In Words

The following blog entry would be done in only text and there will be no picture element involved. If you're bored with an entry of such, please don't bother reading. Thanks.

I'm gonna go into details for all the misfortune that had the best of my new semester in college.

Firstly, my PC broke down on last Sunday. A day before my college term starts. I have no idea whether it's my 8 years old monitor or components of my CPU. Gonna have it diagnosed soon, but shit happened and prevented me from doing so. Did some blogging using Zach's laptop for awhile.

Then, there were lots of shit in my new timetable. As a course representative, I'd have the responsibilities to clean shits like those. And thus, I went round the block clearing shits out of clogged holes. Even attended lectures that were cancelled just to inform my coursemates about the cleared shits. Damn management of college! Can't they do things more efficiently? Well, I guess they're humans too. They screw up just like everyone else, eh?

Just when I thought things ain't gonna get worse, Zach's lappie got infected with viruses. It was so damn strong. That it made the lappie literally unusable. Browsers gone, access to C and D drives denied. The only thing usable is MSN Messenger. Talk about usefulness, eh? Sigh...

And then, I've gotten myself a throat infection. Everytime I swallow something, be it saliva, water or anything, it hurts like hell!! I tried leung sui, Fishermen's Friend but to no avail. Had to resort to doctor. Had the medicine for half a day, and am feeling better now. Praise the Lord for Western medicine.

All these while when shits happen, I am really happy that I've someone beside me. When even his laptop went kaput, he still smiled at me and say, "Never mind. As long as we don't go kaput everything is still okay." I'm really happy that I have you with me, my dear. ^_^

Am now recovering from my throat infection. Had fever for awhile but my dear took great care of me. Thanks deary.

I do wish non of you guys are having days as bad as mine.



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Yes ladies and gentlemen. I'm on a streak!!

My bad luck I mean.

Let's see..

At first, my PC broke down,

Then, my first and second day's classes got cancelled, notified when I was already in the lecture hall,

Then I thought, life is still cool, cuz at least I can still blog using my boyfriend's laptop. That is until, his whole laptop got infected by viruses.

Now tell me, could I get worse than this? I wanna cry!!!

P.S. Even PPP bullied me. No paid post for me to write despite me paying my own bucks for 3 hours in a cybercafe.

Bad luck

Gender Based Rehab

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Aging Secrets

I have no idea how a mother and a son, could model in the same picture! Looking like they're the same age!!

Here's a few pictures of Masha with her son modelling. They're Thais in case you'd ask.

I wanna know her secret!! I don't wanna age!! Anyone, get me her contact!! Pretty please~~~

P.S. Her son is hot! :P~~~


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9 days trip in Penang = RM120-160

2 dats 1 night trip in Genting = RM50-60

Birthday Outings (Manila Place and Italiannies) = RM300-350

New Jacket = RM145

Having my PC Break Down on the Day my College Term Starts =

In Despair

Celebrity Dating

Know anything about an online reality celebrity dating contest? It's called Seduce a Celebrity. It is an online first! The online audience actually becomes part of the program through the submission of user videos. Seduce a Celeb will run on over the next 14 weeks. Check out the hilarious video submissions. Free videos at and these videos are no doubt bone tickling.

'Nuff said, just click play and watch the embedded video below first.

Get me? People all over the world are desperate to date a celebrity. They're doing all sorts of funny things just to fetch votes. This guy is a total fashion disaster!! The sight of him in his.. ugly sleeveless shirt just threw off my appetite for breakfast. Euw.. And he went dancing with his flabby arms swinging left and right. What an ungodly sight. At least we should thank god, he's not singing all parts of the songs he was dancing too, cause his voice was absolutely horrendous. Okay, I'm gonna give him a lil' credit for his effort, he can dance a lil' but he has to fix up lots of physical appeal if he wants my vote to date Mirelly Taylor.

Seriously, you get all kinds of funny free videos at There's another one where the guy's showing himself eating various fruits in 'sensual' ways. Made your eye opened wider? Check it out yourself then.



Okay, I'm fond of cute things. That's why I'm gonna share some really cute pictures of a baby panda. Pictures courtesy of Wei Zhu, my mate from UTP.

Hope you guys like the panda.

Ain't he cute? XD

Wanna stay cute
But don't want Panda eyes


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I didn't mention it before in my main blog I supposed, but I did so in my fantasy blog. I wanted to join Kenny Sia on the attempt to conqure the Penang Bridge. No, not the type where I hold people hostage with military power and stuff's type of conquer.

