Short Update - Free Size Panties

Spotted at Giant hypermarket in Ipoh.

free size

Free size panty? Lol.

I wonder if fourfeetnine can wear this?

What about Furong Jie Jie?

Not to make fun of affordable clothes for people from a lower income group, but I think manufacturers should make affordable clothes in different sizes as well. There can't be only 1 body size of people in the lower income family, right?


New Addition to My House

My last post mentioned that I've a new addition in my house and I kinda spent a bit for it. In addition, I've promised that I'll give someone a pair of tickets to watch Up if he can guess what I bought correctly.

Well, one person got it right, but he didn't guessed it. He asked from Zach so that means I can't give you the tickets. Lol.

I got myself a King size bed!!


I've been sleeping on cheap lousy foam mattress laid on the floor for 3 years now and I'm kinda sick of it. Why?
  • It's hot despite it's laid on the floor
  • It's not springy, not bouncy, less fun for night activities.
  • It's not impressive to show anyone my bed in case I have guests over at my place
Thus I thought it's time for me to get a better bed. After all, a good night sleep is very important for everyone. It took awhile though for me to walk through the many furniture shops near Jalan Genting Klang to find the right bed at the right price.

260709 010

Of course, I camwhored in some of the shops like the photo above. :P

A few lessons I learned from shopping for furniture;
  • The bigger shops are usually selling furniture for a higher price even for the same item. This is due to the fact that the sales guy wants to take in a higher commission. Small shops are operated by the owner themselves, and the prices for the same item are surprisingly much cheaper if you're a customer.
  • Always ask for discount and bargain more. Free pillows, mattress protector and anything that you can ask for. Don't be shy!
Well, most furniture shops offer promotional price for Queen Size bed but not King size. It seems that most people purchase Queen size beds (hotels and even couples). Most likely due to constrain of space of the room, but space on bed is equally important for sleep in my opinion. Thus, when I was shopping for my King size bed, there weren't much promotion that I could take advantage of.

After hearing ridiculous prices from bigger furniture shops I managed to find a much better option when I went to a corner shop lot that sells furniture a few stone throw from Courts Mammoth Jalan Genting Klang. It was a humble shop selling quite similar items as the bigger furniture shop, but guess what? I managed to save few hundred bucks buying the same freaking item from this shop.

Thank God I walked around to get the right prices. Else wise, I'd have been paying extra for nothing. Phew.

1 week from that, the furniture shop sent over the bed. The place where I stay has very small lift and I had no idea how they brought the bed up as I was back in Ipoh at that time. Zach supervised the people bringing in the bed. The end result was impressive.

260709 062

As you can see, Zuzu immediately grew fond of the new bed and learned how to jump onto it in mere minutes after the bed was set up.

260709 060

I'm happy with my new addition to the household. I hope it's worth the money I spent.


260709 061


Back to Ipoh

By the time you read this, I'm most likely back in Ipoh.

Remember the disagreement I had with my dad a few weeks ago? Well, thanks to your opinions, I am able to judge the situation in a much more objective manner.

The previous discontent was caused by my passionate self of making progress and to have Zach to be accepted by my parents. As I was passionate in making it work, I forgot to realize that my parents are entitled to their views and opinions as well. And if something proposed is not within their comfort zone, they have every single right to say no to it without even telling me the reason.

Failing to see that back then, caused me to be upset and thought of unnecessary thoughts of being discriminated. Sure, discrimination happens everywhere and all the time, but when you're emotionally affected, you'd think that it's all about you.

I've sorted it out and decided to go back to Ipoh and spend the weekend with my family considering both my sisters are back as well. My parents would be delighted to have all their children back at the nest and I am honored to grant this simple delight.


I don't have much friends in Ipoh. Only a handful. Among them are my TARC coursemate, Keris Tin and maybe a few fags which I'll not name. That being said, I don't really have much to do when I'm not hanging out with the family.

If you'd like to know a new friend and you're in Ipoh, feel free to contact me. Try my facebook to contact me and I'll pass you my number. Priority will be given to cute guys. Lol.


Timothy Tiah and Fourfeetnine will be giving out tickets for Up within these 2 days. Go stalk them.


Guess what? There's a new gay massage in Ipoh. I just got the link from some other fag in my MSN. He asked me to try it out.

