Sweet Post

All of the sudden I feel like writing a sweet post.

Nah, sweet.


I gave more than one so everyone can have a bit more.

That wraps it up.


I know you'll probably hate me and stop reading my blog if this post really ended there.

I'm going to post something about me and my beloved Zach.

Boy time sure flies when you're having a time of your life especially if you're with someone special. I can't believe that we're going to be celebrating our 4th anniversary next month. It has been a wonderful journey so far for the both of us.

Our relationship kicked off with not much difference from other gay couples.

220809 007

Yea, you can figure it out what that meant yourself. ;)

Robb is a guy that you might think is interesting and friendly from the surface but the truth is, he's snobbish, lazy and materialistic.

220809 048

I often judge other gays a lot from their appearances. That means if you're gay and you don't exactly have the looks, you'll most likely... receive less responses from me? Admitting this fact might just cause my dearest readers to not like my attitude that much, but hey, I like to be honest. ;p

Lazy and materialistic is actually a combined trait if you ask me. I'm not exactly materialistic to the fact that I want money from other people, but if there are benefits well fitting me, I will do things for that. I think everyone is materialistic but the degree might vary. As usual, I happen to acknowledge this and I think I might be a tad more materialistic than the average. Lol.

Despite my weaknesses, Zach accepted my courtship though I admit it took quite awhile as I had a worthy opponent back then. Of course, he discovered more weaknesses as we started to live together but he didn't give up on me at all. I am truly blessed if you ask me. :D

Zach is a wonderful boyfriend. He cooks, he cleans, he takes care of me when I'm sick. Those descriptions kinda made him sound like my mum. Lol. No, but seriously, where would you find a cute boyfriend who would take care of you like Zach did? I mean not for the first month of your relationship, but for good! Everyday, every minute and every second!

220809 066

2 years later, I got Zuzu as Zach's birthday present from my hard earned ang pow money (definitely hard earned, the amount of fake compliments I had to give out to my relatives all the years. Lol). Zuzu's arrival to our relationship is no doubt a blessing for us as well. We've learned how to be more responsible as we now have someone else in our lives that we both care deeply about.

Having Zuzu at home really cheered both of us up. He's always around when we're happy or sad. He has the cutest acts to get our attention and not to mention how cuddly he is whenever he lies down next to us. Strangers who adore dogs will most likely want to pinch Zuzu's face whenever they see him.

220809 070

All in all, I think my life is pretty much complete with Zach and Zuzu right now. Of course, there are always room for improvement in life, but if I die by accident or something and asked by Satan/God if I've lived a happy life so far, my answer would be yes, thanks to Zach and Zuzu.

220809 069

It's been awhile since I get this mushy in my blog, but I just want to say;

~I Love You Zach~

220809 061

*Runs and hide at a corner blushing*

P.S. Robb is not responsible for any temperature drop in your room while reading this post. The same applies if you experience nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, sudden urge to bash gays, backside itchy and miscelleous acts caused directly or indirectly by this post. Zuzu wasn't harmed in the making of this post.


To Have a Better Body

I can't help but to think I'm fat these days.

That's why I'm very concerned in what I put into my mouth and I have came up with a strict diet regime. Bear in mind diet refers to eating habits and not an act of not taking in food.

As you may already know, I'm on a thrifty spending habit these days which means I am no longer splurging on luxurious fattening food with my colleagues which I do miss, especially for the company they provide. And now with my new tight diet regime, I'm still spending at minimum level but at the same time I get to control my intake.

My daily meals consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Let's check what's my usual food intake for these meals, shall we?

Usually some chinese kuih that I purchase from the market which are not sugar based. Once in a blue moon, I might opt for yao tiao, ham jim pang or ma guek. These are quite fattening but if taken sparingly, it gives you the thrill of biting into them. The cost for breakfast is nothing higher than RM1.50. If I'm late for work, I'd usually skip this.

