Flirtatious Monkey

Sun Wukong gets flirtatious today! He's kissing so many girls!


His mischievous deeds doesn't stop. He wants to attend a function that he's not qualified.


Lol. Look for more law breaking done by Sun Wukong in updates to come.


Present Your Business With Style

It's known fact that the world revolves around money. If you have none of it, you're at the squatters. The United States took over Iraq for oil - money. People work day and night for money.

The most common way of making money is business. Everyone seems to be involved in it. Sure, you might not be a businessman, but you're working for one, I'm sure. Any business would require ways to reach out to their consumers. Presentation of facts, goods and products is important to place and position your organization in the ever competitive market today.

There are a lot of ways in doing so. Some might consider advertising, publicity, events and direct selling. One of the great ways in positioning your products and your organization is no doubt Telemarketing.

So what's telemarketing? It's the process of calling potential customers to discuss your products or services with them. Ideally this provides quality leads with people interested in your products, improving the results of your sales team. Properly managed telemarketing also collates data such as key decision makers, the relevance of the target company and their current position with regards to your product. Most importantly, effective telemarketing handles the follow up and contact required to guide prospects through the sales process.

If you are interested in outsourcing telemarketing, I seriously suggest you check out the link.


Zu Zu Sleeps Better with Chipster

The following post consist pictures of Zu Zu with Chipster and pictures of a hideous, unshaven, fat, lazy, topless bastard with Chipster. If you're offended easily by ugly people, please don't exit this page right now.

I'm also forced to do this. :(

The Pajama Party is wajib for me and the dateline for the post is today. So here I am writing about Chipster. The theme given was 'I Sleep Better with Chipster'.

Frankly speaking, I sleep okay with Chipster. But someone else really sleeps way better with Chipster. Introducing Zu Zu!


He's seriously into Chipster. No kidding! He lies down and guard it whenever I try to approach Chipster.

chipster 3a

I tried taking Chipster away from him, but he don't let!!

chipster 4

So I decided to let him have Chipster. And he sleeps so well with it.

chipster 5a

But once he's sound asleep, it's my turn. Cuz I wanna sleep better with Chipster too. Here's something hideous from me.


I'm actually just topless, okay? Not naked. You won't get freebies in my blog. Wakaka. Well, except for Edison's la. Lol.

I'm gonna attend the party in my pajamas. Really hope lots of you guys would have big balls enough to show up with yours too! Wakakaka.


Credit Card for Bad Credit

Face the facts that these days, a lot of people are having bad credit. What's bad credit? It means exactly what it is, poor credit rating. This is due to various factors such as making late payments, missing payments, exceeding card limits or filing for bankruptcy.

When you've bad credit, it's almost impossible for you to be approved for credit cards, loans and other finance assistance from reputable banks or financial institution. This literally force people to turn instead to other alternatives which creates social problem in society.

Thank god, there's at least bad credit cards available around for people with bad credit. Check out the link for more information.


Naughty Monkey

For the first time in Journey to the West comic strip, there's going to be a small presence of nudity. I seriously ask you not to read on if you're offended by cartoon drawings of women's boobies.


Okay, back to those peaches. Wukong has taken a liking to the immortal peaches and tries to protect them from being stolen.


We'll see more about peaches next update.


Damn Sick

It hasn't been a very good week for me.

bad week

At first Zu Zu got sick. Really sick! Vomiting, diarrhea and cold one after another. I have to rush him to the pet shop where I bought him from to seek help. Despite doing what the pet shop owner tells me, his situation persist and I can no longer rely on their advice. I took him to a vet. Luckily, after a few dosage of medicine, he looks much better. I really hope Zu Zu is going to recover as soon as possible.

Next, it's me. I got sick as well. Perhaps I was walking under the sun too much to bring Zu Zu to the vet and stuff and lack of water consumption led me to a very terrible sore throat with thick phlegms and a high fever. I was so pale, that my friend said I look like a ghost when he saw me this evening.

Usually I'm pretty stubborn to see a doctor, but this time I voluntarily went to a doctor for checkup. Man, some of these doctors are like miracle workers. Despite them giving you the same Panadol you can get at 7 Eleven (okay, you can't get antibiotic), upon visiting them, you're like totally cured. Bless these doctors. I hope Zu Zu gets well too from his visit to 'Kai Yeh'.

The term 'Kai Yeh' was kinda used by my mum when I was little. I was prone to common illness and despite taking medication on our own, I normally can't get better. Thus the frequent visit to the family clinic was always a norm and hence, the doctor there was deemed as 'Kai Yeh'. For those who don't understand Cantonese, 'Kai Yeh' means Godfather.

