important, the only reason why i wld attend it wld be the attendance. well, see ya. (wow, i can't believe myself ending my blog entry this way)