Rojak and Yoyo

In case you guys are wondering, yes, this is a food post.

Behold`` the famous rojak stall

The uncle who sells rojak, sets up his stall opposite Jalan Genting Klang's (KL) market daily from 2pm till 6pm except for Tuesday and Wednesday. The taste of his rojak is.. My god! If you like fruit rojak, you must try this! The mixed taste of assorted fruits with crushed peanuts, rojak sauce, prawn paste and chilli is definitely a bomb in your mouth.

The drawback however, is usually the amount of people waiting in the queue... But it's definitely worth waiting!

Cut the crap short, this is a must try if you happen to be around the neighbourhood in the evening. It only cost RM3 or RM3.50 for regular portion or large portion respectively.

This is one of the things that doesn't really have much appeal on the outside, but a blast in the inside! Yummy!

And usually you can find another taste buds shaker stall right opposite the rojak stall. Behold, the famous Yoyo Ice!

No, the guy doesn't really sell the typical yoyo with ice in it. Instead, it's a name for his great ice delicacies. He sells ice blended drinks in plastic bowls. Haha. Sounds funny eh? But it rocks big time when you taste it.

And yes, his red bean and corn flavored ice is a must try. I truly recommend them. Totally worthy! There are other flavors of ice too such as Lychee, Sour Plum and a few more that I didn't bother to experiment since I'm too contented with Red Bean and Corn.

I usually order a mix of red bean and corn, cuz both of them are equally delicious!

Food aside, I'm going on a college organized camp to Pahang for the weekend, so I apologize in advance since I will not be able to satiate this blog with an entry a day for the next 2 days maybe. But nevertheless, I'll try to take as much picture as I can from my trip so I have more blogging material.

P.S. Neither of the food stalls paid me, and this is not a sponsored post. In fact, I pay about RM15 a week to them usually. Lol

P.P.S Please don't throw any meme to me while I'm gone!

Not sponsored

Happy Birthday to You~

Press play to listen to the music

This is a tribute post to my lad, Jackie!

Today, is his exact date for his 21st birthday! Hurrah! He's older than me!! XD

He held his birthday party earlier on the past weekend where Zach and I attended. It was a great one. Yes it was.

Jackie's Birthday Cake! Shape of a Key! Haha

Why was the party so cool? Free food and booze! Ha ha ha.

Some of the food, not even half, that was served to the guests during the party. Yummy!

Fish, helping himself with the booze. Lol

Not to mention the amount of games we played. The only game which I manage to snap picture is Twister, the only 1 I didn't participate thus explaining why I remember to take a picture.

Guys and gals all tangled up in Twister. Lol

All the guests and friends of Jackie wrote on a card to wish him Happy Birthday. Here's a clip of it

Then here's the song singing, candle blowing moment of the party.

And someone got tricked into biting out the candle a lil'...

Poor Jackie.. Well at least the mess is just a lil'

And among the top entertainer for the night is non other than Jackie's lil cousin who calls him - Uncle Jackie. XD Lol. Watch him perform.

Justin, guest starred in this one. Haha

P.S. The Birthday Song that autoplays in this post, is really awesome. Do listen carefully for the lyrics. Haha

Happy Birthday Jackie

Meme Day

I kena meme again!!

This time from 5X Mom.

And among all the stuff the meme ask, it's asking me which Country I wanna go to. And among all the meme I've done, this one even has its own set of rules!

**Start Copy**

Proposition : Where do you want to go Next, OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY, for tourism, work , study, whatever.

Requirements: Find some info about the place, itinerary etc, pics if possible so you get MORE Traffic coming in, and maybe some people can find somewhere to go to. Excludes your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, ie Singapore,Malaysia,Brunei, a country that borders yours.You must register for MyBloglog so we can blogwalk ah…..get it?

Quantity : FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode : Chain Link. 15 of them.

You leave 15 people and their DEEP LINK of their Blog Name and TAGGED POST and hit out for five more. So it will look like

Azrin going Down Under

MaRLinda in Disneyland Paris

Athira Baby and her Balamory Antics

Msau to Japan

Shoppingmum to Europe

Angeleyes off to Bora-Bora

Giddy Tiger snorkelling in The Maldives

5xmom screwing horny angmohs in Switzerland

**Add in the blog you got the tag from and tagged post.** (In this case, for example, you should add “SotongZai visiting the Land of Rising Dick Sun, Japan “)

Extra Rules: you cannot Tag another person who has performed the Tagging Rights to Travel. Check yr commentators.

You MUST PASS this tag within 7 days of receiving it , or lose a day’s worth of Blog Revenue or $10 to charity. Can?Makes it interesting anyway.So no Lazy Tags running about, and yeah, eventually, there will be less than a 1:3 chance you can’t tag that someone. And pay those people in the list a visit, you never know if you can pinch / recycle some ideas for your next entry!

**End Copy**

After reading all of the above, I just went...

