I Steal from the Rich and Give to the Poor

You gotta admit, the dudes in KFC Holdings Sdn Bhd Malaysia are going crazy~~~

I mean, they came up with their own breakfast meals to get a piece of that pie that has long been dominated by McDonalds. To counter McD's chicken porridge, guess what they have to offer?

kfc nasi lemak

They have nasi lemak! WTF! Lol.

Okay, let's not talk about that for a moment. I am a big fan of chili sauce. I mean, most assorted fried or deep fried food I eat, I would definitely look for chili sauce. And somehow, I am really fancy of the Thai Chili Sauce from Life. I have 3 bottles at home but all of them have dried up. (Bottoms are very difficult to get out)

thai chili sauce empty

I don't usually buy my own Chili Sauce. So I grabbed my phone and texted the following message to Zach.

"Let's go KFC for dinner tonight. Running low on Chili Sauce"

So I showered, grabbed my wallet and phone and began my journey of thousand miles. As usual, camwhored when I'm walking. One picture turned out quite splendid, lucky me.


As the day has yet to turn dark, the view is somewhat pleasant so I took another shot of the parking lot on my way to the nearest KFC from where I stay.

parking lot

After less than 5 minutes of walking, I'm there already. KFC Jalan Genting Klang.

kfc setapak

The best thing of all, it's open 24 hours! Before this, I only knew 1 KFC outlet in KL that's operates 24 hours which is the one at Chow Kit.

Upon entering something caught my eye.

My precious~~~

No, seriously. I mean this.

kfc chicken rice

They have Chicken Rice!!! Lol!! If I'm any crazier, I'd have gone ARGHH~~~~ like Zoidberg from Futurama.


Not being able to try their Nasi Lemak due to most of the time I don't really take breakfast, I told myself, I gotta order this Chicken Rice of KFC and try it out. So I joined the queue line waiting anxiously to order the Chicken Rice.

why bring bag

As usual, illustration always look better than the real thing. Here's how the real deal looks like.

kfc real chicken rice

KNN. Where the heck is my bowl? I demand a bowl! I want the tiny flag as well. And how come my cucumber not curvy cut like the illustration? CCB. Lol.

Okay, judgment time.

KFC Chicken - you know the verdict. But at times the chicken that they sell appears to be too fat. You will know once you take off the skin and you see a bunch of soft white coat covering the real meat. Those are bad quality chicken. They ought to do some quality control on their chicks.

Rice - Surprisingly, it does taste a lot like Chicken Rice's Rice. It's not bad at all.

Cucumber - Ooi! I demand curvy cut cucumber like the illustration! Mine was yellowish and seemed like it was put into fridge for days.

Soup - It tasted quite good. But if you do take your time to savor it, you'll realize that the taste come from excessive MSG.

Overall, it's actually a dish that's passable seeing that it's from a fast food restaurant. In fact, it's quite filling. Not bad at all from KFC in my humble opinion.

And magically, after my trip to KFC, my Thai Chili Sauce Bottles got full again.

thai chili sauce full

Disclaimer: You have no proof that I steal!!! I didn't steal!! Those pictures are coincidentally put into that sequence and thus might have led you to think that I stole from KFC. I'm an honorable person and I don't steal. Stealing is not what I do best but lying is.


Wild Wild West~

How do you get to the West? Simple, just follow the direction of where the Sun sets. However, there are a lot of places in the West..


Well, it's not a smooth sailing all the way for the Journey to the West. I mean for the illustrator.


Next update - Wukong goes tranny.


Rebound From Financial Crisis

Financial crises no longer applies to businessmen these days as the world is seeing a higher number of young adults being declared bankrupt each year. This is due to various reasons, with most people blaming the young adults themselves for being unable to control their spending and eventually, you're deemed as bad credit.

Once you get into bad credit stage, life is bad. You can almost say bye bye to any loans, credit cards or what-so-ever financial aid. It's pretty bad as life without a credit card today is pretty difficult.