I no longer eat lunches nearby in the office these days, but inside the office. Every morning, either I prepare wholemeal bread with peanut butter and bring it to office or I buy a packet of fried beehoon with vegetarian curry soup sparingly on top of them from a nearby stall. Occasionally I might opt for less healthy food such as nasi lemak and bring it to the office. The price of my lunch doesn't usually go higher than RM2.

Only applicable if I'm not attending events or handling events. Normally it would be after my gym session for weekdays. Among the choices I have are half boiled eggs x 4, steamed sausages x 6, a mixture of 2 half boiled eggs and 3 boiled sausages and if I'm really in need of carbs (which I don't encourage myself to take), I'll eat 1 self cooked noodle in kolo style. Kolo meaning I mixed the noodle with some soy sauce, dark sauce and a bit of sesame oil. Doesn't cost higher than RM2 if everything is as planned.

Did I share that my transport fare to work is only RM4.20 daily? Lol. That means I'm merely using about RM10.20 daily for working days and if I choose to continue this spending style on weekends as well (RM6), I am actually only spending less than RM300 a month for food and transport to work!! Hahaha. Add in my utility bills and rental cost, that basically means I am capable of surviving with approximately RM700 a month!! Lol.

I am very grateful that I'm being thrifty in my spending as I've managed to save quite a bit for the first month I ever try to save money. Of course temptations are always around me to splurge such as mega sale now (fucking cheap clothes!), delicious food calling my spirit within (yellow cab) and not to mention every time I walk past KLCC LRT I'm reminded of Durian Pancake (FML!!).

The food urges can be controlled as I have positive and negative motivation constantly in my life. The positive one is no doubt the abundance of cute looking guys with perfect body such as below.


Well, they are abundance in the blogs I read often. Lol. One of my housemate is actually quite a charmer as well in his looks and body, thus that helps a lot! :D

Sadly the negative motivation comes in real life where I can find a lot of people who are overweight and obese in Malaysia. Just take a walk to any shopping complex and you'll find a fat guy or a fat girl easily.

fat man

Picture taken in Midvalley Megamall last Saturday and as evident as the picture pointed, that guy was definitely obese. Despite the fact it's cruel to say that fat people looks less desirable, but the fact remains they are less desirable in terms of looks compared to people with a normal built. As such, it really motivates me not to look undesirable as looks definitely mean a lot to gays.

I hope these 2 motivation factors are useful for you if you need help to control your food intake.


Gay Spotting

I hope I don't get bashed up for this, but I'm actually going to share some tips on how to identity gays in general a little by little in the near future, starting with today.

Here's a picture I took at KTM, Midvalley.

220809 087

Pink polo - check
Mini white vest - check
White shorts - check
Gay hairdo - check

Result - Gay

P.S. Too bad the white shorts were blocked by the guy sitting in front.


Ogawa Smartaire

Not to be mistaken with a smart ass, Smartaire is a revolutionary massage chair from Ogawa.

130809 049

I was given a chance to test Smartaire thanks to Ogawa throwing a special dinner session for Nuffnangers a few weeks ago.

Let me take a moment to introduce my dearest blog readers to my new colleague whom I've never introduced to you guys before. Meet Rina, who I personally think has the potential to be an air stewardess or model but she instead chose to be with Nuffnang. How nice of her. :D

130809 060

She helped out during the event as we were fairly short of manpower due to a few events taking place on the same day. The dinner session took place at TGIF Pavilion and thanks to the good people of Ogawa, Nuffnangers were treated with exclusive dinner from TGIF all paid for. To top that up, everyone who came went home with an exclusive Ogawa product that I dare say left many bloggers stunned on the generosity of the people in Ogawa.

130809 063
The good food paid for by Ogawa at TGIF

Let's get back to the chair, Smartaire, shall we?

130809 040

Aimed to relax the user, Smartaire actually does more than that. It helps increase blood circulation in your body as well as reliving muscle fatigue. It is perfect for people who work really hard at work, or workout hard in gym (sounds so like me).

130809 036

Well, it was my first time going onto a massage chair to be honest. That being said, I had no expectation on how am I supposed to feel at all. Let's just say that Smartaire gave me an experience which is totally out of my expectation range.

