Yup, I'm a skipper.

It's nothing new as my close friends already know that skipping classes is part of me. It's not that I hate attending classes, but sometimes my laziness gets to best out of me. Thus that does explain why ain't I scoring 4 flat at the first place.

Apparently for this semester, my skipping has been minimal, as I had the urge to study a lil' bit more since it's my last semester before I graduate with a Diploma.

But for the next 3 days in a row, I'm going on a skipping spree. Why? I kinda took a part time job for a warehouse sale at Crown Princess Hotel. 3 days' pay goes to a quarter of a grand. Totally worth it for a student who has yet to have any eligibility to apply for other jobs. I like money, just like Mr. Krabs from Spongebob.

I like money!

I believe most of us students do skip classes once in awhile. It's just the frequency that differs, right? After all, I'm just a normal human being and I'm bound to the laws of society and peer pressure to skip. :P



Remember Counterstrike? The first person shooter game that was such a big hit in the world? It's still very well known today. I used to remember what are the codes for all the guns. 1 for handguns, 2 for shotguns, 3 for submachine guns and the list goes on.

Well good news for those who are actually looking for these wonderful police gears. You can get them at Galco, where cool tactical items are available. Handguns, protective vests, smoke grenades and many more are available there. Check 'em out!


Sour Face/Pucat Kuning

My apologies as today's episode (28/10/07) of StarCeleb didn't show us undertaking our challenge at the Royal London Circus as I was speculating.

Instead they showed us undertaking our TVC (Television Commercial) Challenge which I have to admit, wasn't very proud of. Reason? My hair was middle parted and gelled down to earth instead of flying up high. You want a picture of me? No way! I for one would forbid such picture on my own blog. Lol.

Middle parting like this, but gelled real hard and flat down to Earth..

To make things worse, when I was taking the role of a waiter, the judges commented that I look sour face. And the great translators behind the show even jiggle the words for BM into pucat kuning.

I do not have a sour face! She has

And as for the Kuning Pucat part, I googled it, and my God! To my horror, it's actually a discriminative term to label Chinese! The translator is racist! Racist I tell you!

Aye' The rants I made are purely based on craps. I hope that no one takes it serious as I myself don't. Lol

Actually likes soursop


It's a college in case you're wondering what Hondros is. A career college offering Real Estate and Financial Services education in Ohio with 9 campuses.

They are even offering Nursing at their Ohio Nursing Schools. Great news for those who want to serve the community in the States, huh? :)

Nursing is in fact a very admirable career path. Reason? Who else would you find to take care of you in hospital when you're sick? Surely your loved ones would die to be with you all the time, but they are no nurses who have knowledge about medicine and your condition and sickness. You need professionals like them in this world. Without them, I bet all the doctors would have gone insane by now.

Back to Hondros, they are looking for faculty at Dayton and Columbus, which means they wanna have more campuses in these cities providing education for the people of the United States. This however has not been confirmed yet. Only time would tell if it's going to come true.



Don't go jogging.

Don't go dating.

Don't go napping.

Don't go shopping.

Don't go blogging.

Don't go yam cha'ing.

Don't go gym'ing

Don't go anywhere today (28/10/07) and make sure you watch ntv7 at 6pm!


Have a Break

City life sure is hectic and busy. Everywhere you go, there are bound to be people. You have long queues for everything. Cinema, restaurants and even on the streets. That's why having some city breaks once in awhile is important.

You don't have to wait till any holiday seasons to travel, you can just take some days off and have some short breaks. Go to the beach, or the tropical countries for a change of view. Surely the concrete jungle would have bored you by now.

The best part is, getting great services while you travel. Cheap Flights are definitely a good thing for any traveler. Affordable accommodations are much sought after too. Ever tried customizing your own travel? You should check out Dialaflight then.


I Look Good?

Here's a snapshot of the photo shoot I did with Jumbo, the elephant.

How do I look?

By the way, the promo videos are back, edited and cropped. That means, no more background sounds and stumbles and NGs, which is not cool in my opinion. Stumbles and bloopers are what makes reality TV nice! They should put those scenes back in. Lol.

