Plans for New Year 2007

My oh my... Just a few days before 2007, and Malaysia’s struck with Internet catastrophe. Apparently the broadband service of Jaring has been greatly affected with the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan. It must have rocked the fiber optic somewhere that now I can barely connect to MSN.

The past day, was like the most boring day of my entire life. I’m broke (RM2 in wallet), cut off from cyberspace chatting, and there ain’t any worthwhile games for neither PC nor PS2 for me to play. And somehow, I’ve survived it.

I’m actually looking for mates for a few of my plans this coming weekend. As New Year approaches, my plans are still filled with gaps. I’d be visiting LQ this coming Saturday with my classmate (a gal) with her boyfriend. She wanted to see how a homo disco looks like. Lol. I’ll definitely bring my beloved Zach along, but I won’t mind meeting up new friends there. So if any of you guys feel like meeting up with me, by all means, you can reach me through my mail or my MSN. Heck, if you’re lazy to do so, perhaps you could say hi when you see me in LQ that night itself.

As for this weekend, Sunday, the venue has already been set. It’s gonna be countdown spraying spree all over again at Bukit Bintang. Yehaa~~ However, I would totally appreciate it if I could have something to do while waiting for the night. I’m actually planning to catch The Curse of Golden Flowers as I’ve heard pretty good reviews about it. Any mates wanna tag along for that? By all means, don’t be shy, I don’t bite. Edwynn does, not me. *grins*

The gist of it, I’m inviting you guys to join me for my plans this coming weekend if you are able to do so. :)

Hate the slow connection he’s having now

Fat Post

Kenny's post inspired me to talk abt me being fat again. Lol. Naa, just refer to the side bar which will point you to the "I'm Fat" entry. I just happened to find a picture of myself when I was still fat. So here goes ntg~

In case you can't recognise, I'm the guy in blue. Yes tat's me. Keke!!! How's that compared to how I am now? Pictures of me can be found in Faceparty and Friendster.

By all means, compare this with the picture before. Lol. This is for the lazy bumps who don't feel like clicking my faceparty and friendster. Blek!!!

Feel free to comment lads and lasses. I kinda shed like, 40kg in 6 months. Without paying a single dime though, no medication, no professional advices and etc. Determination~~!! Yeah~ And I also had another friend of mine, who lost even more than 40kgs in 6 months time, following my guidance. Ladies and gents~~ look no further, and worship me, as I'm gonna help make people who wants to change how they look to be totally successful. Muahahaha. Seriously, I wanna share my secrets to sincere people who really deserve it, okay? If you're like 60kg (guy) and u're asking me to help, beat it! girls, anything less than 55, you're undeserving.

P.S. I do like to help out. But of cuz, once I do, I would bitch about I helped him/her for quite a period of time. Lol

Still thinks he's fat

Xmas Xmas Xmas

Merry Christmas~~~

Ahh, what a wonderful day~~ I celebrated Xmas this year with my beloved Zach, his godbro and Mention. It was awesome if you asked. :)

The day started off with us going out from home. You see, Zach has got these 2 sets of Reindeer's antlers from his friends. How did he get them? Oh well, his friend dared him to wear it 3 days before Xmas all the way from BB till home and he'd buy 2 sets for him. Zach did it, and so we ended up with the antlers. You see, these antlers are kinda loose when u put 'em on ur head, so I kinda wore a cap to tighten the grip. Hmm, it works quite fine. I wore it since I set my hair (home) till something happened to it(will be told later on). On my way out, my god, the amount of stares in streets and bus... Lol. But I kinda like it though. Lol. Besides, I look like a dragon with the thing on due to the color of my shirt and the antlers.

We arrived at BB kinda early, so we went around window shopping. Was trying to buy some cheap PS2 games, but to no avail. Seems like the pirates hav just been raided, I'd assume. Oh well, off to Timesquare. Saw a couple of friends there, Mention arrived and we were off to dinner. He offered to treat us dinner (Sushi King, Zach loves sushi ^^) but Zach and I kinda feel a lil too paiseh for him to pay all, so we contribute a small share of the bill too. The dinner was very very filling for me. It wasn't much, but I guess I'm a lil used to small rations these days (lunch - 2 slices of bread with cheese).

After dinner, Borders. Read stuff, then it closed. Off to BB. My god, it was only 10pm and the crowd is darn large! U can see all kinds of ppl there, queers (me!), gothic chicks, lala, siham, average joes and janes and etc. All of them... are equipped!!! Ha ha. The spraying part is the best part of countdowns. In KL, we're allowed to spray all we want to any1 and litter everywhere. Lol. Bumped into a few old friends from UTP as well. Miss them a lil, :)

my mates from UTP, the international students. I'm in the green bumble bee shirt. haha

Man.. that was tired, I'm all exhausted here writing this blog, after bathing. But I must blog this to recapture the entire moment. If I don't, I doubt this entry wld even be here. Lol.

