7 Sins of Robb - Kleptomaniac

As you may have figured out by now, I'm a person who doesn't enjoy living a life of lies. That being said, I'm very capable of identifying my own weaknesses or bad traits in life. Some of them can't be helped, while some are dependent on situation while some are totally outrageously wrong which I have fixed.

This will spin 7 blog posts of my most hideous human side. I have no expectation on what you guys may react from these blog posts, but I'm prepared to be bombarded with criticism that may make my mum cry.


Hi everyone,

My name is Robb and I am a kleptomaniac and a thief. Okay, I WAS cause I think the last time I stole anything was about 2 years ago in some convenient store.

To start off the story of how my kleptomania tendency begun, let's rewind to Billy's chapter, shall we? Remember how I enjoyed frequenting Triple Net everyday after school? My allowance wasn't that much to begin with thus I had to resort to 'taking' money from my parents wallet/purse. I guess that's when it begun.

But of course, this was theft and not kleptomania. By normal definition, kleptomaniac steal things not because of their monetary value but just for the thrill of doing so. I was both a kleptomaniac and a thief if you ask me.

Let's start with kleptomaniac behaviors.
  • I used to sneak Snicker Bars out of every single convenient shop I went into
  • I stole ketchup and chili sauces from KFC to use in my house. After I finished using them, I brought the empty bottles back and exchanged with new ones. XD
  • I stole Zach's heart when he was hosting my holidays in Penang. :P
And for thefts I've done.. my god. I'm such a sinner. Lol.

Pornographic VCD
I was 14 okay? I was curious!! Some cute guy (yes, Lih Pin, you were cute in my eyes back then) was my partner in crime when we did that. It was in a VCD Rental shop where they rent out drama series but there's one corner that has porn!!! We were underage thus the fat guy manning the counter (as if I wasn't fat) didn't let us rent pornos. Thus, I came up with a plan. Lih Pin would go distract the fat guy by taking off his pants and shaking his penis asking him enquiries about other VCD at another corner far from the porn corner and I'd quickly grab 1 or 2 of the porno VCD into my pocket. You know how big my waist was when the proportion of the pockets that came along with it could fit a VCD inside. XD

It was straight porn though. Lol. Never got caught. :P

Mobile Phones
Your opinion on me might change greatly after you read this. I kinda betrayed my friends over the theft of 2 mobile phones.

First one when I was 17. I was using a not so cool phone, but still thankful for it [Thanks Konrad :)] and I had no side income that can actually allow me to purchase a new phone. I was then called up for an interview camp at UTP for Petronas scholarship which I went together with a few of my schoolmates. It was a fun camp and I did pretty well on the interview. In fact, right before the interview, something happened. I was walking along the corridor heading out to the building where the interview will be taking place and I passed by a room with its door opened with no one inside. Somehow, there was a phone, on the table and it was a decent phone too (can't remember the model, sorry) back then. I didn't even have to think twice as I quickly grabbed the phone and put it into my pocket. I turned it off and I went for my interview which eventually got me into the very same university. I liked the phone very much and I decided to use it as my own.

On the very first day of orientation when I entered UTP, I found out that the owner of the phone, Shern Shiou (found out from his old data from the phone) was also there and I knew that he was the previous owner of the phone. I was worried that he could recognize his phone in 1 glance but he did not as it seemed common for people to have that phone model. He then became a friend of mine but I tried to keep a distance from him due to the fact.., I owed him big.. for stealing his phone. I did not have the courage to admit or let him know till a few weeks before I left UTP. Yes, I was a scum.

That covered the first phone I stole. The next one is from one of my friend's brother. He was fetching me out with his dad's car. We were supposed to go watch a movie but he had some errand to run so he left the car for awhile to pick up some stuff from a grocery store. I was all alone in the car. Suddenly, I heard a mobile phone rang. I looked for the source of sound and I found a mobile phone behind my seat. It was some Nokia phone which was quite popular back then. Market price was about 1k if not mistaken. Back then a 1k phone was like a super high class phone (nowadays if you don't hold at least a 1k phone, you'll probably be smirked upon). My klepto instinct kicked in. I took it, switched it off and pocketed it.

When he returned, we went ahead to the movies and he fetched me home after that. An hour upon reaching home, he gave me a call and asked if I've saw his brother's mobile phone in the car. He told me that his brother insisted that he left the phone in the car and since I was the only outsider who've been in that car, I was a thief who took the phone (which was true). I told him I didn't see any phones and asked if his brother was sure that he did leave it in the car. I was calm in sticky situations usually (normally lying, which I'll cover in the next 7 Sins of Robb) and he was convinced that I didn't do it. He in fact, defended me from his family's accusation. I escaped unharmed. The Nokia phone I took.. I sold it off as a second hand phone to mobile phone dealer and got myself RM700.


I knew in my heart that this behavior is intolerable. Theft is wrong no matter what justifications you have (unless you're stealing because you need to feed your children and the cost of food is too expensive which your wage can't sustain). But to be frank, I've actually looked deep within me what actually caused my kleptomaniac and theft habits.