It freaking reclined me to a 90/90 position which as if I'm no longer under subject of the Earth gravity pull!

130809 054

It was a little scary at first to be in that position, but as soon as I got used to it, it was amazing. The rollers were working their magic and I felt so relaxed and calmed on it. I'd love to have a Smartaire in my house but due to the fact that I'm still staying in a rented place, I think it's a better idea once I get my own place first before owning a Smartaire. However, I do think my parents who have been working hard to raise me and my sisters up well deserve a chair like this in our Ipoh house.

Truth to be told, due to my my tight working schedule on that evening, I didn't really have much time to get to know the chair in detailed. But if you need more details or learn more about Ogawa products, do check out OgawaWorld.net.

Alternatively, you can just walk into any Ogawa showroom to feel for yourself. There is no obligation for you to buy as they do value your experience in testing their products. That, I must say was a good one for me as you can clearly see from the picture below.

130809 043

Thanks Ogawa for the wonderful opportunity for us to know your products better and the experience on Smartaire.


Funny Queries by Bloggers

As some of you might know, my job involves a lot of communications with bloggers be it through email, helpdesk replies or even physical communication during events.

Helpdesk replies are very important as most bloggers who encounter problems or not sure of how Nuffnang service works write in to us seeking solution or information. My team and I will no doubt do our best to assist every single blogger who writes in.

However, some bloggers are rather amusing in their queries which carved many smiles and laughter to my team and I. I'm gonna share some of them and how I reply them.

Hi there. Can you let me know why my visitors drop? Yesterday I have 146 visitors and today I only have 133 visitors? I need to know the explanation of this. Is the analytic tool buggy? Please reply me.

Hi [name],

Our analytic tool is working perfectly fine and tracks your visitors accurately. I can't exactly pinpoint any specific reason for your traffic drop, but do bear in mind that all sites/pages/blogs in the Internet do not have a constant value of visitors. Instead, all of them have visitors within a certain range of numbers like between 100-200 daily for example. This is due to the fact that not everyday your blog will have the same amount of people reading it.

I hope this information is helpful. Do let us know if you need other information.

Well, it happens. Some users are pretty new to the Internet so there's nothing wrong in shedding light on the basics, right?

I have a blog at somethingsomething.blogspot.com . I wanna put moving kittens running on my blog header but I don't know how to do it. Can you help me?

Hi [name],

I'm sorry that I can't assist in this matter as we're only responsible for Nuffnang services only. However, we can suggest that you bring this matter to Blogger.com 's helpdesk instead. I'm sure they'll be willing to help you in this matter. After all, you are using their services.

This is basically a stand I ask my team to take, don't do things that you're not supposed to do. The query was pretty obvious open ended and to actually solve it for the blogger, it will take a long communication process. As there are a lot of bloggers sending in queries everyday, we've to assist those which are enquiring about our services. Thus, moral of the story is - don't clean shits pooped by others. Lol.

I've a very cute blog. Please read my blog at somethingsomething.blogspot.com. Thank you!

Hi [name],

Thank you for letting us know on your cute blog. I'll definitely share it with my colleagues. However, our helpdesk system is only meant for bloggers to enquire about our services or facing a difficulty with our services. As this ticket doesn't fall into either of these purposes, I'll now proceed to close it.

Thank you for writing in to us.

Okay la. Sometimes new bloggers are desperate to gain traffic and they spam everyone's comment and they thought they should get the attention of Nuffnang staffs as well. Lol.

Hi Nuffnang. I'm new. Can you teach me how to blog?

Hi [name],

We're sorry but we cannot assist you in this query as the methods on how to blog is simply too wide to cover. In addition, the helpdesk is only meant to assist bloggers who have enquries regarding our services or facing difficulties using our services.

However, I can share with you my own personal opinion on blogging. Blogs should be a form of your own expression and should be written in whatever manner your heart desire as long as you're aware that you're accountable for what you publish on the Internet. You can read blogs by other bloggers to find out how they do it. A good source would be to check under Innit.nuffnang.com where we have many other bloggers gathered to share content with each other.

