In case you didn't know, I'm openly gay.

And by that, it doesn't mean that I go around kissing guys and molesting them in public. No, that's not openly gay, but perverted (though I admit I might do that if it's the last day of my life).

What I meant was, everyone that is acquainted with me knows of my sexuality. Be it my friends, housemates, colleagues, clients whom I've worked closely with and my nucleus family. Meaning - dad, mum, sisters, dogs, mosquitoes inside my parents' house and the lizards on the wall.

The process of letting my parents know I'm gay went better than what I've expected. My mum seemed to be able to accept it while my dad was totally disappointed and had some hidden rage in him that I turned out queer. However, my dad got over it as time passed and he just ignored the fact that I'm gay and happily living with my boyfriend/lover/life partner, Zach. Every time I tried to bring in Zach into the conversation, he ignored it and pretended that I didn't said anything. Else wise, everything was just fine as it is.

Denial and pretending that something didn't happen while it did doesn't solve anything, as far as I've learned in my life. My dad is more than 30 years wiser than me but I'm not sure if he shares the same sentiment in this opinion for this case.

Recently, my elder sister graduated from medical school in Russia. She's now a full time doctor serving at Penang. As usual, a new doctor works like a donkey but gets paid handsomely which means they have quite a bit of money to spend but no time to do so. After spending 7 years in Russia alone, she kinda long for some family get-togethers and it's understandable which I made an effort to join in the fun one of the past weekends by going back to Ipoh.

As my siblings and I are all working now and we have responsibilities to shoulder daily. Thus, whenever we can, we'd try to schedule a time to get-together. My younger sister who is a trainee nurse gets a week off for each half a year. Her holiday is coming somewhere in July and I thought why not we have a family get-together to Penang.

Reason being Penang, my elder sister works there, she doesn't have to be too far from her workplace in case of emergencies and I have super huge cravings for Penang food as I've not been to Penang for over a year. I also thought it would be a perfect time for the family to accept me for who I am and Zach as a person who's important to my life thus I thought of bringing Zach along for this trip. Zach could also be helpful to show us around what's nice to eat and where to go and etc.

However, I've got a certain feeling that Zach's presence to the family get-together might not be welcomed and thus I checked with my younger sister about it. She doesn't seem to welcome my idea as she felt that dad might be uncomfortable (upset would be a better word) about it. She asked me to check with dad's opinion first before making any further plans about this.

Thus, I ranged my dad and told him about a get-together to Penang. He seemed happy that I had the intention to suggest such a thing and said he don't mind going for it. However, when I brought up the suggestion that Zach tags along his voice tone changed into a hostile one and said "NO".

I further asked why not and he gave me his most used answer to assert his authority in my years of growing up.


I gave up trying to ask why as he sounded totally hostile when he said that. Then I told him I'll check for my schedule before I revert for the get-together. But I've made up my mind that I'm not going for such a get-together.


My boyfriend/lover/life partner is being discriminated by my very own dad. I even got a feeling that I'm being discriminated by my dad. Reality check, I wonder if my dad would have reacted this way if Zach is Zena (in other words, a girl, which makes me a straight lad)? Would my dad be upset of my girlfriend going along with a family trip? Or, would my dad be upset if my sister's boyfriend tag along for one?

I really have no idea, but being someone who tends to be negative towards his family, I'd said no. My dad would not be upset if I'm straight bringing a girl nor my sis bringing their boyfriends to a family trip. I might be jumping to conclusions here, but I'm human alright? I'm upset due to the fact that I felt discriminated against by my very own family even though it's not a proven fact yet.

I understand that my dad is uncomfortable of my sexuality. But sooner or later, he has to accept it and learn to deal with it, right? My intention was, why not start earlier so I can relate to my family more and felt loved by them? But it seems that my dad felt that avoiding this topic as long as he could would be a better option.