My kleptomaniac habit kinda began when I started to take small things from random places and managed to escape with it. It grew worse as I was getting better at doing it till Zach actually put a stop to my behavior.

As for theft habit, I'd personally think it was due to my curiosity (for the pornographic VCD, Lol) and lack of ability to purchase (mobile phones) that pushed me forward to have done what I did. I was teenager surviving from allowances from my parents. Frankly speaking, my parents weren't exactly wealthy to begin with (not to mention they have super duper heavy loans and commitments) and boy was I glad that I actually managed to get scholarships for my studies (else wise, it's F6 and public university for me, which was a route I wasn't keen).

I know, no matter how I put it, what I did was wrong. But hey, this post is supposed to let you know that I'm not perfect but a sinner. In fact, I'm a super heavy sinner that I bet some of you guys might be cursing me that I get my mobile phone stolen to enjoy the karma. Guess what? It happened. I lost my LG Viewty once when I was on a bus trip back to KL from Ipoh. I felt the pain.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What I'm about to share with you guys in the future.. might change what image you have of me all along. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I just wanna be honest in my life (especially after all the lies I've put front at the beginning of my life).


Camwhoring Again

I just noticed I didn't publish any recent photos of myself camwhoring.


Thus I'm putting my fugly face out here for you to see, just to ensure you that I'm not a faker.

You know, the type that keeps on telling people that he's good looking and stuff, using a large collection of images of the person he's imitating but never be able to put himself to any real life situation? To be honest, someone actually called me a faker once because I showed him my fat picture.

This one.

secondary school2

He freaked out and called me a liar/faker. I was amused and in the same time offended. I mean, even for me, people aren't sure if I'm the real deal. What about many other good looking people we know solely through the Internet, huh? Big question mark, ain't it?


These pictures are all taken recently (no older than 1 month) with exception of the fat one. Since I'm not very good at photoshopping my images, I didn't take the trouble to reduce my eyebags nor clean up my pores if you pay more attention to.


And if you're asking why are all my self taken pictures on the same angle... it's because I only have 1 good angle. :( I'm very ugly if you take a picture of me in other angles. I'd probably look like this.



At any rate, I'm going to confess something really gay today too (wow, this is new!). I kinda like scarfs. Yes, I know it sounds gay especially someone who lives in Malaysia said it.


But at the end of the day, I like how I look with a scarf. But the picture above didn't really do well to my 'scarf-look' since I was wearing Patrick and it was kinda pink. Kinda gave out the stereotypical sissy pink loving faggot image which I'm personally not fond of. Lol.

All in all, I'm merely trying to say...

I'm still alive!!!

And no one disfigure me yet!!!

So yea! I made my point. :P

So darn afraid to be forgotten

Shit Drops Keep Coming Out My Ass

Sing the title of this post like you're singing "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head" please!!


I've been visiting the loo every single hour, occasionally twice within an hour for the past 8 hours!!!


My legs are cramped, can hardly walk much and I'm grumpy cause my asshole is sore!!! Damn this shit (pun intended)!! And please, nobody makes any remarks of me being gay and taking a dick up the ass feels the same, okay? It's not fucking same!!!

I had to walk slowly out of my house, take an elevator down holding my back with staring glances of middle aged women and kids to see a doctor, get an injection and paid him 80 bucks, took my medicine, back to elevator and into my room. The freaking clinic was just right in front of my flat and it took me 30 minutes no thanks to my condition and the stupid lift we have in the stupid flat.

Ah fuck! My asshole hurts!!!

I blame the Durian Pancake I bought last night after dinner from Shanghai 10. Durian pancakes from Shanghai 10 have been my favorite since I first tasted it with KY. Last night, right before I went home taking LRT, I went to Shanghai 10 to check my luck if it was still available. The restaurant was closing as they were cleaning up the tables and chairs. Even the cashier told me that they were closed, but out of courtesy I asked if they still have durian pancake. They said yes, and I proceeded to ask for 1 portion to takeaway. It cost 6 bucks. But I had to ask about their membership card which offers 20% discount for both dining and takeaway and I paid another RM15 bucks for the membership card.

The durian pancake came and I went to the LRT Station. Being such a glutton in nature, I fucking ate all 3 pieces of them before the train even arrives. They tasted funny when I ate it. You know, a bit sourish and alcoholic? I thought it was nothing. But guess I was wrong when I started visiting the loo at 2am sharp last night!!

Fuck this shit, I paid RM21 to get diarrhea/food poisoning! Someone cure me from durian addiction please!!

Fucked by shit

I Have No Life

Thanks guys for reading my past experience. Really appreciate it. If you do notice, there isn't much of an update for my current life.

You wanna know the reason?

I have no life.

Seriously, I don't have a life.

Don't believe me? Check out what I play daily on my DS.


I know I'm outdated since the game was already released 1 or 2 years ago and now the special edition Platinum is available, but I'm still hooked to this.


I've actually completed the game but I'm merely catching and training all the Chinpokomon (refer South Park Season 3 Episode 10) I can to be the next Chinpokomon master.

Ahh, ain't my life interesting?