Though it would be definitely cool if I do have some military power..

I wanna participate in a marathon. That's right, a 42.195km marathon on the Penang Bridge on the 24th of June 2007. It was actually an early plan 2 months ago but I was never really good at time management at the first place thus I had problems with both training and form submission.

I've acquired the entry form (online version) since Kenny made his early post but I held on to it, not submitting it yet due to the indecisiveness in me whether should I join a full marathon (42.195km) or a half marathon (22km) which both covers the Penang Bridge. Besides, I thought it was way too early to decide and took my time till I even forgot about submitting in, when I was literally in Penang itself, last week. Well, I guess too much good food gets all your memory fuzzy, ain't it? Besides, I had wonderful time back in Penang with my pals and bloggers, remember? Haha.

Cutting to the point, I just remembered when Kenny emailed me yesterday evening. I was going crazy figuring out how to get my form submitted before 4.30pm on this Sunday itself. It was 11 in the evening when I went searching for all my Penang contacts whether they can run the errand for me. It's definitely a troublesome errand, printing the forms, filling in my particulars, getting him my IC copy (I went to a cybercafe to get it scanned!), paying wang pos in advance and the travel he has to do. Thank goodness JJ (only wanna known by his initials) stood up for me and answer my cry for help.

Except there's a small problem.. Today and tomorrow, government offices are not opened. Third Saturday of the month! Damn it! Even PosLaju can't make sure that they receive my form in hand today. I still asked JJ to send it though, praying hard that my form is accepted when those buggers open on Monday and check my form was sent on Saturday. Pretty please?? What do guys think? Will my form be accepted this way?

Apart from the form submission problem, training is definitely one heck of a trouble. The only running training I had so far was when I was back in Ipoh 2 weeks ago. That's it, daily 10k runs for about a week and no more till today. Back in KL for my studies, I really wonder if there's even a place nearby (transportation cost money..) for me to run for such a distance preferably in the late evening (I hate getting tanned). Suggestions anyone?

I seriously have no intention of achieving anything in this marathon that I'm participating, but I really wanna keep my promise to Kenny that I will be with him during his attempt to take on Penang Bridge. Oh, to show to the world, I've got balls. Haha.

I've got balls the size of durians. Lol

P.S. God, please bless me so that my form is accepted!!!


Florida Agriculture

Neat videos about agriculture industries are definitely hard to find. Florida has an 87 billion dollars agriculture industry which provides food to the entire globe. Surely if you're to hit the stores today you'd find something that was grown in Florida, no doubt. Agriculture is nevertheless important and impactful for the entire globe, and the farmers themselves. No matter how developed a country is, agriculture will not be neglected. Here's a short video about Florida Agriculture. Hope you guys would enjoy watching it.


I was at Genting

Sorry for 1 short of an update yesterday. Was at Genting Highlands.

Genting Highland, City of Entertainment

It's been awhile since I've been there. The last time I went up there, was last year's first semester break with my college mates and the previous one, was definitely memorable. My first valentine's with Zach, last year as well.

So what's with Genting this time? Well, since the absence of fresh cool air has long not been tasted by my lungs, Zach figured that we could use some and thus suggested it. I was alright with the plan initially but when I reached Ipoh a few weeks before this, I had more reasons to go. Uncle Lim sent me a birthday gift. Free slot credits and chips for casino. I'm officially old now, sigh. Also included are free lattes and a complimentary entry to Safari, the only disco in Genting Highlands if I'm not mistaken.

So, I went on with the plan and brought a long my new jacket I bought to please myself since it's my birthday month. Here's a picture of me with Zach in the cable car. Other pictures are snapped in Zach's phone so practically you guys would have to wait awhile for those.

I really liked the jacket! Oh wait, I love Zach more. Ha ha

As usual the cable car ride was darn boring! It took forever be it when we were going up or down. Damn, so much for being the fastest cable car in the world. But no complains though, I'm still alive. Haha.

Fastest cable car in the world, and longest in the Southeast Asia, as claimed by the voice transmission we heard in the cable car

The trip was accompanied by Zach's classmates and his Langkawi friends (Form 4 or 5? Kids, lol). It was okay I guess, but there weren't much plans in the trip, we were just doing things at random but we had fun.

