What a Wonderful Sign~

Ain't it a beauty? Damn, I want one to put on my land next time. Lol


More Furnitures!

Nothing is more appealing to me than a well designed website. Seriously, when we're talking about merchants, it is definitely more credible if their site is arranged well and gives you the feeling that you can trust them right?

So if we're talking about Brown Leather Sectional which happens to be extremely nice for any living room, would you not take a look at it? Trust me, I love it the moment I saw it. Haha, I'd personally recommend it to anyone who wants classy sectional sofas. For other variety, you can check out all the other sectionals too.

What's more important to everyone after a long day of work/studies these days? Definitely your sleep. And where do you sleep on? No doubt on your bed. Bedroom Furnitures are no doubt important for us to make our choice upon. You don't really wanna spend money on things which won't last for long, or perhaps things that you'd be embarrassed of when you show it to your mates/peeps you bring back to sleepover? Lol.

And for you lads who operate your offices from home, their Home Office Furniture is really worth checking out as their products ranged from file cabinets to desks and many more.

My my. If only I'm earning a lil' more I don't mind treating my home with such fancy furnitures myself. Haha.


The Idiot Scores!

Three men: a philosopher, a mathematician and an idiot, were out riding in the car when it crashed into a tree.

Before anyone knows it, the three men found themselves standing before the pearly gates of Heaven, where St Peter and the Devil were standing nearby.

"Gentlemen," the Devil started, "Due to the fact that Heaven is now overcrowded, therefore St Peter has agreed to limit the number of people entering Heaven. If anyone of you can ask me a question which I don't know or cannot answer, then you're worthy enough to go to Heaven; if not, then you'll come with me to Hell."

The philosopher then stepped up, "OK, give me the most comprehensive report on Socrates' teachings," With a snap of his finger, a stack of paper appeared next to the Devil. The philosopher read it and concluded it was correct. "Then, go to Hell!" With another snap of his finger, the philosopher disappeared.

The mathematician then asked, "Give me the most complicated formula you can ever think of!" With a snap of his finger, another stack of paper appeared next to the Devil. The mathematician read it and reluctantly agreed it was correct. "Then, go to Hell!" With another snap of his finger, the mathematician disappeared, too.

The idiot then stepped forward and said, "Bring me a chair!" The Devil brought forward a chair. "Drill 7 holes on the seat." The Devil did just that. The idiot then sat on the chair and let out a very loud fart. Standing up, he asked, "Which hole did my fart come out from?"
The Devil inspected the seat and said, "The third hole from the right."
"Wrong," said the idiot, "it's from my asshole." And the idiot went to Heaven.

The above picture was a real deal from Who Wants to be a Millionaire where the idiot actually used all her three lifelines and still answered the question wrongly!

Had his laughs

Ever Wanted a Big Screen at Home?

Won't it be cool to have this in your living room? We're talking about making our own homes as big screen entertainment centers. Yes my dear friends and readers, no longer would you scratch your head on where to get the right stuff, the right essence to turn your home to one where all your other friends would envy of.

These guys at FurnitureFromHome have lots to offer your homes at reasonable prices. And the best thing of all, there are so many choices for you. Let's take bar stools for example. We all know having the right stool in your home by the bar counter is important by now. However as we all do know, there ain't a single bar stool which would fit all homes due to the our color schemes in the house and the bar counter. So help yourself by checking out the right stools to match your home.

Storage Beds. Enough said, look at the picture.

Ain't it wonderful if you could have one of your own? It's not only a bed, it's also a bookcase with lots of space for you to store your things. Imagine the hassle of choosing another bookshelf and money you'd have saved if you have this bed. And they're throwing this out for a great discount too. Check it out yourself.

