Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards

The company didn't send me down to Singapore for 2 weeks for nothing. It was for the biggest and the grandest event Nuffnang has ever hold in the Asia Pacific region, The Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards!


If you're one who reads blogs, you'd probably have already read and seen what I'm gonna share in general, but I'm gonna share more information on how the Nuffies in SG and I worked together to put up the event.

We brought in over 400 bloggers from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia to Pan Pacific, Singapore for the Awards and people start pouring in as early as 6.30pm where the Nuffies crew were all prepared and brief on their roles. The SG Nuffies in particular have been so briefed, if anyone brief them again, they'll probably vomit briefs for the guys to wear (lame joke).

The entire week before the Blog Awards, Nuffies were busy preparing the logistics, protocol and script for the event. We were made to understand our roles inside out clearly to prevent and screw ups. I was made Programme IC along with Elayne to ensure all the protocol and agenda proceeds smoothly. I have to say, Elayne is quite good match to me as we were both very calm and able to respond to scenario changes swiftly during execution.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Bloggers were served soft drinks and juice at the cocktail lounge along with plenty of Pringles who are the title sponsor for the Blog Awards. Thank you Pringles!


Of course, the event was attended by prominent bloggers from all over the 4 main countries of Nuffnang such as Kennysia, Xiaxue, Jehzlau and more. Among the one you should bring your attention to is no other than Xiaxue who won 3 Awards that night - Most Influential, Best Original Blog Design and Region's Best Blog.


Jayden who won SGD5000 from Pringles for his creative video entry was no doubt a very talented person (who also happens to have something in common with me, if you know what I mean). He came dressed up ala Willy Wonka (Charlie & Choc Factory).


I was also fortunate to have my very own boyfriend coming down to Singapore to attend the very grand event I was organizing. He finally got to see me after 2 weeks of separation and imagine how fuzzy our feelings were when we saw each other. ^_^


The event was no doubt very grand compared to all previous events I've undertook. It's very formal with proper protocol proceedings. Each act has its own rules and executors to ensure everything is taken care of. Call me anal, but if anything screwed up that night, I'll most likely regret it for the rest of my life.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Among the highlights of the night was performances by JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning from Singapore who were quite impressive with their acts.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

We also had Electrico, a popular Singaporean Indie band that rocked the Awards with their songs on stage who played 5 songs for the audience.


Having them perform in the event itself was no doubt an honor for us but trust in me that it was not easy arranging the protocol and reacting to certain circumstances that arose on the day itself. But phew, luckily everything went smoothly despite some challenge in the evening.

Of course, the awards presenting were very well done and in style where we arranged ushers for all the presenters and winners and navigate them to walk the right paths on stage but I think a repetitive protocol for 12 categories made it less impressive. But nevertheless, during the winner's speech for Best Original Blog Design, something funny happened.


Kennysia went on stage before Xiaxue could speak and said exactly what I captioned in the photo above. Lol!! In case you don't know, Steven Lim was one of the bloggers Xiaxue really hate and no doubt perceived as annoying in Singapore. Hahaha.

Well, me being gay, I was on the lookout for queer guys in the hall and see if I can find any cuties as eye candies. I think I found one, but I think he's straight (as claimed by my SG colleagues). He's in the photo below.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Don't you agree that he's cute and fall under my preference? Hahahaha.

All in all, judging from all the blog entries that came in after the Blog Awards, I think it's safe to say that the event was a big success! This is definitely due to all the hard work of all the Nuffies from all 4 countries. Big thank you to you all!

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

I would also like to thank my 'other half' of the night, Elayne for doing a great job along with me as Programme IC. I think if I'm straight, we'd have been a perfect match. Lol.


The only regret I have during the Blog Awards is... I cannot live update the results using my Blackberry Curve!! There isn't any Prepaid BB plan in Singapore unlike Xpax Blackberry in Malaysia!! Once I came back, I quickly activated my BB services by sending BB ON to 28882 and voila!! I'm back connected using my BB!!!

Ever since then, till today, I cannot live without tweeting!! If you don't believe, just follow me on my Twitter and you'll see me tweet about everything, from shitting in the toilet to warming my cold palms with my balls and etc. Lol.

