Taking A Break

topless on bed

It's been very busy for me these few days.

Preparing for Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out wasn't easy. A lot of details needed to be ironed out. Last minute changes are anticipated and it takes time and energy.

To top things up, I was down for food poisoning for one of the days. Had to take a jab to quickly control the things, because I was given an invite to watch Twilight by Nokia Malaysia which was no doubt a very good chick flick.

Then comes the pre-Nuffnang Friso Family Day where I had to oversee the set up of the venue and ensuring everything goes into order. Another long tired day.

And the finale itself, Nuffnang Friso Family Day on the Saturday which I hoped all the families who attended enjoy because nothing gives the organizer more joy than to see smiling kids and parents going home from our event.


Many thanks to Friso from Dutch Lady Malaysia for this wonderful opportunity to Nuffnang and to me, especially Pieter, Ai Nee and Tengku Nila. It has been a great time working closely with you. :)

Never forgetting the parents and children who came today. I thank you from the deepest of my heart for your participation in today's event. All the best to win the Sony 32" LCD TV in your post event blog contest. Look forward for more to come in the future from us.


Been a very long and tiring week. Please allow me to have a bit of rest before I continue blogging as usual. Many thanks guys.


Don't Worry Be Happy

A nice song to keep my mood up and smiling. :)

I hope it does its trick on you the same way it did on me.

Don't worry be happy. ;)



I'm So Pissed! @!#$%$@#$

As much as I would like to explode like a C4 on a Mongolian translator right now, I'm trying to calm myself because nobody likes to see an angry man.

Sadly, Zach is seeing one at the moment. An angry man with an angry face, but thank God, I don't react violently and shout. Instead, I blog my anger out here.

Normally, I would say that I'm a person who can take a lot of beating and stuff all threw at me and I won't go angry easily. However, today I found the perfect combo that ticks me off without fail after a couple of experience I had.

Let's see in details.

1. Things don't go as planned
I'm an organized person. Well, not quite in terms of hygiene and room decoration, but plans for what to do and things that goes ahead in the future. Plans to do certain things by which date, what time and etc. You get the clue. When things don't go as I planned, I tend to frown occasionally.

2. People who are not punctual
When people let you know of a certain time to do certain stuff, you fucking do it. You don't miss the timeline cause it disrupt much more things as it goes along! Why don't people get it? People who are not punctual tend not to know how big of deal it is as well. Sigh...

3. Make me walk under the rain
And by rain I don't mean those drips occasionally. I mean those cibai cats and dogs rain. You make me walk under those rain for you and when I get wet this way, you will not like me talking to you at any rate. I guaran-DAMN-tee you this.

Today, I had the pleasure of experiencing all three of them at once.

Fuck, I've never been this pissed before.


Greatest Discovery on Earth


Should the guy who carry the signboard be given a Nobel prize award for his important discovery?

P.S. Ripped from one of my favorite blogs - Gay Boy Thailand.


When Your Parents Know You're Gay

After reading Alexander's blog, I can't help but to share my opinions and views regarding the common behaviors for parents who found out their son is gay.

There are a few ways your parents will know that you're gay;

Case 1
You're an obvious case. Think pink outfits, limp wrists, high pitch voice and etc.

I can only thank God, I'm not in this category

Case 2
You got gossiped behind your back by either friends, relatives or anyone else who's so god damn free cause they saw you going out with another guy holding hands or something.

couple hold hands
Well, if you're this good looking and so is your boyfriend, you're practically famous, I guess?

Case 3
You tell them, "Hi mum. Hi dad. I'm gay!"

Case 4
Logic interpretation of your ongoing behaviors by your parents. The lack of close female friends, no history of having a girlfriend even though you're 25 and etc.

No matter which case it is, most parents in the Asia region are definitely not going to be able to take this lightly. So let see what are the normal reactions parents will give when they found out that their son is gay.

Parents' Reaction 1
Mad. Super mad. They'll yell and scream at you and might even act violently on you, especially if you're still living under their care.

I bet if Ronald McDonald's son is gay, he'll slap him silly. Lol

Parents' Reaction 2
Sad and disappointment. Imagine crying and self blaming by parents on what happened and what turned wrong in their upbringing till you're now gay.

