Paying 2 Bucks to Pee

When I was doing the Angel gimmick at KLCC, I had the honor to visit a premier toilet.


Paying 2 bucks to go into a restroom is no doubt something my grandma would slap me silly if she found out I did so.

Before I went in, I thought, "Hey, since I'm already here, why not I pay the fee and let's see if it's worth a blog post for my readers?". Since you're reading this, you don't have to be a genius to guess whether I went in or not.

I was greeted by a staff on a dedicated desk with flower decorations and etc.


Sorry that my hands were shaky and I didn't turn on the flash to prevent her jumping on me asking me to delete my photos. I was asked to pay up front which is a norm for paid toilets.


I was given a receipt and a wet paper towel in exchange of my RM2 note. Geez, what a rip off. Lol. Upon entering the toilet I tried looking for what makes this toilet so special that it's called a Premier Toilet.


The Singh sink definitely caught my attention as it was loaded up with facial products and surprisingly... body products! There was facial wash and body wash! I can understand the facial wash but what's a body lotion going to do for people at the sink? Oh... I got it. Rich people use them to wash only their hands. Lol.

Then I went into a stall and checked out what was inside.


A hearty toilet greeted me and said 'Ohaiyo'.

I was kidding, okay? There wasn't any talking toilets. It was just a plain toilet but it was clean at least. I guess RM2 does guarantee the hygiene level of the toilet you go into, eh?

So I went ahead and laid out my proposals, mapping out my course of actions and other relevant things you do when you're doing a 'big business'. I'm pretty sure if there was someone next to me, they'd definitely smell what I was cooking. A pretty 'big business' if you know what I mean. ;)

Once I was done, I went around looking for toilet papers.


This came as a surprise as they were not ordinary toilet papers. The toilet papers can fly!!

They were nicely folded tissue papers and it was pleasant not having the trouble to tear off the toilet papers to wipe your ass. Lol.

And then I went out of my stall to wash my hands, using the body lotions. I didn't touch the facial products as I have reserves against unknown facial wash brands. While I was washing my hands, I noticed that the moment I came out of the stall, a staff came in immediately and went into my stall to further clean up the toilet. Guess that's how they ensure that every single stall in the toilet is clean.

All in all, I think paying RM2 for a visit to the loo is outrageous, but if you're a snobbish and hygiene freak, you'll find paying RM2 worthwhile because you don't have to whine about your toilet visit.

Paid RM2 to the loo

Computer Down

Sigh.. My old comp died again.

Guess it's time to buy a new comp. Donations anyone?

I find it hard to pen down my feelings these days.

Reason? I don't really know why.

Am I having PMS?

Down as well

What a Birthday

Last Thursday was my 23rd birthday.

It was 23 years ago when my mum endured the pain to bring me into this world. I've always remembered the things she said about my birth. She was in a general hospital giving birth to me as my family couldn't afford better medical facilities back then. The staffs who were on duty were very inefficient according to my mum.

As she was expecting to give birth at any moment, the staffs were supposed to on guard for her delivery but instead, they were just slacking off and doing god knows what they did. My mum actually alerted the nurses a few times and there was one fat nurse, according to my mum that yelled back at her and asked her to shut up and stop faking pain.

But it was not a fake cry for attention. I was on my way out to the world. My mum tried her best to alert the nurses a lot of times and had to endure rude yelling from the fat nurse before one of the other nurses actually came in and examined my mum to confirm that I was about to come out. The doctor was alerted and in short, I was given birth by my mum, after 9 months of pregnancy plus the humiliation she had to endure right before the moment of my birth no thanks to a particular fat nurse.

Ever since the story has been told to me, I was always grateful that I was given a chance to come to this world by my mum. And that is also why, every single year without fail, I'd call my mum and thank her from the depths of my heart for her hardship of giving birth to me. This year was no exception as that was the first thing I did when I woke up.


Gratitude to mum aside, 21st of May 2009 wasn't exactly a terrific day if you ask me. Truth to be told, I was actually a little lonely.


Zach suddenly had a family emergency. One of his uncles passed away and some long time ago, that uncle actually adopted/took him as a godson. And thus, he was then required to attend the funeral and perform some Chinese rituals/rites as the male heir. He couldn't come back in time to be with me on the 21st of May 2009.

As a result, I was all alone the entire day.

Birthday greetings were aplenty in Friendster and Facebooks. Thank you guys!!

But somehow it seems to me that at this point of my life, no one actually care about me anymore except my colleagues and boyfriend. None of my family members greeted me for my birthday. Though I've expected it since they've not been giving a damn to my birthdays ever since I was 5 (I think) but I guess the fact that Zach wasn't around me on my birthday just reminded me that I'm sorta unloved if I don't have Zach with me.

But not everything was bad. After all, Tim, the cool boss gave me a wonderful birthday present. It was hope. ;)

A lottery ticket! Lol.

It has no sides actually. The main one requires you to wait for the draw at a fixed date while the side one, you can actually scratch it off right away and if the number matches the numbers printed on it starting from the end, you win cash prizes and if it's the exact same number, you win a car. I wasted no time and scratched the side off. Unfortunately I did not win the car. :(


However, more surprises came unexpected. After lunch at Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo which we stuffed ourselves full of fried dumplings and sui kao, there was a knock on the office door. Normally, I'd have the interns open the door but since it's a dry spell season for interns at the moment, I had to do it myself.

And what a surprise it was when I opened the door.

It was Mell and KY with a birthday cake for me!!!! OMFG!!

I thought that with Zach not around and my family far apart from me (and not to mention they don't care at the first place), I was never going to see a birthday cake!! Though I'm not crazy for cakes, but it was definitely a very touching moment for me that they went all the way to get me a birthday cake, during office hours!!!