I hope my personal view helps. Have a nice day ahead.

Of course, the answer I replied actually took me 30 minutes to think if I should just brush the query aside (don't clean unnecessary shits) but out of goodwill as a blogger myself, I actually offered my point of view. Of course, before I do that, I actually had a laugh and share with my colleagues that the query posted was no doubt amusing.

Oh well, I'll share more funny queries when I remember them.

P.S. I just feel like posting a cute guy's picture. So bear with me. Lol.

converse model



Okay, I know some of my readers are pretty enlightened of the term bukkake, but let's cater to those who aren't very familiar with the word.

I actually asked all the girls in my office (currently) and none of them actually knew what it meant. But little did you know, that I myself learned of the word bukkake from another female colleague in my office when I first joined Nuffnang.

Bukkake is a Japanese word.

Bukkake is related to facial.

Bukkake is....


Well... it's related to 'applying' white liquid to someone's face.

Yes, that's bukkake.

I know, it's terrible (lying here), right? How can someone ejaculate on someone's face (personally did it a few times)? That's just not right (yea, right)! Semen are supposed to be for the creation of life, babies and not wasted (to all the wankers and fags out there, lol)!

I mean, come on.


What are you looking at? Stop laughing or getting amused. It's not funny!!

Okay, it's funny. Lol.

Now that everyone who reads my blog knows what Bukkake is, now let me share another picture I found from my best pal's blog.

bukkake soba

Man. I wonder what happens when you eat it.


Pixar's Up with Nuffnang

Last Tuesday, I managed to catch Pixar's Up thanks to Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Malaysia.

Yes, by now you ought to know about Up from my previous postings, but I merely want to share with you my thoughts of the movie.

But as usual, before we proceed to the story or the movie itself, obviously I'm going to demand some attention for my vain self. So lo and behold, my camwhorish pictures.

130809 032

Yeap, Robb trying to imitate Russell (they boy behind the old man), looking all cheery and happy.

But I personally think Zach did a better job in imitating Russell. Here, you guys judge.

130809 034

I attribute it to the cap though. Lol.

Okay let's get to the movie, shall we?

Before the real movie starts, audience were treated to a short cartoon which was very entertaining. It's a special treat for parents bringing their children to Up, as they will no longer have to explain where do babies come from. They can just tell the tale that storks deliver babies in a white packages to parents expecting one. Even to animals! Lol.


Let's get to Up, shall we?

The story is about a man who lived a life dreaming to undertake adventure, exploring the wilderness ever since he was young. However, that dream didn't come true till he grew much older than one can expect to undertake the wilderness.

The first 20 minutes of the movie was quite touchy. No, Zach didn't grab my dick nor did I molest him in the cinema. It was the sentimental type of touchy, okay? Some people from the audience had wet eyes watching (soon to be Mrs Tiah) the scene. But once that was over, the movie kicked off in tempo as Carl, the old man sets off for adventure with his flying house thanks to his many many balloons.

Carl's adventure is joined by Russell, a junior wilderness explorer who is not exactly reliable due to his clumsiness. Together, they found many adventures at Paradise Falls, some imaginative location near the South America (I think).


The movie soon introduced another 2 characters, a talking dog by the name of Dug and a strange tall bird which Russell named Kevin but the story will tell that it's a female bird which Russell didn't take it as a necessity to rename. Lol.


The talking dog is very entertaining especially when he begs Kevin asking her to be his prisoner. Lol. Why did he do that? Well, there's a plot in it so I don't want to spoil it too much, so catch up with it when you watch it.

All in all, I had high expectations for Up no thanks to Eyeris but when I finally watched it, I felt a tad bit disappointed as once my expectations get up high, it's freaking high, okay? Lol. So if you wanna watch Up and enjoy it, be sure don't put up too much expectation, just relax and watch it and I bet you'll find it entertaining and fun. It's definitely a movie suitable for all ages.