If there are any parents reading this, I'd really appreciate it if you can give me a view or two on this matter.
  • What if your son is gay?
  • What if your son wishes to introduce his boyfriend/lover/life partner to you?
  • Will you be able to accept his boyfriend/lover/life partner as you'd have for a girlfriend/daughter-in-law?
I just need an insightful view on this as I don't feel very comfortable at the moment.

Felt discriminated,

Pan Mee Shop, Mee Jawa Cashier, Selling Assam Laksa

I'm sure most of us (in Malaysia) have seen a cash register with a digital display which welcomes you to the store/stall while displaying the name of the cashier. For example;


Recently I was blessed enough to find a stall with a very quirky cash register display. Check it out.


So just from the register itself, you'd think that the name of the store/stall is Pan Mee. But wtf is the person's name Mee Jawa for? Upon reading that, I immediately looked up and check out the cashier's face. No, it wasn't a plate of Mee Jawa that can walk and talk that was serving me. Lol.

So I went ahead and asked if the cashier's name is Mee Jawa. He just smiled and didn't answer me. He was a foreign worker. Wanna have a look at Mr. Mee Jawa?


There you go. He might have originated from Jawa, but he sure doesn't look like mee. Lol. And the best part as you might have noticed, they sell Assam Laksa in that stall as their signature dish.

The stall is located at Pavilion KL's food court. We gave the Assam Laksa a try due to its eccentricity in visual. As usual, a meal in Pavilion is never cheap in general. The assam laksa cost RM7.30 if I'm not mistaken which some Penangites might roar with anger to find this out while they only charge less than RM3.50 for a bowl in Penang.


The price is reasonable judging that the rent in Pavilion is definitely expensive and if they don't have a price that's good enough to bring in profit, that wouldn't be a business to begin. To compensate on its high cost, the assam laksa is indeed large in portion with sufficient fish meat to spare. Taste wise, it's nothing compared to Penang's laksa but it's still good for KL standard since I've not successfully find any laksa in KL which is any good.

Check out this Pan Mee shop with Mee Jawa cashier for its Assam Laksa the next time you visit Pavilion. It's still one of the cheaper alternatives for food in the shopping complex.

Thinking to change his name to Durian Pancake

How Pyramids Are Built

Not long ago I shared with you guys that I played and is replaying a game called Pharoah. It's a civilization building game which is similar to Zues, Settlers and Emperor which are all made by the same company. It's a city building game unlike Sim City but pretty easy to learn in nature.

I have to say I learned a lot throughout my adolescence's years of playing games. For example, I learned about the ancient religions of the Egyptians where various Gods are worshiped. Osiris, Ra, Ptah, Seth and Bast are a few that I can recall. I also learned that what are the basic needs of a society and rough idea how the a civilization evolves once a certain need has been satisfied. Architecturally, I learned how pyramid was built visually, though not exactly the real procedure, but it was no doubt helpful enough on how it came about. Did you know that pyramids are not first built a 100% steep and sharp like what we know?


The above is the first form of pyramid. It's not exactly very pretty, but it's made of pure plain stones with hundreds of thousand slaves' hard work.


Then, it evolved into a second form of pyramid which is shown above. It's made of limestone blocks in its outer layer and plain stone blocks as its core. it's not the true pyramid yet as the early architects still had problem with the foundation of the building somehow. Thus it looks more like a retarded pyramid if you ask me.

Next come the real thing. But I'm going to show you that it's a lot of hardwork for the Egyptians, especially the slaves to build it first.

true pyramid

As opposed to the image where the slaves were pulling 4 blocks at once, the blocks are actually pretty huge in real size and 1 of it requires at least half a dozen people to pull it. Then, upon brought to the site, a few stonemasons are required to lay the block in its rightful place with the right building connecting liquid (not sure if they have cement back then). As the monument grows higher, it will require carpenters to build ramps made out of wood. The higher it goes, the more wood it requires to ensure they can sustain the weight of the blocks getting pulled up there.

true pyramid2

Upon laying the final block on the top of the pyramid, another task arise where stonemasons will have to carve out the blocks of stone to make the pyramid's outer layer look perfectly like a pyramid. Don't ask me how but that's what I understand from the game. Lol. I could have been fooled. *Shrugs*

true pyramid3

Tada~ it's done.