My fever is subsiding and I feel much better now. I hope that Zu Zu would recover too. I hope to resume my 'secret' work tomorrow.

Still a little warm on the forehead

Compensate Me

Let's face the facts that not everyone has a very safe job. By safe, I mean literal, non life-threatening jobs. Jobs like firemen, policemen, construction workers and many others are deemed volatile in terms of safety. It could be anytime accidents could happen and they would get hurt.

Accident Claims are usually deemed as thrash by large corporates. After all, they only want to make money and forsake the employee's welfare, especially if you're way down at the hierarchy of employment. I'm talking about office boys, waiters and even construction workers. If these people meet an accident during their work, will they get sufficient compensation? From the current culture of compensation, it'd most likely be no.

Imagine if a construction worker break his leg in one of the accidents. A mere compensation of 20k is what corporations would fork out normally. Seriously, I never knew that a person's leg only cost that much. But for the rest of his life, that construction worker can't walk nor work normally anymore. I personally see that the compensation is unfit.

Get legal services to help you claim your compensation. Trust me, it is definitely worth it. After all, paying a few hundreds more for more funds in your life is wise.


Heavenly Monkey

Sorry for the slow update in comics.

Wukong learns that things are not what it seems from only a half view.

Peaches from heaven are supposed to be extremely delicious and would give you a boost of magical powers. Wukong definitely wants a huge share of it.

Stay tune for more Sun Wukong.


Introducing Zu Zu

Behold the newest addition to my household~ Zu Zu!


He is so cute!!! But he's still a very very young puppy. Thus he's not very active at the moment. Furthermore he was just given a jab to protect him from disease which might cause fever to him thus resulting in a cute little puppy which only rolls on the floor and walk occasionally. :P


Most of the time he would be sleeping but occasionally he would come find me and lick my face. Little he might be, but my god, your face would be wet in matter of seconds! Ha ha.


I love Zu Zu~

I'll bring more pictures to my post especially when he starts getting active.


Black Friday Shopping

Shopping is truly a wonderful thing. Well, most of the time. Browsing through various products and items that you'd definitely find useful and convenient in life have always been a great experience with the women in general. However, when it comes to festive shopping, all hell breaks loose. The amount of queue just gets real long and the time you spent standing in line would most likely be more than the time you browse for your purchase. Now that's absolutely inconvenient if you ask me.

Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Halloween, the trip to malls are often disastrous in the non literal sense. Now wouldn't it be nice if there's alternatives to those long queue lines? Apparently there is. I'll come to that in a short while.

Are you familiar with the term Black Friday? Most of us are, but for those who aren't, it's the day after Thanksgiving. Usually there are plenty of merchants selling items really cheap on Black Friday but imagine the horror of the lines starting to form as early as 5 in the morning. If you're looking for bfads but you don't want to trouble yourself by waking up so darn early and queue up, you're definitely a lucky guy/girl as there is an online site where you can buy Black Friday items! It's easy and reliable and I really don't see why you should be lining up while you can just purchase with a few clicks.

For Black Friday 2008, sit down and do the shopping instead!


A Job in Heaven

So Wukong is finally at Heaven. Of course, he's thrilled that he's going to be employed. But what job would he be doing in heaven?


It's no doctor or actor, but looking after horses can be profiting if you know how to use your brain like Wukong.


Till next time for more Sun Wukong.


Sick & Zu Zu

This is a boring post w/o pictures

I was dead sick for the entire day yesterday. I have no idea what caused it, but I had a terrible fever. It felt so intense, that I thought I was having Dengue all over again. Thank God, it wasn't that way.

It started way early in the morning around 5 am when I woke up with the initial thoughts of blogging and playing my PS2 (signs of no life). My stomach felt semi-weird and I decided to visit Mr. Loo. The experience I had in there was terrible and painful in a way. Upon exiting, I felt my body temperature rose and I no longer have a perfect balance of my body. I decided that it was best not for me to blog as my vision was not perfect anymore (giddyness).

Went back to my room and put the fan at the lowest speed. Already wearing a jacket at that time, I pulled my blanket to cover my entire body, snatched Zach's comforter as a second layer as I was freezing cold. I've always learned that during a fever, it's best to sweat out the heat and I was doing that as well as combating the cold.

The fever took almost an entire day to subside as I rested in bed and woke up occasionally to do stuff. What stuff? Well, food and Zu Zu.

