Gay Flashback

This is one hell of a long post

Catchy title isn't it? And I promise you my dear readers, you'd seriously enjoy the content of this post. There's two terms up there which I would delve in, let's go for the spicy one, GAY.

Those that who have known me for a long time ought to have know I'm actually gay. However, my stance on revealing my sexuality has changed ever since I got involved with StarCeleb last year. I thought it would be best to lay it low for awhile especially when I need support from the public (conservatives and open ones). Thus, I've removed most of the post regarding my acts of 'gay' (believe me, there aren't obscene ones at the first place). For those who came to follow my blog after StarCeleb, I apologize to you all for not telling you the truth.

gay bastard

Some of you might ask, what does Robbyaoi actually means? Robb is no doubt a English name that was given to me by Frankie when I enlightened him about his sexuality (Err, don't think dirty. No sex involved) during a Rotaract membership trip to Pangkor Island 3 years ago. Yaoi, is no foreign term for sexual perverts who adore hentai and Japanese literated. It simply means homosexual between illustrations/comics/anime. So if you actually catch the drift, it doesn't take a genius to tell I'm gay from my blog URL.

Yaoi, in general

Flashback happened to me when I read this post by Lilian. This of course, brings back memories of my visit to Penang last year during my birthday.

I was actually offered to celebrate my birthday in KL with other bloggers which I've already known for some time, but instead I went all the way to Penang for my plans since I really wanted to catch up with Cedric and also to meet Lilian. Little did I know, my birthday dinner was joined in by Timothy Tiah, the co-founder of Nuffnang. That truly made my day. I was really happy I went to Penang and celebrated my birthday at that time.

A picture we took during my birthday at Manila's Place, Gurney Plaza

Let me tell you guys something about Cedric. He's my old friend alright. How do I know him? Well, I've known him for years in mIRC in chatrooms for queers. He went by the nick of Toxic and usually found in #chineseplu, #gaymalaysia (DALNet). Known for his honesty in shooting people when they make apparent mistake, I took a liking for his attitude and counted him as buddy.

Then, he started his first blog and one of his post grabbed the attention of Lilian. Thus, Lilian took a liking to him and groomed him in the blogsphere. From starting off with almost no readers, Lilian got him a domain, help direct traffic for him, sponsor prizes for him to gain readership. Lilian actually did an amazing job. From a PR0 domain to a PR3 domain in 3 months time. Imagine that! My blog actually took 2 years to achieve PR3 and took 3 months thanks to Lilian's effort. I was amazed by this achievement. I congratulated him when I found out his domain reached PR3 when I checked for mine (I busybody and checked his also la!).

And then time passed. Things happened. Apparently Cedric and Lilian ain't getting along well. It was apparent when Lilian flamed Cedric in one of her blog post for his over-ambitious work in one of Nuffnang's event in Penang. That's when hell started to be apparent. Note that I said it went apparent and not happen.

At the time all these were going on, I was getting hate mails banging my sexuality and stuff from a new blogger Candy (think rebellious Britney Spears). That Candy's blog was created for the purpose of dishing people. She dished a few bloggers such as myself, Lilian, Cedric and Dakota. Next thing I know, I was contacted by Lilian and she told me secrets beyond my imagination.

She's God

Cedric was Candy.

She showed me proofs, MSN conversations (print screen), image shack ID and photo and it was apparent. How shocking it was to me, that Cedric would do such thing towards me just for a traffic hike? I for one, wouldn't say I've done anything significant to him, but I've always treated him with respect as a friend. After getting knowing about this, Candy has deleted his/her blog straight away.

The best part has yet to come when Lilian introduced me to Wing, owner of Rojaks. He then told me that he has been getting death threats to his son by me for the past few months in his blog. I was truly shocked by his story. He went on and told me, he has already got information about me, my IC, my address as he did his investigation on me well. However, he didn't lodge a police report against me because Lilian and Timothy told him that I wasn't such a person to issue death threat(thanks to me meeting Lilian and Timothy back in Penang at that time).

Further investigations showed matching IP from various blogs that the person who uses my nickname (SotongZai) to issue death threat to Wing was using the nick Cedric dropping comments in other blogs. The other comments left by that nickname seems legitimate to what Cedric would have commented as well.

I mean let's see the logic here, shall we? What has 2 grown-ups, Wing (a married successful man) and Lilian (married successful blogger) got against a 20 year old young blogger? Scared that he would outdo them? 2 adults won't just gang up and make lies against 1 kiddo, would they? That is nonsense!

