The Good and the Bad

You know, I've read upon something that says life's luck is something like a rope. The good and the bad gets twisted around each other and they come alternating. I don't really buy that crap at first.

That was till yesterday, when I got my results for my previous semester. I scored a C for one of my subjects. It was devastating, but I controlled my emotions. Depressing was definitely the word to describe my feelings then. To top things, my friend who was taking care of my computer parts, (my motherboard got burnt, he asked for speed boost so I lend him my RAM) borrowed them away to his another friend when I need them back to fix my PC. Great news, eh? So that stranded my PC for another one day before I can use it.

Okay, here comes the good part. I've made it through to the next round of StarCeleb. Nervous was definitely in the air when I was in for audition, but somehow, I managed to control myself and totally ruled the stage in front of the judges. I would say they liked me very very much a lot. So, I'm through to Top60 together with my friend Khanusha. Sounds exciting and fun ain't it?

Your next Star Celebrity perhaps?

But wait, it had to be spoilt by another 'good' news from my friend who took care of my computer parts. Apparently his hands was so itchy, he took my harddisk and tried to explore what's inside it as well. As a result? My harddisk is spoilt, all my files gone!!! My assignments prototypes, porn, music, porn movies and lots of other programs are gone!! That ensures my PC stay unoperational for another day as I'd be shopping for a harddisk tomorrow in Low Yat Plaza. This incident really makes me moody.

So what do you guys think? Does the good and the bad alternate? If it does, at least I know a good thing is up next. Oh yeah, I'm really happy I'm gonna be in national TV. Lol.

Don't know to be happy or moody


Went and took photos so I could present one for the audition tomorrow. Check them out yourself below.

Squats are good for health, I guess?

Nothing as cheeky as a smirk, eh?

A lil' smile won't hurt, I suppose.

Care to lean on me?

Yo, What Up?

I'm sort of a chairperson. Lol

So what do you guys think? Which picture do you like most? Do I stand a chance for StarCeleb? Drop your comments below or opinions in my cbox please. Thank you.


'Nuff said. It's fucking superbly good. In Cantonese I would go,

"Hou lan 7 hou thai ah!!!" (Damn fucking nice to watch!!)

As IcyQueenGoddess said, it has caused male audiences to achieve orgasmic nirvana just by displaying digitally created images of morphing robots.

Okay, this movie is a big deal for people in the age frame like 20 to 30? Cause we all grew up with transformers. Remember the sound of transforming back then?

Jek jek jek jek

And I'm not exactly a die hard fan of Transformers at the first place, I barely knew the other robots' names except for the leader of both Autobots and Decepticons. I bet most of the 20-30 years old have heard of Optimus Prime and Megatron before.

It's really nice watching movies of cartoons we've watched during our childhood. It kinda brings us closer to our inner innocent selves ain't it? For girls who don't get it, try thinking of pool of balls perhaps? Remember those small balls in McD or A&W last time? That's what I'm talking about. Would you still wanna jump into the pool of balls? Heck, I want to!!

Definitely jumping into it if there's not age restriction

Before this, I was unconvinced that robots in cartoon could be transferred to movie successfully. I was thinking that it's gonna be a flop. Fuyoh~ I was wrong. It's good not to put expectation in some things. I'm totally impressed with the movie. Lol.

Serious guys. Watch it. It's damn worth your money. Here's a trailer for the movie. Enjoy.

Can't transform though

Furniture Shop

Nowadays we have all kinds of shops and stores in the Internet, but have you come across the best online furniture store? Definitely they are something if they're claiming that they are the best online furniture shop. So I've checked them out for awhile and discovered that there are really something.

They are definitely very organized and the amount of styles available for all kinds of furniture are impressive. For example, their office furnitures are indeed neat and nice. They have lots of themes to fit your needs and requirements to decorate your office be it for all occasions.

Okay, let's not kid ourselves that the most important furniture to any home is definitely the sofa. Their sectional sofas have all kinds of sofas offering various themes and styles to suit your needs and taste. Exquisitivity has never come so close before to my eyes.

So definitely, do check out furniture store texas for yourself.


