Robb's Past - New Targets

As my infrequent visit to Triple Net continued, it came to a point that I never got to see Billy for almost 2 to 3 months. Despite the fact that I was missing him dearly, my life went on.

Well, that was practically due to the fact that I've started to pay attention to other guys around me as well. I mean, I was very very appreciative of what Billy did to me. Thus, I was thinking that maybe in the same way, I could treat someone very very well, and in return make him fall for me as well. I know, it's a pretty silly thing to think about.

Let me introduce you to 2 other guys around when I was 15. Wei Hoe is a year younger than me. He was in scouts in school, but I got to know him before I knew that he was in the same school as I was. It was in Taekwondo. Ever since I realized his existence, I've started to attend Taekwondo lessons outside the school without fail despite my toenail infection that hurt me damn a lot.

Yes, I attended Taekwondo classes both inside and outside my school. And looks like Taekwondo wasn't exactly a sport that can help you lose weight cause I remained the same weight despite training 3 times a week vigorously. Well, it was just my personal experience though.

When my toe infection got bad, I stopped attending Taekwondo lessons completely, be it in school or outside the school. But once I got to know Wei Hoe, I attended the outside Taekwondo classes without fail just because I wanted to see him. The one at the school.. naa, I'd rather go Triple Net to see Billy cause Wei Hoe was in scouts anyway, and he had to be at the scout's den every Saturday morning.

I can't exactly find a picture that resembles him closely and I don't want to spend my time searching for one but Wei Hoe was cute. Well, at least at that time I thought he was really cute. Lol. He had a very cute face and nice cheeks if you ask me. ;)

Well, Wei Hoe was quite friendly with me as well. I think it was most likely due to the fact that he was the eldest in the family and he didn't really have an elder brother that he can relate his problems to and I somehow helped fill that gap, at least I thought so. Lol.

It was a very normal culture as far as I know that when people get very close to each other back then, and they didn't want others to misunderstand there's anything going between them, they go into a god sibling relationship. I did the same with Wei Hoe, and voila~ he was my god brother after I think, like a month since we knew each other much better. :)

He shared his feelings with me, his problems, his girl crusade and etc etc. It's more like a one sided thing actually. I never shared my problem with him at all mainly because I had a dull life and I don't complain a lot back then (nor now, I think). I felt useful and not appreciated if you ask me. Lol. I mean, all Wei Hoe used me for is just for sharing his thoughts and shits. He didn't exactly spend much time with me going out or stuff. And not to mention, I regularly buy him stuffs despite the fact I was just a student with limited pocket money, be it for his birthday or food whenever I was with him. But in a small way, I was compensated because whenever I hugged him, he was so damn nice to hug. I can still remember the feeling of hugging him. Not even Billy came close (technically cause only he hugged me, and I never did).

The closest that I got to him physically was during a camp that I organized and I invited him to participate. And he was so taken care off by me. Every single game or rule, he was given exception whenever he made mistakes and he didn't even had to sleep with other participants in normal rooms (not tents, I don't want to explain). Of course, he was with me, the organizer and he sleeps in the exco room much to my other peers' discontentment which I ignored.

But I was a chicken. Despite the fact that he was already asleep, I didn't even dare to kiss or hug him to sleep. And that was the closest I've ever got with him. After this occasion, we were both busy with our lives and he got closer with his girlfriend and I sorta respected him and stayed off the radar but I still showed love for him once in awhile in buying him meals and never without fail did I gave him a birthday present.

The second guy that caught my heart was Patrick. Patrick was a whore if you ask my honest opinion now. Lol. Manwhore, at least.

He loves to play computer games. Much more than I do, I guess. I got to know him from Triple Net when we play games together and we often play in the same games and sometimes we take meals together. He wasn't the best looking guy, but he had fair skin. Yes, by this time, you ought to know that I dig fair skin guys a lot. Lol.

I was getting smart in molesting and taking advantage of other guys if you ask me. In the absence of Billy in Triple Net, I've taken his role and started to sit behind Patrick while he played computer games to hug him. And guess what? He didn't mind. Well, that really encouraged me to try much more. Eventually, I even managed to kiss him on the cheeks but he wasn't very fond of it. Lol.

But there was one thing that he was fond of. Money. Well, he played a little too much and sometimes in need of money to pay the bill and he asked me for help sometimes. I didn't mind at first and then it became a habit. So, in terms of fairness, I merely stepped up a gear further and molested him more. Lol.

