I'm a Green Santa

This year I had the pleasure to celebrate Christmas at KY's Christmas party. Before this, I've heard so much fun and hype about KY's party that I just have be there this year!

Actually that was half a lie. Lol. Was there as it was also half of my job. What's my job? Well, let's just say that I was a green santa?


Of course, there was a green super hero too. He's the Eyeman. You must be asking me why am I in green if I'm supposed to be Santa?

Well according to some information I found on the Internet, Santa Claus was originally depicted in green! He turned red because of the popular soft drink, Coca-Cola.

Before the Coca-Cola ads ''popularized'' red as the color of Santa's suit, he was often depicted in green, though also in red, brown, and white. Green was the traditional color of the British Father Christmas (remember the Spirit of Christmas Present in ''A Christmas Carol''?). Also, green, as in "evergreens," was traditionally associated with the winter solstice season.

Coca-cola, BTW, did '''not''' ''start'', ''begin'', ''create'', or otherwise ''originate'' the red suit. They just made it popular. Well, technically, the paintings of Haddon Sundblom made the red suit popular; he was the artist who painted Santa Claus for Coca-cola, and his image of Santa Claus that gained so much popularity.

Well, you can check the facts from over 100 years ago, but you'll find out that I'm right. ;)

Yea, I bet the color of Santa turned you around didn't you? Well, the other reason why I was in green was - the party was sponsored by Heineken and theme color was green. So yea, since I'm Santa, I should be a green Santa. Yea!

Just in case you wanna shoot me that I'm too skinny to be a Santa, I topped my stomach up with a pillow from KY's couch. Ho ho ho. Definitely people were happy to see me. :D


Thanks to Heineken, this year's Christmas party has got lots of food! Buffet for everyone who attended and lots of satay! Noms!


No party is complete without booze, ain't it? A total of 8 crates of Heineken were brought to KY's house. To top that up, they had vodka, absinthe, some Taiwan wine and others to make people really happy. Ho ho ho.

The highlight was of course, drinking all the mixture through a funnel connected by a rubber pipe. The mixture is quite strong and nasty. Not many could have down that at one go.


The highlight of the party was no doubt the gift exchange. Well, everyone brings a gift and stack them up together. Numbers were given out and the person with the lowest number can go and unwrap presents accordingly. Higher numbers can then either open another present or hijack an opened one. If your present is hijacked, you can then open another, pretty simple. That being said, the highest number has the biggest advantage over all the presents opened. Fair enough. :P

There were quite an extensive range of presents unwrapped this year. Among them were a package of adult diapers;


a plastic chicken which makes damn annoying sound,


six packets of assam laksa all the way from Penang,


a set of cocktail shaker with glass from Banana Republic,


Barney the gay purple dinosaur that can sing the "I Love you, you love me" song and many more.


Despite I looked happy in the picture before this, I didn't manage to keep the cocktail set. T_T Someone hijacked it away from me. Wuwuwuwu.

All in all, KY's party was awesomesauce! I really look forward to be there again next year and hopefully, I won't embarrass myself as I didn't get drunk this year and certainly don't look forward to be drunk next year.


The Three Musketeers

My readership dropped like mad. I'm desperate for it to come up back. Let's see if some gay stories help.

Mark was a very flamboyant and flirtatious gay guy. Well, most gay guys are so that's not surprising, ain't it? But the thing with Mark was, he remained the same despite he is 35 years old and has been in a relationship with Will for over 12 years which was considered a very long time for gay relationships. Despite the fact he's an 'uncle', he still has a strong pull of attraction towards gay guys of various genres be it the twinks, the young execs or the steady lean hunks.

So roughly from the first paragraph above, the main point of the story you need to know was, Mark was above average in looks, in a relationship with Will, 35 years old and still likes to play the field (if you know what it means). Now let me introduce you to another character, Sam.

Sam was in his late twenties, owns a small mobile phone business in JB and got to know Mark through Fridae.com (in case you don't know, it's the world's largest gay portal/group/community). Both Mark and Sam are veterans (you can probably tell via age) when it comes to hooking up with other gays so it didn't take long for the exchange of messages in Fridae.com till they got each others MSN and phone number which eventually led to a confession of each others interest to have the other person on bed.