Reality Show

Thanks to Mark Burnett, the producer of Survivor, we have all kinds of reality television shows nowadays.

Even our local producers are coming up with lots of reality show. Now have any of you guys ever wanted to join any reality shows? Hmm.. Let's think about it, making appearance on television... It's a big deal ain't it? Of course, I'm talking about being elegant on TV and not notorious for making a scene.

You wanna make a scene? Do it in front of Simon then

Okay, I'll cut the crap short. I wanna join a reality television show. What you guys think? It's a new show called StarCeleb where they're looking for a male and a female model cum host. Winner walks away with 25 grand along with 1 year contract for modeling and hosting. Neat ain't it?

Do you think, I stand a chance? I think I'm qualified to join since my mouth can go yapping without stop for quite sometime if I want to. My looks? I'm definitely ranking myself somewhere above average. I won't say I'm defintely cut for the 25 grand and a year's contract for modeling and hosting, but it's definitely worth a shot for me.

Anyone of you guys joining? We could be star celebrities together! See me in the audition this weekend! National TV, here I come. Lol.

Tak tahu malu


Yes, I'm rich.

Reason? Cause I had dengue and ended up in the 'factory', all my relatives from Ipoh and KL has been showering me with money. I guess it's peer pressure when one aunt gives money to the patient, the rest don't wanna feel left out and not joining the bandwagon. As a result, I'm piled with money.. for the reason of me being sick. Lol.

However, I've always had problem with keeping money. Ever since I have a functioning ATM card, my balance in the bank account at the end of the month has never been more than 2 digits, usually the digit in front around 1 to 2. Lol.

However, this time, the amount of money I have in my bank account is very enormous. I do think for the first time in my life, I'd definitely have a balance of 3 digit in my bank account and the first digit not 1 nor 2.

Not to mention, my last month's advertising income is coming in. Judging from the ads I did back then (it was fucking a lot), I have almost another fold of my income from my relatives. Now it's heavenly to have money ain't it? Especially it's the sales season in Malaysia.

However, as you guys do notice, I'm a person who washes his leg but doesn't wipe it dry. Technically it's a Cantonese proverb for people who spends all his money that he earns. You can definitely tell from the balance of my bank account before this.

I'm really afraid my money won't last long in my bank account. I have trouble hitting the malls now, cause I don't really wanna spend every single cent of mine buying stuff. I'm afraid. Really afraid.

Any suggestions on how to control my inability to manage my finance? Advices are genuinely required, my dear readers.


A letter from Ah Beng

I'm not good with these kind of jokes, but I'll just give it a try.

Dear Ah Lian,

Thanks you for your letter. Wrong time no see you. How everything? For me, I am quiet find.

You say in your letter your taukeh soh want you to chain your look? Somemore you must wear kick kok soo, hope you can wok properly.

You know, Ah Kau Kia working in a soft where company now. Last week, he take I, Muthu & few of his friend to May Nonut to eat barger. After that he take we all go to kalah ok. Muthu sing and sing no stop until the sky bright.

Next week, my father mother going to sellerbread 20 years annie wear sari. My father mother going to give a fist to all the kampong people. So you must come with your hole family.

I only hope one day we no need to write and send letter to you and to me. Better I e-meow you, you e-meow me. I will ketchup with you soon. And when you got time, please few free to call me. Goo bye.....

Worm regard,
Ah Beng



It is very inconvenient for me these days.

Just like Al Gore's movie..

I was quite certain before this that I can't live without my PC. I was practically living my life in my PC. I chat with my friends using Instant Messaging more than I meet them, I play games, I blog daily, I monitor my traffic and to sum it up, you can say I have no life. Lol.

I swear to God I don't look a bit like this and never will be!

I practically have my life in the PC. My schedule, my notes, my movies, my plans for studies ,my porn and many more things I do with my PC. Heck, I can't even blog daily cause it just doesn't feel right blogging using another person's PC or laptop. Bear in mind, though Zach doesn't mind me using his laptop, but it's just not the same feeling when you're blogging nor planning your studies.

