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2008 is ending soon...

2009 is coming...

I'm having an end year dilemma..


A Trip to Singapore Zoo

When I was in Singapore for Nuffnang Family Trip, I had a chance of a lifetime to visit a world class zoo - Singapore Zoo, thanks to Boss Ming. :)

To be honest, I'd always love visiting the zoo. I'm practically an animal lover. Even when I was in kindergarten, I loved watching National Geographic on TV even when I can't understand English at that time. Well, let's just say the amount of animals shown fascinate me a lot and till today if I happen to see any shows regarding animals on TV, I'll still watch it.

In fact, when I was still young, I even dreamed of having a house filled with various types of wild animals in the compound. Lions, tigers, crocs, antelopes at your backyard. Ahhh~~

Don't see that coming true yet I suppose. Hahaha.

Back to reality. The whole Nuffnang MY and Nuffnang SG team gathered together on 9am at the entrance of the zoo before we explore the world class zoo together. Some of us took cab while others took the MRT. Once we were all there, we went on a rampage to catch all the wild lives we never thought we'll be able to see in Singapore before.

Among the memorable animals that we saw were no doubt the White Tigers.

This breed is of course endangered and they even took the spotlight last few months for mauling a crazed zookeeper to his death.

According to sources, the zookeeper lost a bolt on his head and climbed all the way into compound of the white tigers with a pail. Then, he started banging the pail to grab the attention of the tigers. The tigers taught that he was a toy and starting mauling him which resulted in severe pain and wounding for the poor zookeeper. Some said that the zookeeper was planning on suicide at first when he did that, but maybe he changed his mind when he was being mauled by the white tigers when he shouted for help. Before the other zookeepers can even come to his rescue, the poor chap was already dead.

What a way to leave the world. Mauled by endangered species. I hope no kids actually say, "Mummy, when I grow up, I wanna die in the hands of an endangered animal".

Well if you ask me, the only thing I wanna do with an endangered animal is to show how much I love him not by giving him my life. And by love I mean....

Whoa! Where did that come from? I'm not into bestiality. No no no. What I meant was we should all show love by making sure we don't buy any products that involve killing of wild animals. Say no to skins and ancient Eastern medicine that poaches the wild animals.

We saw all kinds of animals in the zoo. Some are easy to name like the Sumatran Rhinos;

while some I can't even name it like this bird below. Anyone can give me a hand here?

Another animal that fascinated me was the Hippos. Yes, think Moto Moto from Madagascar 2. The name's so good you have to say it twice. That's the one. Except that in Singapore zoo, we were shown the pygmy version of a Hippo which means its the smallest breed among all hippos.

Very fascinating fact about Hippos. They can't swim. They can't float. They tip toe at the bottom of a river or lake like they are ballerinas. Seriously, you should see how they move. They are so gracious! Now I know when people normally put too-too on an animated hippo. Lol.

If you think you can only find penguins in the South Pole, you're so wrong. There is a type of penguin that lives in Africa and clearly, they don't need ice cold water to live in. I was amazed by this sole fact that I'm thinking of kidnapping a few to raise in my house. Lol. Reality sunk in, I doubt I can escape the security of a world class zoo.

Another animal that gathered a lot of attention was no doubt the Polar Bear. A creature that's native to the cold environment in Singapore, a tropical country? Well, the Polar Bear's compound is equipped with a lot of cold mist fans with ice water for them to swim in.

In addition there is also an air cond room attached to the compound for zookeepers to usher the bears in there if the weather gets a little bit too warm for the polar bears. Now this is neat if you ask me. :)

There were a hell lot more of animals that we saw, but unfortunately I didn't snap as many pictures I thought I would. However, I did snapped some of myself as you know how I am, self obsessive. ;)

The wood poles reminded me of the Survivor reality show. Tribal council or something like that. Can't resist to look like a pole despite having a pole each morning.

Seriously, I think I have something with mannequins. I can't help but to do funny things with them.

Oh well, I guess it's the nature of being a blogger. An eccentric one perhaps.

That sums up most of the things I wanna share about my trip to Singapore Zoo. If I have the chance to visit Singapore with Zach or any other friends, I'd gladly visit the zoo again.

P.S. Huai Bin is trying his luck to get the attention from F&N to give him a free party. He has been drinking F&N 24/7 to get the party. I am hereby pledging my support to Huai Bin for his well deserving free party. Guys from F&N, please give him the free party by linking this post so I can join in the free party as well. :D



I just joined Pacmee.