Food have always been important to human ain't it not? Now the place where we dine, is one the most important aspects in our homes. And wouldn't it be only right if we have the right furnitures as well when it comes the place where we would enjoy our food and drinks? Dining Room Furniture as we all know, comes in lots of choices and variety. Thus, I'm not gonna spare you the trouble, cuz I browsed quite a number of pages and I'm still undecided about the best ones due to so many contenders for it. Help yourself and see what you like.

My my, a site with so much furniture to choose from. I bet even the Queen of England would personally ask her interior designer to choose from the site if she ever wanna redecorate her palace.


Take Me Home~ Country Road~

Yes yes, I'm finally going back to my hometown tomorrow. And it's the first time I ever felt so happy to be able to go home. And it's without other reasons too! I'm not going back cuz there's a Magic tournament back there nor am I going back to leech off from my parents cuz I'm broke. I'm just going back, cuz I really, sincerely miss my parents, dogs and of cuz, Ipoh itself! Man, it's the first freaking time!

However, my dearest younger sister has informed me that she won't be returning home this very weekend and took her liberty to flaunt at me that I won't be able to lay my hands on the digital camera which is currently in her possession. Well mark my words lil' sister, the day would come! Muahahaha!!! *insert dark background with lightning effects*

Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!! Muahahahahaha!!!

At any rate, I'm very glad that I finally have the time to blog actively again. Millions of thanks to all you guys who read my blog. You guys are no doubt the best! I'll do what I can to blog more about my hometown when I reach so stay tune~


Santa? Naa

With Halloween coming soon, then Thanksgiving and before you know it, you'll be stuffing things into socks all the way in December! Now was we all do know, shopping is essential when it comes to festive occasions as these, and why not make the best out of it from promo codes from CouponChief?

As most of us Internet users have already found out, when you actually buy things online, it's actually cheaper than we do in the real world (even with the shipping cost totaled!). So for those of you guys who have teenagers or raving school kids at home who would like them to have a brand new computer, why not check out the coupons from HP Home Store? It's really amazing how much discounts you can get from them. Don't believe me? Click for yourself.

And what about the others kids who just love toys? Easy, check out The Children's Place page for a listing of discounts you can get. It's unbelievable I know. But believe it guys, cuz shopping online has its benefits.

Now if you would excuse me, I'm checking out which coupon I want from Nike currently. Ciao~


Boobs Bath!

Yes, you heard me right. You can have boobs with you when you're taking a shower. Take a look.

Yes I'm telling you guys that when you're in your birthday suit splashing water, you can actually have boobs with you in there. Now now, it's not like your rubber duckie which quacks when you squeeze them, but it's actually a shampoo dispenser.

No kidding, you just squeeze on them, voila~ shampoo would come out. Obscene as it may be, but heck, it's definitely a blogging material for me! Lol.


Beach Holidays

With the holidays upon us (Independence Day and weekend), I bet most of us are already making plans to visit places and stuff ain't it? But I do reckon' 1 thing to do for myself if I'm free and have the Cash, beach holidays.

Even Mr Bean agrees with me

Everyone is looking for exotic beach holidays, great beach resorts to go with when they are making a choice. I couldn't agree more 'cuz after all, we're the consumer ain't it? It makes sense for the people who pay money to have the rights to choose.

Bali, located in our neighboring country Indonesia, has one of the most exotic beach resort in the world. I know there's a lot of holiday offers going around by lots of traveling agencies but have we covered what's the most important aspect for most travelers these days when we're talking about tropical holidays? Cheap flight of course! With so many airline companies sprouting out here and there, you gotta be a fool not to get the best deal out of the scenario.

Introducing Dialaflight, a UK based travel company offering flights, hotels & travel ideas worldwide. Full of useful travel information, the www.dialaflight.com website is your starting place to find the holiday of your dreams. From here you can search for flights, hotels, car hire and many travel ideas including weekend breaks, beach holidays, spa holidays and much more.

Check them out now and get a holiday tailored for your own for anytime.



A lot of people have been asking me how's StarCeleb going. My answer? The show is currently running a drag show. Non literal meaning of course.