Well, that's all I'm sharing for tonight. I'll share more on the tour in Singapore the next day! See ya, peeps.


Gay Life in Singapore

Sorry that I postponed my promise, but here is the post I wanted to share with you guys.

If you've been reading my blog frequent enough, you'd probably know what kind of guys I'm into.

topless cutie

I like guys who are fair, cute and boyish. Of course, nothing fat and nothing too thin is important as well (sorry to break the hearts of the bears and monkeys)

If there's one thing that Singapore fail to capture my heart with, it is the gay community in Singapore. I will come to the reason why later. Singapore, being a more open country still has laws against homosexual acts. However, the law has never been enforced and the gay scene continues to grow with many 'sauna' and 'spa' available for gay men to meet and to have fun with each other.

There are ways to get to see the gay community in Singapore. Among them are;

- Sauna and spa
- Gay clubs
- mIRC

Saunas and spas are basically free for all hunting ground for people who get in there. Entry fee to these places can go as high as SGD30 which is almost the price you pay for a whore at Geylang, but there's no guarantee that you'll be able to find something you like in it, but the last time I checked, these places are blooming with business! Asking from experience AJs (the term Singaporean use for gays), they said some saunas are better than the others such as Absolute where you'll almost find 'good catch' most of the time.


Gay clubs in Singapore are similar with the ones in Malaysia. You pay for an entrance fee and you get in. You dance with your buddies till the night ends and you head home and sleep. Yes, it's that boring here in both countries usually. The only difference you get in Singapore is the music there is much better than the ones in Oblique and Marketplace. Any attempt from you trying to know someone will most likely be perceived that you're a weirdo. Of course, there are exceptional cases (such as you're a celebrity or a Caucasian). Expect to see lots of moneyboys trying to fish for Caucasians for paid sex. Other than that, most people are there trying to have fun with their own group.

mIRC for the gay community in Singapore and Malaysia is very vital, especially for people who are looking for casual sex, chats and knowledge about the gay world in real time (forums are too slow, portals are slow too). In Malaysia, the server would be DALNet and the channel would be #gaymalaysia while in Singapore, the server would be Galaxynet and the channel you'd want to be in is #sgboy and #gam .

In mIRC you get lots of people looking for sex and all kinds of fetishes such as;

- any chn/mly boy got place (amk) and pop wanna touch/lick/suck 29 176 66 tanned chn bi 6' jucy cock in running shorts/sexy brief/trunks/ chubb pls

- anyone alone and horny in serangoon wanna jo?

- seeking for transsexuals or shemales only..17 183 56 chn top in amk..

All in all, mIRC is the way to go if you're looking for fun in Singapore as it's free (providing you have Wifi access and a laptop/desktop) and you actually get to see the people you want to get on bed with before you meet them. It's definitely more effective than hitting the clubs and getting to know your targets' looks unlike you hitting the sauna not knowing what to expect in it.

In addition, I've also found out that the gay sex trade (prostitution) is much higher valued compared to the straight's. Often enough in #sgboy I see people asking to be paid for sex. As mentioned, a shag in Geylang cost averagely SGD30. While in the #sgboy channel, I've seen guys asking for SGD150 per shag and there are takers to his price, surprisingly.

I was curious myself and thus wanted to know how much would I be worth if I'm involved in the trade thus I went on disguise and started asking to be paid for sex. Of course, if you're offering your body, you'll need a good picture of yourself and I use the one below.

robb topless

Am not sure if I should be happy or what, but from the offers that came in, my price ranges from SGD120 to SGD150 per shag and for a moment I was calculating that I should just do this right away instead of running the Blog Awards. Lol. I couldn't do it, as you may already know, I hate living a life where I'm dependent on someone else. Being a moneyboy means I'm subject to do things I hate which involves servicing fat, old horny fags. Fuck this shit, I don't sleep around for money. If I do sleep around, I'd do it with cute, fair, boyish guys. :D


Nevertheless, it was fun cock teasing the horny fugly fags that were trying hard to sleep with me. Lol.

