Getting Costumes for Nuffnang Events

Most people already know that the major parties Nuffnang hold this year are all costume themed parties. Pajama party, Wild Live Party and the latest, Halloween party!

Back when it was Wild Live Blogging, my costume was really simple. I got hold of a spiky bag, wear all brown and went as a porcupine. Reason was because I was too busy running up and down, and it would have been very difficult if my costume is too troublesome or limits my mobility.


I actually spent money buying that bag you know? But ever since the event, I hardly lifted it up or carried it out of the house. It's not that I'm shy on carrying it, but it just doesn't feel right for me to use it, somehow.

After all, one of Kenny's reader commented that my bag looked like a giant flea on him, maybe I was too traumatized to wear it?

flea on kenny

Okay, I admit that maybe I'm a little too scared of standing out in the crowd (so fucking fake, I go topless dancing on elevated platforms, have spiky hair and claims to be afraid of standing out?). And not to mention, flea resemblance didn't exactly went well with me.

But Zach had no problem with the spiky bag as he definitely looks better carrying it than I do.


In fact, even Zuzu has no problem with it and proves that the bag is not a giant flea (or else Zuzu will bite its head off!).


This time for Silent Halloween, I'm not buying any bags which I won't use anymore after that. In fact, I'm thinking of getting some really nice costumes for this event.

I'm thinking of something in the lines of headless ghost perhaps?


Or even a mad guy who goes rampage with a chain saw? What do you think?


All the 2 costumes were customized by Fun Costume Shop by Absolut Pitch. Their costumes are pretty impressive, I must say. I was wondering what can they dress me up as for this event and they told me that they wanna wrap me up as a Mummy.

I was like, "Come on, you're gonna wrap me up in toilet paper and call it a costume?"


But that was not what they meant by Mummy. In fact, it's not going to be any ordinary mummy at all. They told me, that I'm going to be... The Mummy played by Nick Carter in Backstreet Boys' Everybody video.

nick carter mummy

I was like, OMFG!!! That's the gayest boy band in my era and I absolutely love the idea! Hahahha. I really don't know how I'll end up looking this weekend, but I'm surely looking forward for it (though I admit I'm not as slim as Nick Carter but I hope my muscles stand out).

In case you're in need of a costume for any events, you can look for Fun Costume Shop by Absolut Pitch at 1.02 First Floor Wisma D’Cor, Jalan SS17/1A, Subang Jaya, Selangor. I assure you that they're the pros in the country and you'll have a costume that will most likely win prizes providing that you're willing to spend the money for perfection. Seriously, for any costume parties, I'm definitely calling these guys up. ;)

Here's the gay boy band, BSB Everybody Video for you guys to recap your younger days.


Tropic Thunder - A Review


This movie is no doubt highly anticipated. I mean, look at the names in it. Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man). And to top that, it's a comedy, which is no doubt the strong field of Jack Black.

Story starts in Vietnam where it was supposed to be the shooting of one of the most expensive war film ever made with all big time stars in it. However, things didn't go exactly the way it was planned as all the big stars are actually prima donnas with pride and attitude problems.

The main guys in the film is no doubt Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. Stiller plays a role of a movie star whose fame is at a critically dangerous level which means, if his movie is not well received, he's going down, badly. Thus, he strives to perform his best to outdo others in Tropic Thunder.


Yes, you saw it right, Downey looks black in the movie. He plays the role of a super famous actor who have won 5 Oscars who always seek perfection in the role he plays. This time, he plays a Black character from the movie they're making and guess what? He freaking went to have a pigmentation operation to make his skin color black.

Well, most of the conflict in the movie is due to Stiller's and Downey's character while the others added spice and support to the storyline. So, round one of the shooting got wasted as they unloaded a hefty firepower and almost burned the entire landscape where they were shooting, except that the camera wasn't rolling at that time.

Thus, the director then throw them inside the real jungle of Vietnam and these prima donna actors then find themselves facing real enemies, the Flaming Dragons, which is a heroin producing gang led by Tran (who's actually a kid with freaking good acting skills). That is where their real characters surface and they find out more about their true selves.

A hilarious comedy with an angle we never saw before. I will recommend this highly if you're watching it in other countries which the censorship board is not as strict as Malaysia. The amount of cursing is natural for these day's conversations. A 10 minutes conversation in my office alone will be censored for at least 3 minutes if the censorship board is to play its role. Thus, the amount of censorship for Tropic Thunder in Malaysia kinda made it not as nice as it would have been.