I wouldn't speculate that it was definitely him since the proof was not substantial enough. However, the apparent facts aren't exactly in favor of Cedric's position and so I told him, that though I do not wish it was him that have done such a treachery of friendship towards me, I must be objective enough to see the facts. Ever since that statement of mine, Cedric has be wary of me and have stayed away from me. I on the other hand has been the same towards him.

I joined a new group of bloggers by the name of Shouterz. I seriously like the idea of having an interactive chatbox in my page. The creator of Shoutout was from Penang and goes by the name Lasker. Then when I made another visit to Penang, hoping to meet the Shouterz group. They are the usual youth bloggers of Penang Island, namely Cedric, Benji, Minny and etc. Well, looks like Cedric was influential enough to make almost the entire Shouterz team to boycott my meet-up with them. Thankfully, Lasker, Elise and Emily didn't abandon me. This statement is not a guess as another Shouter, Jeannie told me about it.

I smiled and told Jeannie that I was not sad that my friend did that to me. He was merely protecting himself at the cost of hurting others. I then expressed my point of view as followed;
He is a well-known youth blogger in the Island thanks to Lilian's grooming at first place. Then, during the feud, his readers split sides and some of them trusted in him for denying the gay acclamations.

My presence on the island once again after the incidents Lilian told me, threatens him that I might spoil his reputation. It is not surprising at all that he wants to keep his contacts away from me at all cost.
Let's review what I'm trying to say in this post.
  1. I'm gay.
  2. Cedric was a friend I knew from mIRC gay channels.
  3. Cedric was Candy, flamed other bloggers to create issues and topics to generate clicks.
  4. Someone gave out death threats using my nick at Rojaks and used the nick Cedric in other blogs.
  5. Despite me still treating him as an equal, Cedric avoided and made most Shouters boycott meeting me.
So what would I want to conclude? Cedric, get a life and come out clean. People are much more comfortable being who they are. Take me for example. All my real friends know I'm gay. If your friends can't accept your sexuality, they are not friends at the first place.


Treated Like a Monkey King

Since Wukong is so almighty now, he's treated like a king!


However, no matter how powerful your magic is, you still need to pay after meals.


As said by my earlier post, there would be no more Sun Wukong comic updates at least till this weekend.


Sorry Update


I haven't been blogging for a few days and yes, I noticed. I've been really busy with my final paper of examination. This is the hardest paper of them all and I really ought to spend more time on it. (Why the heck does a PR practitioner needs to study Publication and Production?)

Apart from that, I'd like to bring another update for my PayPal purchase. The plunging rate of USD to MYR is apparent and I seriously can't pay that much for online funds. I know it's hard earn money by most of you guys (yea, I write paid post too, I know how it feels when the value of your money goes down), but that's the only limit I can pay.

Thus the new revised rate for me buying PayPal funds would now be 1USD (PayPal) = 3 MYR (RM3).

Moving on next. Sun Wukong comic would have to come a halt after one last update I'm going to make. The main reason is, I ran out of the scanlations. I only scanned so much the last time I was back in Ipoh (I don't have a scanner in KL). But worry not as once my exams are over, I'm hitting the road back home to enjoy holidays and Chinese New Year. Thus, Sun Wukong is just going to rest for the maximum of 3 or 4 days.

Ipoh is my destination for this weekend and if there are anyone who wants to meet up to yamcha or DotA, just drop a message, peeps.

I really ought to get back to my books as I don't wish to flunk my last paper. Thanks for reading, guys and gals.


Domain Which Cost Less

Ever want to have your own domain? It's rather easy to get one actually. But the payment of getting a domain? Now that varies from very cheap to very expensive.

Of course, if you're starting from scratch with an unknown URL, it's probably going to be cheap. But if you're actually aiming to take over a high traffic URL, now that's going to cost a lot. In between that, you still have to pay for intermediates for their services. There ain't anyone doing things for charity these days you know? Even volunteer workers get things in return (feeling of satisfaction and happiness to help others).

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Best Commons of Morningtide

I am going to rate the best commons for each color in Morningtide. Bear in mind that it is important for every drafter to draft correctly and efficiently according to their colors especially if it is the third pack, seeing that the new draft format would soon be Lorwyn-Lorwyn-Morningtide. I will go according to colors, and I will give out the best commons in two categories, creature and spells.

The best common creature for White in Morningtide is no doubt Burrenton Bombardier.

A Wild Griffin with the reinforce ability is just awesome. You can't definitely ask for more from this guy as a common.