I fondled him quite a lot to be frank. Though not naked, but I think I can say that I've touched places which are important enough. Lol. And not to mention, I made him kiss me too (when he needs me to pass him money to pay his bill for his computer), LOL. Yes, I know that I was an asshole. Using money to make other people do things they're not comfortable with. But no judging okay? It was the past. :P

Wei Hoe and Patrick remained quite awhile in my life in the absence of Billy. About a few months later, Billy was once more a regular sight in Triple Net. However.. things weren't the same anymore..

I'm cutting it here. :P


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Robb Reviews - Sex Drive

Let's face the facts that I'm a movie addict. Thus, I tend to watch movie a lot. And by a lot, I mean.. it's like almost every week I'll watch a movie in cinema.

Not long ago, I caught Sex Drive during a press screening.

It's a movie aimed at the teenage crowd generally but older virgins may enjoy it too. Lol.

The sypnosis;

Eighteen-year-old Ian Lafferty sets out on a cross country drive with his best friends Lance and Felicia in order to lose his virginity to a red-hot babe he met on the Internet. But the journey, filled with hilarious misadventures and raunchy escapades, turns out to be a life-changing experience when everything he thinks he knows about life is turned upside down.

Randy, raucous and unexpectedly romantic, Sex Drive follows three teenaged friends on the road trip of a lifetime. The film stars Josh Zuckerman (Lions for Lambs), Amanda Crew (The Haunting in Connecticut), Clark Duke (“Geek”), James Marsden (Enchanted) and Seth Green (Austin Powers in Goldmember), with a supporting cast that includes Alice Greczyn (Shrooms), Katrina Bowden (“30 Rock”), Charlie McDermott (The Ten) and Mark L. Young (“Dexter). Sean Anders (Never Been Thawed) directs from a screenplay he co-wrote with John Morris (She’s Out of My League), based on the novel All the Way by Andy Behrens.

Yet another movie adapted from a book. Seriously, why are the movies released these days are all from books, eh? *Shrugs*

Okay, so our hero is a virgin. He wants to score Ms Tasty but she's rather far off. Want to know how Ms Tasty looks like? Here.

Nice, ain't she? Well, that's the goal for our hero, Ian. He's played by Josh Zakarman Zuckerman who did a very good job playing a virgin.

A little bit of American Pie feel in the movie, but guess what? A more geeky, fatter friend of his, happens to score all the chicks. Check out Clark Duke.

Well, I guess what the movie is trying to portray is, it doesn't necessary mean if you are not gorgeously hot, you can't get laid. The thing that attract other people is your personality. As long as you're fun, confident and expressive in the right way, you'll have your charm but not on everyone though. ;)

Two fun parts of the movie. First, JAMES MARSDEN who played Rex, Ian's brother. He's a very testosterone filled male and he'll smack the hell outta ya if you mess with him. And he vows to ensure that his brother, Ian doesn't turn gay. Lol.

Second, I personally have not heard about Amish. If you haven't heard of it as well, try Googling it up and you'll find some interesting information about Amish culture. :)

This movie has a little touch on the Amish culture which is very very refreshing.

Watch out for the Amish guy. He's very very sarcastic. Damn good sarcasm if you ask me.

All in all, I think it's a very enjoyable movie. If you're looking for something to watch that would tickle your funny bone in an intellectual way rather than dumb humor like Mr Bean, I'll seriously suggest Sex Drive.


Robb's Past - First Love

It's not exactly love but I guess the feeling was so good, that I want it to be called love.

Let's continue where we left.

Billy and I grew closer as time passed. And by closer, it meant both physically and emotionally (at least on my end). He started touching me.

And the best part of all, I let him do so. Lol.

It started off as a pat on the head and pinch on my face. You know, some people thinks that fat kids are cute and stuff. So, I let him do so. But things didn't stop there. Whenever I'm sitting on a chair playing games, occasionally he'll come by where I sit, and share the seat with me. And by share, I'm not talking about left side, right side sharing. He came and sat right behind me and I was leaning on him.

Yes, he back hugged me when he sat with me. Sometimes, he guide my right hand when playing games too, such as Counterstrike as he's a better player than I was. I was shocked at first, but I didn't feel anything wrong but in fact, I liked the feeling of being close to him. So, I happily sat with him, surrounded by his arms and the feeling of warmth and care.

