Where is the Love?

HINDRAF, Hindu Rights Action Force, was clearly a big name these few days. If you haven't heard of them, shame on you. If you've only heard bad things about them, more shame on you!

I don't usually blog about politics as I believe the Bapak Blogger Malaysia has done enough coverage with that. Not to mention Raja Petra and MalaysiaKini have already done marvelous jobs in explaining the real situation about our country's politics to the citizens of the cyberworld. Unfortunately not everyone is interested in politics especially young ones around my age since they think that it has nothing to do with them which is of course is a wrong assumption.

Okay, so let's begin with the facts our mainstream media presented to us. Rallies and demonstrations are illegal. But according to our Federal Constitution, we all have the rights to assemble. Contradictory? Yes, thanks to the law made by our ruling party due to 50 years of 2/3 majority (the right to make and pass any laws they want). Fine with that, so BERSIH and HINDRAF was illegal. And the mainstream media goes on talking about how these rallies generates fear and bad reputation towards the nation and affecting the economy.

So let's sit around and think for awhile, if our country is really this peaceful and alright, will there be such huge participation from the rakyat towards these rallies protesting towards the ruling government of unfairness in terms of electoral board and racial equity treatment? You gotta be kidding me if you say they country is fine. Even those from the ruling party knows it's not fine, but since they're making heaps of money from government projects, hey, I won't complain too!

Plenty of blogs over the Internet have covered BERSIH for the past few weeks, HINDRAF on the other hand is getting less coverage than it should be. Let's see some photographs courtesy of Jeff Ooi of what the FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) and Police did to people who intended to join the rally from Batu Caves the night before.


A lot of Indians from all over the country tried to make it into the capital city by Sunday. Some stopped at Batu Caves, seeking shelter for the night before joining the rally the next day. Unfortunately, road blocks were set everywhere and there were even Police and FRU all over Batu Caves too. What do they plan to do? Let's check out from the following pictures.


Our brave Indian friends brought posters of the late Mahatma Gandhi, a true inspiring hero that fought for democracy, the real freedom for people instead of what we are getting in Malaysia with controlled media and biased reporting. They stand together to show the world that they are asking for their rights.


And look where our tax money goes to? Apparently they are being used to pay for the Police and FRU to stop the freedom of speech and expression from our brave Indian friends. They were pushed back into the temple compound by chain of shields from the FRU.


The gates of the temple were then locked. The 'free' people of Malaysia are locked in by FRU and the Police as if they were imprisoned. A mockery of religious places? Wait till you see the next picture.


They freaking fired water cannons into a temple!!! Talk about humanity! Is this what our government do to the people? Democracy? Equity of rights and opportunities? Religion free country? What sensitivity do you show to others when you spray water with chemicals into a worship ground filled with people!

These are only parts and pieces of violent showed by our Police and FRU towards oppositions to the ruling party. Tear gas and water cannons were used repeatedly to attack peaceful rallies. Of course, when it comes to rallies, any rally made by non-ruling government component parties are deemed illegal and force are used to disperse them. When Khairy Jamaludin ( for those who have no idea who this is, you better do research as this is the 2nd most influential person in the country aside from our PM) held a rally to submit a memorandum to Condoleezza Rice protesting about the attack on Palestine, the mainstream media portrayed him as a hero and there weren't even much action trying to disperse them. Wow, equal opportunity~ How nice~

Click play to see how The Star (owned by MCA) made a hero out of him

Now some of us might wonder, what have we do to deserve living in such a country? The answer is what did we not do. Make sure you vote wisely for the next General Election and go through your facts well. Don't listen to me just cuz I've a bunch of pictures. Seek worthwhile information rather than what's serve to you on the plate by mainstream media.

And yes, I do question where is the love these days. Don't you?

P.S. Bravo to Mahendran, my ex-roommate for participating in the rally. Your balls will be noted in my blog.

Proud to be Malaysian,
Not proud to be ruled by BN,

Bad Credit

Man, these days the streets are full with people in debt with credit card companies. These peeps are called as having bad credit. And you know how bad is the term bad credit? You don't watch how you spend for your meals, and you'll end up being declared bankrupt in no time.

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PPP Referrals

As you guys ought to know by know, I write paid posts. I will write as many paid posts as I can per day if they let me as they are seriously bringing in the money for me. But alas, competition's tough and not to mention the system for PPP is getting way too crowded. Every time an opportunity comes along, those having better broadband services get to snatch them up first compared to us using one of the slowest broadband in the world.

