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I blogged about Japanese animations yesterday, and I can't help but to tell you I'm actually a big fan of cartoons. Yes, I'm a big kiddo just like Jeannie said when I bought the Yu-Gi-Oh comic right in front of her.

Rather than going through the other cartoons from the West that I love to watch, I'm jumping into the Squarepants right away.

Behold the Mighty Squarepants!

Did I hear someone just said that SpongeBob Squarepants is for kids? No way! I'm not a kid!! I'm not! I'm gonna tell my momma that you said that. Then she's gonna call yours and you're gonna get grounded!! XP~~~ (Now that, is extremely kiddo...)

Yipee!!! I'm the Employee of the Month!

Now seriously, SpongeBob is a character that kids and adults can relate to and laugh at for entertainment. I mean, come on, where the heck do you find someone as naive like SpongeBob? Or worse.. ignorant like Patrick.

SpongeBob's best buddy!

Okay, enough of stupid innocent characters. Let's look at the more realistic characters in the show. Introducing Squidward, the one who is very down to earth but unfortunately in the show it means he gets bugged the hell out from Spongebob and Patrick. Lol.

You don't see him happy very often cuz of Spongebob's acts

Next up, the even more realistic and materialistic Mr Krabs! The employer of Spongebob and Squidward and owner of Krusty Krabs where the delicious crabby patty is available. He likes money and money alone till he'll open another same restaurant next to his selling the same damn thing.

He'll never pay Squidward a dime more. Wakakaka

I'm not doing a paid post here to promote the cartoon cuz I believe they already have enough publicity already. I'm just sharing what I enjoy watching from the idiot box occasionally. :)

Till the next time we meet at Bikini Bottom~



Bugs are creepy! And little do you know, there are all over the place, including beds! Okay, fine. So your beds have no bugs. Good for you, mine doesn't have them either. However, do you know you can get bedbugs from hotels?

No kidding! And when you actually sleep in such hotels, they might even crawl into your luggage and BAM! Your bed would be infested too. Bad luck mate, then.

Oh well, read up more for information about Bed Bugs.



I've been a fan of Japanese animes since I was a kid back at elementary. Of course, most comic fans back at my time started off with Doraemon. Who could forget that round cat robot from the future?

The damn Ang Ang Ang song still can't get out of my head till today!

Next, it was Dragonball. Never missed a single comic book for Dragonball Z.

Have always adored the Super Saiyan for their nice spiky yellow hair

Then surprisingly, the comics of Akira Toriyama took a time walk backwards as Malaysia Comics House released Dr Slump which was supposed to be the work of Akira Toriyama before Dragonball which I blindly followed to no disappointment due to the humor (cheap humor, but still good).

The funny characters in Dr Slump, featuring the robot girl, Arale in the middle

Dik Cerdas, or rather Shin Chan came along running with even better humor. Trust me, this one is undeniably the best comic humor I've read so far. The 5 years old perverted kid with his average but funny family is damn great that they never grow a year older for freaking 46 books of comics (Despite the wife giving birth to another baby girl!)

One of Shin Chan's signature dance

This comic is still ongoing as we speak, but the translation into Malay is awfully slow. Yes, I still buy comics. In fact I bought one today when I was out with Jeannie at Jusco.

Other than Dik Cerdas, I'm still digging the comic Yu-Gi-Oh. Yes I know the comic is over and I can get it online, but since I've already bought like 28 books of the anime before this, I would like to complete the set. All those comics mentioned above have been completed (exception for Doraemon, gave away a lot).

Yugi in the middle with Kaiba on the left and Malik on the right, each possessing an Egyptian God card

Apart from hardcover comics, I also enjoyed Naruto which I've followed since I joined UTP right after SPM. The mischievious yellow hair ninja has been entertaining me quite well that despite the draggy crappy fillers, I actually endured all of them.

Kakashi, Iruka, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura

I occasionally dig Bleach too. Shinigami versus Hollow!

Ichigo in the middle, spiky orange hair and the other shinigami in Bleach

What anime do you dig?

P.S. Notice any similarities between my hair and the pictures above?


Secure Your Home

Let's face the facts, no one can be absolutely sure that our home is safe. Yeah sure, nobody would want accidents to happen to their homes, but shit happens all the time.

