Home Alone

Lol! Michael Jackson is behind the window!

Yes. I'm home alone.

My dearest Zach has gone home to the island of delicacies, Penang. :(

That being said, I'm left alone in my house in Kuala Lumpur. Well, to be honest, I'm not exactly alone considering the fact that I have Zuzu with me. :)

zu zu2

But irregardless, my dearest presence will be significant as there is now no longer a person for me to hug nearby. No one for me to kiss nearby, no one to love and care for nearby.

I do think that humans do take things for granted. We've been together for so long and we live our lives like a routine. Yes, I do kiss and hug him everyday. But when I don't get to do it anymore, I miss him like mad. Thus, at times I do agree that interval separation of distance to tighten up your relationship with your loved one. ^_^

I'm planning to take a break as well next weekend. After all the packed schedule and workload I have, I think it's time for me to visit my hometown as well to give my thanks to my parents for blessing my decision to work. After all, parents' blessing is always cherished and vital in my opinion. Without them, I wouldn't have been where I am today. And to think of it, it's 3 months since I've gone back to Ipoh. I'm such a bad kid.

I'm not into spankings, just so you guys know

At the mean time, I know these few days alone without Zach is not going to be easy to get through. I would miss his voice, his kisses, his hugs and every small little things he do when he's around. God, please give me strength to be strong.


Horny Brothers Vs Sun Wukong

Hmm.. there are two of them and there's only 1 Sun Wukong.. Do we need to equalize the number?


Bad hair. Lol.

The modern warfare all talk about having bigger guns and better weapons than each other. Apparently the ancient warfare does have the same thing, ain't it? Perhaps in a lesser number?


Gold Horn starts apple polishing in the next update.


My Dad Sent Me Jokes!

No shit! Lol. I could never have imagined my dad would actually tell jokes when I was a kid. He was always the serious type with the ego and image and yada yada. But today when I opened my mail, I saw a mail from him. And the following was the context;

A man is stumbling through the woods totally drunk when he comes upon a preacher baptizing people in the river. The drunk walks into the water and subsequently bumps into the preacher. The preacher turns around and is almost overcome by the smell of booze. Whereupon he asks the drunk, 'Are you ready to find Jesus?'

'Yes I am'
replies the drunk, so the preacher grabs him and dunks him in the river. He pulls him up and asks the drunk, 'Brother have you found Jesus?'

The drunk replies,
'No, I haven't.' The preacher, shocked at the answer, dunks him into the water again, but for a bit longer this time. He pulls him out of the water and asks again, 'Have you found Jesus, my brother?'

The drunk again answers,
'No, I have not found Jesus.'
By this time the preacher is at his wits end so he dunks the drunk in the water again, but this time he holds him down for about 30 seconds.

When the drunk begins kicking his arms and legs, the preacher pulls him up. The preacher asks the drunk again,
'For the love of God, have you found Jesus?'

The drunk wipes his eyes and catches his breath and says to the preacher,

'Are you sure this is where he fell in?'

Freaking hell! I laughed!

Glad to have his dad send him jokes

A Few More Days to First Pay Cheque

Actually, I've already got the cheque. But due to the fact that the date on it is 31st of May, I can't bank it in till the day itself. Boo Hoo Hoo!! T_T

This is considered the first month of my official employment. That being said, it's a freaking big deal for me to get paid with that substantial amount. However, I wouldn't say that I don't deserve the pay cause I think everyone in Nuffnang worked their ass off for the sake of the company and so do I. :)

ass drop
I think all my colleagues won't mind having her in the office skating around. Lol

4 more days before I can cash in my cheque and perhaps another 3 days for the bank to process it since my bank ain't the same bank the cheque was from. That makes a week. Argh!! I feel like spending my money already!

Okay, I need something splendid to wear for the Grand Dinner by Hong Leong and the Premiere of Made of Honour. Then I need to get a nice animal costume for Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging Event. On top of that, I've not been hitting the gym regularly due to the fact I'm no longer a college student. Thus, no more cheap RM1.20 per entrance gym for me. I'm considering those ripped off gyms in the city now. Sigh, I know it's expensive, but I want a good body to go with my face.

Something like this, perhaps?

wet singlet
Freaking hell! Those abs muscles so defined!