But guess what? You can now apply for bad credit credit cards. No kidding. There are even bad credit loans for you to apply too. With these aids around, hopefully many young adults can have the necessary assistance to rebound from their financial crises.


Onward to the West

Sometimes, when we are not sure of which direction to go, asking for directions could be the right to do. Or not...


We often heard people say "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover". It applies here in today's comic strip.


More Journey to the West next update.


Communication Made Easier

Let's face the facts, that communication has come a long way since the dawn of mankind. Back in those days, communication requires both parties to be present in order for the message to be delivered.

Then some dudes played with smokes and taught others how to play as well and name each kind of different smoke shapes and thus, it was used to pass messages in a short distance. Then dudes from various civilization starting carving things on stones, woods and ever papers which eventually evolved into alphabets and different writings we have today.

But no doubt, the most important communication method that is available for most people in the world today would be the telephone. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell. Without you, people would still be sending mails and flying pigeons.

However, most countries have more than 1 telecommunication company. In this case, users choose the company that offers the best rate or plan according to their usage. Now it's convenient if you're just looking at domestic market. But what if we're to think outside the box? Will it be the same? Technically yes, but information wise.. let's just say that the local telco companies aren't going to tell you extra information about their competitors.

Looking for the right prepaid phone cards could be a pain in the ass, but luckily, TheRichCom has a neat layout design to help you ease your problem. Searching for the best card for your money value is no longer a problem. Simply select your country and you get a list of prepaid cards available. You would not believe how low the rates the foreign companies are offering for you to call various countries.

Go check them out yourself. I'm not bluffing.



Here's something random out of nowhere.


Kekekekeke. Blowjobs. The best jobs in the world (in the minds of dudes).


Biskut Laut

The title was a direct translation from 'Sea Biscuit', a well known horse's name.

This 2 strips of Journey to the West comic is all about horses. As we do know, the horse that Tang SanZang rides is no ordinary horse. But so far, there ain't anything extraordinary, right? That's because the real horse ain't here yet. So what's gonna happen to this good ol' horse that he's currently riding?


Demand and supply. When there's only 1 demand and lots of supply, that means the onl the best one gets it, right? You jump in to the shoe anytime you can to prove your worth.


More traveling to the West.

P.S. I know you guys are anxious for the appearance of the pig, but he's going to come only after 2 more updates.


Brokering Advantages

Let's face the facts, people don't do charity.

The main reason people do it, is to get something in return. Be it to get your face published on newspaper, for political motives or you just want to feeling of satisfaction that someone else is living a better life due to your deed. Yes, even that feeling counts as a return, in an emotional value.

600 pounds also want big ass cheque!
You can see from a mile that these people are not really sincere in donations

Life is all about getting something in return for yourself. You buy gifts for your parents, you're merely showing how much you care for them so that in return they give you more allowance (if you're still young) or you get the feeling of righteousness for honoring your parents as you're fulfilling your responsibility as their child.

You buy gifts and sweet talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend, you would say you're showing how much you love her/him, but in fact you're merely securing your asset for the future (be it for financial security, passing your bloodline or companionship in the old days).

There is no action that any individual do in this world that could not be derived to form a motive or wanting something out of the action. All these motives, be it big or small, evil, wicked or good, are all called desires.

Check out the words in italic

When one party thinks that he's getting a better return that what he is throwing out of his action, he would gladly play along his action. For example, you know you hate your aunt pinching your face every time she comes around Christmas, but you still let her do that, cause she always gives you the best present ever.

Call me realistic or what, but this is how I view the world. But fortunately, I play the game well (not when it comes to emotions and feelings, sometimes I'm not good at it). I don't usually try to make the other party thinks that the deal is worth it, but I sure know when someone is trying to take advantage of me.

When you see a friend in a tight spot, it's human nature that you'd help him out. Of course, you do not expect any returns immediately from your action, but you'd regard him as your friend and if you have trouble in the future, similarly you'd seek his help or favor. That's the rule of the game.

helping hand
You help your friends up, you'd hope that your friends could give you a lift up too in the future, right?

