Mamma Mia! The Movie Review


It's been awhile since I've been so entertained from movies. The last I checked, it was The Dark Knight. Mamma Mia! The Movie definitely blew a lot of audience off their feets. I can swear that there were people dancing in the screening hall when Nuffnang had a Premiere Screening for the movie courtesy of Universal International Pictures. They even gave out very nicely printed tickets to the screening in KL!


Canon 057

That was me and the notorious molester in Nuffnang, Pinky. I know that I've gained weight lately. T_T I'm going to skip a lot of meals starting today and workout more in the gym. Don't you even dare to ask me out for unhealthy meals! No more Carl's Junior and Yellow Cab please! I wanna be fit again! Grrrr!!

Back to the movie, it was set to 1999 on the enchanting Greek island of Kalokairi where people are still not as complicated as the city peeps and they dance for rain and make human sacrifices to Satan. Okay, that was plain lame crap from me. But the island is no doubt very beautiful.

Film Title: Mamma Mia!

I know I'm such an idiot to start a movie review by showing you an island that looks like a rock from far. But hey, go catch the movie on your own and you'll find out what it means by The Winner Takes It All.

Lame. Very very lame for me to take the opportunity to insert a song to what I'm trying to say. I was merely trying to imitate the movie. :( It seems like every single new happening on the plot is so perfect for another ABBA song.

I collected them after the show ended to make this. :D

Well I'll give you a gist of the storyline of the movie.

Meryl Streep plays Donna, a single mother who had fun/love with 3 men within a period of time quite some time ago. All the three men moved on and years later, Donna's daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who had no idea who her dad was is going to get married to a very very hot guy - Sky (Dominic Cooper). Thus, she wants to find out who her real dad is and invited all the three men to the island for her wedding.

So the story goes on how everyone discover love in a different perspective. Overall, it's a family show and I bet your parents are going to enjoy it as much as you will. Among the things that you can look out for and giggle are;


1. How painful is it for us to realize that time is so envious of beauty
Basically you can see that most of the main characters are saggy (both male and female) and the wrinkles are pretty obvious. Not to mention how unattractive the Ex-Bond had become. UGHHH!!

Film Title: Mamma Mia!

2. Meryl Streep is great
She was the bomb. I mean, if it ain't without her, I really doubt it will be this good. She had total control and her acting and performance was no doubt splendid.

Film Title: Mamma Mia!

3. Julie Walters as Rosie rocks!
Mrs Weasleys (Harry Potter series) is totally out of control in the movie. She's fun and hilarious along Christine Baranski (Tanya). I especially enjoyed her performance near the end of the movie, "Take A Chance On Me".


4. Bollywood Hollywood
Yes. It's a little Bollywood in Mamma Mia. I mean, people from the streets join in to the singing and dancing actually. XD


5. Dominic Cooper is freaking HOT!!!
Yes he is. He's not too muscular but just the right amount of lean. Yummy! It was such a painful sight to see him next to Amanda Seyfried.


Well, I still remember her dumbness in Mean Girls. That impression can't seem to go away. :( Sorry Amanda.

Here's another picture of Cooper for you peeps to look at.


Even at the end of the movie, the audience was showered with lots of ABBA music. I personally think that's very thoughtful of the producers because we were expecting it. :D

After all the extra songs ended during Nuffnang Premiere Screening, the bloggers all clapped to show how much they appreciate the show. Awww`~~

For those of you who have not catch the movie, I'll spoil it for you a little with the picture below of the 3 possible fathers of Sophie. Enjoy.


Dances, but never a queen

Robb Gobs - Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat

Well, you'd have most probably read it from Tim's blog but I insist on writing on it. Our newest no longer newest colleague (as we just had a newer one), Raine was down in KL for bonding session with the Nuffnang KL team to learn the tools and tricks of trade.

Well, I'm not going to be talking about that much seeing the title of this blog post is Robb Gobs. Let's talk about a wonderful dinner the Nuffies had thanks to Raine's presence in KL. We went to - Xiao Fei Yang for Steamboat!


I must be the lousiest food reviewer ever as I don't even have a freaking idea where the restaurant is located and even a lazy one too cause I ain't googling it for you. All I know that it's within KL city. XD

When we arrived, it was rather empty. I guess not everyone is willing to fork out the money to have steamboat in a fancy place like this everyday isn't it? So I managed to take a very nice picture of their empty tables and chairs.


Once we were seated down, Boss Ming gave us a command,

"Just whack only! I want the bill to come up real high as long as we're all happy and full"

Well, Tim certainly went all the way out fast grabbing his huge ass watermelon juice.


Bloggers as we are, we snapping pictures of everything that's fancy and poses.