Next, the best common spell for White in Morningtide would be Weight of Conscience.

Pacifism has always been a top pick common in Tenth Edition drafts and I don't see why Weight of Conscience would not be. Sure, the enchanted can block creatures, but you can remove the creature. It's definitely handy for pesky creatures with abilities, ain't it?

Moving along to Blue's best common creature in Morningtide. It is no doubt belongs to Floodchaser.

Unlike Sea Monster, it cost only 1 Blue mana instead of 2 and it can ensure that it will be able to attack, of course, reducing its power and toughness. But it is definitely worth the deal ain't it? After all, having a 6/6 or a 5/5 for 6 mana in Blue is just so good.

The contenders for best Blue common spells in Morningtide are Disperse and Distant Melody.

Disperse is a weaker version of Boomerang, but nevertheless having a bounce spell in Blue is good for control, tricks and tempo. Distant Melody however is a very conditional spell. But seeing how Lorwyn format which has lots of emphasize for creatures, it might just be a super bomb in Elves, Merfolks or Faeries' decks. I would first pick Distant Melody and splash Blue if I've drafted a solid Elf deck in my first 2 packs. Thus there isn't a clear winner here.

Next up, best Black common creature in Morningtide would be Festercreep.

It is a great common due to the fact that it can make a lot of tokens unhappy (most tokens in Lorwyn are 1/1). A single card capable of making a lot of creatures unhappy is a card advantage and thus should be given credit.

Violet Pall is no doubt the best common spell not only in Black but the entire Morningtide expansion.

It is a similar version of Shriekmaw, but of course, not as scary as it. At 5 mana, it can destroy a creature, and gives you an evasive creature. How cool is that? To top that, that creature is even a rogue, perfect for your Prowl spells. This card would most likely be taken on the first pack unless there's better card available (very limited number).

Let's go to the flaming hot Red. War-Spike Changeling is my pick for the best common creature in Red for Morningtide.

A changeling Hill Giant with the ability to gain first strike is just so good. It fits in any decks that runs Red in it perfectly. Definitely a very good and efficient common.

Once again when it comes to best common spell in Red I have split views among two cards. They are Roar of the Crowd and Shard Volley.

Roar of the Crowd is definitely a conditional card just like Distant Melody I mentioned earlier. This means, decks that are heavy on tokens and creatures of the same type would really handpick him quick and fast as it is not only able to target creature, but player as well.

Shard Volley is an efficient burn spell which is much appreciated in Lorwyn especially since there are so few burns in the format. The disadvantage of sacrificing a land is tolerable in Limited Format no doubt.

Green definitely has a lot of great common creatures in Morningtide. I have to mention all two of the best as I think I would be doing injustice to any of them if I try to hide the fact.

Ambassador Oak is a 4 mana for 4/4 total power and toughness which is good. The even better thing is, you get 2 creatures at the same time. No doubt, it is card advantage.

Fertilid is a 3 mana 2/2 creature with the ability of land searching. In fact, it can even search twice for the right colors. How cool is he?

There is no doubt that Green's best common spell in Morningitide is Earthbrawn.

A slightly more expensive Giant Growth with the ability to reinforce is just the best Green has to offer as a spell. Take it quick if you're in Green as it will never return to you.

That's all for the review of the best commons in Morningtide. I hope you guys will find the information I posted useful for your Limited Games especially drafts.


Cash Advance

Man, things these days are so expensive! Even a meal for two at the hawker stall cost 12 bucks roughly. I wonder what is it like for you guys.

It has been the nature of men to enjoy the finer things in life. But sometimes, we just can't afford it. Well, for those who have credit card, they might be able to, at the cost of being in debt with the bank. What about for those who don't have a credit card? Let's face the fact that not everyone is well educated and gets a stable job and qualifies for a credit card. I'm talking about the people who are below the average income group. What if they need money? They sure don't have any shiny card they can take out from their wallet to swipe, ain't it?

Well, there's now a service that address to that. Ever heard of the term cash advance? It is actually a type of loan in small figures aimed for people who need an advancement of money usually for purchase of items, emergencies or even surviving the remaining week before their salary comes in.

Now that's going to come in handy for a lot of people.


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The Handsome Monkey King

Yes, Wukong is definitely at his peak of strength after his vigorous training at the Immortal Island. Thus, no doubt the Demon King is no match for him.


Unfortunately, when people monkeys get powerful, they tend to develop a sense of self-obsession...