Here's what a drag show would look like..

The truth is, reality television show requires time and planning. Though it's supposed to be showing the real part of contestants, but people need rests and episode needs cropping. Sure in the late rounds of reality shows people do it live and broadcast them straight away, but it's only the top60 for StarCeleb currently. Everyone involved was dead tired right after the third roadshow. And to top things up, there ain't any results 'cuz the judges want us to be a better brand ambassador to our main sponsor which is MyStyle.

So technically, after going summer style at The Curve,

We hit One Utama with a touch of glamor,

Before hitting the streets at TimeSquare!

Yea, I had fun. But since the results are pending (estimation till mid of September) I might as well carry on with my responsibility as a student and of course, a blogger. I've been slacking off a lot in blogging a lot during my involvement in StarCeleb ain't it? I apologize for that (actually the lack of paid post kinda turned me off for some time, lol) and I'll do my best to blog more for you guys!

As for college... Man, it has been exhausting. Just had a health awareness campaign done in my college few days ago. Was great, definitely eye opening for all of us from knowledge to enlightenment. Darn proud of the event actually. Would have everyone in the entire course to thank 'cuz it's a team effort. Hurray DPR2 from Tunku Abdul Rahman College!!

Pictures? Blame my younger sister!! She took away my camera. Can't snap anything at all! Cis!! The next time I get my hands on the digital camera, I'm never letting go of it again!! Mark my words lil' sis. Hahaha. And that opportunity is coming soon as I'm gonna be heading back Ipoh next weekend!! Woohoo~~~ Totally excited of going back to hometown for the very first time. It's the first time I'm heading home since the start of this semester. I miss all the wonderful food!!! And not to mention, my Magic The Gathering meet ups!!

Sharks, I guess this post is running a lil' too long for anyone to handle. I'll just cut the crap short and go to the gist of what's with me for the time being. The picture below would be describe my current feeling best.


Thou Shall Follow My Command!

Look at the picture below. Focus hard at the middle point. Time yourself for 3 minutes.

Now you'll mail me your credit card number so I can do endless shopping via online. Muahaha. What? You're not giving it to me? Oh crap! Guess I'll have to learn more from my coach.

Introducing Doctor Michael, the hypnosis coach. You wanna learn hypnosis? Look no further. It's not dark magic cuz how I would be happy if it is. It's an ability to help you heal anyone of long-standing fears and problems in just a few minutes, allows you to change your OWN thought patterns instantly which means literally dropping of bad habits and improving your brain power. Sounds cool huh?

Go get enroll in a hypnosis course now and learn how to influence behavior changes in people including yourself. No kidding. It's that awesome that we're imagining it would be, though there might be some myths that are created in the process but no worries about that as Doctor Michael is going to help you sort out the real thing and the fakers.

I did my part, it's yours now. Check out http://www.hypnosiscoach.com/learnhypnosis/ for yourself and discover more. Oh, by the way, do look at the picture above again? Please? Credit card number please~~~


Dirty Minds

Face the facts dudes. All of us have dirty minds these days due to too much exposure about the sensationalized issue of sex. You don't believe me? Try answering these questions.

  1. What is it that all men have one of... it's longer on some men than on others... the Pope doesn't use his... and a man gives it to his wife after they're married?
  2. What four-letter word ends in "i-t " and is found on the bottom of birdcages?
  3. What is hard, six inches long, has two nuts, and can make a girl fat?
  4. What four letter word begins with "f" and ends with "k", and if you can't get one you can use your hands?
  5. What does a dog do that you can step into?
  6. Name five words that are each four letters long, end in " u-n-t " one of which is a word for a woman?
  7. What word starts with "f " and ends with "u-c-k"?
  8. What can you find in a man's pants that is about six inches long, has a head on it, and that women love so much that they often blow it?
  9. What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?
  10. What is a four-letter word that ends in "k" and means the same as intercourse?