P.S. The real deal is... I'm broke for this month and Zach is working on weekends. Don't really have much entertainment nor things to do lately except playing my DS, so Pokemon, here I come!! Go Pikachu!!!

P.P.S. I totally understand if you stop reading my blog after reading this post.

P.P.P.S. Did you know that 'Chin Chin' means dick in Japanese? Lol


Robb's Past - Discovering Billy

By now, my diet plan had worked its magic. I was already thin and no longer the behemoth I was 6 months earlier. Admitting that I still wasn't the best looking chap around but my new size definitely added a lot of brownie points in the eyes of every single beholder (except maybe on chub chasers).

I had become more confident in life. I've started meeting much more people due to my new found interest in socializing thanks to my increase of physical appeal. Of course when I mean meeting people, it meant both straight and homos as I was pretty active in my previous university in non academic affair simply due to the fact, I love organizing and managing things. Academically... it was just all numbers, figures, statistics, formulas and rules for you to follow. In fact, this was where I started to figure out what I really enjoy doing in my life. But we'll talk about it later since this post is supposed to be about Billy.

I was always curious if Billy was gay. I mean, it's pretty important to find out if the person who catalyzed my sexuality is batting for the same team or the other team. I wanna know why did he treat me so well back then. Was it because he treated me like a brother? Or was he attracted to me (sexual or non sexual)? I needed to know the answer.

His phone number was always in the back of my mind. I couldn't forget it and I repeat it at lightning speed anytime. But I never had the guts to call him after he rejected my kiss during the traffic light stop. I was too chicken, too afraid to know the truth. Thanks to my new found confidence in life, I took a step to face 'my creator'. I called him.

Me : Hi Billy! Do you remember me? It's Pierre. (stop laughing! I was young, okay?)
Billy : Yes, I do remember you. It's been quite awhile. How are you?
Me : I'm doing fine. Hmm.. Billy, there's something I want to ask you. I hope you can give me the answers.
Billy : Sure, I'll do my best.
Me : Back when I was younger, during the time when you own Triple Net, what did you think of me?
Billy : Err.. what do you mean? I thought of you as a friend all along.
Me : Really? Cause normally friends don't do the things we did. Such as hugging, kissing and holding hands?
Billy : Hahahaha. What are you trying to say?
Me : Billy... Are you gay?
Billy : Why? Are you?
Me : Yes, I am. Ever since you started treating me that nice, I've fell for you. For a period of time I was very happy in my life but things didn't continue that way. You got busy and started to ignore me. The most devastating memory that I could remember was you pushed me away when I tried to show how much I loved you.
Billy : .... Pierre, are you okay?
Me : Yes, I'm fine. I'm not emotional to be honest. I just wanted to let you know the truth and find out the truth from you.
Billy : What truth from me?
Me : Are you gay?
Billy : You're such a naughty boy. Doing these naughty stuffs.
Me : You didn't answer my question. Are you gay?
Billy : I'm not. I'm not gay.
Me : Why? Do you have a girlfriend or fiance now? (He was already 28 at this time)
Billy: Nope. Too busy with my working life. But I'm not gay.
Me : Owh... Thanks Billy. I really needed the answer. I need to find out if you are gay cause this answer holds a lot of significance for me.
Billy: It's okay, Pierre. But you're very brave, admitting that you're gay. I used to have feelings towards other guys when I was much younger, but I didn't take the step you did.
Me : Owh, you were bi-curious once?
Billy : Maybe. But I'm very sure I'm not gay.
Me : Hahaha. Thanks Billy. I really appreciate talking to you.
Billy : Hey, I really feel sorry cause if it ain't because of me, you won't be gay at the first place. I'm really really sorry.
Me : It's okay, Billy. I'm fine and happy for who I am.
Billy : Is there anything I can do to compensate my misguidance towards you?
Me : Hmmm.. Buy me lunch?
Billy : Hahahaha. Sure.

The conversation was no doubt one of the most important conversation in my life. From this conversation I was able to personally connect with a theory of people turning gay, which is by choice. I know there are a lot of people who aren't on this with me and choose to believe that homosexuality is within their genes. I do not have the right answer which one is the truth, but spare me your lectures as I do not lecture you on your beliefs.

I was also glad that the mystery of Billy's sexuality was finally out in the open for me. Admitting that I was a little disappointed but we were past the stage where we could end up happily ever after, so there wasn't much to look forward for even if he was gay at the end of it.

I went out with Billy for lunch. It was a very awkward lunch. He was shocked to find out how I looked due to the fact that I forgot to let him know that I've lost weight. He thought I looked perfect when I was fat. Lol. He must be a chaser. Hahaha. We were having some set lunch at Blue Window Cafe. (Sidetrack a bit, this Blue Window Cafe had the cheapest set lunch! RM6.50 nett, you can have a soup, a drink, a chicken chop/fish and ice cream desert!!! I'm not sure if it's still open though...)