My verdict - 2/5 if you're watching it in cinema. Go buy the original DVD which is uncensored and you'll enjoy much better. :)

Here's a picture to spoil some stuffs in the movie for you. Lol.


P.S. Tom Cruise is a guest actor in this movie. I failed to spot him at all till the end. Will you be able to spot him without asking Google?


Nuffnang is Terrible, Horrible & Vegetable. Nuffnang is Scary!

Yes, no thanks to me, Nuffnang now has this image.

No kidding. Pay our office a visit last week and this week and you'll find something greeting you once you enter the front door.


I have quite a few other props hung around the office as Halloween is near, and not to mention, I'm testing the props' effect first for the upcoming Halloween party we're having.


I actually put those up last weekend, after I bought them from various places. These ghostly figures don't come cheap at all. And not to mention, bloody difficult to hang especially if you do not have any wires and strings available. Lol.


After putting up all these props, it really excites me to wonder how will my colleagues react when they enter the office the first thing in the morning. Thus, for the first time in months, I actually came into the office before the clock strikes 9 in the morning to anticipate my colleagues' reaction.

One of my colleagues, Raff comes in at 7am. I'd have love to see his reaction when he came in, but sadly, I wasn't able to wake up so early to catch his priceless expression. When I came in, I asked what was his initial reaction. Here's what he said;

"I stood at the door staring at the ghostly figure for 5 seconds, wondering should I just go home instead of starting work today. It's 7am and it's still dark. It really creeps me out."


Poor Raff. But at least he reacted quite decent.

My other colleagues all shared the same reactions. They all cursed when they came in.

The only female colleague in the KL office came in with "What the fuck???" and stood there for a while before coming in.

Tim, my boss came in shouting out loud, "AAAAAARRGGGHHHH!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" which we all enjoyed very much.


Others came in with the usual "What the fuck?!" and the most polite cursing was "What the hell?"

Now, Nuffnang's really scary and horrible. Terrible and vegetable, not quite. :)


When It's All About Ducks

It's not a typo in the title. I'm talking about ducks, not dicks though the first starting line can also be used for the other as well.

Ducks. What else can I say but I love them?

Okay, I know I'm Chinese and some of you guys are as well, but I do not mean duck as in male prostitute (though I admit if this is the case, duck is better than chicken for me). For those who might not know, the word duck and chicken is used in Chinese culture to represent the male and female prostitute, which was widely used in Hong Kong.

But seriously, it's all about ducks these days for me. My colleagues, Tim and Yee Hou practically attempts to drag me to have duck for dinner every week as the legendary restaurant in Taman Paramount sells very good roasted duck. I admit that it is nice, but I know too much of something is bad enough, especially duck. It will probably end up right to my hips which will cause severe damage to the visible packs I'm trying to build.

roast duck
Delicious it is, but sinful it is as well to the abs

Well, roasted duck is not all I think of when one mentions duck. Who can forget the lasting impression we had from Digi's commercial awhile ago with the ducks swimming and quacking? It was fun and cute! QUACK~

Despite the fact that I do not grow up bathing in a bathtub equipped with rubber ducks, I still am fascinated looking at those duckies quack all the way. Actually, I don't even mind getting a few rubber ducks to for my next dip in the swimming pool. If I do, I'll post pictures, no worries. Ha ha ha.

Yet to have one, you wanna buy me one?

So all in all, I love ducks. That is till the moment I saw this...


There are two very naughty ducks out there that have committed crimes!! How dare them!! I've been given information about them and I've signed up as a duck hunter at because I simply cannot tahan outrageous behavior (and check out the prizes man…so cool!!!) and the rewards for duck hunters.

Introducing Bad Ducky No 1 - Super SMS Duck

sms duck

This duck is nasty. It dialed *112*2# in the farm and then voila~ he was able to send out so many bloody SMS! In fact, it only spent RM0.50 and he gets unlimited SMS! How outrageous? My SMS bill is freaking high each month despite the fact Digi's SMS rate is like the cheapest around but when I know this duck is even getting cheaper, I'm angered!!! I so wanna hunt it to bring justice to this! Grrrr!!

Bad Ducky No 2 - Super FnF Duck

talk cock duck

This duck is even worse. He dialed *112*1# and has been hogging his phone ever since talking cock?!! Regular Digi users know that for Friends and Family, you can have up to 11 people in your Friends and Family and you enjoy a good calling rate to them, but this @$%^&%$# duck had access to 15 FnF at the rate of 15sen/minute!!

