I'm very vulnerable to sickness..


I was on my bed for the past 15 hours.

Too bad he wasn't on the bed with me.

I feel like dying these days especially with the extreme heat.

I think I need an air conditioner in my room.


Anyone gonna donate me one? :(

Sick and Hot (literal and non literal)

Saggy Boobs. NOT

Nah, boobs.


Okay, you know I'm not supposed to talk about boobs right cause of my sexual preference. So what am I talking about today? Saggy? Yes, saggy is right. But not boobs. But pants.

sag pants

I really doubt the normal straight guys give a damn about wearing their pants below their waist. But metros and homosexuals, it's like a mandate for heaven for them to show off their fashion sense.

I mean honestly, girls (& gays), don't you feel that guys wearing pants below their waist revealing a lil bit of their underpants (be it boxers or briefs) to be sexy? I mean, some girls (gays) like to see their bf's butts as well other than in the bedroom.

sag pants2

Okay, perhaps the only time when it's not wise to wear your pants at low waist would be when you're not wearing any underpants.



Somehow that doesn't apply in the picture above. Both of them still look good probably due to the fact of their body's curves. Okay fine, the one on the right looks good. The left guy should be thrown into the ocean. *Shrugs*

So here's me, attempting to look sexy once again, with Levi's® 501® with a saggy look.


I know, I know. I don't look good as the other guys. Pardon me cause I'm not perfect. But at least I don't I can afford to wear a low waist jeans unlike the fella below me.


Saggy pants all the time

Slow Mo

LG Viewty has a feature that no ordinary phone has. It has the ability to record videos at 120 frame per seconds. If you have no idea what it means, it literally means it can capture things happening in the tiniest detail aka slow motion.

I mean, things like balloon bursting or water sprinkler;

Let's compare Yee Hou's typing speed for example. Look at the following 2 videos to see the difference.

Amazed? I'm glad I have my LG Viewty. The next time I catch someone prominent digging his nose, I'm so gonna video record it using 120 fps to savor every single moment. Tim, watch when you're scratching anywhere indecent in office yea? Hahahaha


Dating a Hot Girl Cheese

Okay, for those of you who have not figured out why I was in jeans while working out in the gym, I was actually helping out for Ringo from for an advertorial write up.

Levi's is updating their 501 Jeans and lucky me, I happened to be given a pair of 501 jeans that's not even launched in the market yet thanks to Ringo!! That being said, I was more than glad to offer myself and my body.. sob sob T_T to help out Ringo for her advertorial.

Of course, I looked kinda good while working out in gym with the jeans on. After gym, I actually went.. dating with Ringo at Pavilion, KL! Yes, you heard me right!! I dated a very famous beautiful blogger!! I bet you straight guys must be freaking jealous now!! Muahahahaha!!!

We met up at the book carnival set up at the concourse area. There were a lot of books around and Ringo and Tock were around browsing as I was a little late due me enjoying too long inside the steam room. Books there were awesome, I found a book written by May Zhee. If you would like to find out more about her book, you could check out Bibliobibuli's review about the book. :)

But here's one book that totally took me by surprise.

DSC07497 (Small)
The Men's Guide to Women's Bathroom

Now, I think this book would really be suitable for all those straight guys who aren't getting laid enough to have a negative perception on homosexuals.

Okay, after checking out a few books, Ringo and I left the book carnival with style.

DSC07499 (Small)
Did you notice there's a guy behind us watching us with his wide mouth opened?

DSC07500 (Small)
What's so funny Ringo? Why the smirk? Lol

Then we did a few shots of us dating sweetly which I think was very very nice. I enjoyed these moments with Ringo a 100%.

DSC07512 (Small)b
Here's your favorite Blueberry cupcake my dearest Ringo

DSC07514 (Small)
Thanks, Robbie!

Dating with Ringo is absolutely fun.

DSC07523 (Small)

I mean, she's totally a hottie at the first place. And when you put 2 people who have quite a bit of physical appeal together out for a date, you get to do modeling and cool poses in public places like the picture below and people walking pass you would be going, "Ohhh~~~ nice looking couple".

DSC07550 (Small)

Okay, the only not so cool part was the part that I had to unbuttoned my jeans in public to show off Levi's cool 501 buttons. Being a guy with big balls, I had absolutely no problem with it and I unbuttoned my pants with a lot of people looking at me.

DSC07541 (Small)

I have to say that the buttons are actually quite cool to look at. Definitely much better looking than zippers. Nobody notice my boxers please! And don't you even ask me to wear pink next time cause I hate pink (now that's a first for a queer)

Next, we have a water scene coming up to bring out the sexiness from Levi's 501 jeans. That being said, obviously I need to show my fat topless self once again. I couldn't help it but to make use of the facilities near the pool (thank god there's a mini gym there) to ensure I don't look fat with water.