The answers are pretty much obvious if you're asking me to answer. It's all filled with curse words, poos and genital parts. However, the right answers for them are actually...

  2. GRIT
  4. FORK
  5. PANTS
  9. LEGS
  10. TALK
Yes my fellow friends, you have a dirty mind!

Dirty minded too

IP Security

As we all do know, the Internet ain't really that anonymous actually. Take for examples spammers or bashers who come to my blog and crap a lot of stuff. I actually do know who they are and where they come from thanks to their IP addresses. That's the core of how online crimes are solved though experts have better plans than to use a stagnant IP address to do things.

But this ain't about crime, but this is about privacy. Ever get tired with all those spam mails flooding your mail box? It's all due to online monitoring which caught the pattern of your site browsing through your IP address. Not to mention that privacy is even greater for those who're in the business field as competition is definitely high with so many corporations out there.

Hide My IP Address. A new software in town which helps you to hide IP address and guarantees you the real Internet anonymity. You can even upload it in your USB and use it in a cybercafe to stay anonymous! Lots of features you wouldn't wanna miss. Go check out their site right now at www.hide-my-ip-address.com/hideip


The New Fetish?

Apparently these days people are getting kinkier that they found solution for their curiosity in Cat Porn.

Quoted from Shin Chan
Dunia ini sangat luas~~~



Damn you procastinator in my life! All you do is just sit and chat with others while everyone else are working their asses off for marks shared for you. God sake, have you no shame?

Things said, ought to be done and not procastinated. A dateline is meant for you to follow and work done no matter what your grandparents' stories are. If it's only one time you've been doing that it is okay. But god sake, your stories are full of bullcraps. I've literally covered for your assignments for more than once and I will not do it anymore. Screw you bitch, go get fucked up in your life and drop out from the college if you're not performing.

While you sit on tables chatting with others, it really makes me wonder, do you have any idea what our campaign is all about, the content and the real meaning of the term, organization of work? While others work their hands all tired packaging prizes and making ribbons, where the fuck were you? For 1 whole semester, where were you when we're all discussing about the campaign and other details? I'm not gonna bash anything about religion but stop putting up the act of a proud Christian if you don't work hard for what's shared equally among all.

Trust me bitch, if you're reading this, IT'S ON! If what you want is a WAR, then WAR is what you get!


Standing In The Eyes of The World

Click play to listen

Sometimes, I just feel like I am standing in the eyes of the world.

With my involvement in a reality television show, though it's not gonna make me the biggest hit in the world, but yeah, I do feel good about what I did, who I am and where I come from.

So yeah, for this moment, I'm really happy that I'm gonna be standing in the eyes of the world! (Malaysia at least, lol)

Sing along the lyrics, mates~

Pahit getir hidup... dan pengorbanan
Terpaksa dihadapi, demi kejayaan
Terdidik sejak mula, tabah berusaha
Tanpa cuba melangkah, tak kemana
Di mana kau berada
Pencapaian tak tiba dengan mudah

( chorus )
Kini "Standing In The Eyes Of The World"
Hanyalah selangkah dari nyata
Keazaman membara dijiwa
Menanti saat bebas merdeka
Tiba masa kau melangkah gagah
Bersemangat ke arah matlamat sedaya upaya
Engkau terunggul
Wajar "Standing In The Eyes Of The World"

Harapan yang pernah terkulai layu
Kembali segar mekar bawah bayanganmu
Setiap manusia ingin berjaya
Namun tak semua miliki tuah
Engkau menghampirinya
Kesempatan telah pun tiba..


No Drugs

Seriously dudes, no drugs. That's important. No matter how shitty your life gets and how doomed your situation are, there's no need to indulge yourself in drugs. And for peer pressures, why bother doing so much just to be accepted by people who are destroying you? People are suffering from drugs everywhere and everyday. Help is on the way for those willing to seek them.