They might argue with each other trying to find where did it go wrong

Parents' Reaction 3
They don't bother. This is a very rare case which only happens on both extremes. Either your parents are very open minded and loves you for who you are irregardless of your sexuality (before you tell them) or they don't give a shit about you.

Now that we've covered the possible reactions by parents, let's see what your parents might do after figuring out that you're gay. Do note that any parents who reacted as according to Reaction 3 has no more issues here.

Parents' Action 1
Iron rule. They will go all out to change you back. Cutting off all your communications with the outside world, limiting your freedom, contacts and everything else. Happens a lot to teenager gays.

By that time, your life at home is practically like jail

Parents' Action 2
Disowning the son. Serious. There are a lot of cases which I've seen and heard that parents disown their son just because he's gay. They're ashamed and want nothing to do with their son.

Out you go, you faggot!

Parents' Action 3
Talking and counseling. They'll talk non stop and counsel you non stop that being gay is wrong and you should be with a girl. Talks about religion and might even bring in a psychiatrist to attempt to cure you.

Parents' Action 4
Ignore that they know you're gay and continue living happily. They don't talk about your gay life, your boyfriend and nothing. Zip.

Now I know that I'm only listing all the negative reactions and actions by parents upon discovery of their son is gay, but trust me, there aren't exactly many happy stories by gays in Malaysia when their parents found out.

What I'm trying to bring light in my blog post today, is how difficult being gay is, in our Eastern society. Not only do we have to live in secrecy and in the shadows, we're even shunned and negatively viewed upon by our very own parents.

My case of coming out to my parents was simple. I told them. I'm a person who doesn't like to lie (unless I have damn lots of gains from it). Thus, you see me being who I am, out and loud. Their reaction was a mix of case 2 and case 3, where they were disappointed but they accepted me, especially my mum. Of course, they then continued to undertake the route of ignorance to stop talking about this till today which I find it acceptable as it might not be easy for them to discuss this with me.

The only regret I had, was I actually kept this secret a lie for quite awhile before telling my parents. I admit, I was a pussy. You see, prior to this, I was a student who rely on my parents for education, allowance and etc. I cannot help but to ensure that my interest of surviving in the concrete jungle of KL is taken care of by keeping my sexuality in the dark from my parents in case... they disown me.

Selfish of me, the moment I got myself a job, I took a journey home to Ipoh and talked to my parents nicely about myself. Sigh... it's not something I'm proud of, but I just want to let everyone know, that being gay is not easy. It's every gay student's nightmare to let their parents know. Thank God, I've survived that stage.

However, even for gays who already have a job, but staying with their parents might have a dispute upon this discovery. I shall elaborate no further but I'll strongly suggest that you read Alex's blog for his experience.

Kids out there who are reading this. Don't be gay. Go dig pussies, cause you'll live a better life.

Seriously, how can we gays not like pussies?

P.S. I know I'm crude. :D

P.P.S. Girls, I'm just kidding, yea? Don't take offense. :)


Pretty Boy

Post removed

Free Food for All~

I'm supposed to give you some eye candies, but something better came up. I'm giving free pasta instead!!!


Actually.. I'm not. But I'm letting you know that Italiannies is giving away free pasta this Friday!!

free pasta e-flyer

Hurry and go get your free lunch on this Friday. It's only for take away! Muahahahaha. For those who have yet to try their Bowls of Pasta, this is the chance for you to try it!


Nuffnang Sharing Session @ Italiannies, The Gardens

Last Wednesday, Nuffnang had its 3rd Sharing Session courtesy of Italiannies, The Gardens. This time, we had the honor of feasting their new dishes, namely the Bowls of Pasta.


This Sharing Session marks a lot of firsts.

For example, we had the first unofficial public preview of the Nuffnang Apparels by Yee Hou.


Then, it was also the first Sharing Session for Chee Ching since she joined Nuffnang. Similarly, it was my first time to pass the Sharing Session responsibility to anyone. Passing on such a task I nursed since the hatching was not easy but Chee Ching stepped up to the task and shouldered it well.

I looked ghastly! T_T

Enough of firsts. As always, Nuffnang Sharing Session is meant to be a casual experience for bloggers to have a dinner and know each other better. And to add more juice to the sharing session, I'd have always invited one or two top bloggers who are skilled in what they do. And this time, I invited KYspeaks, the legendary food blogger to join the Sharing Session.