I've never been to a gay massage before. What's a gay massage? From an intellectual guess, I assume that the masseurs are gay and so are the patrons. The massage services usually contain sexual services as well? How extensive of the sexual services, I'm not very sure on that. Can anyone shed some light to an innocent guy here? Lol

I doubt I'll visit the gay massage as it's very far from where I stay and not to mention Zach will kill me if I do. Lol. But if you have, can you let me know what is it like so I can convince Zach it's not a bad place and worth me visiting? Hahaha.


I just watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, courtesy of Nuffnang and Warner Brothers Pictures.


Being a romance comedy, it definitely nailed the spot to tickle my funny bone. However, a word of advice would be if you're not accustomed to American sitcom jokes (conversational jokes) you might not be laughing as hard as those who are. In other words, the target audience for the movie is no doubt the English speakers/audience in Malaysia.

Here's a trailer for you to check out if you're into romance comedy. Its release date has been delayed for the longest time due to regional orders from Warner Brothers Pictures. But guess what? Malaysia is not the worst in delayed movies. It seems that in Australia it's even later than us. That's a consolation for us.


That's a lil bit of update in my life. I shall update more when I get back from Ipoh. Look forward for a new addition in my house as I kinda splurged some money there for it. Hopefully it will turn out good and wild.

P.S. Anyone wanna guess what I bought? The first person who gets it right wins a pair of ticket to Up, maybe? Lol.


Naughty Adventures - Hooking Up Stranger in Gym

Being gay is wrong!

And so is pre-marital sex the last time I checked. Lol.

Those who have been following my blog for quite awhile would have knew about this, but just for old times' sake I'll repeat myself. Gays generally have more sex and it's easier due to the fact that guys think about sex every 30 seconds (or any variable that emphasize that guys think about sex a lot).

In a straight relationship, the guy cannot have sex that easy or often due to the fact that girls complicate things. Well, the picture below might shed some light.


The picture only address the part where you have a drink (alcohol) first then only sex. Imagine if there aren't any drinks involved, guess how many steps and things a girl will think about before granting you access to her vault? I don't wanna imagine that. And that's for 1 time access. Every single time you'd want access, the process will have to be repeated.

To sum it up, it's very time consuming compared to 2 gay guys doing it. By the time a straight couple have sex for their first time. The 2 gay guys might have already done every single position depicted in the Karma Sutra.

Actually the lengthy introduction was just to coat what I'm about to share. You see, there are many queer bloggers out there. While many chooses to be discreet with their identities, some are blatantly open with their lives such as myself. But what I envy the most would be some of these bloggers are actually capable of illustrating their sex life in their writings. Since I'm a devoted loving boyfriend, I don't really have much 'adventures' outside, but I do hear quite a lot from my friends who aren't bloggers themselves and I've asked if I can share their stories in my blog and they said yes so I will be sharing some of the good ones with you peeps

Names and time line of the adventures I share are altered to protect some privacy of the characters involved. :D

Here goes.


Sean hits the gym 3 times a week religiously and though he might not have the best body in the world, his built is quite acceptable along with his charming face. Being a sales executive allows him the flexibility to hit the gym whenever he's not having meetings with his clients.

Sean doesn't look like this, but it's nice to have an eye candy, right?

One fine day, Sean was hitting the gym as usual when he saw a guy that beeped his gaydar the moment he was visible in Sean's sight. Standing about 5 feet 6, the guy was wearing a tight sleeveless shirt and an even tight shorts. Of course, he had the assets to flaunt by wearing that pair of shorts because his cute bubbly butt was no doubt enticing for any gays to look at.

Sean has his eyes locked on him when he was lifting his weights.

"Hmm, what an eye candy! His body is pretty nice too. Too bad he looks like he's at his late twenties," thought Sean while he continued working out.

The cute stranger noticed that Sean was staring at him but he didn't give any sign of acknowledgment but merely looked back and continued with his own workout. Sean's gym routine is usually an hour and a half. By the end of his routine, he lost count how many times he actually glimpsed and stared at the cute stranger's butt.

All tired and worked, Sean headed to the locker room and prepared for his shower. Coincidentally, the cute stranger was around as well, wrapped up in his towel and headed for the steam room. Sean gave another glance at him and didn't bother much before heading towards a shower stall.

