Complete StarCeleb Photos

I'm making one post for all my pictures taken during StarCeleb.

Just don't flame me if you think I look hideous. Lol.

Let's begin with the photos I took in the studio to submit to StarCeleb when I was during the audition.

Nice isn't it?

Not too shabby too. Little did you know, these two are the best shots I've got out of 60 continuous shots. Ha ha. I was really new!

And then, after being chosen into the Top60, we were asked to shoot our profile photos in their studio which I am not very satisfied with the end result.

Roadshows started. First one was at The Curve. I practically had very few pictures there, and I look awful with a terrible hair cut I had back then.

Absolutely horrendous. Lol. I was even worse when I kinda dress like some dude going to pasar malam for the stage performance.

The next roadshow was at One Utama. Once again, I made an error of trying to comprehend my spiky hair into chic style. The effect was not exactly good.

But luckily, I had a sexy partner to help me compensate my bad combo. Bravo Clavinna.

We were then off to Timesquare for the final roadshow where Street Style is the theme.

I loved the theme a lot. Cuz it is where I feel most home with and of course, my hair too. Lol.

And once again Clavinna and I look perfectly matched, or should I say gothically.

And so the roadshows were over. There was a publicity stunt for the show held at BED which is a competition for photographers. And of course, I was there.

The Top24 was then announced. I was selected, and once again we were asked to take profile photos, these time, with great results at the end. Don't believe me? The five of us in this picture would make a lovely album cover! (Okay, the background kinda sux, Lol)

No wonder they make us look so good that day, we were featured in interview clips.

And we were even featured in a local magazine! Cool!

Lucky me, Joger decided to snap a picture with me that very day, and it was no doubt the best picture for me in the entire show to show off in my blog.

I actually wish that I could get my hands on the photos for my model shoot in the circus, but we weren't allow to have any copies. Damn it! So no photos after that.

Guess that's all for the pictures from my StarCeleb experience.


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