DiGi Yellow Army Graduation Day

This post is filled with pictures. Compensating for other posts which lacked in pictures

Thanks to the good people from DiGi, a group of Nuffnang bloggers were invited to the DiGi Yellow Army Graduation Day 2 weekends ago. I was one of them and Zach tagged along. :D


It was held at the DiGi headquarters itself at Shah Alam! Nice way to throw a party, is to throw it at your own yard, ain't it? :D

The Nuffnang bloggers had our own registration counter and banner too. :)


The itinerary for the day is quite wholesome.


There were drift classes, wall climbing, stunts, breakdancing, Wii contest, paintball and water balloon fight arranged. Heck, they even had Hannah Tan and Manbai (Kau Ilhamku~) arranged to appear at the DiGi HQ later for the participants of the event. Not to mention there is gonna be free dinner and booze till late. Ho ho ho, now you know why Zach I went there.

Now before you start scratching your head what is the Yellow Army all about, let me be honest with you. We had no freaking idea what was it about too. So we stuck around for the opening ceremony to take place inside one of their halls.


When it began, only then the mystery was revealed that the Yellow Army actually represents volunteers from tertiary institutions all over Malaysia that represents DiGi in their campus. These people are sort of evangelist and provides some basic DiGi products to their fellow peers in the campus such as top-up cards, SIM cards and spread the word of DiGi's services. In recognition of their efforts, DiGi decided to hold the Graduation Day for all of them and some came from Sabah and Sarawak too!

Of course by now, Zach and I feel very out of place as we're considered to be among the oldest people who are not part of the organizing crew. Lol. But nevertheless, we can still have fun, can't we?

The Wii consoles were stationed in the hall itself with 3 games for the participants to play.


The games available were Guitar Hero, Olympics and some racing game I think. The best of each of the games will walk home with a brand new Nintendo Wii! I think BboyRice won one from his superb performance for the Olympics. Lol

Well, I wasn't in my most active self that day, so I refrained myself from sweating and participating in anything. In fact, I was more interested to camwhoring. Lol.


Well, you can't help it when the DiGi HQ is so nice to camwhore around. ;)


I made use of the stage too. Wanted to do something like Storm Warrior (Aaron Kwok pose) but I think the lack of a cape and strong wind kinda made it look terrible. Hahaha.

Am not sure if you have read Dragonball before. For those who haven't there's is this team called the Ginyu Force that likes to pose damn a lot of poses before fighting. Refer picture below.


Thus, I got some bloggers to do something similar on the stage too. Lol.


Zoe came to the event as well. She gave me a pacifier cum ring (CUM RING SOUNDS WRONG!! LOL) which is a green apple flavor candy. So I started sucking it like nobody's business. XD


While I was sucking the pacifier cum ring, Zoe attempted climb the wall which is about 10 meters tall. Look at her terrified face.


And she went off well and reached the top.


Bravo, Zoe! :D

Fast forward a few hours later, it was dinner time! Dinner was sponsored by O'Briens. Now, if you ask me, I'm honestly gonna tell you that O'Briens is a fag place to eat. I mean, it's overpriced and the only people who eat there are faggots and female models who wants to feel not guilty for eating and willing to pay extra to ensure that. Lol. Thus, I've never had O'Briens in my life before till that day.


However, watching them prepare the food is quite something. The amount of fresh ingredients is no doubt fascinating and we definitely can see all the food were made fresh (I doubt anyone make sandwiches using non-fresh materials).


All in all, I can say that O'Briens tasted average. Of course, with free beer that evening, it was all good and definitely no complains. There was one sandwich which had deep fried bacon which was less healthy but that was definitely the bomb of all the sandwiches served.


Even Zoe has showed sign of approval for the dinner we had.

Thank you DiGi for having us over and we certainly enjoyed the DiGi Yellow Army Graduation Army. We look forward for a DiGi Nuffnang party next!


New Moon - Gayer than Mamma Mia

If you think Mamma Mia! The Movie last year was gay, wait till you watch New Moon.

New Moon Flatten

No doubt, it is set to be one of the most sought after movie for the end of the year as it is evident it has one of the highest opening in the US thanks to the fangirls (and some feminine gays).

The story basically continued from the first movie where an ordinary human girl fell in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen.


However, due to an accident, the vampire boyfriend dumped her in order to protect her (freaking cheesie love story plot! WTF!!). Then she was so sad and started doing stupid things because she felt that every time she's in danger, she can hear Edward's voice. I bet a lot of girls with low self esteem can relate to this. Lol.