Here's a sphinx as well.


My civilization built it and this one requires lots of wood for carpenters to use and cost a lot of stonemasons' lives. I know it's pretty ugly, but the deal is to show how a monument is built, alright? :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures because the process of building these monuments actually took quite awhile. Lol.

Loves playing good city building games

Flashing is Bad

Probably not the first time you see this.

flashing is bad

Just can't help but to share it with my dearest readers. XD

Not a flasher yet

Urbanscapes 2009

OMFG!!! Free tickets to Urbanscapes 2009!!!


That was my facial expression when I found out. (Ignore the fact that I didn't have sufficient sleep, apparent from my eyebags)

Okay, I'm not gonna let you know how you're going to get the free tickets. Sue me if you want. xP

If there's anyone who haven't heard of Urbanscapes, you're either not living in Malaysia, or not very in tune with the latest happenings in Malaysia.


Urbanscapes is the city’s annual user-generated all-day creative arts festival which is organized by the good people from KLue magazine. Set to rock the house at KL Performing Arts Centre, everyone's excited about the possibilities this year! As usual, Urbanscapes 2009 will offer all the best from KL ranging from music, arts, film, theatre and fashion, marketplace vendors and more. It gets better, because YOU can have your say and dictate how the show goes on! Find out more at www.urbanscapes.com.my

Okay, I know the above paragraph seems very generic (you can read from their homepage as well) but that's the best way to describe the event to newbies. For those who already know about it, this is the time to give our local talented artists the recognition they deserved.

Among the acts and performances I'm looking forward to are;
- Twilight Actiongirl who will be spinning tracks for the Disco
- 40 Winks and Pop Shuvit who will be rocking the X Lawn
- The ever sweet Zalila Lee who will be entertaining us with her sweet melody at The Box
- And my favorite, the Cinescapes Stage!!

I'm going to write a paragraph at least for this. Lol. You see, most of us enjoy watching movies. But somehow, many of us have the perception that American made movies are better than ours. Sure, if you compare in terms of budget spent, their effects and production qualities are no doubt better. But if you really watch our locally made movies, you'll be amazed with what you can find (there are exceptions, nevertheless). At the Cinescapes Stage, you'll be able to watch all the best movies our local producers ever made including Sepet, Sumolah, Anak Halal and many many more!!


I personally think Sepet is the best movie ever made in Malaysia. :P

If you wish to check out the entire itineary list, head to www.urbanscapes.com.my because my favorite picks are just a small group from what the real thing offers.

Ok thxbabai.

What? The free tickets to Urbanscapes?

Come on... Do I have to?

Alright alright I'll share it with you guys.

There are 200 free tickets to Urbanscapes available just for U.O.X./Xpax users!!! I'm not kidding!

All you have to do is just reload RM30 to your U.O.X./Xpax account and you'll be given a free ticket to Urbanscapes 2009!! A booth will be set up right next to the ticketing counter at KLPac and you can reload from there. Not an U.O.X./Xpax user? No problem! In case you're ignorant, you can now get a free U.O.X./Xpax starter pack just by purchasing a reload. Just purchase RM30 reload and you'll be given a starter pack right away! Cool, huh?

Unfortunately anything that is this good has its limits. Here, it is first 200 person who reload RM30 during Urbanscapes. If you're a person who likes to take your own sweet time in doing things, I'm pretty sure you'll most probably not make it as the first 200.

But, there's something else you can benefit from if you're an U.O.X./Xpax user but didn't make it as the first 200. You'll be given an RM10 discount voucher for your ticket purchase by just reloading a minimum of RM10 at Urbanscapes! Not too shabby for the latecomers, eh? :P

The good news do keep coming because there's a contest just for U.O.X./Xpax users in Urbanscapes itself. Let's not talk about the contest and just the prize shall we? Anyone interested in the latest, hippiest N97 as a prize for a click with your finger?


Got you interested, didn't I?