Sorry that I didn't manage to take any pictures. Normally when I'm overwhelmed by emotions, I couldn't think straight and this is the reason why it didn't occur to me to take photos. Lol. We share the cake around with all my colleagues. It was chocolate cake!! Hurray! Well, to be honest, among all the western flavors for cakes, this is the only one I'm fond of. No plain cheese, coffee, toffee, vanilla, strawberry or anything else please.

The day came to an end where I left office after I cleaned up my work pile. Headed to the gym as it has been awhile since I hit it. I remembered that I made a vow to lose weight and aimed for a 65kg weight by my birthday some time ago. I realized that this vow was broken long time ago as not only my weight didn't go down, but it seems that my physical appearance has grown a little bit on the sides. FML.

After gym, went home and had dinner alone. Slept alone. The end.


Not so happening for a birthday ain't it? Well, the fun didn't start till Friday if you asked me. ;)

Long before my birthday, we've already planned it out that we'll visit Genting Highlands for a weekend getaway due to the fact that it was close to a weekend and it has been so long since I went up there for cold air. Zach paid for the accommodations. We booked Theme Park Hotel because our previous visit there, we had a bathtub in the room we stayed. Lol. It's the cheapest hotel up there that has a bathtub for you to utilize. Utilize as in.. bath? Okay, maybe something else. Lol.

Zach came back on Friday morning just to go Genting with me. I left office early with permission from Boss Stewie and we were off to the Highlands! Yea!! To add more excitement, one of my aunts (my grandma had 12 children) remembered my birthday! Though she was a day late, she greeted me via phone call and gave me extra allowances to spend! Hurray!! Great!! Now everything is in order.

But it wasn't for long as I was disappointed by unforeseen circumstances upon reaching our hotel. The room we booked was a Superior Room which only have a shower. Our previous visit, we had a Deluxe Room. And the difference in pricing for those 2 rooms are RM10. When I asked to switch to Deluxe Room upon discovering there wasn't a bathtub for me to shag in bath in, the receptionist informed me that their Deluxe Room were fully booked. FML.

Oh well...


That certainly didn't stop our 'planned' activities though. :P

We were so tired from our 'planned' activities that we couldn't even mustered the energy to enjoy at the Outdoor Theme Park the very next day. But all in all, the weekend retreat to Genting was no doubt one of the best vacations I ever had!!

Okay, with exception that I lost RM100 bucks to Uncle Lim in one of his casinos. And I'm very sure Genting is a very evil place, cause there's a strange force asking me to continue gambling despite the fact that I have set the rules that I'll only use RM100 for gambling and no more. Thank God Zach was there to stop me from changing my money to chips. Lol.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with my 23rd birthday. It wasn't something fabulous (I'm using a fag word now, finally) but it was definitely very very enjoyable. Thank you everyone for making my birthday special!

P.S. I still have hope with me. Let's check the papers on the 31st of May 2009. ;)


P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures to describe various instances in my blog post. :(

Now officially 23 years old

Where Middle Ain't Normal

Found this on a Monorail station fire hose.


Wow, one can really wonder what courses they teach to get you to the middle gender, ain't it?

I guess when you graduate, you'll probably look like this.

ugly tranny

P.S. I know Middlesex is in London. I'm just joking. I'm not ignorant.


I'm a Standout in Life

I'm going to remind you once again, that I was fat. So if you're sick of me telling you I was fat again, that's too bad. ;)

In case you haven't heard, Nuffnang & Tiger is throwing a grand party this coming 6th of June!!

A brand new HP Notebook, Xbox 360, Coach Handbag, Nintedo DS Lite and many more prizes await the lucky bloggers who will be partying that night. But, I think these prizes are just an act of adding icing on top of the ever delicious cake. I mean, it's not that difficult to anticipate what the other main draw of the night is since Tiger is the sponsor of the party.

It's free booze, baby!! Woohoo!!!

Okay, excitement aside. To get yourself invited to the grand party - Standout, all you gotta do is just blog about what a standout you are in life. Well, I'm very confident of this topic if you ask me. ;)

Let's start with the good ol' days.

childhood thin

You see the kid above? That was me. Arrogant and snobbish looking, ain't I? I guess that kinda stood out, right? Lol. Okay, there was a reason why I kinda looked that way, okay? I was the top of the class in my kindergarten and people looked up to me. And god knows where, I kinda learned that if people look up to you, you gotta act a little bit arrogant. I blame TV for the bad influence. Lol.

Throw in another 10 years and let's see myself in my golden age.

fat me

Ahhh, if you tell me I don't standout when I take pictures in this size, you're a very bad liar. Lol. Despite the fact that I was large sized and easy to spot from far, I was also very capable of organizing events back then in the university. In fact, that was where my event managing skills were sparked and groomed.

Just a light note for those who didn't follow my blog for a long time, I used to be a student in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) funded by Petronas 'Scholarship'. I made a big decision 2 years later where I left UTP to pursue a course of my own interest. It was a big decision because I didn't want to continue studying a Engineering and end up doing a job I have little interest in for the rest of my life. I know quite a number of people who hated what they studied and hate their jobs but continue doing it just because they're at the point of no return.

Thus, I think I'm a standout, 'cause I carve my paths differently to ensure I live a happy life.

Fast forward another 5 years. Let's look at the present me. I still live my life to the fullest, doing whatever I want as long as it doesn't harm anyone. But I'm not going to put nice words to compliment myself to make you guys puke reading my blog. I'm just going to show you what I did to prove that I'm a standout in life.

First of all, I needed a location where a lot of people are around to ensure that people can spot me at 1 glance and tell me that I'm a standout.


What better place than the Twin Towers, KLCC? Lol.


My mission - to prove that I'm a standout.

Now tell me. Do I standout in the following pictures?