So I'm going to be complaining about my pending income from PPP Referral services cuz a few of you guys reading my blog actually signed up via me and has not make any posts nor reviewed my posts. There's a total of USD67 bucks pending cuz of this. So here are the lists of people who have joined PPP via me, but have not do anything. I hope they find themselves here when they Google their own name.



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These are the ones who've joined but have not make a single paid post. I really wonder, why would someone sign up for something that pays you, but not wanting to get paid... Food for thought...

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You Jump, I Jump

It's not about Titanic with the love story and etc. It's about... oh well, you'll see after reading these 2 comic strips and perhaps the next update.

So we were shown that the Big Monkey fought with our small but strong Sun Wukong. Let's see more of them, shall we?


And if we're to refresh our mind, the following strip is an introduction to how Sun Wukong became the Chief Monkey for the Flower Fruit Mountain.


The next update will showcase the brave Sun Wukong jumping down. Or did he...?



With the General Election coming in for Malaysia soon, everyone is all hyped up about polls. Heck, we can't deny it, that sometimes we do need polls to get our facts straight, providing it's not fixed by the organizer or third parties.

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Behind The Scene of StarCeleb

The following entry is copied directly from my StarCeleb's blog as I feared it would be deleted as it happened to Kel's due to his expression of dissatisfaction over the show

Wow! For the first time in history, StarCeleb website management actually removed an account of a contestant! Long has the Top60 passed and their accounts are still intact. Not to mention the contestants who pulled out even at the Top60 itself. Their accounts are still there! You can check their blogs and find nothing in it. Talk about desperate measures!

Kel Wong was disqualified due to the reason (which was given by the production company) that he was shown in another reality television show during the duration of StarCeleb's competition without informing the production about it. He was also accused of using another name on the show which violated the terms and conditions as a contestant in StarCeleb.

So the poor kiddo (lol, I'm even younger than him) expressed his side of the story in his blog telling the world that he was wrongly accused as his participations in other reality television shows were done even before the audition of StarCeleb which brought his next question to surface which is, how is he going to inform the producer of StarCeleb about when he is going to be aired on TV if he recorded the show before that? He ain't even aware of which episode he's going to be in.

Furthermore, when he posted his side of the story in his blog, there were tonnes of comments supporting him and asking him to consider legal actions. Is this the reason why the producer ordered for his blog's removal? The fear of the voices of public? We can all see authorities in our country are afraid of people voicing out. But thanks to the cyberworld, justice can be sought for mistreated ones like the poor and in this case, Kel.

With so many holes on the road which I've observed along the way, this has by far been the biggest. You may take away a contestant's qualification, but you'll never take away his ability to express himself. You want to know what other holes have there been so far? The list is as followed

  • Mark Chin and Khaw Su Mei both missed the challenge for Group A's photoshoot and TVC. Su Mei was disqualified for that and Mark was transferred to Group B's challenge without a reasonable explanation to the contestants. Why would someone be given a second chance while the other person who did the same was disqualified?

  • Frank was featured in One In a Million audition recently and I do hope he told the producer about his appearance. If he has not, then it's another case to behold on.

  • A few contestants during the Top 60 pulled out and it's reasonable for judges not to mention them at all as the show barely began. But when Ras Angela Wong pulled out as a mark of dissatisfaction over the show, the producer nor the judges didn't bother to clarify it to the audience nor the contestants.

  • TVC challenges raised a lot of issue for Group A's contestant and little for Group B's. I was perfectly fine with my role as a waiter as Jay said it was a test of our character. Which of course, backfired on me when the guest judges said I looked awful due to my outlooked even though it was commanded by the director.

  • Onto Mark again, though the rules and stipulation does not state it, he is an experience personnel in this field as he is an actor and a model already in the local entertainment industry. Sometimes it just makes me wander if he is indeed a fixed winner in this competition.

  • Blogs. Some of our Top10 finalist never bothered to blog at all till they were given scolding by our judges. Frank learned blogging all by himself as I did noticed from his layout and expression from his blog. Bravo for doing it yourself. Mark's on the other hand, was clearly a fake blog. No beginner in blogging can do such complicated WP layout as he did. What he said was very brief and merely expressed anything from his point of view. It's a very clear attempt that either he asked/paid someone to do it for him, or the producer has asked someone to fill in his place (in case if he is the fixed winner). Trust the eyes of a professional blogger who makes money from his blog on this.

So what am I trying to accomplish by writing these? Helping a friend in need, telling people the truth about the behind the scene experience and perhaps a constructive criticism for the producer to take note on for improvement in future endeavors.

Now it makes me wonder when will my account be deleted. But at any rate, here's my link to my real blog, where you can find more of my expressions without being risked of deletion due to the fear of information conveying.