Go check out the website for the video in case you haven't watch.


Wood,Steel & Iron

I'm not doing a review on fengshui, as I'm no Lilian Too. But these components are vital in our daily lives and they exist mostly in the form of our furniture. Having the right furniture in our lives are rather more important than having the good fengshui in my humble opinion.

Now where would you go if you want to look for good deals for furniture? Why, the Furniture Store of course! But wait, this store is online as well! That means, you can save your time traveling to the store and instead just sit still and browse through what you want! How convenient!

Ever wanted a queen bed? I do. As a matter of fact, I've never own any beds bigger than a singles. So technically, I do yearn for a bigger bed if I'm financially able to support one. Browsing through their choices just made my desire goes bigger. Now let's see when would I be able to save enough to get one of those fancy beds.

There are a lot of people working at home these days. Be it dudes who are great at programming or even professionals who prefer to work at home rather than having an office in cities. Since a home office is different from a real office, the right type of furniture is important to ensure that the style of your Home Office Furniture blends well with the rest of your home and in the same time has a serious tone so you yourself would work hard in the room and customers wouldn't regard your office as a substandard one.

Dining Room Furniture are important too as these furniture are what you're going to be joining for meal most of the time. Surely you don't want unreliable seats and tables while enjoying your favorite food.

And don't even get me started on living room furniture as we all do know that living room is the most important part of a house. Remember, first impression counts.


Watch Me This Sunday, 6pm ntv7

StarCeleb once again.


The show is only 30 minutes. But no matter, as we all know how expensive air time on national television is, so I'll appreciate that I can be on air. So, peeps have been telling me that they barely see me long in the show. Well, it's definitely difficult fighting for spotlight in a 30 minutes episode with 30 other contestants (during top60). To make it worse, we were divided into Group A and Group B which means, when one of the group is shown, the other aren't.

So the past 2 weeks, they've shown how Group A did their challenges in a Television Commercial making and also modeling and posing for print photo shoot.

This week, they're most likely going to show Group B, the group that I'm in, during our photoshoot at The Royal London Circus at Klang. I won't disclose any pictures here, but I can tell you that I did a photo shoot wit a freaking large animal. God knows how it turn out as the judges have yet to show us anything.

Thank God, the elephant wasn't posing like this when I had to take photo with him

I'm anxious for this episode too, as I can only wonder how good or bad do I look... (The very same thing I am worried about every time I get airtime. Lol) So tune in, and watch StarCeleb this Sunday, 6pm at ntv7 Your Feel Good Channel.

Real scared that he'll look bad

Book Reports

Ever had trouble doing those? I never had the knack of writing Book Reports on my own. Most of the time I'd just copy from my friends. With the lack of originality and creativity, my marks aren't usually high. Lucky for me, no one's marking my blog posts.

However, if you do require services to write for you, why not check out MasterPapers? They provide various type of writing services, including academic essays, articles, website content, grant applications, letters and even business research.

If you can't do it well, hire someone to do so. People do care about the outcome on print. ;)



Apparently I do love nicking pictures from various sources and posting them into my blog. Am I wrong? Hmm.. as far as I'm concerned, I've yet to receive any official lawsuit so I guess I'll keep doing it.

'You're not stealing till ya get caught'

Blogging contents have been stolen via copy paste and stuff like that. Here I'm going to steal some content from the notorious short bimbo Xiaxue about some dude who made great job of translating foreign languages' singing.

I hope you'd laugh as hard as I did. My stomach almost burst, Benny Lava.

I personally dislike her lack of sensitivity towards other races and languages. But then again, if we do take things lightly and look at the humor part, hey, it's funny. Once in awhile I bet all of us make jokes about other races, people, gender, sexuality and stuff. Moderation perhaps is best. I hope the same goes for my online content nicking. Lol.



Shit happens. It's undeniable. What if one day, the house you stay in erupt in a fire? Or your car banged while it's in the parking lot? Who can you blame? Who can you claim from? No one. Unless you have them insured.

That is why it is important that you get Home insurance and Car insurance. That way, you can minimize your loss in terms of properties and assets. Spare a few hundreds a year to guarantee your assets? Definitely yes for me.