Drug rehab. Many of us might have misconception about what a rehab is all about, especially us Asians. We think that rehabs are places for criminals, for people who don't deserve to be in the society and many more negative stereotypes that we place on them. These stereotypes are wrong. Very wrong in fact due to the nature that rehab is actually a place for people to get treatment to be a better person, just like a hospital when we're down with sickness.

However with so many drug rehab centers out there one might wonder which one is suitable for yourself, loved ones or friends. The best drug treatment program however is not a one that fits all like those free size T-shirts. It is very specific to the individual involved in a matter of fact. Getting the right program and rehab for your loved ones is no doubt a very important decision which one should never look lightly upon.

1800nodrugs.com is one of the very proud drug rehab centers which aimed to achieve relationships with drug rehab program providers to place in drug rehabilitation treatment those individuals suffering from drug addiction and drug abuse related issues.

Having an excellent track record with drug rehabs and our compassionate, knowledgeable drug rehabilitation placement staffs, they are definitely worth checking out whether you or your loved ones need help. If there's anyone you know who might need help, feel free to fill in their online assessment forms to notify them or just give them a call right away at 1-800-NO-DRUGS

Think for your health, think for your loved ones' too.


At One Utama..

Well, ordinary stuff for roadshows. You'd have most likely heard from other bloggers or contestants. Went around begging asking votes from the public then got on stage for the glamor theme.

So let's talk about a few my experiences on stage. Firstly, we were required to do catwalk and poses for the photographers to take our pictures. I'm lucky because my partner, Clavinna is so gorgeous looking that the picture we took didn't suck.



We were given time to introduce ourselves and to pursuade the audience to vote for us. Lucky for me, my hair stands out, A LOT!


With 30 contestants all taking their own sweet time introducing themselves and selling their grandparents' stories, we're left to pose and day dream on stage.


Next up, we're revealed to our surprise challenge. Learning Jive on the spot and perform for the audience to see while other contestants take turns to host the dance performance.


We had a team reshuffle, which means I'm no longer partnering my beloved Clavinna but I was partnered with Velva, another beautiful lass. Oh how lucky me! *Grins*

And so we danced and danced till the cows came home that day.


And of course, upon dancing, Saiful was hosting for me, and asked us a few questions. After all, as Miki always said, "This is a hosting show, not a dancing show."


Oh well, been taking my own sweet time in blogging lately due to lack of sponsored post and time. Assignments and campaigns are eating me up literally. I will do my best to update my blog as frequent as I can. Till then, adios Senorita~


Diamond Plate Cabinets

Where would you put a set of diamond plate cabinets if you are to have one? I'm definitely throwing 'em in my kitchen if you ask me. Introducing the 8 foot set of Diamond Plate Garage Cabinets from CarGuyGarage.com . These babes come in handy for the original garage purposes but would also make a great addition to any of our Asian homes too. I'm not spilling too much as I believe you have to see what I'm talking about to know it. Go check them out now here.


Mungkin Nanti

Press play to listen

This is the song that I performed for my talent showcase last weekend at Berjaya TimeSquare. Kinda sucked due to the AVA system, but no matter. I still enjoy this song a lot. Cheers to that.

Sing along with the lyrics here, lads and lasses.

Saatnya ku berkata mungkin yang terakhir kalinya
Sudahlah lepaskan semua kuyakin inilah waktunya
Mungkin saja kau bukan yang dulu lagi
Mungkin saja rasa itu telah pergi

Dan mungkin bila nanti kita kan bertemu lagi
Satu pintaku jangan kau coba tanyakan kembali
Rasa yang kutinggal mati
Seperti hari kemarin saat semua disini

Dan bila hatimu termenung bangun dari mimpi2mu
Membuka hatimu yang dulu cerita saat bersamaku
Mungkin saja kau bukan yang dulu lagi
Mungkin saja rasa itu telah pergi

Dan mungkin bila nanti kita kan bertemu lagi
Satu pintaku jangan kau coba tanyakan kembali
Rasa yang kutinggal mati
Seperti hari kemarin saat semua disini

Tak usah kau tanyakan lagi simpan untukmu sendiri
Semua sesal yang kau cari semua rasa yang kau beri



I've always wanted to pose gothic with another girl for a cam shot, and during my roadshow in StarCeleb I managed to do so. Check it out.