As usual, showering after a nice workout feels good. With the water flowing down his chest he started to clean himself using his own Shokobutsu shampoo. Just as he was rubbing shampoo on himself, he noticed that someone in the shower stall next to him has somehow put half of his feet over to his stall. He has heard of gay cruising in gym showers a lot in Singapore, but being a Malaysian, he's not sure if this is the case. Curious, Sean put his foot right next to the guy's feet and immediately the other feet started to nudge Sean's foot lightly.

Figment of my imagination of the guy looking like this? Lol

Confirmed that this was indeed a signal from another gay, Sean thought he should check out who this guy is. Who knows he might be hot and there's nothing wrong to get a lil bit jolly in the gym. Thus, he quickly washed off the shampoo on his body and made his exit. He did it slowly so the person next to his stall knows that he's leaving his stall. He then proceeded to the sauna room knowing that some gay guy is following him behind.

Once he got into the sauna room and turned around, it turned out that the person was the same cute stranger that he had been staring at the entire gym session. Of course, he couldn't express anything because another person came into the sauna room right after that. Some fat bloke that totally spoiled the atmosphere. So, Sean and the cute stranger sat next to each other in the sauna room for awhile, hoping that the fat bloke would leave so the fireworks can start.

Unfortunately, the fat bloke stayed on for quite awhile. The cute stranger then left the sauna room, indirectly prompting Sean to follow, which he did. He followed the cute stranger who entered the last shower stall right next to a concrete wall. The cute stranger left the door open and of course, Sean walked into the same shower stall.

After hanging their towels, Sean and the stranger physically explored each other in detailed. Sean managed to have a thorough look of the assets of the stranger. Despite a lil shorter than Sean, the stranger has a much better body than him. Nice firm chest with touchable abs and not to mention the round firm butt too. In his eyes, this was a guy with the best male anatomy he has ever laid his hands on.

*Interval - I do possess the necessary descriptive power to illustrate what happened next, but due to the fact that it might not be suitable for all audiences, I'll keep it simple and plain so no one will be traumatized from reading this*

After spending about 15 minutes inside the shower stall together and ensuring each other a chance to 'express' their happiness, the cute stranger walked out first of the shower stall while Sean took awhile more showering to avoid obvious suspicions from by passers. After Sean was done, he dressed up and left the gym happier.


Wow. The first time when I heard that from Sean, I was stunned to find out that they barely spoke more than 2 sentences in the entire encounter. Heck, he didn't even manage to get the stranger's name. That was no doubt hot and amazing if you ask me.

Sigh, why doesn't this kinda stuff happen in my gym? I guess I better switch gym to one that has more gays in it. Lol. Zach will most likely kill me for it. At any rate, I do have some lesser experiences in gym but I'll share in the near future.

What about you guys, gays especially? Do you have some naughty encounters in gym before?


When Robb Wears a Shirt...

It's only because he's required to look 'smart' because he's representing the company.

180709 004

Seriously, I can count with 1 hand how many shirts I have in my wardrobe. Somehow, I don't really like shirts that much. Thank God I have a job that doesn't require me to wear shirt to work everyday. In fact, most of the times if there are any meetings, my boss just requires me to wear something with collar and that's sufficient for him. Thus, I do have a few polo tee and a few jackets and coats just for back up in case of meetings.

It's been awhile since I post a photo of myself ain't it? Do you miss me? Lol.

Okay, back to the topic that I was wearing shirt. Last Saturday, I was actually supposed to give a career talk to high school students at Catholic High School at Jalan Gasing, PJ. On top of that, that evening itself, I have to attend KLue Blue Chili Award representing Nuffnang because Nuffnang was one of the media sponsor for the award. Thus, it was a very sound reason for me to wear a shirt. Heck, some may even suggest that I put on a slack and leather shoes but I'm just not a slacker in general if I can help it. :P

More details about the talk later. Let me be a himbo (male version of bimbo) for awhile.

I think my face is a bit meatier than it was previously.

180709 006

But I also think that there's a solution in every problem.

180709 005

See? Problem solved.

Okay, I know that was lame. But I just miss my own photos on the blog, okay? Lol.