However, she began to reconnect with a childhood friend, Jacob along the way (who I think is way hotter than Edward) and they found themselves enjoying each others company a bit more than usual.


All in all, if you're a man with hair on your body and you watch this movie, I'm quite certain you'll lose quite a handful due to the excess estrogen pushed to you by the movie. The love and lost love parts are very tragic and yet unbearable not because it was sad, but because it was so cheesie (no offense to Cheeserland.com)


Check out the trailer below which is pretty impressive, but I do warn you that not everyone will enjoy this movie.

There were 2 characters that I did think was very attractive (physically) but sadly not either one of them were the main characters. One of them was Alice played by Ashley Greene.


Heck, if you ask me, she's the prettiest of all the actresses in the movie. Who says a gay guy can't tell who's pretty? I think I'm sure Kristen Stewart is definitely not a pretty girl if you ask me.


Alec on the other hand, was a minor character found in this movie. He belongs to the Volturi, some sort of royalty of vampire based in one of the cities in Europe. Charming and handsome compared to all the vampires if you ask me. Not much is known at this moment, but I do hope he returns in the third movie as the sole factor I'd want to watch it. Hahahaha.

P.S. FML, I got curious and wiki-ed all the 4 novels of Twilight and found out the ending of the story. It is terribly terribly cheesie and I think if I ever watch 4 of them in 1 shot, I'll grow breasts.

P.P.S. Read this if you don't think kindly of Twilight. It's freaking hilarious.


When I Grow Up..

If you've been following my Twitter you'll probably know what I'm gonna share today. But nevertheless here's something you might not know even you follow me on Twitter.

I've been really inspired by this particular ad by Monster that feature various kids telling what they wanna be when they grow up.

Check it out.

The one that caught my particular attention was this one;

When I grow up I wanna be a web designer. A freak! Use terms nobody understands and convince myself I'm no longer the geek I was in high school!

Thus I thought to myself, why don't I come up with ambitions that would be fun to do? To add an additional kick into it, let's have the ambition not achievable but still fun!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my Top 10 List of Ambitions I wanna be When I Grow Up;

  1. When I grow up I wanna be a screwdriver. Screwing around is fun!
  2. When I grow up I wanna be a straw. Ppl suck me, I suck someone too.
  3. When I grow up I wanna be backdrop for an event. Everyone will take picture with me!
  4. When I grow up, I wanna be a needle. Poke here poke there poke everywhere I want
  5. When I grow up I wanna be a satay stick. There's plenty of meat around for me and I go through them.
  6. When I grow up I wanna be a waffle toaster. I get to kiap sweet delicious stuff all the time. Yummy
  7. When I grow up, I wanna be a subway train. Going in and out of tunnels is fun!
  8. When I grow up I wanna be an ATM. Let ppl press my right buttons and I shoot stuffs out.
  9. When i grow up i want to be construction crane. I get to erect things for 'man'kind!
  10. When I grow up I wanna be a shampoo dispenser. Squirting white liquid all over and ppl rubb it on their bodies.
Of course, there are a few ambitions that I withdrew after people comment on it like this one.

sofa ambition

And also some ambition that is funny but I don't want to be grow up to be;

Some of my friends want to be pencil sharpeners when they grow up. They said having different long rods entering and exiting is fun.

I hope this post cheers you up if you're a pervy like me. Hehehehe. What do you wanna be when you grow up? Do share with me. :D


My Languages of Love

Languages of love not necessary only apply to lovers. If used properly, it can help relationships in life, be it friends, family and even co-workers. Let me share with you what's mine today.

Ever since young, life was a competition for me, at least. I don't know how and why I viewed it that way, but it was always a challenge for me to be perceived as the best or at least the better one compared to whoever you want to. I like compliments and praises a lot and I think this is because my dad in particular is very stingy in showering compliments. He was of course, never shy to scold and cane me whenever I misbehaved. As shared previously that I was constantly bullied by my sisters, I had to find an outlet to be happy.

iron man competition
Lol, not this kind of competition

As such, I kinda went all out for whatever I did back then to gain recognition and compliments not only from my mum, but my relatives and whoever that was that could give me my fix of compliments. I first found pride when I scored pretty well in my exams compared relatively with my sisters. I was showered with toys and praises by my relatives. Even my dad bought me a new toy but still, he didn't mention a word to compliment me for my results.