And to add more icing to the cake, he kissed me too. On my cheeks.

That was the first time I was kissed by another person other than my parents. I felt.. loved.

Bear in mind that at that time.. I was totally rebellious in nature and felt unloved by my family. My parents spent their days working and when it's night time, all we did were just dining and watching television. No one bother to tell each other what was new in our lives. I think it was due to the influence of my dad, who will never ever share what was happening around in his life. So for some of us who do, we eventually gave up sharing because.. no one cared nor listened. Thus.. to felt loved and appreciated again.. it was a feeling like no other.

I think I fell for Billy since then.

Whenever I was around, he'll hug and hold my hands irregardless of other people looking. Neither did I care since I was happy to be with him. But the peak of the care and love he showed was during the year end holiday when I was in Form 2, right before I started Form 3.

I was sick one day. Sore throat to be exact. No, I didn't swallow anything thick. Lol. I just happened to have sore throat, okay? And the best thing of all, I traveled from my house out to Triple Net to play computer games and hoping to see Billy. Yes, I did saw him. But he wasn't in his happiest face when he heard my voice.

He was angry at me and asked why didn't I see a doctor. I said, it wasn't necessary. I just want to play games. :P

And so I sat down and played Starcraft for a few hours. After one of the round finished, he came to me and pulled me off the PC without even checking it out (paying). I was surprised that he pulled me out. I didn't ask where was he taking me but I just followed along.

He brought me to a clinic, did the registration for me and ensure that the doctor examined my throat properly (not by putting thick and hard object in it, I assure you). After collecting the medication and paying the medical fees, he drove me to his house right after packing a pack of porridge for me from a hawker center.

Once we reached his house, he served me the porridge in a glass bowl. He asked for me to eat the porridge before I take my medication. I noticed that there were ginger in it and I hate eating porridge with ginger which I then told him. He proceeded to take out every single piece of sliced ginger in that bowl, which was no doubt a cibai difficult task. Lol.

After he did that.. he approached me and spoon fed me the porridge like in those Korean drama scene where the hero spoon feed the sick girlfriend. Lol. OMFG. My image is so ruined by sharing my experience here. Lol.

After that, he watched and ensured that I took the medication right in front of him. Then, he asked me to rest on his couch which I did and he went upstairs to take a bath. Once he was done with his bath, he fetched me home, passed me the medication when I got down and reminded me to take them at regular hours. Ain't he such an angel?

This experience really knocked me off the cliff to the extend I was deeply in love with him. Ever since then, I long to see him to the extend I was willing to go Triple Net to play computer games everyday after school. I was doing everything I can to spend time with him.

The bad news was.. Playing computer games in a cybercafe requires money and sad to say, my student allowance wasn't exactly very much due to the fact that my parents aren't well off. That didn't stopped me at all, as I even resorted to stealing money from my parents just to go Triple Net, to play games so I could see Billy.

Yes, I was a naughty naughty boy. No spanking please. Lol.

However, all was not smooth cause I started to grow hair on my chest despite the fact I've increased my frequency of visit to Triple Net to see Billy, he appeared to be missing from the cybercafe quite often. He was often busy doing work outside and as a result, most of my visit were void of his presence.

To make things worse, my parents caught me stealing their money and I did received hell of a spanking despite the fact I was already 15. Lol. So, I'm troubled due to the fact I can't visit Triple Net that often anymore, and I can't see Billy much at all. What happened next in my life?

Well, that's a story for the next post. :P


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I Know Nuts About Art

It's official.

I know nothing about art.

Except that the picture below, is definitely an art for me (and for male adoring readers).

I'm actually referring to movies. Especially movies that win awards.

Take Brokeback Mountain for example.

I seriously cannot understand what's so great about the movie. I tried watching it 3 times. And all 3 times I ended up doing something in the middle of it or falling asleep. That shows how much captivation it had on me despite the fact that I'm gay.

No offense to Heath Ledger but I just didn't find the movie appealing to me.

The best thing that can relate me to Brokeback Mountain would no doubt be Cowboy Gay Sex song from Family Guy. Here, let me share with you guys.

(I actually uploaded an original strip of the song from the series by using MovieMaker, but YouTube rejected it due to copyright issues. So, only this crappy version can be used..)