After placing our orders, it was a staring contest between me and Billy. He had grown... older. Though his wrinkles aren't very visible but signs of aging was catching up. He must have been working really hard as I knew that he was a workaholic. On the other hand, he kept on saying I should put on back my weight cause I looked sick cause I was too thin. 65kg for my height of 5 feet 10 is definitely a normal weight if you ask me, but he begged to differ by asking me to put on at least another 15kg. Lol.

We revived our moments together in Triple Net, the games we played, the little things that he did to turned me gay. He was feeling dead guilty for me, as he solely believed that he turned me gay and he needs to correct me back. I had to reassure him that I was very happy with who I am over and over again. At the end of lunch, he paid for it (though it was cheap lunch, but still it's a free meal :D) and we hugged.

The last hug from Billy. It felt good.

It felt good because it was from Billy.
It felt good because I'm finally free from the box I was living in.
It felt good because I discovered the truth.

Our lives have moved on pretty much from that moment onwards. I didn't bother calling him anymore nor will he contact me (don't see a reason why). I guess, the chapter on Billy in my life has come to an end.

I hope you enjoyed my life experience, my dear readers. It took me quite awhile to blog this down. Up next, I'll be bringing you my first 'unofficial' gay date/relationship in my life. Why unofficial? Well, you'll have to figure it out at the moment while waiting for my next post. ;)


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A Love Poem

Remember the cute little act we watch in the movies? Well, think high school where you sit on your own assigned places with your own desks? Some cute girl or cute guy will often get passed papers from mysterious senders complimenting them? Well, some ugly and fat ones get insults this way as well, but I'm going to focus on the good one.

Well, I received a love note today. It was passed to me during dinner.

It was a love poem to be precise. Here is how it goes;

Time passes by slowly,
Especially when you're not around,
Trying hard not to feel drowsy,
When boredom is the only thing found.

What future of mine lies ahead,
Through this jungle of bricks and haze,
When all I do best is dream on my bed,
And ignoring what I have to face.

Words cannot describe how I feel,
Emotions lost within me,
At times it seems I'm above the hill,
But mostly drawn beneath the sea.

Everything changes when you're with me,
It feels as though I'm someone new,
You're very important to me you see,
As baby, I'm so in love with you.

The poem made me feel warm.

Thank you, my dearest Zach. I love you too.


Braving the World Finally

As I do notice, there are quite a number of my blog readers are actually students who haven't graduate or work a full time job yet. Thus, I'd like to share something relevant to my blog readers about the transition from a student or unemployed one, to a full time employee of a company/organization.

Transition periods are both exciting and scary at times if you ask me. I mean, come on. Weren't you scared when you first enter public school? Entered secondary school after your UPSR? Stepped into a college or university after SPM? The very same feeling will come next, which is getting your first full time job. Of course the next ones are getting married and being parents but me being gay, somehow these 2 milestones in life are kinda barred from me, at least in this country. Lol.

I gotta admit, my experience in this particular transition period was rather fun and interesting. Honestly, I wasn't even expecting to get a job because I was having a 3 months break since my intake ended our course 3 months earlier and initially I planned to continue my studies in Advanced Diploma and furthering it in UK. But since the intake for Advanced Diploma will only commence in the mid of May, I thought of doing something for awhile. At first, I thought of getting some part time jobs, maybe selling some products at supermarket, sell Streamyx by the roadside or selling my ass something else.

But one fateful encounter brought me to meet Tim. It was a press screening and somehow I was invited back then to attend the screening. As Tim seldom attend these screenings, it was somehow fate that we met each other that day. It was the second time he saw me as we've met before the previous year during my birthday celebration in Penang with a few bloggers. We were chatting with each other for quite a bit and I suddenly thought, why don't I ask for an internship with Nuffnang since I've spare time before I continue my studies? I asked, and Tim was kind enough to offer me the job.

I was glad. It was the first time I'm doing something significant in my life. I mean, seriously, do you feel yourself productive when you were studying? I personally do not feel so. I felt counter productive whenever I study. Reason? Our parents practically burn cash for us to be in college/uni just for us to memorize texts and formulas which we'll forget every end of semester. Don't get me wrong. Studying is very important. It's just that I have felt so unproductive for the longest time (since born till the semester I finished my Diploma), I was very glad that I was finally useful as a person and as an employee for an organization.

My plans to further my studies didn't work out due to financial limitations and Tim offered me a permanent job after a few months. I was ever grateful as I was working a job unlike no other and it was and is so fun to work in Nuffnang. Fast forward today, I'm still loving every single day of my job. The lunches that we have together is always fun, work is a challenge, but without challenges, people will go mundane so no complains there.

Actually, I think there wasn't much of a transition period for me. Reason? I didn't exactly delay my time to get something to do nor procastinate to find a job. In fact, I looked for a job when it wasn't even required for me to do so, which in the end turned out to be a very wise move indeed. ;)

Today, I'm going to share a story about a young guy called S. I believe you'll be able to see that his transition period to move on in life is a long one. S was a student for one of the longest time. He went to college right after SPM and graduated with a Diploma in Accounting. He then went on to pursue Advanced Diploma in Accounting but midway there, he felt that he has lost interest in the subject and changed to another major altogether. He enrolled in a Diploma in Tourism.