Ever since then, I was motivated to excel further in my studies in order to be loved. I managed to do that as I was constantly first in the class and eventually first in the entire Standard for Primary school. Every time I was first, I was given toys, cash and praises by my relatives but yet, my dad did not utter a single word of appreciation towards my results. According to him, performing in my studies is my role and it should not be complimented. In fact, I was once caned by him for trying to get him to buy me something to reward my results. I was.. devoid of recognition by my very own dad.

This of course, continued all the way till I graduated from high school with the best SPM results compared to my siblings and as usual, my dad didn't say anything nor did he reward me. I have no expectation for him to do so by then anyway. However, things got worse when I wanted to explore the possibility to study in KL city at first. My dad told me it wasn't possible for me to do so and he'll not fund me (reason is quite lengthy, another tale for another day). That totally crushed my heart. I think from there on, I thought I was totally unloved by my dad.


My perception of things that happened back then kinda shaped me into who I am today. For what I was devoid of the most, I seek them now the most too. Communication, talking, compliment is what I prioritize a lot in my life. I often spend ample of time talking and discussing things that I think are important to people around me (eg Zach, colleagues, boss and friends). In addition, for those people who I do care around me, I do try my best to buy them gifts (though I'm not very good in buying gifts for people) to show them I care about them.

I think from the paragraph above, you'd probably know that I speak the language of Words of affirmation/compliments and Gifts & Rewards. Of course, my dad on the other hand speaks the language of Responsibilities/Expected duties which he expected me to do the same. No doubt, he loved the family very much (I failed to see it back then) as he tried his best to fork out everything he can to ensure all of us are well fed, and all our needs are met. He was even willing to sell his house if it was necessary for us to complete our tertiary education.

Thus, you see how important it is for you to figure out what is the language of love a person speak? If you manage to find it out and is able to speak that language to him/her, your relationship will blossom be it within friends, family or co-workers. Clearly, my dad did not know of this but as now I am aware of this, I'll play my part/role well as a son and has since contributed to his monthly allowance each month seeing that he's now retired.

play my role

I hope of course he'll feel loved by me in his expectations. Meanwhile.. I don't plan to push this knowledge to him, to get him to start talking to me and giving out words of assurance to me, cause from my experience of talking to him.. it doesn't exactly change him much.

So ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, a tale that shows languages of love play important role in relationships. If you happen to be a close acquaintance of me who's reading this, by all means, show me some love once in awhile by complimenting me, yeah? ;)

P.S. Thanks to Gareth for enlightening me on Middle Child Syndrome. Never knew such thing existed and I think some of it is true for me, sadly. Damn sad when I read through them, okay? Check out here and here. Read the comments if you want to know what I mean. T_T

Wants to be loved


I just figured out that Twitter, Facebook, MSN and email are considered Social Media usage. That means, I can use RM1/day for Xpax Blackberry! Holy shit! Come to think of it, most Smartphone users just need their emails, Twitter, Facebook and MSN to begin with. Net surfing is definitely extra that not everyone needs and I think I agree. With a spend of RM30 for unlimited usage for your social media needs, no wonder everyone is joining the Xpax Blackberry family!

Heck, if the need for you to surf the net arise, you can just subscribe to RM2.50 for that day and revert back to RM1/day anytime. That's the flexibility Xpax Blackberry offers that no other telcos do. Damn, you gotta love Xpax Blackberry for offering what the consumer really needs in the market. Kudos to these peeps!


Not Safe for Kids. Adult topics. Read on you bastards, I bet you don't care about this. Lol

I was about to title this post 'Sex' but I think 'Pleasure' would be a better one as many of us do engage in self pleasuring activities if you know what I mean.

Humans in nature have several vital needs in life. If you haven't notice, I suggest you play The Sims. Lol. Sexual pleasure happens to be one of the basic needs of humans. Well, only applies for us who are no longer kids at least.

Off course some individuals might have stronger needs for sexual pleasure while others do not need it as often. However it is safe to say that most of us born with perfect genitals have sexual needs. Satisfying them would be another matter altogether since some individuals do suppress their needs (monks and nuns for example).

Okay, I'm gonna cut the chase short and tell you what I intend to ask today.

How often do you indulge in sexual pleasure?

This includes oral sex, sex (straights), anal sex and masturbation. Reason why I'm asking? Cause I'm sharing. Hahahaha.