What's Zu Zu?

It's my new Shih Tzu puppy I bought yesterday despite having fever. Ever since Baby, my housemate's Shih Tzu left, we've always wanted to have a dog back in the house. Frankly speaking, if it isn't because of Baby's absence, our house wouldn't have been broken into at the first place. I can't show you any pictures of Zu Zu yet, as I'm still a bit weak (recovering from my high fever), but just good enough to write you plain text blog post for a short period of time.

It took me quite awhile to find a Shih Tzu these days. I've been looking left and right and there ain't much pure bred Shih Tzu which looks cute enough to be bought. Not even at Pet's World in Midvalley (where everything is even more overpriced). Lucky me, after my gym session at my college the day before I caught fever, I walked all the way from my place to the last lot of shops at Jalan Genting Klang where there's a pet shop (opposite Courts Mammoth).

It has lots of puppies and doggies! And that's where I found Zu Zu.

Can't stay focused on the monitor for too long as my giddiness won't allow me. More updates on Zu Zu later.



Too sick to narrate much, but I'm putting the comic strips up for you guys to read.



Till next update.


Looks Do Matter

I'm not kidding. Despite the world calls for a fair judgment and evaluation of skills, performances and knowledge in all sectors, physical appearance still matters. Honestly, if you're in charge of employing someone to work for you, would you take someone who look rather ordinary or better looking? Mind you, both have equally impressive working experience, skills, academic performances and etc. I guess the better looking one is a 100% here.

Do you know that right before the Oscar, there were many people going for a surgical makeover? Apparently a lot of the entertainment industry peeps want to look their best so their opted out for a face lift. Well, it's understandable to look well in front of camera. Even our local politician Khir Toyo is rumored to have undergone Botox injection and he's not even in the entertainment industry.

If you need info about Breast Augmentation UK, you can always click the link here.


The Jade Emperor

When the hell's caretaker and Dragon King are humiliated, they turn to the biggest authority in the god's realm, the Jade Emperor~ *bang the gong please*


In case you don't get the last picture, it's a man, standing on a stool pretending to have a large intimidating body at front view.

It seems to me that photography was no foreign technology as the gods in heaven knew about it long long time ago. Ha ha.

Till next for more Sun Wukong.


Merchant Advisors

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Now they're even offering Merchant Services Credit Card Processing to business owners. Credit Card Processing is no longer a hassle like other credit card providers. No long queues and anticipating waits like in other competing credit card companies.

Credit Card Processing Service from MerchantAdvisors is easy and simple. They even give you free Credit Card Processing Terminal! Now imagine how much you can save there! The best deal of all, there's this trial program that they're offering. I've known of trial programs for things sold on television and other items, but on a credit card? Now this is definitely new.

30 days trial where you can swipe as much as you can. If you don't feel that their credit card processing services have helped make your business easier and more profitable just holler on 800-870-7622 before the time frame so that they'll refund your enrollment fees and waive your monthly fee too. You're only required to pay for your transactions you processed within the period.

Check out MerchantAdvisors for various services catered for small business owners in America.


Ohana Means Family

Yup, that quote was quite popular when Disney's Lilo & Stitch was just released.

I'm gonna be blogging a bit about my family members and my past in this post actually.

(I bet my younger sis is yelling "No!!! Don't post my picture up!")

Let's start with an introductory of my nucleus family. I have a dad, mum, and 2 siblings, which are both females, one elder and one younger. Yes, I'm technically surrounded by girls my entire childhood and teenage. Thank God, I don't turn out sissy! (Oh wait, turning queer is worse, right? Darn!)

I'm not gonna be focusing a lot of pictures on my parents as I don't think that I should I'm gonna be exploiting my younger sister more. I can't show you any recent pictures about my elder sister as she is currently in Russia, and technically saying, we're worlds apart at most of the time times.

My younger sister~ Im Im (nama manja the whole family uses for her)


Needless to say, she's beautiful (the good looking gene runs in the family). She has always been a real good sister. Let me recap some of the moments we grew up together.
  • She and my elder sister ganged up and bullied me most of the times when we were young. :(
  • She stomped on my feet and cried, making my parents went after me with rotan thinking that I bullied her. :(
  • I bullied her ever since my elder sister left to Russia. :D
  • I still bully her today. Wakakaka ^_^
  • I've always love her as a sister. :)
More to my childhood. I actually shifted house once back in Ipoh. I was actually raised in the house of my grandfather whom I've never met (passed away before I was born). That's the family house which housed 9 family members. My aunt and her daughter, uncle, grandmother and my parents with my siblings. Man, I still can't figure out how did all of us squeeze under 1 roof at that time.