Tourism proved to be a more exciting course to study for him than Accounting as it was less technical. One thing great about the course was, it was required of him to undergo a 3 months internship period with a Travel Agency. S has never work anywhere before prior to this. It was his first time doing something productive, but required by his studies. He disliked his role as an intern. Main reason? His colleagues never bothered teaching him much about the job till the end of the first month. Then, he was pushed to sell travel packages to customers but S was not a person who has high confidence in his interpersonal communication skills and he felt very pressured by this role.

At the end of internship, he was offered a permanent job by the Travel Agency that he interned for, but he declined it as he hated the fact that he has to do sales. That was supposed to be the last semester of his studies. He was supposed to graduate after that, but he didn't fare too well for one of his papers. It was Japanese. He had to resit the paper at the end of the following semester. He had 3 months buffer till the resit and he chose to relax at home with the excuse, he was tired from the previous 3 months internship. His daily routine involved a lot of online gaming, anime watching, cooking and cleaning the household.

He resat the Japanese paper but Lady Luck wasn't smiling at him. He flunked again. This time, the resit buffer for him was 5 months ahead of him due to the weird semesters and resit subjects offered by the college. His friend asked him to get a job to learn something but he procastinated by delaying it to later, later and later. At the end of it, he spent 5 months doing the exact things he did before he flunked his resit.

Thankfully, he passed his Japanese paper on his second resit and he graduated with a Diploma in Tourism. Adding the extra qualification into his bag along with Diploma in Accounting, he was then pressured to find a job and get out of the house by his friends and family. Previously, he was funded by his family monthly but his family has took note of his unwillingness to look for a job and has resorted to aid sanction to get him out of the house to look for a job.

He wasn't the most resourceful nor has the highest initiative to look for a job. He wasn't even sure what he wanted to do at the first place. He relied on Job Portals solely and never even tried contacting any companies directly on his own. It was a long wait before he was actually called for interviews. Thankfully, there was a job opening and the organization was eager to hire him due to his above average command of languages. It was an opening for Concierge position.

It is now his second week working as a concierge. He still finds it difficult to adjust to a working lifestyle. He longs to stay at home and just play with Zuzu. Yes, S is Zach. Everyone go to Zach's blog and encourage him please. He's not very motivated at the moment, but I'm sure if you could put in some good words for him, he'll feel much different. I've tried doing my part, but I think he needs help from you guys.

P.S. No judging nor personal attacks will be tolerated in the comments. If you have an opinion, please voice it constructively and not poise it as an attack on anyone's character or behavior. Any comments that I don't fancy will be deleted.


Robb's Past - The Fag Group

This happened right after Seamus started to ignore me and I've taken up a life & death oath to lose weight. As I've just started to implement my plan, I was still fat at this moment.

I've gotten braver. I was daring enough to meet other fags from the Internet by then. There was this guy whose online picture was not bad at all whom I chatted with on mIRC for quite some time. His nick was Suteki. Yes, corny name. It meant beautiful in japanese if I'm not mistaken. His self acclaimed English name is even 'better'. He called himself - Adonis. Very very vain and gay if you ask me. But as I was still new and I didn't have much gay friends, I didn't bother with these details and decided to meet up with him.

The best part of this guy was - he plays DoTA. Yes, I'm a gamer and if you play games, we'll most likely be acquainted much easier than if you're a non-gamer (unless you're super cute). So we arranged for a time to meet up in a cybercafe for DoTA session. And when he showed up, he looked a bit different from his picture. Let's just say that he looks less manly than his picture (though the picture ain't very manly at the first place). But the horror came from his/her voice. He/She sounds like a second Sammi Cheng. Lol.

I'm dead serious. He has a high pitch voice that no man could possess. And he's not faking nor pretending to speak that way! It's his god damn natural voice. I looked at the amount of accessories, hairstyle and clothing style he had on him plus his voice and looks, I thought the following;

"God, you've showed me the most stereotypical faggot on Earth today."

But, I wasn't in any position to judge anyone (in fact, not even today). I was a fucking fat bastard remember? Not to mention I was fugly too. Lol. So instead of me judging him, I bet his mind was thinking,

"OMFG!! That's like the most ugliest and fattest queermo I've ever seen in my life!! Would my nails get dirty if I touch him?"

We briefly said hi and he introduced me to his few friends, whom was part of his clique. They hanged out together very often, mostly for DoTA, yam cha and bitching session about other fags. Thank God, he was the only one that stood out to be super gay. The rest was much more normal compared to him (voice played a big role. Lol). After the DoTA sessions ended, we proceeded to the every gay's favorite hangout in Ipoh - Friends Cafe. Seriously, if you wanna find gays, just go to this place every Saturday night or during Chinese New Year. You'll find fags every corner of this cafe. Lol.

As some of you might have known, I'm terribly bad at remembering names and faces. Despite the fact that I was introduced to the rest of Suteki's clique, I instantaneously forgotten all about their names. The yam cha (hangout) session we had after DoTA got me acquainted with the others.