Not sure if you've heard this before, but it's a saying from a Hong Kong movie that says if you have long arm hair, you tend to have a high sexual need. And the last time I checked, my arm hair is quite noticeable. Lol.

Wanna try a guess when did I found out about sexual pleasure? Peers. Damn neighbors I had in the school bus told me that you can grab your dick and shake it up and down to make yourself feel nice. They also emphasized on the smell of cum. That was the introduction of masturbation to me.


Back then, I had no fucking idea what cum was. Heck, I didn't even know what foreskin was! Hahahha. So after hearing from them, I went home, took off my pants and started looking at my dick over my fat tummy. Of course, it was flaccid. I needed stimulation. Hmmm.. Where do I find stimulation?

Ahhh, dad's wardrobe! I remembered he stocked up some naughty films that we're not allowed to watch. Every time he chased us out from his room, he'd have taken some video cassette out from his wardrobe before that. Back then, I didn't know how to surf for free porn yet. Lol.

So after some video watching, my dick got hard. I had no idea what to do next.

Seriously! Hahahaha.

I remember something my peers telling me about touching my dick. I also remembered something about it smells. I used my finger and touched the top part of my dick which wasn't covered by my foreskin and proceeded to sniff it a little. That was definitely a new smell to me. And I thought, that's it? Once I get hard, I touched the top of my dickhead and sniff it? Geez, masturbation is overrated.


That was what I thought! Honestly! It was till later I started asking myself, how come the porn in the videos I watched, the dick shoots liquid out but mine doesn't but still has a distinct smell. Thus, I asked my peers again about it and they laughed their asses silly pointing their fingers at me calling me noob. Lol. Only then did I found out that masturbation involves gripping a hard dick and moving your hands up and down the shaft. Upon then, at the climax, you'll shoot out white liquid that will be a bit smelly as well. I was like, "Ohhhhhhh". Lol


At the age of 14 (fucking late if you ask me), I experienced sexual pleasure for the first time (six months after thinking masturbation was sniffling dry pre cum on a hard dick, Lol). My god, after I experienced that, I think I was addicted to it. How can you not be when it's like the best feeling in the world. I think there was a period of time, I actually masturbated twice a day. Now don't you start calling me a pervert cause I'm sure many guys used to be addicted to masturbation at one point in their lives. If you don't trust me, ask your other friends and make sure they be honest with you.

Fast forward to today, masturbation is still common for me. Hahaha. It's not because I can't get sex, but let's just say, I think my right hand does best at making myself happy. Of course, the frequency is much lesser than my 'Golden Age' since I do have options available in pleasuring myself. Of course, I'm not going to be listing down everything I have today here, as too much information can be dangerous (to your eyes, imagination and also my reputation).


I'll end it here today, but I still would like to know, if you're a guy, tell me how often do you pleasure yourself? How about your 'Golden Age'? How often did you do that? Lol

P.S. I bet now everyone thinks twice before they shake my right hand. Hahahahaha.


Balik Ipoh

Yes, I'm going back to Ipoh for the weekend.

Many friends, after reading my previous post about my family/sisters advised me this;

Don't argue with your sisters when you go back, ok?

Hahaha. No promises, but I'll try?

I have a few reasons why I'm going back though.

Firstly, I missed my dad's birthday last month as I had to work in Singapore preparing for the Blog Awards. I actually got him a present earlier but I had no time to go back before that as well and thus only bringing him his belated birthday present this week. I hope he likes what I bought for him. :)

Next, I do miss my parents (a bit). It's been almost 3 months since I last see them, I think. So yea, it's time to drop by Ipoh to see them. However, I'm very sure the moment I see them, this reason will be nullified and I will wonder what can I do in Ipoh for the rest of 2 days. Lol.

Lastly, there's a distant relative wedding dinner to attend this weekend! Hurray!! I'm damn cheapskate and love wedding dinners. Especially the first 2 courses!! The appetizer usually rocks and sharkfin is no doubt the bomb!!! Muahahaha, attending wedding dinners of relatives are cost efficient, cause your parents pay for angpow instead of you!!! Yea! Yea! Yea!

Okay from these 3 reasons I bet you've deciphered me as someone who prioritized work from family, a not filial son and cheapskate, thick faced guy. I do admit I'm all three but I don't exactly see much wrong in it due to what I've faced in my life. So I beg for you not to judge anyone for what they do in the present as many of us may be touched or shattered to hear what they had gone through.

