Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful

When I think about krrunch, I normally think of...

Cookie Monster!!

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom!!

But today's hero is not Cookie monster.

It's Pringles, because I want to go to the Nuffnang Blog Awards happening on the 23rd October.

It's going to be a big gathering of bloggers from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia and it's definitely 1 hell of an event. That's why, even Nuffnang staffs aren't spared to fulfill the requirement to write blog posts to get to go.

Well, I'm pretty playful but I think I'm not the most playful in the house. That's gotta be Zuzu if you ask me. So when I was asked to write a post about being playful and having fun, I thought of Zuzu.

Well, Zuzu is easily amused by new things around the house be it objects or people visiting. Thus, it's not surprising that he reacts funnily to...


290909 001

When I first place the Pringles can in front of him, he was like running all over it and trying to avoid contact, worried that it might bite him or something. I should have taken a video come to think of it.

But once Zach opened the lid..

290909 004

All his fear went away as he knew it was food in it.

As you can see in the picture below, food is everything for Zuzu.

290909 005

That's how he was taught to shake hand, high five and even to stand up.

290909 008

Here's a surprise picture I took of Zach when he was having a bite with Zuzu looking.

290909 007

Well, it's not surprising that Zuzu is excited when there's food around. Humans get excited too. Zuzu, me and Zach had so much phone taking pictures with the can of Pringles and that proved the point that food does make people content and happy in general.

290909 013

So there you have it.

My blog post for 'Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful' for the Blog Awards. If you want to go to Singapore 3D2N for free of charge, do join the Blog Awards contest and I'll see you in Singapore as well. ;)

I'll end this post with Zuzu showing his tongue.

290909 011


Various Updates

This post does not contain any pictures. Sorry if I bore you.

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog for so many days. I deserve a spanking.


The weekend I had was a geek weekend. Imagine over 100 people gathering inside a shopping mall, not shopping but playing card games for 2 consecutive days for over 8 hours each, pretending they're planeswalker/mage that can summon creatures, kill creatures, deal fiery damage and all the geeky stuff you can imagine.

But nevertheless, I enjoyed it a lot! Lol.

However, my wallet took a big hit thanks to it as well. T_T FML.

But I can now proudly play my gay deck in Standard after absence for so long in that scene. I dare you to play against my deck. Lol.


I sent out a tweet last Friday saying the following;

"There was a vacancy in the band orchestra at the gym. I filled in playing the flute."

And I do have a lot of responses ranging from tweet replies, facebook messages (linked to Twitter) and personal email about the tweet in particular and most of them thought I was hiding something obvious in the tweet.

I wasn't. I was really playing a flute in the gym.

You do believe me, don't you?


Zach got angry of me due to one of the following above. It was the first one. I went playing Magic cards on his off day leaving him alone with Zuzu at home. When I got back he was showing his tak puas face to me entire evening.

I felt so bad.

Dear, I promise you that I will accompany you every Saturday from now on, okay?

Well, except if it's work related matters that can't be helped...


I'm going to Singapore 2 weeks before the Nuffnang Blog Awards to help prepare the event. I don't exactly feel the excitement though as I treat the trip as work. Even if it's for fun, I'm not exactly a traveler in nature and I'd have no idea where to go since I have very little friends on the island.

If you're in Singapore and would like to be my friend and see me during my 2 weeks stay there, do let me know.


The Internet in the office is fucking bad.

It's so bad that a man with Erectile Dysfunction can get it up faster than my email gets sent out.

That's also why I get the time to write this post.

I'm ending it here as my email has been sent out.

I'll try to update tomorrow evening seeing that tonight I'll be watching Bruce Willis in Surrogates. For the Nuffnangers who are attending the Premiere, see you there!


Zendikar is Coming - My Thoughts

The new release of a big set for Magic The Gathering Trading Card game - Zendikar is just around the corner. This weekend, we have the Pre Release tournaments taking place in various places on the globe.

The set is filled with many 'expensive' cards spoiled by various Spoiler sources, namely the 5 enemy fetchlands which will cost at least RM50 each. These are of course a must if you ever play and of the colors in your deck,

The awesome Lotus Cobra which will definitely find play in green decks and 5 Colors Control (estimated about RM40 per piece);

The bastards at Wizards are good at making money. They took out Wrath of God from Standard just to print in a lesser version called Day of Judgment which allows creatures to regenerate and survive if the spell hits board. Expected price would be RM30 to RM40 per piece. It is a must have card for all control decks that has white in it.