Robby and Clavinna bringing in the goth style!

With all the camwhoring and stuff makes me realize that hey, not everyone is up to goth cuz apparently some people would just shy away from the goth scene at all. So how the heck are people into goth suppose to stay in touch with their preference in appearance and meet new people?

Simple, with goth dating site like GothScene.com . It's free and it has lots of features in it when you create your profile. See someone hot? Flirt right on. It's a platform for you to communicate. With Goth Scene online, everyone can now broaden their horizons of social contacts who are into goth as well. You know the cue, just click the links.


Some Pictures and Humor

I finally have some free time at disposal, so I'm gonna show you guys some pictures from StarCeleb which I've messed a lil' with. Haha.

Presenting the host for the show~~~ Daniel Tan and May Wan~~

bts2 edit

These guys are vicious. They'll shoot the contestants upside down at all their might when they're hosting. Well, I guess it's part of their job to help the judges see who's worthy and who's not too, perhaps?

Next up, the fashion poses. All the contestants have to walk a catwalk and pose on stage while the others are doing it too. Here's the complete 10 contestant in group B1 which I'm in posing for the camera.

The theme was street style and I'm bringing the hip hop feel to the stage! Check it out!

And then we were introduced to our challenge on that day, which was to learn how to hip hop. Gosh, I'm a faker! Not a real hip hop boy! Lol. Had some problem learning the dance from our mentors, which turned out to be the youngest people on the stage actually. They're merely 17 years old.

Well, the day was cool. And I was pretty much satisfied with it.

Actually my college class starts in 30 minutes time and I've yet to take my bath. So I'm cutting the line here and we'll leave updates for the next time.


Done But Not Done

After 3 consecutive weekends of roadshows, most of the StarCeleb contestants were expecting elimination at the end of the last roadshow.

But no~~~~~ the judges came up to stage to announce no one has been eliminated and the show still goes on. And we're given time till September to get more votes from the public if we want to ensure our place in the Top24.

Crap! That's like leaving us hanging out there. We're no dead, nor are we sure we're alive...


Sorry for not updating his blog

Rooms Rooms!

Wherever you go when you're traveling, you'll definitely need rooms. For those lucky ones with close friends or relatives nearby, perhaps you could bunk in a day or two, but what about most of us? You can't have relatives all over the corners of the world right? Unless your ancestors are really factories in human production.

Introducing Hotel Reservations!

No longer would you have to utilize your social contacts to get you cheap rooms when you're traveling as Hotel Reservations would put an ease in getting rooms at your price range within a few clicks away.

Let's say that I wanna travel to Paris in France, all I gotta do is just type in Paris in their main page and put in the date I want to check in, and voila~ A list of hotels would then appear with their prices and location. Convenient, definitely! I can choose between high end hotels such as Hotel De La Bourdannis, Terrass Hotel, Waldorf Trocadero or more affordable hotels such as Atlanta Frochot, Hotel Liege Strasbourg and many more.

I'm personally more fond of Hotel Clauzel due to the fact that it's affordable at only USD100 a night and is a typically Parisian hotel, set within easy reach of many of the city's historical landmarks including the world famous Moulin Rouge cabaret club. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is 30 kilometres from the hotel, with an approximate driving time of 45 minutes.

I think you lads get my point. It's really simple to get your rooms when you're going places in this cyber era. Everything can be done online and it applies to hotel reservation too. No kidding lads and lasses. All you gotta do the next time you travel is hop online using any PC or lappie and check out Hotel Reservations. That easy!