I'll end my post with a picture of an extremely cute guy (it's been awhile since I post cute guys' pictures in my blog).

cute guy


8 Random Facts About Xpax BB

  1. It's addictive. Due to the fact it's freaking cheap (RM2.50 unlimited data/day), you just get hooked to your BB like nobody's business.
  2. It pisses off iPhone users like Timothy Tiah
  3. You see something effing funny, you snap and tweet about it, like this Tiew Brothers
  4. You can shit and read your emails at the same time inside the toilet (or anywhere you prefer to shit, the grazing field if you're a cow, the lift if you're a psychotic immigrant)
  5. You can bid for your lots in eBay. Whenever a fucker raise his price by 0.01 cent, you can raise it another 0.01 cent to piss him off.
  6. Word Mole, the game that comes along with BB Curve 8520 rocks, according to David and Nicki
  7. It's not for college kids who dreams to be cool *hint iPhone* , it's for people who are actually cool.
  8. Did I mention that you can shit and tweet about what color is your shit?
P.S. Go get your Xpax BB before the promotion ends. :D


Emo Today

Emo post ahead. Don't bother reading if you wish I'll die tomorrow

I just finished reading Fourfeetnine's blog post wishing her brother a Happy Birthday.

Read the entire post and the comments as well and you'll feel very warm and fuzzy. It's almost like you have imaginary butterflies flying around you. Yea, that kind of warmth. Their family is so intact, together and loving. It's like a TVB drama put together. Hahahaha.

Truth to be told, I think I was a little depressed after digesting what was shared by Audrey and her family. Reason? Well, being a Chinese, you tend to compare a lot of stuffs and this scenario is no different. I wouldn't say my family isn't loving or warm but somehow.. it's just different.

Here we go again, sharing my thoughts on my family, and this time in not a very positive manner.

My dad is the man of house. He has everything a typical Chinese dad has - brains and absolute authority over everything in the house. He works really hard to put food on the table for the family. He lays down the rule of what is acceptable and what isn't and if things don't go his way, he'll punish without hesitation - canning when we were still children. As we grew older, canning was no longer practical, but that didn't stop him from exerting the authority as he was still the dad who pays for our meals and lives. He doesn't talk much to the family nor share what's in his mind at all.

My mum endured quite a tough life of her own. Coming from a relatively poorer household, she didn't exactly have a lot when she was growing up. She practically spent quite a bit of her life servicing elder relatives, her own grandmother when she was young and my grandmother when she was still around. As a mother, she tried her very best to give a lot to her children and it's very seldom that we see her angry of us. We definitely appreciate that as she balanced the strict and cold dad we have. However, my mum is still subject to my dad's authority and that means sometimes my dad's actions can't be explained by my mum nor could she do anything about it.

My elder sister... I think the perfect word to describe her from me would be.. rival? Hahaha. We have always been at each others neck and trying to kill each other apart due to our different views in everything in life. I was very competitive in nature and my elder sister being the closest person I could compare myself with kinda get dragged along unwillingly. Our childhood was filled with disagreement with each other, how I thought I'm a better person that she was and vice versa. Dad's decision to send her to pursue medicine in Russia added more discontentment rooted deep down within me against her and let's just say that till today, we still have a fair share of things we do not see eye to eye in.

My younger sister is a blessed girl if you ask me. She was led up by 2 extremes siblings in the family, my elder sister for being stern, conservative with her values and follow-my-advice advices and me for being rebellious against the family strict rules, think for yourself instead of others and don't-blindly-listen-to-what-I-say advices. As such, she was able to digest the good qualities from both of us and made her own choices on what values she would be comfortable to live with and I'm happy to say that I see her living a pretty happy life on her own but of course, me being an extreme, I do have certain things I don't agree with her in life as well. But generally, I'm better with my younger sister than my elder sis.

Back when I was still living in Ipoh, the chain of authority was kinda like this;

Dad -> Mum -> Elder Sis -> Younger Sis -> Me

Yes. In case you don't know, the youngest child gets more attention and more protected in most families. Didn't help that I'm the only son, I wasn't given extra privileges. Instead, I was given extra beatings for crossing over the line all the time (told you I was rebellious). Guess what? I was actually gang bullied by my sister when I was growing up. I know, I am a loser. FML. T_T

My elder sister had physical advantage over the younger days of growing up and she has always used that against me. I remember well she took out a knife from the kitchen to threaten me and my parents didn't even cane her while most of my naughty acts get punished severely by the cane.