Man, you do not know what I do for my friends sometimes. Despite nearing my exams, I accompanied him during his lowest moments in life due to emotional problems, manipulated scenarios for him and even stayed wide awake in front of the PC during the wee hours just to help him out. He even asked more favors for me to help solve his problems. Being a human, I always regard helping people out for now would spawn more favors from the future when I need it, so I agree to it.

Alas, something came up, and I do need his help. It's not even a big favor nor something too troublesome compared to what he told me that he has done for his other friends. He refused my request politely and called it not fair. Fair enough, it's subjective for each person to view a trade. I don't blame him. Once I got his answer, I merely told him, that it's okay, I don't push for a yes when I get a no.

Well, lucky me, I have yet to give out more favors to him. In fact, there was a planned one coming in the future that has yet to be done. As I've said, I don't trade when the deal is bad. Since I am in a busy position of studying for my exams, I can hardly think of anymore reasons to spend time outside. I think I know when to call off a deal when it's no longer worth it.

Okay, what can you learn from my whinny session today? Stay clear ahead when you do something, or someone requires your help. See beyond their motives and judge whether your actions are accountable for yourself or not. If yes, satisfaction or feeling of helping is all that matters and you don't care if he/she spits at your face the next time you're in a shit hole, you're no doubt a greater soul than I am.

Spit. That's the best I have. Lol

P.S. Wednesday's off. You go ahead with your plans. I'm staying home unless you burn it.


Hot And Thirsty

Well, just after I did the review on how vast and barren the deserts are in the Forbidden Kingdom, apparently our Wukong here experience the heat too. What would you do in his shoes?


Traveling this way, you'd most likely be stopping at any clean river to have a sip. What more, a water source?


A new horse for Tang SanZang next update!


The Forbidden Kingdom

This post is long due as I've been busy studying lately.

People have long waited for a chance to see both Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie. Let's face the facts, they're both top notch Chinese Kung Fu Masters. People often have the thought of comparing who's better than the other thus, longing for a movie where both of them is in it, fighting each other. On the other hand, some people might say that having both Jackie Chan and Jet Li acting together in the same movie would be eating a hard boiled egg with both salt and soy sauce.

So people got what they wanted for in the movie : The Forbidden Kingdom, or the Chinese title - King of Kungfu

1703 (E)-A4_TFK (HI)

One thing that all of us must know before we have any high expectations (like I did) on the movie, this movie is made to cater for the Western audience. Remember movies like Ninja Kids and stuff like that? Yea, it's something similar. Except that they have a teenager in this one rather than kids. Michael Angarano took up the role of that teenager, named Jason Tripitikas (what a name). He's a white kid who has a vital role to play in the movie, returning the legendary Golden Staff to the Monkey King. I personally dislike his character but he's essential to captivate the Western audience.


But let's face the facts, people don't pay money to watch that kid. People pay money to watch him!


Jackie Chan and Jet Li are the obvious main attractions to anyone who feels like watching this movie. Both of them casted 2 roles in the movie which you should find out on your own by watching it. The Drunken Immmortal Lu Yan, is one of Jackie Chan's character and he's really good in it.


Jet Li on the other hand, takes on the role of a soldier monk who vows to help the White kid to return the staff to the Monkey King. Though not as good in acting (English ain't as good as Jackie), but his Kung Fu is suffice to deliver his value.

Call me biased cause I'm Chinese or what so ever, but I think Michael Angarano's performance in the movie didn't come close to the Chinese actors at all. I mean, of course, Jet Li and Jackie Chan is another level, but look at the Chinese babes I'm showing you next.


Liu Yifei takes on the role of Golden Sparrow, an orphan whose only care in the world is to seek revenge on the Jade Warlord for killing off her parents. Skilled in martial arts, her main weapon is the dart. I'll talk more about the Jade Warlord later.

Let's look at another beautiful babe, shall we?