Many of the people in the world loves to travel. However, when traveling to a foreign country it is important to ensure that you and your family are protected against the unforeseen, such as illness, medical emergencies, and other emergencies. Having travel insurance enables you a peaceful mind when you travel, and you can get a range of different levels of travel insurance cover to suit all needs and circumstances.

When you travel abroad and are a long way from home an emergency situation is the last thing you want to face. However, these situations do arise and many people find themselves in need of medical assistance or emergency treatment.


High Pitch

I'm talking about sound. The waves that come out from your voice box. How high is yours?

I know that for guys, most of us have a low tone. More to bass if you ask me. There are a few exceptions where they have higher pitch than some girls. But I'll say that these exceptional dudes can't fight the queen of high pitch, Minnie Riperton!!

Fight her, if you think your voice is good! Lol.

Here's the lyrics

Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton

Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful
Makin' love with you is all i wanna do
Lovin' you is more than just a dream come true
And everything that i do is out of lovin' you
La la la la la la la... do do do do do

No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring
Stay with me while we grow old

And we will live each day in springtime
Cause lovin' you has made my life so beautiful
And every day my life is filled with lovin' you

Lovin' you i see your soul come shinin' through
And every time that we oooooh
I'm more in love with you
La la la la la la la... do do do do do

P.S. I really love the Ah~~~~~~ part~


There's No Magic

Some site which provides Secured Loans in the Internet has an URL of . Seriously, I think it's misleading.

As far as I'm concerned, there ain't anything magical about money, it's just plain reality that you're using money in advance, and you have to compensate more for your usage. At any rate, I'm still content that I do see various tools and calculators from their website to allow visitors to calculate how much can they afford and what would be the sum if they're to take out a loan. That's a very good step to make things more transparent, unlike the job our government are doing.

You can even request them to call you back by dropping your name and phone number in their website. Nothing grand, but if you are in need of loan, why not help yourself and calculate the figures from their site?


P & P 3rd Lecture

AHMC 3224 Production And Publication

This week's supposed to be the 3rd week of lecture for this subject, but due to some talks held at the same venue, our class was canceled. Actually, I've not attended even once for this lecture before as I've skipped twice in a row, so I had no idea what the subject is all about except for the tutorial part which you can check here.

Spent the time at a nearby cybercafe Dota'ing and after that gym.

Didn't learn anything today

Autonet Is Not Autobot

Insurance here, insurance there, insurance are everywhere. It's undeniable that properties need to be insured. We have lots of reputable companies providing insurance for our health, house, shops and cars. What about the niche market of vans? Who's going to cover that?

If you want Cheap Commercial Van Insurance, Autonet is a UK and worldwide van insurance company that is still new online. Having achieved the first position for van insurance in UK Google, they are now here to promote other products too.

Hey, there are even offering discounts up to 70% and money back guaranteed if your quote is not the lowest deal around! Don't believe me? Go check them out now.


I Want Chili's

I have the sudden urge of dining in Chili's all of the sudden.

Perhaps I'm a glutton?

Or is it because of their bottomless drinks and chips?

Tortilla chips! They just keep coming!! Help!

Hey, their marvelous cheese and broccoli's soup?

This soup is like no other! Highly recommended!

Hey, the view right next to my table when I was dining wasn't too shabby too!

When people are staring at the tower, we're staring right at them. Lol

Or their legendary Fajitas? I swear to God, when I first heard of the name, Austin Powers came into my mind. For those who watched, I think you know what I mean.

Meat, some carbs and veggie, cheese and mustard

Or perhaps, I want revenge for the wasted dessert which I can't finish on my last trip there?

Looks small? Hell no!

I'm definitely going back for more one of these days. Cuz I haven't try their buffalo wings.

All pictures are stolen from my housemate's blog except for that pig, which was stolen from some random site.

Wanna makan at Chili's

Money Magic?

Remortgages UK.

It is a new mortgage broker site based in UK. What's so special about them? Instead of having salesman to answer your calls and inquiries, they have financial advisors instead. That's an upgrade from your regular financial companies.