There are instances where my younger sister would kicked me for fun and then cried out loud. My parents would storm down the stairs with a cane and beat the shit out of me without listening to what actually happened.

Their individual acts were horrible enough on me. Guess what happened when they teamed up and collaborated their acts? I'm not even gonna share it cause it's just so depressing la. With such memorable incidents flashing through my mind, how can I not feel depressed when I read Audrey's post?

My parents weren't exactly helpful in understanding our lives unless it's life and death situation (like you cry cause of nervous breakdown like that). Mum was busy working (which I think she enjoys a lot, gives her freedom and life) most of the time while dad doesn't talk to you nor have the initiative to find out what's up in your life unless you speak out first. Even if you do so, most of the answers you'll get back are 1 word answers that puts an end to conversations straight away. As time passed by, I grew to not bother starting conversations anymore and it's fair for me to say, not one person from my family truly understood me when I was a teenager due to the fact I've given up in sharing my life to them as much as they've given up to find out about my life.

With an early childhood of unfair punishment & reward system and getting bullied by your sisters (shame on me) to a teenage of negligence where your family have no idea what you do nor have the initiative to find out.. I think it's safe for me to say I didn't exactly enjoyed my years of growing up that much.

Thus, when I read Audrey's blog... It was just painful for me and yet I feel happy for her family. I don't exactly have any main messages to send across today, I'm just rambling about how bad I feel. Hope you guys don't mind.


I Can Draw Too

I always have a soft spot for bloggers who can draw and express themselves.

Perfect example would be Miao from Akiraceo.com. His drawings are very cute and inspiring in nature. Heck, even my current blog banner and avatar is drawn by him. So yeah, he's like my idol in this case. ^_^

Today while I was on the way to play Magic at CCE I saw a tweet on my Xpax Blackberry. It was from Twitter, a direct message from my idol in drawing, Jian.

The message is as follows;

I think you'll like the 'Draw Wafu&Pafu!! :D' contest! http://drawcontest.com/i/bc4ad5e14907

It was to promote his efforts to get people to draw Wafu and Pafu. Some of the drawings were really cute such as from Jian himself;

wafu pafu miao

And there were also cute ones from his fans like this one;

wafu pafu fan

Of course, when I saw that using my Xpax Blackberry, I wanted to take part and start drawing too since I have unlimited access to do all kinds of stuff online due to the RM2.50 per day for unlimited data for BB services, but due to the fact I was enrolled in a mini tourney for Magic, I couldn't spare the time to do so.

Thus, I gave up on the thought. But before I close the browser I accidentally stumbled upon other drawing contests that were on going and one of them was a drawing contest for Shooting Star.

Some of the drawings featured are as such;

shooting stars

The moment I saw this, I knew it was my time to showcase my artistic side. Thus, the moment I reached home, I went to my computer and started drawing a masterpiece for the 'Shooting Star' drawing contest in Paint.

After a considerable amount of hard work, my masterpiece was ready. I went to the site just to find out... the cibai contest does not allow artist to upload their drawings and they must draw on the site itself using Flash!! FML!!!

I mean come on, I'm pretty sure my drawing would pawn all the others.

Just take a look.

shooting star

Ain't this the best Shooting Star image you have ever seen?

P.S. No stars were harmed in creating the image.


Being Sick Sucks

Am not sure if you know, but I do tend to get sick easily. T_T

I wasn't able to tell why, but after a long thought, I think it's mainly due to my eating habits. You see, back in the time where I still stay with my parents, I hardly fall sick. Maybe like once a year? But ever since I've moved out and stay on my own, I tend to get sick pretty often, almost like once every 2 months or even more.

Living condition is probably the same but I guess the food I take in these days are definitely imbalance compared to what my parents had fed me for the past 18 years. I mean, when you stay on your own, you tend to eat all the nice, tasty food without caring for balance in nutrients (screw nutritionists) and sometimes when you're in need to save, you just whack instant noodles like nobody's business. As a result, most of us who stay outside tend to be malnourished and thus becomes easy prey for sickness.

I, am a living example of such person. T_T

I miss my mum's cooking all of the sudden (though I admit I prefer choosing what to eat, but look how easy I get sick these days. FML).