IMG_3821 copy [800x600]

KY shared quite a few of decent tips to other bloggers that evening on food blogging and of course, everyone had a great time chatting and knowing each other better in the special dining room for us.


Yea, we were like the Knights of the Round Table, except that none of us were knights and the table wasn't round at the first place. Lol.

Enough of introduction. Let's bring on the food.


This is the Quattro Platter which serves 'hairy balls with rings'. Sorry that I put them in such crude words. Lol. The four different types of appetizers available are deep-fried risotto balls, fried calamari rings, stuffed mushrooms (balls) and zucchini fritte (the hair thingy). Contrary to what I said, this actually taste good especially the risotto balls if you're into something cheesy~


Californian Shrimp Salad is a change from my regular Caesar Salad in Italiannies. The shrimp is remarkably tasty and juicy, no doubt about that. The lettuce and spinach were alright but the orange vinaigrette dressing doesn't go well on my taste bud. Personal preference kicked in, I supposed. :)


The Italiannies Lamb Shank is no doubt the bomb for everyone who attended. The lamb was so good that some of us even went munching the bone just to get every last bite of meat available. Lol. Braised with medley of herbs, red peppers and tomatoes, it is deliciously served with garlic mashed potatoes with brown sauce. Yummy~


Sicilian Pizza looks pretty simple from its look but do not be fooled by that. It is stuffed with anchovies, black olives, mozzarella cheese and topped with sauteed onions and Pomodoro sauce. Anchovy lovers will no doubt salute this dish.


The Bowls of Pasta. I don't even know where to begin. There were so many choices and all of us were spoiled by them. There were a few cold pastas which tasted real good (Salmon & Lemon Aioli being one of them) and they even had a Chicken Lasagna!! My pictures are limited, I strongly urge you guys to check out Italiannies if you wish to learn more. :)

Next in line, desserts.


This Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake is really really chocolatey. And by that, I mean it's more chocolate than a cake in my opinion. Thus, chocolate lovers might craze for them as well as going nuts.


The NY Strawberry Cheesecake brings out the cheesiness of a cheese cake topped with the flavor of strawberries just right. In my humble opinion, this dessert actually stood out more than Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake, but chocolate lovers might disagree.

All and all, the Sharing Session was a good one. Bloggers who were there enjoyed themselves, the organizers enjoyed looking at the happy faces of bloggers and I certainly hope that Italiannies enjoyed the company of us that evening. :)

A special thanks to Tupperware and UIP for giving out goodies to the bloggers that attended this Sharing Session. Everyone who came were given a gift to bring home which was Madagascar 2 themed.

P.S. Pictures stolen from various sites. I'm too lazy to link. Send over your lawyer letters if you're angry.

P.P.S. Miss seeing pictures of cute guys in my blog posts? Drop a comment and make yourself vocal.


How to Tell if a Couple Matches

Well, for me there are a few traits that you can look at for matching couples.

1. Matching outlook.
Their looks have to compliment each other, no doubt.

2. Distinctive difference yet harmonious.
Opposite attracts, in the right way.

3. They dance to Bollywood songs.

Familiar right? It has such a long lasting image in my mind actually.

Today, my dear readers, I stumbled upon 2 bloggers who call themselves Lemon and Berry. They are in love and they write pretty well I must say. I mean, when was the last time you find a blogger couple writing equally well, expressing their feelings towards each other?

Let's visit Miss Lemon first.


She's yellow and bright which makes her stand out. She has a lil' bit of mystery aura around her writings and that's just plain sexy.

Well, it's apparent from her second blog entry that she is so in love with Berry. I like the way she writes. I bet we'll get to know more of her in time. Just like much new bloggers, I think she's kinda got discouraged due to the fact that no one reads her blog that much and comments. So peeps, head on over to Miss Lemon's blog at www.bottledlemon.com and start giving the Lemon the support she need to be an active blogger!!

Berry on the other hand, writes in a cool style, dishing out sarcastic jokes around and I like how he wants to be associated so much with his online image as a Berry.


I'm pretty sure this dude has been watching a lot of American series such as Gilmore Girls and stuff so much till he's this sarcastic. Hahahaha.

Just like Miss Lemon, Berry is a bit discourage at the moment, but worry not and visit his blog at www.bottledberry.com and show him that you love him to get him blogging more about himself.

I just can't wait to see these 2 bloggers continue blogging about their love life. It's definitely a rare sight in the blogosphere. I wish them all the best as new bloggers!

