When I Don't Have Enough Sleep

I'm a human, just so you know.

Sometimes I don't have enough sleep thanks to my lifestyle (think gaming, watching drama, flirting, sex and etc).

Thus today I'm going to show you how I look like when I have insufficient sleep.

sleepy robb

Damn blur face right?

See the next one.

robb yawn



This means I need to sleep early, wake up early, exercise more and cut down on carbs. From today onwards, it's everyday gym for me and no more excuses!! Screw Carl's Junior!

P.S. If anyone sees me eating fattening food, remind me about my double chin.



Kurogane said...

OMG...that chin!

e s t a n c u s said...

yeap.. you sure dont have enuf sleep.. noticed you yawned so alot in the car!! XD

beachlover said...

lol... this must be what you look like when you wake up.

chingy said...

No more Carls Jr! No more KFC! No more BKT! :D

風与霧 said...
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風与霧 said...

Then rest earlier and do less "exercise" la ~ Haha ^^

H.a.M.s.A.p said...

I think someone needs to go to the gym ~ STAT!

Robb said...

i've done it. i shld have never show this picture in public. now my shares are going down. T_T

Shiuji said...

Actually, after sex make u sleep deeper. Because after exercise sure tired. Maybe sex not a factor.. haha

MiChi said...

All wealthy people have double chin! It means money, so keep it the double chin. LOL..

Robb said...


the last time i check, brad pitt is rich and his double chin must have been invisible, eh? lol

Jan said...

Lots of your pictures are currently not available. Flicker does not love you anymore, I see. What's a reader got to do then?