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It's Holiday!!! Tomorrow's Giving Birth Labor Day and Wesak Day. Government grants the next day as a replacement holiday too. That must be awesome for everyone, eh? Choto mateh... I forgot to tell you guys, I'm on a 3 weeks holiday! My college term is over!!! Celebrations!

Now, to my plans for these few weeks. I'm still gonna be in KL till this Friday where I'm gonna go back to hometown, Ipoh. What am I doing in KL? Regular stuffs such as movies, hangout, gym, mahjong, PS2 and etc. Life in KL is kinda like a part of me already. I like it. :)

Next stop, Ipoh.

Practically, I'm heading back there, to spend time with my parents and the doggies. Frankly speaking. There ain't much to do in Ipoh. Let's see.. what do we have in Ipoh.. Our best hangout mall is Jusco which only has two floors. Our best clubs are as big as a shophouse and we have hills, nice green hills.

My plan in Ipoh, would be just relax. Talk more with my mum and dad, play with doggies, write more paid posts for my blog and yeah, daily exercises. I've yet to submit the marathon form for Penang Bridge Run. So I'm kinda gonna test myself during the week while I'm in Ipoh by running for 1 hour everyday to see what I'm capable of before submitting the form. Oh, food hunting. Nothing beats food, if you're asking what to do in Ipoh. So I'm gonna go hunting for my precious Beansprout Chicken with Sar Hor Fun.

After a week or a few days extra from that, I'd most likely be crossing the brige to Penang!!!

Behold! The 3rd longest bridge in South East Asia

'Nuff said. I'm gonna be there for a few days, ranging from 5 days to a week. Gonna eat, eat, eat and eat (which explains running everyday when I'm in Ipoh). 5Xmom has tempted me with pictures of Char Kuey Teow and I vowed to eat them kau kau during my trip in Penang! I'm gonna do the same thing what she did to me when I was reading. (I songlap all her pictures also. Wakakaka.)

Take this!

And this!

Take this too!!

That aside, I absolutely long for Penang Asam Laksa!!! Gimme!!! I want!!

Other than that, I'm most likely gonna be meeting up with Cedric the Monkey to bitch about each other and perhaps.. hmm.. say.. any other Penang Bloggers would like to meet me? I don't bite, so you don't have to wear protective outfits, you know? I'm kinda interested to meet up with Imin, Minny and Lilian (only calling her Lilian, cuz she doesn't like people addressing her with any indication to remind her of her real age. :X) too. But I wonder would they mind meeting me, since I'm such a horror to look at.

And since I'm gonna be able to enter Uncle Lim's place soon. I'm just wondering, how and where should I celebrate my birthday.. How about some opinion guys and girls?

Vote at the side bar please. The voting runs till 5th of May which is approximately the day I'm too bored of waiting for anymore responses.

Happy Holidays once again, everyone.


Vonage Forum

Okay, we all do know what VoIP means. It's practically phone services on the Internet.

Vonage is offering services as such, and the forum, however is not controlled by them, which means, it provides a much general and objective reviews about their services.

The forum practically explains much about their features, advanced services and special benefits of using their services.

Apart from that, regular updates are shown on the site to ensure users know what's happening in either the forum, the company or the service.

It's an average information providing site about the service as there are definitely rooms for improvement.

Just for a note, Vonage makes it possible for you to have unlimited calls for local and long distance calls for only $24.99 per month. Thought you should know, that's all.



Ever wondered why ice-cream taste so good?

Imagine this, then.

P.S. I'll update about my happenings in my life most likely on the next post since my examinations are over, and I have lots of free time to the extend I'd most likely write a 5k words post. Wait up.



Today I’m gonna talk about chicken.

Chicken, noun. Refers to a type of domesticated bird which is often raised as a type of poultry. It is believed to be descended from the wild Indian and south-east Asian Red Junglefowl.

Example, the chicken we see in Kentucky Fried Chicken (processed form).


Chicken, is also a term, used by intimidators to degrade people who are either timid or tactically smarter.

Example of usage, Oooh~~ scare to answer a challenge, chicken? *makes chuckling sound*

Come out, you chicken!