After 2 weeks in Singapore and browsing their gay community, I think it's safe for me to say, most of their gays are not what I look for in a shag buddy. Majority of the gays are either tanned, manly, Muscle Marys or old/fugly/fat. Only a handful of them have the boyish looks or fair and most of these handfuls are moneyboys who wants money for sex.

Thus if there's one thing that fails to attract me in Singapore was the gay community which is due to my own personal preference. However, everything in Singapore is great! Low cost of living, strong currency, good government, great public transport and almost no crime in the streets!! It sucks to be a Malaysian visiting Singapore for work. T_T

Oh well, that pretty much sums up the gay life I've observed in Singapore.


P.S. Do not ask if I did anything in Singapore. I will not answer.


Quarter Life Crisis

I'm breaking a promise now.

I'm not blogging about the gay scene in Singapore in this post. That would have to come later.

Being in Singapore for 2 weeks opened my eyes to a lot of things. Well, I've been enlightened when I'm in Singapore.

I can officially announce I'm having a Quarter Life Crisis now.

I am now looking at life with lots of questions. Everything that I once believed in has been shaken quite a bit (exaggerating, not everything). I'm very very concerned of where my life is taking me? Is there a better life ahead? Should I step out of my comfort zone?

Tell me guys. Community, spirit or gold? Which one is the most important?

Can you help me rank them?

Would really appreciate your opinion.


1 Week in Singapore

My my. What a long week I've had.

For starters, I only managed to use the free BB services by Xpax for 1 day before I crossed over to Singapore. But still, Xpax's rate is undeniably the best since it's as low as RM1 per day.

Once I touched down, I went straight to the Nuffnang SG office where I settled down and started working. Believe me, last Monday was not an easy Monday as Nicki was not well and called in sick. I had to cover everything that was left to her to work on at first since I will not be physically around in Malaysia, I passed quite a bit of Blogger Relations stuff to her, especially movie screenings. It wasn't easy, believe me, it wasn't.After the hectic workload from Malaysia, the Blog Awards preparation came onto me. Work, work and more work. But of course, the team's hard work was compensated when Boss Ming graced us with occasional treats such as Chickadees, Pringles and his own cooked Spaghetti Bolognese! Boss Ming rocks!

I was also brought to various places to eat in Singapore where Boss Ming insisted that the Singaporean food is better than Malaysian before I even tasted the food. He shared that every time a Malaysian comes to Singapore they always say that Malaysian food taste better after they took a bite so he got so pissed, before a Malaysian would even taste the food, he'd say the food is better than Malaysian. LOL!!

Well, as a person with good interpersonal communication skill (PR skills), I was no doubt very politically correct with my words and trust me, I've demonstrated quite an arsenal of PR skills to various parties during my course of stay in Singapore and all of them are very docile towards me after my speech/communication. I personally think I'm a genius in talking to people (providing I want to or motivated by gains, LOL).

Some of the things regarding food I learned in Singapore;

Hokkien mee in Singapore is not the same with KL nor the one at Penang. Hokkien mee is a total different style of frying without usage of Dark Soy Sauce. It's also by default using the yellow mee instead of the thick noodle. It also contains lots of prawns and some squid to go along with it. It does not have a strong flavor (or saltiness) but it's definitely a healthier noodle.

Char Kuey Teow in Singapore is fried differently and taste a little sweet compared to the Malaysian counterpart. In addition, it also has thin sliced Chinese sausage which is also sweet in nature that goes along with it. Definitely different, but nice to try.

Chicken Rice is everywhere and it can go as cheap as SGD1.80 to SGD4 depending on places. For me, it's overrated both in KL and Singapore. It's just steamed chicken with oily rice. Sure, it's nice to eat, but it is definitely not something you'll go orgasmic over. And no, Ipoh is NOT famous for Chicken Rice. Ipoh is famous for Chicken, Beansprout and Hor Fun. Ipoh folks eat Beansprout Chicken with Hor Fun in Chicken soup. It's just that KL people likes to eat with rice thus they serve rice along and then everyone think that's the right way to eat.

