Damn Bored

I'm fucking bored that I took some silly pictures using my webcam and decided to post it for u guys to laugh at. It's supposed to be my exam season, but somehow, I don't really have the knack to read the notes and books...

Bah, screw them. Let me enjoy myself for awhile. And in the mean time, I'll let u guys enjoy urself by laughing at how awful I look like.

P.S. Though I'm bored, but in the same time, I'm really glad that I have Zach with me. I love you, dear. ^_^


Bloggers Meet

Went out on Saturday evening (27/1). Hijacked a cab to Wangsa Maju LRT station and almost 45 minutes of travel (destination - Taman Bahagia).

It's a milestone for me, cuz you don't get me to travel that far as I'm a lazy arse. I'm only doing that because of 1 thing. For friends which I believe I would cherish in my life. If you are to browse through some entries backdated to perhaps, more than 6 months ago, you'd find that I was so desperately looking for friends, who are proficient in English. Thank god, I believe I've found such click.

Bloggers, who blog in English at first place. Does it seem sufficient enough to prove their proficiency? The answer is yes to me. Not to mention, I've known one of them before this and he claimed that I 'gayified' him. Long story, I'm not gonna tell. But it's non literal pls, if you're gonna ask for the term 'gayified'.

And so, I got off the train, and was picked up by a car packed wit queers. Clayton was the chauffeur, and there was David with Defiant (his balak). We got to Ming Tian, and had dinner, while waiting for others. Kevin came and joined. Cute shy guy. Smokes though (minus marks, but he's still cute). Lol. Then the so called God Father (Derek) came with Will I am to join the crowd. Chat here and there. Random topics and conversations. Tables are a bit wide, separated a lil far from each other.

We had our next pit stop at Wong Cock Kok at SS2. This time, the table is much smaller, and we get to chat quite a bit. Kevin and Derek left us cuz they're jerks due to important matters to attend to. And not to mention, I missed the food here!! I love the drinks and the food here way better than Kim Gary's. For me, if Kim Gary is to be put into a ring with Wong Cock Kok, Wong Kok is so gonna kick Kim Gary's ass!!

But well, last night's services were pretty bad, and so was the food/drinks presentation. Hmmm.. perhaps they should spend more on staff training. Other than that, the tastes are still perfect. I love Wong Cock Kok!! :P~~~

So, being the talkative one, I kinda shadowed my dearest, Zach from speaking to the new crowd. So the nasty crowd got together and shot various personal questions at Zach. I personally think Zach handled all of them pretty well. ^^ Oh well, at least it's fun to meet new ppl. I hope my dear would think so too.

Last night, was definitely fun. It's been awhile since I had an outing like this. Totally enjoyed it. Cheers, bloggers!

Had Fun

Hometown Buddy

Meet Christine, 20 years old girl from Ipoh.

Next to her, it's her boyfriend Chester. However, I'm not gonna talk about him. I'm gonna talk about her, the girl who shares the same hometown as I do. People usually says that Ipoh produces lengzai and lenglui. Damn right it is. Look at me and her. Ha ha.

When I first know her, she was and still is, my class representative, helping me out in my tasks as the course representative. Therefore, we're definitely closer in terms of friendship, at least the boost from our responsibilities status.

She is totally admirable. She works on her own to pay her own college fees. Nope, she ain't no soft dependant girl that uses her parents' savings for her education. She works her arse off, usually on weekends to earn only decent pay to cover up her minimum expenses and college fees. However, such life is totally hectic. Thank god, she's granted PTPTN loan from the government.

Apart from that, she's totally punctual and devoted to her work, whether it's academical, or responsibilties. She doesn't delay her assigned work neither has she said no to a task I've required her to do for the class. There's this one time, at band camp I asked her to take the exam slips for the class and she's back in Ipoh. She drove all the way back to K.L. to take the slips and then back to Ipoh again (I'm sorta not free and it must have slipped my mind that she went back Ipoh). So do I need to stress on how devoted is she?

Okay, screw the responsibilities and physical qualities apart. She's also filled with dark secrets. Lol. I'm not supposed to spill any more information or else, I bet I would not live to see daylight again. But what I can say is, definitely, she is fun and exciting to be friend with. You get to hear stories and way much more. Lol.

Here's a picture of me together with my class representative, Christine. ^_^

P.S. I enjoy her company a lot.

P.P.S. I'm also doing this to fill in the labels of Friends. Lol. My other homies will get their shots. Don't sweat it.

