Magic Again

I love magic so much. It's undeniable. I was obviously lying to myself that I would wanna quit magic. It's so orgasmic fun to play magic again.

After 3 sessions of pre release, I've obtained only 2 Damnations. Estimated price is at least 50 malaysian bucks per piece. I want 4 copies of it... Zzzz.

One guy, opened up a tournament pack, and got himself a foil psionic blast!! (worth at least rm100) And his luck is so good, he got himself another non-foil psionic blast(rm50) in the same tournament deck! Damn lucky guy he is! I was so green with envy..

Psionic Blast is so pricy, due to the nature of blue's inability to inflict direct damage to creature and players these days. Not to mention for only 3 mana, you can take 4 life out of a player or a big fat creature with toughness 4 or less. Amazing card... I wish I would have opened that pack.

Onto another ranting story during my pre release sessions, I played with a newbie (judging from the way he played) and he has got Akroma whacking me on the head out of nowhere!!! That bitch angel is no doubt one of the strongest bitch creature in MagicTheGathering. She's so freaking awesome She can smack fast, whack first, flies, trample through puny creatures and also protected from most removal spells of Black and Red.

He also had a Deep-Sea Kraken (suspended) waiting to join forces to kill me in a few turns.. Yikes!!!

Thank god, I have some solution to it. I have a few creatures in play, and a few tricks up my mind.. Once Akroma attacks, I Ovinized Akroma. The mighty Angel is now a sheep. Meekk~~~

Onlookers of my game were commenting,
It's so wrong!!! He just turned Akroma into a sheep!! Akroma is so humiliated

Muahahaha!! I blocked the Akroma sheep with one of my creatures and kills it off. After that, I Body Doubled Akroma. Muahaha! Now the Angel of Wrath works for me!! I had a creature tapper to tap the Kraken from attacking me, and I won the race, and secured a win. That was such a close call from losing to a new player. That new player has luck as well. He gets an Akroma!! (rm40++)

There's another cute blue card as well. And it's wickedly powerful and funny at the same time. It's Pongify! Blue has never obtained a creature destroy card, except for Polymorph, which cost a lot, and might backfired. But this is so awesome, for 1 Blue mana, you get creature destroy, but of cuz, he gets a monkey. I overheard this from a match next to me.

Player A
Swing with my fat creature

Player B
I'll turn it into a monkey

Player A
What the fuck? Blue destroy? *Reads the card* Damn this! This card should be called Monkeyfy!

Okay, for Magic players who are reading, if you have any Ovinize and Pongify, I'd like to have them. I'll offer up to RM2 for each piece, no higher. Seek me pls. I want these awesome blue cards. Hehe.

P.S. I'll be back at KL on Wednesday morning, hopefully. Zach misses me too much, and so do I. I can't bear letting him missed me this much. I'll go back earlier. :)

P.P.S. I'd love to play Magic with any friends (new or old) in KL. If you're studying in TARC, better still. Just email me or something here. If you wanna learn how to play Magic, I'd love to teach you too. I'll even give you a decent deck to start off.

Magic The Gathering Player


confusticated said...

gah. you were there? tak nampak kau pun...

damnation gua mau. only got a stupid foil groundbreaker.

Robb said...

foil groundbreaker? good also la. wei, imagine if u play elves or birds, 2nd turn 6 damage!

confusticated said...

no no. play with primal forcemage. then suddenly drop 3 uktabi drake. straight 15 damage to the head. heehee.

Robb said...

hmm.. nampak sangat ko ni casual player, ye? haha

let say u start 1st, turn 1 - forest, summon either llnowar elves/birds of paradise, end turn. opponent's turn, drop land, lantak dia buat apa je la. turn 2 - drop another forest, summon groundbreaker. terus whack for 6 damage. opponent yang ada satu mana in play, what can they response? only shock/condemn/pongify/midnight charm(very not likely played) to remove it. other than that, memang kena 6 damage punya.

primal forcemage tu berapa mana dah? kalau orang ade spells apa2 je la, plan kamu memang x jadi punya.

confusticated said...

yes, but it's funnier! and if you're gonna play seriously, gift-rock or flow-rock is better. or if takleh, play a boros deck also can lah.