Chicken or kai in Cantonese also means prostitude (female). It's either to function as a noun or an adjective to degrade or defame someone by associating him/her with such a despicable profession.

Example usage for a noun, XiaXue is a kai.

Example usage for adjective, XiaXue is a kai.


The next chicken I'm gonna bring you, is something different. It's a chicken that follows almost all your commands, or at least respond to your commands. There are more than three hundred commands that the Chicken will respond to, including:

The "elephant"
Lay egg
Walk Like an Egyptian
Light a fart
Taco Bell
Read a book from his bookcase.
Have a drink of water
Barrel roll
Golf Swing
Do the YMCA
Electric Slide

The Chicken that acts according to your wish

Wanna know where you can get to tell this chicken what to do? Click here and enjoy yourself.

Disclaimer: The above craps are written for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to relate to anyone who is alive or dead and if by coincidence, it might be intented as a parody. No bimbos are hurt during the creation of this post but there isn't any guarantees for what happened after this post is read.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post by Burger King

Chuckled when writing this post

Malcolm in the Middle

Yes, the 2nd youtube video from my previous post does remind me of Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle too, as suggested by Arisa Go.

Konrad and I used to watch this comedy series every week when we were in high school. We kinda enjoy how the series' situations got out of hand, where everyone loses their cool and smacks each other. It's really enlightening to see, what happens when you're really pushed to the limit (rather than experiencing it yourself, imagine the catastrophe!). My Gernese mate kinda resembles Francis a lil' except that Francis' hair is much longer and curly.

Let's not talk about the sarcastic bastard dude that was one of my closest friends back in high school. I really wanna share Malcolm in the Middle to you guys out there, for those who have no idea how wonderful this show is.

The show starred Frankie Muniz as Malcolm, the third-oldest of four, later five, children in the family, parented by Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) and Hal (Bryan Cranston). The oldest child, Francis (Christopher Masterson), was shipped off to military school, leaving the three boys: Reese (Justin Berfield), Malcolm, and Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan) living at home, Malcolm being the second oldest of the three (hence the title of the show). The show's early seasons centered on Malcolm and the rigors of being an adolescent genius and his eccentric, although eerily normal, life; later seasons began to explore the other members of the family and their friends in more depth.

Malcolm, as mentioned, is a genius stuck in a family with quite an idiotic elder brother, Reese. Reese is a typical bully/jock in school which knocks off every geek he sees and doesn't bother with his academic performances. Dewey, is the cute younger brother of Malcolm that never fails to put up the innocence of a child in most scenarios.

Hal and Lois are the father and mother of the not-so-perfect family where family financial is always an issue together with they boys' out of control behaviors. Put together all of them under the roof, and BAM! It's classic!

Below is the opening credits for the early seasons of Malcolm in the Middle. Enjoy. I still love the musics.

Here's a full episode of Malcolm in the Middle, titled - Cheerleader. And for Arisa Go, this is also the episode where Dewey throws a tantrum for not getting his toy. Enjoy

Loves Malcolm in the Middle

CRM Software Evolved

Customer Relationshipe Management, also known as CRM for short is a broad term that covers concepts used by organizations to manage their relationships with customers including collecting, storing and analyzing customer information.

There are three aspects of CRM, each of which can be implemented in isolation:

Operational CRM: The automation or support of customer processes involving sales or service representatives

Collaborative CRM: Direct communication with customers not involving sales or service representatives (“self service”)

Analytical CRM:
The analysis of customer data for a broad range of purposes

Active CRM: Comprehensive & Automatic

Customer relationship management software is defined as business management and automation of the front-office divisions of an organization. CRM software is essentially meant to address the needs of Marketing, Sales and Distribution, and Customer Service and Support divisions within an organization and allow the three to share data on prospects, customers, partners, competitors and employees. The purpose of crm software is to manage the customer through the entire lifecycle, i.e. from prospect to qualified opportunity to order.