There's going to be an X-SNAPS! Contest which is literally a photography contest open to all U.O.X./Xpax users. Snap a photo during Urbanscapes 2009 in the following categories;

- Colour
- Fashion
- Music
- Design

You can do it with your big ass SLR, compact camera or even your phone's camera. There are 3 ways for you to send in your entries.

1. During Urbanscapes, at the booth at the 24hour KL booth area
Just find Xpax booth where there will be people to assist you in submitting your picture right on the spot.

2. After Urbanscapes through email
Just send an email with the image attached in it to xsnaps@xpax.com.my. Be sure to include your title of picture, category you're participating in, your name and your mobile number.

3. During or after Urbanscapes through MMS
Just MMS your picture to 26388. The subject of the MMS must include the name of the photo, category you're participating in and your name all separated by commas. For example - Obscene Banana, Colour, Robb  . :P

Once you've submitted your picture, you can check it out at MeTV.

The contest will start on 27 June and ends on 11 July 2009. There will be 4 winners, one from each category which means.... FOUR N97 TO BE GIVEN OUT!!!!! OMFG!!

Okay, I've spilled enough beans. I'm going to keep quiet on what my strategies are to win an N97 for myself. Don't bug me for ideas, I'm not sharing!! The N97 is mine!! MINE!!!

P.S. I don't even have to tell you that I'm definitely going to be at Urbanscapes 2009, right?

Aiming to win N97 at Urbanscapes 2009

Dumping Smelly Craps

Yes, this post is exactly what it means.

Hi, my name is Robb.

I'm a smelly crap dumper.

For those who don't know, the Nuffnang office in KL has 2 wings, east wing and west wing. Each wing has its own toilet but instead of separating the toilet into gender based, we do it - business based.

That means, if you're taking a piss, use the one of the west wing. Got dumping to do? Head to the east. The main reason? The west wing is where the boss sits and the east wing used to be deserted.

As our office grew, the east wing has to be populated and now, our technical team (programmers, designers) are all seated on the east wing.

Now back to my story of being a smelly crap dumper. Every time I take a dump in the office toilet, my colleagues never fail to evacuate to the other wing. They claim that my shit is the smelliest shit they've ever sniffed in their lives. I beg to differ since I can't smell anything wrong.

Now, I have reservations and think twice of shitting in the office toilet. I don't want to affect my colleagues' productivity in work. Damn! Why do I have to be so considerate?

Does my shit stink so bad?


P.S. My colleagues said that you guys are lucky smell doesn't transmit through visual. Lol.

P.P.S. Picture was taken when I was actually taking a real dump.


Yea Yea Transformers

In case you didn't know...

I'm watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on the coming Monday, 2 days before the release date. Neh neh neh neh neh~

Okay fine. That was childish, I know. But I'm still gloating about it. Hahahaha.

Hasbro Malaysia sponsored some Transformers toys in conjunction with the movie release for promotional purposes. UIP allocated some to Nuffnang to give out to bloggers who put in creative effort in their cravings to watch Transformers 2.

I managed to get my hands on a test unit for half a day in our office. This baby I'm showing you cost close to RM200 in the market.


To be honest with you, I've never played with an original Transformer toy before in my life. Back when I was a kid, these stuff are way too expensive for my dad to buy for me. Instead, I got pasar malam or China imitation of Transformers. The robot toys I used to have were of course not as sleek and nice as the one I'm showing you. But somehow, just thinking back of my childhood, I feel warm and loved because I know my parents did care and love me deeply. Despite the fact that they were making ends meet, they still buy toys for me and my sisters to play. This sure brought back good memories now. Thanks dad for buying me toys. ^_^

Here's a look at the Transformers toy, Ironhide outside its packaging.


Sleek, right?

Front look.


Of course, I'm supposed to 'transform' the toy right? I thought, sure, it would be a piece of cake. Little did I know it was fucking hard!

It came with a manual to transform it, but it takes years for you to decipher it actually!! Back in my childhood, my robot transformed much faster. Just a few turns and bends, tada~ robot. Reverse the turns and bends, tada~ car.