Having some financial difficulty especially with mortgages? They could help. Just fill in the form to inquire. There's absolutely no obligation at all. Get a free quote for any purpose with no credit check. Sweet!

Just complete their online form, and wait for the call from their Independent Financial Advisor to get your free quote for your mortgage!


P & P 2nd Tutorial

The whole tutorial was spent discussing in groups of approximately 5 members to present our answers for the questions given last week. Here's my group's answers.

Relationship between Art Director & Public Relation Officer

Refer questions here.

1. There's no definite answer according to my tutor as the questions aren't specific enough. Though the topic was the relationship between Public Relation Officer and Art Director, this question merely was asking who should play the active or passive role and the reason behind it.

One of the answers accepted was that both parties play both roles in the specific working process as the PRO needs to take charge when he's giving instruction (active) and the AD listening to his instruction (passive). However, once the instructions were give, the AD takes charge to produce the publication (active) while the PRO simply awaits the outcome (passive).

My answer relates much more in the general sense of relationship in the whole working process and I picked PRO as an active role. Reason? Be it at determining the message till finalizing and giving a yes for a publication to go on print, PRO has all the say. AD are merely responding to the instructions and work towards the aim of the PRO's instructions, thus passive role.

2. PRO's objectives revolve around the aims of the organization they work with. They want to disseminate messages and shape favorable public opinion towards their organization. Thus, their aim in Publication & Production is to produce a publication that is able to send their messages to shape favorable public opinion towards the organization they work for.

AD's objectives are to produce and to show their masterpiece in terms of publication which is reputable in terms of quality and design and in the same time delivering the message it intended to.

3. An effective working flow for PRO and AD would be

Research - The step where PRO find out the details of what to publish, what message to send and on what scale along with themes and etc.

Planning - The step where PRO meets with AD to communicate and give instructions about the main purpose of the publication. Includes briefing of themes, main ideas and reasons behind publication

Design - The step where the AD bring his forces and troops to brainstorm and prepare a few layouts and designs as prototype for the publication.

Discussion - Another communication step where AD meets up with the PRO for a discussion on which layout to be finalized and used for publication. If there isn't any layouts that fits the needs of the PRO, the step of Design is repeated.

Production - The finalized layout and design is then put into print or broadcast.

4. Yes, conflicts are bound to happen especially since both their objectives differ. For example, PRO are much more concern about getting all the messages fit into a particular print to save cost and increase efficiency while an AD would go on a rampage to see his masterpiece turned into a junkyard for words.

5. Among the things to do to minimize conflict and maximize mutual understanding & respect are ;
  • Understand each other's objectives and try to accommodate both objectives in the final product
  • Plan ahead for datelines and meet-ups to smoothen the communication process
  • Tolerate
There, done~


When Your Printer Gets Thirsty

When there's no more ink~
In your dear printer~
Who ya gonna call?

Definitely not ink-buster! Check out Cartridge Finder. It has an easy to use layout for you to browse through cartridges for over 10,000 type of printers! Seriously, there ain't no other site that caters for that much printers! There's more, they even have cartridges for photocopy machines, and fax machines too!

Associated with, they would list the best deal for you from various merchants on the product you need. Make haste to quench the thirst of your printer!


PO & P 2nd Lecture

Proposal & Final Project (Format)

1) Introduction

a) Background of the study (some history and origins, yada yada yada)
b) Research problem/ Statement of problem
- a problem that you would like to research (question you can't answer or problem you can't solve).
- Could be due to;
i) There is no research on that particular topic
ii) There is some research, but generalization of result is limited
iii) Good deal of research but results are contradictory
iv) There are 2 different theories that explain the same phenomena.
c) Objectives of the study (What do you wanna achieve by researching on this topic?)
d) Hypotheses/ Research Questions (What do you expect from this research to be?)