P.S. I wonder if they'll turn up for any Nuffnang events in Yellow and Purple. :D


Being Gay in Malaysia

A lot of people are asking if I'm afraid that I'll arrested for being gay in Malaysia especially after the infamous raid by police to gay parties and massage parlors. The answer is NOPE.

Ah, fags caught with their pants down. Kinda feel bad for them

Why am I not?

The answer is simple. Being gay is not illegal in Malaysia for a non Muslim. Yes, you can openly tell everyone that you're gay and you like man and you'll not be arrested.

i am gay

Before you go around jumping declaring you're gay, do read on as I'm not finished with my statement. Yes, declaring that you like another man is not illegal. However, the following acts are illegal in Malaysia;

1. Anal and oral intercourse
Section 377 of Malaysian's Penal Code states anal and oral sex are illegal whether it's between men, or heterosexuals. Yes, this being said, you'll be in trouble if someone installs a spy cam and records you doing it up the ass of another guy (vice versa) or getting/giving heads.


Of course, the implementation of this law is only towards certain individuals. Individuals that might affect the society's sentiments or the government's stability. Take for example Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, he was charged with sodomy while he looks as straight as a pole just because he's not in line with the previous Prime Minister. Our current Prime Minister tried doing him again for the same charge but thank God, justice prevail on this case. Do note that if you're someone valuable in the government, your ass is covered too. As far as I remember, Chua Soi Lek, our ex Health Minister was caught in a spy cam getting heads but he walks free and went ahead to become one of the big shots in MCA (a political party that's ruling Malaysia).


Malaysia. Truly Asia, eh? Lol.

They should put Chua Soi Lek's face in this poster

2. Public display of affection
As much as I love expressing myself with hugs and kisses to my loved ones, I guess I'll have to abide the law and not to do so, because gays and breeders (another term for heterosexuals) are not allowed to display their affection publicly be it Muslim or non Muslim. However, the law seems to be harsher if you're a homosexual which they will not hesitate to press charges for indecency in public.

Yup, it's not possible to show you're intimate with someone else in public

In addition, any other place except your hotel room or house is considered a public place, be it a spa, massage parlor, club and etc. This being said, you're not allowed to shag or do anything intimate with another guy at all public places except in your own house or you'll risk being caught with your pants down like our friends over in Penang.

Even if you're doing anything in your house, the only safe act you can do is, hugging, kissing, groping, licking (except on the penis), rimming (if you're into it), and masturbating. Putting a penis into anyone's asshole or mouth is deemed illegal so you might want to avoid that if you're in any place which you think might not be 100% safe since police can ask for you to open your hotel room for inspection if they suspect something.

The only place that might be a little safer is your own place where police will have to get a court order or a warrant to gain access to your house. If they get that, then God bless you that your asshole or your guy's asshole does not contain any of the opposites' DNA or you're so screwed.



That sums what I want to say today to my dear readers.

P.S. Yes, being gay in Malaysia sucks, but at least I can still go around telling people I'm gay.


Hopu Tan Yee Hou

I have a confession to make. Actually, the name Robb wasn't self-thought. I mean, it's pretty common for Chinese in Malaysia to actually get an English name for socializing ease. I actually named myself Pierre at first (don't ask), but somehow the more I thought of it, the more the image of an old balding French man interested in sex with young girls/guys sink in and thus I dropped it completely.

old man 2-776782

Then, lucky me, 2 of my cool university friends decided to think of an English name for me. It was actually during our membership camp for Rotaract Club back then in UTP, and so, Kulvinder and Frankie suggest that the name Robb suits me as in, Robb is associated with cheekiness and the bad boy image (no thanks to Robbie Williams) which I agree is in me as well and thus I accepted it. Thanks guys!

Apparently, what goes around comes around. The task of bestowing another person without an English name (or a simple name for the ease of socializing) has come back to me as one of my colleagues, Yee Hou does not have an English name till date.

Despite the fact that I feature him quite often, calling him more gay than me, I gotta think of a decent name for him which people can associate with his personality traits.

Yee Hou's personality trait - intimacy with other guys

Judging from the photo above, I might as well bestow the name Elton to him but I'm not as mean as that. I shall bestow him a name which is deep with culture.

I shall bestow him the name - Hopu.