This one.... took me 20 minutes just to get to the robot mode!!!


Once you reach the robot mode you must be thinking that making it back to the vehicle would be a piece of cake right? WRONG!!

It took another 20 minutes just to get it back as a truck! God sake!!


Either I'm very stupid with bends and turns or this thing is really difficult to play with. I wonder if the kids are able to play with it without thrashing it. If I'm a 5 year kid, I'd most likely get frustrated and throw it aside.

I think the target market for this product is for fans who have grown up (nerds and geeks included).

I don't know about you, but after playing the test unit, I do have the itch to own 1, or maybe 2 or 3 and put it in my house. Heh.

P.S. My boss thinks that Bumblebee is a fag robot. I agree. It does look gay. Lol.

P.P.S. My colleague, Jestina loves Bumblebee. We now call her faghag. Hahahaha.

P.P.P.S. I'm going to spoil Transformers to you once I watch it, okay?

P.M.S. I don't have any because I don't have pussy.


5 packs of Instant Noodle for a Meal

Don't worry, I did not eat 5 packs of Instant Noodle for a meal. I need to keep myself fit, remember? I don't want my 3 months pregnancy to turn 5 months!!


Zach ate 5 packets of these,

mi myojo

He claims that these are the best Mi Goreng in the market and that's why a pack of 5 cost RM6.40, among the highest for locally manufactured instant noodles. He happened to be very hungry today and thus ate 5 packets of them during dinner.

I think that's definitely an overkill, but he told me he just wanted to know if he's still able to eat 5 packets at 1 shot. What a way to find out things. =.= In addition, he actually placed a bet with my housemate that he could do so and in return, my housemate have to buy 5 packets of the same noodle that he ate.

instant noodle
This is 1 packet. I had 4 of them. :P

This reminds me of my own gluttony back when I was younger and at least 9 months pregnant in size. Let's see.. a typical meal is double rations where I'd add rice and lots of dishes. Probably cost me RM7.50 which is fucking expensive for a meal in Ipoh.

I was also a big fan of Pizza Hut back then (cause no one showed me what real delicious pizza looks like). I'd order an entire regular pizza for myself to consume without sparing a slice for my sisters. If they try taking a slice, I'd get hostile and demand for payment. Lol.

pizza hut
Actually I think many people can eat the entire pizza on their own.

I've also consumed many packets of instant noodles at once. My max was only 4 packets, due to the fact that I favored soup based instant noodles back then. If one is to cook 5 packets of soup based instant noodle, I assure you that man will spontaneously burst once he finish eating all the noodles. Mind you, there are also eggs (usually 2) in my instant noodles. Lol.

One of my worst case of gluttony was when me and my mates were eating Steamboat Buffet at 2+1 in Bercham, Ipoh. After all of us were stuffed, we challenged each other to an ice cream eating contest. Both my and my mate, Chun Wei went up to 30 scoops each and since it was taking too long, we extended the challenge - each of us have to eat a bowl of majorine instead.

Yes, a bowl of this

Guess what? I ate the entire bowl and was crowned champion of glutton! Lol.

Those were good times, which I do not wish to repeat again. Lol.

At any rate, I'm very glad that I managed to stick to my plan to hit the gym today. The good thing about gyms are - they have mirrors all over and when I work out, I get to see my muscles. ;)


Yes, I know I'm vain. Bear with it.


What's Up with Me?

First and foremost, condolences to Akiraceo for his recent loss of Pafu. May Pafu rest in peace and Meow be strong.

I'm also a pet owner and thus I'm feeling the sadness for Akiraceo as well. Zuzu, please don't leave me..



I'm broke again. I think people around me hear me say this every single month. It can't be helped as I'm always bad at managing my money. T_T Guess that's no more durian pancake and Yellow Cab for this month and hello economy rice from the back alley near the office everyday.

economy rice
Not taken from the alley, but just to illustrate my point


I'm sure by now you've taken note of my 'pregnancy'. It's very much due to unprotected activities such as taking in unnecessary substance. Thus I must now get the fucking thing out of me by going on the treadmill and bike at least half an hour every single day. My discipline to hit the gym has gone to the dogs these days and it's time I be strict to myself.