The house looks so small to me now. Maybe it was due to my perception when I was a kid, I was smaller in size that the house looked relatively big to me. However, the memories and love from my aunt and uncle are never forgotten. Till this day, we still feel intact with them the most (my grandma had 12 children, imagine the amount of aunts and uncles!).

My aunt, me, my dad and my mum

My aunt is a fantastic cook. She has talent in cooking and baking cookies! She used to bake lots of Chinese New Year cookies back when I was small and I helped! Yeah! :D

Occasionally she'll cook laksa, nasi kunyit, lam mee and lots of other delicacies for us to eat. I've never failed to attend to her cookings whenever I'm in Ipoh. Slurp~


The new bloke in the picture is my uncle. He's a mean ass tough guy! He's so tough, he actually caught a live python before! Talk about balls! I bet he has bigger balls than me (Mine are already extremely big - non literal). He was the guy who've always shown the pure masculine side (big, rough, no nonsense) back when I was living in the family house. Till today, he remained the same in living his life, and I'm proud of him as well! (Sometimes he gives me extra allowance~ :D)

My parents? We'll leave it for another post in the future shall we? Let's enjoy my sister camwhoring more.


P.S. My sister refused to snap pictures for me to camwhore :( Since I've not much pictures of myself, I'm just blogging what's in my camera. *hinting to my sister*


Peace out~

Solar's Up

Have you heard? Ulster bank has launched a discounted mortgage for people who have solar power installed in their homes. No kidding! That means more and more people will install solar power in their houses just to take advantage of the mortgage.

That's definitely something good for the society and the environment. This literally means less power consumption by other sources. The world's power supplies are usually powered by fuels and these fuels we're talking about ain't going to last long in this world. Experts estimate a maximum of 50 years before fuel will run out based on current consumption rate.

Surely we have other means of generating power and electricity. Dams, windmills and those huge solar system owned by government sectors, but these generators generate less compared to fuel burning. Thus, if every home has an installed solar system, I bet it could really save the fuel consumption rate a lot.

Check out Mortgages UK for more.


Hell Messed Up

How nice would it be, if you could modify your lifespan? :D


And if you ever end up down there one day, ask your family to bury or cremate you with a balloon. Trust me, it comes in handy.


Till next update for more Sun Wukong.


Manage Well

Like most things in life, we're taught to excel in our fields. Take the first step of life for example. We don't pop out into the world speaking in English. While some of us are native English speakers thanks to our parents, most people around the globe learned it through courses.

As we advance in our life stages, we are even exposed to even more courses. I went through a training course a few years back on leadership. The course was aspiring and taught me a lot about how to lead others in terms of ideas, knowledge and skills. Management Courses are definitely not new in the field of business. Managing your business well is crucial to your success, vital to see that you make profit rather than losing money.

Do check out the link for more information.


Roses VS Tear Gas & Water Cannon

For those of you, who haven't heard, there was a rally again today on 16th of February 2008 at Kuala Lumpur.


HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) is once again the organization on the streets. This time, they wish to hand roses and a protest note over to our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the Parliament so he would hear their demands. There were 2 colors of roses involved, red roses symbolized love and peace, while the yellow roses symbolized the group's demand for justice and the release of the detained HINDRAF leaders under the Internal Security Act (ISA).


What makes it different this time is, there were children involved in the rally. Knowing the trend of the Malaysian government towards rallies, tear gas and water cannon are definitely expected to see play. The move for bringing in children to walk alongside the protesters were led by HINDRAF chairperson P.Waytha Moorthy's very own daughter, Vwaishhnnavi. Below, is the quote from the chairperson himself regarding allowing her daughter to participate in the rally.

I seek forgiveness of the Almighty for placing my only 5-year daughter on the forefront to face the possibility of the first round of tear gas and chemical laced water.

Like any other child Vwaishhnnavi is a symbol of LOVE & AFFECTION. She is my only worldly treasure. I neither posses not property nor wealth. And I dedicate my only "treasure" for the cause of this suppressed community.

I embrace the brave mother of this child for her determination, courage and commitment shown towards the struggle.

And, much to the expectation, the local enforcement units did their best at spraying chemical laced water and tear gas towards protesters, this time, including children.