Pork is everywhere. This means Japanese, Italian, Western whatever shit restaurant in public serves pork unless it's a Halal eatery. This definitely open up more delicious items on the menus and believe me, Japanese Ramen never taste so good before in Malaysia and the missing ingredient is no doubt - pork.

Well, I don't have time to share more since I need to start working.

I promise I'll share with you what I discover about the gay scene in Singapore next.

Sneak peek - Guess how much I am worth if I'm in the flesh trade industry? Ngek ngek ngek.


Missing Zach

A lot of people say that you won't know what you love or care about till you actually lose them.

Well, that's quite true.

I've been together with Zach for over 4 years now. We technically complete each other in various ways. And no, completing something doesn't necessary involves insertion of a long, hard object into a an empty space/hole. It's more like our personalities compliment each other and so do the way we think, eg - I'm quite decisive and strong in my opinion, Zach's more accommodating and shares both sides of the coin, I'm great with professional communication but can be quite cold towards new acquaintance, Zach is real good at making friends. :)

Thus, both of us do make a great couple. We technically balance each other very well.

4 years down the road, we've been seeing each other daily. From sunrise till sunset thus it's normal that we do take things for granted, especially the presence of each other. It has to take some form of separation to make your relationship 'alive' once again when things are just too settled in.

Well, I am in that form of separation now. Zach and I are separated for 2 weeks now due to the fact I'm reporting for duty in Singapore till the end of Blog Awards. Today is only my third day in Singapore and Zach and I are missing each other to the bones. It is pretty apparent from Zach's blog on how he feels about my absence in the house.

I feel the exact same.

I'm sleeping alone these nights and I miss having Zach's head lying on my chest along with Zuzu licking our faces 'greeting' us Goodnight. I miss molesting Zach early in the morning tying him up and kissing him 'Good morning'.

Well, all these longings can't be helped as I'm still required to be in Singapore and there's no way to change that. But one thing for sure, the moment Zach and I meet each other again, that moment will definitely be priceless.

That moment will be sweet enough for all the time we're missing together.

Let's look forward for it on 23 October, my dearest Zach.

I love you.


With My Blackberry in Singapore

Oh haiz!!

I'm in Singapore!!

I didn't manage to take any pictures yet as the moment I touched down I was rushing for a meeting and then back to office to clear the piled up work throughout the weekend.

I am barely catching my breath to blog here. Phew!

The XBerry Party last Saturday at Sunway was a blast. There were many splendid performances put up by Xpax and the highlight was of course, the Blackberry Curve 8520 that cost only RM888 on that day itself!! So for those who bought it on that day, good for you!!

Here's the news.

You can still get the Xpax Blackberry Curve 8520 at a very good rate!! Check out the picture below!


Compared with its competitor, Xpax definitely outshines in its low rates and no hidden terms and conditions.

In fact, you can even choose what kind of unlimited data plan you want!


Once you've purchased your Blackberry from Xpax, just send an SMS to 28882 with 'BB ON' and reply it either 'BB 100' or 'BB 250' and you'll be able to subscribe to the plan you want!

The best thing of all, you can choose which day you want to stop having unlimited data!! Just SMS 'BB OFF' and send to 28882 and you'll be able to save during the weekends or your off days. Cool isn't it?

This flexibility on charges no doubt makes Xpax the service provider of choice for Blackberry Curve 8520 if you ask me.

Enough about the BB Curve. I'll have to rush back to work now.

For those who are coming down to Singapore for the Blog Awards, please be grateful of what me and my colleagues are doing for you guys. We're working through midnights just to ensure everything is going smoothly and comfortably for you peeps.

Till my next update, bye.


Erotic Fiction About Me

Can't imagine why someone wanted to write me in an erotic fiction story. I mean, I'm not super hot also, why ah?

To protect the privacy of all characters in the story, all names have been changed. And guess what? I'm not even gonna share the translated version. You guys better get someone who can read Chinese to translate this for you.


我叫Sam,今年17,身高170体重60,条长约13cm,不算很粗,在同志圈里已经混了4年,但没有找到任何适合的对象,大多的爱慕者都是阿伯,所以每当晚 上一人睡觉时总觉得特别的寂寞!