Among all of them, none stood up as a cutie in my opinion except 1 whose name was Calvin. He was in my cute category cause he had a very cute face, kinda short and cheeky too. The bad part was, he was a top and extremely snoobish (why do these trait sounds familiar to me? Hm...). He sucked at DoTA. Lol

Then there was his boyfriend, Kenzai who was an ordinary Joe with kinda tanned skin. Didn't stood up much but I could tell he was the bottom. He was a nice guy though. Pretty good at DoTA.

Julian is a little bit on the feminine side (obviously, bottom) but definitely nothing compared to Suteki. He was a nice guy too and he rocked at DoTA.

Kennylai is no stranger to gays in Ipoh especially if you've been around for quite some time. He's close to 30 now I think and he kinda likes young guys, late teens? He's okay to chat with, but he has a terrible mood swing, especially when he loses DoTA (which happened quite a lot since he ain't that good).

Nick was like 17 or 18 when I met him. He was dating Kennylai for awhile before they parted. He was like an innocent kid trying to find his place in society and somehow he ended up in Suteki's clique which he kinda enjoyed due to the fact that they all play games and they're all queermo.

Being a part of this clique was somewhat interesting for me, since I've never had any real gay friends prior to this. I got to know a lot of stuffs from them.

Suteki claimed that he was a top
I don't even want to touch the topic of Suteki claiming he was a top cause everybody knows that if you have high pitch voice, uses over 10 different facial products on your face before you sleep and get out of the house, whines over your boyfriend when he's busy working and other related matters, makes you a top. I guess he was a top then. ;)

Suteki claimed that there are 4 other sissies in Ipoh which he hated cause they're so sissy
Seriously, I was just curious to see how can a man be any sissier than Suteki when he told me that there were 4 other yiu jing (Cantonese for demons, much to the fame of Journey to the West. The Cantonese speaking Chinese call other faggots yiu jing, especially the sissy ones) in Ipoh. I've never met them till much later of my gay life but I assure you, Suteki was still in the top of my sissy chart.

I was fat and ugly
The group constantly reminded me that I was fat and ugly and I was lucky enough that they allowed me to be a part of their clique. I was ridiculed and made fun of all the time. As I've no issues with that, I joined in and made fun of myself too occasionally. Somehow I think I've to thank them, cause their ridiculing kinda motivated me to stay put within my plans to lose weight and change my outlook.

An average gay relationship for 20yos last for 1 month
Actually I learned this from Suteki. I was kinda in the group for about 5 or 6 months (the time I took to lose weight). And it's every single month that I hear from Suteki that he had a new boyfriend, broke up with a new boyfriend and the cycle continued every single month. This theory was further justified when I actually asked my other net friends if this is true and most of them said yes.

Friends of the same gay group back stab each other when the person is absent from that session
Seriously, I think gays are the exact same as girls in this way. We bitch and whine about each other even if one of us goes to the loo. We'll comment on how terrible the shirt he wore, the unnatural smile he gave. Urghhh.. Sickening, but that's life. And I contributed, sadly.

Sissy is better than fat and/or ugly
I think this is more like a general knowledge cause, come on. If you have to shag another guy (for gays) or else you'll be killed by a canon, who would you choose? A sissy (average face/body), a fatso (average face, normal behavior) or a fugly (average body, normal body)? Most people would just do the sissy. It was obvious that all the time that I hanged out with them, sometimes they were people who came to our table to chat for awhile, no one paid attention to me (come on, would you check out a behemoth?). Instead, they were paying more attention to Suteki. I mean of course, he was eccentric, but sissy pays better than fat/ugly if you ask me. Lol

I kinda stopped seeing them after my 4th month of diet. Once my 6th month was due, I met them and they were shocked to see my new appearance. Of course, I didn't have a lala hairstyle like I do now, but I was thinner. Much thinner than the 105kg or 90kg behemoth they used to hang out with. But by then, I thought I've learned enough from them and I stopped hanging out with them due to the fact I do not wish to be absorb anymore negative qualities into myself (since I've already absorbed the backstabbing part - apparent by writing this post).

We only keep in touch once in awhile, usually during Chinese New Year. The last I heard, the clique split. Suteki now hangs out with the 4 sissies which he hated when I was in the clique. Calvin the cutie is a polygamous top, he goes after every butt that moves and Kenzai can no longer tolerate this and broke up with him. Julian, Nick and Kenzai hangs out together playing DoTA from time to time. Didn't hear anything about Kennylai but he's still visible in the gay scene in Ipoh.

That's about the fag group I used to be a part of when I was in Ipoh.

Next post, we'll find out if Billy is really gay when I am finally gutsy enough, called and confronted him for our encounters at Triple Net. What is the real deal? Find out more by staying tune. ;)


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Nuffnang Music Bash - Robb's Take

Before I go into the party details, let's hear my opinion about Maxis USB Modem Rocks On campaign. It totally rocks!! Aside from being apart of the group that pushes the campaign, this opinion does come from the bottom of my heart. Reason?