It's a local version of Twitter and I get to update my friends on the witty stuff I encounter in my daily lives. It also serves as a short blog update as you can see on the sidebar, I now have a PacMee widget.

If you wish to follow my witty updates, just type ON SOTONGZAI and send to 22700 if you're using Maxis or 36400 if you're using Digi. Celcom users, tough luck. Pacmee ain't Celcom friendly at the moment. Guess you'll have to wait as prior to this, only Maxis users get to benefit from this service. Digi has now joined the fun and that's why I'm here. :D

It cost RM0.02 to receive a single text update from anyone you're following in the Pacmee community. This service only applies for Malaysian mobile users only. Sorry guys if you're from overseas.

Please subscribe to me cause I wanna know how much you guys care about me. Pretty please? :D


The Malaysian Camwhore

Some of my foreign readers are a bit disappointed that despite the fact that I call myself a camwhore, but I don't strip myself to my bare chest or down to my underwear for my photos. Their understanding of camwhore is something like the picture below or even more.

The Malaysian context of a camwhore is basically someone who likes taking pictures of himself/herself in all kinds of places. Self obsession is definitely there, but flesh showing is not necessary in this context.

Like when I have a perfect hair day, I'll snap a picture of myself just like above.

If I visit places, I'll take a picture of myself there too.

That was me, in the Singapore Zoo entrance waiting for my colleagues to arrive before visiting the international zoo. I know, certain angles make me look fat, but I'm working hard on it, alright? Cut me some slack yea?

Other than simple shots, I normally do something eccentric when I see objects around me.

Yea, I was kinda like hugging the tree. But if you noticed, my lower front is also very very attached to the plant. Lol.

At times when I see someone I really like, I will not hesitate to show my affection towards the person.

Despite that his products make me fat, but I can't resist the burgers he sell. Damn you, clown!

An even better example, a lot of us Malaysian camwhorers tend to take pictures while we're shopping too. Take me for example, I was browsing T-shirts from Topman when I was in Singapore and I took these.

That's basically what I'm trying to put across here today that camwhores in my local context doesn't mean we're going almost nude in photos. We're just happy to see ourselves doing things in our lives. :)

P.S. The bloody Patrick T-shirt I bought cost 46SGD (almost RM120) and I found out that the local Topman here sells the Spongebob T-shirt for RM99. I got ripped off badly. :( I'm such a lousy shopper.


Short Personal Joke

What do you do when you have a cinema hall for 170+ people and you only have less than 10 interested people that took the initiative and expressed interest to watch it?

A. You give all of them 10 tickets each.
B. You call your friends with benefits to watch the free movie.
C. You give tickets to passerby.
D. All of the above.

The correct answer is D.

P.S. Yes, you know who I mean. ;) Lol.

Updated - Apparently you can ask your guests to distribute the tickets too at your registration counter. An event where guest have to serve others. Wow, this is amazing.


Nuffnang Family Trip Part 1

For some of you who didn't know, Nuffnang Malaysia had a company trip down South to Singapore last week for an annual company affair. It's the time of the year where all the Nuffies gather around and get to know each other better. Take it like some sort of bonding trip. :)

No, I said bonding, not bondage.

The Malaysian Nuffies gathered early at Bandar Utama as our bus leaves at 8. Boss Tim made us take pictures as though we're walking in style ala 'The Apprentice'.

Thank God, I looked my best despite the fact I didn't sleep much the night before due to the fact I had to take the 6am LRT from Wangsa Maju to Kelana Jaya. I guess the Empario Armani shades helped a little. :)

The bus journey was an ordinary one. 2 cars crashed in the highway, saw a T-rex razing a village and I was taken by a UFO for anal probe for about 15 minutes.

5 hours later, we reached Singapore and I was outta Malaysia for the first time in my life. I'm glad that my job enabled me to go places. First time going on a plane, first time outta the country, what's next? First time on a cruise? Lol. Only time can tell.

Once we reached, we checked in to Perak Hotel and headed off to the well acclaimed Singaporean office immediately. Rumor has it that it is 6 stories high with rooms for every Nuffie to work in, a swimming pool and a pantry filled with good food.

It wasn't difficult to find the office as we noticed the sign outside the unit.

Here's the interior of the office. It's really comfy as we can see it's well decorated.