If you need more than 2 seconds to identify me, I'd suggest you go for an eye check-up. :P

Check out the video I made while I did my standout gig at KLCC.

There you have it. I asked all the passersby the same question and I got a unanimous answer of "Yes, I'm a Standout"

So the Standout is going to bid you adios as he's going to get ready to party at Standout on the 6th of June. Will you be joining me? ;)


A Standout

Robb's Past - His Dream

4th of October came.

I was all ready to enjoy a vacation at another guy's expense. All I had to pay was just my bus fare to the island. Upon passing the end of the Penang bridge and officially being on the island, I rang Zach up. Both of us were so excited to see each other and our voices showed it through the short conversation of me letting him know I've arrived and him telling me that he'll be arriving shortly to pick me up.

I came down from the bus and tried to look for his car, a white Kancil. I found it parked outside the bus station. As I walked towards it, I saw 2 figures in the car. Zach is definitely one of them. I've forgotten entirely about the other guy. I never got to know his real name as he introduced himself as potheato or fansu all these while. He was a friend that Zach and I knew from mIRC and he was well known for being a nice guy. Well, he happened to be visiting Penang as he was on holiday and the trip was supposed to be a trip where 3 of us (including me) visit places. Well, to be honest with you, I was just interested in hanging out with Zach but since there's no harm in another traveling companion, so be it.

As I got closer, I saw the most angelic face. His hair were a little brown and straight (due to the fact that he did rebonding). Donning a visor, he totally captivated me with his outlook. He smiled at me and said hi. I said hello in return and got into the car. Was a bit upset as I had to sit behind since fansu was sitting in front. Cause if I'm seated in front, I get to look at the sweet angelic face for a longer time. But, it was alright since I had plenty of time on the island to look at Zach's cute face.

Zach arranged for me to stay at his grandma's house which was not occupied. It was an extra house meant for guests to stay and so he made use of it for me and fansu. Fansu arrived a day earlier than me and stayed in the house with Zach. There was only 1 bedroom with bed if memory serves well. I actually wondered if anything happened between them. Early judgment tells me that nothing happened cause both of them doesn't look like the person who will make the move first on bed. Lol.

I was informed that I'd be sleeping with Zach in the bedroom henceforth as I was his priority guest. Furthermore, fansu was just staying 1 additional night as he'll be staying over at his another friend's place the next night. I was happy to know that I'll get to sleep next to a cute prince that night. What will happen that night? Well, we'll get to that later.

I was brought to visit places on the island. Well, most of the places that I was shown requires me to use my mouth. Yes, 7 out of 10 places Zach brought us to was to try their delicacies such as Char Koay Teow, Laksa, Western Food, Curry Mee, Bak Kut Teh and many many many more. The places that doesn't involve eating were so insignificant that all I could remember was that we went to Kek Lok Si and Penang Hill, that's all. I can't even remember which day was it that we went there. Lol.

Okay, I know you're all anxious for the juicy part so here goes. After a day of food venturing, we went back to Zach's grandma's house to get our rest. Fansu went ahead and dived to the couch in the living room, leaving me with Zach in the bedroom. Zach switched off the lights and we were lying next to each other. We chatted a little and after a short while...

We both dozed off. Yes, we slept like pigs. Lol.

Okay, before you start commenting that I'm a liar, let me assure you something did happened from this holiday as it's evident that we've been in a strong stable relationship for over 3 years now. Should I end it now to cock tease you till the next post?

Okay, I'm not that bad, alright? I'll continue.

I awoke the next morning with my eyes fixated on Zach's face. He was a real angel as he had the sweetest facial expression while he was asleep. Well, either that or he woke up before me, put himself in that pose and facial expression so I could see him as such. But I'm pretty sure it was the former. ;)

I spent about 30 minutes looking at him with occasional dirty thoughts running through my mind. Then, he awoke and I greeted him with a good morning and he replied the same. Fansu was already up and watching television at that time if I'm not mistaken. We prepared ourselves for our second day of vacation on the island as once again, we went out in search of food and places to sight see. But I'm pretty sure you don't read my blog posts to know places of interested in Penang, so I'll just fast forward the time.

The second night with Zach. Fansu had moved out of the house as he was spending the night with his another friend in Penang. It was me and Zach alone in his grandma's place. Right after the lights went off, we were both on the bed trying to sleep. I had no excuse not to do anything tonight as I could reason with myself that I didn't take any action last night due to the fact there was another person in the house. But being rather inexperienced in this, I was still hesitating. The hesitation lasted for half an hour or so and I finally went over and hugged Zach. He allowed me to hug him and it seems that he was half way asleep as well.

Overwhelmed with his acceptance of my hug, my hands then wandered off south and to my delight, South was a hot and hard place if you ask me. Lol. I wasted no time and did what I wanted to do. No explicit details as there are minors reading my blog after all. Lol. Let's just say that night was a night to remember for both of us and we fell asleep cuddling each other after relieving ourselves. ;)

The next morning, we found ourselves deeply attracted to each other after our new found intimate session. We started chatting more and being sentimental. Zach told me something that was rather interesting though. He informed me that he kinda had a hunch that the night before was an incident he had expected (duh, in gay life, this is pretty much expected). I asked for reasons, he told me that.. the first night when I was sleeping with him which I did not touch him, he had a wet dream, dreaming the exact same thing I did with him the previous night.

Well, in that case, it's Deja Vu, ain't it, my dearest Zach?

I guess this is sufficient to quench your thirst of what happened in Penang? I'm gonna cut it here and continue the next post.

Stay tune.


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Dissecting the i-Plans

Warning, geek post alert. For people who aren’t interested in intellectual findings or shallow in nature, you might experience nausea, drowsiness and loss of focus in reading. You may also yawn, scratch your backside or attempt to dig your nostril before you stop reading. Viewers’ discretion advised.