It allows everyone to reconnect with the music of their soul. Take me for example, I'm pretty hardcore and gutsy. I like to be loud and make my presence felt. Definitely a rockstar material if you ask me. Lol.


And for others, it's time to have some fun and dress up a little. Wigs, costumes and accessories that will make your day much brighter and happy, mon!


That's a kid trying to be Bob Marley Jr. Cute ain't he? He came forward to dress up all on his own.

This was all during the roadshow by Maxis Broadband at One Utama 1 week before Music Bash. Yes, the very same one where I took a video doing the Girl at the Rock Show. Refer previous posts if you wanna check that out.

Fast forward 1 week later. It was Nuffnang Music Bash. My courtyard as I was already planning for this party since end of last year. On the day of the party, I was there as early as 12pm (party starts at 6pm). Knowing that I had no time to do my hair or dress up since I'd be running around again in the party, I didn't dress up much. I didn't want my movements restricted by chains, jackets and etc. Certainly not like the previous party where I was a mummy. God, I looked awful during that party. Lol


I was running through the entire schedule a few hundred times to ensure everything works. Thankfully I had a lot of support from people around me such as my wonderful colleagues and of course, Nigel and his band for their wonderful performance as the Holograms! Without their support, this party wouldn't have turned out as awesome as it was.


Putting up a party bloggers requires a lot of details. Reason? Bloggers are very detailed naturally. They'll pick on the finest details and give their says about it. That's how what bloggers do, and they do it real good if you ask me. It's a double edge sword if you ask me. We can bring you up to the heavens with our words and we can drop you to hell in an instance depending on what happened during an event. Lol.


Eye candies are a norm in parties. This one ain't an exception and thus, the 4 Nuffies are back, this time as security to protect the 'celebrities' that were attending the party. Hahaha. I bet the male 'celebrities' were very safe that night due to their presence. :P

Once the party started, I was once again as busy as ever. Not many peeps managed to take a picture with me due to the fact I've to answer phone calls every minute or so. In fact, if you're to snap a candid photo of me, you'll probably get one of me using the phone.

Okay, this ain't candid. But you get the drift, yea?

Just to let you know, every single party day that I was the organizer, my phone's battery has never fail to dry out by 10pm. The very same happened last Saturday. Thankfully, my office has a charger and it's just steps away from the venue. A quick dash to my office for a 5 minutes charging got me additional 30 minutes now and then and it wasn't as bad as Silent Halloween as I was completely out of battery after 9pm.

Seriously, event organizing and managing is so tedious. Why do so many people want to join this field? Well, I guess I myself know the answer. It's the satisfaction you get when you see attendees of your event going home, smiling. It's the happiness you feel when you read on blogs, media that your event was deemed fantastic and people were glad that the event took place.


Ahh.. It's like sex, but no ejaculation. Fuck, that's bad, right? Lol.

I mean, it's like sex with ejaculation, but figuratively. ;)

There's another one coming up somewhere June 2009. Head's up people.


Robb's Past - Changes I Made

I was desperate to improve how I looked.

I knew back then I wasn't appealing due to the fact that, I was fat, I was ugly and I was tanned (add that I wasn't born with a golden key in my mouth). Being a gay Chinese guy, all these factors don't make you the most desirable person on earth and I had to do something about my weight, my looks and my complexion as well.

Let's check my weight back then. I weighed at 105kg which is about 231lbs. Yes, I was a baby mammoth. I knew that I was in the obese level as my BMI was at freaking 33!!! There were a few ways I could take to lose weight. Among them are exercising, control of food intake, digging my throat after meals, taking laxative and liposuction.

Exercising is a good way to lose weight if you ask me. However, there was a problem of doing this in UTP. I wasn't motivated enough to exercise in the campus due to the fact I was shy to let people see a piece of blob running around with his fats bouncing up and down when he jogs. In addition, I was tanned, remember? If I'm to jog under the sun, my complexion would go worse. There wasn't any gym available back then (there is now, if I'm not mistaken) and the house compound where we stay aren't very spacious for exercising.

I hate throat digging. It is so wasteful that you pay for your food only to have it vomited out. I will never approve nor do throat digging myself. It's just pure.. wasteful.

Laxative? My my. I didn't want my asshole to feel sore from shitting. I mean, occasion diarrhea is bad enough to make you feel that you can stick a carrot up your ass and make your knees weak but doing it daily just to lose weight? Fuck, no!

Liposuction sounds like a plan. Except that I didn't have the money to do so. Trust me, if I was rich, this would have definitely been my course of action. Lol.

So I was left with control of food intake. As I was used to take at least 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and occasionally double rations in some of them, I tried cutting down to only lunch and dinner with a single ration. After a week, I found that I wasn't making any progress. I was frustrated. I was supposed to lose weight and my weight didn't even budge. Fuck this shit!

I decided to sanction my intake of food to a higher level. 1 meal a day, either lunch or dinner. Yes. It was that extreme. I kept it for another week and I saw a change in my weight. I was half kilograms lighter. I was smiling when I looked at the scale. I knew I've found my right course of action. I kept this up for another 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, I always have the itch to bite on things on random occasions. I wasn't hungry, but I just wanted to eat. I found the right solution for this itch to bite. Green apples.