I'm talking about fire, earthquake, burglary and many more hazards that exist. What happens to the house you live in if shits like these are to happen? Some of you might not even finish paying the installments yet. Surely you got to have some backup. That's where home insurance comes into play. When your house is insured, be rest assured if shit happens, at least you have the financial backup to rebuild your home.

What's even better, if you buy it online from CIS, you'll even get a 10% discount. Great ain't it? They have one policy that covers four great options, namely Buildings, Content & Personal Possessions, Travel and Caravan. There are even lots of requirements that you can mix and match to create a policy that suits you. Check it out!

All details are correct at date of publishing.


The Truth About Dates

Okay, actually the dates are all kept in captivity. Here, I'll show you to them.


What? Not these dates? Oh, alright. I'll spill. I know I've been very very wrong. I've been out in lots of dates with lots of different girls. I know you guys had spies on me all along. I noticed the photographers and twice I whacked the shit outta him to give me the memory card of his camera. God damn it, why can't I have dates on my own peacefully? It's not like I'm married or something?

Candlelight dinner also cannot? Shoo!

There you have it, the truth about my dates.

Huh? Alright alright. I guess I can't hide no longer. You're talking about this date right?

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Well, I disabled them from the blog for a few good reasons. Wanna know why?

Sense of Mystery
I wanna give you guys a feeling of curiosity at first for everyone who visits my blog and go wandering, "Hmmm.. Something is missing, but I can't tell what.." For those who enquire, I've kept my silence till now (Obviously ran out of blogging material la, lol).

Paid Post
As you can see, I'm a problogger (the word pro simply means I make money with my blog). I write paid post everyday and these posts can only be written between 2 ordinary post of my own. Thus whenever I blog, I leave an empty draft in advance in case I suddenly have another great blogging inspiration to write. If I do leave the date and time on, won't it be controversial for advertisers to see their paid post written before they actually ask for it? Tactics of deceptions. Ha ha.

Cleaning My Mess
Well, my updates for the blog range from 2 days a post to 6 posts a day. Damn high fluctuation, eh? If I do leave the dates on, people will think that I'm such an unorganized bastard (which is true, but nevertheless I'm trying to avoid), ain't it? Besides, when newcomers enter my blog they can always read what's at the top without going through the date and realize that the blog owner has not been updating for quite some time, eh?

There you have it, the reasons behind missing dates. Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going to buy some red dates (as it is available easily since it's Ramadhan month) with a date on this very date.



Winter is coming, winter is coming!! I have a dream and that is.. I want to go skiing~ Weeeeee~~

With so many destinations worldwide well known for skiing, which one should I choose? Perhaps Courchevel, France? Meribel, France? Or St Anton, Austria? Choices choices choices. Well, one day I would really want to have a luxury skiing holidays in one of these places. How nice would it be if I can be staying in luxury ski chalets in St Anton for a change?

All this can be made possible by SuperTravel, a UK based company established with 40 years of experience dedicated in organizing skis and golfs holidays. Neat!

Perhaps any of you guys who do want to get away for skiing could check them out.


Tiger! Ngaum!

Yup, that's my Chinese Zodiac sign. In fact, I'm a Fire Tiger (1986).

I got my astrology read at FaceBook. You can go get one yourself too. (I'm lazy to link, :P) So here's what they say about me.

Brief Description
Tigers are strong but very emotional and sensitive. They can get stubborn over things that they believe to be right or true.

Emotional ah? Hmm... I control my emotions really well, I guess? Sensitivity.. ask people around me. Some may say yes and no. Stubborn is definitely a yes. Haha

I'm as stubborn as the mule!

I'm skipping the positive traits as those are usually flattery words and very boring to read. Lol.

Negative Traits
rash, hot-headed, reckless, infatuated, quarrelsome, caustic, moody, predatory, rebellious, disobedient and irreverent rascals

My my. I do admit that all these are pretty much me. Grrr! Rebellious especially.

Detailed description of Fire Tiger
Eccentric and dramatic, Fire Tigers are aglow with passion and verve. They are outgoing, expressive and look on the bright side of things. They have the Tiger's natural ability to lead others and are able to excite others simply with their own gift of enthusiasm. They can be funny and have great senses of humor. Tigers are powerful speakers and have the ability to command and persuade crowds through speech. Their own seemingly endless supply of energy can make them appear a bit dramatic, and it may make them more sensitive to cautious or down-to-earth approaches in others.