My rating, 8/10.

Up opens on this coming Thursday! Go watch it!

My next movie is on Tuesday - Orphan.

130809 028

Zach thought he knew what's wrong with Esther thus he started digging her nostril. Lol.


My Jump Korean Martial Arts Comedy Experience

Courtesy of Jonathan, my best pal when I was in primary school, I was invited to an exclusive showcase of Jump - a Korean Martial Arts Comedy.

130809 007

When I first google and check out the Youtube of snippets of the performance, it wasn't exactly impressive. I did some reading about it and found out that Jump is a comedy which doesn't really have much dialogue interaction between their casts. In fact, they stressed that the casts' expression are sufficient in delivering their messages and humor across to all the audience.

Bearing that in mind, I thought there aren't much audio in the entire show. But it wasn't that way as the show was filled with SFX and music but as promised, there were almost 0 dialogue interaction between characters.

130809 004

The stage bears a background of the interior of a Korean house which doesn't even need to be changed as the entire show revolved inside the house itself. I know, you must be thinking how is it possible, right? Trust me, it is possible and in the same time entertaining. ;)

Jump is about a story of a typical Korean family which comprise a father, mother, son, daughter and the grandfather. However, the not-so-typical part is, all of them are practitioner of martial arts which audience will be shown on various actions, gimmicks and interaction between characters that involves a lot of martial arts moves.

Thanks to Jon, me and Zach got to the VIP seats and we're seated behind some Koreans who we thought might be the casts' family members or something. Konrad, my Gernese best pal during secondary school was also invited thanks to Jon and we were seated together. ;)

130809 009

When it was about to start, I really had doubts on how good the show would be. But once it started and the story develops, my my. I was blown away laughing at their nonsensical acts, which were intended by the way.

On top of that, there are 2 male casts in the show which was appealing of course. Naturally if you're in a martial art comedy, you ought to have a nice body as you'll no doubt have to show off your assets occasionally. Well, let's just say that these 2 male casts didn't exactly disappoint as many eyes were fixed to their bodies. Lol.


All in all, I think this is a very entertaining show and is definitely worth bringing your family to enjoy. Kids will no doubt love it. However, if you're looking for plot and storyline, you may find this somewhat of a straight line.

I'm pretty sure they will be back soon in the future.


Do catch Jump if you have the opportunity to.


Zuzu's New Haircut

As some of you might have already noticed from my Facebook or MSN status the past few days, I was commenting that Zuzu's new haircut is uber cute.

Well, actually it's not. It's kinda make him look like a gay dog.


Okay, he's not a gay dog (not sure actually, haven't bring him out to socialize with other dogs much) but a gay-owned dog.

Here's an introduction to Zuzu again for those who are not familiar with him.

060809 036

Zuzu is my son. He's now about 20 months old which means he's almost reaching his teenage life (multiply 7 for dog years).

His default hair is not as short as this. It's just that he recently had a haircut which kinda made him look weird.

060809 038

In his IC, I have to fill out his race. Of course instead of Cina, Melayu, India and Lain-lain, Zuzu is a Shih Tzu. His religion is food as he'll do whatever he's asked to do as long as he gets food.

060809 044

Having Zuzu with me is no doubt one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. However, I do apologize to my dearest son as I might not have spent as much time as I could with him due to my routines and schedules. Sorry, Zuzu.

060809 043

All I know is, I'll try my best to spend as much time as I can with Zuzu as I do know that we will be separated one day in the future.

060809 048

Zuzu, I love you.

Loves Zuzu,

Supporting Local Bands

Many of us may think that our local bands are not a big deal. They are right partially since it is our fault that our local bands are not as successful as the big names from the States.

Let’s take awhile and walk back a lil memory trip, shall we?

How many of us have actually dreamed of being a singer or an artist when we were young? I bet there are quite a number of us had that dream. Sadly, most of us who had that dream didn’t pursue it due to various discouragements from our surroundings. Maybe one out of ten of us might have made a move but as the entertainment industry in Malaysia is highly competitive and thanks to most of us who don’t give much of a thought to support our local artist, eventually this one poor chap will give up being an artist as well.