The previous 2 days had been hell for me. I woke up one morning feeling like the earth is splitting into two, but I ignored it and thus went ahead to the office to work. Upon arriving, I felt that a tornado came through me and I was literally floating around. I couldn't help it but to take a quick rest in the office to regain my spirit before I could work.

Little did I know, I was pretty wreaked and I could barely crawl back to my seat to work properly. The next thing I knew, I was bombing the West toilet (next to Nicholas, Jestina and Michelle) as the East was occupied then. They had to endure the radiation worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki had as my ammo was liquid and almost endlessly flowing out from my armory.

After emptying the armory, I continued working for awhile before global warming struck me and I had to once again lie down in the office to be okay. I stayed on because that day, I had to attend a movie screening and give out the tickets as Nicki wasn't able to watch the movie due to unforeseen circumstances and I didn't want her to be there since she's not watching thus I pressed on.

But as the sun goes down, my health kept getting worse and when it was time to head to the cinema, Nicki came to me and tell me to go home and she'll take care of everything. She was like an angel when I heard that from her. I was touched. I went home to get my rest but wake up randomly to check twitter in case anything went wrong during the screening. Thankfully nothing went wrong and it was a smooth sailing.

Nicki was great. She told me that she wanted me to go home because she can't let bloggers see me in my sick condition. My sick half-dying face would be all over the blogs if I was there. Lol. She was so sweet. ^_^

The pain didn't end there though. Today, when I woke up, the giddiness and fever continued and I decided to call it a day off and informed the boss and country manager about it. Went to the doctor about 10am and got medicine - antibiotic, panadol alike tablets and something to combat giddiness.

After 3 rounds of medication, I feel better now, writing this entry.

But being sick still sucks. I have a lot of work to catch up. :(

So if you happen to be staying outside like me, take my advice and start eating balance meals. It's okay to indulge in tasty food, but be sure you don't miss your veggies and fruits. :(


The day when I was sick, I was also denied of the luxury of unlimited data on my Xpax Blackberry. I forgot to reload my credit (left RM2.40 only) and thus I no longer had access to unlimited data today. This is reasonable of course, since it's a prepaid service. Activating it back is as simple as ABC, just send BB ON to 28882 and BB 250 again and you're back on. Of course, if you've already miss the day, activating it on the next day (12AM) would be wise. ;)

That's my tip on how to use your Xpax Blackberry wisely.

Stay tune for more Blackberry tips.


I think I'm feeling better. Have a meeting tomorrow at KL Sentral. Hopefully I'd be fine when I wake up. Wish me luck.

Half sick

Namewee Does Not Represent the Chinese Community

Of course, he is entitled to his own opinion, I'm entitled to mine and you are entitled to yours.

I'm writing this blog post in response to one of his latest videos that bashes TNB for the blackout he experienced in Muar.

Check it out

From my observation, he appears to be somewhat irrational in his actions. Of course, the initiative to find out more about the inconvenience caused to him is good, but not willing to be engage conversation and understanding the situation proves that he's just a hot headed person that blows up whenever things don't go his way.

In addition, from the way the video is made, it is as if, he is trying to fan racial tension indirectly as he showed himself speaking in Chinese while having all the TNB staffs who happened to be all Malays (confidently) to be against him.

Upon watching this video, I must say I am ashamed if anyone is to associate me together with Namewee as a Chinese. I think irrational, hot headed, unreasonable people exist in all races. Namewee is one from the Chinese community.

I know that he's angry that his place has no electricity often due to breakdowns, but yelling and scolding TNB without understanding more isn't exactly very helpful, what else taking video of himself scolding TNB and bashing TNB (showing Malay TNB staffs) intensify the fragile racial tie especially among the ones easily influenced (not enlightened Chinese students and practically any conservative Malays).

Tell me your views on this.

Do you feel that what he did was rational for himself and the community?


Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards Part 2 - Uniquely Singapore Tour

After working hard for almost 2 weeks for the Blog Awards, it's time to sit back and enjoy for awhile, ain't it? That's the truth that I didn't expect. As I was made person in charge (IC) for Group C for the Bloggers Tour the day after the Blog Awards, I was kinda expecting myself to run up and down and working my ass off to look after the bloggers. Thankfully that wasn't necessary as everything was very well in order. Singapore is indeed a very beautiful city.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Of course, the absence of my unlimited data plan for XpaxBlackberry is no doubt noticeable. Else wise you'll be able to see me tweeting here and there showing you where I was back then. The good thing about XpaxBlackberry is, you can subscribe and unsubscribe any time you want to.