IMG_4683 (Small)

Tock is a real good photographer with a good camera. I mean come on, let's look at these photos. Ain't they amazing?

IMG_4703 (Small)

IMG_4725 (Small)b

Of course, Ringo had fun in the pool with me too. I had no problem getting wet with such a gorgeous looking girl. :)

IMG_4719 (Small)b

After all the shots with jeans on, I couldn't help it but to enjoy myself in the pool as it's been quite awhile since I've played with water. I can't really swim, but I can really float around real good. Irony ain't it? A squid who can't swim. Zach calls me Floating Squid.

IMG_4754 (Small)b

Ringo had a lot fun swimming around too. She knows how to swim!!! How embarrassing! Oh yeah, did I mention that Ringo looks stunningly beautiful underwater? Muahahaha! (Yes, I am making you straight guys jealous of me!). Too bad I don't have a camera that can take pictures in the water.

IMG_4766 (Small)b

I had a lot of fun dating Ringo. It is definitely an unforgettable experience for me. I love ya, Ringo!!!

IMG_4776 (Small)b


Camwhore Session - Working Out, Lala style

Sigh. As much as I always like to live in denial, I do think that I'm a lalazai somehow. I mean come on. With my hair, you can spot me from a mile, ain't it? Heck, lala is a sea critter and so is sotong, ain't it? That being said, perhaps I'm not a true lala, but a distant cousin of lala, thus sotong. (Mind you, I'm freaking far from being sissy)


Actually, this is a camwhore post as recently, I've got myself an LG Viewty back (I'm literally eating grass when I'm writing this).

That being said, I am on such a camwhore spree that I overdress myself to go to gym the other day. Speaking of which, if you must know, I visit Wisma SPK's Fitness First quite regularly for my workout sessions during the weekdays. Sometimes I drop by on the weekend too depending on my mood to workout. If you are considering of joining this gym, I'd suggest that you sit for at least 1 hour negotiating the fees to get the best deal.


Enrolled in a gym of this status is no doubt something luxurious for me. It's no longer the crappy college gym that I go to as everything is complete with friendly trainers that would give advice should you ask them. The best thing of all would be the free flow of drinks. I'm quite sure my friend, DJ would love to visit the gym and drink all the Coke he can get his hands on though it sounds very contradicting of visiting gym to drink Coke.

Working out is important for most gays. Come on, gays care a lot about how their body just like how much girls care about their boobs. That being said, lifting weights is essential.


I workout mainly because I still think that I'm fat. :(


But most of the time, I am just chasing after the six packs that I've been chasing a long time... When would they appear on my body? Please~~ just come out my dear six packs.


As much as gym is tiring, but hey, no pain no gain. How would you achieve anything if you don't put any effort to it? (Konrad, keep quiet. I know you have 8 packs without doing much. You're exception, okay?) Nevertheless, every time after I completed my gym workout session, I always feel happy.


Besides, what's not to be happy about, when I finally have a good phone back with camera to camwhore with? Life's Good - LG.


Here you go, 1 last camwhore picture before I end today.


Had fun camwhoring today

Pitching a Tent

Remember that I reminded you guys that sleeping is important?

Well, let's just say that most people enjoy sleeping providing they have the time for it. At times, we get so busy till we have to burn some midnight oil just to finish our work.

Zach doesn't really have to do that. He gets pretty sufficient sleep if he wants to. Of course, that applies to Zuzu as well. :)

zach zuzu2

However, sleeping on the hard floor ain't exactly very good for the backbone. Perhaps on a softer layer?

robb sleep2

Crap! Yee Hou took this picture of me when I'm resting in the office (when my work is done, I don't slack off when I have pending work, okay? Oh wait, was I sick when he took this?). Let's hope Tim doesn't read this.

I'm real sorry for showing you bad sleeping picture of me. But guess what? I'm going to show you something worse/better (really depending on your preference).

Tent pitching pictures. Anyone interested?

Maybe one of my colleagues could get some ideas on how to set up a tent (especially the one I'm giving a tent to?).



Okay, I better run before the straight guys pile me with eggs for doing this post.

Pitches Tent Every Morning

A Gift to Yee Hou

You guys remembered my colleague, Yee Hou?


So he's so nice to have a thought of giving me a vacuum cleaner cause I suck like one. I have been thinking all along on how to return the favor to every Nuffnangers' favorite cute Yee Hou in Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest.