As I've said before, I've never ever been able to save any money before in my life and every single end of the month, the balance in my bank account would always be less than 2 digit before the decimal place. Let's see if this trait will continue even when I've started working.

P.S. I've got a feeling it will.


Escape from the Magical Jar

Oh no. Sun Wukong is trapped inside the magical jar. How would he be able to escape? Let's find out.


Okay, that didn't work. Will he die? Or will he live? I know you guys know the answer, but just let me carry own my lame monologue.


Sun Wukong beats the crap out of the Horny Brothers next episode. Stay tune.


Hershey's Kisses

Have you tried them before? They are sinfully delicious!


I have no idea how chocolate is manufactured, but here's something to spark my imagination.

hershey kisses

Ahh, guess I'll be able to stay in shape by avoiding chocolate as long as I can remember this. Lol


Can You Dig It, Sucker~~

Yes, I know it's from Booker T. Apparently I was a fan of WWE wrestling once. Big fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ah, wtf, I've sidetracked.

Back to Sun Wukong. He's dueling with the Horny Brothers and the brothers has a good sucker to suck Sun Wukong. Lol! That sounds so wrong!


Sun Wukong getting sucked! Lol. Okay, sex aside, what do we have today that sucks as well. I mean other than your mouth.


Yes, vacuum cleaner. When my life ain't going smooth, I would say "My life is like a vacuum cleaner now. It sucks!"

More Sun Wukong next update.


Birthday Present & New Idol

Okay, I got older.

But this time, I've got older with a very nice pressie! Introducing my newest gadget; Sony PSP!!

psp silver

Yes, I finally have one thanks to my dearest. ^_^

I have to admit, despite the fact that I'm growing close to a quarter of a century old, I still love playing games. Well, one of the main reasons I actually longed for a PSP was due to - Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core!!

crisis core

As a hardcore fan of Final Fantasy VII, I've always backed the game up when people compare it with other FF series such as FF8 or FF10. Yeah, in terms of graphics you cannot compare Final Fantasy VII with them, but in terms of gameplay experience, battle system and even storyline, I've always ranked FFVII the best among the rest. I'm not kidding you, try asking anyone who have played FF7 when it was first released and you'll get the same response.

And another fact would be.. I loved Cloud Strife back then.


Barely 18, he was hacking and slashing his way to save the world in the game. Yeah, it sounds silly, but when I was a kid I'd always looked up to him. Lol. In fact, I've always adored his hairstyle. It was cool to even see Advent Children out with him in it!

cloud strife

In case you don't notice, my hair has spikes. And I wonder where did the idea of spiking my hair came from. The only thing I didn't dare to do was to go blond because I happen to be very good with my color matching sense. If I go blond, my tanned skin color would make me look so freaking ugly! No way dude. I can be called as a good looking lalazai, but not an ugly lalazai. Lol.

Now back to Crisis Core. It is a little different than the original FF7's gameplay, but no doubt, the storyline is still freaking awesome! I've yet to complete it, but if you do search online, you'll find excellent reviews about the game. It is a prequel to the Final Fantasy VII that was on the PS console. That being said, the story explores the adventure of Zack, the hero soldier that many did not know about.


The cutscene in the game is the same quality as Advent Children's graphics. Yes, it is that damn good. That's why many people purposely purchase a PSP just for this game.


And from the cut scene, I finally have an anime character that I could entirely emulate in case there's a cosplay next time without going blond. Yes!

I'm going to buy a cosplay costume for this! Lol.

P.S. If you want a Sony PSP free of charge, I suggest you read Nuffnang's blog more often as there's going to be one to given out soon.


To Defeat Hornyness

I'm real sorry for the lack of updates. I've been too busy with my life lately. A thousand apologies my dear readers.

So Zhu Bajie has been caught as well. An apparently, he's quite useful in the prison for the warden at least.


Here comes Wukong to the rescue. Can he trap the Horny Ones with his secret weapon?


Looks like someone's not following the norm as well. Oh well, same case here. :)

More Sun Wukong next update.


Old Man

On the exact moment when the clock strikes 12am on the 21st of May 1986, I thought it was just the same thing every year in my life. Or so I thought...

I was freaking awaken 10 times throughout the night due to wishes from my friends. Though I admit that having people wishing you for it is good, but hmm.. at the cost of sleep disruption.. that's something I have to weigh in for consideration next time. At any rate, thanks guys for wishing me Happy Growing Old Day.