We have 3 new planeswalker in this set spoiled so far but I don't see that their prices would be very high. Going first would be an elf planeswalker, Nissa;

Nissa is set to be one of the most uninteresting Planeswalker so far as its power are somewhat limited to only Elf decks and the last time we checked, Standard's elves aren't that many anymore due to the rotation of Lorwyn/Shadowmoor block. Coming in for 4 mana at 2 loyalty kinda makes her undesirable and not to mention it requires 7 loyalty for its ultimate which requires 5 turns later if she survives. Expect her to cost at most RM15 each and that's only because of Nissa's Chosen.

Chandra Nalaar has a new look in this set and she's called Chandra Ablaze!

At 5 mana previously, Chandra was considered a bit too expensive to hit board effectively. This one comes in at 6 casting cost and it looks like it's only suitable if used in a mono red deck filled with burn spells. To compensate her heavy CC, at least she comes into play with 5 loyalty and it only takes 2 turns to be able to use her ultimate.

I expect this to be about RM20 maximum for a piece, but do expect that Chandra Ablaze will definitely goes hand in hand with this enchantment.

When both of them are in play, prepare to be toasted, literally.

The next planeswalker, Sorin is in my opinion the best among the 3.

Despite the fact that his high commitment in black mana, it can actually fit in other decks that plays black evenly as a second color. Being able to use him as a mini removal definitely adds up brownie points to his appeal while its ultimate is definitely not to be reckon with. Expect to see his price to be higher than RM20 averagely.

Last but not least, Wizards is so good at making eye candies. They are making full scale art lands in this set!! They all look very attractive!!

FML, Magic is evil!!

If you wish to learn about Magic, feel free to contact me, I am always looking for a playmate. And I can even give you a decent deck to start off with.

If you want to learn from the Pre Release, just let me know and we'll go together this Saturday and Sunday at Dataran Millennium, PJ. What do you say?

Loves MTG

Idle Holidays Are Bad

Seriously, they are.

By holidays, I mean at least 4 days in a row where you don't have to work such as the recent one for Hari Raya.


I spent 4 days doing nothing at home. My daily routine are eat, sleep, surf the net, sex/tfk and that's basically everything I do. It's freaking bored, you know?!!

I should have planned ahead for this long holiday. I mean, people like Kenny, KY and Cheesie went to Putrajaya to get free food from our bald PM while some travel up north for Penang delicacies and what did I do? Self entertainment isn't exactly worth mentioning when your peers share with you what they did for their breaks right? FML.

To make things worse, I've messed up my biological clock. It's now 2.26AM and I'm writing this. For the past few days my sleeping hours are almost like vampire's. I am so gonna feel the effect later today in the office.

Sigh.. I'm so regretful of not doing anything for this holiday. At least I could have gone back to Ipoh to visit my parents or go Genting to donate to Uncle Lim, but no~~ all I did was stay home.


Give me back my holidays!!!


After constant observation on the Blackberry Curve 8520 by Xpax, I came to conclusion that it is a female.


It uses pad and has no ball(s).


Please laugh? Lol.

Okay, the fact is, the Blackberry Curve 8520 has a trackpad like a laptop which allows you to scroll through menus, icons and info by gliding your finger over it. Press and click to select an item and navigate to where you want to go by touching the pad. This differs from some of its family members where they have balls (trackballs) which can sometimes get stuck.

Speaking of which, any of you guys ever got a zipper stuck on your balls/sack? I had the unpleasant experience once when I was 17. IT FUCKING HURTS!!!!!

See, it's so nice to be a female where you don't have the extras and won't experience this kind of pain. To ensure that your Blackberry doesn't get its ball stuck in the future, opt for the 8520 by Xpax. It has no balls, it has a pad. Lol.

Pre-register now at

P.S. It's wrong though to label a gadget as male or female. I may be called a sexist person after this post. Please take into consideration what was shared above is only meant to be as a joke and not to be taken seriously.

Suddenly feeling emo,

Auspicious Magic Card

Magic the Gathering is a Trading Card Game which is evil.

Very very evil.

I tried quitting it once, but I'm back at it. FML.

Oh well, since I can't help it might as well share my passion about the game here.

MTG is releasing a new set called Zendikar very soon. And as usual, we have spoilers of the cards which will be in the set once it is released. I'm a big fan of blue spells and I thought it is only appropriate for me to share a big fat blue creature.

Behold the legendary sotong!