Note that I was wearing a white shirt and yet that morning I had the desire to consume one of the most fattening food as breakfast. I had Curry Laksa noodle!!

180709 007

Guess that explains why my face got meatier. >_<

P.S. FML!! I wrote a bunch of things here earlier on but when I did some grammar editing, the page didn't manage to load the entire page before I clicked saved and thus the post is cut in half. Now I'm too lazy to type them out again.


Pixar's Up Movie Promo with Nuffnang

The month of August is set to be the month where Nuffnangers get to enjoy the most movie screenings ever in a month. However, I'm not gonna spoil your surprise by spilling out the other 3.

As you may have already noticed from the title of this post, I'm revealing Up by Pixar studio as one of the movie screenings for Nuffnangers courtesy of Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Sdn Bhd.


The Premiere Screening of Up will take place on;

Date : 11 August (Tuesday)
Time : 9pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex Damansara

That's 9 days before its actual release date!

Well here's a short synopsis about Up;
Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a new lease on life. “Up” takes audiences on a thrilling journey where the unlikely pair encounter wild terrain, unexpected villains and jungle creatures.

Not exactly the best synopsis if you ask me. But do check out the official trailer below.

Yes I know it looks fun but it's like not so promising, eh?

It seems to me that the movie is about an old man, a fat kid, a talking dog and a funny bird. That's all. But come on, I doubt Pixar would come up with something silly and get bashed by audiences, right?

Up has been released in the US since end of May and I've heard all praises and no critics about it so far citing that it's one of the best movie of the year. Definitely something you don't expect from the trailer above, right? I'd really love to watch if the compliments from the movie critics are genuine or false.


Along with the trailer, I was also passed with a few Wilderness Exploring Tips from the movie Up. I really like the tip on how to trap a snipe below.

If you like that, you should check out First Aid, How to Build a Tent and When Nature Calls.

Now that I've shared so much details about Up, you must be thinking that I'm giving out tickets here, right?

Sorry, I'm not. Lol. But I can tell you who are giving them out though. KY has already finished giving his out this morning barely an hour after he posted on his blog. But there are 3 more bloggers giving out tickets for this promo.

They are Timothy Tiah, Fourfeetnine and Akiraceo!!

Now go stalk their blog everyday and get tickets from them.

Till then, Up, up and away!!


Excited for Up

The Best Sex Picture is Back!!


best sex picture

Previously gone due to my Flickr account removed.

Hope you guys like it. Lol.


Eat Eat Eat in Melaka

I didn't manage to take much pictures in Melaka because;
- My camera's battery went dry. Forgot to charge them. FML
- I forgot to bring my phone charger. My phone battery last 1 day on average. FML again.
- Zach's phone ain't that good for photos. Besides, he doesn't like me using his phone that much and I dislike using things belonging to others.

As a result, there are very few photos from Melaka which has me in it. I may or may not share it in the posts to come (because some of them shows my ugly angle).

Let's continue shall we?

After watching some Bollywood movie about some Love Guru, Zach and I decided that it wasn't time to shag yet so we should head out to Jonker Walk and have a walk. Tried calling the others up only to find out that they're already out and they didn't call me because they thought I'm busy discussing quantum physics with Zach. FML.

Walked out and found that the freaking place is filled with tourists!! And I'm one of them!!! Hahaha. Feels nice to be a tourist and everything that requires money out of my pocket, I'll consider thrice if I'm about to be cheated. Lol.

Found Nicholas and the gang eating cendol at the famous stall. By the time I reached that stall, they've done they massacre on their ices.

SG Nuffies arrived finally. Nicholas went back to hotel to pick them up.

Akiraceo and Jasonmumbles, the 2 local boys in Melaka came and joined the Nuffies in our makan trip. These 2 local boys are the best if you ask me. They have jalan with all the restaurants owners, people from the roadside, gangster, durian orchard owner and etc etc. Fuyoh!!

We went to queue up for 1 of the Chicken Rice Ball shop as the queue was starting to get long. When we were just about to enter, we got a call from Nicholas asking us to go another place for lunch. We canceled our order and went with them just to find out that the other shop was close. In the end we went back to the same place half and hour late just to find the queue much longer. FML.

But we still got to eat the chicken rice ball though.