Then the next morning arrived. How shock was I when I looked into the mirror. I now look like this!

old man

I cannot believe my eyes! I have wrinkles all over me and I'm balding!

Okay, anyone who believed what I've said in the past 3 lines are retards. Sorry for my lame attempt for drama. Fuck, I'm lame.

Back to my story of my birthday. You see, every time when I celebrate my birthday, I would always call my mum up to ask for extra money. It is due to the fact that I'm bad at finance management I recognized the true definition of my birthday thanks to one of my teachers back in my high school (no, the teacher had no relationship with my mother nor with me).

stewie pervert
Boss, you're gone case man. I tried searching for images for keyword 'pervert' under Google images, and this photo of yours is at the first page!!

Ignore Stewie above. Back to my story please. Mothers are the real people that every single one of us should thank on our birthdays. It is due to them, that we are here today. True, our daddy did the shagging as well, but it is our mother who have to bear the pain of giving birth and undergo the process of pregnancy for 9 months for us to be here in this world. The entire process of pregnancy itself is not easy at all as she did her best to protect us in her womb. And that is the real reason why we are here today.


And some of the excerpts from my conversations;
Mum, today is my birthday and I'm calling you once again, to thank you for giving birth to me 22 years ago. The sacrifices that you've made before I'm born till I'm 22 years old today can't never be replaced nor paid off. As your son, I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart and apologize if I've broken your heart with my actions and words all these years. I love you, mum.

I'm personally filled with emotions of love when I'm writing this post. I think I should stop here.

P.S. Sony PSP.


Paula Vogel's How I Learned To Drive

Let's face the facts, Malaysians are real bad crowds when it comes to local entertainment scene. I mean sure, they cheer (and shout) and wave their hands when Wang Lee Hom sings in Malaysia.

lee hom

But when any other local artists start singing, sure, they'll listen. But somehow, they just won't give them their well deserved cheer or support despite that they are good. I mean, Point Blanc's good right with his raps? His Ipoh Mali is famous among Malaysians! But when he performed in public places, what does he gets? He's not the only one. Juwita Suwito, Pete Teo and many more are damn good artists but they are just being ignored by Malaysian audience!

It is time Malaysians do their part to rejuvenate our local talents. If you are up for this, then perhaps this might interest you.

HILTD tall

This is no ordinary play. In fact, this play explores mature themes.

Here's a sneak peak of their storyline;

Growing up in a family with thin, penetrable personal boundaries, Li’l Bit becomes the victim of incestuous intimacy: Uncle Peck does not only teach his teenage niece to drive, but sexually abused her too. Narrated through a series of bittersweet flashbacks, HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE is an honest, coming-of-age account of forgiveness, healing and growth – an exploration of how it's possible for something positive to arise out of even the unhealthiest of relationships.

Sounds like something that happen a lot judging from the frequency of incest cases in Malaysia, ain't it? Perhaps it is time the Malaysian audience see this aspect from a closer view.

Among the various award this play has won are; the Pulitzer, the Obie, the Drama Desk Award, the New York Drama Critics Award, the Outer Circle Critics Award, and the Lucille Lortel Award. I mean come on, if it has won so many awards from the states, it is something to reckon' on, ain't it? I'm checking it out myself once it starts showing. To top that, I'm watching the first show if I can help it.

The first show is on Wednesday, June 4th and it will begin at 8.30pm. Are you interested to join me? Okay, fine. If you don't want to see me but you want to catch the play, here's some information for you that you might appreciate. HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE will be staged at The Actors Studio Bangsar, Bangsar Shopping Centre for 6 shows on Wed 4th June – Sat 7th June @ 8.30 pm; with matinĂ©es on Sat 7th June – Sun 8th June @ 3.00 pm. Tickets are RM33 for adults and RM22 for students, senior citizens and the disabled (ticket handling fee included). For ticket booking and purchases, call The Actor’s Studio @ Bangsar Box Office at +60 (3) 2090 0400/1400.

That being said, you can avoid seeing my spiky hair by going on a Saturday perhaps? Pricing for the tickets are fair for a play in case you haven't been to one to compare. Do note that theater performance and cinemas differ as you are seeing live actors in front of your eyes. If you don't lend your support to our own local talents, sooner or later, you'll be left with no other entertainers in our region except yourself in front of the mirror.



