Continue? 9.. 8... 7.. 6.. 5..

i lost my tournament. grrr... but my day was still great. though i had a tough time travelling back to kl, but it's darn worthy! zach was waiting for my arrival. ^^ he bought me a bday cake!! ^^ americano from secret recipe. tat's expensive! he shldn't have... but i'm happy for his thoughts. ^^ we cuddled n hugged the nite and wow, i won't hav doubt saying it's my best bday celebration ever.

now back to my title of blog. continue? err.. just a statement abt me continuing my life. this whole week is utter crap. the mass call for students is ntg but talks. thank god, we're all a sneaky bunch which means we skipped all the talks n got away wit it. n w/o internet at home, we hav to resort to expensive way to get online - CC!! grr...

well, not all complaints wld be laid out by me today. there's the competition which searches for the intake's king n queen, it's sort of a modelling thingy, which incidentally, i took part in :x hmm.. i was shortlisted for second audition which took place yesterday. we were required to cat walk, pose, dance and showcase our talent. i did all of them. hopefully i wld qualify for finals. the judges notify me tat if i'm chosen, i'd be reached within two days. 1 day's gone. another left. low chances? well, i hope i get to be a finalist. but then again, i won't be tat sad, i guess.. ^^ life's still cool ^^

p.s. in case u guys don't know. i do like attention :p


The Battle On My Day

Sound the War Drum! I want total victory today!!!

:P this is one of the main reasons why i came back to ipoh actually. i have a tournament today which starts at 10.30am. it's a magic the gathering card game tourney. grand prix trials kl. winner - 3rd round bye in grand prix kl plus 36 boosters (1 box). reason y in ipoh? less competitive! easier to win! plus today is my day! i wanna strike gold! gimme my win! no1 shld stop me! my luck is all with me!


hehe, a bit of pep talk to myself b4 the competition. wish me luck readers!

in war mood

It's` Your Burfday~ Ur Burfday~

hurrah~ for those who don't know. i'm celebrating my bday today/tmr/now. now it's story time abt my bday. so children, gather around n listen to me.

21 years ago, a couple went thru ancient prophecy n stuff like tat just to ensure they got a son in their next 'shot' since they got a daughter at first. they were told that they wld only hav 1 son in the family and it is true (sadly). 9 months after tat, UWAH~~ UWAH~~ UWAH~~ i was born. now the exact date of my birth is rather confusing. i do know the time, i was born around 11.50pm on either 20th or 21st of may 1986. reason y? my birth cert states tat my birth day was on 21st. my mum insist tat was a mistake made by the nurse who was in charge during her labor. well, coming from an average family, my birth was in the general hospital. the service was bad. real bad. my mum was in pain as she cld feel i was coming out any moment tat nite. she called the nurse but they nurse who was in charge ignore her. she even scolded my mum for faking. thank god, another nurse came by n both my mum n i was safe. for this sole reason, there's high chances tat the nurse feel like screwing my exact birth date. but then again, my mum cld hav remembered wrongly. let's not jump into conclusion tat early, instead of choosing either 1, why not, i hav 2 days in a row for celebration? yea tat's wat i thought of.

well, so much for tat thought. i'm 20 tis year, there ain't a single bday tat is extrordinary for me. there was no celebration or wat so ever as my family is kinda conservative n down to earth, chinese style. yea, screw the caucasian's trend of inducing bday celebration, tat's wat they say.. well, i've grown to adapt wit it. well, with no hopes or expectation at the 1st place, there can't be a disappointment right when my bday turns out once again as usual? lol.

hmm.. this year, my bday wish wld be.. to be together with my beloved, zach for as long as we can be, happily ever after. i do believe our relationships is gonna go far. real far in fact, :P no other wishes, n of cuz, if anyone wants to gimme present, i'd still accept it. ^^

till next time, happy bday to myself

p.s. in case anyone wonders, wat horoscope sign i belong to, i'm taumini. reason? 20th is taurus, 21st is gemini. :D i do share characteristics from both