Loves his friends

Magic Again

I love magic so much. It's undeniable. I was obviously lying to myself that I would wanna quit magic. It's so orgasmic fun to play magic again.

After 3 sessions of pre release, I've obtained only 2 Damnations. Estimated price is at least 50 malaysian bucks per piece. I want 4 copies of it... Zzzz.

One guy, opened up a tournament pack, and got himself a foil psionic blast!! (worth at least rm100) And his luck is so good, he got himself another non-foil psionic blast(rm50) in the same tournament deck! Damn lucky guy he is! I was so green with envy..

Psionic Blast is so pricy, due to the nature of blue's inability to inflict direct damage to creature and players these days. Not to mention for only 3 mana, you can take 4 life out of a player or a big fat creature with toughness 4 or less. Amazing card... I wish I would have opened that pack.

Onto another ranting story during my pre release sessions, I played with a newbie (judging from the way he played) and he has got Akroma whacking me on the head out of nowhere!!! That bitch angel is no doubt one of the strongest bitch creature in MagicTheGathering. She's so freaking awesome She can smack fast, whack first, flies, trample through puny creatures and also protected from most removal spells of Black and Red.

He also had a Deep-Sea Kraken (suspended) waiting to join forces to kill me in a few turns.. Yikes!!!

Thank god, I have some solution to it. I have a few creatures in play, and a few tricks up my mind.. Once Akroma attacks, I Ovinized Akroma. The mighty Angel is now a sheep. Meekk~~~

Onlookers of my game were commenting,
It's so wrong!!! He just turned Akroma into a sheep!! Akroma is so humiliated

Muahahaha!! I blocked the Akroma sheep with one of my creatures and kills it off. After that, I Body Doubled Akroma. Muahaha! Now the Angel of Wrath works for me!! I had a creature tapper to tap the Kraken from attacking me, and I won the race, and secured a win. That was such a close call from losing to a new player. That new player has luck as well. He gets an Akroma!! (rm40++)

There's another cute blue card as well. And it's wickedly powerful and funny at the same time. It's Pongify! Blue has never obtained a creature destroy card, except for Polymorph, which cost a lot, and might backfired. But this is so awesome, for 1 Blue mana, you get creature destroy, but of cuz, he gets a monkey. I overheard this from a match next to me.

Player A
Swing with my fat creature

Player B
I'll turn it into a monkey

Player A
What the fuck? Blue destroy? *Reads the card* Damn this! This card should be called Monkeyfy!

Okay, for Magic players who are reading, if you have any Ovinize and Pongify, I'd like to have them. I'll offer up to RM2 for each piece, no higher. Seek me pls. I want these awesome blue cards. Hehe.

P.S. I'll be back at KL on Wednesday morning, hopefully. Zach misses me too much, and so do I. I can't bear letting him missed me this much. I'll go back earlier. :)

P.P.S. I'd love to play Magic with any friends (new or old) in KL. If you're studying in TARC, better still. Just email me or something here. If you wanna learn how to play Magic, I'd love to teach you too. I'll even give you a decent deck to start off.

Magic The Gathering Player

Short Update

Strong Cards obtained so far from pre release 1st session

Not too shabby, I might play it, since I do enjoy reanimation

This babe is hot! She fetches quite a good price as well

Thank God for this freaking Awesome Card!!!

Call of The Herd!! FOIL!!! My Lucky Day!! This ought to compensate my previous sucky cards during last pre release

P.S. 2 more sessions tomorrow. I want another 3 Damnations please!!!


Catching Up

Okay, I'm back at Ipoh. Spending time with my family. I missed them quite awhile already. ^^

Okay, okay. That's not the sole reason I'm back at home. I'll list them out, in order of strength.
  1. I'm broke. (Being with your parents doesn't require you to spend a single cent from your wallet most of the time)

  2. There's a Magic The Gathering pre release later on today. (Playing in Ipoh grants me advantage of better prizes, transport ease and efficiency)

  3. I miss my parents, my sister and the 2 dogs.

Owh~~ My cute Stuart!!

Baby Coke~~~

I'm not gonna post the pictures of my family members as I feel it's inappropriate for me to do so. Besides, I don't really fancy people (stalkers perhaps?) looking for my parents to tell them about me. Ha ha.