Merry Christmas

Xmas List!!!

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why~
Santa Claus is coming to town~~~

With Xmas around the corner, I'm feeling... hmm.. hopeful perhaps? Haha. I bought a Lovely Lace Doggie for my beloved Zach as an Xmas gift. He has always wanted one, and finally, I managed to buy him one ^_^ Don't ask for the price, it's well worth every penny of mine to make Zach happy. The picture on the right is my kawaii Zach Zach with the doggie. We named him, "BoiBoi" ^_^ Ain't they both cute? *Smooch*

And now, I would like to present my wish list this Xmas( not that it's gonna happen anyway, well at least I know what to get for myself when I wanna pamper myself )

i) A handphone
Technically speaking, I don't really care much about phones, as long as they can be used to make calls and send messages, that's it. However, it's always nice to have finer things in life. Camera these days, would really come in handy. How often have I come across a situation where I wish I could snap a picture and upload it to share with you guys? Countless.. but my crappy BenQ M220 phone can hardly even take a clear picture in the broad daylight. I don't want much, perhaps just a lil better phone with a camera which is able to take pictures better.
This, is the crappy phone I'm currently using.. pathetic ain't it?

ii) An Ipod
I'm a guy you know? Cool gadgets like an Ipod is definitely in my list of presents I would like to have. Haha. It's just the guys' thing. Any Ipod would do, not much preference to be exact. Lol, as if I'm gonna get 1.

iii) Shoes
Okay, from now on, my list gets pathetic. I'm gonna reveal to you, how miserable am I with the things I actually used. I only have 2 pairs of shoes (dun ask brand, they don't have one), both, not very presentable... I'm thinking of something like.. Converse? Hmm, should get 1 for myself if I'm a lil richer... sigh... ( p.s. definitely not the pink one )

iv) Bag
Did I tell you guys, that I am, not in any circumstances, a good person? Lol. I actually don't have a bag of my own u know? The bag I'm using was actually looted from Zach's ex-roommate from way back then, when he refused to pay his rental to Zach. And since then, I've been using it even though both the straps have already snapped. Pathetic ain't I? I'm nt exactly a fan of designer's bags. However, if you're talking about reaching for the stars, I won't mind an LV. Lol. Actually, anything would do, just don't give me Ninja Turtle Bag ( Refer the movie "I Not Stupid 2" from Singapore ).
I wish, I wish, I wish to have this bag!

v) Wallet
Oh dear, this would sound even worse. The wallet I'm currently using, was from my dad. It is like... 4 years old? With multiple signs that show its age, I would love to get it replaced. However, I never really put much thought to it.. since I was actually expecting a gift wallet from anyone, especially on my birthday, which didn't happen. Oh well, another 1 in the list then. ( p.s. on the left, is an LV wallet. wishful thinking again. :) )

vi) Jacket
I've a lil obssession with jackets. I do like jackets a lot. Any colors of jackets would be a fine addition to my wardrobe frankly speaking. But pls, no fur, lol, Among the jackets I've wanted for some time would be a denim jacket. :)
Now, this is what I call a cool denim jack!

vii) Visors/Topless Caps
I like caps, BUT only topless caps/visors. ordinary caps makes my face looks large and fat. T_T Any color is fine i guess? But pls, no pinks. :) Oh, btw, I do appreciate original brands in this category of items.
Visors!!! ^_^

viii) Wristbands/Armbands
I do enjoy having a sporty outlook, therefore, I totally enjoy wristbands and armbands. Nike and Addidas are among the more favored brands for these. Love their quality as they're definitely very long lasting.

ix) Rings/Necklaces/Accessories
I don't have a ring.. :( Don't have much choice on necklace (not complaining as the one I never took off from me was from my dear ^_^ ). And, my accessories to wear within my wrists other than wristbands have all depleted... These cheap stuffs are so tedious to buy... Anyway, I don't really allocate much to buy for myself. Pampering my boyfriend is above pampering myself. ^_^ However, I won't reject any gifts of such though. :P

x) Money!!!
I like money!!! But by all means, don't bother throwing coins at me. Any alms with 2 digit before the period is always welcomed. ^_^
Money Money Money~ Money~~~~, "The Apprentice" Theme Song

Wishful Thinker

Sore Loser

It's been awhile since I blogged. As usual, laziness got the best out of me. So here I am blogging once again. No no, I'm not exactly emotional unstable now ( many ppl, only blog when their emotions are up high ). In fact, I'm feeling so good nice generous today to present 2 entries for you guys. This entry, is gonna be all about flaming screwing the shit out of the expressing my dissatisfaction towards some bastards and bitches lads and lasses i'm not really contented with.