Redeemed my free slot credits and chips at StarWorld but I didn't spend them due to exhaustion and hunger from the queue. And talk about food, gosh! I know for employees, they get good rate but for visitors, especially students, it's freaking expensive!! Imagine nasi campur for RM8!! Just 2 dishes!! And McD cost 5 bucks more than normal. Should have just brought Cup Noodles up. The mamak at the car park? Naa, had enough of mamak food lately. Haha.

Safari was definitely a good club. Never did change, since it was that good too last year. All the songs are up to date, and not stale with mixture of genre. Crowd was rowdy and nice. Definitely worth visiting if you feel like clubbing as an alternative for gambling at night. I've got free entry anyway. As people say, everything tastes 2 times better when it's free.

Didn't bother visiting the outdoor theme park though. Don't feel like it. Got down back to KL around 2pm just now. Spending sweet time at my home. I don't know why, but I seriously love my KL's place. It's not mine, it's just rental, but it feels so cosy and comfortable. It is like I belong here more than any place, even more than Ipoh.

Ahh, I love my life. Thank you god, for letting me live despite the evil things I've done in my life. Bless me.

P.S. PayPal's error of payment acceptance has been fixed! I'm even happier!


PPP Direct

Folks, in case you guys didn't know, PPP Direct has been launched. What is PPP Direct you ask? It's an enhanced version of PPP, the guys responsible for blog ads in my blog which they give me paid post to write from advertisers.

What is so good about this new version of PPP Direct? Simple. You can now write paid posts for advertisers directly without having middlemen. It is possible for advertisers to click on a widget installed in your blog now and have advertisers click on it to ask you to write a post for them without even the involvement of PPP.

Other PPP competitors such as ReviewMe charge a 50 to 100% markup on your post and PPP charges 35% markup for posts for service charges such as reviews facilitating, match making, customer service processes, tax report and other stuff that seriously requires money to do. By having PPP Direct, you even cut off PPP too.

Think about it in a scenario as such. You have two badges on your site, both for $200. An Advertiser clicks one of them and you make $100 and the blog marketplace makes $100. They click the PPP Direct badge and you make $200 and the blog marketplace makes $20. Why would you ever want to take less money? Why would the advertiser want to give half to the blog marketplace? With PPP Direct the advertiser gets more bang for their buck and you make more money.

For more details check out here or watch the overview video here. Wanna see it live in action? No problem, click here then.


Life is about Sex

The following post contains secrets or hidden codes of lifestyles on human behavior, especially gays. Viewers discreetion are advised and no underage should be reading it. If you're below 18, just read on cause I doubt you'd care what I say anyway. No FBIs are killed during the writing of this post

Oh wait, is it not?

It is said that men think about sex every 28 seconds. Exception for gays though, since they think about it every 9 instead. That was from Queer as Folk.

Be it the book or the series, it's definitely worth checking it out, if you wanna know more about gays and lesbian in society

A lot of people would agree with me that sex plays a huge part in our lives. Surely not for kids who haven't got their hormones raging through their privates, but for everyone else, tell me, what would you not do to impress the opposite gender (for homosexuals, the gender of ur preference)? You study hard, you learn various soft skills, sports conversational currency just to impress others? What is it with money that you wanna do? Those fancy luxurious lifestyle and what else? What do you want in the end of the day? You wanna score!!!

Yes, you wanna score!! Goal!!

Okay, at least that's what in the minds of most guys. Maybe not all, but practically, a lot of guys, okay?

And what happen when you pitch 2 guys who happen to enjoy each other's anatomy together? Why, an overflow of sex, of course. Haha. Well, for those who don't really know, gays do enjoy more intimacies than the regular duo. I mean, when you get a guy and a girl going out, there's so many tedious things to do before you can even get to first base, ain't it? Countless dates, conversations, gifts, outings, expensive dinings and etc and there's no certainty you'll score.

Well for gays? Though it sounds so wrong to say it, but gays do get laid much more often without going through those tedious process. Some would say it's more like sex without consequences. But wait. What about STD? Ha ha. Thank god rubber exist in the world. But there's no guarantee that it's 100% STD proof though. STD is always a problem with sex.

Well, many might not agree (especially for kids and senior citizens maybe?) with me openly when I do say, life revolves quite heavily around sex but I do think it is true. What do you think? I'd definitely like opinions from heterosexuals as I do get too many one sided point of views from the queer community.

Elephant scoring!!


Co-op Loans

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Choosing the right loan is definitely important as each loan's characteristics are different from another, be it interest rate, monthly repayment, or flexibility of loan. In fact, there is even a Payment Protection Plan for you in case you end up in some bad situation such as unemployment, accident or sickness.

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