I'm not going to explain why green and not red but green apples worked brilliantly for me to suppress my hunger till it was my meal time. I literally consumed an average of 20 green apples or more weekly back then. At the end of the 3 weeks. I was at 100kg. 5 kgs in a month's time.

I was really happy with my progress. At the same time I read somewhere on the Internet that carbs are really fattening compared to protein and they can provide the same amount of energy for your body. Living in Asia, our main source of energy are usually carb based. I knew I couldn't ditch rice and noodles altogether thus I changed my meals to half rations for carb based food and 1 fold increase in protein based food (providing they're cooked in a low fat manner). Thus, this was the refined formula for my weight loss.

1 meal a day, half ration of carb based food, increased ration for protein based food, low fat and lots of green apple.

This formula was applied throughout 6 months. After the first 3 months, the results were getting apparent. My clothes are already getting loose. Some of my friends back then started to get worried if I was taking drugs or something. Lol. I told them I was fine, just losing weight to look better.

An advise for anyone who is currently losing weight but not completely yet. Do NOT buy any new clothes when you're still losing weight. I learned it the hard way back then. I was at size 42 for my waist when I was 105kg. After 3 months of my 'crash diet', my waist was at 36 and I was already crazily shopping for new clothes. And guess what? My weight continue dropping and in the end, all the new clothes I bought are way too big for me to wear again the next 3 months. Validity period - 3 months. Lol!!! Fuck! I was stupid and I hope you peeps who are losing weight out there don't follow my footsteps on this.

At the end of 6 months, I was at 65kg. A drop of 40kgs at the rate of losing 1.67kg a week. I had more excess skin than a lady who just gave birth. Lol. In fact, I still some of them with me now. Fuck! Lol. Here's a little secret I kept all this while when I was losing weight. Starving yourself and suppressing your hunger for 6 months requires a lot of sacrifice. Most of the time, I was just hanging out in my room, because I was too tired to even walk to my lecture halls and tutorial classes. I blamed the sun for being too hot but the true reason was.. I was really really exhausted. So my point is, do not attempt to do what I did especially if you're studying or working. What I did affected my productivity as a student significantly. I might even say that it was one of the reasons that made me lose my interest in continuing my studies in UTP at the first place.

In terms of looks.. well you can't really change how your face is shaped, right? Of course, plastic surgery is a whole different thing. If I can afford this I'd done liposuction as well, right? But I knew a saying that is very very true.

"There is no such thing as an ugly person in the world. They are only lazy"

I tried changing my hairstyle. From going to a cheapskate RM8 Indian barber (yes, I was still cutting my hair at RM8 Indian barber before I lost weight), I went to a salon that charged me RM35 per hair cut. In Ipoh, that price is fucking expensive (cause Ipoh is like a remote village compared to KL). I started to care more about clothing style, colors and etc. I had a lot of trial and error with style of clothing. Take for example, I wore sports headband to classes, bought a lot of clothes from SUB, the black and white Lala shop. Lol. But all in all, I think that kinda went well as I was much better in my looks compared to what I started off with.

As for skin complexion, I couldn't afford SK-II!!! Hahahaha. Thus, I went with what I could afford back then. The cheap Loreal Whitening products. I had a whole bunch of them bought. Facial Wash, Toner, Night Cream, Day Cream, Scrub. All in the Whitening Series. My dad taunted me by calling me a transexual when he saw me buying all these cause all these products were for ladies (Loreal Men didn't exist back then). Lol. I ignored him and made the purchases.

In terms of results, I'd say.. they don't really work that great if your skin complexion is already dark at the first place, but they can help lighten your skin shade and it kinda worked for me a little. Yea, I know I still look quite tanned these days, but trust me, back then, I was worse.

So there you have it. Changes I made on myself after.. Seamus abandoned me due to the fact that I was fat and ugly. Do take note that what I've blogged today are my experience and should you attempt it on your own, I should not be held responsible in anyway because you're not supposed to trust what's written on the Internet at the first place. Lol.

Next update, I'd backtrack a little to introduce a faggot group I was in when I openly embraced my sexuality. I kinda joined the group at the start of my diet plan. Trust me, you'd love reading it. Divas, short & cute but bad attitude top, gossips, backstabbing and many more can be expected from the group. Haha.

Tune in to find out more next.


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Live Blogging in Nuffnang Music Bash

I'm live blogging now at Nuffnang Music Bash.

The girl singing now is so good at singing!!!

Sony PS3, Nokia 5800, iPod Touch, GSC Gold Class Vouchers, Armani Exchange Belts and many much more is next to be given out. I'm so excited looking at the happy faces on the bloggers.

Gotta go, the line for live blogging is long!!


Jamming with Maxis Broadband Music Fest

Yes, some of you guys might have noticed someone very familiar in YouTube.

Yes, it was me. I like having fun despite the fact that I'm note blind (not tune deaf though). Sorry for my awful performance.

I'll update most likely on Sunday as today is the eve of my big party I'm organizing. Wish me luck. :)