Lorthos, the Tidemaker

It's a nice creature, but it's very very costly in mana as most games would have ended before you get to 8 mana. Not to mention, Akroma is in 8 mana league and she will beat the shit out of your opponent if she gets on board. It certainly would have been better if it has shroud (can't be target of spells or abilities). Thus, I shared my opinion in my Facebook.

Little did I know, that actually started an 'auspicious' chat between 2 of my friends who plays Magic as well.

geek talk

Yes, I do agree that this Octopus is very auspicious after the insightful information shared by Kevin and Konrad. Thank you.

Now everyone knows Kevin is a geek and so am I.


I actually can't wait for the new set to be released. I kinda refresh spoiler sites such as MTGSalvation, MTG Realm and Magic official site every now and then just to see what are the new cards released. Well, it's doable if I'm online most of the time on weekdays (work), but what about when I'm required to attend meetings or going out with friends and stuff? I will still wanna be updated with any new cards if they manage to spoil any.

That makes me crave my Xpax Blackberry Curve even more. If I have my Blackberry with me now, I can go anywhere and can still check out all the online updates instantly via twitter or even visit those sites directly! Not only that, I can poke people back in Facebook immediately if they decided to do any shenanigans on me.

3rd of October is so hard for me to wait!!!

Visit Xpax's website here now to pre-register for yours.

Craving for BB

Hunting Attempt Backfired

Once in a blue moon, I might go to a gay club on a Saturday night.

160909 055

Such visits are definitely rare as my first visit in year 2009 was on September itself. Lol. The main reasons? I don't drive, I don't like paying money to get drunk, the music played in gay club in KL is quite bad (trance shit).

Of course, I might also get lucky like getting acquainted with a very cute gay guy who will respond to my daring advances and hopefully we get to know each other better (on bed). So one of the past Saturdays, I happened to be out for an event till 11pm and since I was already in the center of the city, the gay clubs are not that far thus I headed to Oblique since my housemates were going to be there as well.

Oblique is no doubt a very fine place for functions to take place but due to its association with the rainbow crowd, most brands, event companies, agencies don't dare to approach it for functions which is a shame. It's quite a big space with stages and comfortable couches. I bet a Nuffnang party would be great there, but alas, there are limitations to my proposals.

Back to the clubbing experience. At first, my aim to the club was just to dance, as it has been awhile since I enjoyed a good dance (previous good one was at some club in Melaka, forgot the name). But from the start till almost the end, all the DJ played was freaking trance music which was a total turn off to my body language. Occasionally he'll slip some RNB but it was just like a song or two then it's back to the trance shit.

160909 051

Fuck it.

Then I started to come up with other things to do to fill my time since I wasn't going to go home that soon.

I am going to flirt with the guys whom I think are cute in the club.


Cute is definitely subject to interpretation. Throw in a venue with limited lights, and the margin of error for cute is freaking huge. Most of the time the guy you think might be cute while dancing in the club could turn out not-fucking-cute at all when the lights are on/you see him outside the club. Bearing this in my mind, I was very very cautious while I made my rounds hunting for targets.

In case you don't know, my type of guys would definitely be Asian, fair, shorter than me, thin or lean (not muscular) and nice hair. Lol. In other words, lalazai kinda fit into the category as well. Lol. But definitely I still have other requirements in facial features which I don't possess the capable descriptive power to share with you. As such, targets were scarce in the club that night but I spotted 2 that kinda attracted my attention.

I spotted J dancing with a group of people (queers, obviously) on an elevated platform. He has nice hair, kinda long and a Jap/Korean look, but I was sure he is Chinese. He looked awfully familiar but I just can't recall who he was at that moment. Continued my hunting walk as I browsed through other guys in the club. Then I found J lying against a pillar right in front of me after I made a round. He smiled at me. Without hesitation, I moved towards him.

Robb : You look familiar. Do we know each other?
J : Yes, we do.
Robb : Where do we know each other from?
J : From asdyhuasfa* (this is due to the fact I really can't hear him)
Robb : Huh? I don't recall anything.
J : Never mind. *smiles*

Then I went ahead with my daring soul and did something which I'll not share here. :P

Not gonna tell you what I did. :p

After that, J told me he had to go and thus I was back hunting in the grounds again. Ngaum!

But the jungle was filled with loxodons and ostriches which don't exactly interest me thus I was then lying against the pillar like J, looking at the dance platform. Suddenly a guy grabbed my shoulder and talked to me. I can't even remember his name now. Fuck my lousy memory. I'll just call him S instead.

S : How come you're not dancing?
Robb : I'm a hunter, not a prey. I don't need to dance to get attention. I'm locking target on cute guys.
S : Well, you have one right in front of you now. Lock it on me.
Robb : Haha. You're funny.