And if you noticed closer, there's a wall of fame on some of the articles Nuffnang are featured in newspapers. These are among the early newspaper clippings we had. Of course, as of now, I've lost count how many times did the company I'm proud to work for came out in newspaper. In case you're wondering, the guy half naked in the first article on the left, is me.

Used to had a full size of it, but Flickr ate it. :(

When we went exploring for the food, sadly, we found out that all the Famous Amos cookies and Ferrero Roche have been cleaned neatly by our Singaporean colleagues. :( Luckily, there were lots of Brands Chicken Essence to compensate.

And to our amazement, there were also lots of board games at standby. According to Boss Ming, it's for events and sometimes for the Nuffies to play when waiting for clients to get back on certain work. How nice! The last I checked, we only had cards in KL office.

After checking out the office, we went off to our first outing officially. It was bowling!

Here, it's obvious that some of our colleagues enjoyed themselves very much as they were quite alright with throwing balls at pins. I on the other hand kinda suck at it badly. Yes, the gay guy sucks at throwing balls.

And it's evidently that both my bosses were pretty good at it judging from their smiles.

After bowling, we decided to walk around the place for pictures and we saw a sweet car. And by sweet, it's literally sweet.

Then all of the sudden, both my bosses got mad and whacked the shit outta me. :(

Guess that fags aren't that accepted easily. Sigh~

We summed up the day by having dinner at one of the coolest hawker center which I don't even know where it is, but I know it's near the beach as I saw people water skating with wires on. It was windy and cooling. :)

The food served were in generous amount. Either that, or Boss Ming really paid a lot for them. We technically were all pregnant after the meal.

Hui Wen, my Singaporean colleague brought her dog, Scruffy out to the dinner! I was so delighted to see him as I missed Zuzu real bad. Scruffy was cute, but Zuzu is more friendlier I think. :D

That was all for day 1 in Singapore. I will share more next time.

P.S. I shared the room with Firdauz and Yee Hou. That night, Yee Hou jumped on Firdauz and they went under the same blanket. They both like girls.


I'm Gay

This shirt totally says it.

Well, if you don't know, it's Patrick the starfish from Spongebob Squarepants. And Yee Hou was asking where's my chocolate. =.="

Guess I must have sent the wrong message to some of the more sensitive guys in Singapore as I am not usually the starfish.

Sorry for another short update. Resting on my 'bus-lag'. Lol.


Short Update

Nuffnang Rocks.

I Love Nuffnang.

P.S. For those who still don't know, Nuffnang is my company and I just had an all expenses paid trip to Singapore the last week. :D

Teppei Koike Sucks

The title is a bit catchy, both in degrading and also sexually suggestive.

But today, I'm going to share with you guys 2 pictures of an extremely cute guy.

Behold, Teppei Koike, a Japanese actor.

I practically melted a little when I saw his cute face thanks to Chee Ching's MSN display. Then I googled for his name and found the full size picture and I fully melted.

A few more browses and I found a picture of him sucking.

Ahhh... priceless.

P.S. Chee Ching is also responsible for my new cute banner.


I'm Going to Miss Zuzu

For the first time, I'm going out of Malaysia.

Thanks to the ever gracious company I work for, I get a chance to be out of the country with expenses fully covered. To be honest, I've never been out of the country before. Sure, I've been on a plane, that was also due to work, my company flew me to Kota Kinabalu for the weekend.

Wow, I'm very very grateful that my working life has brought me so much new experience in my life so far. I've put together some events that I'm really proud of, made bloggers enjoy the benefit of blogging in recent times and I enjoyed it very much doing so.

But sadly, on the days when I'm at Singapore (yes, I'm going SG from Wednesday till Sunday), I will miss someone really bad....


He's officially 1 years old yesterday!! Hurray!! He was born on 14th of December 2007.

Seriously, dogs are like the nicest pet to have around your house. Sure, he'll show off his attitudes once in awhile (peeing on your bedsheet when he's discontented on something), but most of the time, he'll be there when you need him and accompany you without any complains.

One of his not so nice habits is biting things around the house. I'm talking about everything. He bites the bottom of my couch, my jeans when I'm wearing them, shoe racks and somethings even my underwear too (I've seen his hair in my underwear =.=").

But that's just one of the charms of a dog, ain't it?