Yesterday Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars. Fascinating, ain't it?

After hearing so much good reviews about the movie, I decided to go watch it the day they won 8 Oscars just to find out how good it was.

And much to my high expectation of 8 Oscar winning movie, it didn't exactly reach my expectations. I'm so going to spoil the movie for you guys. So for those who cannot take spoilers, don't read.

So the story harps on about a poor kid from the slums who managed to get into Who Wants to be a Millionaire game show and coincidentally, went all the way to win 20 million rupees (the max prize money). What the kid had was not formal education or extensive research, but luck. Sheer luck as the questions given were all from his life experience and he made lucky guesses as well.

The entire movie is most divided into 2 parts where 1 part is as if you're watching the god damn game show and the other, his growing up life which is fascinating if you happen to be a rich kid who've never suffer a tough life before. However, for most average Joes or people who have been given a tough life, there's nothing fantastic about the story as I'd say, every human in the world has a story to tell of their life. And do not be surprised each and every story they tell are as unique and fascinating as what portrayed in Slumdog Millionaire.

The only part of the movie which I found captivating and charming was the part when he actually won the god damn game show. Yes, I guess many of us can relate to our desire for someone to win the top prize money and feel happy thus many of us in the cinema who were watching it were excited when we see him won. That's the part that made the most impact if you ask me.

When the movie was ending, I thought,

"Wow, a Hindi movie without singing and dancing? This is new"

And then, guess what? They started singing and dancing at the ending. Lol. Nothing wrong with that, no crazy logic where they change clothes instantly while singing and dancing too. So all in all, it was nice. But just didn't reach my expectation of a 8 Oscar winning film.

If you ask me, I'd still put my votes on The Dark Knight.

P.S. I think I'm racist. But then again, I also discriminate gay films. Lol.


The Clown, Old Man and Junior Pwn the Bitch

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe reading further, you'll find out who I'm referring to.

The fast food chain in Malaysia is pretty much straightforward if you ask me. The dominant one is no doubt split between McDonalds and KFC but some may say that McD and KFC is in 2 different categories since one serves Burgers as main while the other serves Fried Chicken as main.

Okay fine.

Let's look at the Burger sellers then. McD, Burger King, A&W and Carl's Junior has established themselves in Malaysia for quite some time. McD no doubt takes the largest pie as it's the most affordable and easily available in the entire country. The other 3 are mostly available only in the Klang Valley. The ad spent for promotions and brand awareness for the other 3 burger franchise is pretty bad as one can hardly see any ads shown except for in mall placement.

Burger King is similar to McD in a way except they have some burgers that McD doesn't have. A&W no doubt excels in their Root Beer and corn dog if I'm not mistaken? I don't know, not a fan of A&W. Carl's Junior on the other hand is a premium burger franchise. No doubt it cost twice as much as McD but the satisfaction is just as good in my humble opinion.

But forget about Carl's Junior. I'm going to talk about Wendy. No, she's not the bitch Peter Pan took to Neverland. She's a burger selling bitch. Lol.

There are a few outlets in the Klang Valley but business is really brisk for them if you ask me. If I'm not mistaken, Wendy is quite popular in the states, but here in Malaysia, I think she's not exactly doing very well.

The place was quite empty when I visited with Zach for dinner after my gym. I know, eating fast food and going to gym is like not doing anything at all. Let me be happy once in awhile, please? Lol.

The front counter is much like other fast food restaurant.

The pricing for their set meals is similar to McD mostly. 10 ringgit for most burgers while those extra large ones such as 3/4 quarter pounder cost a few bucks short from 20. There isn't anything special about their burgers except for Shrimp burger which I didn't try.

Reason was because I saw this.

I'm a very delicate consumer. Lol. I bow to advertisements actually. Lol. So I ordered this Oxpicious Combo as I wanted to try the Chili. Let's go through some pricing.

In their menu, a quarter pounder burger cost RM7. The set meal which consist of the burger, a small drink and a small fries cost RM10. The oxpicious combo comes with the burger, small drink and a chili. Chili cost RM6 in their menu. The price of a small drink wasn't listed, but I guess I saved RM1 from ordering the combo? *Shrugs*

So the food was then ready and served to us.

I had a quarter pounder burger while Zach had a Chicken burger or something like that. Verdict time.