Verdict - I think Ipoh's chicken is better, but the rice balls were nice to try and bite on no doubt. But I constantly reminded myself that they're carbs!! They fucking make me fat!!

Boss Ming bought us lunch and in return we thanked him using the student-greeting-teacher way in the restaurant. We went;

"Thank you Boss Ming!!"

in front of every other customers dining in the restaurant. Lol.

We lepak around near Jonker and took pictures. Sadly I only managed to have 1 picture taken.

melaka trip

Then it rained so we rushed back to the hotel.

Not even 2 hours after Chicken Rice Ball late lunch, we went out again for food. This time it's Satay Celup. It's something like Lok-Lok but instead of eating by the roadside, you're sitting around the table and dipping the sticks into a boiling pot of sauce. It's quite unique but the taste was pretty average though.

satay celup

Obviously not my pretty angle and I'm so generous to show it to you. FML.

We got back to Jonker Walk and started to explore the night market. The street was totally different from when it was in the afternoon. The place was packed just like Petaling Street except that the people here are less likely to cheat you as much as the ones in Petaling Street. Somehow I think the vendors there were more honest (though they still marked up the price as they need to make money).

I bought a few souvenirs for my adulterer parents and sisters. Zach bought some stringy stuff that you wear on your wrists for me and himself too. ^_^

We rendezvous at the hotel at this time before we went for another round of makan. Tandoori chicken at some mamak called Putra something. FML, I was so worried I'm gonna be fat.

mamak tandoori


I think this has got to be the most boring entry I ever blogged about. Screw this timeline thingy. I'm skipping it.

Next we went clubbing at PureBar where it was kinda like a lalaclub, but the music were cool. Jestina, Doria, Akiraceo, Firdauz, Vernice, me and Zach were the only ones dancing the entire night. The rest stayed outside and played drinking games till they were very high. This ended the night for Saturday.

Fuck! A day with 6 main meals and beers as the finale. I'm so screwed!! T_T


The next day we woke up, had our breakfast before we check out. Barely an hour after breakfast, we went for lunch at some Nyonya restaurant and ordered dishes. The plan was for me to have durian buffet at the orchard right after this initially. But when Jasonmumbles came and joined us, he broke a freaking bad news.

The orchard owner is a friend of his and gave him a call that a bus of Singaporeans came to his orchard and bagged every single durian from his orchard, loaded on the bus and went back to Singapore. FML!!!

So I kinda whacked a little bit more on the lunch than expected. Guess what? After the lunch they went to buy dessert!! Ice cream cake!!! FML again!! Lol.

I whacked that as well and by then I was totaled and had to be wheel-barrow back to KL (on Nicholas' car).

I was really really disappointed not being able to eat Cibei No 7. :(

That could be my first time tasting Cibei (pun intended).

But all in all, I think the Melaka trip was awesome despite the eating extravaganza. It's because of the Nuffies' presence. I think we enjoyed spending time together, getting to know each other better, dancing with each other and of course eating!!

Nuffies, let's do this again some time soon, okay?

Enjoyed Melaka but didn't eat Cibei No 7,

Late Nuffies >:(

Melaka trip with Nuffies was awesome because of the company!

We had everything planned out from A-Z where A-Z refers to all the food available in Melaka. Fuck, calories! Lol.

Let's start with Saturday morning.

Woke up, packed my stuff, wanked bathed, styled my hair and bid farewell to Zuzu. Zuzu was giving us some pity stares asking us not to leave him at home. I wanted to bring him along, but Zach said no. Zuzu, it's not my fault yea? Zaza don't want to bring you to Melaka.

Left my house and headed out. Had a hunch that my bastard colleagues are going to be late and not taking breakfast would be suicidal. Went to Genting Klang market to eat their nice curry mee. Tasted awesome, been months since I had it. :D

After the fattening breakfast (you can see the curry oil floating all over), we went to the bus stop and took a bus to the office where Nuffies are supposed to meet at 8.45am and start our engines at 9am.