We address his needs to bite things by giving him soft toys. There were already a few victims which have their eyes cruelly removed by Zuzu and their inner fillings spilled all over the house. They don't look nice and thus I'm not showing you any photos of them.

But recently, I managed to get myself a potential new toy for Zuzu. Behold.

This teddy bear is actually a gift from one of the most innovative banks in Malaysia which comes out with a product that addresses the needs of the market. I'm not spoiling this You:nique surprise but I'll blog more about it soon.

Now whenever we introduce a new toy to Zuzu, he'll normally freak out. Freaking out as in, run away as far as possible from the toy. However, this Alliance Bank teddy is no doubt You:nique enough. Zuzu didn't run from it.

In fact he loves it so much, he didn't even attempt to bite it at all!

That's not all, Zach loves the bear as well as he read from the box that it actually purifies the air. The teddy bear is now on his table permanently for air purifying purpose. Sad for Zuzu as he just lost his new friend.

But my house still has other soft toys who have long became friends with Zuzu, especially at night when we sleep. ;)

I'm so going to miss you, Zuzu....

P.S. Of course, the one I would miss the most, is my dearest... Zach.


Bolt is Awesome

After giving you a movie review which was absolutely terrible yesterday, today I'd like to review a movie which I enjoyed very very much.


Imagine if you have a faithful dog along your side. A dog who will do anything to protect you and the world. To top things up, he has superpowers.

How does that sound? Yes, sounds a bit gayish if you're imagining dogs with tight underwear. But nope, no such gay stuff here.

Penny, his owner is up against a group of organized criminals in attempt for world domination (or something like that) and things got personal as the criminals kidnapped his father, a highly accomplished scientist to assist them (typical superhero movie plot). Together they tracked down the enemy and went through various tasks in order to save the day.

Bolt is a superdog which has awesome strength, speed along with laser heat vision and his ultimate move - Super Bark which can blow away tanks and warplanes in a huge area.

Well, that's what he thought.

He's actually just acting in a studio in Hollywood. but everything is kept so real to him that he's convinced that he is a superdog. Well reality hits when somehow, he got out from the filming set.

I'm not going to spoil much on the plot, but I must say this movie is excellent. The animation is done very well and not to mention all dog lovers will go crazy on Bolt.

Did I mention that Bolt has a number 1 fan? He's Rhino the hamster!

He's another character that's so adorable and funny that it's really really worthwhile watching.

Here's a trailer for you to peek at.

I highly recommend watching this movie as it will definitely bring a smile to you be it if you're a senior citizen or just a kid at school. :)


Kinta - A Bad Start for Malaysian Chinese Martial Art Movie

A movie which talks about the life of of early Chinese forefathers in Kinta Valley, which is where I was born at. How can I not be interested? And did I mention that most of the guys in the show are topless? Well, that's piqued enough of my curiosity to watch the first Malaysian Martial Art Movie - Kinta.

Well, the trailer was pretty good to be exact. Watch it below.

I went into the cinema with high expectation after this trailer and of course, eager to see topless bodies however, somethings were exaggerated a little too much.

Let's start with the storyline. It wasn't even a story. It's like some random guy by the roadside talking about something which took place and then it got disrupted and left hanging. That's it. The entire story doesn't even stick as whole. The amount of repeated scenes made it worse as people were bored enough to find out that the plot travel so slow (the plot was rather short).

Onto choreography/martial arts, yes, the punches and kicks are real. But I can assure you people do not pay money to cinema to watch kicks and punches which are threw left, right, center without a synchronization. They all looked so scattered as if it's a badly made martial art movie.

To the eye candies. Look at the poster below.

The guy on the right looks cute with a nice body right? Well, he's the best looking in my opinion among all in the movie, and even he is exaggarated as he wasn't as good as this poster. The rest of the casts... just imagine skinny Chinese twinks in action which doesn't exactly worked very well to my delight.

Okay, that's enough bashing for Kinta. The only good thing I can say about this movie is there is at least some harmony value which was shown among the Chinese and Malay back in the early days. I don't know how true is the relationship showed from the movie but at least it's a good effort to prove Malaysia is indeed a multi racial community and we can live with other races well.

On the other hand, if the above mentioned fact is wrong, then screw this shitty movie. At any rate, I highly won't recommend you to watch the movie even if you're into Chinese topless guys, from Kinta Valley or just got nothing to do. If you wish to spend RM10 so badly, you can donate to me cause I'm showing you a better Chinese eye candy today.