CRM software automates many of the needs of Marketing, Sales and Support users, such as Telephony, or the ability to conduct phone calls and manage call data, and tools to capture, share and manage automated alerts on lead data as it passes through the sales pipeline. CRM software provides a standard framework for pushing leads through a sales pipeline and managing it amongst many stakeholders in real time, in order to provide better customer relations and grow revenues by creating more sales, and losing fewer customers.

CRM software helps organizations achieve their customer relations goals by measuring key performance indicators collected by the crm software about customer lifecycle behaviour. Benefits include isolating those marketing campaigns that drove the most and best quality leads, improving internal efficiency, complete customer histories and the ability to provide appropriate support and consequently retain customers.

With such benefits, why the hassle of waiting? Get your crm software now. It's a cool package with 14 days free trial.



We know condoms advertisements are not allowed in the idiot boxes of Malaysia no matter how decent they might look like. Let's ponder at a few ads that caught my attention.

This one is aimed at the Africans (which explains only 1 race being in the ads).

Next we have a very simple life's situation when you just can't stand your kids

Last but not least, this is something every queer guy would enjoy watching. I must say, if you're straight and easily offended by homosexual acts, please do NOT load it. It's not very graphic but it could provoke uneasiness on you. You've been warned.

Enjoy watching ads not available in Malaysia

Why is the rum gone?


Arrrrr where's me rum, matey? Where's me rum???!!

To all ya land lubbers out there, who aren't aware of the treasure chests nuffnang are offering, I reckon' you make haste to this page right now, matey.

'Nuff said. These land lubbers booked the whole cinema and we get to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3! To top that, they're offering a 3 Days 2 Nights fully paid trip to Singapore if ya spotted being the best dressed pirate! So guys, load ya cannons! Cuz it ain't going to you without a fight! Charge!

To all the non cabin boys out there, what ya waiting for? I wanna see ya guys too at the private screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Here's the trailer for the Pirates of Caribbean 3: The End of the World. Check it out.

Wanna watch Pirates of the Caribbean with other bloggers

Stuart and Baby

I miss them!!!

In case you don't know, they're my doggies back in my hometown.


Stuart is a mongrel dog. In other words, it's a kampung breed which have all kinds of blood in it (well, you know how dogs have their fun around). My younger sister got it from a friend of hers when Stuart was still a pup. He's kinda stubborn, grumpy (barks a lot) and picky with his food. However, his nice long brown fur is so nice to hug!! Totally adorable! Oh, by the way, he loves durian! Lol.

Baby Coke!!

Baby Coke on the other hand, is a Daschund breed, which in local context means sausage dog. He's from Russia originally raised by my elder sister till 2 years ago, she shipped him back to Malaysia due to the strict hostel rules. He's extremely obedient and warm towards people. Total opposite of Stuart if you must say. And of cuz, being an ang moh dog, he despises durian. Lol.

I miss them a lot!!

Here's a lil' footage of them playing with each other. And by playing, I mean literally playing and stop thinking dirty please!

Misses Stuart and Baby Coke

Investing in Forex and Future

I for one have no plans for the future. I vow to live, eat and enjoy till the cows come home. However, when I think again, I think that's pretty dangerous ain't it? What if there's something bumpy along my path? Where would I get backups? Borrowing certainly ain't a very desirable solution for me, since I don't fancy owing people money. So how? Investment ought to some trick for you.

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange in case you're not very familiar to technical business terms. In other words, you're investing in foreign currencies. You see those forex reports everyday during news? Those are the ones that indicate whether the currency's value rise or declined compared to other currencies.

However, it is important to realize that when it's an investment, there is always a risk of loss so don't invest with what you can't part with. Past performances of certain currencies are not indication of future results. Sources of information provided by the site would be deemed secure but it guarantees nothing to the performance of any currency.

Why global futures then? It is established and registered with the NFA and CFTC in 1998, Global Futures Exchange and Trading Company, Inc., is located in Encino, California with one branch in Florida. Global is one of the largest independent introducing brokerage firms offering futures, options and foreign exchange services on all major exchanges around the world. Supported and enhanced by global technology, their platforms are designed to provide powerful, reliable and value-added brokerage solutions. Global has built a solid and loyal client foundation due to their expertise, elevated ethical standard and efficiency.