I'm probably the worst writer in the world so I'm gonna change the flow of the story again. Will, as you all know was Mark's boyfriend/partner. He was a librarian who takes care of the national library. He's also flirtatious and flamboyant but definitely it does not match Mark's standard. Being in a relationship with Mark for over 12 years, he has come to an agreement with Mark that a little spice in life does wonders to their relationship. I hope you caught what 'spice' was.

The thing special between Mark and Will was their honesty with each other. That being said, if Mark thinks the pink T-shirt Will's wearing was extremely sissy, he'd said that right away. The same applies if Mark feels like his dick was getting an itch from looking at another guy or he just learned to played saxophone in the city hall. That being said, the moment Mark got a reply from Sam that hinted interest in accepting his advances, he shared it with Will right away. Of course, Sam having his own business in JB, needed to make arrangements if any fireworks could happen so there was no certainty of anything at all.

Few months down the road, Sam called Mark up with a good news. He was coming to KL for business and was thinking if he could save on the hotel room and bunked in at Mark's place. Mark knew what it meant and was of course glad to offer his place to Sam but Mark is equally fair when it comes to honesty to others so he told Sam that he was attached and lives with Will to check if Sam mind. Sam replied that he didn't mind. In fact, he has a boyfriend in JB himself, that naughty Sam!

The moment that information was out, Mark felt relieved as the last thing he would want to do is to hurt another person's feelings. After all, it's all for fun and not meant to harm. Mark eventually introduced Will and Sam to each other online and let's just say that both Will and Sam got along pretty well too. From there onwards, it was a good sail.

Okay thanks babai.


You want more?


So Sam came to KL for work and after his meetings, he met up with Mark and Will for dinner at Frangipani (which happens to be a gay hangout on Friday nights). Well, it was the first time Mark and Sam 'met' as they have seen each other only on webcams. True enough, Sam did look appealing when they finally met. The dinner was very pleasant as Mark, Will and Sam had a blast sharing common topics of interest ranging from entertainment to fashion and many more.

After a hearty meal (expensive too), the trio headed home to Mark's humble house at Desa Park City. Once they arrived at Mark's house, Will proceeded to help himself with a glass of Pinot Noir while Sam who has been out for the entire day went to wash up. The thing with Mark is, he's always cunning and playful. You see, he has the door lock of his bathroom made in a way that the door can be opened from the outside.

Picture taken from Takashi

After a short while Sam went in the the shower water came running down, Mark helped himself off his own clothes before entering the bathroom which no doubt startled Sam a little. Well, Sam did welcome the surprise as it was evident from a particular member of his body. Well, with a pair of additional hands in the shower room, let's just say one can definitely has his entire body's scrubbed clean easily. It's just that Sam got more than that in this case.

During the process, Will joined in the shower too, after finishing his red. Now I'll leave you to imagine what 3 pairs of hands with hard members can do in the bathroom. I'll share some hints that involve some physics, some biology and definitely chemistry too!

The action proceeded to the bedroom. Sam probably figured out the shower did more harm than it should have done. He doubt he got any cleaner and wondered if he got stickier than before he entered the bathroom. A lot was done in the room. Several theories of the Big Bang were discussed in detail, aided with live demonstration. There was also a lion in the room which was why the whip in the closet was useful. A bandit broke in during the discussions of big bang theory (though the headcount in the house remained the same) but he was quickly apprehended thanks to the spare handcuff in the bedroom. Suffice to say the bandit was taught a lesson which involved dermatologist demonstrating the right ways to apply facial products. There was also a power shortage for a short while where the candles in the room served its intended usage.

After a night of intellectual encounter, Mark, Will and Sam slept till late in the afternoon the next day. As Sam had to get back to JB to take care of his business, he left right after a delicious home cooked lunch prepared by Will.

Of course, there are more visits from Sam to Mark's every now and then, but that would be a different tale to tell in the future.


There, I've done my gay story. Please read my blog everyday okay? I want my traffic back, pretty please~~~

P.S. Story may or may not be fictional. You do not have to care nor comment on that. Any speculation will be removed without warning.


Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

This is just a post to recap the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 that I had organized. Of course, not many people knew it was a Nuffnang organized event as it wasn't supposed to be branded as a Nuffnang event.