Stupid Pig

How do someone see stars in broad day light? Easy, go have a drink.


Oh, by the way, never ever send a pig for an espionage mission. He's too stupid...


Sun Wukong to the rescue, next update.


Another Gay Post

Since Eric my pal made a note to me, that my Boob & Sex post makes my blog irrelevant. I really wonder what would actually make it relevant?

I mean, true enough, I'm gay. But do I have to bitch and whine with every single post of mine complaining about life's challenges? Apparently I can't do that, cause I don't see anything as being impossible.

Perhaps he's referring to the fact that since I'm gay, and he assumes that most of my readers are gay as well? Oh well, that's easy to know. I'm starting a new poll (refer to your left). I'll leave it for about a month and we'll know the answer very soon.

So in order of fairness, I'm going to post something that is really good for the eyes of girls and gays who crave good looking guys.

First up, let's start with something cool looking shall we? Here's someone with a hairstyle I wish to emulate at times.


Sad to say, I'm not as slim as he is nor my hair as easy to fondle with as his. :(

How about an adorable guy for you peeps?


I bet some girls are already going OWHH~~ He's so CUTEEE!!!! (I can speculate some gays will be touching some parts of their own body by the end of this post)

Okay, let's get a lil more sizzling shall we? Topless pictures, anyone?


Man, how I wish my college's gym has someone of that quality. Lol.

Here's another hot lean guy. I think he's the cause of global warming.


If you don't think he's hot, here's another HOTTER picture of him with almost full nudity.


Okay, I think for my straight readers, I'm pushing the line over here. Having pictures of great looking guys at this level is just unbearable for straight guys. I bet now you feel like cursing me to death for the abomination that you think I am. And for some of my stalkers who are gay bashers, this may even piss them off even more.

However, is there anything wrong for a guy to be gay if he's just being someone who he wants to be? This being said, he's not harming anyone else nor violating anyone's else rights. Then, why would other people violate his rights of his freedom? I mean, is there anything wrong if 2 guys who happen to like each other be together and live happily ever after?


I certainly don't think so. I believe that everyone has a right to live their own lives as long as they don't violate another person's rights. I do not ask for others to be in sync with me, but being hopeful is good at times.

P.S. Do the poll on your left please. :)

Photos credit to Bangkok of the mind's blog.


Retrieving Tang SanZang

Oh no~~ The demon has taken Tang SanZang away from his disciples. (I am refraining myself from making any jokes for the 4th square of this strip).


How wonderful to have a pig companion traveling with you. If you need to get others to believe you, just compare yourself with your traveling companion, or simply just pretend to get acquainted with your target to cheat your companion's money. Lol.


More of Journey to the West next.


Boobs & Sex

This post contains quite a bit of animations. Please do wait patiently for all of them load for full satisfaction

As much as I don't like boobs, but I like what they can do for my blog traffic.

blow tit

At times, I still find the action of bouncy boobs funny and kinky.

bouncy boobs

To the perverts who are already excited seeing that, let me give you something more intriguing.

rub tits

Okay, at this point, I've got a hunch that some of you have become a Terra Cotta army figure. Refer picture below.


There is nothing wrong with you as we're all humans and we all have desires. I mean, who would say they don't love sex if they've tried it willingly before?


Bah, at any rate, loving sex is fine. But practicing safe sex, now that is important.

safe sex



P.S. What a cheap shot for traffic this post is. XD

Eyes on the Monk

As we all do know (perhaps some of you don't), any demon who gets to feast on the flesh of Tang SanZang the monk will enjoy longevity as he is an incarnate of a God according to legends. Thus, horny brothers (Gold Horn and Silver Horn) have their eyes locked in on Tang SanZang an co.


That being said, how do we get close to a group traveling Buddhists? Easy, exploit their kindness.


Next update will see Tang SanZang captured by the horny brothers. My God! The previous sentence sounds nasty! Lol. Stay tune.


Nokia IAC @ Zouk

Nokia IAC (Independent Artists Club) @ Zouk was great. Nokia is supporting the local talents by establishing the IAC to provide a platform for our local artist to reach out to more audience via the Internet and radio as well!

