Fat temptation!!

did i mention i was fat?

my sister who came back from russia (medic) for summer holidays visited me a week ago, and gave me a comment/statement which i didn't really fancy hearing. Here's wat she said;

"It's just a matter of time that u get back to your original size, bro."

Godsake!! Did i curse her to be an old virgin? she don't have to be so harsh!! haha, just kidding, the truth is, i'm extremely sensitive to fat jokes aimed at me. I don't have excessive eating disorder to be exact. And i do watch wat i eat, not to mention i do exercise regularly to get those packs and chest muscles. grrr!! I swear that i would not let her words become a reality!! never!!

sis, i dun wish u to be an old virgin just like tis woman, dun make me curse ya` lol

however, things got a lil out of hand lately...

remember i threw a tantrum abt my indo mee in the previous post? well, me n zach got out to the local supermarket n resupplied ourselves with lots of food, both essentials and non essentials. other than instant noodles which cld cure our hunger when we're lazy, we also bought lots of snacks, ranging from;

mamee monsters,

twisties (bbq spicy),

famous amos,


kellog's frosties

and a few other snacks which i've forgotten abt.

oh did i mention that my landlord has been extremely nice towards me lately? his whole 3 boxes of unopened granula bars (which i checked at the local supermarket, cost rm10 per box) and tau sar pheah which all happen to the list of my favorites snacks are all offered to me now, as he said he dun feel like eating them at all... it's not tat i'm complaining... but it's times like these makes me scared that i'd go fat all over again...

granula bars which cost rm10 per box

penang tau sar pneah!!!!

nevertheless, i shall remain vigilant at my outlook, if u guys happen to notice i've gain weight, do shoot me!! i need help... with so much nice snacks around... T_T

duno should be sad or happy with favorite snacks around


i dun know whether my tolerance level is dropping or it's a well deserved burst of anger. but i'm really getting worked up due to my housemate.

(tis is something i wld look like when i'm angry!! red mad squid!!grr)

let's start wit me. i'm an above average looking, chinese guy who has above average body stats, who possesses above average brains n social skills. i can tolerate a lot of minor annoyance providing that they DON'T repeat. even major annoyance can be taken lightly actually. loves reasoning out if there's any miscommunication, n by reasoning, i mean talking nicely. i dun yell unless u've caught the devil of yelling in me to come out n hav a yelling match wit u.

now, my housemate, who i shall not name due to my respect towards privacy, is.. let's put it in a better manner, slightly below average looking, slightly below average average body stats (god damn it, why do i hav to be so nice when he's as thin as a stick), in terms of brains.. i'm not quite sure, but i do know he possesses crapping skills which wld easily convince unexposed audience into his 'talks' which he doesn't seem to walk in my opinion. best of all, he doesn't even dare to communicate with me nor my landlord regarding what he did which annoyed us.

let's start with minor things. He uses zach's n my pc at frequent interval, at 1st, with permission, but lately, it's been quite a few times which the enquiring of permission did not happen. to top that, he uses our webcam to god-knows-wat-he-does with other ppl out there. i for one, thinks tat webcams are sacred n bound to be used only by the owner, so scram! grr!

(webcams are sacred! just like love! *adoring eyes*)

next, pictures! yea yea, when u login to ur msn, u do like to have ur nice lil photo of urs at the btm right corner. well, acceptable, providing tat's ur pc u're using. saving ur photo in ppl's pc is ok only when u delete it when u logoff. and god damn it, how many times do i hav to endure deleting ur slightly below average looking photo? it sores my eyes greatly!

files!! even greater scale! well, assignments of urs shld be well understood tat u can do it in our pc, n for christ sake(the god he believed in), save it into ur own storage medium! zach, to be precise, hates seeing unknown files out of nowhere in his pc. oh wait, i recall a better occurance of unknown files in pc, there's tis one time, there's a few naked pic of another guy in zach's pic, which he, himself admitted he received the file. oh come on, where's the decency? if u're gonna view porn, delete it! n to top tat, the pic wasn't even attractive! another sore sight

(at least an oompa loompa is cute when u close his face. but by all means, dun undress him! inattractive physicals and nakedness doesn't mix!!)

permission of usage is not a super big deal. it's a matter of courtesy of letting us know. repeating things like tis makes me mad. n when i'm mad, I SMASH!! (imitates Hulk). grr!! the worst case was, there's this one morning, where he used zach's printer and printed his assignments and rushed off messing up the table n forgotting to switch the power off. god sake, can anyone who uses ppl's stuff w/o permission get any worse than him? my grandma wld hav been a better usage-thief than him.


instant noodles!!! which one of us doesn't consume instant noodle? mayb not now, perhaps once upon a time or a period. well for me n zach, it's cost efficient n to comfort our lazy butts from going down to buy food for meals. i've been keeping track of my noodles, and it appears tat my Indo Mee has been missing a lot lately. my landlord doesn't take instant noodles, zach only eats wit me(i did ask just in case), it doesn't take a genius to figure out who. n yet he denies it!! if it's other noodles nvm la, but it's INDO MEE!!!!! GRRR!!!!