Fancy stuffs such as the super delicious beef and mutton slices,


Nicholas and Yee Hou exchanging bodily fluids showing off their sauces and liquids,


Once the food were all ready, we wasted no time in throwing the food into the pot to cook them. Please be warned, the picture below might cause excessive drooling if you're to view unprepared.

Here you go.


Alright, don't curse me. I'm just kidding. Geez, let me have some fun, will ya? Lol.

Okay, here's the real deal.


Not only does it looks nice, it tasted great too! Well, at least for the spicy ma lat soup as that was the only one I was wanking whacking cuz I think anyone who don't take spicy stuff are pussies the entire dinner.

We wasted no time to feast.


The amount of fu zhuk (fried beancurd skin) I had was A LOT. You see those fu zhuk inside the pot right? We had like 3 rounds of it full and here was the picture of the remaining dishes that we have not put into the pot.


While the dinner took its course, Boss Ming gave us a very important speech. We then felt very touched as we know we were all valued by the company. Then we all shared our stories and working experience in Nuffnang openly with each other laughing, poking assholes fun at each other and appreciating each others companionship.


With so much fun and laughter, in the same time advices and guidance from our bosses and to add to that great food served right in front of us, it was truly a dinner I never had before.

After that night, I think that every single one in Nuffnang strives to perform better so that we do not disappoint our bosses' thrust trust on us and not to mention the many bloggers under our community. I personally promise you, I'll bring much more rocking happenings under the rainbow Nuffnang flag. ;)


Oh, the bill went up to RM300+ for 10 I think. It was kinda pricey considering that we didn't have any seafood. My gosh, who knew fried beancurd skin can be so expensive. =.=

Well I guess the fei yang (Flying lamb in Mandarin) must be enemies with beancurds to be charged such a premium price to sell to the customers. *Shrugs*


But, I'm quite certain, I will return to this restaurant another time as I loved their soup. As people say all the time, the Chinese really loves their food. Price is not a big matter if their income can support it. Very very true.

P.S. I kinda hate steamboat sessions deep down inside. Every single one will make my body goes bloaty and God knows how many minutes of treadmill I have to spend to lose those extra calories. Sigh.


The Apartment Downtown KLCC - Nuffnang Sharing Session


I know that this post is way long overdue but it's something that I insist on sharing with you guys so please do bear with me.

As you guys might already know, I already did an official coverage of the event in the Nuffnang blog so this is like the second time I'm writing it so I'm going to cover it in a much personal point of view. :)

Well, KLCC is indeed a very very scenic place. I mean, look at the fountains. They're nice to look at be it when it's bright or dark.


Thus, when I got word that the next Sharing Session is going to be at The Apartment Downtown KLCC, I was really happy actually. Come on, I stay in Setapak, I'll definitely prefer it to be in KL rather than The Curve personally cause it's nearer in terms of transportation ain't it? :D

The featured top bloggers for the evening were Redmummy and SultanMuzaffar who are no strangers to me as I do liaise with them a lot from my work. I was more than delighted to greet them when they were insight. Friendly and charming in their own ways, I bet a lot of other bloggers learned from their blogging experiences shared that evening.


As this session was only manned by me and my colleague, Firdauz (all the other perverts in the company were either outstation or attending weddings), I was rather comfortable socializing with the bloggers who came early and also with the client's representative, Jocelyn as well. To be honest, I was really glad that everyone did came to break fast together that evening. :)


The lemonade cooler served was a bomb. I can't remember how many glasses I had, but I'm sure if I'm to pay for them, I'll be eating grass for a few days. It's not something out of the world, but it's good alright. Real good~~


The Ramadhan Buffet was eye opening at least to me. To be honest, I've never had one to begin with thus I do not exactly have a measuring tape on how is one supposed to be. Irregardless, I personally adored the apple crumble dessert. My god! It's so delicious! Some people do commented that it's a little too sweet, but surprisingly I find it just right even though usually I'm the first one to complain if something is too sweet. Maybe it's the apple influence. You know, green apple kinda put a spell on me. ;)


Among the most comfortable experience of the night was no doubt the official 'talking' session where the bloggers are seated along a few tables joined together talking to each other and sharing experiences in blogging and during Ramadhan as well.


When I look at the picture above, guess what I'm thinking? No, it's not that my camera sux (though it's a bit shabby), but to think how much bullshit our government has given to us. They talk about racial relations are getting worse and shits, but I see all of us Malaysians are doing just fine gathering together having a chat and being friendly with each other. There were Malays, Chinese, an Indian and even a Caucasian on the table which were happily chatting away with each other. What bullshits are our government talking about? Delusional ah?