So does that mean Malaysia really have no talent?

You’re so wrong if you think so. Malaysia does indeed have a lot of talents. It’s just because we, ungrateful Malaysians who didn’t support them that made them unheard of. I’m to be blamed as well because I used to worship the likes of 911, Backstreet Boys and other boy bands from the States till I never realized what we had in our homeland.

Today I’m going to introduce you to Bunkface.


Not exactly charming in their physical appearances if you’re to compare them to the likes of BSB, Westlife and etc since Malaysia does not have rich recording companies that will spend heavy on the packaging and grooming of their artists before they’re famous (after they’re famous, everyone are willing to, sadly). In fact, they’re an independent band which means they produced their album themselves. Inspiring and I bet they spent a lot of money for that.

Enough introductions about them. Get a dose of what they’re capable of by clicking on play on the music link below.

Seriously, they sound good if you ask me. Of course with the proper coaching if they’re signed under any record company, they’ll be even better, but as an indie band, I think they do rock.

MTV World Stage as most of you’d have known is one of the biggest music events of the year which you can be watch from the comfort of your home. The likes of Coldplay, Pussycat Dolls, Kate Perry, Kasabian, The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Raygun, Estranged and many more are going to be on that stage performing for you every week.

Guess what? Now we can put our very own Malaysian bands on that stage to perform for the world. Finally it’s recognition for our local bands and this will definitely open the eyes of the world of what Malaysia is capable of doing. But of course, there are so many Malaysian artists, who would be the best to represent Malaysia in the eyes of the world?

Well the decision is with us it seems. Channel X is offering 3 slots to Malaysian artists to perform on MTV World Stage via voting. All you have to do to get a Malaysia artist/band to the MTV World Stage is by downloading their songs to your mobile. You can find the list of the songs here.

Then just download the songs from your favorite artist by following the steps below;


You can also subscribe to Call Me Tones by doing the following;


If your favorite band is in the top 3 of most downloaded songs, they’ll be performing at MTV World Stage!! Woohoo!! They’ll also get a chance to perform at MTV World Stage Pre-Show at 4.30pm, 15 August at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!!

Start downloading the songs of your favorite local artists now as the clock is ticking and this chance to put your favorite artist on MTV Worldstage will end on the 14 August! Time is precious! Start downloading here.

It is important that we support our local artists. Without our support, our entertainment industry will soon fade away and many talented people from Malaysia will be deprived of a chance to shine.

I personally had a dream to be in a band. It came true partially with Ginny and KY. I call it the Robb Band.

robb band

But no one supported us and Malaysia is now deprived of Robb Band. Please don’t let this happen to our other artists.


Reason Behind Obesity

I blame Michelin for that.

You have no idea? Neh, the one selling tyres?

060809 004


So many flabs all over him. And he's a public image making people think it's alright to be like him. So, of course I blame him that Malaysia has 41% of the population in the overweight plus obese category.

Another reason is... durian!

060809 006

Durian is actually very high in calories and cholesterol. It is highly advisable that you do not indulge in it too much.

060809 007

No, the guy above is not me. Just someone that looked like me. I'm better looking than him. He's not holding 3 packets of durian, so even if he is me, he won't get fat.

Okay fine fine. It was me, alright? I can't stand the temptation! The smell was awesome and it was at 50%!! When I ate them, they tasted really good too. No regrets. FML, I'll just have to spend more time on the threadmill.

Another factor that contributed to obesity - McDonalds of course.

060809 011

I mean, it's evident how the average consumer of McDonalds' products look like.

Here, take a look.

060809 009

I'm pretty sure I can tell that they're in the 41% of our population category.

But let's be fair. Obesity wouldn't have happened just because of the existence of food which are excessive in sugar, oil, calories and cholesterol.