The quarter pounder sucks big time compared to McD. The meat was so thin and spread wide. It was dry and it's very very bland. Definitely not recommended.

The chicken burger that Zach ordered was small and tasted very bland as well. Well, he was comparing it with Spicy Chicken McDeluxe from McD and you don't have to be a genius to guess which one comes out on top.

The fries. It's like the fries I can buy and do it myself. Nothing unique, just plain fries like any Tom, Dick or Harry can fry.

Chili. Now this is interesting. Since there's nothing near from her competitors to compare with, I find this menu not bad in taste. But then again, it tasted something like.. a mild spicy version of Spaghetti sauce or Bolognese sauce. And to pay RM6 for this.. is just way too much.

Drinks - Standard soft drinks. No complains. Wait. There is. If we're to take Ice Lemon Tea for our combo meals, we're required to add 50 cents. XD Not happy with it. Lol.

All in all the experience wasn't a pleasant one. I can personally guarantee that Zach and I won't be dining at Wendy's for a long long time unless they've changed their menu completely.

We both still prefer Carl's Junior if we can afford it or McD if we're a bit concern about our wallet when it comes to fast food. :)

After the not so good meal, we headed home by bus.

My Nokia 5800 Xpress Music comes with maps provided in it. And to my surprise, I do not need to be hooked to the Internet to actually use it or for it pinpoint my location.

It's super handy that wherever the bus turns or goes to, the phone shows where it on the map exactly. Super cool feature if you ask me. The only thing lacking was of course, voice guiding system which will tell you where to turn or automated system which will provide you the shortest route to your desired destination.

With this around, I'm very sure whenever I need to drive in KL, I can find my way on my own rather than bothering my friends on where to turn and stuff like that. I hate sounding like a noob. Lol.

Sorry for the random babbling. For you guys who are here for my past stories, you'll just have to wait cause I need to balance out the present and the past yea? But no worries, I'll link the posts whenever I post them, okay?


Robb's Past - Billy Ng

I can't imagine I can still remember his name, Billy Ng. In fact, all of the sudden I even remember his cellphone number! God! It's not in my phone book, but it's in my mind. Lol.

Okay, back to my story.

Billy is the owner of the cybercafe called Triple Net. Well, half of it, cause he's a shareholder with another girl which I've forgotten her name now. How did he get to know me? Funny story.

It was one faithful Friday that I've decided to tell my parents I wanna go to school earlier for some 'extra curricular activity'. Lol. And so I left home and headed out to Triple Net to play games. :P

When I arrived, the cyber cafe was pretty full and available stations were scarce. I walked to the counter and the following conversation took place.

Me : Hi, is there any available PC for me?
Dude : No. We don't allow fat people to play here.

Somehow I missed the sign in the cybercafe that says 'No Fat Kid'

I was like, WTF??? Lol. Bear in mind that I was a fat boy back then.

Dude : I'm just kidding. Here's a PC available for you.
Me : Thanks.

And so the dude passed me a card number indicating my PC. At the same time, I noticed there was actually a list where people who arrived before me wrote their names down so whenever there's an available PC, they'll be taking it. That freaking means, this dude just let me cut queue. Nice!

So I went on to my PC and played my games. Starcraft if I'm not mistaken. I was pretty good with Zerg back then. Knew all the rushes and micro managing. Don't think I can say the same now. :( As time flew past, I realized I need to get to school before it starts. So, I packed up my stuff and headed over the counter to pay. The same dude was there.

Dude : Done playing?
Me : Yea. How much would it be?
Dude : I'll spend you. Where are you heading to?
Me : Really? Thanks! I'm going to school right now.
Dude : Which school?
Me : St Michael's Institution
Dude : I'm going out to the bank. I'll fetch you along.
Me : Serious?

It actually takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk from my school to the cybercafe. And since it was like 2pm in the afternoon, it kinda sucks to walk under the scorching sun especially in Malaysia where the temperature can easily shoot up to 38 Celsius.

And so I followed the dude to his car which he parked beside the cybercafe. Hopped into the front seat and buckled up my belt. He started the car and we're off to my school.

It was like hitchhiking, but I didn't have to ask. Cool!

Dude : You come to play in Triple Net often?
Me : Yea. I like playing Starcraft and Counterstrike.
Dude : Nice. So next time we can 1 on 1 in CS if we have the time.
Me : Sure.