Letting them go loose on this is not an option. I have signed up to be a duck hunter solely because I want to win the rewards I want to bring these crime committing ducks to the gallow (actually I just want to win the cool iPod Touch since I can’t afford hehe.. what better way to get it FREE from DiGi)! Grrr! And rumors said that they're hiding in blogs! Where could they be? Last I checked, it wasn't in mine!

You wanna be a duck hunter? Visit and sign up and who knows, you might walk home with the following rewards each week.


I'm personally aiming for the PS3 doing this for the sake of justice.. seriously, I’m honest (*innocently looking at the prizes* hahaa…). So duckies, come out come out wherever you are~~

I now proclaim it is now Duck Season!! Hunters, get your gears up!!! Hunt them down!


I'm going to use my skill of camouflage to discover where the ducks are. Do you guys think it will work?



Challenge Yourself

Let me tell you guys a true story.

Long long time ago, there was an ordinary kid who lived his ordinary childhood just like any ordinary kid. He drank ordinary drinks, ate ordinary food and went to an ordinary kindergarten. Little did he know he will soon be extraordinary which you guys will find out as well.

He went to a kindergarten near his house as his parents couldn't afford to send him to those big prestige ones. Nevertheless he proved his worth pretty well and he soon graduated with pretty impressive paper achievements which his parents were proud of.

childhood thin

Due to the fact he was a little brainy, he was a little cocky as you can notice from the picture above.

His streak of brains continued when he was in elementary school. There were numerous occasions that this kid scored the first position in class and even the entire batch in terms of academic results. He was showered with love and care from his parents. They gave him everything. Video games, trips to the zoo and amusement parks and lots of good food.

Thus, he was spoiled with the amount of good food offered and he soon overate. As you can see, he grew in size horizontally in a short period of time.


This went on and on till the kid became a teenager. Naturally, he was still brainy, but his social life was somewhat limited as he was snobbish and in the same time, weren't exactly very charming in his appearance.

secondary school

Thus, he never get to know a lot of friends back then and what else, girls won't even consider going out with him. But this lad had a principle in his life. He had the principle that if he is to be loved by someone, that person should love him for his heart and not how he looks.

And so he waited. He didn't come from a rich family, he didn't have any extra talents (being brainy = nerd = disadvantage) and practically, he didn't have much charm to offer to friends or girls. The waiting continued for a long period of time. Despite the fact that people around him tease him that he's fat and ugly and he will never be able to find someone to love him, he flickered the teasing away by saying he was proud to be who he was. But deep down inside, he knew the truth and it hurts.

utp robb
I mean honestly, will you even consider going out with this guy?

He finally made efforts to get to know the people that he was interested to know and how the reality shook him hard when they all rejected him all due to the fact that he was fat.

He cried as he was deeply hurt by the reality of the world.


Fast forward to the present. This lad now works for one of the fastest growing dotcom company in Malaysia and live a happy life with his loved ones. Yes, the kid I was talking about is me.

present robb

If you do look closely, you'll find resemblances in the eyes and the brows. I did not go for a plastic surgery, but I had a very strong determination to change myself and to live a life of no regrets in this society. I practically challenged myself to be a better person and I did succeed.

What I'm trying to prove to you my dear readers, is that you should always challenge yourself. Outdo yourself. That is the only way you can improve yourself in this life. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone is to improve themselves just like how much I improved how I look? Accept the fact that life has no limits unless you give up on it.

Thus, today I’m challenging all of you, my dear readers. I challenge you to a push up challenge!! GRR!!! How many push ups can you do within 10 seconds? How many did I do? Watch it below and you’ll find out. ;)

This is actually a video challenge that I’ve also submitted for an online challenge called 'Me Against the World' by 100 Plus at It might not be the most challenging stunt to do, but I believe this is a challenge that most of us can do and I do hope that you will challenge yourself and hopefully, outdo what you expect you can do as well. :)

To top your self motivation up to answer my challenge, what if I tell you this online challenge actually rewards the participants with prizes from Sony, Nike, Topshop and 100 Plus? Think Vaio! Think of the Nike shoes!! Think of the cool clothes from Topshop!!! And not to mention the amount of 100 Plus to restore your energy when ya out of ‘em while working out. That is just so brilliant. For more information you can always check out their site at

Looking at the photos when I was young.. I think one should not look at the past as it is no longer something that you can relate to. It is the past. You need new challenges and move ahead instead of just being satisfied with what you’ve achieved. I am now challenging myself to be built lean and toned. I'm not aiming to be the next Mr Malaysia (imagine those big size muscular uncles... God!!), but I just wanna have a great body and I'm challenging myself to achieve it in 6 months' time.

robb strong

My chest is getting there, but I definitely want more defined arms and abs.