060809 012

McDonalds cannot make anyone fat if we the consumer chooses to moderate our intake. Take the reality approach and face the fact that it is actually your choice to eat food which are fattening excessively which in return made some of us obese. It's all a matter of choice if you ask me.

Sure, McDonald's Cornetto McFlurry is awesome.

060809 014

Zach will definitely agree with me on this, but if you choose to only eat it once in awhile and exercise constantly, you'll be fine (evident from Zach's body figure).

However, if one chooses to over indulge in fattening food or food that contains high level of sugar and calories, then of course, one would develop flabs. Yes, flabs on the body that when you move a little harder than you do, you can see it jiggle.

060809 010

This is a public service announcement from Robb to let you know;

Please eat responsibly. You don't want to end up on an asshole's blog (eg, me) being criticized as fat.

Fat bastard calling others fat,

Naughty Adventures - Public Toilet

Well since there are a number of you who wants to know more about naughty gay adventures, I'll share them with you here.

Of course, the characters in the stories will remain a secret as I've christen them with another name for privacy. Bear in mind that these are true experiences from gays in KL.


Thomas doesn't exactly fit in the society's stereotypical image of a gay guy. In fact, he looks pretty normal and he often attract glimpses from girls (and not to mention gay guys) wherever he goes to due to the fact that he's attractive in general. At 5 feet 8, he's considered an average Asian in terms of height but thanks to his frequent swimming routine, he does have a broader shoulder and leaner body than the average population in KL.

Pavilion is Thomas' favorite hangout place as it is spacious generally and offers a much desirable lifestyle products and items compared to other malls. Of course, other gays share the same sentiments as Thomas and collectively the place is often an eye feast on good looking gay guys or an eye sore for overdressed queens.

Being a student has its advantages as Thomas gets to walk in malls during weekdays to avoid the weekend crowd and have all the bargains for himself. Besides, he's also entitled to discounts to watch movies on weekdays.

One fine Thursday, Thomas had asked a few of his college buddies (straights) to catch a movie at Pavilion. As he didn't have classes on that day, he went to Pavilion early to get the tickets and in the same time, he could spend some time browsing at DKNY and Armani Exchange to see if there's anything new. After parking his car at the basement, he took the lift and headed straight for the cinema. The crowd was only a handful and there weren't any queues so Thomas got his tickets pretty quick.

Turning his body back, he spotted a guy slightly shorter than him stealing glances at him. Donning a black shirt and skinny jeans with a smart hairdo, the guy smiled at Thomas. If there is a maximum measurement for gaydar, that smile would have totally broke the measurement. He was somewhat charming in his own way in Thomas' opinion. A check on his watch and he found out that he only had 10 minutes left to browse in DKNY and AX as his friends will be reaching soon and they are supposed to take lunch together.

Ignoring the smile of the other gay guy, Thomas walked ahead and headed towards DKNY. Well, naturally he looked back and checked out what the other guy was doing and to his amusement, he found himself tailed. He smirked as he continued his journey to DKNY. On his way downstairs, naturally he got plenty of chances to look at his 'stalker' due to the arrangement of the escalators.

Both Thomas and his stalker merely smirked at each other whenever their eyes crossed. Thomas managed to spot that his stalker had dimples when he smirked back. That no doubt earned the stalker some brownie points as Thomas started to have second thoughts of what to do with the stalker. Initially, he was thinking of ignoring him by doing what he planned to do, but the more Thomas looked at the stalker, the more he was attracted to his physiques.

While his thoughts are still thinking of what to do next, he had arrived at the entrance of DKNY. Thomas made up his mind and walked back the way he came so he can face his stalker. Catching the eyes of his stalker, he gave a smirk and a small nod, prompting the stalker to follow him.

Thomas is pretty familiar with Pavilion's restrooms. The bigger ones all have attendants in it to keep it clean but the ones in the corners don't have stationed attendants but they do arrange for them to be cleaned quite often. As it was still early in the day, he thought it would be best to pay a visit to the top floor's corner restroom (the one next to Wong Kok and TGIF) as the traffic would be lowest in his estimation.