Eccentric, yes. Dramatic... Would you consider doing this with an impulse daily as drama? If yes, then it's a yes. Lol. Leader part, check with my peers as self bragging ain't really my stuff. Humor and persuasive speech? A lil of this and that perhaps. I can be very persuasive in an interpersonal communication. :)

But I'm only capable of such jokes...

Gemini Tiger
These people like to move about freely. They yearn to see new places and to meet new people in their travels. They are quirky, funny, intelligent and lively and are more comfortable being the life of the party than being a guest there.

Ooh~~ Someone hit the jackpot here. Yes, socializing does seemed to be a thing I enjoy doing in my own way. And yes, I yearn for attention and not just an average Joe. He he.

No! I'm not an average one!

At any rate, I do think that astrology readings are a lil' misleading at times as most of the time they're just harping on very likely things to happen everyday. And by saying something obvious, they induce a psychology reaction of your mind to believe in them.

Bah, I'll believe myself better.



I wanna go places too! Of course, that is if I have the financial means. For the time being I'm thinking of Bangkok. Actually it's cause of an upcoming Grand Prix for Magic The Gathering. Well, if I really wanna make a trip up north it would be quite a hassle to find the right accomadation which suits my purpose and budget ain't it? After all I don't have any direct contacts over in Bangkok.

Well lucky for me, I know of Hotel Reservations. It's a great online site which provides rooms booking services for hotels worldwide. Seriously! There are lots of pictures of hotels which you can browse to choose according to your heart's desire. Everything is listed from price to facilities and location area (be it next to a Shopping Mall or a brothel, lol).

So for me, I just key in the city Bangkok upon their first page to search for hotels and voila~ a few pages came out with summaries of their important details. Since if I do travel, I'm going to do it with budget, I'd pick Woodlands Inn Hotel. Why? With the price of less than USD20 for a room, what's there not to pick? Located at downtown Bangkok with railway station nearby, I can get to anywhere in the city. The hotel has been established since 1995 with 75 luxurious guestrooms matched with the warm and friendly service of the South Indian management team where they have staff trained to speak in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Thai and English which means our Indian friends would definitely have no problem in communicating with the staff at any means. Cool, huh?

Hotel Reservations has long been an online ease for many travelers. If you want to find out more about hotels in a specific location, check them out.


Penyembur Rambut

I've been hearing lots of reviews about HairSpray for quite some time. Many of them were good, saying it's something like High School Musical and funny at the same time.

Okay, High School Musical is definitely great, I loved it

So when I was in Penang, I decided to watch the movie (since my beloved hometown's cinema doesn't show it). Well, what can I say? It's bigger than life. And by Big, I mean this.

The one on the right is the lead actress of the show (character named Tracy). And John Travolta took a huge step into acting as a large woman as Tracy's mother. Lol.

More John Travolta!!

The show is set back in the 60s where the televisions are still black and white. And the Whites are still in power which means, racism is eminent. Thus, television shows are dominated by Whites and the Blacks have very little power to get into it. The theme of the show is about integration of common values despite differences we all might have. Don't get it? Well, there's a television show which is very popular within the young ones in the city called The Corny Collins Show where they showcast people who can dance well. Apparently our 'big' lead actress is a lil' different from the rest and so are the Blacks which are being pushed aside due to racism.

You might remember a few names from High School Musical, eh?

What happens next? Go check it out yourself. Ain't blowing any bubble.

Nice kissing scene, eh? Beats Titanic's! Lol

Overall, I do think it's entertaining, but I'd prefer High School Musical much better. :)


Big Boys & Girls

That's right. I'm talking about guys and girls who adore bikes like Harley Davidson and its league.

One thing that bikers share are their love for big bikes while another, like any human being do, is the joy of having company. That's why a dating site that caters for biker singles is a cool addition to the various sites we already have in the Internet.

The site offers lots of profiles giving options for the users to upload their pictures, view each others' information, send messages across for either bikes comparing or flirting purposes and many more features.

Visit for biker dating.


Judgment Day

No no, it's not the end of the world.

It's in fact just an ordinary day where 60 people are actually wetting their pants waiting for a phone call.