Kids Bedding

Parents always give their bests for their kids. No matter in terms of clothings, food or toys. You don't even have to let me tell you about the type of Kids Bedding parents give to their kids these days. I can only envy them as when it was back at my time, there wasn't Internet to make parents more competitive in showing love for their kids.

At any rate, I think any boy would bewildered if he's to sleep on a bed that looks like this.

It came to my mind asking me whether is that really a blanket or a real picture? Wow! Technologies these days are amazing. If I'm to look into any of your blankets and compare, I'm sure most of us are put to shame by what kids these days are having. No matter, what we do not have previously should be given to the younger generations these days. Therefore, go get some cool Kids Bedding now.


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Monkey Fight

We are very accustomed to hear the proverb, Monkey See, Monkey Do. So technically this comic strip showcased this proverb.


For those who have even the tiniest exposure to the Discovery Channel or National Geographic Magazine, you got to know that an ant can carry 10-20 times its own weight. Can a monkey do that? Perhaps only one.



Save Your Bucks

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Sleeping Prince

Lately, I've been sleeping like mad.

I know the class skipping part is most likely a routine for you guys who read my blog. Every now and then, you'll see me mentioning that I skip class so that must be utter crap for you by now. But you see, sleeping is such an enjoyable process that sometimes I might skip classes just to do it.

What's the difference of attending when I'm going to sleep there as well?

How many times have you skip classes early in the morning just because the weather feels nice and cozy to be right under your blanket? If you asked me, I would say the figure is near to 50. Lol. Alright, my point is, I'm a lazy person at times, and sleeping is something I really enjoy doing.

Now if you would excuse me, I'm off to my bed for some nap as I've been up since 8am to 4pm for classes.

P.S. I bet you working peeps are so jealous of me right now. Lol.

Sleeping Prince

Everlasting Moments

We all know that a picture is worth more than a thousand worths ain't we? So that's why people snap photos like mad these days. Why not? The prices of digital cameras are all coming down, anyone can afford a decent camera these days. But with the rise of digital images, people tend to wonder, do we still have the good ol' days where we can see pictures of our favorite moments in frames?

Surely some of you might say, why not? I can print those pictures out and stuff them in my dusty picture frame. But have you ever thought of getting a picture frame which suits your digital needs? The ability to change the picture in it? I mean, 1 picture frame for 10 to 20 pictures? Never heard of it? Well I'm going to tell you about digital picture frame then.

Digital frames are the new thing in market to pro-long your everlasting moment. Aside from that, they add variety to your ordinary pictures. You should seriously consider having a digital photo frame.


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Monkey Fight

So the not-so-bright monkey bully got humiliated by Sun Wukong since he's so dim-witted. What do bullies do when they're humiliated? They complain to their boss.


Boss decided to take action of his own. So they have a pre-contest to show off by weighing each other's weight.


We all know how the battle will turn out, so let's just enjoy the drawings and humor in the upcoming strips.


Don't Stop Printing!

Many times have I faced this problem before. A problem where most students who own an average printer faces when he needs to print their assignments for submission the very next day. Out of ink!!! That's the worse scenario for last minute workers like me. And to make things worse, some of us who experience print failure for the first time only got to realize that there are thousands of different ink cartridges available due to the different models we have today! Holy shit!

But thanks to Cartridge Finder, you can all be saved a troublesome time looking out for your specific cartridge as they provide an interface for you to search for your cartridges for over 10,000 different types of models. Don't you just wanna thank the Internet for merely existing?


Games Forever

Apparently games are everything for guys.

Be it games from all genres and types. We all love having fun. Let's start with the world acclaimed, DotA (otherwise known as Defense of the Ancient). It's about 2 factions, 1 protecting an over-sized tree and 1 protecting a cube of ice with some skeleton in it. Each faction usually have 5 heroes which are commanded by 5 human players to battle it out while the 2 factions try to destroy the opposition's main building. With whacky abilities like stunning and jihad attack, it is definitely fun to play and watch.

I laugh at the face of danger, Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee!!

And then we have all the online games catering for various groups. Be it Ragnarok Online, Maple Story or even the newly favored Perfect World, people just glue themselves in front of their monitors playing, leveling and completing quests. People have fun interacting and playing along other people from all over the world. Take World of Warcraft for example.

A perfect world for gamers to play~
You can cuddle and hug with characters of the opposing gender.
Public Display of Affection!