And hey, Global Futures can get you started with just a deposite of $250 with just an email to . Once you get into contact with them, they'll assist you in your trades. Don't speak English well? No problem. They speak 22 languages in the world. Lol.

So do consider about it. Never ever close a door before exploring it. :)


Meme Cum Survey

Press play to listen

Cummed Tagged by YenChiew to do a meme which sounds more like an survey from friendster. It's titled The 2006 Tag which in other words revolving things that happened on 2006. Ain't exactly my favorite kind of meme, but here goes nothing.

Glad to see 2006 go?

What? It went away already? Didn't notice as my life was too comfortable. Haha.

Did u change your hair in 2006?

Man, it was crazy. I had different kind of hairstyles the entire year. Long, short, spike, bobbish, partings and etc.

The best part of 2006?

I moved in with my dearest, Zach. ^_^

The worst part of 2006?

Steve Irwin's passing. Goodbye Croc Hunter.

Any new crushes in 2006?

Mamee Monsters and Mister Potatoes. I crushed them a lot last year, and still am doing so this year.

Who will u never forget?

I don't know! As I've said, I'm extremely forgetful. Even close friends who I don't see for quite awhile could be forgotten (in terms of outlook). Just the other day, I can't recognize David just because he changed his hairstyle. So I would say, everyone stands a chance of being forgotten by me? Haha. Exception maybe my family members and my dearest.

Who do u wish u didn't meet?

Let's see.. I can't remember anyone! Seriously, I'm bad with memory. (Exception case, money)

Did u have a boyfriend in 2006?

Yes, I do. Mucks.

My boyfriend!! ^_^

Did u fall in love in 2006?

Already fallen. Can't fall anymore. Haha.

Did u catch someone in lie in 2006?

Please~~ Everyone lies. If there's a clock where its hand only moves when a person tells a lie, I bet most of our clocks could be used as a ceiling fan.

Funniest moment of 2006?

Again, memory issue. Can't think of any. But I do reckon that Family Guy and South Park totally made my year for entertaining shows.

Most embarrassing moment of 2006?

I must say, I don't get embarass easy. I could literally shout from one end in a shopping complex to another. Not forgetting my memory problem, I doubt there's any for me to share here.

Did u take any vacation in 2006? Where?

Genting and Penang. Will talk about Genting later. Penang was due to visiting my dearest' home, family members and the great food. Laksa!

Any new hobbies of 2006?

Hooked up on Magic The Gathering. Started going serious. Played in tournaments and etc. In other words, I'm screwed cuz I paid big bucks for pieces of cardboard.

Did u get a new job in 2006?

Does blowjob counts?

Snowman getting a job from the snowwoman

Did u lose a job in 2006?

Blowjobs? Maybe quite a number. Lol.

Did u host a party in 2006?

Naa, I don't exactly have the means to do so. So, nope. Aside from that, I'm pretty much lazy if I'm not motivated.

Where did most of your money go?

Magic cards, clothes, facial products, hair products and food.

What song will always remind u of 2006?

Wake me Up When September Ends

Biggest Achievement in 2006?

My first wonderful relationship with my beloved, Zach. It's been more than 18 months already! Yeah!

Biggest Failure of 2006?

Failure to remember details of happenings? Lol. Nothing much I guess. Maybe failure to grab enough attention in college to be nominated in Student Representative Council.

In 2006, did u lie to miss a day of work/school?

Naa, don't need to lie. I self-declared quite a number of days as holidays when my mates have to attend college. They knew about it, the lecturer knew about it, everybody knows about it. No lies. I don't lie if the truth works the same way. Lol.

Did u move in 2006?

3 times! Gosh! Moving sux! I mean the process. Believe me, unloading all your packages and stuff, carrying, diassembling, reassembling and blah blah blah. Damn!

What was your greatest musical discovery?

Null, nil, zero, yilek. I'm not very updated to music technically saying. I'm an outdated geek.

What was the best book u read?