Li Bing Bing takes on the role of The White Hair Demoness a.k.a. The Bride with White Hair. So beautiful, yet so dominating! Lol. Seriously I love her character. She's even better than Liu Yifei if you ask me. Her command of English is superb and she's just perfect for the role.


Okay, you'd only see her in the movie with white hair. The black hair part was from deleted scenes. But no matter, she's still so captivating and beautiful. If I ain't gay, I'd definitely fantasize about her when I have certain urges to fulfill on my own. Lol. I think there are a lot of people who would want to be whipped by her after this movie.


At some part of the show, I do think that it's quite gay. Let's talk about the character Jade Warlord, shall we? He's the head of the Heavenly Army which intrudes on the lives of the people on Earth. When Emperor Jade went for meditation in seclusion, he took over the ruling and.. typical bad guy role, tyrant, iron fist rule and etc. He was the one who tricked Sun Wukong to lay down his Golden Staff when he realized he can't beat him in combat. The moment Sun Wukong laid down his staff, he casted a magic to turn him into stone.

That's not so gay yet. The gay part is this. See for yourself.


I have no idea who suggested putting on eyeliners for him, but it does not look good! Lol.

The best part of the movie is no doubt the scene when Jackie Chan fights Jet Li when they weren't sure whose side were each other on. Of course, being the joker I am, I've done something to spoil those action pictures for you, gaily!

In case you don't know what they were fighting for, it's for the staff. Jet Li as the monk, took it as he was looking for the real seeker from the prophecy to return it to the Monkey King.


Well, with something long and thick as that, you can easily swing it around and some dude/babe who's interested might get happy. Lol.


Even their hand to hand combat is superb. You get to see Praying Mantis stance, Tiger Stance, Drunken Fist and Dating Fist. Lol.


The story is a little similar to Journey to the West, especially traveling through unknown lands to reach their destination. I was personally captivated by their desert scene. Vast and barren.


Okay, let me draw a conclusion here. It's a movie catering for the Western audience. I need to stress on that. White kid learning Kungfu. Get it?


But the fighting part from Jackie Chan and Jet Li is seriously worth the deal. Not to mention Jackie Chan's humor and the presence of 2 beautiful Chinese chicks. Go watch it if you haven't. It's worth your money. But I stress again, it's a Western flick. Don't put too much expectation on it.

As usual, since it's a Press Screening from Nuffnang, what do bloggers do when they go for such event? They camwhore!


And being Nuffnang employees, Michelle and I took one step further in the action of camwhoring.


Nuffnang, where everyone has bigger balls.


How to Make Your Head Ache?

Yes, that's the question for today. If you can't remember the incantation, ask something difficult!


Buddha oh Buddha~ where art thou?


Journey to the West continues~~



This meme is long due from Michelle.

I'm only doing this as I ran out of new pictures to post and I felt lazy to do the review for The Forbidden Kingdom. Some of the questions are really bored and to save your time from reading a boring question with boring answer, I removed it. So let's see what's left.

1. Do you eat a lot of fast food?
I used to crave Pizza Hut like mad when I was a fatso. It's like every week I'd order a pizza and I would finish it all by myself. My God, what glutton I was!

2. Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?
My cheeks please! Being the mischievous me, getting pecked on the cheeks makes me real glad and cheeky too!

Nothing as cheeky as a smirk, eh?

3. Have you kissed anyone in 2008?
It's more close to everyone. Lol. My colleagues would start keeping away from me after reading this.

4. Were you happy when you woke up today?
Quite. It was a very pleasant sleep.

5. Have you ever streaked?
I don't want to be arrested and appear on newspaper with my genitals showing!
*In case you're wondering what streaking is, see the picture below*

6. Are you an understanding person?
It's so not understanding to say that I'm understanding as many people would be misunderstanding what am I so understanding about when I often get people misunderstanding on the fact that I'm understanding during misunderstandings.

7. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
The Forbidden Kingdom. Movie reviews coming next post.

8. Did you pray before you went to bed last night?
Yeah, I prayed and it sounded like this - ZzzzzzzZzzzZzzz

9. What did you last get upset about?
I really can't remember. Most of the time, I don't remember bad stuff unless it's too freaking bad. Even those I can't recall much once time has passed.