Yesterday, I went out with my sister to have a walk in Ipoh Parade. It's like a mini version of Sungai Wang, except it's more spacious due to the little young crowd in Ipoh. And Dad got me a new shirt. It's quite cool, you guys would just have to wait till I snap a photo wearing it to see. As I was browsing around, I've come to a point. I've realized that I do in fact have lots of things I want to buy. These things are not much, but if they all sums up, yes they are. Adding in to the list of things I would wanna lay my hands on are

A Pair of Nike Training Gloves!!

I workout quite often. Usually 3 times a week. And it has always been advisable to workout with gloves to protect your palms and wrists. Not been doing that at all. I seriously think I need them as sometimes, my wrists hurts like hell when the weight balance slipped from my palm. Oh well, perhaps after Chinese New Year since after this, I'm having exams and holidays next, which means, not much gym sessions for me ( I visit the gym in college due to financial constraint to attend prominent ones ). But just so I would remember, I'm blogging it here.

As for later, I'm gonna attend to one of the most costly hobbies I've ever hooked up to, Magic The Gathering. I've spent quite a lot into the card game. Don't ask why. The amount of thinking MTG makes you do is incredible. It definitely sharpens one's ability to think without a shout of a doubt. And I like strategic thinking. :)

Presenting, one of the most looked forward card later on during my pre release tournaments

P.S. I'm really stupid to get hooked up with this game. Help me anyone?


Malaysia Toll Hike?? Eye of Malaysia??

Demonstrators chant slogan in front of riot police during the toll hike protest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007. Malaysian government has announced steep hikes of up to 60 percent in tolls for highways in and around the capital, a move that comes amid public criticism and fears of inflation following an increase of about 20 percent in fuel prices in February, an 12 percent rise in power tariffs in June and water tariffs were also raised last month. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

With so much protests going on due to the recent toll hike. One could only wonder, what are our MPs doing in the Parliament? Are we really doing that bad, that our government are not even able to protect the welfare of its people?

Among the top 5 things that kept me amused all the time about Malaysian Government
  1. Whenever a government seminar is held, there will be at least 5 meals a day (excluding supper), with lots of waste in the end
  2. If you have any problems, you're to look for your respective local racial political parties (and not your MP, regardless of his/her race)
  3. Various promises have been made throughout years that there won't be hikes here and there, and yet water tariff shoots up, fuel prices rocketed, electric tariff increases and now, the toll as well.
  4. They are formed by Barisan Nasional (BN which means the national coalition) which consist of various parties, but is dominated by 3 racial based parties, namely UMNO, MCA and MIC.
  5. Your elected representative only comes to greet you once in 5 years (when election is about to start).
But forget about the things we're not contented about. Let's look at Malaysia's pride.

Wow, in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, our government has spent more than RM30 million for this Ferris Wheel named Eye On Malaysia.

In a way, I'm very proud of the government's effort to promote Malaysia in the eye of the world. We now have a ferris wheel the size of a baby godzilla.

I'm quite sure tourists are amazed on where the heck did a ferris wheel end up alone at a man made lake.

Obviously it's a stand out theme, to make sure people notice where the government has spent their money. Bravo indeed. This time, at least the money doesn't go into gray areas where they usually end up at.

The unveiling of the Eye on Malaysia was no doubt grand. Kudos for the organizer.

Experience a breathtaking 360 degree panorama over 20 kilometres of Kuala Lumpur. It will be an unforgettable ride of up to 30 minutes to a height of 60 metres. There are 40 gondolas with a capacity of six passengers for each gondola.

However I do have a major complain. Check out the next picture.

Look at it. Beautiful ain't it? I have nothing against the beautiful sight of Kuala Lumpur. The fireworks were spectacular.. at first..

Till they start bombarding the skies of KL every single night!!! Oh my fucking god!! It's so annoying!! It's not necessary to blast fireworks every single night you know? I mean, Disneyland does it every weekend, but Malaysia is doing it every single night!! Hello? Isn't it too much?

I wonder how much did they actually spend on fireworks for the bombardment of KL skies this whole year. I bet the sum would reach a million at least!!

Fireworks every night is seriously too much. People like fireworks cause it's special. But making it daily just takes the speciality out of it. I for one, would suggest that the government should allocate the budget for fireworks elsewhere instead. Toll subsidy perhaps? At least the people would benefit from it.