Books? I have to say, that I only dig Hairy Bottom Harry Potter. So I've no idea what kind of books would interest me at all. Aside from that, I'm very judgmental towards books. Unless you count comics in.. then I can say Death Note. XD

What was your favourite movie of the year?

Pirates of the Carribean!! 'Nuff said.

What did u want in 2006 and got?

4 pieces of Hallowed Fountain. (Magic Cards)

What did u want in 2006 but didn't get?

All the things I want for Christmas, except for a wallet.

Did u make out in public in 2006?

He doesn't let... :(

What's the ringer on your cellphone?

Some crappy polyponic tune. Yes, I'm an outdated geek who uses cheap phone. Not really bothered to pay more for better phone, cuz I spent all in Magic!! T_T

Who did u miss?

Gosh, I must say, at times I miss my parents, sisters and the doggies!

Who was the best new person u met?

Have to say it's my classmate, Kenson.

Your favourite commercial in 2006?

Bah, I ain't gonna care about the year. I'm going to be talking about the best commercial I have in mind. Malaysian Idol's advertisement where the Pak Guard sings YMCA in his own version. Lol!

Something u couldn't leave home without in 2006?

Wallet, keys and handphone of course!

How did u spend New Year's 2006?

Street celebration in Bukit Bintang. Spray 'em silly!!

Valentine's Day 2006?

Sweet romantic trip for two in Genting Highlands with my dearest ^_^

Easter 2006? Halloween? Thanksgiving?

Don't dig all these festivals ever since I was young. Probably be playing games either on my PC or PS2

Christmas 2006?

Party at LiQuid if I'm not mistaken. Went dancing till my legs got sored.

Your birthday?

Small scale celebration at home with my dearest, housemate and Sean.

Boy am I glad it's over. When I was doing this, I quitted writing several times due to the tedious flashback I need to have to complete it. Man! I'm not gonna make you guys suffer thus I'm not passing the torch. And don't start thanking me as we do know money speaks louder than words. You can email me to enquire for my bank account number if you feel grateful towards my action.


Money Minded Bitch

The bitch!

Okay, okay! I admit. I'm very a lil' money minded. You don't have to be a genius to tell that. Having 3 sponsored posts in 3 days? I'm sorry!!!

I'm a very weak soul. I give in to temptations. Especially nice food (though not excessive, but I'm willing to pay a lot for good food). Take Italiannies for example. It's real good food but it's hefty!! My parents don't earn big bucks to give me extras for such food. But man, I'm so envious of Jack for having a birthday party at Italiannies.

So Good, So Much, So Share! Darn right it is! Hurray for Italiannies!

Do not be fooled by its appearance. It looks nice ain't it? Wrong! It's heavenly orgasmic once you taste it!!

You can check out how wonderful Italiannies is by visitting Shaz or simply google it. A meal there would cost a bomb for a kid of an average wage earner. However, I strive to hold a birthday party one day at Italiannies just like what Jack did. Mark my words. Wait till I start working and saving up, will ya guys?

Speaking of good food, I recently had Kenny Rogers'. My God! I love his chickens but his prices ain't low as well! I had to take a huge chunk out of my monthly allowance to do so. Sigh.. Guess everyone wants to have more money, don't they? And 1 thing I'm sure of, their muffins rock!!!

Muffins of three flavors, Banana, Vanila, Choc.

Delicious quarter meal!! Yummy!

And there's one small part I forgot to mention, as I'm not sure how many of you guys actually know, Kenny Rogers is actually a singer! I have not the slightest idea! The chicken fella actually sing? Now that's news for me. Sorry for being ignorant! But here's his greatest hits album cover.

What next? Colonel Sanders from KFC dances?

Apparently he did "Cha Cha" in Holland. Watch this.

Wait, it doesn't stop there. The clown who gives us fatty food goes on a rampage to beat convenient shops' workers. Jackie Chan's Police Story's theme song was ripped into it too!

Now I'm scared of Ronald even more! Apart from being similar to It, now he knows kungfu? Clowns are not funny for me, they're scary after Stephen King's movie.