Reached office and didn't manage to find anyone in sight. Spotted Verynice walking alone and walked towards her. Turned out that she was here at 8.30AM and I was the first Nuffie she saw in the day. The rest are missing. =.=

Yee Hou reached awhile after I reach. Both Vernice and I didn't bring our office keys due to the fact that we thought we're leaving right away. Thanks Yee Hou for bringing the office keys so we could go into the office, enjoyed air conditioning and bash the other late Nuffies on Facebook for being late. :P

David came in and I scolded him for being late. He apologized and went ahead to look for something to eat. He found a cup noodle and was complaining he can't eat it because there are no hot water. We pointed to our water dispenser and he found out that moment that water dispenser unit is capable of dispensing hot water. So he went over and pushed the red tab and the water flowed into the cup noodle. He walked back and let us know that somehow he didn't think the water was very hot. Turned out that the switch for the water dispenser wasn't on and he didn't know it runs on electricity. What a day for enlightenment, David. Lol.

We started our engines and left KL at this time. 45 minutes late. I started to think KY has a point that Nuffies in general are pretty bad at punctuality if it isn't regarding work matters. Friday lunches are best examples, right KY?

Reached Seremban. Stopped by at their market and savored their famous beef noodles. Wasn't fantastic and most of us thought that Ngau Kee the one behind Jalan Alor is nicer. Remember the one that I said the beef ball was so smooth? That's the one. We continued our journey from there.

Reached Aldy Hotel which was located near Stadhuys and Jonker Walk. The room was pretty awesome and the best part, there's a bathtub!! Holy shit!! Yee haa!!

What? I'm merely implying that I was happy because I can take a bath in the bathtub and also do something else which is exciting with Zach. Don't think too much, okay? ;)

We were waiting for our Singaporeans colleagues to arrive so we had time to bum around. I spent some time watching Bollywood movie in the hotel room. Don't ask why. Lol. After getting enough of Tamil speaking movie, I went out with Zach towards the Jonker Walk. Was quite a pleasant walk but the sun was very very unforgiving that day. I bet I got a shade tanner from this.

This is taking too much time at 1 go. Actually blogged this from my office. Don't want to be caught not doing work. Lol. I'll update photos later and continue in my next post. Stay tune. :D


On the Prowl

Yes, I'm on the prowl looking for new targets. Targets like the below. Slurps!!


Actually, I've always been doing that, so that's not something new. Lol.

I'm looking into the future now for property investment. Surprisingly, the first thing I wish to get my hands on is not a car but a house. I ran some figures over and I think I do have what it takes to buy a house providing that I eat bread for the rest of my life.

I'm kidding. I can always rent the house out to others to ease my financial commitment but the deal ain't gonna be as smooth as those twinks out there.

What do you guys think? A guy whose not even 25 thinking to purchase a house. Is it a good idea or a bad idea?


Tomorrow, I'll be prowling to Malacca for their delicacies such as satay celup, nyonya dishes, chicken rice ball and of course durian. Yummy!!

I wonder if there are 'extra' delicacies for me at night. Lol. I did some check on the Internet and found that the fab life in Malacca is as bad as Ipoh, which means, lots of uncles and no cuties. However, I also read that weekends tend to attract the Singapore crowd and the last I checked, Singapore does have a fair amount of fabulous people. Lol.

I'll let you know if I have anything yummy.

Doubt such quality would appear, but let's cross our fingers, shall we?


I've been pampering myself a lot lately. Got myself a new affordable wallet from DKNY, bought a nice sweater, ate a nice meal at Chili's, have a few shag here and there, and etc. Basically, I'm upgrading my life little by little.

And let me reveal something very unsexy about myself. I didn't care for underpants and socks. I wore cheap underpants and socks from god knows where (pasar malam most likely, *shrugs*) ever since I was young till recently that I started to shop for something more.. presentable. Lol.

I think I fell in love with mini trunks underpants. Like the one this guy is wearing below.


Please tell me some of you are like me previously, someone who didn't care about how his underpants look to others? Lol.


I feel like my social life is a bit limited due to the fact that I don't enjoy sports. True enough I'm considered healthy due to my gym sessions, but gym routine are somewhat a loner activity. It's not the same as playing rugby (ahh, guys piling on each other, lol!), futsal, badminton, tennis and others where you get to socialize with others.

Hmm.. seriously considering rugby if all of em are to look like this one here.

I'm thinking of starting to play sports. But what could be the right one for me? Do take note that I stay in Setapak and I don't drive.