I'll drop the government bashing and get back to the session. Honestly, I really had fun organizing events, be it big or small for Nuffnang communities. It's fun meeting new people and socializing and the best thing of all, is to go home knowing that people actually enjoyed coming to the event I put together.


I love you guys, Nuffnangers.


Thank You All

Wow, all these while I thought blog posts with pictures tend to get people to comment more. How wrong was I, when my previous blog post yielded so many comments from my kind-hearted readers to share their opinions and perceptions regarding my life which I'm eternally grateful actually.

no no no
Pictures do not necessarily generate more comments than words

At any rate, I wish to inform everyone who's concerned about my situation that my problem has not been solved at the moment, but I can confidently tell you that I'm managing it pretty well on my own. As much as my relationship goes, it is pretty much the same as a straight relationship actually. It doesn't really differs that much even though I prefer guys than girls.


Take my relationship with Zach to compare with someone who's married for, let's say 2 years perhaps? Oh, make sure there are no kids involved. The situation's pretty much the same. For a gay couple who's been together for almost 3 years, it's more like a marriage already (once again, I stress gay relationship has an average span of 1 month). Thus, it's more like when the norm and comfortable lifestyle experience changes when a change in environment happened such as from studying to working in my case or for straight married couples, from working for a company to starting your own business which tends to consume more time on you which you might not be able to spend so much time with your spouse anymore.

Thus what should one do in a situation like this? It's no doubt not an easy task to manage, but I'll definitely need to be patient and have my ears open so I can manage the delicate situation here.

Or else, I'm doomed to be pokai (Chinese slang for failing, falling out hard, literal meaning of getting thrown out on the street).


Nope. I do not intend to fail. I will survive.

P.S. Mamma Mia! The Movie was a blast! Definitely a great musical. Tell your parents and bring them to the cinemas! It's time for them to relive their younger days. :)


Long Rant

This is a very boring blog post

Working is fun, but no doubt i takes away a lot of my previous relaxing life.

When I was just a student, attending classes was a breeze seeing that I skip them like skipping ropes. After the classes end, there's fun time all around for me and my beloved boyfriend to spend dating, cuddling and spending quality time together. And then came Zuzu, our son, our life couldn't have been any better. When I'm away or outside, Zuzu will accompany Zach at home and give him warmness while waiting for me to come home.

However, things aren't exactly the same once I started working actually. I mean sure, the working environment is perfect for me as I love the challenges it holds and my funny perverted colleagues. Well, let's put it this way, I won't be in the house when Zach wakes up, and most of the time I only come home about 9pm for dinner and then I'll attend to my unfinished work at home and do a little bit of blogging. At 12am I sleep while Zach is still playing online game. So let's count the hours that I actually see my beloved Zach and my son, Zuzu.

24 minus 8 hours (sleeping and waking up) minus 12 hours (travel time, work and gym) will leave me 4 hours. Well maybe some of you guys might think 4 hours of time together is really good enough or something, but do remember that before this, we spend 24 hours each day. We do everything together. So from 24 hours to 4 hours, I think that have made things a little tougher in my relationship with Zach lately.

Zach is not doing anything at the moment thus he usually wakes up late and enjoys himself in an online game called Perfect World. After all it is his favorite game. Whenever I'm not around, Zach will be playing the online game while waiting for me to come home. I only have the weekend to spend time with Zach which I normally spend at home just relaxing as I'm tired enough being outside every weekday. Being at home, Zach spends his time on Perfect World when we're not cuddling, so it's not much difference from the weekdays.

Alright, I'm on ranty mood here. All I want to say is, despite the fact that the time spent with my beloved Zach may have decreased but my love for him never ever did! NOT A BIT! But apparently, things aren't working so great lately as Zach is a little upset with me being occupied by my work and priorities in other matter such as attending to my family back in Ipoh which I understand where that came from as well. He misses me and just wants me to give him more attention which I have failed to do so as I chose to attend to my other priorities.

As much as there's always a choice on 1 over the other, I have chosen my work and my family (once in 4 or 5 months) today and made him upset about it. There are always consequences of good and bad in each choice, and this one forces me to choose work credibility and stability over love which is not exactly an easy one.

I chose work today. Does that mean I'm a hopeless lover?

Readers, for the first time, I'm seeking advice. Please do comment




It's such a busy work life. I love working, but my hands are full even without holding my dick. I need to get work done faster so I can start wanking back.


Robb Gobs - Ngau Kee Beef Noodles

I'm officially imitating KY, Malaysia's most famous food blogger for his KY Eat trademark. Instead, I'm doing a Robb Gobs section whenever I'm doing a food based blog entry. Kekekekekkee. Sorry to imitate you ah, KY. :D

Well, a lot of people will tell you there are quite a lot of delicacies you can get from Jalan Alor, but at a costly price as it is a tourist spot. Thus, I've never been there to eat since I came to KL about 3 years ago.