For those of you guys who have never watch it before, try looking for the movie. It's really good compared to the crappy horrors and thrillers we have today.

I hope you guys would pardon my money minded side since I'm writing this in the wee hours before my examinations.

Hails Money

Trade Shows

Ever wondered what trade shows are all about? Ain't talking about some business movies showing trades, but we're talking about roadshows, fairs, expos and stuff like that.

In other words, for Malaysia context, we have PC Fair, Education Fair, Career Fair, Matta Fair and etc. We're talking about an assembly of different companies in a certain location, all promoting their products and services. For example, a Matta fair where all kinds of airlines and tourism based companies are lowering their arses prices so darn low to get you signed up for their services.

Now what we might think as visitors or potential customers to those booths are;

"Heck, all the offers seem so nice! Which do we chose from? Ah!! The nice booth where their displays are awesome!!"

Face the facts, that apart from right prices and quality of services, we humans, are attracted to good views. Outlook appeal counts, not only for humans, but rather, packaging of business deals too. If you have a dull brownish cardboard booth compared to a Fabric Popup Spacestation booth next to each other offering services at competitive prices next to each other, you don't have to be a genius on who would gain more attention. When there's more attention from customers, the chances of hitting a deal with them increases, that's the fact of business and life, ain't it?

Thus, here's something for every business marketing personnel out there, do not forsake how your Trade Show Booths look like. It's darn important in securing business deals. Seriously! I mean, come on, just by spending a little more for your booth arrangements, you could make a big difference between the average booth next to yours. The pie is always there, it's only whether you want to have a bigger piece or a smaller piece of it.

For those who don't believe me, try attending any trade shows locally and tell me which booth is getting the most customers apart from factors as price and brand. I bet ya it's the booth with great display!


Anugerah Blogger Pencetus Pemikiran

Disebabkan keesokan hari saya akan menduduki kertas peperiksaan Bahasa Melayu: Kemahiran Berkomunikasi II, maka saya akan menulis menggunakan Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia pada hari ini.

Mahendran, rakan sebilik (kalau guna teman, imaginasi anda mungkin akan merayau...) saya ketika saya masih berada di UTP, telah menganugerahkan saya dengan Anugerah Blogger Pencetus Pemikiran (Thinking Blogger Award). Pada pandangan saya, Anugerah ini mempunyai ciri-ciri yang lebih kurang sama dengan meme. Walau bagaimanapun, tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa perkataan Anugerah memberi rasa megah dan bangga kepada mangsa-mangsa penerima-penerima Anugerah yang akan datang.

Mahen, kebiasaanya menulis tentang isu-isu politik negara dan kehidupannya sebagai seorang pekerja latihan industri di KLCC. Kehidupannya amat menarik disebabkan pelbagai faktor seperti penyaksian "Spiderman" memanjat KLCC, penyeruan pemuda-pemudi untuk mendaftar sebagai pengundi dan sebagainya. Secara umumnya, blog beliau lebih bernada serious berbanding dengan blog sampah saya.

Inilah perasaan dan ekspresi saya ketika saya mengetahui blog saya telah dianugerahkan sebagai Blog Pencetus Pemikiran;

"Ah, terima kasih. Ribuan terima kasih saya ingin ucapkan. Terutamanya ibu bapa saya, pengurus saya, penulis skrip, pengarah, penerbit, krew-krew pentas, tukang sapu sampah, tukang bodek, tukang mekap, Pak Pandir, penglipur lara, jiran tetangga dan makanan kegemaran saya, Rojak. Tidak ketinggalan juga, jutaan terima kasih kepada mereka yang membaca blog saya. Terima kasih."

Terima Kasih!

Seterusnya, saya akan menganugerahkan 5 orang penulis blog yang saya akui, sebagai Blogger Pencetus Pemikiran. Kelima-lima orang ini sering menulis tentang perkara-perkara yang mencetuskan pelbagai pemikiran dalam otak sotong yang kecil ini, dari imaginasi yang bukan-bukan hingga falsafah hidup. Mereka terdiri daripada..