I'm going to outdo myself and I'm going to do it all out be it I'm rewarded or not.

confident robb

P.S. In case you're wondering if my boxer or underwear was sticking out when I was doing the push up, no, it was the pattern of the pants, alright?

P.P.S. Anyone who says that I look fat now (my current pictures) will instantly be cursed to be as bloaty as a hippopotamus within 3 days time.

P.P.P.S. Watch and vote for other contestants or me below!


Lala Pants

lala pants

How do you tell if a pair of pants is pure lala?

1. Has a lot of strings dangling around places. Check

thick strings

2. Has a lot of wholes with shiny buttons. Check

3. The guy who wears it has spiky hair. Check.

lala robb

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lala Robb. Nice to know you.


Rain Rain

No, I'm not talking about the Korean superstar, Rain. I'm merely talking about the weather.

These days in KL, it's raining dogs and cats every evening. It's freaking predictable. One moment you see the sky getting dark, a few minutes later, you can see all kinds of dogs and cats coming down.


Usually I only have a small umbrella with me. But lately, the rain is so massive, the small handy umbrella that I can keep inside my beg is no longer efficient to use. I wet myself easily (the not good kind of wetting myself, yea?) due to the rain.

Well, here I am complaining about getting wet cause of the rain, but I wonder what happens to the homeless people who are living on the streets. I guess we have not the slightest idea how will they feel...


People do take things for granted A LOT. We don't think how poor other people are when we dine at Jogoya for RM68 per pax while that amount of money can actually feed someone living off the street for an entire month. I feel bad at times that I do take things for granted.

Let's not put it too far to compare. Take for example, the previous Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging party. Maxis Broadband gave out a lot of cool looking umbrellas. Many people didn't think that it was a cool prize. In fact, people merely thought it was a tool just to advertise for Maxis Broadband.


I found out today that it is not true.

Thanks to Maxis Broadband, I didn't get wet today while running some very important errand for my company. Thank you, Maxis Broadband. I'll be sure to roar and howl every night just to be wild to thank you for not having me wet by rain.


If there's someone that needs to get wet, it should be a hot guy like this.



Catching My Colleagues in Gay Club

Some people do ask me if I go clubbing.

The answer is, yes I do. However, my sense of clubbing is different from ordinary ones. Most people go to clubs to drink alcoholic drinks, some go there just to sit and observe the girls, some hit the dance floor to check out the girls and the list goes on.

For me, I'm no big fan of any alcoholic drinks. Thus, drinking is definitely not the purpose I hit the clubs. Since I don't fancy girls, I don't reckon hitting the club where there are lots of hot chicks and at the same time, lots of not so good looking guys hanging around waiting to get lucky. I mean, I have no role there, come on.

Thus the reason for me to miss out all the Hennesy Artistry events so far. ;)

So what kind of clubs do I go to? Well, clubs where I find what I like to see. :)

Introducing one of my clubbing spots, Marketplace.


It's where you can get vegetables, fishes and meats.

Naaa, I was kidding. It's a real fancy bar and diner, except that on Saturday night every week, it's party night for the gays. Well, literally saying, I do check out this Marketplace if there are any fresh fishes and meats available (if you get what I mean).


It's been awhile since I club as one of the other reason that makes me reluctant to club is that I don't drive and I rely on friend's car to bring me home. Yeah, I know hooking up in the club and sleeping in a hottie's place is also practical, but as I usually go clubbing with Zach along, let's not talk about that.

Lucky me last weekend, a friend of mine who drives wanted to go Marketplace to dance and he offered us a ride back home after that. It was too good of a chance to pass, so I agreed and we head to Marketplace quite early as we weren't too sure with the roads to reach. We arrive about 10.45pm which is actually very early for the gays to start pouring in.