He then introduced me to his fren, whom I can recall was named 'Jam'. Lol.

The next thing I knew Jam had grabbed my body and started dancing intimately with me. And the thing is, Jam isn't exactly a charming lad. He was skinny, but his face was no smoothie. Something like a moon surface and that was visible in the dimly lit club. I wasn't impressed nor seduced, but due to me being polite, I danced along.

His crotch was like stuck to mine and I barely had space to move my legs. He keep hugging me and he did try reaching to my lips. Thank God, I am taller than him and just by keeping my posture straight, he couldn't reach my lips at all. But he continued applying his tongue on my neck for quite a bit, thinking that it might tempt me to lower my lips. His hands were no doubt all over my body till the fact I think he should have the nickname sotongzai instead of me.

After a minute of pity dance with Jam, I think I had enough and I politely told him I need to go see my friends and broke the joined crotch we shared earlier. The night ended and I went home empty handed. :(

FML, instead of getting a cute guy, I got molested by a not so cute one.

fuck my life

This is so going to leave a scar in my gay clubbing experience.

P.S. I just found out that J was my coursemate when I was in college.

P.P.S. I also found out that it wasn't the first time I did something with him. FML. I have very very bad memory. Hahahaha


Robb Gobs - Shanghai Mooncake, Overseas Restaurant

2 weeks ago, I had a sudden crave for Shanghai mooncake. It was no thanks to some twitter updates telling me that some twitterers just finished eating mooncakes.

I am not a big fan of the regular mooncake which kinda looks like this.

regular mooncake

However, I'm a big fan of Shanghai mooncakes which kinda looks like breasts. Yes, me, a gay guy craving for mooncakes that looks like breasts. So wrong, right?

It seems to me not that not many people are aware of Shanghai mooncake, especially the city folks who I assume grew up without sufficient exposure to cultural delicacies, such as the 'breastful' Shanghai mooncake I'm sharing in this post.

I got the crave when I was still working in Nuffnang office and I had the strongest urge to get myself some Shanghai mooncake right after work. My family is kinda a faithful customer of Overseas mooncakes ever since I knew about mooncakes. As such, my taste buds picked up the brand as well and I sought for Overseas Shanghai mooncakes.

Of course, the best place to get them would be from the restaurant itself as they'd be fresh from the oven. But seeing that there isn't one near any LRT station I could reach, I head over to the nearest Jusco from my house, Wangsa Maju to get them instead. Thank God, they do sell it there!!

160909 005

Buy 4 free 1 promo was no doubt attractive if you ask me. I was thinking;

"Wow! I pay for 4 Shanghai mooncakes and they give me 5? Great deal!"

Well, I dreamed too early as I found out the free mooncake they were giving out is a small regular mooncake (refer picture above) without yolk in it. FML. And as expected, the Shanghai mooncakes sold at shopping complexes aren't exactly the fresh type.

160909 006

Can't complain much as they need to meet demands from the customers such as me. At least I can buy it at Jusco. I was grateful that I can satisfy my crave for the Shanghai mooncake. :P

I rushed home as fast as I could so I can dissect one and consume it to satisfy my cravings. Of course, a few pictures are in order as I plan to share this with my dearest readers.

160909 015

160909 016

It was orgasmic to taste a decently made Shanghai mooncake at the top of my cravings for it. Ahhhhh~~~ *insert other sounds of pleasure*

Each Shanghai mooncake cost RM11 for J card members or RM12.90 for non J card member. I think the price is RM11/12 if you buy it directly from Overseas restaurant. Not sure, anyone to confirm?

Guess what? I finished 4 of them in less than 7 days time. FML.

Craving again

The More Reason Why I Need a BB from Xpax

Took a picture with Zoe during the Premiere Screening of Final Destination weeks ago.

zoe and me

Only managed to upload it today.

If I have my Blackberry Curve 8520 from Xpax, it would have been up here on the evening itself.

I'm so craving for my BB!!


Robb Gobs - TGIF Wangsa Walk Mock Service

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Jocelyn to a mock service test at their latest TGIF outlet at Wangsa Walk, which is nearby where I stay. Having being a fan of TGIF since I won free TGIF vouchers from Nuffnang (before I even started working with Nuffnang back then), I was thrilled and quickly agreed to attend the mock service.

030909 005

Wangsa Walk is a freaking huge shopping complex located nearby Carrefour in Wangsa Maju Section 5. It's not exactly open yet, but TGIF has already sprouted and is now operational!! Talk about being the pioneer in retail! Whoo!! Now people who stay in Wangsa Maju wouldn't have to travel far to enjoy the goodness of TGIF!!