Do you guys remember, my housemate? (Refer to entry named, Annoyed ). Good news is, he's no longer my housemate, and it's SOoooooo Relieving!! I moved out of the place, settled for another unit in a flat, with a cheaper rental. It's my bf's uncle's place by the way, so the place ain't shabby at all. Basic amenities are all provided. In fact, it's rather comfortable, with a 25" TV along with a ps2 and my couch. Hehe. Comfortable ain't it? I practically have very few reasons to leave house sometimes, as it's way too cossy in here ^^ To top the list of favorable things in my new house, my housemates are rather nice ( i'm stingy in giving compliments ). One of them, is a cute guy too! Lol.
I don't really take pics of my home, but just a similar illustration would do right? add a ps2 there and it's totally alike :)

But enough of this, this entry ain't gonna be bitching abt my place. It's about him her him.

Ah, what happens to the bitch him after he moves out of my previous place? Apparently, he managed to convince my classmates to move in with him, with his sweet talks. You see, he has a way with strangers who don't know him well, he is capable of expressing himself as a very prominent person in society who knows in and out of the working life, making bucks here and there, having his own company and etc. Yea, sure, it works for strangers, but hello?

*Knock Knock*

Reality check please? You're in TAR College pursuing a diploma? What sort of logic is that? Truely, she he isn't a person who is capable of justifying his actions logically. And sad to say, those who only know him from the surface, buy his stories without fail. Poor my classmates.. I did try to warn them, but at that time, he has already poison their thoughts about my image with attributes such as I'm a liar and filthy bastard. Hah, true enough, I lie and I am filthy, but at least I lie logically and is able to justify myself, unlike one who would just avoid, run and escape from responsibilities he shouldered. There's this one time, at band camp his coursemate called me, asking where the heck was he, as they were suppose to hand up their assignment by tat day (it was a friday night). I have no idea where he is, and she was kinda disappointed and therefore asked me to leave a message to him if i do see him. Guess what? When the message was passed to him, he asked us to tell her tat we didn't see him if she ever called again. Some responsible person huh?

If you're as what you said, I bet ya filthy rich, why study dude? why the cheap rental? why tar college? the cheapest college in the country?

Back to my classmates who have moved in with him. 1 word best describes their situation now. DISASTER!! None of my classmates can tolerate him at all. He has made the house into a zoo, literally ( crabs, iguana, dog, fishes and god knows what he's gonna get next ). Yes, by all means, animals are fine, but remember him bitching abt me being dirty to my homies? Bah, ask any of my homies, and they ought to tell you the real definition of filthy. These days we don't even use filthy as adjective anymore, we'll just go like,

" Man, did you bath? You are like, William. "

One of my homies who has moved in with him actually said this,

" The smell emitted from his dog combined with the smell from his room is like the piercing point of a blade. If smell is to be measured in Richter Scale, I bet the readings would be at 9.0 "

Another homie of mine, who happen to be a very appealing personnel, who was once told by William that I was filthy actually went berserk after visitting the house. She was so pissed off by his act and said,

" I'm so pissed off seeing you guys tolerating him. I feel sorry for you, Robb. And yea, now you guys too (towards my classmates who are now staying with him). I mean, how can someone bitch about another being dirty, while he, himself is at even at a greater scale?"

Ah, to top things up, his cravings for IndoMee is still there. He still takes his housemate's noodles to eat w/o permission. Delightful to hear ain't it? Lol. Well, you can't expect much from a person who ran out from home, hating his parents at the age of 12. What manners are taught to him? God knows. The dissatisfaction I have towards her him is so huge.. due to some reason. I hope he burn in hell as soon as possible.

P.S. Fine, this entry is made to criticize William on purpose and not towards any other people like I claimed above. Why all of the sudden? Cause I'm not satisfied with the results of the election for SWC SSSH today. He and his crew ( more to like believers of William's cult ) monopolised the voting totally. Sad to say, his immediate classmates, doesn't know his true colors yet, and IS buying all his bullcraps. I hope they would realise their mistake ASAP before it's too late. God bless them. Hey, in case you're wondering, the title of the entry is about me :)

The Sore Loser