Any recommendations, peeps?

I can't swim by the way. :(


Well, that's the wrap as I'm going to Malacca the first thing in the morning tomorrow. Do surprise me with your comments if you can as I'll be anxious to read it once I get back. ;)



I kinda like the the style where I blog about few things that happened in my life separated by dashes. I think I'll keep that up.


I think you guys are right. I should appreciate the fact that my dad accepted me for who I am. After all, he still talks to me and we still hang out together laughing and stuff like that.

But beneath all that, I know that he's uncomfortable of my sexuality, but in due time I think he'll get over it. My act of wanting to bring Zach along was due to the fact I wanted things to happen faster while I guess the discomfort zone my dad is having just couldn't take the sight of his son with another guy yet.

So all in all, I think my act was for good intention but just merely at the wrong time. My dad was merely expressing his discomfort which is the rightful thing to do.

Thus, I made up my mind, I'll be going back to Ipoh next weekend for a get together with my family since my sisters are on holiday as well. My parents will be delighted to have all their 3 children back at the same time. It's truly wrong of me for not giving them this happiness if I don't go back just because I had ill feelings due to dad's inability to accept Zach yet.


RPM classes rock big time! I just lost another 2kg! Let's hope I keep this up and I get my ideal body soon!

By then, I'll just look into the mirror and wank. Lol. Yes, I'm narcissistic.

On a side note, Fitness First at Menara MBF kinda sucks for the lack of variety of gays. I've seen sissies most of the time and a few non sissy ones. But sadly, there were hardly any gays with a good face. For me, I think facial features comes first, then body, then the personality.

Yes, I'm shallow.


I'm deprived of durians. Last Friday we canceled our trip to Shanghai 10 as we accidentally slipped our mind that our new colleague has restriction to consuming food in non-halal places (Shanghai 10 sells pork dishes). That kinda made me upset a little but I went ahead and asked for a takeaway of durian pancake but it was just alright.

Then yesterday I decided I should just eat the real durian instead of all these substitutes of the real thing after my gym session. Much to my horror, it was raining when I was done with RPM and weights. With durian in my mind, I endured the raindrops and headed for a bus to go home.

Guess what?

The durian stall was not open because it was raining! FML

But, Miao informed me that there's this damn jeng durian buffet in Melaka and said we could head over there during our trip to Melaka. However it's RM35 per adult which is quite steep.

But hey, look at the varieties of durian served in their orchard! They even have Cibei No 7! Yes, they serve Cibei! Lol.

But I'm not sure if my dream will come true as half the Nuffies are against this. :(

*Crosses my finger that this will materialize*


A friend of mine has been rotting in Ipoh for 2 months and asked if I could go back Ipoh and accompany him as he's dead bored. I understand that it's always mundane to be in Ipoh but wondered why would he be in Ipoh for such a long time. He told me that he'll be in Ipoh for quite awhile and uncertain when he would be leaving.

At first I thought he lost his job or committed a crime in Singapore (he was working there the last I heard) so he's hiding in Ipoh or something. But it turned out to be something bigger.

His dad was diagnosed with liver cancer at terminal stage thus he's spending all the time with his family nowadays.

I felt sorry to hear the news. As I'm not good with consoling words, I told him that I'd be coming back the next weekend so I'll be able to talk to him in person.

This literally reinforced what I believe in life all the time.

Life is short, You should enjoy every single moment of it with everyone you care if you can. That's the sole reason why I live my life to the fullest every single day. However, I think have not been spending enough time with my family.

From now on, I'll start to think more of dad, mum and my sisters and try my best to get back regularly, yea? :)


I think I grew a little these few weeks (Not my dick size, I think it's fixed unless I go for penile enlargement which I don't think I need to) and I think the credit goes to you, my dear readers for giving such wonderful opinions on my life's happenings. Many many thanks. :D

P.S. I have a plagiarizing-Mahathir syndrome now. I use snippets as titles for entries like these from now on, okay? Lol.


My LURVE Affair with Durian

If you don't know that I'm an avid fan of durian, you must have just started reading my blog.

Durian has always been the taste that I crave since I can remember anything in my life. In fact, the first memory of my life is eating durian with my family members at a Petronas gas station! That's how prominent durian is in my life.