Here's a Reggie Lee's cartoon to portray Malaysia

Sounds familiar? That's what our Work Minister said about our toll rates. Welcome to Malaysia. :)

Still proud to be Malaysian somehow


Thanks to my homie, Edwin ( he's a lad from UTP who I'd frankly say, is one of the best looking guys in my batch ), I've obtained a picture of myself where my weight was at its peak. Ladies and gentlemen, behold~~~

The Monstrosity!!

Now this picture ought to ensure that, no one dares to discredit me for shedding 40kg instead of 40 pounds. :)

It's such a relief to see an old picture of myself. Compare it with this

Almost Greek God Look-A-like

Ain't no liar abt his weight

Editted on Feb 23, 2007

This post would also serve as a memory shrine for my forgotten days as a fat arse. Therefore, whenever I manage to lay my hands on the photos which I was never proud of to take (which simply explains why I have trouble finding them), it'll be posted here. Today I grant you my monstrosity past again! Lol

Tat's me strangling/molesting Edwin back in those days


Fucking god sake!!! I was scammed today by Jutronics Marketing Sdn Bhd, Welly Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd!!!!

A 20 year old Indian girl came to my house today, and asked me to sign on an envelope for a discount card for the upcoming sales during CNY. After signing on it, I was asked to open them. It wasn’t a card, but another small envelope bearing the title RM1,500,000. And she went hysteria saying, “Oh my god, you’ve won!! This is the first time I’ve seen someone open not a discount card. Then she goes around talking about this is a lucky prize as the lucky draw has been going on for quite awhile and goes on to take out a newspaper cutting which is about the lucky winners.

And she goes on that I’d be able to win a car (Toyota Corola or a Kancil), most likely since the other prizes (the 3 others are, 42” LCD TV from Sony, NanoStove[??? which she said the price is estimated at RM6.5k] and a trip to Disneyland which can be redeemed for RM7k if I’m not free to go) have been given out. But the trick is, I’ll have to purchase 3 electronic products in order to support my prize, which they said would be a total gain for me. And the 3 electronic products are worth only RM3000. Being a greedy bastard I am, I said yes, and I followed them to their office in Kepong, and paid RM3k using Zach’s credit card since I don’t have one. I promised him, if I’d won the car, definitely my dad’s not gonna mind paying him back RM3k. Signed some documents while they videotaped me, in case I’m gonna win their next Toyota Corola (Grand Prize). Much to my dismay.. I’ve gotten myself a NanoStove from Nagachima(??) which they claimed is worth RM6.5k. I started to freak out, and asked if I could refund the items (I now have 4 fucking useless electronic appliances which cost me RM3k) for my money back. They said they could try helping me sell them off, for 75% of their value if I want. I think I’ve been scammed… Anyone care to help me?

The previous rantings in bold are fiction but the companies mentioned and the details on the scams are true and based on a real person's encounter.

I actually encountered such situation today, but the result was not as wat it's stated above. I'd hav to thank the Internet for this. I googled the company's name after they've done explaining their shits and I've found this and this. Enough said? I shunned her out of my door and I've decided to blog about them.

True enough, I was tempted by them. I don't deny it. As I've said, I only have the Internet to thank for, if not, the story in bold would surely have happened. To all my friends out there, pls be warned. I, see myself as very objective thinker and analyst, and yet, when it comes to the real situation itself, I'm still human, and thus, greed has its best upon me. Do think and research for everything that seems too good to be true that has come your way. These people are here to cheat the shit out of u.

The next time you see someone show you a newspaper cutting as such

give the the person who show you, this

Slave of desire (greed),
Grateful for the Internet,

Fast Food Wars : McD Strikes

LoThe other day when I was on putra LRT to Liquid, I hoped on to a McD hijacked train. It's not the usual LRT like the one below.
Your average LRT Train

No```~~~ It's all painted in red and yellow with the sign McDonalds. At first I thought, oh okay, so McD paid Putra a hefty sum to advertise on the outer appearance of their train. Once I entered, my fucking god!! Even the inside too!! You get tomatoes on the door, grill beef foldover at the wall, prosperity burgers here and there.
Your average paper advertisement. Good enough to seduce you? I'd answer yes on your behalf. But imagine a whole LRT Train wrapped with it!!! Not just outside, inside too!!

