Beastility Child Rape in Malaysia

Apology to BabySkiffie for using her picture

Remember Nurin Jazimin's beastility rape and murder? If you don't, click here.

Back then, the situation was chaotic when the nation sympathized on the family's lost and the police wanted to charge the parents for letting the daughter wandered off alone at night.

The deceased Nurin. May her soul rest in peace.

I was outraged by the police's intended action of charging the parents as I thought it wasn't their fault to begin with if society isn't as sick as it is today. Sure we have parents who aren't really good at parenting (hinting about ministers' children who goes rempit daily). But the real culprit was the amount of restraints and constraints our nation has on society itself. Though rules are meant to keep society in order, but then again, they have their disadvantages. Too much control and the rebellion gets stronger.

Too much freak control policies and this is what happen

But lately, I've changed my mind. I do think that parents are responsible for their children, especially if they aren't even 16 yet. I live in a very common flat at Jalan Genting Klang. We have all kinds of peeps living there. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Indons, Viets, and other foreigners. I bet the whole Southeast Asia's racial composition is in there.

I personally think my flat is more harmony in terms of racial composition than the whole nation.
Where would you find Vietnamese and Indon living next to you, Indian above you and Malay below you?

When it comes to parental supervision of children, sad to say, I noticed that the Malay often neglect their youngs. Kids as young as 5 years old are left to wander around the flat alone. They even took lift all by themselves. Surely independence is one thing, but the flat I'm living in, is not exactly the safest place on Earth as there weren't even a security booth to check on visitors.

I reckon' if child molesters and kidnappers are to find a place for new targets, this is the right place. I'm not trying to go harsh on parents who have little time to spend on their children, but at least assign a babysitter or send them to a daycare center. Do not let your kids wander around. Especially if there are people in Malaysia who are interested in having sex with underage kids.

Perhaps the government should make it legal for everyone to attend parenting courses before they are able to get married. I personally suggest that the parents should take more responsibility in their kids. If child protection doesn't start from home, where would it begin?

Parenting is more than how to take care of your baby or riding a bike.
Apparently many parents don't know or don't give a damn

And there's one thing that the government should do about these rape cases. Ever noticed that the accused or sex offenders' names never get published in the newspaper? Apparently, the nation is protecting these sex offenders' rights to remain anonymity which is a bunch of bullcrap. Drop that act and let the nation know who these sex offenders are. Don't let innocent people suffer from them.

The person above is not a sex offender. I merely stole her picture out of randomness

I'm merely writing this post due to the fact that I've seen too many kids, especially girls wandering around alone around my place without adult supervision. Imagine if I'm actually a sick paedo, they would have been so raped and killed. Bless them that I'm a godsend.


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