I've some movies I'm really interested in watching such as 17 Again starred by Zac Efron and Fighting starred by Channing Tatum. I know. I'm a typical fag cause I dig movies which have eye candies in them. Lol. Zac Efron is no doubt cute and hot at the same time. Channing Tatum? Gorgeous body! What's better, a movie which shows off his body most of the time! Lol.

Zac's smile is so cute!

My my. What a body


For trivia entertainment, these days I'm still playing Pokemon in my NDS. I'm now in Pokemon Platinum due to the fact that it has better features and I'm training all the pokemon starting from pokemon number 1 till number god knows what. I'm now at Vulpix, a pretty average Fire pokemon.


I normally play my NDS whenever I travel in public transport. Thus my average time spend is no longer than 2 hours a day. Thank God I still have a life. Lol.


Back at home, I normally watch previous South Park or Family Guy episodes whenever I'm dining at home to fill time. A typical meal at home would be instant noodles or my very own made kolo mee. What's the recipe? I'll share it one day.

At times when I do have some free time and don't really know what to do, I'll just time travel back to the Egyptian days and rule Egypt as the Pharoah.


This is a pretty old game. In fact I think it has been released for more than 8 years now if I'm not mistaken. But the fun lies in building a civilization that evolves according to what you provide them with. I am personally a fan of simulation, strategy and civilization games.


I learned a lot about Egyptian culture from this game ever since I was in high school. Fascinating, especially about their religion and monuments!

I just can't help it. I'm a typical camwhore. I demand for attention and thus I'm placing my picture at the end of this post. Don't like it? Sue me! :P



I'm Happy with My Life

I don't see the reason why not. :)

railway station ipoh

I just came back from Ipoh and believe me, this is the most fun filled trip back to my hometown. Normally my Ipoh trips are due mundanely bored because there's nothing to do back there and there are no plans to do anything at all. The initial reason why I normally go back is to see my parents. But the moment I saw them, that reason has been gratified and normally a question will arise in my head,

"Shit, what am I supposed to do for the next 24 or 36 hours?"

This is due to the fact that all my close friends back in the days of my high school have already moved out of Ipoh and pursuing either their education or work life else where. Thus, going back to my hometown is basically just to meet my parents or some relatives of mine which do sound very very boring.

However, this time it was different as it was the first time my siblings and I all came back to Ipoh at the same time. And for that, every single time slot and day I spent in Ipoh was filled with planned activities of what to do and where to go. Most of them involved eating (FML, the weighing machine is so going to give me a heart attack) but it was all good and I really had a great time with my parents and sisters. This trip is no doubt memorable for me and I hope it's the same for my parents and sisters too.

Backtrack a week, last week's Standout party seems to be very well received by bloggers who attended according to the records from all my tracking. I'm very happy to know as I actually put a lot of time into making the event a blast for the client and Nuffnangers. Not to mention the people that came in crazy costumes totally made the party exciting. There were so many, but I only managed to took few pictures with them. One of them is particularly SuperSeow.


So that's 2 good news and people say three times' a charm. I do have a third reason to be happy with. Guess what?

I'm pregnant!!


P.S. Seriously, I'm not kidding. I added on 3kg in my body weight recently! I'm very sure it's a baby!


Time to Blog

Honestly, I've been ignoring my blog for quite awhile.

It can't be helped as I have had a lot in my hands previously as Standout with Nuffnang & Tiger was under my jurisdiction. If I'm not to spend my full attention there, it might not have been as what happened last Saturday. Thankfully, many of the Nuffnangers threw praises and compliments of the party which made me satisfied despite the fact that I missed dinner and all the beers the entire event.

Or, just in case you forget how I look like, here's me without any hairstyling cream/wax on my hair.