2) Reviews of Literature
- Literature - writing on a particular subject
- Review - report of a particular subject
- Compilation of previous researches & writing on a topic
- Seek to describe, summarize, evaluate, clarify and integrate info with your own on the chosen topic
- An account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars & researchers (giving them credits for their research)

3) Methods
a) Subjects - targeted audience of the research. Describes how (criteria) the audience are relevant to the topic
b) Design - Research method, usually through surveys (questionnaires). Divided into 2 types
i) Qualitative research (small group of people, lots of questions)
ii) Quantitative research (large group of people, few questions)

4) Results - Present data from research in tables, graphs, pie charts and other suitable means.

5) Discussion (Evaluation) - Whether the research has been fruitful and problems encountered.

How to Do Literature Review
- compile info - journals, books, newspapers and etc with different perspectives & views on the topic
- read to compile material & understand them be it what's it all about, why and the results of research topics
- check if there are any differences between your findings and the others which could provide an additional info for future researches
- Arrange your points via this format
- Discuss the topic you are doing briefly
- Explain the development of the topic based on the compiled info
- Discuss what other researchers' opinions are and their findings that can support your topic

General Guidelines in Writing Questionnaires
  • Make questions clear
  • Keep questions short
  • Remember the purpose of the research
  • Do not ask double barreled question (usage of 'and' 'or')
  • Avoid biased words or terms
  • Avoid leading questions
  • Do not use questions that ask for highly detailed info ( E.g. How many times you blink in an hour?)
  • Avoid potentially embarrassing question unless necessary (E.g. Are you a virgin?)
Question Order
  1. Demographic data, personal questions & other sensitive items should be placed at the end of the questions to allow the interviewer to establish a rapport with each respondent
  2. Age & gender info are usually included in the first part of the questionnaire
  3. Arrange questions in order of general to specific. Questions on similar topics should be grouped together & the transitions between questions sections should be clear & logical.
Did his notes

Messy Garage?

Most of us know garage as a place for us to store things. Be it things we won't use for awhile to some items that are really crap, but the owner of these things refuse to chuck them away, thus into the garage.

Garage however, is supposed to be a part of your house and it should be kept clean and organized at all times. Thus, a garage storage system is important to ensure it doesn't look like a dump all of the time. Try it today.


Money Talks, Big Time

As you guys know, I write paid posts. Reason?

Money talks, loudly.

Especially US Dollars! Though they are plunging..

Nothing makes a blogger more dedicated in blogging than getting paid. You don't believe me? Try asking other famous bloggers. Would they have as much passion to blog as they are now if they're not being paid for advertisements? You figure it out.

I have been deprived from my paid posts for the past month due to my huge chunk of time taken for StarCeleb recording. So this is sort of a comeback for me to earn a lil' bit of side income.

I seriously hope you guys don't mind me helping myself to the money available. After all, I still blog about what I think right?


Fun Times at Blackpool

Amusement Parks are one of the biggest tourist attractions of all times. It is the very same if you're trying to visit Blackpool in United Kingdom for holidays.

We're talking about Roller-Coasters, thrilling rides such as Space Shot and many more exciting rides available. Being the oldest theme park in United Kingdom, it has attracted a lot of visitors in its statistics. 6 million each year ain't a small number. Their great Roller-Coaster, Pepsi Big One Max will twist you left and ride and bring you up and down.

Ahh!!! The height!!

125 rides, and they have even more. They put up shows to entertain visitors, such dancing on ice and their upcoming Forbidden, A Devil of a Show. You got to stop by at this park to see what you're missing if you're in the United Kingdom.



Press play to listen

I'm a typical banana.

The banana is not used to represent any part of my body anatomy.
Mine is bigger

Banana is usually a term used to describe Chinese who aren't exactly able to read or speak Mandarin, which is after all, the main language among Chinese. Yes, limpeh can't speak nor read Mandarin. That's not all, as usually these group of 'Bananas' have a lil' better command of English compared to the 'non-Bananas' thus the thing about Yellow on the outside, White on the Inside.

I've never found a song that could describe myself in this situation before till Point Blanc comes along with the song you're listening now. Seriously, I never regretted buying his CD, Straight To The Point as it's really a good deal. For only 20 bucks, you get about 18 tracks. Hey, you get to support our local artist too. Actually, he's from Ipoh, that's why I support. :P So for you guys who wanna support our local music industry, I urge you guys to get the CD as it is darn worth it.