You see, as I was about to cross the border to Singapore, I knew if I left my Blackberry Unlimited Services on, it'd be a waste of money as it auto renews it services every night. Thus I sent 'BB OFF' to 28882 and it will record that I requested to turn off the Blackberry Unlimited Services. Then, when I need to activate it again when I'm on my way back to Malaysia, I merely sent 'BB ON' to 28882 followed by 'BB 250' and I'm back online!

Talk about convenience, eh? ;)

Okay, back to my main point. There were about 180 bloggers going for the tour and we had 4 buses bringing us all over the city of Merlion, stopping at various unique locations.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Among them is a visit to the URA Museum. I think it stands for Urban Redevelopment Authority, but Chee Ching and I keep making fun of it as a Japanese word where URA is something like a plant/animal that is very exotic. That was what we really thought it was before we arrive.

Basically the URA Museum showcase how the government of Singapore built the island and laid out the plans of the entire island. There is 1 section of the museum where there's a model of the entire island laid out like the picture below.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Seeing this, Chee Ching and I can't help but to suppress my urge to turn into Godzilla and start laying the smackdown on the model island. XD

Lunch was at Maxwell Food Center, one of the most famous place to have a good and affordable lunch in Singapore.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Similar to Food Centers in Malaysia, there are a lot of stalls and you can order from anyone you like. However, they do not deliver the food to your seats and you're required to carry your own food back to your place which is kinda 'school canteen' if you ask me. *Shrugs*

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

The food in Singapore are different from Malaysia because we are from 2 different countries technically. However, not many people are totally aware of such and will start comparing certain food that shares the same name in Singapore with the food in Malaysia. As such, Malaysians who are eating in Singapore tend to think Singaporean food is below par but I beg to differ as I think it's all a matter of preferences in our taste buds.

I think many of us wouldn't like people bashing our favorite food saying that it sucks and it should taste another way instead, right? That's what a lot of Singaporeans felt when a Malaysian goes on their island and say their food sucks cause they taste different. Sarawak laksa is different from Penang Laksa, both Sarawakian and Penangite would probably end up killing each other if anyone of them mocks the other. Let's not make this an international crisis over food, eh?

Next stop was the MINT Museum of Toys.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

This place is just absolutely stunning for what it holds within a small building.

It contains 5 floors and each floor has a significant amount of toys of all ages in mint condition!! The tour guide who guided us through the floors were very good in what he does. He was explaining the origins of all the toys in the museum and I must say he was impressive!

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

However, due to exhaustion from the previous day, I missed out what he said mostly. I fell asleep on a very expensive couch in the museum. XD

But hey, I'll share the pictures of the toys in the museum with you. :D

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

We then visited the Royal Selangor showroom in Clarke Quay where the bloggers was given a tour on how simple pewter products were made. We have also arranged for the bloggers to undertake their very own pewter bowl making class, called School of Hardknocks where they get to knock a flat pewter disc into a bowl.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

After a good knocking experience, all the bloggers graduated with their bowls and a certificate from the School of HardKnocks!

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

Next stop was the Singapore Flyer which definitely dwarves our Eye of Malaysia a lot.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

It was a very smooth ride inside the Flyer, you barely notice the rotation inside the capsule and I must say it was very very comfortable inside. Given the chance, I'd definitely do something crazy inside the Flyer. Thinking about sex? No! (Though that is really gonna be kinky!) I was talking about maybe a wedding proposal, anniversary dinner or something like that! And you know what? They do provide that kind of services (NOT THE SEX ONE!). Check with Singapore Flyer and who knows, you might be able to do it. :D

The day ended when we brought the bloggers to Bugis Junction for shopping instead of Orchard. Reasoning, the bloggers all felt that they can't afford Orchard shopping and thus spent all their time at Bugis instead.

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

The Bugis street market is no doubt a better, safer, cleaner place to shop compared to the likes of Petaling Street where nothing is overpriced meant to slaughter tourists.

All in all, the Singapore tour experience was fascinating. From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank Uniquely Singapore for the wonderful experience and of course, for the SG Nuffies who worked damn hard to organize the wonderful tour. I daresay I'm representing a lot of the bloggers who went for the trip as well. :)

Singapore has grown to be a place I am quite fond of nowadays.

Given the chance, I'll like to be in Singapore again. ;)