I'm only a student who is still using his parents' money to survive and this meme wants me to do what? Lol. I'm not exactly very imaginative, so here goes.

Land of the Rising Dick Sun

I've always loved Japan due to their culture, and of course, good looking guys. Haha. I mean, come on.

That aside, check out the festival of Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭), also called Festival of the Steel Phallus.

It is an annual Shinto festival held in Kawasaki, Japan, during the spring. Guess what's the central theme? Penis! They are everywhere!! Just check them out!

Wah lau, try carrying flags like these in Malaysia!

Lol! Look at 'em girls! So happy with 'them' in their hands

These are shown in public places! Awesome eh?

Oh well, they keep getting younger and younger these days. XD

Kids are made to wear these hats to look like dickheads! Lol

Oh my, she looked very delighted!

No doubt, if I can choose my time to visit the Land of Rising Dick Sun, I'd wanna visit it during this festival! Lol.

Okay, that aside, it's time to tag 5 unfortunate ones. I'll tag...
Damn, I spent more time blogging than doing assignments. Lol

P.S. Some of the pictures from the festival are taken from Louis.

Done his meme


I've got tagged by Ku Kui Kei Kurokei to do a meme of..

What's inside my bag?

What's inside? Hmm..

1. A 500ml water bottle filled with water, for consumption purpose.
2. My file and notes, with assorted craps inside such as stationaries and papers.
3. My digital camera, which I've made it a habit to carry with me in case something interesting comes along my way.
4. My shade, comes in handy when the sun is too bright.

I guess that's all for things inside my bag, cuz I ain't that sophiscated kind of guy who have lots inside their bags neither am I a bitchy one that has lots of make-up stored. Lol.

Okay, I'm now gonna tag Cedric to do this meme.

That aside, here's a lil picture for us to laugh at for being incompetence in English.

Fully of Facilities!
Cheap of Rental!

My God! And it's supposed to be composed by a college student. Give ya hands up to our local college graduates! They are so dumb to the extend that it reminds me of Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Ashamed to see such English proficiency

Do Not Feed the Cooks

I've been extremely exhausted from my weekends..

On Saturday, me and Zach woke up at 8 something in the morning and rushed to the Curve to catch a special screening of Stomp the Yard courtesy of my homie, Shaz. (Thanks dude, once again). The movie was at 11, but due to the nature of my home being in the other side of the world, we have to allocate time for travel.

Stomp the Yard is about hip hop/step dancing. And the whole movie only revolves around the African American society, somehow. No spoilers give to you guys, sorry. Nevertheless, do not discredit this movie as the production values are real good, and I do like the movie a lot, exception for the main actor, who seems a lil' dim witted. Lol. All the other elements of the movie are real cool. Totally enjoyed it.

After the movie, there's even a hip hop dance competition organized in The Curve. Didn't manage to snap pictures of contestants as me and Zach are rushing for lunch, shopping and back to Wangsa Maju before travelling to Kelana Jaya again.

Why the hurry? I'll tell you in 3 days from now.

I stumbled upon PETA Online, which Stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals against the current world where there are a lot of animals being violated and mistreated.. I managed to see a picture where cute doggies are kept behind a bloody cage.. It's so terrible..

They're so cute! But look at their shelter...

I've always love dogs. The other day, when I was travelling and waiting for a friend to pick me up from Kelana Jaya LRT Station, a car stopped by while waiting for someone to get in. Inside the car was this beautiful white doggie which I can't resist but to video-record it.

I recorded this video on a highway, so it's a lil' noisy. Do turn your speaker lower if you're blasting it.

That aside, I came across a restaurant that has a really funny concept.

It's a semi-luxury commercialized Chinese restaurant which have their kitchen displayed up front of their shop. They have see through glasses which you can see their cooks in their uniforms preparing your dish.

Deja Vu... Cause it resembles something like the zoo ain't it? Or perhaps the animal shelter? And maybe even the picture I posted above.

1 reminder to all my pals and peeps who read this,

DO NOT FEED THEM. I mean the cooks.

Didn't feed or annoy the cooks


I'm dead tired for these 2 days and I'm sorry that I can't update my blog. Will update it once I'm back at top shape tomorrow. I need rest for now.. Zzzzz


Food Hopping

My posts are so random lately. But that's the fun part of it I guess. Thanks to my friends who pointed out that the front page of my blog loads 2 songs at once. Apologies for that as I've not foreseen it.

I've vowed to do something much organized at least. Whenever you guys get to read my blog, there will only be 1 song playing, and only 1 sponsored post. I guess that ought to curb some boredom of too much repetition approaches for my entries.

I found out that I still have some pictures from my digital camera about another food centre in Ipoh. So I've decided to share with you guys.

In case you guys are saying,

"It's only a Fishball Noodle. What's so special about it?"

