Mood Swing

Err, I don't get pissed easily, but some sudden events does annoy me a lil.


Yes, I do live a happy life, but come on, things are bound to get a lil' nasty sometimes, won't it? Apparently yea, I sorta stumbled upon something like this lately.

First stop, I had my god bro screaming to everyone in an IRC channel about a misunderstanding which took place last year. I've known him for 5 years, and practically yes, things like these are expected from him, if he's pissed. His hostility was due to a few issues which I'll not touch in my blog due to his personal life and mine. I don't blame him at all.

The sad part is, the misunderstanding involves my 2 wonderful friends as well, one in Penang, and the other in JB. Both of them are real pals to me. They've been my listener when I've uncertainties in my life, opinion givers and definitely, a real friend to me. I'm even more in debt with my friend in JB who had been there all the time, for me and my beloved Zach.

My god bro, is a wonderful person. He's extremely persuasive in his words. Thus, the situation was made into somewhat of a.. 1 on 3 handicap match?

It's like I've got hit by a stunner and then...

... got hit by a Dudley Death Drop too!!

The misunderstanding got cleared up in the end, at least, at my side. Realising there was a miscommunication between me with my 2 friends, from Penang and JB respectively. I personally felt that I did a great job, solving the conflict w/o hurting the other party with sharp words and eccentric threats.

However, my friends have somewhat been resentful towards me ever since.. which is really saddening for me..

Next stop..

My webcam broke down. :(

My beloved webcam...

It's not the best webcam in the world.. but it has followed me for 4 years at least..

I found him... at his worst.. just an hour ago.. sob.. sob..

I will always remember him, for my glorious moments.. like..

Stuart, when he was still a pup, and me, when I was still a plump

My bf, hugging me tightly. ^^

May his soul rest in peace... *mourns*

Speaking tone changes to a news anchorman
Moving on to the next event, I have a confirmed report that SotongZai was played a practical joke by his junior. This news just came in less than 30 minutes ago.

Apparently, SotongZai was asked to walk up to his friends' new house to meet them for a chat and to see their place. The message was somehow delivered by the junior but not his friends. Being cool and nice, SotongZai with his bf, walked up to their place but to their surprise, the place was locked and there weren't any lights lit in it as well.

It is reported that SotongZai and his bf waited for nearly 15 minutes outside the door, thinking that they were on their way home. Phone numbers were dialed repeatedly to the occupants of the house and his junior but it seems the only voice that responded was a very dull female operator's voice. According to witnesses they were extremely disappointed and headed home, realising that they've been tricked.

When enquired about his comments, SotongZai merely said;

It's obvious that a very bad joke was played on me and I fell for it. Oh well, guess my junior's credibility is at stake if there isn't a good justification for it.

Enquiring about what is his opinion regarding the other 2 friends' level of involvement in this joke, he replied;

The sole source came from the junior alone. It wasn't from my other 2 friends. I guess I jumped to the conclusion that they're together since my junior last called me with my friends' voices in the background. I won't make any assumption about any involvement.

Our team of reporters tried enquiring comments from SotongZai's bf, Zach, but he declined to comment.

And that concludes our news for today.

I'm your anchor person, Robb.

Thank you for tuning in to PNN

P.S. I was pissed, at least I'm smiling now. :)

P.P.S. I still love my life ^_^

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai To All!!!!

Real sorry of not updating in time. 'm quite busy visiting relatives and hanging out at night. Thus, exhaustion and lost of mood to blog down my events. However, I do promise you guys, I'll write something thoughtful in my upcoming entries as a few of my conversations with relatives does spark some interesting discussion topics.

Being a short entry, I'd like to wish all of my friends and readers and Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it, and for those who doesn't, Happy Holidays~~



So tell me lads and lasses, among all the years we've been on the Internet, what kind of friends have we known?

We started from mIRC (at least I do), to ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, online games and even blogs as ways to know new friends from different parts of the world.

Friends I've known from the cyberspace ranges from paedophiles, closet perverts, real perverts, drugger, samseng, to kind hearted souls who will help out people they never seen before, hot lads and lasses, wise souls, and a lot more.

However, there's a new friend recently that I got acquainted to and I'm pretty fond of him as a friend.