Stay tune for more Wukong next update.


Home Sweet Home

It is undeniable that our homes are the most important place on Earth. After all, shelter is one of our basic needs in life. Therefore, taking care and decorating our home should not be taken lightly. After all, you won't want to come home to a messy shelter everyday, would you?

Ever thought of getting new Address Plaques? It is definitely a must for every home, you know? It helps postman and visitors locate your house easier from the clutter of houses in your neighborhood.

If you're one who enjoy your garden, why not get a Bird Bath? I personally think it is dashing to have one over at my lawn. Check out what other decors you can get for your home at Mailbox and Beyond.


Change of Buy Rate

As you guys already know, I am mass purchasing PayPal funds from Malaysians. And to the deepest regret I must inform you guys, that I can't be taking in anymore PayPal funds with the rate of 1USD = RM3.20 since the US dollars have plunged so much since I last checked (which was quite some time ago). The price 1USD = RM3.20 was a price which I've sold my PayPal funds to buyers last time when the real rate was 1USD = RM3.50 .

However, I will not be reducing the rate of my purchase severely. I am only cutting back the rate of RM0.10 which brings the new rate to 1USD = RM3.10 .

I hope this change of rate won't affect your decision in selling me your PayPal funds.


Goddess, Light My Path

That quote was from Priestess of the Moon, a hero in Warcraft III. However, the word light is definitely no simple word that we can forsake. Ever since the dawn of man, light, though not apparent, is one of our very basic needs after food, water and air.

What can we do if there's no light? Very little and very troublesome. Everyone would have to be in close proximity to know what's ahead and reading is all going to be in Braille. How inconvenient a life like that compared to what we have today, eh?

Today's world, we have all kinds of lights available. Florescent, bulbs, spotlights, those lights you put on your Christmas trees and many more. However, when it comes to niche markets, where would you find a quality remote control boat lights? For those of you who have little idea why boats need lights, think again. How are you going to see when you're traveling the sea at night?

Thanks to MagnaLight, who specializes in equipment lights, you would have no problem if you need any boat lights or flashlights. Check them out if you need such lights.


Monkey King VS Demon King

Apparently, there is a Demon King around harassing monkeys (that sounds so wrong and gross) when Wukong is not around. Now that the Monkey King is back, let's see some action!


And in this strip you'll see the art of regeneration, by both Wukong and..


the sword.

Till next update for the result of the battle.


Home School

Ever heard of Home School? Not many of us in Malaysia have, but it is a practice for some in the Western counterparts. In contrast to we having to attend school daily, sit in a classroom with other people, home school simply means, bringing the school to your home. And the best thing about home school is, you got all the attention to yourself. This is of course a great benefit for learning. By having the teacher pay close attention to only you, you can improve even your weakest subject in no time.

The MorningStar Academy is Premier K-12 Online Christine Private School which offers Home School online now! This is another remarkable step in home schooling as now it can be made global rather than having the tutor or the teacher come to your home. There are over 140 courses available. You should definitely check out their website if you're interested in what you read here. Their simple design and layout enable their thorough information about them presented to you in the most pleasant way.


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Another Ipoh Mali

I have been blogging about 3 to 4 years now, I guess. But if you really wanna count the days I went from once in a blue moon blogger to serious blogging, I guess it's about a year. I can't help but to notice that there are very few Ipoh Mali (slang for people from Ipoh) bloggers in the blogsphere.

I have no idea why, but I could speculate the reasons. Maybe because Ipoh has a high population of pensioners who aren't really tech savvy?

Or the kids in Ipoh are just too snobbish to blog?

I've wandered from blog to blog in my 1 year experience and there were very minimum or little Ipoh bloggers. Most of the time, the blogsphere are flooded with KL Lites, Sarawakians and Penangites. So, I made a vow that if I discover any good Ipoh Mali blogs, I will pimp and introduce them in my blog. Ipohans should stick together ain't it? That's my view.

First off, I was blog-hopping till I saw a link with the name IpohChai. It doesn't take a genius to guess where the blogger's from. So with heavy infatuation towards my hometown, I went and clicked the link (Psst.. just send me spams with the subject related to Ipoh, I will open them. Lol). Hmm, I must say the blog is of good quality. With wonderful reviews on Ipoh food and life experiences (he's a young dad), I am captivated by what he writes.

Here's a picture of his baby! Got dimple 1 ah. Ain't he cute?

Here's one thing I would like to say to IpohChai.

"Hoi! Your baby so cute, no name 1 ah? I don't wanna call him baby baby only le."