These days, gamers are no longer deemed as geeks or nerds. Remember Dungeons & Dragons? How often are they associated with geeks? All the time. Well, not anymore. These days the regular dudes all play games! You hear that Jason? So don't you dare call me nerd for playing Magic cards. Grrr! At any rate, I'm just ranting this while I'm waiting for my draft to start. Been on a winning spree lately. I'm a lucky guy. Woohoo~

Geez, I don't look like him, do I?



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Monkey Bully

As usual, if you're new to the crowd, you'll usually get pushed around. But usually the bully ain't exactly a bright one.


And when he realized that he's fooled, he gets angry. And when he gets angry, he does something drastic.


Oh well, so much for being a bully. Thank god I'm never one at the first place. Hehe.


Bottom of Your Garage

Most garage doesn't come with any flooring at all. That's why if I may say it, their bottoms are dirty! Okay, so yours is new and the concrete still smell nice. Good for you. But how long would they last? How long would it take to see the cracks? You don't have to worry a thing about it if you would just cover your garage floor up with tiles.

Why do that? You can clean them much easier. Ain't it easier to tell the difference of dirt from tiles than dirt from concrete floor? Besides, it ensures that whenever you're stepping into your garage, you won't feel disgusted nor dirty. No matter what you say, garage floors are important. Don't ignore them!


To End Procastination

It's damn hard to do so. I've always managed to prolonged the duration of my play and delay the working part of my schedule to the very last minute. Now that I have datelines just tomorrow, I find it... just like any ordinary day. Lol.

I still am tempted to play Magic Online as I just won 3 packs of Lorwyn boosters from my draft yesterday which consisted of 3 rare faeries and another 3 packs of 10th Edition from league. The only thing missing is my PayPal cash, which is short of USD0.36 for me to get the tickets required to draft. Damn it!

One of the three rares I drafted. It's a money rare too!

Let's see, I have a proposal on Public Opinion and Persuasion to complete at the end of this day and I have the entire section of introduction and hypothesis to write alone. We're doing the topic of research on whether which mass media is more reliable, be it newspaper, radio or television. In my frank opinion, all these are bullcrap in Malaysia as the Government directly controls all of them. I'd like to do something controversial for the research but just for marks sake, I stuck to something conventional.

Another assignment drawing near, Publication and Production. We are to produce a magazine! What kind of sick program creator makes PR students produce a magazine? Grrr! We have to update our progress weekly and keep on coming up with templates. Lucky me, I'm the one with no creative side in my brain as I am in charge of laying out the content. We are doing a magazine about the underwater life. Pretty cool, huh? In case you didn't notice, this blog's name is based on underwater too. Haha.

The deep blue sea with lots of wonderful creatures

Oh well, that's all for you guys to know what's up with me for these few days. The usual stuff - If I don't reply you immediately through my MSN, I'm away. I don't ignore messages.



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Smell the Monkey

Some of you guys dropped comments and emails to me asking for more of Sun Wukong. I am very glad to respond by posting up more comic scans for you as I now know people do read. Lol. Here's the missing part of see no monkey, hear no monkey and say no monkey.


So we're done with the introduction part. Now that a new monkey is in town, he has got to meet the elder ones ain't it? And off he goes~


Till next time for another 2 scans.


Essence of Home

I'm not talking about chicken essence nor anything to do with soup and food. I am just literally talking about what goes into every house the moment people start living in it. Yes, Furniture. And where do people gets furnitures from? Why, the furniture store of course. Now there's so many furniture stores outside I think we'll all be exhausted and panting for air if we're to browse for furniture which suit out taste.

That's why buying Furniture Online is much more easier and convenient these days. We have access to all kinds of models and with a click from the mouse, voila~ all of them listed on our monitor. Shopping has indeed been made easy with the introduction of E-Commerce, ain't it? Have a knack for modern sofa? Check it out and buy it if you are interested. I myself shop for things that I like.


Manic Monday

Press play to listen

Mondays are always hated by peeps. That's the day when your weekend ends and you have to resume work or studies.

Those farms ain't gonna sprout plants outta nowhere. Work 'em!

No more play and relax, mates. Back to work.

I don't know about you guys, but the amount of assignments piled up on my desk are superbly huge! I've got datelines all over this month and incoming mid term tests which I have not prepared for.

For what is worth, I do thank God I don't have to do math anymore

To make things worse, I do think I'm officially addicted to playing Magic. I'm having withdrawal symptoms due to the fact my PayPal money which was due today is late! I can't play Magic cause of that! Oh~~ The unbearable pain!! It's killing me I tell you!

Oh Cryptic Command, when will thy come to me?