Please please call me!!

I'm talking about the day where the current Top60 contestants of StarCeleb are waiting for the results of who are going on to the next round of Top24.

Most of us have gave our best performance during roadshows and literally begging people for votes. Have our efforts paid off? We'll know tomorrow.

Yes, we were literally begging!!! Seriously!

Meanwhile, I'll continue to wet my pants as I wait.

Hey, event Fergie wet her pants, okay? Lol

P.S. It was a figure of speech. I don't wet my pants! I swear!!! Believe me!

Wet Pants


Don't you agree that tattoos are cool? I mean of course, it depends on individual, but I do think that an appropriate amount of tattoos on the body is very sexy.

Apparently a lot of people do think so as well as there's even a niche dating site that offers lots of tattoo personals. They have wonderful layouts of profiles, pictures where members can send messages and communicate with each other. I bet among the conversations they might have over the mail would be asking, what picture do you have on your left arm or left butt cheek. Lol.

Okay, that wasn't so cool, but it was meant to be a joke, though I know my sense of humor ain't that high. So if you know anyone of your friends who're into tattoo dating, tell them about this site, as it's definitely a must check out for people who simply adore tattoos.


Updates So Far

First thing first, Penang is great!

One of the nice beaches in Penang

The food is superb and not to mention the company, Zach. :)

One of my most favorite Penang delicacy, Laksa!!!

And then there were Shouters! Emily, Lasker, Elise met up with me despite their busy schedule. Cool!

What's next?

Let's see. Catching a bus back to Ipoh at 8.00am That's right. Freaking early in the morning and I'm now at a cybercafe (2.20am). I have no idea if I'm gonna get some sleep as I'm really afraid I can't wake up in time. Lol.

Wish me a safe voyage, eh? ^^

Guess that's all for a short update. ;)


Seniors Dating

With so many dating and meeting sites now available in the world such as Friendster, MySpace and many more, people tend to look for a niche dating site which caters for a more specific type of people.

A new niche dating site offers lots of senior personals for you to know and mix around with. That's right, it's a senior dating site where seniors can send messages to each other, view each others' profiles and pictures.

It's cool for seniors to still socialize despite they're no longer building contacts for business purposes. In fact, contacts built this way are meant for genuine friendship purpose too. What's more relieving than to know that the people you're meeting are not gonna ask you for monetary gains or favors?

Niche dating sites are great addition to the World Wide Web if you ask me.


Dates? What dates?

Did I hear people repeatedly asking me about dates? Here you go.

What? I thought people were asking about where are the dates in my posts? I supposed that from now on, I could include this picture everytime I post my blog?

Or should I really reveal the reasons behind why am I not putting dates out? Hmmm...

Trying to be mysterious

Inspirational Blog

What could do more good to our stressful minds than a good does of inspirational messages? It is undeniable that even the most matured person on earth, the one with the best anger management would eventually crack too if he's not consistently inspired.

Ever heard of Karl Moore? No, he's not the brother of Mandy Moore. He's a best selling author and entrepreneur and he also blogs, where he posts daily inspirational messages to help the growth of his readers spiritually and mentally. Cool dude!

The dude!

Be it kindness or factoid, he covers them all. Check out Karl's blog now to get your daily dosage of inspiration


Storm the Front Island

Storm the front, guys!

Hold on a sec. It's not supposed to be Counterstrike. I actually mean the island.

Cool movie, actually!

No! Not the one with clones on it. I mean the one with lots of good food and wonderful places to visit. I mean Penang Island!

The island of attractions and delicious food

Yes guys and girls, I'm going Penang tomorrow morning for 2 to 3 days for jalan-jalan cari makan since it's my holiday. And of course, I feel quite acquainted to the new group of Shouterz I've known recently. In case you're wondering, just check my sidebar for an interactive chatbox.

Since I'm having my holidays and some time off, what the heck, might as well meet some new friends, and particularly bloggers. Bloggers like BenjiPapa, Amelia, Minny (who ffk me on my bday), Wendy and many more (the list goes on and on, I can't pimp so many la!).

Shouting out to Penang kia, if you feel like meeting a new friend (me) tomorrow evening most likely at Gurney, drop a comment or perhaps email me with your handphone number. Don't worry, I don't spam. Lol.