The recent iPhone hype is no doubt phenomenal. Everyone is rejoicing over the much awaited sleek gadget from Apple arriving officially in our region. However, to get the original unit, one can only possess one by committing to special plans created by telecommunication companies.

In Thailand it’s via TrueComm and in Malaysia, it’s by Maxis. No doubt an Apple iPhone is very desirable in nature, but if we’re to truly analyze it, it’s just a 3G phone which is designed in a very fancy way with some fancy extra features (not to mention the man-made hype for it). What many of us fail to understand about the iPhone is that it is a phone meant for people with more disposable income or rather, a luxury item to afford and use in the current state of economy.

Let’s take a look at the iValue plans that Maxis came up specifically for iPhone 3G distribution.

Click to enlarge

Let’s put the phone costing aside and check out what are you getting back in return for you monthly commitment.

For iValue 1, you’re paying RM100 each month for 333 minutes of talktime and 500MB of data. That translates to RM0.30/minute for each call you make while to be honest, if you’re heavy user, 500MB of data would be used up within 2 weeks. The same applies for iValue 2, 3 and 4 which translates to RM0.23/minute, RM0.17/minute and RM0.15/minute for calls.

Forking out RM375 each month for a minimum commitment of 12 months only gets you a rate of RM0.15/minute for your first 2500 minutes of the month isn’t exactly the best rates you can get around these days for postpaid deals. The last I check, DG50 which I’m currently on, offers you call rates at RM0.13/minute and even that covers more talktime than the lowest iValue plan (384 minutes for RM50 monthly compared to 333 minutes for RM100 monthly).

Many people who do compare prices in advanced do realize the long tail for these iValue plans which of course requires them to pay more just to get their hands on iPhone 3G. But in the current state of economy, are there no other alternatives for the iPhone when it comes to 3G services? The answer is no as recently DiGi just launched Phone Bundling Plans.

They’re offering 4 different types of mobile phones with 3G at a very affordable price with no ‘special made’ call plans for mobile users who are in need of 3G services. Let’s check out the chart below.

digi bundling(small)
Click to enlarge

Yes, the chart only shows the price of the phones when you commit to a specific postpaid plan by DiGi and not the rates you get from the plans. Note that the postpaid plans requires you to commit that particular amount each month and any calls and SMS you make during each month are charged based on the following chart.

digi postpaid(small)
Click to enlarge

In case you’re a nutshell who hasn’t been in a postpaid plan before, RM50 is not a service charge which you have to pay in extra to your call charges. It’s merely just a commitment fee to entitle you to great rates for calls and SMS.

So if you do compare, the iValue plans you need to get on to get an iPhone is really not a wise money bargain. Take the lowest range to compare if you wish to. Let’s just say I normally make calls that amount to about 400 minutes each month which is a little bit extra on my DG50 plan which will make my bill about RM52. If I’m on iValue 1, that will cost me RM110. The RM50+ difference if you’re to multiply by 12 months (lowest commitment duration) will amount to RM600 which if you add on to the price you’re paying for the iPhone makes it back to RM2,500. Hmmm… Did you actually save on the price of the iPhone? Think again.

All in all, I wouldn’t blame Maxis for coming up with these plans just to make the extra bucks. After all, it’s a business organization and when it’s business, it’s always money making. After all, bringing in the iPhone 3G exclusively into the country must have cost them quite a sum as well. So they have to pass the cost sustained earlier to the customers, right? The consumers shouldn’t be blame as well since it’s iPhone 3G we’re talking about. An object of desire for most of us, be it men or women. So I’m pretty sure there are many who have already got their hands on these babes just because it’s iPhone and not because of the plans they come along with.

However, for consumers who are interested in iPhone 3G in Malaysia I think it’s important for us to differentiate our needs and wants clearly in life (especially when the world is having a recession). If you need a 3G phone then get one which will bring the best benefit for you and cost saving as well. If you want an iPhone, well.. if you have disposable income ready for some wastage here and there, take it up. I’m sure that will earn you some bragging rights but those bragging rights sure don’t come cheap to your wallet in the whole package.

P.S. Incidentally, another blogger in Bangkok is having financial worries when his boyfriend suddenly made an iPhone purchase through a commitment plan by TrueComm. Read about his story here.

P.P.S. An interesting thread has sprouted in Lowyat Forum regarding this issue as well. I have to agree with some of the points raised by Jason Lioh. Click here to find out more.


Dealing with Pissed Off People

Recently I was honored to have the experience of getting scolded for doing my job. It wasn't a very nice feeling but I had to deal with him.

One thing that I learned throughout my years as a communicator is, if a party is pissed and opening his yapper non-stop, do NOT try to stop him. You're also not supposed to tell him what's wrong or explain the situation as long as he remains pissed because, he will never be able to listen nor understand. In fact, one should always let the pissed off red neck talk all he wants and greet him politely enquiring if there's anymore feedback he would like to put across.

Well, a typical pissed off person would definitely take it as a challenge and take you for another 10 minutes of scoldings which some may include your parents in it which is no doubt not nice to hear. But as you're doing your job, you just have to take it in and control your emotions and listen to his pissed off words. Once his yapper runs out of steam, kindly repeat if there's anymore issues he'd like to let you know before you address all his highlighted points.

The cycle will continue till the pissed off person gives up because he failed to agitate you nor to get the worst out of you. Once he runs out of steam, there are 2 possibilities of what's going to happen.

First, he'll begin to listen to your explanation. Do not at any rate provoke him to answer anything. If the pissed off person interrupts your message, let him do so and make sure he keeps talking till he runs out of steam again. Repeat the steps above and check if he has anything else to put across before continuing. Gently remind him that you appreciate his willingness to share his points and you're very eager to listen to him but ask if it's possible for him to grant you the same luxury of finishing your points without getting interrupted. If all goes well, the pissed off person might just be not pissed at the end of it.