Once he reached the restroom, he took his time to look at the mirror while he waited for his stalker to come in. True enough, the stalker with dimples came in few moments later as Thomas smirked through the mirror for the stalker. The restroom was indeed empty just as expected by Thomas. He walked into the furthest stall from the entrance and left the door open and of course, the stalker with dimples joined Thomas in the same stall.

After shutting the door, the stalker took out 2 packets from his pockets. Thomas didn't need introduction to one of those packets as he could identify the shape of the condom 'ring' from the packet itself. The other packet took Thomas awhile before he realized that it was a packet of lubricant.

Thomas reached out to his stalker and hugged him. As he got closer to his ears, he whispered, "You're such a naughty stalker, aren't you?"

Needless to say what transpired in that toilet stall was no doubt exciting for both Thomas and the stalker. When they heard footsteps coming into the toilet they'd keep their voices to a bare minimum and when they're sure that there were no one in the toilet, there was no doubt a lil bit more noise.

After a good 15 minutes of adventure, Thomas came out of the stall and faced the mirror to check his looks. The boy whose name Thomas merely learned at the end of their adventure, was called Benjamin. Benjamin came out moments later and smiled at Thomas. After making sure that they weren't anyone coming in, Thomas walked towards Benjamin and planted him a kiss on his lips.

Thomas then walked off and waved a casual goodbye to Benjamin.


That was not a fiction, just so you know. ;)

P.S. I know some of you might have problem going into the mentioned restroom in Pavilion now. Lol.

P.P.S. If you're gay and you wanna share your adventures here feel free to send me an email of your story at pcboy86(at)yahoo(dot)com . Your details will be well protected by me.


Nuffnang Movie Screenings

In case you didn't know, there are plenty of Premiere Screenings for Nuffnangers on the month of August. We have Up, District 9, Murderer and 2 more titles which I'm not supposed to reveal at the moment. So be sure to check out the Nuffnang blog to get your free tickets and be amongst the most privileged ones to watch movies before they're released nationwide.

The amount of work for us to get each screening is not easy but nevertheless every time we see our bloggers happily coming for our screenings, we feel that it's all worth it.

It's pretty hard work for the Nuffies you know? When a movie starts at 9pm, we have to be ready to give out tickets at least by 8pm. That literally means we have to reach earlier and if we have time for dinner, we have to eat freaking fast. Of course, when we're in a mall and we need to eat fast that usually translates to fast food. There goes my diet plan. FML.

But I'm thankful I have a lot of help from my colleagues who will be assisting me in these tasks in these few months. Presenting the pretty angels from Nuffnang that you'll be seeing if you're collecting your tickets to watch Nuffnang Premiere Screenings - Nicki, Doria (if she decides to tag along next movie) and May.

260709 023

As you can see, there are quite a number of limited edition merchandises we do give out each screening courtesy of the movie distributor. Nuffnang badges of course are not to be missed out as we have always received requests to give out more from our helpdesks.

260709 016

When I see 3 pretty Nuffies working hard, I can't help but to feel I'm pretty lucky to have such colleagues. Because now, I can camwhore instead of sitting at the ticket booth giving out tickets! Ha ha ha!!

260709 022

Okay, the picture above turned out really wrong. It seems that I'm having constipation and the T-rex is really excited about what's gonna come out of my ass, or the T-Rex is biting my ass and I'm so enjoying it. FML.

I'm just kidding. I do work there, okay? I have to liaise with clients, bloggers and ensure the ticket collecting is smooth. Of course, it might seem easy but... wait a minute.. it is easier compared to what Doria does.

260709 026

Wow.. Doria, your job is really more difficult than mine, ain't it? Lol.

This is just a bad entry written by me as I found the pictures in my camera and I think they're pretty good and not to be wasted stored only in my harddisk. ;)

P.S. I've got emails asking me to write more about naughty adventures of gays. You guys sure you wanna read and find out that much about gay lives? It might be disturbing and bubble bursting to what you might think of the real world, you know?