I Lost 40kgs in 6 Months

Warning! The following entry is full of cock and bull stories. There may be some truth in it, but there's no SIRIM identification. Thus, your guess is as good as mine. What's written below is a past experience for some crazy dude, and it's not suggestions for you to follow if you wish to lose weight. SotongZai will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequences if anyone tries to follow his past experiences.

'Nuff said.

I'm finally gonna present to you guys, on my journey slimming down from a 105kg-potential-Malaysia-representative-for-sumo-wrestling to a 65kg hot-guy-that-everyone-wants-a-piece-of-him.

Let's look at some pictures shall we?

This is NOT a sponsored post, as I'm not trying to sell you cock and bull stories about some medicine that can help you lose weight. I'm gonna tell you the most important thing that can help you lose weight.

It's actually the same for every scenario in life. What you need to achieve your results is just.. Determination.

Usually people sucked at this, especially for things like losing weight and kicking off bad habits which requires more determination than others. This factor, is an uncontrollable factor which means, only you, yourself could bring it out in order to succeed, in my case, losing weight.

How did I get my determination? Simple. Refer my old blog to know about how pathetic I was, being rejected by a kid. Thus, I strived to improve on my outlooks so I'd never be disappointed again due to such factor. You can say that I bounced back from disappointment and struck gold since I'm now a much happier person with an improved outlook and have a wonderful lover.

Most of you guys who think you have what it takes (determination) to lose weight upon reading this post. However, it's a known fact for me (since quite a few have come up to me seeking assistance on how to lose weight) that at least 75% of you would give up in less than 1 month's time. I must say, I'm very disappointed with those who claimed that they have determination and yet, failed to keep their words. So, guys and girls, please don't come to me, begging me for help, while you yourself is not determined at first place.

The only person who really had what it takes to follow what I did so far, was Nix, who is also my logo designer. I must say, I'm proud of him, and I'm glad I could help.

Heck, he's even more successful than I am. He lost more weight! Gosh!

I'm not gonna suggest what I did to anyone of you guys, but I'm just sharing what I did for 6 months, to lose 40kgs.

1st Month
  • Weigh yourself on a weighing scale. Jot it down. Never weigh yourself again, till you complete 6 months.
  • Light exercises, e.g. basketball, jogging (Move your body a lil').
  • ONLY 2 Meals a day, Half ration of carbohydrates, normal ration of others (Goodbye rice! Hello veggie & meat).
  • Bite GREEN Apples to fill your stomach (Red ones are a No-no).
  • No snacks (Bye bye Chocs, candies, etc).
  • No sugar based water (Diet Coke doesn't make the cut!).
  • Survive for this 1 month.
2nd Month till 5th Month (Here comes something drastic!)
  • No exercises. Walking would be just fine cuz..
  • ONLY 1 Meal a day. Half ration of carbs, same for meat and veggie. (Yes, crazy would be a word well suited here)
  • Green Apple would be your best friend now. You're to bite them whenever you feel hungry, mouth itchy and kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya.
  • No snacks and sugar based water still applies.
  • Survival in these 5 months would be most crucial as you'll either succeed or fail here.
6th Month (The results and maintenance)
  • Light exercises can be resumed. (I started gym)
  • 2 Meals a day with the same rations for respective food groups.
  • Green Apple is still your best friend!
  • Snacks and sugar based water can be taken sparingly.
  • By all means, step on the weighing machine and make yourself proud reading your new weight.
  • Maintain your results by exploring what you can do, and what you can't.
Do take note that Green Apple is my key to success in losing weight. I still bite them these days as they're really a good detox agent, thirst and hunger quenching fruit. I guess it's right after all, that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. :)

Behold, the miracle fruit!

And if you guys are asking if I take any medication along my journey, the answer is no! I don't take drugs, I don't dig my throat, but I've to admit, some may call my way as anorexic but I'm still eating my regular meals at the end of the day. Some sacrifices in a temporary period doesn't hurt that much right?

Any further enquiries about my weight loss period could be submited via comments here. I'll frequently update this post to answer all your questions.

Here's another picture to compare before I end it.

P.S. I noticed a link coming in from Hardwarezone.com.sg. Thanks for the pimp guys. Do read my disclaimer before saying that I'm promoting unhealthy ways to lose weight.

P.P.S. Read my comments as well.