The album cover

Back to being a Banana. Life sure is hard being one at TAR College, Kuala Lumpur. Most of the students, do come from Chinese schools instead of missionary school like my beloved Alma Mater, St. Michael's Institution. So, communication was difficult at first, but as time passes, I did manage to mingle around just alright. ;)

But I'm still a Banana at the end of the day. Cuz as Point rapped, the difficulty to learn Mandarin is as high as Himalayan peak. But I guess I'm still happy for who I am.

To all the Bananas out there, rock on!


4 Star at Blackpool

Ahh, holidays are always nice, especially if you get to travel and see places. One important aspect of travel would always be accommodation. What do you choose? Budget staying or luxurious hotels?

If you ask me, a true holiday experience should be one where you spend your money thrifty and enjoy the best deal you can get. Hotel Blackpool, otherwise known as Big Blue Classic Hotel, for example is one of the great place I'd pick for a well spent holiday. It's not too shabby as it's a 4 Star Hotel in the United Kingdom.

They have been featured on national television as a chic, cool and calm place to stay in. Now, televisions don't pick crappy places to show in their programs, don't we all know that? So check them out if you're thinking of traveling nearby Blackpool!


Notes Making

Many of you guys might have noticed, that aside from crapping and ranting, my blog has blatant advertising posts and notes for my studies.

The notes that I made are summarized with various referencing, namely from my lecturers' notes and my understanding about the subject. Yeah, yeah. They might sound boring and stuff, but I do think that at the end of the day when we do sit for exam, these boring shits are the ones that we have to go through in order to pass with flying colors.

At the end of the day, we wouldn't want to hand in a drawing in our exam paper right? *Exception that you're doing practical Art, lol*

I appreciate my good ol' pal, Jonathan's feedback as he is after all in the same field as I am. So mate, keep giving me feedbacks, alright? I seriously need it. Cheers to that.

Oh, I'm taking it easy to day as my Wednesday is a holiday for me in this semester. Notes will be updated tomorrow.


Get Your Needs

Face it. Every home has its needs. Needs for great furniture I mean. How could you deny that your living room requires tables, cabinets and couches? What about your kitchen stools and cabinets? Your beds and wardrobes in your bedroom?

Ever consider having a Storage beds instead of normal ones? It helps save space and protects your belongings. Or perhaps a good ol' Platform Bed?

Having an old world desk in your living room could help improve the atmosphere whenever you step inside your home. And definitely a few Leather Dining Chairs would definitely make dining a comfortable experience at all time.


More StarCeleb

Okay guys and girls. This very weekend, it's my group's turn to be on air for the next 2 episodes. We'll be featured in a photo taking session at the Royal London Circus and shooting a Television Commercial somewhere in the city too! Catch me on every Sunday, 6pm at ntv7!

We also did another promo photo shoot a few weeks ago. Remember the band picture thingy? Here, take a look again.

Well, the very same day, we were actually interviewed with a lot of questions in front of the camera. And to most of our horrors, all the recordings were shown in StarCeleb's official site uncut and unedited! Thank God my blunders were minimum. Wanna see them? Click the link above and look at the right corner. Click on my name - Robb and watch me open my yapper non stop. Lol.

When my yapper is closed..

When my yapper is flapping nonstop...

Bah, here's another camwhore picture with Joger, my fellow group B member.

Guess that's it for the pictures. Right to the voting then. To vote for me, just create a new text message in your mobile phone and key in


and send it to


What are the merchant codes? Check out Mystyle, the official sponsor for StarCeleb where you can find amazing discount vouchers to make great use of. For example, when you send my111 giordano 35 to 33365, you'll be entitled to a 50% discount for all items in Giordano outlets! Yes, it is that amazing and it isn't a scam!

Hurry as the judgment day for us is near. There's now 24 of us, only 8 will make it to the next round? Am I one of them? Please do make me one by voting. Thanks!

*Updates on 24/10/07*
They have removed the video for the time being. Don't ask me why, as I had no idea...