Hey, it doesn't stop there. Remember there's an announcement about every upcoming station through the recorded intercom? McD paid for that too. And every station a voice would come booming things like;

"Pls don't eat the tomato on the door. U can get your McD value meals at the next station (and they'll relate to the nearest McD outlets at the upcoming station)"

"Hungry? Grab yourself a grill beef foldover at McD when you stop at your next station"

"You're not allowed to eat the beef patty on the LRT wall. Pls get one yourself at McD at the next station"

Hey, I've ntg against McD, in fact, I love McD. All their burgers are excellent!! Slurps. Particularly fond of their twister fries!! Super delicious!! Double cheeseburgers, quarter pounders, mcChicken, mcEgg, hash browns, apple pie!! :P~~~~~ Those are among my favorites. Though I must say, their chicken ain't good enough for my tongue, at least. However, their burgers are totally good value, since it's cheap and delicious. Kudos!!

BUT, hearing advertisement from McD at every station is just too much.. A poor soul like me (and a lot of others) will totally give in to the temptation.. If only I'm actually more loaded with cash that time, I'd have stop and dine at the McD outside LQ, cuz it was still open. I only have my wallet to thank for failing me. ^_^

P.S. McD, good job!!! Your public relations officers are doing a great job in reaching out to the community/customers.

Pa da pa pa pa~~ I'm loving it

Crying out Loud

Ok, I did not cry. Just figure of speech. However, I do feel extremely tensed up.. Due to the pant up energy I have inside of me.

I took the day off. Not even gym. I was at home alone, blasting my speakers out loud and yelling, shouting trying to please myself. I think it worked a lil. I'm much better already. Actually when I wanted to start blogging, I wasn't. But the loading time for this blog site was so fucking fast!! slow that at the time it loaded, I'm already chilling.

Chatted with a random chatter in irc. Helped me out a lot. He pointed out that people around me, are real people with their own thoughts and behaviors. The way they behave are all due to their own jurisdication. Not giving me appreciation means, I've not earned them yet, and not never getting them. Instead of changing ppl around me, I should be the one who should learn to be more patient in waiting and giving out appreciation. Though I do think I've gave out a lot, but it only seems right to be constant on giving and not break off what I've did and ask for returns.

Taking a break from life


I guess this word doesn’t come much to me… Hmm.. Let’s just say that for almost my entire life, I don’t exactly feel appreciated as much as I expected it to be.

I can't read chinese characters that much, but I damn wish ppl would give me more of this 2 words...

Ever since I could do things on my own, I’ve always been somewhat, appreciation oriented, or maybe reward orientation back in the younger days. I do view them both as the same.

Ever since I scored first place in my class during Second Grade, I’ve been showed that performing well gives me happiness, as a matter of fact; I was given a Micro Genius console the very same week after my results were announced. And man, that was the first time I’ve ever felt so appreciated in my life. I was given lots of compliments and rewards in terms of cash and toys from my 2 aunts who were and are still quite well-off. I guess that sets my standards for appreciation, a little..

However, ever since then, if I don’t perform up to the par (it means remain at first placing), I’d be whacked, walloped and caned for under performance. My dad wasn’t exactly good at showing appreciation in the open till it’s a matter of a fact, I should be thankful, he didn’t give me faces to see that though I’m still at first placing, but I missed an A or so. Thank god, my aunts were still there to shower me with compliments and rewards for my efforts. Thanks to that, I’m somewhat contented, but not quite, due to the missing recognition from my dad openly towards my achievements.

Things remained the same all the while till I graduated from high school. I’ve learnt not to expect much from my parents in time. Deep down inside, yes, they are very proud of me. But their failure to express themselves somewhat caused deep sorrow towards me.

Did I mention that my birthdays meant nothing to me (well, at least from my family)? It’s just another day, perhaps with a simple greet from my mum. In fact, I thank my mum, on my every birthday, for her willingness to endure the pain and give birth to me. Thanks mum. Other than that, there were no presents, no celebrations, nothing. It lasted till last year, where my Zach, celebrated with me. That was one time, I felt as if birthday has meanings, at least to me.

Throughout the years of my life, I’ve being doing lots and lots of things, to seek recognitions, to seek acknowledgments, compliments and appreciations. I long for the feeling I once had, long time ago.

I’ve changed into a better person from the old fat me, I’d assume. And even this process of changing is actually derived to seek the very same appreciation I’ve been seeking all this while.

After all this long winded crapping, I’m actually just a little… somewhat, disappointed in terms of getting acknowledged and appreciated from my efforts. Presents are scarce for me, compliments are just sweet words uttered without meaning it from the bottom of their hearts, respects and recognition for my worthiness is somewhat at a very low value. And among things that would upset me the most… is unappreciated..

