Went and took photos so I could present one for the audition tomorrow. Check them out yourself below.

Squats are good for health, I guess?

Nothing as cheeky as a smirk, eh?

A lil' smile won't hurt, I suppose.

Care to lean on me?

Yo, What Up?

I'm sort of a chairperson. Lol

So what do you guys think? Which picture do you like most? Do I stand a chance for StarCeleb? Drop your comments below or opinions in my cbox please. Thank you.


dakota said...

Wooot woot! Well, I have to say it is the second pic neh heh,... coz you got a bright smile and look like you really enjoying the shoot^^ .. it's my fav out of all.

Tim said...

Erm... ok.. dont mind me being frank. The first picture of you squating down, doesn't have much expression in your face. I guess it is your eyes. Doesn't have the energy.

Same as your previous comment, second pic of you smirking is the best out of the bunch. Looks natural and your side way looks better too.

3rd pic of you smiling kinda fake smile.

I like your 4th picture of you leaning. Somehow different pose from others and the colours are great too.

Your 5th one, too much photoshop of colours. The colours are abit too intense on my opinion. And I don't like your pose. The fingers look as if fading into the background.

Last but not least, sitting on a visible chair? Erm.... not really a good idea.

My choice is 2nd or 4th one. My apology if my comments are too harsh. Sorry. =)

wps said...

i'll say stay cool and if you do wanna smile then give a natural smile. your smile kinda stiff... said...

Without looking at the two comments, I already picked pic #2. It is more natural. The hair is great though.

Kate said...

tell you what, the first picture is the nicest of all!

dakota likes the 2nd picture probably cos you look like a pervert in it XD

3rd one, not a nice smile. not an appealing pic.

4th pic: pissing or shooting huh? LOL

5th: "welcome to singapore?" wtfreak. feature not clear. not nice.

6th, just so weirddddddd. . .

hang on, actually they aren't that bad u know? perhaps i'm just a little too fussy. kekeke

kah hooi @ alan said...

nice photos.. very photogenic.. xD

Queer Ranter said...

Ooo lala.

You go boy!!! :)

pikey said...

i think the 3rd one looks good...

good luck in ur audition

pluboy said...

ehe.. dun forget ur buddies :)

beachlover said...

totally cute!

pRiNcEsS 3nEn said...

the one on the chair is best =) hehe