030909 006

As usual, TGIF's interior is tastefully decorated ranging from various wall pictures, signs and other misc items. It really gives out the vibe that it's a fun place to be to chill and relax to its patrons. Even their kitchen entrance is attractive in nature and I bet this actually raised the morality of their staffs to work harder. :D

030909 020

One of the things that TGIF emphasize on is their fun factor. But Malaysians who are usually unfamiliar with the culture of having fun while dining might react negatiely to the fun carried by their staffs for example when you're cutting your steak when you heard the group of staffs suddenly started to sing loudly. For conservatives uptight people, they might get confused and upset that it spoils their dining mood, but I'd say it's they who don't get what TGIF is all about. TGIF is about fun, good food and relaxing with people who matters to you. ;)

030909 015

Mock service is actually a test run which the restaurant invites guests to dine at their restaurant for free. Invited guests are foretold that the services might take longer as it is a mock run for their newly hired staffs. The quality of the food however, will not be compromised. Of course, this sounds like a good deal for most invited guests (including me) but the delay of services can be quite long especially if your order is somewhat a tough item to cook up.

combined bored

Zach and I kinda waited quite a bit and I found out that it is a requirement in TGIF that when the main course is served, all the guests' main courses on that table are to be served out together to prevent anyone from looking pitiful while the others help themselves. Awww how thoughtful. Lol.

Despite the long wait, the food that we had turned out awesome!

030909 030

We had an awesome appetizer. The Sesame Jack Chicken Strips is made out of chicken breasts (awesome! no bones!! yea!!) which coated with crispy panko breadcrumbs and extra crunch of toasted sesame seeds. It is tossed with their famous famous Jack Daniel's sauce. To top it up, they even provide a small bowl of extra JD sauce for you to dip in just for the extra kick!

My main course was taco!! But it wasn't some cheap lousy taco buritos.

030909 034

It was the Outrageous Sliced BBQ Beef Tacos. And when they named it Outrageous, trust me it is quite big in its size. It was so juicy due to its Southwestern cream sauce and melted Pepper Jack cheese within the tortilla wrapping BBQ beef with frizzled onions! By the time I had 1 taco (serving comes in 2), I was already feeling the space of my stomach almost fully filled. Talk about outrageous! Lol.

030909 037

Zach had a Blackened Chicken Alfredo pasta. We thought it was racist to call the chicken black. It should have been named African-American-ed Chicken Alfredo. Lol. It was a pretty straight forward pasta, alfredo style with New Orleans-style 'blackened' chicken as the main feature in the pasta. It's extremely creamy and cheesy and it was no doubt the dish that totally blew our stomach away.

030909 033

The drinks that accompanied us that evening was a slush and an Ultimate Margarita. It is TGIF's signature margarita made with Jose Cuervo Gold, Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Zach being a fan of alcohol based drinks loved it till the max that he was asking if he could have a refill. Lol. It was already a free dinner, I thought it was just too much to ask for a refill and thus told him to drop the thought.

All in all, TGIF doesn't disappoint when it comes to quality of food. That's the best thing I've always like about them. It is truly wonderful to know that I have a nearer TGIF to where I stay now as. Better dining place when you need to relax in Setapak area? Go TGIF.

P.S. Funny sign I spotted as their wall deco. I thought of Eric Cartman from Southpark. Lol. God damned hippies!

030909 038

Loves TGIF

Avatar the Movie

A few weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to watch an exclusive preview of the movie - Avatar that was set to be released in December this year. Being involved with Nuffnang and ChurpChurp indirectly requires me to be there to give out the tickets to invited Churpers to the screening.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was the only one manning the tickets collection counter which upset me a little.

220809 074

The preview was a 15 minutes preview in 3D but suffice to say, it rocked the socks out of the audience and made my day.

It's produced by James Cameron, the director of Titanic about a story of another humanoid lifeform in another planet. It carries a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy (think elves, dragons and etc) and it was very interesting for us first hand audiences.

The 3D factor was no doubt mesmerizing and I highly suggest that when it is released, everyone should watch it in 3D.

Here's the trailer for Avatar. I hope you like it as much as I did. :)

P.S. Fantasize about living in a fantasy world, that's why I play Magic the Gathering. FML, I'm a geek.

P.P.S. Additional reason that I've no life. I read Doraemon comics. I bought one on the way home from Mid Valley.

220809 089