再一次上网聊天中认识了一个22岁的男子,叫Terry,看看男子的样子长相普通,身高175,满不错的,但有了男朋友,就不是我的菜啦!可他尽然要和我 交朋友,并约我出来见面。出来见面是很普通的事情,所以我就答应了。我们就约在oldtown里见面!

我到了oldtown,只见一个男生在里面喝茶,就不管他了!突然,一把声音在我后面专来,“你是Sam吗?我是Terry”“是!”我回答他。我和他 第一次见面就是这样。他就牵了我的手相那张有人的桌子走去,到了那张桌子,看到一个超帅的男生在那儿等着,我好奇的问:“那是谁?”“我的男朋友,他叫 Carl”Terry回我。我吃惊了一下!怎么会那么的帅!他身高大约178,手臂是满壮的,虽然他穿着衣服,但可以看得出他有满美丽的身材!我一眼就 被他吸引者了!可悲的是他已经有bf了,就这样我们聊了起来,突然他们问我要不要试看3p,我惊讶了起来,但以被Carl吸引的我当然说要拉!顿时,大家就笑了起来。

吃完东西后,我就去了他们的家,他们的家布置得很清洁,是我理想的家,此时的我突然有一阵的悲伤,看到别人那么的幸福,而我还是一个人。Carl一进家后就脱 衣服了,我终于可以看到他那健美的身材,让我口水直流!!! Terry此时就拿了g片开给我看,暖活一下害羞的气氛,这就是最好的方法!!我的条已经被 Carl的身材弄得勃起了,加上g片的色诱,我根加坚硬了!Terry突然前来帮我脱下我的裤子,在玩弄我被内裤包着的条。此时Carl就抱者 Terry,一边抚摸他的胸部,一边亲吻他。er而Terry就帮我把内酷脱了,然后帮我打起来了,我觉得很舒服,并不想要停下。我的手大胆了起 来,开始慢慢的抚摸Carl的身体,并慢慢的脱下他的裤子,慢慢的抚摸他的条。虽然他的条被内裤包者,但隐隐约约可以感受到他已经开始流汁了,他穿者白色的
renoma内裤,觉得十分的性感,我已经忍无可忍了,就开始闻其他的内裤,并慢慢的帮他在内裤里的条口交。他的内裤散发出一阵阵的男人味,我真的好喜欢 哦!Terry也开始脱下我的内裤,帮我吸了起来,我用我的双腿,慢慢的将我的条以前又以后,以增加快感!我的手将Carl的内裤脱了下来,他的条有 16cm长,满粗野蛮硬的,我也认不住的帮他吸起来,我一會兒身喉,一會兒快,一會兒慢,一會兒溫柔,一會激烈,弄得他連連說好,他的条散发出阵阵的男人味,让我好 想得到他,此时的Carl已经脱光光了,光光的身材令我十分的想要被他操和操他!

Carl也帮Terry脱了裤子和内裤,然后玩弄者他的条,并帮Terry吸了起来。Terry开始叫了起来,他的叫声让我们根加的 high!我就开始用舌尖舔Terry的屁眼,他更爽了,叫得更大声!我说我想操他!他還會為在剛才的興奮中,他欣然同意了,我就开始将ky涂在手里,并慢 慢的抚摸他的屁眼!慢慢的一根手指一根手指慢慢的进入!就这样,三根手指进如了,他说他想要我的条,叫我快快进入,没想到他会那么的想要!我就开始将我的13cm的条慢慢插入他的菊花,他又开始叫了起来,一直要求我在进去,就这样,我的条完全的进入了!我上下的抽动,把他操得啊啊的亂叫,心想不知他痛不痛,毕竟我都没什么澡人的经验,只是在tt1069里的文章学到的,哈哈!Carl也连忙的和Terry玩69,我的条开始要射了,就换个姿勢,Terry像狗一樣趴到了地上,我就经全力的操他,我不行了,要射了,啊啊!!这次我果然射了,全都射在他的菊花里!果然我的经验还不够!我也懒懒的趴在他身上,慢慢的抚摸他!此时他也被Carl吸得要射了,我就帮他打起来,让他射在我嘴里!他开始射了,白白的精液全都被我喝了下去!Terry就去洗身了!