Perempuan ini bukan calang orangnya. Seperti yang dicirikan oleh Blogger's Choice Award, jangan menghampiri Mak5X ini, beliau akan menghina kamu sehingga mata dan telinga kamu berdarah. Di sebalik imej seorang wanita yang tegas pendirian dan panas baran, beliau merupakan seorang ibu yang penyayang. Beliau menulis tentang pandangan beliau terhadap pelbagai aspek kehidupan terutamanya terhadap aspek-aspek yang agak peribadi seperti kunjungan saudara-mara setiap bulan, pembesaran organ seks dan sebagainya. Eksposi pandangan terhadap isu-isu sebegini daripada seorang wanita yang sudah berkahwin ini mencetus pelbagai pendapat dan pemikiran daripada pembacanya di merata tempat dan saya tidak terkecuali.

Cedric Ang
Monyet ini telah lama berkenalan dengan Sotong. Namun demikian, apa yang ditulisnya setiap hari tidak pernah gagal menghibur dan mencetus pandangan serta pendapat daripada saya. Monyet dan Sotong bolehlah dikatakan sebagai teman sebaya disebabkan kami baru bermula menulis blog tidak lama dari sekarang dan berpengalaman cetek mengenai hal-ehwal penulisan blog. Apa sahaja yang ditulis si monyet ini, akan saya renungi sebagai contoh penerokaan idea-idea baru bagi penulisan blog. Boleh dikatakan sotong mengambil iktibar daripada tingkah laku monyet ini.

Cara penulisan blog Clayton agak berlainan dengan blog-blog yang saya sebutkan di atas kerana Clayton sering menulis tentang pandangan beliau terhadap hidup. Dengan lebih spesifik, kehidupan sebagai seorang manusia, lelaki dan hubungan sesama jantina. Apa yang diceritakan beliau sering mencetus pelbagai fikiran, pandangan dan pendapat kerana isu-isu yang disentuh beliau merangkumi budaya tatatertib sesama manusia hinggalah ke isu poligami.

Cara penulisan blog ini agak sukar ditafsir, kerana blog ini bertemakan gambar. Namun demikian, blog ini bukan blog sebarangan, kerana cara mengambil gambar Jamie amat mempersonakan. Setiap gambar yang diambilnya memberikan pelbagai perasaan dari nostalgia hinggalah kegembiraan. Tidak percaya? Kunjungilah blog beliau.

Perempuan Tua (LaoZhaBor)
Orang tua ini bukan main hebatnya. Beliau boleh menyanyi lagu rap, bermain di arked, dan yang paling mengagumkan saya, mempamerkan gambar beliau sewaktu berumur 16 tahun. Justifikasi saya memberi anugerah ini kepada beliau adalah tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah kerana saya sering tertanya-tanya mungkinkah emak dan bapa saya menulis blog pada masa hadapan seperti beliau. KKK (Ketawa Keluar Kuat). XD

Demikianlah upacara penyampaian Anugerah Blogger Pencetus Pemikiran. Tahniah kepada penerima Anugerah dan anda harus memberi anugerah yang sama kepada 5 blogger yang berlainan. Persoalannya adalah, siapakah blogger yang mencetuskan pemikiran anda?

Yang ikhas

Yang merepek

Keluarga Saya

I'm not gonna be talking about my family, but some kid is gonna do so.

This entry is gonna be a mockery towards our education system a lil' as the following piece was submitted as an essay for UPSR standard.

Behold. (Please do click on them for a larger picture if you have difficulty reading)

I have to say, this kid has got guts! He's totally honest about his family, ain't he? Either that, or he's really good at grabbing people's attention. I mean, come on, you don't go around telling people that your mum slept with other guys right?

How he lost his sister, was portrayed by him in such a way, to be a lil' hillarious as compared to Marilyn Monroe and a 500cc motorbike. Lol.

And gosh, he's even deadlier than I am when he wants to trick his readers. He claimed he has a younger brother, but in the end tells you off that he's lying to you. Ain't this kid a wiz or something in writing?

Bob, you got a future in blog writing. If anyone ever finds out which website Bob is blogging at, do inform me okay?