To my surprise, I saw 2 persons which I did expect least expected to be at Marketplace. Boss Stewie and Nicholas were there! What the fuck? I can't believe the parody I did is actually true, can it be?

white shirt

They were both there smiling at me when I saw them. *Grins* They left together shortly after I saw them. I shall refrain to talk of what happened with them as I value my job. XD

When it was about 11.30pm, the place started to get packed with dudes. As in, lots and lots of dudes. Frankly speaking, there weren't any that was fascinating in my opinion.

gay club

Nevertheless, everyone who were there dance to the music and enjoyed it very much. Gay clubs are practically one of the very few clubs that you can see guys on an elevated platform dancing. The straight clubs always restrict those to the girls only. Reasonable, who will wanna see a dude move his body in a straight club? That doesn't sell drinks. In a gay club, it does. ;)

Occasionally there are girls in a gay club as these babes want to have a great time dancing without endangering their pussies. Well, it is very true that they are going to be so safe in here. I mean, most of these guys will be terrified to see a girl naked most likely. Thus, sexual harassment actually happens the other way in a gay club where the girls are the ones touching the guys.

pok mong gays

Gay clubs are also very known for some of the guys taking off their tops to dance as it's usually hot and sweaty after dancing awhile. Besides, the ones who take off their tops usually are a lil bit attention seeking and wants to show off their meat a little. Sadly, I happen to be in this category.

typical fag

I hope you didn't puke looking at my picture though.


Jack, the one in red stripes is the friend who offered the free transport home. He came from the same hometown with Zach and is pretty successful in his career despite hardships he had to endure in his early days. It was his first time in Marketplace and it does seem to me that he enjoyed it rather well.

Overall, it felt damn good to be clubbing again after so long. I'll definitely hit the dance floor again if there are anyone who will be willing to fetch me home unconditionally (no happy ending for that guy).

P.S. Tim and Nicholas are straight guys. They were in Marketplace celebrating the birthday of a friend.

P.P.S. I fear for the security of my job if I did not clarify with P.S.


Robb Gobs - Shanghai 10 @ Avenue K

One fateful Friday, some dude shot me a message in MSN saying he's hungry and it was about time for lunch. So I asked what was his plan, he said he wanted to have pork. Well, it was Friday and I thought why not we have something a little bit luxurious and I asked him to suggest.

He asked me to come find him at KLCC LRT station at Avenue K as he recommended a Chinese restaurant called Shanghai 10 for lunch. According to him, the entire KLCC does not have any restaurant or diner which serves pork which is actually understandable. Since KY had the urge to consume pork, he had to work his legs a few more steps to Avenue K for pork.

shanghai 10

Located 2 floors above the entrance/exit of KLCC LRT station, Shanghai 10 looks a little classy for Chinese food, but it's still alright (before you pay the bill).

In certain ways, it reminded me of Dragon-i as they have a petting zoo section. Oh wait, you can't pet them. I mean a zoo display section for you to observe the cooks in their natural habitat. You're warned not to knock on the glass or attempt to feed the cooks or else, they may be disturbed and start roaring.

do not feed cooks

The restaurant has the ambiance of... I don't know, you feel very Chinese in there? Lol. Wooden furniture with a lil touch of the East. Yada yada. I'm no good in describing deco.

interior shanghai10

I am always a durian fan. I practically will try anything that is made by durian and I spotted that they have a durian pancake in their menu which I wasted no time to order a plate.

durian pancake

Priced at RM5.80 per plate, you might think it's a little expensive, but take a bite and I will assure you that it is damn worth it (only if you like durians though). The filling is so good you'll be so glad you're eating it. It's definitely way way up higher than the lousy durian cream in Big Apple's donuts.

Well, we ordered a basket of Siu Loong Pau and 2 bowls of noodles for lunch on top of the durian pancake. As I'm not a frequent consumer of Siu Loong Pau, KY taught me that the right way to hold the dumpling is from the top tip so you don't burst the lower layer where the soup is. ;)

siu loong pau and noodles

I was bold and I ordered something extraordinary. No, the dish wasn't flying when it was served and neither did I flew when I ate it. (Whenever someone said something's unique or extraordinary, I tend to shoot him/her a question, "Why? After doing/using/eating can fly?")

noodles in spicy soup and peanut sauce

Well, it looks pretty normal right? Spicy soup and noodles, but the peanut sauce is a surprise. Thick and a little gooey, it sticks into the noodles and blended quite well with the spicy soup. Uniquely tasty as I've never tasted it before in my life.

Well, Chinese tend to enjoy a good meal together with a pot of tea. This occasion is no different as we had Jasmine tea to quench our thirst. ;)

jasmine tea

KY actually had a plate of scallop meat as well if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't that good according to him, but as for the rest, it's pretty decent in taste.

The bill came a buck short from half a hundred. It's pretty standard for a restaurant at this level. But nevertheless, the durian pancake's impression is so deep in my mind, I feel like ordering 2 plates for lunch tomorrow!

P.S. KY and I both agree that the durian burp we had after the lunch was damn nice!

P.P.S. I was not dating KY. It was just lunch, okay? Lol.