就这样剩下我和Carl继续的玩着!我又在为Carl口交,Carl也帮我口交,他的条满大的,顶到我的喉咙满多次的,但我还是很喜欢为他口交!他开始帮我玩弄我的菊花,并说他想要操我,我当让乐意的说要啊!只见他连忙将ky涂在我的菊花上,然后慢慢的将他的条进入,我顿时感到非常的痛,他好象发觉了,就不想在操我了,怕我会痛!此时的我,心想到,我怎么可以让帅哥失望呢!就告术他说我想要,可以操我吗?他听了非常的高兴!又问了我一次要谁操,我回答他我要他!他开始兴奋了起来,连忙将他的条慢慢的插入我的菊花,虽然有点通,但我还是要被他操,慢慢的,我开始觉得不痛了,我座在他的条上,我開始上下的運動,他的大雞巴在我菊花裡衝刺著,我看著他英俊的臉,他閉著眼,享受著,非常的愜意,我也开始慢慢的亲吻他,我的条又硬了起来,在他的肚子上摩擦,我越来越兴奋了,要求他换个姿勢,就这样,他将我的脚那上来,将他的条送入我的菊花,当他的条完全进入时,我的脚开始麻痹了,这种被人操的感觉只有当事人才知道,我也开始自慰了起来,他开始慢慢的叫了起来,我知道他要射了,就将自慰的速度加快,突然Carl喊着:“我要射了,我要射了!啊啊!!啊啊!!......我射了!”就这样射在我的菊花,这时后我也要射了,他也开始为我打了起来,我又射了,白白的精液射在他的肚子上,真的是好爽 ,他将我的精液涂在手里,然后慢慢的品尝,这种男友多棒阿!Terry也冲好凉出来了,这时我们就将身体清理干净,然后我就会了


和他们爱爱后在也没有找别人了,因为我发现我爱上了Carl,但他是Terry的男朋友,我不能爱上他,就这样我们没联络了一年。 一年后,我还是没有男朋友,独自一人在oldtown和咖啡,突然被我遇到了Carl,就和他打个招呼!他告诉我他和Terry分手了,这对我来说是 好事还是坏事呢?我的心笑了一下,并告诉自己“我决定追求你!!!”

The ending is like a gay fairytale come true. Gotta give it to the author that his story is 'insightful'. Am not gonna reveal much. Lol.

Am also not allowing comments for this one to prevent you guys from translating it in your comments. Any attempt to translate at my cbox will also be removed. ;)

P.S. Credits to for finding it and translating it for me to read at the first place.


Going Singapore For Work

Dearest readers,

It's with a heavy heart for me to inform you that I will not be able to update much in the next 2 weeks. This is due to the fact that I will be in Singapore for work. As I blog the best when I'm using my own computer, I doubt I'd be able to write well nor often in Singapore. As such, I'd like to apologize in advance for those of you who visit my blog daily to catch my updates just in case I can't write often enough.

Speaking of Singapore, Zach is worried that I may go 'astray' during my stay since I'm gonna be staying in a hotel room alone. I don't seem see what the problem is. I'm a geek after all. I'd most likely spend my time cruising at Orchard road playing Magic The Gathering with myself in the hotel room. I will also accept requests to debate the origin of the Big Bang theory in my hotel room with any cute guys in Singapore during my stay. Is there anyone interested?


I think I'm a very geeky person. Why? I have almost all the gadget a guy wants/supposed to have. PSP, Nintendo DS, a good Digital Camera, Blackberry, Smartphone and a bottle of lube.

Geek stuff, right?

I now see why I never attracted girls all these while.


How much do companies pay employees anyway for travel allowance to Singapore? This is the first time I'm assigned outstation and I really have no idea what's the industry standard. Can I trouble you if you happen to know, to share with me or with other readers so we have a rough idea?

I do think what Nuffnang pays me is sufficient, but there's no harm trying to find out the standard, isn't it?