This change when Boss Stewie took us here to pack our lunch on one of our difficult days while shifting office. I had beef noodles for the first time of my life, and I fell in love with it.

Introducing Ngau Kee Beef Noodles~~~


Located behind Jalan Alor, at Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, it is actually a hawker stall which doesn't look like much, but serves great tasty beef noodles~~.

My colleague, Yee Hou seems to agree with me on this fact as he's been bringing us here a few times for lunch already. One afternoon, we even asked an asshole Tock to join us to have some man meat beef noodles.


However, due to the fact that Yee Hou was wearing a pink shirt on that day (I think I'm straight, I don't have a pink clothing in my wardrobe), our good asshole friend, Tock seemed to be acting a little strange.


As much as they're pleased that I say it, these straight guys really have nothing much better to do than to pretend that they're gay. Aih~~ Is being gay really popular? Does that mean I'm popular? Lol.


Okay, screw them (non literally for me, but if you want to do them literally, I'll pass you their contact number). Let's talk about food before you lose appetite over fake gays.


As you can see from the picture above, it might not look like much, but trust me, the minced beef is a bomb. Mix them thoroughly with the noodles and bite those noodles. I assure you with my balls that they taste fantastic. Well, in my opinion of course. ;)

Did I mention balls? Yes, they serve balls as well. In fact the noodle usually comes with a side dish of either beef mixed meat with beef balls or just pure beef balls. Did I also mention that the balls they serve are very very smooth unlike the ordinary balls we have? Click here to see.

Lol. Alright you can stop dialing my number to curse me directly. It's just a joke okay? I mean the picture.

But honestly, the beef balls served in Ngau Kee is really smooth compared to what we can normally find in any other place, be it Yong Tau Foo or steamboat restaurants. Here, take a look. You can even see how smooth they are from the picture itself.


You can also order a bowl of fresh cooked beef in soup like the picture below.


The meat is tender, juicy and just nice. But this bowl of wonder doesn't come cheap. A bowl like this cost RM10 on its own. The noodles with beef balls cost RM5 for a regular and RM6 for a large portion which is pretty acceptable for KL standard.

I just hope that they get a shop lot instead so they can sell more beef noodles as I know a lot of people do like eating from their stall. :)

*Some photo credits to Simon Seow, as I nicked his pictures.*

P.S. If you're still angry over the smooth balls, go get the sand out of your vagina, mate.


Kelab Malam KL

Let's face it. The civilization of human are all built based on 1 thing.


If it ain't because of sex, the caveman will not fight each other and they will not realize who's the strongest to lead the tribe.


If it ain't because of sex, people will not be studying hard to get hard good grades so they can get admired by others.

If it ain't because of sex, why the hell do we look at pretty girls and good looking guys when they walk past us?

Girls and gays, don't tell me you won't look at him if he's standing at the window while you're outside.

I mean, come on, every month, there is bound to be 1 sex keyword most searched in worldwide search engines.

And that's why we never run of Night clubs where girls are aplenty for businessmen to meet and discuss real business. Well, in my words, it's screwing business.

So I stumbled upon a Kelab Malam in KL a few weeks back.


Seeing that I'm not so straight, it's pretty obvious that I wasn't interested to enter the club (since Malaysia do not have go-go clubs for boys).

Besides, they even have a dashboard to display their 'assets' to attract customers.


As much as some of you are going to say my camera is lousy, but trust me, those pictures are really old and they don't look any better if you see them yourself.

Hold on a second, maybe it's not the picture's fault. Let's take a closer look at the girls.



I really don't know what to say. Maybe my standard is a little high for girls, but man, she does not fall into the category of pretty in my opinion.

There's more.

Chinese name - Wen Juin
Direct translation - Dizzy Spin?

This looks like an auntie doesn't she?

Wow, with this kind of quality for Kelab Malam di KL, no wonder our businessmen, athletes, scientists and leaders are not performing up to standard. They don't have anyone to impress at the first place.

Heck, I might as well import some white cows to work in Kelab Malam di KL.


At least these babes can be slaughtered for meat if anyone gets hungry.

How I wish there's a night club in KL that sells man meat like the picture below.


I'm planning to open 1, anyone care to invest? I promise it won't get raided by police with 6 men found naked in 3 toilet stalls. XD

P.S. I brought a movie screening to Penang for the first time after Nuffnang MY operations moved to KL. But somehow, I'm not sure it was the right thing to do as the crowd there doesn't seem to be eager for events...