Realmart should publish a magazine like this. Lol

If you asked me, I was looking left, right and center for a closet from Realmart, but there wasn't any available, if you get the drift.

After scratching my head and browsing for quite a few hours, I finally found something!

Yee Hou!! I'm giving you...


3-Men Tent Outdoor Tent!!


Why am I giving Yee Hou a tent?

Well apparently our dearest Yee Hou does have special interest I manage to dig out lately. Here's a video that would explain it much better.

Yup, that was me coming back from lunch, just to discover someone is sleeping at the Nuffie corner with our web developer, Firdauz.

Yee Hou, the office is not the right place for you to explore yourself! I'm giving you a tent so you can get adventurous outside. This way, you can leave all the exploring in the tent, and get back to your normal life when you need to.

Ain't I thoughtful, Yee Hou? This way, you could imitate what Brokeback Mountain showed the world.


P.S. You guys did notice it's a 3 men tent right? There's room for 1 more! Lol!


Random Pizza Hut Moment

Despite the fact that their pizzas aren't the best, Zach and I patronize Pizza Hut on monthly basis.


Yea, it's not Modesto's pizzas, but somehow, I think I've got so used to the normal ordinary pizza from them since my childhood, I just couldn't resist not eating it once a month.

A trip to Pizza Hut for me and my dearest would usually consist of a Personal Pizza and some other stuffs. We'll never be able to finish a regular one seeing that I refuse to take in too much carbs at one go.

On top of that, Zach would have his Deli Wings. He'd never miss ordering it as he simply adores it. For me, I simply don't dig chicken wings that much. I hate eating boney stuff to be honest.

deli wings

For me, my extras are usually Garden Salad. Despite the fact that their salad bar is crappy and filled with irregular fruits and veggies, I prefer eating greens than too much carbs at one go. However, I do laugh at restaurant's kind approach to be more user friendly.

1000 island

Here's a couple of shots I took of Zach when he's eating pizza. Captions are inserted with random stuff coming into my head. Might or might not represent the truth of what Zach said or thinks.



Remember the Jokers? Nokia was kinda having a mini dress up competition for people to dress up as any character from Batman on the premiere of The Dark Knight to give out Nokia N95 with 8GB memory card. I was already expecting everyone to come as Jokers and I was thinking if I really want to win, I'd have to go as Two Face.

However, the biggest problem of dressing up as Two Face would be the clothes. Makeup and hairstyling is rather easy. I can ask my friends to help me out with those, but man, if we're talking about clothes, we're basically ripping it half and sewing it together. Imagine the cost of doing that for a suit! Not to mention, how would people look at me when I'm taking public transport to The Gardens? No cab drivers would even let me in their cars! Thus, I dropped the idea of dressing up and just enjoy the event itself.

But, when I was at Pizza Hut the other day, apparently they did something similar to Two Face Man.


Wow, I should have called Pizza Hut and asked for this set of clothes!

I couldn't help it but to take a picture with the cardboard before I leave.


Damn! I should have just stuck the cardboard and carry it like what Simon did for his horse in Wild Live Blogging.


I'm pretty sure I'd have won the Nokia N95 from Joe if I did it!


The Bad and The Good

Okay, a lot of people tend to post only photos of themselves in a complimentary state into their blog. Of course, this is good, cause this way, we maximize our good looking/beautiful side. However, it might lead to cause people to think that we don't look like our pictures when they see us in real life.

That being said, today, lads and lasses, guys and gays, I'm going to show you one not so complimenting picture of myself. In fact, I took this picture when I woke up from a 2 hours sleep in the morning.


Yes, lack of sleep can do real a lot of damage to your facial outlook. Messy hair, eyebags, dried up drools at the side of your mouth and the list goes on.

On the other side, this is how I look when I have enough sleep.


Having sufficient sleep would put you in the best mood during mornings. You get to do everything in time, including shaving your facial hair, doing your hair and of course, dressing up smartly! In fact, you even have time to camwhore around your house before going out to work.


I even had extra time to have a quick breakfast at the market near where I stay with Zach. :)

Here's a community message for you peeps out there. Sleep early if you appreciate your looks. Not getting enough sleep at night is damaging for outlooks. It doesn't matter if you sleep as much in the day time, but sleeping at night is still important. You don't want to end up older than your age.


P.S. Obviously a post for me to camwhore.

P.P.S. I really feel like revenging on Yee Hou. He gives me a vacuum cleaner cause I suck like one. What should I give him? Peeps, I need ideas. Check the site and tell me what item I should give him for my revenge! In case you have no idea what this is all about, click here.