And here's another picture from his blog featuring the most nostalgic place to have dim sum in Ipoh, Foh San. Seriously, this guy is good in doing food reviews.

I swear, I'm going to eat lots of har gau the next time I go Foh San

At any rate, IpohChai is definitely in my daily clicks now.

Next, I have an old friend, who suddenly wants to blog. Perhaps it is because that he finally came to the term that blogging is cool (eyes on me please), or envious due to the fact that I get more than 1k a month just by sitting in front of my PC typing in entries. I'm not sure, you ask him.

I bet he's gonna roll over when he sees this picture

Julian is new. Really new. But he's doing fine as a newbie in the blogsphere. He places widgets here and there, ads here and there and craps here and there just like I did. Lol. All he needs now is to get more readers on his site before he can actually dream of earning some cash. Some of the posts he made are kinda interesting. But as usual, he is learning and he definitely has rooms for improvement. So if you don't mind helping me out, drop by his blog and leave more constructive comments to help him out.

One of the many funny signs Julian has encountered

Nothing feels better than to pimp Ipohans. If you guys have any Ipoh Mali blogs you like, please comment. I would like to see them too.


Web Hosting Guide

Man, the Internet is so convenient these days. No longer do we have to find those "Dummies' Guide for Anything" Book at our local bookstore as we can find all kinds of guides in the Internet. The Internet community sure is friendly in terms of sharing information ain't it?

Ever thought of having your own site? Surely you can get one for free at various sites. But what I mean is your site with your own domain name. You can name it what ever you want as long as it is not taken. No longer do you have to bear another site's domain name before yours. Sounds cool, huh? But you don't know how to start?

Well, if web hosting choice is what you're facing, then I seriously suggest you check out this guide. It has all the information you'll ever need to learn on getting your own website hosted online. It is site like this that makes me feel grateful that the Internet is here to stay.


Sun Wukong Returns

Yes, education is finally complete. Now he is whole~

But before he leaves, he wants to leave a mark at the Immortal Island. Let's take a look.


And he flies back to Flower Fruit Mountain riding his Somersault Cloud in matter of minutes compared to his pathetic journey on boat to the Immortal Island. And he brought souvenirs~~~


Apparently someone has been very naughty when Wukong was not around. Stay tune for next update to figure out who.


Make Haste to Pro

Professionalism refers to someone who is usually reputable and makes money in a specific field. However in these days, professionals are usually linked with their abilities to make money in a certain field disregarding whether they are famous or notorious. Take me for example, certainly if you're asking in terms of popularity, I'm not exactly a shiny blogger. But in terms of making money, yes I am. In short, I am a pro blogger.

Well, good news for those who aspire to make it pro in the world of gambling as there is now a very great community for you to make use of. Despite the fact that there are so many online casino review sites around, there's one that is made up strictly by professional gamblers for casino online. Isn't that wonderful? Picking up tips from the pro on how to win money is definitely something most sites can't offer. Apart from giving excellent reviews from the bird eye's view of the pros, they provide statistics for various online casinos in terms of reliability, user friendliness, and payout rate.

Now if I want to make it pro in gambling, Casino Haste is definitely where I would check out right away.


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Morningtide Pre-Release Report

All I can say was.. "Wow, what a long, tiring day!"

My day started off at 5.30 a.m. as I was money-minded to wake up early enough to catch paid posts. Then, breakfast and bath and went out at 7.30 a.m. to take public transportation to Midvalley. I reached my destination around 8.35 a.m. , 25 minutes before the first session started.

Went around selling my cards to players and found quite some buyers. Many people were interested in my cards, which some were already reserved for my friends in Penang and Ipoh. Some of them offered a much higher price for them and I just can't say no to the money, thus I sold some off.

Then the first session started. Having made my own Morningtide Spoiler list, I knew what to expect when I crack those pack. Despite the many class type mechanics being utilized, it is difficult to actually combine them to make a solid theme for your Sealed Deck. Most of the time, it is the colors that is the most important. It is almost impossible of winning using only 1 class type though race might still work.

I had Immaculate Magistrates in my card pool for both sessions and I was utilizing them. Despite the fact that it's a 4 mana for 2/2, every turn he can pump extra +1/+1 to others or himself makes him very reliable. Even if you don't have much elves in your deck, as long as you're in green, you should play him.