10. Do you eat candy on a daily basis?
Fuck you candy. I don't want to turn back to a 105kg behemoth!

Yup, that was me

11. Does it make you happy to get letters in the mail?
Not anymore. Before this I would be happily opening my mailbox for the Magic cards I bought from eBay. But since I stopped playing, all I open from my mailbox are bills. Cibai! Why can't someone send me gifts instead?

12. Who was the last person to text you?
My boyfriend, Zach.

13. What are you looking forward to this summer?
More challenges in work to prove my worth!!

16. What's your screen name?
Wait. I'm checking my monitor for its name. Where the fuck did I place the manuals?!

17. Walking into a party, what's the first thing you notice?
Look for people I know and spot out the hotties! Giggity Giggity (quote Quagmire from Family Guy)

18. Are you currently taking a science class in school?
Are you insulting me cause I'm old?

19. You've just won a free vacation to either South America or North Korea?
Why the fuck it's South America and North Korea? Why won't it be South Korea? I'll sell the tickets off and buy myself a ticket to Singapore better. Lol.

20. Kiss on the first date?
Definitely yes. And when it comes to dating, my filter is freaking strict! ;)


21. Would you rather have chicken or steak?
I have no strong feelings one way or another (quote, The Neutral Planet's Leader from Futurama)

22. Why did your last relationship end?
No last relationship. Cause I'm damn good with my relationships. :D

23. What's one thing you've learned??
You need balls to survive in this world. And you need bigger balls to achieve more.

2 balls up, 1 ball down
Which I certainly have

24. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
Me, myself and I. I'm a camwhore remember?

25. How often do you see your exes?
Everyday. Most Windows programs are in .exe .

26. Who was the last baby you held?
4 months old dog is still a baby right? Zuzu of course!

My kawaii little Zuzu!

27. Would you ever donate blood?
Yes I would. It can make me thinner right?

28. How many snack machines are in your school?
Healthy school, no snacks. Only food.

29. Have you ever felt replaced?
So far, no. I do think that I'm uniquely me that everyone tends to remember. (Damn egocentric)

31. Do you believe in karma?
Karma sutra! Yes! I believe!

karma sutra

32. Have you ever been asked out?
Lots of times. Nothing new. Next question.

33. Are you good at telling jokes?
Depends on my mood. I'm freaking good at racist, sexist and gay jokes.

34. Have you ever driven without a license?
Nope. My dad was freaking strict with me and even with a license, it took me a year for him to let me drive on my own out there.

36. Do you wish you had smaller feet?
Small feet? No way! Guys having smaller feet is like having small penises. That suck ass!

So small? Crap!

37. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Nope. Consequences of studying in a all-boys school and not attending Form 6. Lol. Parents, read this well.

38. When ordering sushi, what do you get?
Unagi! Unagi! Unagi!!!

39. How many of your friends have seen you naked?
I lost count. Don't ask.

40. Do you write in cursive or in print?
You don't wish to read my writing. Trust me. It's as good as doctor's.

41. Would you rather have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends with benefits?
You mean personal friend as quoted by Chua Soi Lek? Lol. I want both!

44. Are you different now than you were six months ago?
Yes, I'm so productive now and I have increased my self-worth much better as working a job that you enjoy is so freaking awesome!

45. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?
Beverage ah? You mean anything that people put into their mouth? Erm... Bukkake! Lol!!!

Okay, now let's get to the important part of Meme. The real reason why people invented Meme, is not for people to know what you do and what you like, but rather to increase the links of your blog. You don't simply tag people and don't link them. How the fuck am I going to know if you've tagged me unless I read your blog? Trust me, not everyone reads all their links in their blogs, but everyone checks out who links them from Technorati.

So I'm tagging
1. Yin Yin
2. Nick
3. Huay Xin
4. Xin Hui
5. Nadia

Remember to link me or else! Yes, that's it. Or else! Lol.