The turnout wasn't as significant in terms of number compared to its previous rally, but this does not make the police reduce the amount of force used to disperse the crowd. Children were separated from their parents by police which demanded them to show their birth certificates in order to prove that the children belongs to them.


Many protesters were arrested in this rally including B.Mahendran, a very notable blogger for the Indian community, who also happens to be my ex-roommate back in UTP. Being youths who were very aware of the country's politics and policies, we were best mates back then and never fail to discuss national issues.

Mahen, my pal

Done with the journalistic writing. Let's go for opinion writing.

First off, having children for protesting? That raises an eyebrow. Yea, sure. Children are pure, holy and innocent. Having them to carry your message symbolizes purity and stuff. But as logic tells us, you're putting your children's safety at stake to deliver your message? Pardon me if I sound offensive, but I personally think this is a manipulative act. Children as young as 5 years old basically have no strong sense of judgment and are subjected to the influence of family members and peers. By using your influence to have them protest just sounds wrong!

I am perfectly fine and proud of HINDRAF supporters for fighting their rights. But bringing your children along is just not the way! I studied a lot on media and persuasive movements as I'm in mass communications. Creating news value with children involved is no doubt, very efficient, but at what cause? I might sound wrong to you, but I do think that you're abusing your children in a way.

Next, the police and FRU are no doubt 'heroes' once again, as they went against peaceful protesters, this time with children. Separating children from their parents demanding to see birth certificates? Now that's a cheap shot! Now tell me, if you're a parent, do you carry your child's birth certificate whenever you go out with him/her? This is absolutely nonsense aimed to demoralize the protesters.

I give my praise to HINDRAF supporters fighting for their rights. But I condemn your actions of dragging children involved which might have others calling your action as having children shield. Keep politics for the adults and do not pull innocent ones into the frame. I know, children are affected by politics, but they simply are too young for all these actions.



Fullamak Mahen! Gaya gile ko! Time kena tangkap serupa Bollywood hero! Caya la lu!


Vantage Point Review

I was invited for a Press Screening for the movie Vantage Point. It was my first time as this exclusive screening of movies before their release dates are usually meant for journalists. However, Nuffnang fought hard and made the local industry recognize the power of bloggers as a new media and thus, bloggers are now often given Press Screenings. If you haven't get yours, it's only the matter of time before you receive an email for one. :)


On to the movie. Sure, you don't hear about this movie a lot as it's not as widely publicized such as CJ7 by Stephen Chow or Jay Chou's Kungfu Dunk which both I haven't watch. Vantage Point is something different from conventional movies. The movie is about a 23 minute incident which was portrayed in 6 different angles. Each new angle revealed gives a deeper insight of the happenings.

vantage point

An action thriller like this definitely is a breath of new air rather than the conventional Rambo style of "Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!" Let me give you some insight of what the story about, shall I?


The story starts having its eye on the perception of a group of international journalists covering a live reporting for a World Leader meeting to combat terrorism. The U.S. President is no doubt the eyes of many in these sort of events. The irony part is that the President was shot at the very meeting meant to combat terrorist. The thrill doesn't end there as 2 bombs went off one after another which took the lives of many.

As the camera zoomed on to the reporter's body lying unconscious due to the blast, a rewind of events then happened. A new angle of the plot is revealed. This time, through Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid), a Secret Service Agent whose job was to protect the President of the United States.


I would say that this guy would be the so called 'hero' in the movie as he's so tough that he survived car accidents, bomb blasts and live bullets all over the place.

Then, the entire process where the president arrived, got on stage and shot, bombs exploded was showed again. After that, another rewind of events, to another angle. I know, the rewind seems a bit annoying, but each time they do that, there's always a new insight you don't see from the earlier perceptions.

Here's some pictures from the movies.

This guy was literally shot 6 times in the movie. Lol!

This movie tells us the reality of the world. Beautiful women are dangerous!

Though annoying due to constant yelling, but this little girl is the conclusion of events. :)

Forest Whitaker & Anna
Looks like some pervert (kam yu lou) gaining on the prey, eh? Lol

The last picture actually shows an American tourist who is deemed really brave. Despite being fat, he can run! He played an important part in the movie which addresses what we ordinary people can do at crises.

Okay, judgment time. I really like the story of Vantage Point. The plot is so interesting! You would always go,

"Oh!!! So that's what happened!"

But the rewind part (seeing the President being shot 6 times!) is a bit annoying. But the new stuff that comes in usually helps balance it. If you're easily annoyed, I bet you'll be pissed. Lol. But seriously, it's a good movie.

P.S. Boss Tim! I want more press screenings!