My computer table is messy, and assume I'm the doggie, alright? That's my life. Lol.
Picture stolen from Zach, :P

It is really an inconvenient truth for me to know, that my life revolves so heavy on a piece of machine. Are yours too? Share it, dudes and lasses.



When there's something strange~
In your pets' fur~
Who you're gonna call?

Flea Control!

Okay, you're not exactly gonna call them, but you'll find all the information you'll need about flea bite to every single flea related information there.

There's also an FAQ regarding dogs and cats' health available too. Check it out


Best Buds

I'm sure you guys have them right?

Of course they might not be the same person throughout your lives, but do you remember your very first?

I do. He's moley

Ah, pardon me, I mean Jonathan.

Despite me displaying photos of him not in his best shot, I am really grateful to have him as my friend. Surely I don't have those cute little pictures when we're lil' kids dating back in the ancient times, but I'm sure he don't mind me displaying him in my blog.

Having someone who you can bitch about teachers, other kids at school, call after dinner to talk nonsense and play along with, was important. Don't you agree? And I'm damn glad that there was someone to play that role and it even happier that it was you, moley dude.

And despite us moving on in our lives to different classes in high school and even now, we are still friends and keep contact with each other. We still curse each other and talk nonsense if we could help it. If you think of it, I do reckon' our times in the elementary were memorable, don't you agree? Rubin, Andrew, Yong Chee Fong. And remember the Rangers comics we drew? Now those are classics! I wonder if those papers survived? Lol.

One of these days, I'm gonna stalk for you, Jon. For catchin' up purposes. Lol.

What a person to stalk..

'Nuff about my first best bud. What about yours? Still remember them? Share with me.



Garage ain't exactly a room in most of our houses in Malaysia, but for peeps with garage, listen up 'cause there's a great deal for you to know.

Having the right color for your garage floor makes the room much proper than just letting it be in what ever color it comes in. That's why we haveepoxy paint chips. I do think having a light gray floor coating is very much suitable for a garage.

Aside from floor coating, these guys have over a thousand products to make your garage be more part of your house instead of the place where you chuck things into. Check them out now.



You know those cravings you have when you just recover from the death bed?

I have them. I have cravings for something not exactly good for health.


I don't know why, but I just feel like having a bite at these smelly delicacies.

However, when you're not staying with your parents, every single delicacy seems distant cuz you're digging your own wallet for it.

It's not only that, Zach hates durian absolutely. He says he can't stand the stench. Well, I have no idea why he hates it, but of course, you gotta give credit to the king of fruits that its smell is distinctive and strong. Well, at least for me, I love it, but I bet for those who find it pungent would absolutely loath durian.

So technically I can't just go to the mall or any durian stalls by the roadside and buy them back home to eat, cuz apparently I'm not allowed to get into the house with any durian or durian smell, at least that's what Zach said.

I'm craving for durians as I blog this. Any good suggestions on how should I satisfy myself?

Craving.. craving~~


If you're looking to reserve hotel rooms, anywhere in the world, look no further.

Cheap Hotels are available from all over the world from the Hotel Reservations. No kidding.

There's lots of types of accomadation you can choose from, ranging from pricy hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals and even those sleazy cheap rooms you never thought you could fine for travel.

Let's just say that you wanna go to Tokyo. All you had to do is just visit their site and key in Tokyo as your destination. And voila~ lots of choices ranging from Omori Tokyo Inn, Hotel Okura, Hotel Monterey Hanzomon and many more will be displayed before you.

Since young travellers like us normally would be interested in entertainment, which of course be Shinjuku in Tokyo for us, Hotel Monterey Hanzomon kinda opens up since it's located quite near to Shinjuku, ain't it? Costing only USD120 a night, I think it's a bargain for such rate in Tokyo, one of the cities in the world with the highest living cost.

So check out Hotel Reservations if you ever wanna book any hotel rooms anywhere, anytime.



I'm literally floating these days.

Okay, not this type of floating.

What I meant was I can barely walk normal on the streets after resting for so long. Well, 4 days on my bed and another 4 on the hospital's ought to do something to your ability to balance yourself.