At any rate, I was just trying out Smorty before this, and I'm damn glad that it works and my posts have been approved. Yippee! The amount of crowd in PPP is too much and even I can't get decent paid posts to write (yea, the lack of self owned domain does reduce the number of opportunities I have). With Smorty, I can increase my income a little in this competitive time. If you guys wanna do that, just click on my referral icon at the bottom of this post.

Ah~~ When will my money come in for me to play Magic? I am waiting for you, PPP!


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Plasma Defined

We have lots of technology improvement in our lives these days. I remember my parents told me that they only had a black and white television set back in their days and now? We have plasma television sets in all sizes completed with so many channels you can't possibly view them all even if you have twice the amount of time each day. This is the kind of luxury we enjoy today.

However, just like most finer things in life, the plasma television has to have a very solid base and support system. I am talking about the plasma wall bracket. Just like the television set, it is incomplete without its cabinet. Oh well, some of the lazier folks might just place it down at the floor but that's no luxurious condition. Come on, we're talking about finer stuffs here. We got to have some standards. At any rate, it is definitely not applicable for plasma TV to just let it lay around the floor, unless of course, you're planning to watch it downward with you standing up straight. Be my guest to do that if you want.

Lucky for the UK folks, that Dekomount is around the corner for them and they make all kinds of walls catering for the specific uses of Plasma television, LCD screens for television and monitors and even for projector too. Now this is what I call a service targeting an important niche market. Not to mention, this market is growing huge and will continue be at this rate as far as I see it.


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Monkey With Vader

So the Monkey was born? So what's next?


Okay, all of the sudden Vader is in for God knows what reason...


Ah, classic recall for see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

That's it for this session for comics


Cleaning Gets Easy

Man, it sure has come a long way since the stone ages for cleaning. Back then I don't know what they used to clean, but when it was my grandmother's time, she used the good ol' broom. Nowadays we have vacuum cleaners in all shapes and sizes to reach every angle in the house. Ain't we grateful that technology has improved and helped us out so much? Well, I certainly am.

Ever heard of Dyson? It is a brand for vacuum cleaner, a good one if I may add. They are quite well known in the field and recently they have opened up a section in their online store for vacuum cleaner parts. That's right, you no longer have to travel to various electronic shops to look for specific parts of your Dyson vacuum cleaner parts as they can be located at their site. No matter what model your vacuum cleaners are, be it Upright, Cylinder or Handheld, it's all available there.

It just pleases me to see companies like Dyson going all out to ease consumers' needs. If there's anything greater than free stuff, it's quality service. Now that, in my opinion should be the priority for companies who yearn to get brand loyalty from their customers.


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Follow You

I bet some of us are sick of the 'I Will Follow You' song from Digi by now. I stumbled upon some funny videos about the yellow man in YouTube.

Sure, they still have the song going on with them, but there's a surprise at the end of the video. Check it out.

Reminds me of Happy Tree Friends from the first impression. I personally enjoyed it objectively since I'm not taking sides of any Telco company (though I'm using Digi). Here's the second part of the production.

I wonder who did this. I mean, of course the person's in favor of Celcom, but there's no certainty that he's actually paid by Celcom to do so. But at any rate, kudos for tickling my funny bone.


Care For Them

Face it. These days we work our asses off non stop. We barely have time to talk nor care for others. What of the people most important to us? The ones that gave birth to us, raised and nurtured us to what we are today? Shouldn't we care?

Surely we do care, but how about time? How many living examples have we seen, chucking their elderly parents at home 24/7 while they are off living their own lives. The environment for them is no different from a prison cell. This is when care home should comes into the mind. We are not to isolate seniors aside, but we are merely providing more activities and life for them. Surely if they are not happy, I do think that we as children, would never force them to be there.

But you'll never know how they'd fare unless they do try. Bettercaring is a site where lots of answers are given to those who seek for care for themselves or for their love ones. There are forums, articles and help guidelines for you to utilize in your search for information regarding care homes. I came across an article that seniors are even starting their own pop group! Now that's newsworthiness.

Care for them, care for yourself.


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Monkey King Comic

I bet most of you guys have heard the story of a monkey born from a stone.

What? You haven't? Shame on you. The story of Sun Wukong or Journey to the West is a famous one. If you don't mind going through the story again, I'd be glad to post daily comic strips on my blog. Here goes the first one.


Alright, this one is a teaser. And I actually got it from a comic book I bought when I was young. So I scanned it out and the quality ain't going to be great all the time, but heck, I think the humor of the story is acceptable. Since this is the first time I'm posting them, I'd give you 2 strips today. Here goes the second one.


Hope you enjoy it. And be patient for more.