"Him" (Lol)

By the time you're reading this, he would have most likely finished all his examination papers in Italy (I assume). You see, to be honest with you guys, I barely know him for two weeks and I don't even know his name (lol), but chatting with him online seems real enlightening as his perceptions and thoughts are somewhat wider than mine (or perhaps I'm really stupid?). Perhaps it's due to his travelling nature that he gets to see the world more than me, but nevertheless, chatting with him gives me an insight of how the rest of the world are like. To put it up in simple words, I do really think that he's really wise for a guy his age. Do check out his blog at to know more about him.

Among his interests and skills that got me glued to his blogs sometimes would be how he visualizes his presented issue. You see, he's really good with photo taking, to be exact, candid photography. As we've heard over the years,

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

I would certainly disagree to that as I do believe his pictures are worth much more than that.

His photograph of an ancient pillar in Rome

Venice, Italy, taken by Relax

A grand passage in Milan, Italy, by Relax

Aside from that, do notice that his blog emphasizes on the theme of relaxing. It comforts me a lot that someone out there is actually trying to reach out for people who are seeking for self help information. Anger management? Tonic drinks? Healthy simple exercises? He has covered them all and much more. Do browse through for more self help information.

It really amuses me everyday to find that there are all kinds of individuals out there in the world. But I'm way amazed this time than amused. I'm looking forward for a blogger meet with him to be precise once he's back in KL. Cheers~

P.S. He's not queer, so queers, stay out! Lol


An Introduction to SotongZai

The name is Robb. I'm usually known as SotongZai in the cyberspace.

This is one of the signature buildings in Ipoh. It's rarely visited though, but it holds great historical value of the town

I was borned at 21st of May 1986 in a crap humble town, Ipoh, Malaysia. I've lived there for 18 years, studying in a missionary school, St. Michael's Institution.

My alma mater, was the place where I grew up. I'm proud to call myself a Michaelian. Quis Ut Deus is the slogan of the school which means, Nobody is Greater than God

I wasn't a jock nor any popular figure. If you ask me, I'd call myself as a nerd, cuz I did have all the characteristics such as fat, good in studies, poor in sports, play computer games like nobody's business, an extremely small circle of social life and the list goes on. So if you're to go to my alma mater and enquire about me, trust me, not much information would be available to you. I bet most of my teachers have already forgotten about me. Nevertheless, I'm very very fond of my school. As my principal said,

"Once a Michaelian, always a Michaelian"

After obtaining a slightly above average SPM results, my life took a step into shit higher as I was given a convertible scholarship by PETRONAS to pursue a Chemical Engineering Degree in UTP(University Teknologi Petronas)

It's a great place to study which state of the art facilities and physical environment, but...

UTP is located in Tronoh, a fucking shitty place with no life smaller town in Perak. It takes a freaking!! 45 minutes drive from Ipoh to UTP. There's no entertainment to be found nearby, thus making it an ideal place to study for geek.

I left UTP during the late 2005 due to my awareness that I don't belong there and certainly not to the course I was doing. Thus, my convertible scholarship has turned into a loan of RM40,000. It was a big step in my life.

The Admin Block for Tunku Abdul Rahman College, KL Branch

Next, I applied for a course which I'm really sure I'm fond of studying, and working which is, Public Relations, in Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Dropping my past aside, I stand at 5'10" (178cm) and weighs 65kg while I'm blogging this down. You can usually spot my hair spiked as this is the current way I'm styling my hair. My sense of clothing is a lil' lala-ish and I do have a thing for body hugging outfit.

I really do like entertaining myself actually. Usually it's money issues that refrain me from going out and having fun. I do enjoy clubbing, meeting new people, yum cha-ing, gaming (DotA, SC, WC3, C&C Generals), online chatting, movies, karaoke once in awhile, shopping, Magic The Gathering and perhaps others that I've missed.

Outdoor activities that I do is somewhat limited. I do workout in my college gym quite often. I've started jogging lately to train myself up for an upcoming marathon in June (Penang International Bridge Run). I do go to the swimming pool once in awhile, but not to swim though. I can't swim. Irony ain't it? Someone calling himself SotongZai, but he can't swim. I like being in the pool during hot evenings and relaxing by lying down on my back. Aahhhh... That's so comfortable.

After years of discovering myself, I can now say I'm living a life I want, doing the things I enjoy, and am contented with my life.

Loves his life

Editted 13 March 2007

Thanks to Konrad for pointing out to me my mistake that Quis Ut Deus means Nobody is Greater than God as I've mixed them up with the values of Michaelians, Faith, Zeal and Community.