The second possibility is.. he doesn't wish to listen to anything after dragging your parents into the conversation, mocking your education, your salary and says goodbye.

I encountered the second possibility. Was pretty agitated, but I withheld myself on the phone. I'm pretty happy in a way. Reason? If I'm to explain to him anything after he went a round with my parents, I doubt I'd be able to assist him well. After all, I'm a human as well. But I do hope that I can separate my emotions aside and assist him the best I can if he was willing to listen.

Lesson to be learned - Do things the right way. Follow procedures and never ever try to assume things will work the way you want without getting prior information to confirm it. If shit happens, deal with it constructively and never blame anyone. Find a right solution because there are protocols and procedures in the world. There's a lesson to be learned from every shitty situation.


Of Angels & Devils


The young bloggers in Malaysia are very outgoing and fun in nature. Well, being an Asian country, one would expect if you call for a costume party, the likelihood of people showing up in real costumes are very low. However, this does not apply for most outgoing Nuffnang MY bloggers based on many observations I have made throughout 2 years.

Last Friday, LG Malaysia launched its very first corporate blog and threw a party for bloggers, media and their guests to attend. It was meant to be a fun party with celebrities involvement and of course to commemorate their official blog in order to communicate more effectively with its target audience in Malaysia. Being a part of the advertising industry, I was amongst the first to know of this and I was roped in for the party planning.

One of the key themes for LG is their symbolic colors of red and white in their logo. A party with the dress code of red and white would be somewhat simple and ordinary if you ask me. That's why when I was asked to suggest a theme and I gave out the idea of Angelic White & Devilish Red which the good people from LG accepted and went ahead with its execution.

Angels oh angels

The LG Blog Launch party wasn't exactly a Nuffnang event as there were many parties involved in organizing it. As such, it was the first costume party for Nuffnangers which I do not have to be super busy during the party. However, there are still a lot that I need to do for pre and post event(which would be starting tomorrow). And as such I actually had time to dress up and look good during the party (but the stupid weather made me sweat like mad when I'm outdoor though).

Okay, I have to admit. The main reason why I didn't need to work my ass off during the party was due to the fact that I had help from my colleagues, Sue and Shalyn. They had to sit in to register the bloggers outdoor (where the humidity is fucking high and temperature was pretty high as well despite the fact it was already dark) while I got to juggle between indoor and outdoor just to cool myself. So yea, thank you Sue and Shalyn!! Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated!! :P

Shalyn is on the left while Sue is on the right. Shalyn is a premature angel w/o wings

As much as I wish to take more photos of events I've been to, I'm afraid I'm still a little busy than to snap pictures abundantly as I still had to manage the client and interact with the bloggers. However, I did manage to take quite a bit of photos with other bloggers compared to previous parties which I'm glad I did.

It's me and Tzia!>

I went as a male angel. I mean, I can be pretty nasty if I'm to dress up as a villain (refer Silent Halloween's Mummy) so I thought I should look good for this party and I went ahead to purchase myself a pair of white wings and white pants. I had the coat with me all the while so I wasn't that much of an investment. After all, I'm pretty sure my clothes will definitely be wearable and the wings... I think there's plenty of use for that (especially on bed). ;)

Let's take a look at the devils instead. I'm sorry, Tzia but I think you have the pictures I want to use the most, so I'm stealing and posting them here, yea? Lol. Many of the girls actually just wore red and black dresses and wore a pair of red horns as accessories (some came with red fork). So that's pretty much expected which I won't show here. I'm going to show the devils which are really catchy in appearances.


Jovi face-painted himself, made himself a skull chain and a.... somewhat disfigured devil fork just to attend the party. His effort paid off as he won The Out of Place Devil and brought home the mystery prize, an LG Cookie Mobile phone.


This guy came as.. Freddy Kruger. Scary indeed, but.. he wasn't a devil at the first place and somehow the judges weren't impressed and he didn't win anything that night. However, he was very very eccentric and that certainly brought a lot of photo opportunities for him.


This is the nasty devil queen. The moment she arrived, everyone knew that she was going to bring home the grand prize that night which was an LG 32" Full HD LCD TV. This is 1 wicked devil if you ask me. No one in the party came close to her in terms of the costume if you ask me.


I'm not going to show any pictures of angels, cause there are just too many of them and most of the angels look the same in terms of clothings. But all in all, the deserving ones won the prizes and it was all good.

Just felt like posing like this. Lol

All in all, it was a very fun event (since I don't have to work my ass off and I get to enjoy, Lol) for me and I definitely enjoyed dressing up and participating in the event. A big thank you for LG for throwing such an awesome party and heads up for all the bloggers who went to the party. An LG Arena mobile phone is up for grabs and all you gotta do to have a shot at it just by doing what you do best, blogging! More information will be sent to your emails soon.

Here's a sign off picture for tonight, me and Firdauz pulling a devil's tail off. ;)


P.S. Pictures taken from various sources. Look for their watermarks to find out where. I'm too lazy to link. Pictures w/o watermarks, some belong to me while some are from other bloggers which I'm lazy to link as well. Lol.