My 4th anniversary with Zach was a bliss. A perfect day where we watched a funny movie, spent time reading books together at Kinokuniya and had a wonderful dinner at Chili's. This time, Zach finished his Chocolate Molten Cake after having his main course along with soup. :D

Our love grew stronger by time and I don't think I foresee any end to it.

My dearest Zach, I love you~

In case you wanna get goosebumps, you can go ahead and read the entry I posted on his blog here.


Magic The Gathering is an evil thing. I overspent this month cuz of the stupid card game. T_T

But in return, I now have an awesome control deck that people will get very upset whenever they lose to me. Anyone wanna take a guess what deck I play? It's Blue/White/Black by the way. ;)

It has 4 Day of Judgment in it.

If you play Magic The Gathering in Singapore, can you let me know where do the players play at? I don't mind joining in for FNM if I can during my stay in Singapore.


I'm gonna miss 2 Nuffnang Premiere Screenings. :(

Nicki is going to be hold the fortress when I'm gone, so be tough, Nicki!!

By the way, Nuffnang is giving out Premiere Screening tickets for Law Abiding Citizen and 2012 at the moment. Check out the Nuffnang blog at for more information.

2012 is set to be an awesome movie that everyone wants to watch. So you better get it before it's gone!


The XBerry party is taking place on this Saturday. Guess what? The rate is as cheap as RM2.50 a day for unlimited data. This means 2 things;

1) It's only RM77.50 a month (31 days) for unlimited data
This beats Maxis' postpaid plan (RM120 a month) or their very own Blackberry prepaid which cost RM28/week!!!

2) You can choose which day you don't want unlimited data and save!!
Yes, you're allowed the flexibility to only have unlimited data on certain days. That means if you don't want to use your BB on a weekend, screw it and you can save additional bucks despite the already super low rate you're paying for unlimited data!!

My my. This is set to be explosive if you ask me. I'm so thankful I'm getting one from Xpax. Are you getting yours?


That's it from me today. I'll try my best to update as often as I can again.


Xpax Blackberry Party

In case you didn't know, Xpax is having a massive launch party for their highly acclaimed Prepaid Blackberry services this coming Saturday!!

bb picture

The party is definitely going to be massive as it's offering the new Blackberry 8520 at only RM888 for that night only! On top of that, you'll be given 1 month FREE Blackberry prepaid services (data), FREE limited edition designer skin (exclusively designed by Lapsap, TAG, Black Fryday, Yayawoo & Bangkit), FREE leather holster or car charger and of course, free drinks at the party!!

The party will take place on;

Date: 10 October 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm till late
Venue: Republic, Sunway Pyramid
Dress code: Party chic

There will also be performances from local celebrities and lucky draws for attendees!! Wanna know how you can go? Just pre-register for an Xpax Blackberry at their site now.

P.S. Maxis is launching the Blackberry 8520 as well, but sadly after an honest comparison, I found that their price is higher than Xpax. RM899 for the phone with RM300 collected upfront from you with RM25 rebate for 12 month with minimum commitment if RM28 each month. :(


Languages of Love

No pictures ahead, insightful post

Today I had the pleasure to have Jojo Struys join me for lunch with the Nuffies. She proved to be much more than looks and cute voices we hear from the radio. She's an intellect if you ask me. That definitely threw off any bimbo first impression I had on her prior to the lunch.

And it was Jojo who shared with me this afternoon from a book she read, what I wanna share with you guys today. It was very meaningful and I find it very true. The topic is evident in the title of this blog post - Languages of Love.

All humans communicate to their lovers in various ways to show their love towards their lovers, but there is a trend to this behavior in particular. Some may shower their lovers with gifts, some in compliments, while some spend a lot of time with their loved ones. However, what is the main thing each of the party in a relationship needs? That is dependent on the language of love each of them speak. Humans in particular have a primary language of love while some are bilingual or multilingual, but most tend to have one dominant language. There are 5 types of language in love, namely;

1. Words of affirmation/compliments
People who are very good at articulating their words in nature, are never shy to give encouragement, compliments to their loved ones, be it on their looks, clothes, cheerfulness and just about anything else. They are also the first ones to say 'I Love You' to their lovers.