I wasn't the best guy to play Counterstrike but I'd play it for social sake. A few minutes later, we arrived at my school's front gate.

Me : What's your name? I don't even know how to address you.
Dude : Billy.
Me : Your surname?
Billy : Why? I don't want to let you know. What are you gonna do about it?

He smirked at me. I introduced myself as Pierre (stop laughing!) then and we bid goodbye.

This entire encounter was something special for me. You see, I didn't have much friends and I just lost my school identity. As my family is pretty strict, it doesn't culture me to talk to my parents about how I feel and emotions within me. I was the only boy in my family. My dad is a pretty strict dad which I cannot connect to back then. I was pretty much... alone. I had no one to connect to, to look up closely to nor befriend.

And out of nowhere, Billy was introduced in my life.

The very next day, was Saturday. I attended Taekwondo classes on Saturday morning normally, but due to the fact that my ingrown toenail was hurting me like mad, it made me very reluctant to attend. To add to that, I wanted to play games in Triple Net, so once again, I played truant to taekwondo classes by going to Triple Net. The funny thing about the taekwondo classes are, they start at 7.30am. That's freaking early! So I left the house about 6 something in the morning to take bus but not to school, but to Triple Net.

Triple Net was open for business normally from 9am till 2am but on certain days when business is better, they open longer or earlier. When I reached Triple Net, it was 7am. It was closed but I can see there are people inside because the lights are still up. So I stood around in front of the door, waiting for it to open.

Billy, who was apparently sleeping on the couch inside Triple Net managed to catch me waiting outside, so he opened the door and let me in so I can sit. He was taking a short nap as evidently he spent the entire night managing the cybercafe.

He wasn't lying on the couch like the picture above, don't worry. Lol

Billy : So early, huh?
Me : Yea. I'm addicted to games I think. Hehehe.

He smiled. I liked to see him smile somehow. He suddenly got up from the couch and dragged me to a PC. He switched it on and the one beside it.

Billy : Let's play Counterstrike.
Me : Okay.

And it was a marvelous gaming session due to the fact we put the speaker out loud and, we're the only ones playing the game and no else is. Well, back then the cybercafe was always full, so it was fascinating to be the only ones playing. Billy was rather good in playing Counterstrike but my frags caught up.

Me : I'm not bad, right? :P
Billy : Yea. Not bad at peeping on my monitor.

He was right. I was doing that cause I wasn't as good as he was. Lol. We played from 7am till 9.30am and by then, people were already knocking the door for Triple Net to open. We stopped playing and as he walked towards the door to open for business, I asked how much do I have to pay since I was playing since 7am. Once again, he denied my money.

And so he started managing the counter and I continued playing my games. Till about noon, I decided to call it a day due to the fact that I can't lie that my 7.30am taekwondo classes lasted till 3pm. Lol. So I went to the counter and paid Billy for the usage of the PC.

He accepted the money to much of my relief.

Billy : Where are you going?
Me : Home. Why?
Billy : I'm going lunch and then home too. Wanna join me for lunch?
Me : Okay.

We went to a hawker center next to Triple Net and ordered some food. Curry mee and stuff like that. When the food came, he insisted that he pay for all the food. Once again, a boy at 14 was truly grateful for such kindness showed by a new friend. We chatted and I really felt that I finally have someone close to now who's not from my family, for the first time. Heck, I wasn't even close to anyone from my family to be honest at that time.

After lunch, he sent me home.

Me : Where do you stay, Billy?
Billy : Sitiawan
Me : What? That's the opposite site of where I stay!
Billy : Nevermind. I can still fetch you.

This was not an act that anyone would pull off easily. He was willing to go through all the trouble to send me home and I was shocked since he demanded nothing from me. Upon reaching home, I thanked him for the ride and bid him farewell.

It was no doubt the sweetest thing someone had ever done in my entire 14 years of life. There's so much more that he did for me. But that's going to be shared on the next post. Yes, I'm doing this for my suspense. Lol.

Here's a picture of a cutie to reduce your suspense.


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Robb's Past - The Beginning

I've decided to share my life more with my dearest readers. Thus, I'm going to tell my tale as young as when I was a teenager in which I happen to realize myself getting fond of the same gender.

Shh.. this is kinda like my secret

Here goes.

Let's start at Form 1.