P.S. Pardon me for ranting. Just felt this way when I’m blogging today.


Good Ol' Friends

It's been a year already, since I've started my diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relations) in Tunku Abdul Rahman College. The entire year of 2006 was great due to the appearance of great friends of mine in college.

Christine, my fellow class rep has always been a wonderful friend in sharing secrets and topics of conversation (especially pillow talks). She's also from Ipoh, which makes me feel very very comfortable due to the fact that she's from the same place I'm from. We enjoy clubbing together (recently discovered) and she's nice to hang out with too.

DJ, my homie, the cool guy who share a very similar background with me. He was, from the same faculty of engineering too, like I was. We both made a big turning point in our lives last year by going into a field which is totally different from what we started of with. He enjoys rock music, and pretty much English educated, which in fact, is the most delighting part for me to know. (I'm fussy in communication, and I express myself most efficiently in English). His company is totally enjoyable as we do share most of the dudes' thing together.

Jennifer, the cute gal. One of the earliest friends I've made. She's really cute, in fact, I think she's like the cutest gal alive. She's funny in her own sweet way. Ooohh... I really wanna pinch that face of hers, but I guess it's inappropriate for me to do so. Lol.

Karen, the petite stylish gurl. She's obsess with color of purple. She's attractive with her straight silky hair, a good sense of fashion and of cause, she's good with her body language too. ^_^ Another good candicate for clubbing.

Kenson, the pokai chai. This bastard is totally pokai. But then again, life's never great without him around. He knows me quite well, and I know him quite well. Therefore, if I need to cover my secrets, I'll definitely kill him. Lol. Hmm.. if you're reading, dude, I'll only give you 1 compliment, you're nice person. :)

Khanusha, the lass with attitude. This bitch is so bitchy, that she's gonne giv Paris a run for her money. Being a bitch myself, her company is undeniably fun and annoying at the same time. When a bitch meets up with another bitch, there's only 2 possible turnouts, either we rip each other apart till once of us dies, or we become allies. We're both still alive, take a shot on which turnout happened.

Shalyn, the smart yet adorable girl. She knows how to get things done, always on time, and does them correctly. Need more info? I guess not. This girl rocks. :>

Vivien, the gal who connects. She practically knows a lot of ppl. And by a lot, I mean many, and by many I mean huge amount of ppl. Lol. I like her for her versatility in communication with people from different backgrounds. She just clicks with everyone, totally. A girl you definitely wanna be friend with. Cheers to Vivien``!!

[Editted on 11th of January 2007]
Robb, the gorgeous looking lad, whose charisma of flirting is unmatched. How could u not fall for him? He's such a sight to behold. Ahh, I wonder if he's even a Greek God or something...

These pictures is recently taken in our presentation of the Drama, Emily of Emerald Hills. From left to right, standing - Shalyn, Khanusha, Jennifer, DJ. Seated - Karen, Kenson, Christine, Vivien and God-I-hate-the-drama-for-making-me-dress-like-this

From Left to Right, The Bitch with Attitude, My Homie, Christine, Ugly Hair and Cute Jenn

Hmm, actually things were very sweet with my gang most of the time last year. Lots of nice times spent together. Trips here and there, occasional movie trips and lots of fun hangouts. But things took quite a turn lately, I'd assume. Hmm, not exactly fond of these new happenings. But things just happen, don't they? Somehow, I'd wish that people shouldn't really be that bothered with annoyance that much. It's cool to be annoyed, but never let it get the best of you, that would be the right thing to do. It doesn't matter that much if you're backstabbed once in awhile, cuz things like these are bound to happen. Shits slipped from mouths occasionally, and it takes a true friend to have the courage and honesty to admit them, and still offers friendship despite a few differences that might have crossed path.

It's definitely not a pleasant sight to see what has happened these days. I hope it's not gonna stay for long. I managed to find a cool picture of the old gang, which I think is most sweet (though some of the gang members are not in it, but it's still sweet).
This pic is so sweet as we can see all our innocent faces upon entering college. Though things might not be so innocent these days, but deep down inside, everyone is still innocent, remember Blanche? ^_^ And also, I look good in this picture. Lol.

P.S. I do hope the innocence within all of us remains and will surface once again.

P.P.S. I hate the stupid drama!!! Made my hair damn ugly, and I'm so noobish!!

Loving the old picture