Enough talk. Thanks to Nokia who sent 10 VIP passes to Nuffnang bloggers, we get the privilege to enjoy local talent right in front of our eyes. We Nuffnangers are an active bunch. When we know there's an event like this, we'll gladly walk up front and cover it like professionals (or so we thought~ lol).


Their Internet banner told us that we have to be there by 3pm as the doors will be closed at that time. Being the kiasu person I am, I actually arrived at KLCC LRT station 1 hour early. This is due to the fact that I don't know how to walk to Zouk as I've never been there before. Yes, I'm a sakai.

I made several calls to Zach asking him to check the map where should I turn and go every now and then. Then, I saw something..


I was so happy I didn't get lost and I went..


I was among the earliest audience that arrived. After awhile the whole gang of Nuffnangers reached. What else do bloggers do when they come together? Camwhore la, duh.


Most of the bloggers turned up with DSLR. I only went there with my LG Viewty. Damn XiaXue sia sui myself. T_T


When I was up on the post, the other bloggers requested me to do some bizzare pose. They suggested me to show and rub my own thighs.. =.=""


Registration actually started at 3pm. We bloggers have our own list to register on. How proud were we on that day. Finally the role of the digital media is being recognized the way it is supposed to be.


But the wait was quite bad before they grant us entry. The weather was pretty hot and people started getting impatient. Lucky me, there was a cameraman and an interviewer around the place. I was pleased as I finally get to be recorded live again after StarCeleb. That kinda equalized the weather and the wait in line.


About 3.30pm, the event finally begun. There were 3 different venues of Zouk utilized for 3 different genres of musicians. The first one that I went in was Zouk's Main Room where independent rock bands were rocking it hard!! Yeah!!


Basically it's the typical band thing where people express themselves louder than ever. True enough, there are some talented screamers singers there but due to the low tolerance of shouting intense music, I went and checked out other venues.


Next up, Velvet Underground, where DJs and Hip Hoppers brought the funk in the house~

We managed to catch KLG Sqwad rapping it cool~ I remembered singing along "Amplify! Amplify!" with their song. Lol.


The DJs who performed are not bad either. Their work are often underestimated as without them, our clubbing music would have sucks big time. Give it up for DJ Fuzz who taught the audience more what DJ'ing is all about during his clinic session!


DJ Bo - Grandeur of Decibel is not to be taken lightly. He's so good with his skills, his hair went afro. Okay, I lied. He had the afro hair before he attended the DJ console. But he really reminds me of my colleague Firdauz, a lot!


Rationally, when you have great musics from great DJs, you gotta have people dancing along the beat right? There's no shame in it as there was a pretty good dancer showing off his skill.


The finale in Velvet Underground was performance by Point Blanc, my Ipoh Mali artist! Yea!! I've always been a big fan of Point and seeing him perform live was something I was always hoping for! Finally a chance to meet the Ipoh Zai in person!


His performance was up to expectation and I realized that the last verse for his Ipoh Mali song has changed! The original version for the last sentence of that verse was something like ' For Point Blanc to be more famous than Ipoh Chicken Rice~ '. He has changed it into ' Now Point Blanc is more famous than Ipoh Chicken Rice~' or something. I'm very certain about this!

Upstairs at Terrace Bar, it was home to the mellow sounds of singers and songwriters. In other words, I would call it.. jiwang house.


Some of the singers were real good! Especially Alaling in my opinion.


Her songs were sweet and so was her voice. She has the projection of a very cheerful face. It is as though she's the most cheerful or happiest person on Earth. I wonder why?


The finale for Terrace Bar was reserved for the famous Pete Teo. I've never listened to him sing before this, but after that night, I gotta admit, he's real good! No wonder he conducts a clinic session and is pitted for the finale to ensure the crowd sit still till the last act.


The event was great overall. I was very satisfied with the performances. However, the management could be improved as the public does not like to be kept waiting under the sun despite been lied to about the starting time. On the other hand, Malaysians should lighten up and cheer for their local artists. Being conservative will not bring you excitement in life. Cheer for them like you cheer for Fergie! They deserve it!

After my first visit to Zouk, I've decided to contribute more to them to show my appreciation. Thus I became their..


If you drive pass me, wave at me, okay?

Photos credit to Joshua, Hwei Ming and Simon.