I never belonged to any group of friends in primary school. Peers knew me for being a fat taekwondo brainiac cause I happened to be a state champion who kinda excel in studies. Other than that, no regular friends to hang out with, no close friends, nothing. Not surprising since my family is pretty strict about us going out of the house other than being at school.

This continued in Form 1 but the amount of students has increased from 4 classes to 10 in my case. There were more peers, and I started to blend in, but still stood out due to my large size. I was no longer the most brainy one as there are more vicious tigers in academic aspect.

Taekwondo was no doubt a major part of my growing up life which I hate and love it. I love it because I enjoyed practicing it despite it being tough. The hate part came from a toe infection that I had incurred from improper care of my toenail and practicing taekwondo made me very painful all the time with it.

Taken away from my brainy and taekwondo, I am left with nothing but my guts to speak out and lead, as I was made the class monitor back then. Well, I was happy I was a class monitor back then, as that granted me access to an activity that I'll never forget.

Leadership camps. Monitors from every class forms a Monitorial Board and they hold camps for juniors each year. Well, mine was organized by the Form 2s as the seniors in the morning session don't give a fuck about us kiddos. Lol.

An entire new experience came from camps like this. Games, leadership qualities, jokes, raggings, making juniors strip down to their underpants and run around the field and more. Lol. I was totally enjoying the experience despite the hardship that we had to follow orders because deep inside me, I knew I'll be doing this to the juniors the following year. Lol.

On the last day of the camp, right before the campers are being released, the seniors brought a few of the better juniors out for a yamcha session and talked. It was for bonding and stuff like that. After that, they brought me to a cyber cafe to play Half Life.

And that was the very first cyber cafe that I've ever visited in my life. The name was - Triple Net. Some old school Ipohans may still remember this name. It was located near the old Tai Wah cinema in the town area.

And ever since then, I've been patronizing the cyber cafe every weekend after taekwondo lessons at school or even on Fridays before the school started (prayers, thus school starts 2.30pm). One faithful Friday, I came across a very special person that I believe changed my life quite a bit.

His name was Billy.

Want to know what happened? I'm going to keep you waiting. ;)

He used to look a bit like the guy above

P.S. Yes, the pictures are to distract you from properly reading. Lol.


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New Pets

No, I did not abandon Zuzu.

He's my son! Of course I won't! He's like the cutest dog ever. ^^

He knows how to perform tricks. Like shaking hands, high five, stand and lie down.

Zuzu~~ Hand~

Fine, they are not difficult tricks. But I don't have time to train Zuzu that much so don't say he's not bright. I'm just busy, okay? :P

I did not get new pets to provide company with Zuzu at the moment because he's got another big dog sleeping with him most of the time.

I have 2 new pets. They're called - Pen Pen and Guin Guin.

Their roles are..

.. my speakers in office.

R R obb obb

Gay Geek

Let me tell you a secret.

Shhh... I'm actually a geek.

As opposed to the stereotyped gay who is always into fashion, shallow and probably suck at playing strategy games, I'm not too into fashion, not too shallow and I excel in strategy games.

Take for example I do enjoy playing Magic The Gathering. :D

The sad fact is, Magic cards is fucking expensive. :( I still pay to buy new boosters once awhile, but I have to prioritize where my money goes to.

Lucky for me, Zach got me a PSP for my birthday last year and I had an alternative from paying real money to buy cards and play. Well, it's not Magic The Gathering, but it's still strategy and card game to me. It's Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force!

Well, basically you control a character and you're given a deck of cards and you go around dueling other characters. Each victorious duel gives you more DP, a currency which you can accumulate to buy boosters which grants you more cards to your inventory in which you can have a super powerful deck and/or various decktypes that you fancy.

The first game proves too tedious as time passes way too slow and things just happen too slow as well. Thus, even I have not completed the first game. *Shrugs* And not to mention, I actually played it on PS2, which meant I can't bring it around to play it all the time.

Well, the main reason why I did not finish playing the first one was because when I was playing Tag Force 1 I found out Tag Force 2 was out!

Newer cards! Newer strategies and much more! And I found the speediness of how events unfold to be very enjoyable and to my heart's content. I finished it.

This year, they released Tag Force 3.

It's not much difference from Tag Force 2, except that it's easier to complete each partner's storyline and certain partners have multiple storylines. Other than that, it's pretty much the same except with a few new characters and new cards.