Anonymous said...

been reading your "life" recently. felt we do share a similar past. i was fucking huge back in secondary years manage to shed of before college starts. its difficult surviving in the society where people are prejudice against overweight individuals. your determination deserves an applaud. hats off to that.

just to let you know that there's a downside to drastic weight lost. especially in such a short period of time. glad you made it through well.

jake xx

conan_cat said...

whoa, you really rock man! :D

and ur weight losing plan sure sounds easy... just cut down carbs and wheat and thats it.

tell u sumthin.. i've been having 2 meals a day in secondary school and eat fruits everyday, and my weight went down from 70kg when i was 12(hey that's a lot for a 12 yrs old ok?) to 53 when i was 16. then 1 yr later i started to have gastric problems, so i need to have 3 meals a day, then my weight went up.. and up.. and up..

and u know college students ler.. so much tempation frm McD naer my college.

now me 62 liao... lol... but i'm happy also la, dowan so skinny :D

Sam said...


Definitely inspiration man! I'm soooo going to take a leaf out of your book. Going to work towards this new goal of mine. :P

Krista F(resh) said...

thats crazyi dont know kgs lol but i guess thats alot in lbs

skim said...

that's absolutely amazing!

ahlost said...


I want to lose weight also T.T

Aliciaks said...

Shit... now i know what a failure i am in weight losing plan. LOLX great job!

but if you can do it.. so do I coz i feel so motivated now

yvonnewmy said...

hi...erm,only green apple can be taken???orange can???or grapefruit can???

TZ said...

Congratulation dude :-> I strongly agree with you Green Apple is one of the main fruits that could help to lose weight :->

So, you have sign up for gym... which gym you are going to? I'm going to the Fitness First.

Ben said...

thats absolutely fantastic!!

I lose quite a bit also, but now gain back 1/2 of what i lose..

Any idea?

Choonseong said...

Cool man...

snow_black said...

can teach me how to gain weight~~

hcfoo said...

First time read your blog. Very inspiring! Thank u for the sharing. I really need this!

Anonymous said...

u r cute even b4 u lose weight....just be confident and u'll look good...those who prejudice on overweight ppl are not a friend to be....so it is not a bad thing though,being in overweight....anyway, aim in reducing weight shouldnt for appearance per se,it's more worthwhile for health~!!so,stay healthy and stay cute~=D


chubbypenguin said...

u are so CUTE~~~~ :( toot badf i m a girl~

Anonymous said...

what happened to all the extra skin and stuff? did it go away too?

Sumuk said...

Hi Robb. You are right. Determination is the first and foremost key. I lost 10 kg in 2mths abt 2 years ago, but even 10kg, it had made soo much difference. But i speed up the process by having exercise, as I used to be be athelet b4. Now i just need to do maintenance, and i still feel happy that I did make it.
And you do look really good!

LauraLeia said...

Hmm... I'm glad I found ur blog. Now I feel much more motivated. Thanks for the tips! =) It's amazing how you managed to accomplish this in 6 months!

P/S: Although i DO wish i'd seen this earlier, as I'm starting college soon and some parts might be a lil' harder to do than others. ^^"

leeern said...

I was fucking thin when I finished form 5 wtf. I think I put on 8kg in a year wtf, as I moved from my hometown to KL, a new environment, then to Seoul, another new environment. Lose a few pounds and gain a few pounds back since my diet wasn't strict. Not in the mood to lose weight. The harder I tried, the more I gain. T_T

Robb said...

to all, i apologize for not replying comments in this blog post before. I will do that from now on.

1st anonymous: yes, i know abt the downside. but no matter what, i guess i've lived through it.

conan: yea too skinny is not good. but then again, for a fatso who loss weight, he'll never figure what is thin (like me)

sam: dun follow too much on my drastic measures. it's not exactly very healthy

krista: yes that is.

skim: thank you.

ah lost: go gym la. no pain no gain

aliciaks: glad to know that i somehow inspired you.

yvonne: grapefruit works. orange not so much. i chose green apples over grapefruit cuz it's better tasting.

tz: before this i was lifting weights in college gym. now fitness first spk

ben: stick to your strict diet and start exercising. if your exercise routine is very demanding in terms of energy, eat a little more to sustain it.

choonseng: thanks!

Robb said...

snow black: eat sleep eat sleep. sure can gain weight. dun bother to move if u can help it. :D

hcfoo: no prob. glad that you enjoyed my blog post.

2nd anonymous: why, thanks for your compliment. as much as i do believe in inner beauty and the chubby cuteness, let's just say that i've joined the dark side of the world. i'm rather realistics these days. :( that being said, i can't stand being fat anymore.

penguin: what's wrong? we can still hang out? in fact, you'll feel even safer with me, ain't it?