(indo mee!!! this is the old packing i assume, but it's still indo mee!!!)

to top things over avthing, this morning, some1 crapped in the toilet n didn't flush it! fingernails/toenails leftovers was found near our tables as well. landlord's cousin left home at 6am, landlord at 7, me n zach at 8. the stool n nails were found when zach reached home around 12 something. dun start by telling it cld have been there all night long n i din realised it, when i pee in the morning, i cld tell if there's shit in the bowl or not.

(try having tis greeting u after class!)

he lacks in courtesy of asking, telling, admitting, and picking up his own mess. if he's somehow reading this, i'm sorry dude, if my tone is a bit offensive, but if u know wat's good for ya, take tis as a constructive criticism.

pissed n annoyed

Cam Whore

this term has been about the cyberspace for quite some time. mostly used to represent ppl who excessively uses their webcams unnecessary. for example, look at the guy on your left. ain't he a cam whore?

now compare these 2 pictures. they look so alike!! both landak!! keke

last but not least, take a middle finger pic from the cam whore, nah!!

most likely to be cam whoring when you're reading this

Fat rude nerd

i din mention i was in the debate team representing my class didn't i? well, i've got knocked out on semi finals today by a team which hav an ah beng, fat nerd and a good debater in it.

ok, i'm not trying to act like a sore loser here. but heck, let me hav some fun at expressing myself ok? i do admit they are the better team due to several factors our team has concluded. 1stly, time wasn't on our side. our topic was given to us on tuesday and we already hav 2 assignments dated for submission tis week. tat leaves us with 2 days of preparation which our team didn't really meet up physically at all. 2nd, was our lecturer, who is a total bitch. she got us into the debate, never coach us, always giv last minute info for us abt our next debate motion n date. her role towards our team is at par with the flatlands of netherlands.

let's go thru how their team goes off. their first speaker, mr ah beng. stood up n started talking abt how they agree with the house's motion. yada yada yada. all tat i noticed n i believe the audiences as well are how lala and ah bengish is his look. i mean come on. i know tar college has lots of lala, but... to find a lala in a debate team in the semifinals.. now tat's rare..

a clear illustration of a typical ah beng

mr second speaker was even better! the moment enters play, he's full of nerdness, aggresiveness, rudeness, loudnn, voluptuousness, clumsiness, ugliness, and all the ness which is never at the cons side goes on (yes, he is this bad). his specky look is so nerdy tat if there is an nerd scale next to him, he wld hav broken the scale the moment he's put on the scale. my god, is he horrendous, his jaws was so powerful that when he started speaking, he doesn't stop and the amount of saliva droppin from his mouth is like sprinklers at the garden, except tat i'm quite certain plants wld die from this if he's offered to take the role of a water sprinkler in my garden. all he does are speak as aggresiveness nonstop. he even was rude to the adjudicator and representatives from tar college debate team chairperson. he's just total not right! yada yada yada yada and YADA!!!! tat's him~~

quite a perfect comic to describe the nerd

well, i do like to pick on fat guys ever since i've shed off my weights. trust me, it's ntg personal, but in terms of sight, darn it, wld u prefer ur sight to be filled with voluptuous ppl like a fat nerd? here's a very good resemblence of him.

i have no issues with the 3rd speaker as he's decent and he was good. :)
however... sigh.. though i never really care abt the debate, but it's not a good feeling to lose something ain't it? well, time kinda chilled me down already, but i'm still gonna bitch abt those 2 speakers. grr.

haters of ah bengs n nerds

Magic The Gathering

okok.. i've decided to introduce what Magic The Gathering card game in detail to my blog readers here. basically it's a card game which usually 2 players play against each other to reduce each one's life or library size down to 0. the game gives roles to the players as mages who are able to summon creatures to fight for them, cast powerful spells, control ancient artifacts and enchantments which cld help winning his opponent.