It's so wrong. It's not what KL people call as Fishball Noodle. It's called Hor Hee. Its soup is totally different from what you can get in KL. It's best eaten with hor fun, thus the name Hor Hee. In Ipoh, there's no doubt that the best Hor Hee is at Stadium Ipoh's food centre.

Ipoh is seriously a small place. There's only 1 stadium apparently. So it's definitely not an excuse that this place is impossible to find. Here's a photo of the stall which sells this wonderful delicacy.

The stall's original header reads Hor Hee but since most of the tourist who stopped by don't understand that term, thus he changed to a term more accepted. Sigh, I personally think he should stick to his old header. Grr

Next to his stall is a very very delicious Char Keuy Teow stall. I'm not kidding when I say their Char Keuy Teow is as good as Penang's. Proof? Before I even manage to take a snap of the wonderful tasty serving, it's already in my dad's stomach. You do the judging.

I warn you guys, the waiter and cook might not look very presentable, but their food is totally a blow to your taste bud. Beware!

Okay, somehow a picture of a mamak stall ended up in my digital camera too. But this mamak is a good one, so I'm gonna do a lil' publicity for them. Behold, the BRJ~~~

The most happening place to hang out at night, in Setapak to be honest

I'm not gonna say much as they've never failed to have all their tables filled up by midnight, every night! I can't understand it either. Why would everyone crowd this place?

Their nasi lemak ayam is fantastic!

All their food are just average mamak food.

Their nasi lemak ayam is fantastic!

Furthermore, there's plenty of ah bengs (gangsters wannabe) hanging around all the time.

Their nasi lemak ayam is fantastic!

Now, seriously, I don't even understand why..

Their nasi lemak ayam is fantastic!

There's only 1 dish I normally order when I dine here which is nasi lemak ayam which I didn't manage to snap a picture as well, since I only remember that I now have a digital camera with me (I'm so not used to carrying one with me). Oh well, you guys try hanging out at the most happening place in Wangsa Maju and do tell me about it okay?

Oh well, I guess that's all from my digital camera. Will try to snap more stuffs to blog about.

Forgot to snap most of the time

Dearest's Birthday

Press play to hear the music

Actually my dearest has already blogged about this, but I wanna blog more about it, so here I go.

It's nothing grand, it's nothing big but just a small scale celebration for my kawaii boyfriend at the local Pizza Hut. The whole house, me, Zach, Justin and Christy headed out first to Pizza Hut before the others do.

Zach, Christy and Justin, waiting for the lift to head out

We reached Pizza Hut and ordered some sets while waiting for the others. As usual, I proceeded to make my jumbo garden salad which I've never been able to finish when I'm dining with 4 friends or less. Well since yesterday we had 8 person, I thought I could give it a shot. It wasn't my best jumbo, but it was still huge. (Damn! They ran out of coleslaw! >_<)

Cucumbers, coleslaws, tomatoes, lots of watermelons with thousand island dressing.
I do know this looks a lil' similar to ice kacang, but it's not okay? Lol

I actually nicked that salad bowl before we made any orders cause I was kinda starving. So here we get to see a picture of dear hiding behind the small menu thinking what to order.

Aww~ ain't he cute? >_<

And this is the only picture I have for the entire evening since I'm holding the camera. The waiting for the food to arrive.

I look weird don't I? It seems like an alien possessed me or something.. Or perhaps I've always looked this way... Hmmm..

We were joined by Yi Kang, Christine, Kenson and Jaried later on. We were so glutton that we didn't even snap any picture of the food since all our hands were busy grabbing things to eat.

From left to right, Kenson, Christine, Jaried, Christy, Justin, Zach and Yi Kang
Damn, my photography skills sucks big time

And obviously the title camwhore didn't fall on me last night since Yi Kang enjoyed himself with my digital camera and me being the photographer.

Yi Kang

Yi Kang again, camwhoring

Yi Kang, the gluttony

Damn! I wanna do that too.. But there are never volunteers to hold my camera the entire night..

My kawaii Zach getting glutton too. ^_^

Actually I recorded the candle blowing and cake cutting scene in a video, but my dear doesn't want me to post it up to the net, so yea, I can't show you that. It's our precious collection of memory that we would like to keep it special and private. ^_^

But nevertheless let's look at the aftermath of the food we ordered. Remember my art, the jumbo salad? Check him out at the end of the day.

Poor salad, it's the same thing all the time. No one digs the cucumber. Lol

And Zach and Yi Kang each made art of their own on the 2 remaining pans carrying the pizzas.

I guess everyone who attended the small scale celebration enjoyed it. I personally thought it's definitely better than last year's catastrophe. Let's not mention about that. And people, people, it's still okay to give gifts for the birthday boy since he don't mind receiving late presents. Haha. So chuck up.

I really enjoy looking at the videos I captured that night. Zach's so uber cute~~ >_< Haha. Bleh~~ Can't show you guys. Sorry~

Happy Birthday to my Dear Dear again