Robb's Past - The Boy from Penang

After Eric, I was eager to meet more cute guys to discuss the quantum of physics and how the universe begin in their bedrooms. Unfortunately, my choices were limited as I was still based in Tronoh and Ipoh at that moment. As I would gladly stress again, the regular fags staying in Ipoh aren't the best in looks nor attitudes. Thus, my right hand was on a permanent job for quite awhile. Lol. is a gay portal used by quite a number of Malaysian gays. It is based on similar concepts of the then Sgboy which has now been changed to Trevvy. It was in which I was able to get acquainted with Eric at the first place. Ever since then, I've been eager to know more cuties from Axcest in hopes of scoring. Somehow, a particular cutie with the id zachboi caught my attention. I can't exactly remember if it was me who started to point him (similar with Facebook's poking) but this cutie seems to have been pointing me for quite awhile, in which I've always returned his point due to the fact he's cute. ;)

Then one day zachboi sent me a message via the portal. If I'm not mistaken, it went something like this;

Hi there, sotongzai. Our exchange of points have been taking place for quite awhile. Do you mind me getting to know you better? You can add my MSN at ****** . Look forward to chat with you on MSN. :)

I gladly added his MSN as it's about time I get acquainted with another cute guy. After getting to know him better through several chat sessions, I realized that this guy is from an English speaking school, not shallow and the most important point, cute (proven from webcam sessions). He's from Penang and was then studying his Advanced Diploma in KL. When I first knew him, I was told that he was attached.

My hopes of scoring him went down as I knew that it is much difficult to score someone who's already in a relationship compared to someone who's single. I kept a distance from zachboi after I found out that he was attached. We chatted sparingly from then on.

A few months later, in one of our chat sessions, zachboi informed me that he was single once again as he just broke up with his boyfriend. I was overjoyed in my heart but I hid it well as I consoled him. He was heartbroken back then as he was the one who got dumped for the reason of incompatibility. We exchanged phone numbers as requested by zachboi but as I wasn't the richest brat around, I didn't bother calling him but I do text messaged him every now and then.

Zachboi called me up one day to talk to me as he was curious on how I would sound on phone. He told me that he enjoyed chatting with me online as there were very few other gays that he knew who were able to communicate in English well. If I'm not mistaken, here was our first phone conversation;

Zachboi: Hello, sotongzai.

Me: Hello, Zach.

Zachboi: Did you miss me?

Me: Yeah, I think of you day and night actually. Hehehe.

Zachboi: Yea, right!

Me: I'm serious! After all, you are cute enough to deserve that kind of attention from me.

Zachboi: Jokes aside. I think you have a very charming voice. I'm in love with your voice.

Me: Really? Then shouldn't you give me a kiss over the phone then? Hahaha.

Our conversations were filled with small talks that complimented each other. He left a very good impression in my mind as he sounded really cheerful. I was delighted to be acquainted with zachboi.

Shortly, after my decision to pull out from UTP to pursue a study of my own interest, I was once again contacted by zachboi. I was invited by zachboi to visit Penang as it was his semester break. It was end of September 2005. I had plenty of free time as I was waiting for my intake which would only start on the following January. However, due to the fact that I was no longer given any allowance money to spend, I hesitated to travel to Penang for a holiday. After all, money was not commodity that my family had extra to begin with.

Then I received a phone call from zachboi that went something like this;

zachboi: Hi sotongzai. Why don't you wanna come to Penang? It'd be fun! We can go around eating the nice food in Penang.

Me: Well, I have to admit that I've not been to Penang since I was in Standard 6. As much as I loved to go, I have to say no.

zachboi: Any particular reason why? Is it because I'm not cute enough? Hahaha.

Me: No, you're definitely cute enough. I assure you for that. It's just that.. I don't really have much money to travel actually. If I'm to go visit you in Penang, I'd have to pay for lodging, transport and food. Not to mention there would be miscellaneous expenses that I will definitely incur.

zachboi: I see.. What if I'm to offer you accommodation, drive you around during your stay and I pay for your food when you're in Penang? How does that sound? This way, all you have to pay for is just your bus trip up north and back to Ipoh and maybe some minor expenses.

Me: Really? Are you sure? It could be expensive, you know? I mean the cost of my meals for about a week..

zachboi: Nonsense. You're coming to Penang, not Paris. The food here is very affordable. After all, I'm not taking you to fancy restaurants for meals anyway. Hahaha. So I assume that you'll be coming then?

Me: Are you sure you can do that..?

zachboi: Yes, I'm sure.

Me: If it's really as what you've said.. then I don't mind heading north for a short vacation with you. After all, it's been a long time since I've been on a vacation to anywhere in particular.

zachboi: Great! See you on 4th of October then!

Okay, to be totally honest with you guys, I was really happy such incident took place. I mean realistically! Come on, I'm going for a vacation where all my needs are taken care of, food, lodging and transport! It even came together with a cute guy as my travel companion! Who knows I could even get lucky and get into his pants during the trip! It was unbelievable!

Hmmm.. I don't feel like continuing the story today. So let's all wait till I write again, shall we? Lol. You can look forward to how I get naughty, started my courtship and of course the little things we did that captivated each other.


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English 101

This is a post without pictures.


Reading the topic of this blog post might make your mind wonder what sort of crappy 'Engrish' in action picture have I got to share, right?


I'm blogging this down as a plea or a request to ask for your help actually. You see, as much as I do enjoy poking fun at people with a poorer command of English, I myself ain't perfect in the language itself. After all, it's not my mother tongue to begin with (heck, I'm actually worse in my mother tongue, what a failure!). As I aspire to be the best communicator I can, I have come to my senses that my aspiration shall not be limited by my imperfect command of English.

To be honest with you, I'm a person who is very aware of his own weaknesses in life. Of course, being aware and giving a damn about it are 2 different things. Most of the time, I wouldn't be bothered so long as that weakness isn't harmful enough (in my judgment at that period of judging) to affect my life. Too long have I noticed that I'm flawed in English and left it in that state. It is now time for me improve myself in order to be a better communicator.

I'm going to list down what are among my common flaws in the English language.

1. Grammar
I do have common grammar errors in my sentences which I'm very sure some of my blog readers with a superior command of English might have noticed. I have to admit, my foundation in grammar is pretty weak due to the fact that I wasn't paying much attention back in the schooling days. But nevertheless, I think I picked up quite a bit of English from playing games and watching television. As a result, I'm capable of delivering my messages but the messages are filled with grammatical errors. This ought to teach you youngsters about not paying attention in English classes!