3rd anonymous: nop, there are still here. but i guess it's not as bad as when i first lost those extra weight. been working quite hard to tone my abs. but the freaking skins are blocking the view. god damn it.

sumuk: thanks!

laura: hit the gym. it helps much better. my way is not exactly very healthy.

leern: then just exercise regularly. dun tie yourself with strict diet if it's not necessary. these days i eat whatever i feel like eating but i ain't getting any fatter luckily

Anonymous said...

Your diet is horrible.No offense, but with that kind of diet.You will get lower testerone production.

JunJun-Riko said...

wa......... u're like even more geng than me by twice the times.... i lost 20kg, but u lost 40.... that's totally awesome.... wish i could relate to that..

AlexAlabasta said...


I sure wanna try (yeah, try cos Im not promising myself yet, hehe) but i have onw question:

How do you deal with it emotionaly and mentally? I mean, what keeps you going on through?

Thanx in advance~

Aldora said...

wow its so amazing on how u lose weight.. luckily i'm not fat yet.. so i can still munch chocolates happily =)

well, being slim makes u look better too.. less fats and look less untidy n oily.. its so good to be slime :p

aldora said...

hey btw,
do u haf any idea to get rid of cellulite on the thigh and butt area?? cuz i haf friends dat haf dat problem..

bellez said...

i wish i could do what u did... but my work requires my alertness and energy.... OKAY determination and GREEN apples, i will remember it.

Thanx for sharing !!

Shuuu said...

lol im gonna buy myself green apples later

Terry said...

if it's possible for you to lose 40kgs in 6 months, i'm sure i can lose 10kgs in 3. ^^ you have inspired me.

Randy said...

I started this diet on Saturday.
Wanna get your opinion:

i) how much green apples when you're hungry?

ii) i am tempted to skip to 1 meal in first month? what do you think?

iii) water.. Do you drink more or less? or normal?

Robb said...


1. as many as u wish.

2. go ahead.

3. water doesn't play much role. just drink normally.

Daniel said...

Hi Robb,
Just stumbled upon ur blog today. I'm inspired. Thanks for the posting. Just a little of my history: I weight about 110kg when I was in my late teens. When I was in my uni, I slowly started to pick up aerobics & changing my diet to just sandwiches for b'fast, lunch & dinner! My so-called low fat diet. I did manage to pull down my weight to about 78kg by the time I finished my studies but only manage to do that in a period of 1 & half yr or more.
But since I started working back in KL over the last 8yrs, my weight has creeped back up to >85kg despite regularly attending Body Step, Combat & Attack classes 4-5 times a week. I must admit it's probably due to my lack of dietry self control as I eat pretty much anything, especially sugar related stuff!
Anyway, I think your posting today has reminded me that I have to change my diet yet once again if I wanted a fit & slim again. Although my boy friend don't mind my current state of "bodily status", I think he deserve better than someone whom you'd describe as piece of porky fat meat! ("Fei zhu yuk" in Cantonese)
Once again, thanks for the inspiration. :)

Zoomeh said...

You're so pretty and determined. .__. I think I need to try that diet. >.> Not that I'm really fat, well, by European standards I am. Though if I'd lose 40kgs there wouldn't be much left of me.
Found you on the Gay Boy site, and I'm happy to know that it's not only old men and fag hags around there.
Much Love and determination for your future goals! <3 :3

dreamydolls said...

wahh.. u win la... me only 20kg for a year... than will gain back.. coz cant resists the temptation of FOODS.. hahaa...

edvinn said...

wua , u really pawn me
i only manage to lose 20 in 4 months last time , solute man : x

btw i eat red apple , lols

Yenzie a.k.a Christine Choy said...

I've been taking diet pills but not doing well for me.. since i read ur post now I think I'll give this a try..

Thanks for sharing.. Glad that I clicked into ur blog~ ^^


flys-03 said...

OMG.. randomly stumbled upon ur blog. Read this.. is this FOR REAL? lol. i find it hard to believe. IF only i had determination like your's..SIGH!! :(

good job! haha. looking waaaay better than before. LOL.

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

I dh baca ur entry yg ini bnyak kali.. skarang i baru nak comment.. i sdang cuba.. wish me can reduce 25kg yeah. bcause now i 80kg.. :(

Shazwina said...

Okay green apple. Got it.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm gonna try this! *determined*

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