2. Gifts & Rewards
These group of people are ones that would care less for their money and willing to shower their loved ones with various gifts and rewards just to make them happy. Well, not only the financially stabled ones are willing to do so as it is evident a poor man who speak this language would give up eating just to buy his lover a present for their anniversary.

3. Quality Time
People who enjoys spending time with their loved ones will try their best to be around their lovers at all times, doing things together in life. Even if they aren't doing anything in particular, it doesn't matter, as long as they're together in presence.

4. Touch
While not necessary limited to only sex, touch refers to hugs, holding hands, kissing and etc. Display of affection (though not necessary in public) is important for people who speak this language.

5. Responsibilities/Expected duties
People who speak this language takes on the more traditional role in society by providing for their loved ones on what is expected of him/her. A man who speaks this language will work hard to earn as much as he can for his spouse to be able to live comfortably while a woman who speaks this language will fulfill the responsibility of taking care of the household, everything in order, clean and nothing goes wrong at home when her husband is back at home. The same if the woman is the breadwinner and the man is the househusband.

However, there are many instances of a person who speak a love language while expect to be communicated with another, such as a person who is capable of giving out words of affirmation may expect a lot of gifts from his/her other half, thus is not necessary that the language you speak is the language you want your other half to speak to you. Well, the exceptions would be for the ones who speak language - Touch & Quality Time, as both speakers of the mentioned languages normally expect their lovers to touch or spend time with them as well.

The love languages a person needs/expect to be spoken to are environmental cultured, most of the time from a void of the particular language from his/her loved ones (family especially) in his/her early life. For example, children who have not received much compliments before in their early lives may turn out to be very appreciative when their lovers speak to them in words of affirmation, ones who never receive presents much will appreciate it better when their lovers shower them with gifts and etc.

Understanding these languages are important for maintaining a healthy relationship between lovers in general as many failed marriages/relationships are due to this as well. Let's have an example,

Tom and Mary are married couples with 2 kids. Tom works very hard to ensure his family are financially secured while Mary is a housewife. From the statement before, we know that Tom speaks the language of 'Responsibilities/Expected Role' dominantly. Mary does speak the same language with Tom, but little did he know, she wanted to be spoken to in the language of 'Quality Time' as she feels lonely as Tom is never around with her and the children. For Tom, he thinks that every moment he waste sitting at home means opportunities are wasted to earn more to provide for his family. She doesn't know how to express herself well enough but her attempts were viewed as nags by Tom who doesn't understand the need of the language to be spoken to her. He now feels upset as he clearly thinks he's not well appreciated. When a person is devoid of appreciation for the role he played (providing for the family), he is in need of 'Words of Affirmation/Compliment' but there's no way Mary will be able to give him that as she herself is unhappy that Tom doesn't spend enough time with her.

If the situation goes on, the relationship will indeed fall apart and everyone will be unhappy. A psychologist will normally find out what languages the couple speaks in general and what language they expect to be spoken in and advise each side to take the necessary act. By pointing out to Mary that Tom needs words of affirmation for all his hard work and to Tom that Mary needs him to spend time with her and which if any of the 2 parties fail to take action, the relationship will deteriorate further.

So the right thing to do is, for Mary to express her gratitude to Tom for doing a great job to provide for the family and for Tom to allocate more time to spend with Mary and his children, be it just at home our out for vacation.

For those who have been in a relationship or currently in one, do take a moment and evaluate yourself and your lover. Have you been able to find out what language both of you speak and the languages both of you want to be spoken to?

I found mine out this afternoon after hearing this from Jojo.

Many thanks, Jojo for enlightening me, and now my readers.


Lazy Feast

I think the laziness bug has kicked in.

I'm starting to feel lazy.

And when I feel lazy, I'll just post pictures of cute guys.

So today's posts is going to be the one for the ladies and the gay guys.

Straight guys, get out of here. Lol.



Notice the pizza flavor? Lol


doggie lover
I'd love to get acquainted with him and his dog. Lol


Well, that's all from me.

Have a great weekend ahead while I go take mooncake from my sister and tries to play Magic if I can ever find anyone to play with me. :(