each player starts with 20 lives and usually play with either a deck with 40 or 60 cards. a deck normally comprises 16 or 24 lands, depending on how many cards a deck has and other spells which cld help the player to win the game. the game begins as each player draw 7 cards which is called as the player's hand while the remaining cards in the deck are called library. any creatures, artifact, enchantment, lands which are destroyed are placed in the player's graveyard. same goes for instants and sorcery spells which has been played. each turn begin as the following
1. untap permanents u control
2. upkeep step
3. draw step (the player who starts first skip this step at 1st turn)
4. precombat main phase (creatures, enchantments, sorceries, artifacts can only be played during this phase)
5 - combat
a. beginning combat
b. declare attacker
c. declare blocker
d. combat damage assigning
e. combat damage resolve
f. end of combat
6. post combat main phase (creatures, enchantments, sorceries, artifacts can only be played during this phase)
7. cleanup step (discard cards if u hav more cards in ur hand than ur handsize(7))
8. end turn (the next player repeat from step 1 till 8)
*note tat instant spells n abilities can be played at any time.

let me introduce av single element in magic piece by piece. most important piece of permanent wld be land. land usually generates mana, which is needed to cast spells and summon creatures. there are 5 different basic lands which are Plains, Mountain, Swamp, Island and Forest. each of them produces 1 mana of their respective color for the player when tapped.

next would be creatures. take this creature above for example. it is a very basic green creature. the background of the card signifies that the color of the spell whether it is creature spell or not. the mana cost is shown at top right corner which in this case, it requires 2 green mana to summon this creature. the name for the card is Elvish Warrior. it has the card type - creature and creature type - elf in this context. All creatures in MTG (initials for Magic The Gathering) has power and toughness (p/t in short). this creature has p/t of 2/3. this means if the creature is to attack an opponent, it could deal 2 damage to either to the opposing player(unblock) or deal 2 damage to the creature blocking it. the toughness represents how much damage can the creature take b4 it is destroy and put into graveyard. for simple terms, it takes a creature with power of 3 or more to kill Elvish Warrior in combat.

Usually, the higher the mana cost, the better the spells would be. as compared to Elvish Warrior, Silvos, Rogue Elemental which has higher cast cost is bigger (p/t = 8/5) and much costlier (3 generic or any color mana & 3 green mana) to play. Not to mention Silvos has other abilities such as trample (may deal the remaining of its power after subtracting the toughness of all creatures blocking it to the player it's attacking) and regeneration (removes lethal damage aka combat & spells damage and destroy effects).

next in line, is sorcery spells. sorcery spells can only be played on your turn normally. the spell above allows u to search your library for a land with the type of island, mountain, plains or swamp into play. this could help boost ur mana acceleration as a player can only put 1 land in play each turn normally. y boost mana? well, the more mana u hav faster than ur opponent, the more strong spells u can play. big creatures! ngaum!!

the card above is an enchantment card, which is subtyped as aura. when u play this enchantment, u must target a creature in play. and the creature will get the bonus as it stated. the other ability is pretty self explained in the card itself.

the card above is a pure enchantment which does not target. and it affects both players as well. pretty much explained wat it does from the card's text right?

instant spells can be played any time. whether it's ur turn or your opponent's. it can help you out in tricky situation definitely. the spell above is one of the best green instant cards. it targets a creature in play and pumps it larger, either maximising the damage dealt to opponent or saving it from being killed.

finally, i'm gonna introduce an artifact card. the above artifact is a non creature artifact. the mana cost is 5 generic which means u can use any color of mana to pay for it. an artifact card is considered as colorless. the ability for the above card is pretty much stated on itself.

the above card is an artifact creature. pretty much of an average creature. does not require much of my explaination.

now u must hav been wondering.. i've been babbling on all the cards of green and not any other color. well yea. magic is a very wide topic and i wld like to make more entries regarding magic as well. therefore i'm saving other colors for next time. a brief explaination on green mages' nature in the game. their creatures are very efficient in terms of mana cost n for their p/t. they usually hav the biggest creature available at higher mana cost. they are efficient at accelerating their mana to bring out the behemoths. they appreciate the past and are able to recollect cards from graveyard to replay them. they are ferocious as they can make their creatures really big by their instant spells and also saving their own creatures. they hate blue and black mages as blue mages are always meddling with nature's order (blue is mostly associated wit artifacts, unnatural) while black does not care abt order and wld do anything just to win (selfish act, does not care abt creatures unlike green). against unnatural conditions, usually a green mage wld be equipped with Naturalize spell to bring things back to mother nature's way.

Below, i give u the picture of the most expensive green card in Standard today for MTG, Birds of Paradise (RM40++)

Addicted to Magic