Life's been great to me. Well, I have a few new colleagues. One of them is Doria Jolly all the way from East Malaysia. She's funny and chic in my opinion. Why chic? She puts a pen to tie her hair bun. =.=


Seriously! But irregardless, I do think that she's chic because she's very well dressed and not to mention fashionable too.

I'm gonna be random today so let's talk about one of my favorite food. Durian pancake from Shanghai 10.


These babies are fucking delicious but at the same time, highly fattening too as they contain cream!!! I can imagine how I'll look like if I'm to continue indulging myself with them. Just take a look at the chef preparing it and you'll know what I mean.


Tomorrow is Friday and normally it's Shanghai 10 day. I do hope that I'll be able to skip the durian pancake if we do end up at Shanghai 10.

P.S. I know this post hardly qualify as a proper posting as well, but please do bear with me. Rest assure I'll continue my personal life story but I'll need time to write it.

P.P.S. Should be difficult for me to update this weekend because I'm going back to Ipoh to celebrate my mum's belated birthday. She has the same birthday as Tim and the Standout party. =.=


New Banner, New Avatar

Oh hai!!!


Thanks to Akiraceo.com, I now have a cool banner and avatar!

From now on, I'll be dropping my old nickname of SotongZai due to the following reasons;

1) I hate answering how did I end up with the nick SotongZai
2) I'm not a sotong (not blur nor sissy nor incompetent)
3) I can't be forever 'zai' right? Some day I'll be 'lou' (zai - boy, lou - man)

and also

4) I want robbyaoi to be known as Robby Angel Of Insurrection.

Hope you guys like the artworks of Akiraceo.com cause I sure do!

He's the most talented artist blogger I know and I foresee a freaking bright future for him in the blogosphere. Check out his latest comic strip when he came to KL.


You Can't Get Enough of Transformers

I think it's a fact that I can't get enough of it.

Ever since I was a kid I was already a big fan of the cartoon series.


My favorite was no doubt the Beast War series but due to the fact that our public TV was so screwed up, I didn't actually manage to catch all of them :(

beast war

Then, they released Transformers in the big screen and I virtually had an eye orgasm watching it.


This month they're releasing Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen and my balls are virtually having spasm ready to get rowdy. Lol.


Check out the latest awesome trailer below. It's a must watch.

If you ask me, I think a lot of people just can't get enough of Transformers and not just me alone.

If you're a Transformers fan, drop a comment so I'll know you're one too. ;)

P.S. I'm considering to purchase a Transformers Chess Set. Do you think it comes along with the "Certified Nerd/Geek" certificate?



Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab Pizza is no doubt the best pizza makers in KL in my opinion.

yellow cab

I've tried many many pizzas from different restaurants from the low quality and cheap Pizza Hut till the fancy ones such as Papa John or from Italian restaurants and nothing come close to what Yellow Cab pizza offers in taste.


The pizza above is 18 inches in diameter. It's the size of 4 of your palms at least.

It's priced at RM57.60 and is able to satisfy the hunger of 4 men (who have a big stomach storage). For those who are average in their stomach spaces, this can feed 6.

Prepared freshly from the oven, it takes about 15 minutes for you to get your pizza if you're dining in. Their toppings are generous on their thin but not paper thin layer of pizza bread which is excellent for people who are just fucking sick of Pizza Hut's thick pizza crust and minimum toppings.

Their ingredients are pretty fresh and tasty. My favorite topping is no doubt the beef bacon. I highly recommend their beef pepperoni and mushroom pizza (in the picture above) as it is my personal favorite.

The only downside of Yellow Cab, they have limited dine-in space for their branch in Jalan Raja Abdullah (near my office) and their non beef pizza ain't that great (but still better than a lot of the pizza makers in KL).

All in all, I'm writing this post just to share my love for Yellow Cab. I'm trying to make this a monthly hangout place for my gang. But first, I'll need to find a gang. Anyone wanna be my hangout buddy? Lol.

P.S. This is not an advertorial. (I really wish it is and I seriously don't mind they pay me with their pizza!!)