2. Vocabulary
As sophisticated as I wanted to sound in my blog, I can never bring myself to do so not because I don't wish to, but I'm limited by my vocabulary. I do not have an extensive vocab in general to amaze and/or amuse the higher elite class of English speakers because... I don't read much to begin with. Okay, I read a lot, online, on blogs which aren't the best source to reinforce my vocabulary since most of the blogs I read are written by peers who have the very same limited vocabulary as I do.

3. Localization
This is somewhat unavoidable but crucial if I'm to get serious in improving my command of English. Most of the time, Malaysians have certain phrases that we created and use just because every other Malaysian uses it. For example, we overuse and misuse the word 'already' a lot.

"I'm here already" - To indicate you've reached, commonly used by Malaysians

To indicate that you've reach a certain place, I personally think that the word 'already' is not necessary at all at the first place. In fact, the word 'already' is only supposed to be used as a reminder or emphasis and not for casual informing purposes. I know I might not be the best person to lecture on this, but I'm merely showing an example of localization of the English language in Malaysia.

4. The missing links
This is a problem that I face most of the time. My brain and hands don't like each other a lot. That's why I can never play those hand eye coordination games well at all. To bring this further, I even have problems putting my thoughts into words through typing or writing. I mean, of course I'm able to vocalize my thoughts, but my hands do tend to skip a word or two once every now and then. I do not know what the hell happen, but sometimes, a connecting word would be missing from my typed/written sentences and this is a problem I've been facing since I was young. Do you peeps face this problem as well?

To solve all these deficiencies in my command of English, I know the best remedial is to enroll in classes. But classes are fucking expensive especially for someone who've just been working for a year, you know? But let's take it slow and address my problem 1 by 1.

Here's what I'd suggest myself to do;
  1. I think I ought to read more books and newspapers to improve my vocabulary and reinforce the foundation of my grammar.
  2. I'll stay off conversations that are localized and use standard English for all my communications (inclusive of MSN) as much as I can to minimize effects of localization.
  3. I ought to double check and reread my composed messages slowly to spot if I've jumped a word or two. Remember back in school where the teacher asked you to check your answer scripts before submitting during the exams? I never listened to that. I guess it's time I do so.
Well, I don't mind to try if there are any affordable courses to improve my English. Preferably I want it to be done online as I do not like traveling to attend classes. Do you peeps have any suggestions of websites to improve my command of English?

If you have any other comments or suggestions on what I can do to improve my proficiency in English, please do let me know.

P.S. For my not so kind readers, I've to say, you're right for pointing out that I'm a defect in English communication. I really need the reality check. Thanks, mates. ;)


Robb's Past - First Date, First Screw Up, Second Date, Damn Fine!

It's been awhile since I've talked about my past as a homo ain't it? Let's get back to it.

I was then certain of who I am, possessed an acceptable outlook and ready to prowl. I was ready to get a boyfriend (mainly to try hands on for sex). In Perak or Ipoh specifically, it's very difficult to get an ideal boyfriend material. Most of the fags there are either old, unattractive or full of shit that they can't survive in other places hence they're stuck in Ipoh.

That being said, my venture was difficult. Real difficult. But I was eager to date and somehow I got acquainted to a Chinese guy who called himself 'Boy'. Yes, Boy. Stupid name. I know. And guess what? He was a typical lalazai. Blond long hair, small tiny eyes, unable to carry out profound conversations of any sorts. But, being the eager me, I kinda asked him if he'd like to be my boyfriend (I was desperate la!).

My God, he then turned it around and made conditions to me. He even gave me a trial period of 3 months with me and if things worked out, we'll officially be together and he won't pay for any of our dates since he wasn't working (as if I was). I was really stupid (may I also stress desperate) and thus I agreed on his conditions. So I was kinda on trial with this Boy as his probation boyfriend.

Being my first time dating, I really had no idea what to other than dining and watching movies. There was once he even asked for me to get him a gift. I was scratching my head on what to give him and in the end I gave him a keychain. He gave me a smirk but I think I saw right through it that he made bad remarks about me. Lol. I even brought him to a play staged by my alma mater, St Michael's Institution, but him being himself, he hardly understand much English at all, he didn't enjoy it totally and asked if we could leave half way. I obliged as I didn't want him to feel bored.

After 2 or 3 times of going out with him, I kinda felt that it wasn't going anywhere. Okay, we did get into each others pants once, but it wasn't very satisfying to begin with. Well, he was kinda bossy and I think my inexperience self made the situation awkward as well. Lol. But at any rate, I stopped contacting him and he didn't make any effort to contact me as well till 1 month after the last time I called him.

He called me while I was still in UTP (among the last days). It was our typical phone conversations. Hardly any content in conversation and I was the one talking all the time. Well, he wasn't much of a talker to begin with. When he asked me what happened to us, I let him know that it wasn't working and I no longer have any feelings or lust towards him. He accepted it and we never spoke to each other again (except on several occasions where he added me on MSN).

Well, so much for my first date. Lol. But at least I managed to see how another man's dick look like in real life (no on screens, Lol) and had a happy ending.

My second happy ending was during a conference in KL. There was this cute and lean guy with the name Eric. He was a yoga instructor from Alor Setar.

I asked if I could stay over at his place since I was going KL for a conference (was still based in UTP). Initially he said no, because he was experienced enough to tell if a gay stays over at another gay's place, it's obvious that they'll jump into each other's pants. But after a little bit of my sweet talk and ply for sympathy, he granted me a night at his place. Yes!