Immaculate Magistrate

My first session's card pool wasn't really solid. The tribes and classes were all very scattered. I made a G/R/b deck where I have the theme of Elves, Goblins and Warriors. I had too many 5th drops but thankfully I had Scapeshift, an extremely useful land thinner and color fixer. Scapeshift saved my day once by pulling out all my lands from my deck, and the other time I used it, I sacrificed 7 lands, pulled out another 7 to leave my library containing only 3 lands left. I thought I was going to draw spells each turn, but to my horror, I drew those last 3 lands consecutively! That was a nightmare. Lol.


Second session was much better. Once again, the class mechanics failed to dominate my card pool. However, the colors and tribe interaction this time is somewhat more convincing. Having cards like Incremental Growth, Meadowboon and Swell of Courage makes me want to run more and more creatures. When I see that I actually have Marsh Flitter, Ambassador Oak and Cloudgoat Ranger, I can no longer hold my excitement for the 'Overrun' theme. Indeed, I won all 4 games in the second session.

You better snatch Swell of Courage early if you're going white, cause it is a bomb!

When the sessions were running, once I finished my game, I continued off to sell my cards. Unfortunately, my sales weren't as good as what I expected. At the end of the day, I sold off all my cards to a shop which had a booth during the Pre-Release. The prices offered were much lower than my discounted price. I had to bite the bullet and settle for less since I am not going back there the next day.

But I did what I came to do. I sold off my cards, and got my cash. That was the day I had the most cash in my entire life! I quickly made haste to the nearest Maybank outlet to cash deposit them into my account as I was worried if I'm going to be robbed at the wrong time.

It would sucks to be him

Upon reaching home around 9 p.m. Zach and I dined at a local Thai restaurant called OM which I would most likely make an independent post about it soon. After that, we went DotA till after midnight, which made me realized that I had been out of the house for 18 hours consecutively. Whoa~ Once I reached home, I took a bath and straight to my bed. One of the finest sleep I ever had in days.

That's my Morningtide Report.


Poker Site

Yea, we've seen people playing poker everywhere. Be it in the movie scene or real life, there are a lot of people who enjoys playing poker. But tell me, how many of them are really good at it? Ever wonder how would it be to play poker for money? Why not try doing some research on it?

There are a lot of strategies involved in poker playing. Be it beginners or professionals, the tactics are different and vary according to places. A fine strategy you use in one place might not work at another. That is the truth for poker. Here's a little tip for you if you are new in poker playing. Play honestly and count the probability. You're not pro enough to lie in front of veteran players yet.

I might not be the best person to look for in terms of online poker resources. I personally suggest you check out for much better reviews and guides seeing that it is an online poker resource center.


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Early Morning Motivation

Since I'm heading off for a battle of Magic later on, I do think that a song that would put my spirits high for the upcoming battle is in order.

Press play to listen to the song

Call him gay or what-so-ever, but Queen's We Are the Champion really gives out the motivating factor for a lot of people. Don't deny it.

Here's the lyrics for you peeps if you wanna sing along.

We Are the Champions - Queen

I've paid my dues -
Time after time -
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime -
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face -
But Ive come through

We are the champions - my friends
And well keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
cause we are the champions - of the world -

Ive taken my bows
And my curtain calls -
You brought me fame and fortuen and everything that goes with it -
I thank you all -

But its been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise -
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race -
And I ain't gonna lose -

We are the champions - my friends
And well keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
cause we are the champions - of the world -

I'm gonna win!


Add Spice in Your IM

You can't deny the fact that most Internet users make full use of Instant Messaging otherwise known as IM for short. It is practically the best thing ever for communication since the telephone and email. Thus no doubt, there would be demands for upgrade and enhancement of everyone's most used software, isn't it?

If you're looking for something new, hot and spicy to add on to your Instant Messenger, I would seriously suggest SweetIM. It is an add-on for various instant messengers, webmails, forums, blogs and spaces. It enriches communication over the net by way of fun, cool, hilarious content emoticons, Winks, Sound effects, games, glitters and cool nudges.

I have personally tried this software and I am very fond of its features. There are practically hundreds of different emoticons, winks and simply amazing sound effects that would cheer your friends up, put you in the right mood or insult someone you hate. Lol.

The picture above is my MSN Messenger using the new wink feature which evidently featured a pig laughing hysterically. Lol. What? You're not using MSN? Don't even sweat it because SweetIM supports all AIM and Yahoo too. Cool, huh?

And if you're wondering that having this software would expose you to advertisements, don't sweat it as well because there is no spyware or adware in it. I've tested it, I can be sure about it.