Finally Over!!!


I can't believe my exams are finally over!!!

Okay, okay, I'm imitating Kenny Sia's signature emotion. But hey, I like my version a lot. Ha ha. I just reached Ipoh and is so enjoying all the free time now. But I'd predict that by the next post I write here, I'd be complaining I'm all bored and stuff.

Actually I'm just cam whoring this whole post with pictures of myself. Don't you just hate it when I do so? Ha ha, but apparently I'm loving it.

Certified Cam Whore

At The Beginning

We were strangers starting out on our journey
Never dreaming what we'd have to go through
Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected what you did to my heart
When I lost hope you were there to remind me
This is the start

And Life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
A Wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

We were strangers on a crazy adventure
Never dreaming how our dreams would come true
Now here we stand unafraid of the future
At the beginning with you


I knew there was somebody somewhere
Like me alone in the dark
I know that my dream will live on
I've been waiting so long
Nothing's gonna tear us apart


In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you

Check it out, At The Beginning by Anastacia. I grew fond of it lately though it has been in my harddisk for years. Lol.

Listen to the song by clicking here

Now listen to my wailing here

P.S. Due to unforeseen circumstances, to hear my wailing, u'd need to download it to ur harddisk and choose to open it with windows media player or whatever audio software which can support my wailing.

P.P.S. My wailing is done using Sound Recorder and it's in WAV format. I don't have a WAV to MP3 Converter so I can't get it reduced to a smaller file size. Anyone who has freewares of such, do contact me pls.

Updated on 11.53pm 6/2/2007
Thanks Clayton for the mp3 converter!! My own recorded wailing works great now.

Enjoys nice music

Shopping Spree

Wow, these few days was totally fun and enjoyable. Let's recap with Friday.

Friday, I was awaken by my dream. It was a weird dream where I was one of the top three finalists in a reality TV show. The show has yet to exist, and I wasn't singing, I was an actor. He he. I love how I appeared on screen (in my dream at least) and I was totally awed by my dream. Lol. Though there are things that are pretty messed up as well in my dream. Mahathir was there, some other politician which I now can't remember well. And yes, we were talking about politics. (I'm politically aware)

Then I woke up to do some reading (seriously, it's only some!!!) before heading to college with Christine and Kenson for my Mass Media Law paper. Man, I was on the roll since that day. The questions were all in my favor and I have total confidence of scoring an A for this paper. After that, we lepak around at Jusco Wangsa Maju where my shopping officially began.

1st stop, ROMP Jusco. I was really enjoying myself with the clothes testing till Christine has finished walking 1 round in the small Jusco. Lol. I bought a shirt there. Cost me a bomb though for the shirt. RM57, but somehow, I really like it. It's my first polo T with some patterns on it. I like it a lot. ^^

Neat, ain't it? ^_^

Next, I headed over to Samuel & Kevin, where my friend, Jack, works at. And there's this really nice shirt he's wearing, and also I'm really fond of to have. It cost even deadlier than ROMP's. It's priced at RM63 after Jack's employee's discount of 30%!! =.="" But anyhow, I love it. It's been awhile since I've bought anything for myself other than Magic Cards.

I love this a lot. ^^

Shopping doesn't stop there as on Saturday, I went out to Bukit Bintang and Timesquare aiming to buy a pair of pants. Tagging along with me is another good friend of mine, Sean. He came to Genting Klang to cut his hair initially and ended up accompanying me shopping and loitering. Lol. My bf's not around initially due to his exam was on 2pm till 4pm. I was supposed to get tickets for Death Note 2, but due to the screening is in a hillariously small screen cinema, there were no tickets available except for separate seatings.

Ended up watching House of Mahjong which is totally ridiculous.

Purchased a bag finally. I now no longer have to resort to using the bag which I've stolen from Zach's ex-roommate. Ha ha. It only cost RM20. It's not too shabby though.
I'm a student, I don't make big bucks. It's not original. :P

Then, I got myself a pair of pants with straps. Hehe. Check it out
This pictures makes my lower body looks so huge... Fuck!

It might not look as good as I thought in the picture, but trust me, in reality, when I wear it out, it rocks. ^_^

I'm so happy after buying so much stuff for myself. It's been quite some time since I really spend on clothes and accessories. Hurrah. Screw Magic Cards. Holla clothes!!

Loves shopping