And right after my conference, I rang him up and we met at KLCC park. It was during sunset. He was really cute. We walked around KLCC park making smalls talks and I was charmed by how talkative he was. He wasn't as talkative as he was. When we chat online he was much more reserved in communicating. I found out the barrier of communication was due to the fact that he wasn't that good in English. Irregardless, the scene was really romantic, both of us taking a stroll in one of the most beautiful park in KL.

After that, we had dinner at KFC (cheapest option around) and went back to his place. He stayed at Sentul. Yes, it wasn't the best place to stay as it was very very.. let's just say.. not exactly the safest neighborhood around. But it didn't matter as my eyes were fixated on Eric, the cutie. Lol, I could have been robbed by him if he really wanted to since I followed him blindly. But thankfully, Eric was a sweet as his looks. He didn't do me any harm (in fact he gave me honey, Lol!).

Sleeping next to a person you have sexual interest is a very difficult thing to do, at least for the first time. I mean, it's obvious what's going to happen next but usually both parties like to play it cool and pretend that they're not going to touch each other. And so both me and Eric pretended that we were trying to sleep and made small chat once and twice. Both of us know we can't fall asleep before we actually jump into each other's pants and as usual, I was the one make the move first (maybe that's where my preference of being a top came about) and we both finally managed to get some sleep after some action.

Eric was... super jeng!!! (Jeng is a slang from Hong Kong that translates to real good). I'm not going into the spicy part but his body was to die for (once again, exception for height, he was perfect). He had lean muscles all over his body and my God, his abs was so apparent when both of us got sweaty. ;) I dare say I've not seen a better body in front of my eyes other than Eric till today.

After that night, I attempted to go after Eric as I was totally infatuated by him (more of his body actually). He kinda informed me that he wasn't that keen but he liked me though. I respected his decision and I stayed a distance as I think he deserved his own space.

Sex with strangers are no doubt wild and fun. But it's very risky as well. Think STD, think of the danger that could lurked around. Of course, seeing that I didn't care much of it when I was younger, I'm in no position to advice anyone but if you do cruise around, don't forget that there are risks involved (including getting busted with your pants down).

After these 2 experiences, a whole new chapter began as I found my one and only love of my life, Zach. Wanna know how it began? It's not going to look good on me, but trust me, it's a story worth telling. Stay tune.


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In Ipoh

No pictures as I'm using a computer as ancient as a 'calculator' to write this post.


Oh hai!!! Iz me!!

Right. I know I sounded like a retard. Ignore my retarded self please. I'm back in my hometown, Ipoh for a 3 days break over the weekend. As the computer in my home is one of the latest technology around, it's too advanced to accept any digital copy of my newly taken pictures and therefore I'm unable to share any newly taken photos with you guys.

But rest assure once I get back to KL, there will be lots more picture of my new ugly hairstyle. In the mean time, if you're in KL and you're into parties and like dressing up, check out the LG Blog Launch Party happening next Friday. Go send your email now to get yourself an invite to attend. I'm going to dress up, but not entirely to look like an angel or a devil, but more to... Bah! I'm not telling. You gotta see me to know what am I going as. ;)

While I'm in Ipoh, I'll try my best not to sleep around cuz as far as I know, there aren't many 'edible' ones left in Ipoh, especially since it's not Chinese New Year season. So my dearest Zach, you don't have to worry too much yea? ;)

Oh and for all the haters, god bless you peeps! As much as you hate me, I just want to say I love you, as you do contribute to my traffic and in return, generate quite a bit of pocket money for my shopping needs. So yea, hate me all you want, but I really do love you guys. ^_^

For my dearest readers, of course I love you more than my haters cause it's only logical for me to do so since you contribute just as much for traffic and in the same time emotional support and encouragement for me to be myself, blogging my way to let you know more about my life. Kudos peeps. You're the best. (^(..)^) <---- it's a piggy face, alright? Lol.

Enough of my random babbling. I'm just a little frustrated that I don't have the inspiration to blog about my past and in the same time unable to show you pictures of my naked self (let's hope Zach doesn't read this and ask). Bah, I promise you I'll be back with juicy posts by Monday.

Stuck in Ancient Ipoh

I'm Fugly!!!

Great!! Of all things I listen to.

Some of you peeps said that I need a haircut. I agree as my hair has gotten pretty thick and unmanageable lately. So yesterday I went to go get a haircut after work at my regular salon in Lalaland (aka Sungei Wang).

But, my hairstylist who has been cutting my hair all these while were no longer working there as he is now participating in Astro's reality TV show (the singing one). His name is Vanness and I heard that he made Top 8 and he's the fattest in it. Lol. I heard that he sings pretty well so if you guys watch the show, please do let me know if he's really good in singing (and the fattest in the bunch), yea?

But anyway this is about my haircut, so let's get back to it. So I had no hairstylist who is experienced in cutting my hair. The owner of the salon recommended another fat dude to cut my hair. Since my last hairstylist was also fat (but he possessed pretty good skills in cutting my hair), I was actually okay with this new hairstylist recommended. I have to admit that I have my doubts as his style of cutting ain't exactly the same as Vanness.

Since it's a fresh new start all over, I thought, "Why don't I change my hair style altogether?" It should be interesting since people always remember me with the long spiky hair. And so I went ahead asking him to cut whatever he thought was suitable for me (since he didn't know my common hairstyle).

Wanna know the outcome?


Fuck My Life!

I'm never listening to you guys again on what to do in my life!!

P.S. Actually, my hair isn't that bad. It's just this image in particular that wasn't the best. Maybe the extremely huge dark circles under my eyes contributed to the not so nice look, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure this haircut would prove interesting for my upcoming days. Heck, if I really hate it after these few days, I can always grow it back to my spiky long hair as my hair's growth rate is really really high.

P.P.S. Please shoot me dead with your blasted comments. I want honest opinions. Okay? Oh.. only the hairstyle and not the dark circles and my fat face, okay? Lol