Hopu is actually a term from the forgotten times of the Easter Island which represents the birdman clans' representatives to challenge the tides of the ocean and mountains to claim supremacy on the island. Deep, eh? Do take note of the term 'birdman'. Lol.


Yes, everyone go to his blog and call him Hopu Tan now.


P.S. Hopu Tan is not gay. (denial creates more speculation, right?)

P.S. The birdman legend is real, but I googled it after I named him Hopu actually. It was a typo when I typed 'Hou' too fast. But I like the typo so much I'm calling him Hopu nowadays.


Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Rocks

Okay, I know that me, the organizer writing this blog post saying that it rocks kinda have rather low credibility, but I don't care. I just wanna write about it. So yea, sue me if you want. Lol.

As most of your might still remember, this was how I look like for Silent Halloween.

mummy robb

I was supposed to look like Nick Carter from Gaystreet Boys, but unfortunately due to the amount of work I had to attend to, I didn't have time to do my hair blond, and not to mention I'm a fatso compared to Nick.

Putting on the bandages on me wasn't exactly an easy thing to do considering how many roll of bandages Gabriel from Absolut Pitch had to use (since I'm fat). And not to mention I was required to strip till my underpants which I had no idea beforehand, and I wore a blue one which kinda stood out. Come on. If I had any idea about this, I'd have worn a much better looking one. But since my skin is a lil thicker than anyone else, I went ahead and did it.

before and after2

Thank the flying spaghetti monster (refer South Park - Go God Go Part 2) that Gabriel made my costume a lil bit more mobile as I had tasks to attend to. I mean, when was the last time you see a mummy answer phone calls and holding a notepad?

Despite that, I still managed to scare the shit out of people.


Saw another mummy there, he didn't go all the way down to underpants though. Sigh.. Guess I went overboard.


Okay, enough of me. I was hideous. Let's talk about the party. As usual, whenever it's Nuffnang's party, we're always thrilled to see our bloggers because, they do dress up to the occasion. It's evident in all our parties so far.

So yeah, for this one, we had bloggers coming with all kinds of costumes and try to outdo one another to win the best dressed prizes. Among the really good ones were Joe from Klubbkidd.com as Kurt Cobain.


Man, he's really really good with his make up. Kudos dude. Real pity that you didn't win. Guess that the judge still remember you walking away with a N95 not long ago in the special screening of 'The Dark Knight' eh? Lol.

And of course, the eyes were on the top bloggers in Malaysia namely Kenny Sia and Ringo who Absolut Pitch help dressed them up as Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe!!


Liang the emcee cum local celebrity was no exception as Absolut Pitch did their magic on him and poof! The King lives!!!! Okay, The King Died, but is walking and talking again.


The best thing about throwing a party like this is no doubt, the Nuffies! Many thanks to Ginny who scouted for this batch of Nuffies who I think are the most beautiful batch of all our parties. :D They were all dressed in Angels and Devils' costumes for the party to help bring sex appeal excitement to the party.


Among the most memorable happenings of the night for me will be the Mummy wrapping game where I had lots of bloggers wrapped up with tissues to win prizes. Yea~ more mummies!


But when the mummies were unwrapped, they weren't Egyptian, but other ghouls/ghosts. :(


Of course, there was also a balloon game where bloggers were asked to eliminate all the others so they can win RM100 cash.


No doubt this game was worthwhile but some of them were just too protective which kinda stalled the game for quite awhile. Hahahaha.

The grand happening was no doubt the Silent Dance Party. Surrounding was all quiet, but bloggers were dancing and showing their slick moves with earphones plugged. It was a sight to behold. Seriously, it's the first in Malaysia as well! Absolutely cool!


I wish to show more pictures, but I guess I won't want to bore you with the exciting tales from me. I'm pretty sure if you Google Silent Halloween, you'll find lots of pictures which will describe the event in better details than my blog post. Hahaha. Let me share one of the winner for the best dressed female - the Slutty Joker Nurse.


Congratz~ After all, Halloween is the only day where girls can be slutty as much as they want without being called one. Lol.

It was a party that I was very proud of. I mean, compare it to Wild Live Blogging, I had much better hands in handling this one and I'm damn proud of how it turned out.

Well... almost....


Fuck, someone took a picture when I was taking off my bandages. That kinda ruin my pride. Lol.

P.S. Fuck, I'm fat and hideous!