Lol. I'm three quarter to finishing the game actually. Right now, most of the time, you'll see me like this.

Just let me be a geek for a little more, okay? Once I finished the game, I can be gay once more, alright?


Being a Smart Ass

How do you define a smart ass? Well, the last I checked there wasn't any talking donkeys (except in Shrek) or a butt faced human. Smart ass is normally a title for someone who just have a comeback to anything.

And I think I belong in this category. Lol.

Well, it's not a surprise for myself as I've always been able to give my views and opinions without fail in almost every instances in life. There isn't any god damn statement that can make me keep my mouth shut. Lol. I guess, I fall into the category of a person who likes to articulate his thoughts, a lot. And by a lot, you know it's excessive. Lol.

Okay, as some of you may already know, Axcest is a gay portal for Malaysians to hang out in and sometimes, users share pictures of themselves of other hot guys to others for commenting in a section called 'Hotshots'.

Some users are just blessed with very good physiques and thus when they post their pictures, everyone is smiling and showering him with compliments such as the guy below.

He's a VJ if I'm not mistaken. Don't really know much about him. For me, I dislike enforcing things that are so obvious, so I kept my thought to myself instead of telling him that he's hot. Don't wanna spoil the market. :P

Unfortunately life is not perfect as there are others with less perfection who post their pictures on and I happen to be a very sharp person in noticing it. Some guy posted a picture of himself in Hotshot and the picture is as below.

Any comments?

There were a few that were just saying - "Hot body!" and stuff. But I decided to give this picture a reality touch.

Here's what I commented. Lol.

It's pretty true to what I said right? Lol.

And a few days later, I found 2 emails that sparked my 'smart ass' instinct. Lol.

The first one as follows.

How cute. He's trying to be polite and in the same time disgusted with my inconsideration. I'll do the same honor back to him. Here's what I wrote.

Hi there,

I'm very flattered that you wrote to me. Let's contact each other in 2032, in which I'd be 46 and you'll be 69.


And there was a second one from another user which is 36 years old with only 1 display in his profile with the user name ryanp.

This guy is downright honest with his opinions. And you know how much I respect honesty despite it conflicts with my own. :P Here's my reply.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for writing to me. I really do appreciate your effort to pen this down and I have to say, I'm actually flattered that you're calling me skinny. That however, remains a view from you which I'll respect.

Nevertheless, from your email, I guess this proves one thing. The chronologically advanced sticks together, eh?


Ain't I such a smart ass? :P

The next someone asks if you know how a smart ass looks like, show him my picture.


Robb Gobs - Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat Again

No thanks to Flick for deleting my pictures last time, I'm writing this again as on Pinky's last day in office, we actually went to Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat again for farewell dinner after the farewell lunch of Yee Sang at Shanghai 10.

Located somewhere near Imbi (Lol! I don't even know the exact address), it's quite easy to spot as the shop's lighting stands out among the less attractive shops around it especially in the evening.

You can choose to either have clear soup, spicy soup or mixed soup as the prices differ with your choices. Ingredients for your cooking is quite expensive and that justifies that the shop is usually three quarter empty. At the time we were there, there were 4 tables occupied out of 20 if I'm not mistaken.

We went with mixed soup due to the fact that we have wusses on the table who can't take spicy and some of us macho peeps who insist on spicy soup because our balls will shrink without spiciness. Lol.

The great thing about the food is, they are quite fresh especially if you're talking in the context of meat slices. Be it lamb or beef, they are equally fresh and tasty.

Just dip them into the boiling soup for about 30 seconds, and voila, you're ready to savor the heavenly meat! Yummy!

The variety of ingredients available for you to order is really extensive.

But somehow on the day we visit, they had limited supply of fried fucuk (it's not fuck! It's fucuk, fried soya skin or something). Fuck this! How can you operate a steamboat restaurant and run out of fried fucuk?? Shit!!

Being the fucuk lover that I am, I wasn't really happy at all. This is due to the fact that on the previous visit, there were so many plates of fried fucuk around for me I was so happy and satisfied. This second visit wasn't a very good impression reinforcer for me.

There were about 10 of us and the bill came to RM250+ if I'm not mistaken. It was reasonable in price but the experience of being denied the full indulgence of fried fucuk wasn't very pleasant.

I shall look for a day in the future to redeem this unsatisfactory experience.