For instances, I still thought I was sick despite my fever gone the first few days my doctor said I was all healthy like a bull. I was having problem walking I had to lean on the walls, literally.

Till today, I still feel like I'm gloating and a part of me has diminished or something. Am I dead or something?

I think I'm flying without wings or something.. Knock some senses into me please? I wanna be awake.

Not awake

Music Charts

Listen up peeps, there's now a unsigned chart with free music downloads for you guys now. Do you guys even realize that there are lots of talented bands out there still unsigned? Hear them out now yourself. I won't say much as your hearing would do you justice.

Below is the press release from the website

tourdates.Co.UK, Britains fastest growing new music website, has launched a chart for unsigned bands.

The site allows new bands to upload promotional tracks, announce gig dates and create profiles to promote themselves alongside major artists such as the Artic Monkeys and The Twang.

Tourdates Jarrod Robinson says, there are some fantastic unsigned bands in the UK and we wanted them to know how much our community likes their music, an unsigned chart seemed the perfect answer.

Chart results are announced on the site at 19:00 every sunday, the sametime as the No1 single of the week is announced on BBC's radio 1.



I won't say that I'm totally cured, but I could definitely say I'm recovering.

No thanks to the lil guy below, of course.

I was technically having high fever for 4 days in a row before I quit standing tough and check myself into Tawakal Hospital in K.L. Of course, I can't practically stand on my own when I checked in, Zach has to be there to ensure I don't die getting to the hospital.

I was helpless. They had to put me on drip for days.

And this darn drip kept me visiting Mr Loo often, probably around once every hour without fail.

Okay, they don't have this toilet in the hospital, but you get my point, right?

And to top things up, I was poked literally every morning and I bleed. No kidding!

Man, I never want to be sick again if I can help it.

P.S. I'm really sorry guys that my visit to Penang for the Marathon and Penang Blogger's Meet has been cancelled due to my sickness. I'm in no condition for any physical activities for at least 2 weeks. To make things worse, not being around for 1 week left a whole bunch of workload for me in college and I've tonnes to catch up. I hope you guys enjoy yourself this weekend. Oh yea, sorry Kenny that I'm standing you up for the marathon :(

P.P.S. I love you guys for being with me even when I'm sick. Really appreciate that. ;)


Burn Notice

In case you guys are wondering, it's a new series, USA Network's Burn Notice

It's what happen when spies get fired. They don't get letters from human resources, they get Burn Notice.

While on assignment, agent Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) gets a "Burn Notice" and becomes untouchable. Having no idea what or who triggered his demise, Michael returns to his hometown, Miami, determined to find out the reason for his sudden termination.

Unable to utilize his normal contacts and needing to stay under the spy network radar, he puts his Special Ops training to use to help those who the police can't or won't, in order to fund his ongoing personal investigation.

Now, what would you do, if you're put into a situation like that? Have no idea? Check out the new series, Burn Notice


Dengue Fever..

Dear readers.. Please be informed that Robb is currently unavailable as he is down with dengue.. He is now in the hospital recovering and would be expected to come home 4 days later.. Sorry for any inconvenience caused..



Presents are always nice to receive ain't it?

My birthday was not long ago, so I've got a few neat presents.

Firstly, Frankie gave me a Boyfriend Training Kit.

Yes, with this training kit you can all train your boyfriends to acceptable standard. Get yours today as I don't need to get mine since Frankie got it for me. Hurray!

Eric and Jason got me more neat stuffs. Rocks! Lol. Not exactly the rocks you pick up on the alley or something, but colored rocks! Well, sort of, except they're kind of sotong themed.

A pair of squids. Okay, a pair of rocks sculptured into shapes of squids. Neat!!

Now here's a big rock, with drawings of squid on it with my name too. Lol. That's really nice.

They even gave me a pair of wishing rocks! How nice are they~ But wait, there's one last rock which really rocks!!

Translation: Go eat banana la you!

And Zach's belated birthday present from his God bro is even more cute which I can't help but to capture it in video for you guys. Enjoy!

You're gonna have a tilt neck if I'm recording it longer. Lol.