Back in Ipoh, my dad and relatives have always been experts in buying durian. Without throwing out any penny or effort, I got to eat the most delicious durian for all I want. However, that changed once I left home to pursue my education and of course, now when I'm living in KL to work.

I found out that durian cost a bomb to eat. Being stingy and not exactly a very good durian buyer, I kinda stayed away from purchasing any (Zach's loathing towards the smell is another factor too). Thus the early days of my student life outside of home has always been dedicated to my longing for durian, which was apparent in my hairstyle.

heads up

Nevertheless, I did find good replacement for durian in other forms in KL. Such as... Durian Pancake!


Despite being equally expensive (or even more) I do think this shit is wonderful! It's the closest thing ever from the real durian. My favorite is no doubt the ones available at Shanghai 10 Avenue K. Yummy!

Other than that, there are other durian flavored food that I do like. They range from durian egg tart (John King), durian donuts (JCO and Big Apple), durian cheesecake (Secret Recipe) and etc.

durian eggtart

However, I do look forward for the day I get to join KY and Mell for a trip to Durian SS2. I had to FFK them last Sunday due to unforeseen circumstances. As this weekend I'm heading to Malacca, let's just hope that the schedule is clear for the next weekend for Mell and KY.

Now you must be wondering why am I so motivated to profess my lurve for durians? It's because I'm taking part in the Lurve Affair contest by Lurve.


It's a snack unlike no other because it's a multigrain chip snack! That means it's a much healthier snack unlike the rest which are bound to make you fat. Ho ho ho. Now I can snack and at the same time don't have to worry about gaining fat. On top of that, I even have a shot to win a MacBook Pro from this! Woohoo!!

My favorite flavor is no doubt Spicy at this moment, but I'm crossing my finger they'll come up with a Durian flavor, please!!

Do you have an LURVE Affair or an obsession you'd like to share? Share it with LURVE and you might just get yourself a MacBook Pro or even a chance to be on national TV! Check out here for more information.

LURVEs Durian

Thank You, Eccentricity, Malacca & Stuff

Thanks everyone for sharing your views. I really appreciate it. As much as I'm a good analyst for situations and scenarios of communication, I tend to fail to analyze my own at times due to involvement of emotions. Should this scenario happen on another person and he sought my opinions, I'd have known what's the appropriate thing to do.

The appropriate thing to do is no doubt take it slow and try selling Zach's good side bit by bit to my parents whenever I do spend time with them. That I believe in good time will tame the wild heart of my dad but when would be a mystery for me to uncover in the future. True enough, I cannot force things to happen quick despite the fact it's for 'the greater good'. That would have sounded like Hitler.

Thank you everyone once again for everything. :)


I noticed that most of my dearest readers tend to comment more when I write about serious issues rather than my camwhore self. I'm starting to think that at times, pictures don't do all the talking after all. But at any rate, the absence of pictures of random cute guys in the blog has been awhile. Do you guys want 'em? Drop a comment to let me know.


I'm an eccentric person. You know that when you find a picture of me shitting which was taken by my own self. I've also dressed up as an angel and walk around shopping complex alone, shouting at public places (definitely eccentric).

However, I find my rule for eccentricity defeated by HamletsHero. Check out what he did - imitating Lady Gaga.

He wasn't exactly cross dressing but the wig totally nailed it. He's one daring dude to imitate Lady Gaga. After winning a HP Notebook from Tiger Standout party for invading One Utama as Spartan warriors, now this? This is really really out of my league. I think I should be his disciple or something.


I'm going Malacca next weekend for a road trip with the Nuffies. The main idea of the trip is just eat and eat and eat. Fuck I'm going to be fat. But I'm still interested to check out if there's any queer life in Malacca. Anyone has any idea? Share please.


RPM classes in gym rocks. I've just joined for a week (5 times a week RPM) and I've lost 2kg. I hope this continues so my dream body will come true. On the other hand, since I'm spending more time to lose weight by cycling some of my muscles are not that buffed anymore. Fuck, I need more time in gym but I've limited time to spend there. :(

Does RPM classes work for you guys to lose weight?


This post ought to be weird since I've started to blog about different things in my life in section. Nevertheless, I like expressing it this way because I get to talk about various things in 1 post.