As usual, goody bags were aplenty for all attendees. I am quite sure there were leftovers. The Nuffies came few hours in advance to help pack them and we were all in agreement that Mister Potato was very generous with the goody bags. ;)


Quite a bit was done to brand the venue with Mister Potato. Among them were a giant billboard in the club itself, cardboards with Mister Potato logo leading the way to the club, huge ass Mister Potato logo covering the DJ console and of course, photo wall!


The Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 is basically a finale event for their online game held at www.misterpotato.com.my which you'd have probably seen from the ads running in various blogs in Malaysia. In the same time, they hold another contest with Nuffnang to give out lucrative prizes to bloggers who seek to promote the online game too.

So here are all the big bosses giving a speech to the attendees wearing sombero hats. They are Tim (Nuffnang MY boss), Pierre (Mamee boss) and Ming (Nuffnang SG boss).


We got Hujan the rock band to perform for the fiesta which was a blast in my opinion. As shared previously in my earlier post, they were so good that no one regretted having them at the fiesta (the organizing team) especially when they played the Mister Potato Jingle. In fact, if I'm the boss for Mister Potato, I might even buy the song from them officially or something. I don't know. Lol.


The highlight of the night was the Mister Potato showdown, which means the finalist for the online game who were best dressed in the venue are invited on stage to compete against one another to win the cheers from the audience in order to win cash prizes up to RM10,000! Of course, to lead the way to dance like Mister Potato was the guy himself!


As you can see from the picture below, the default dance was quite funny. Lol.


But after that, each finalist were given about 30 seconds to dance on their own style and some of them really took us by surprise. Let's look at the picture to tell the tale.


He actually did quite a number of somersaults without assistance during the party! Holy shit!

Of course his cheers were among the highest but the finalists we were looking for were supposed to be more on the look alike Mister Potato. But nevertheless, the boss from Mister Potato was so impressed, he decided to throw out a RM1,500 cash prize for him on the spot itself for being the best dancer!


Mister Potato gave out a total of RM21,500 in cash prizes that night itself with a lot of hampers, GSC Signature tickets and goody bags. I bet a lot of people were happy with the Fiesta (I definitely hope so, since I organized it).


Do look out for more awesome events from Nuffnang in the future. ;)

P.S. Next up is Friso Family Day Out and Samsung Corby Carnival. I know most of you aren't a parent yet, so join the carnival and win mobile phones! Whooo~


Tickling the Throttle @ #BMWDrive

This has got to be the latest (not as in happening, but as in, late. Very late) post for all who went for the BMW Efficient Dynamics Drive close to a month ago.

In conjunction with their effort to promote Diesel Technology that is much safer and cleaner for Mother Nature, BMW Malaysia organized a drive for 12 bloggers from KL all the way to Belum Resort, located up north in Perak. The distance covered for one way is about 350km which was very reasonable for a drive in order for you to experience it.

It was a 2 day road trip which started on a Saturday. It's been awhile since I have to wake up early in the morning for Saturday but it was all worth it when I reached Mandarin Oriental for the briefing and breakfast courtesy of BMW Malaysia. There, we were given a briefing regarding the technology of the car before we depart.

Sashi, the man is giving us a brief intro about the car

Right after breakfast, we were led to the Beemers all lined up in front of the KLCC main lobby entrance. That was no doubt a damn grand experience. Just for that day, I felt my social status went up a few notches.

Me in the car, trying out the control and etc

You don't think walking out to the entrance of KLCC lobby with your Beemer waiting for you is classy? What do you think if I tell you we had police escort opening our way for us from KL to PJ? I bet now you'd agree, right? Lol.

Finally, I know how it feels to drive with police escort, stopping all other cars for me, making a path for us during traffic jams. XD


The BMWDrive convoy was led by a damn cool racer driver, Ivan Kong who works for BMW himself under the training department or something like that. Now there are a few reason why every blogger who went for the convoy thinks he is cool;

1. He can drive freaking fast
2. At the same time, he can hold 2 walkies to talk to us and his support cars (ensuring none of us got lost in the convoy)
3. At the same time, he spots traffic ahead for us to overtake in country roads (those old roads by passing small towns and etc)
4. When he spots traffic, he gave detailed description of the car, driver and what the driver is wearing or doing!
5. He knows Lady Gaga's songs better than I do


Seriously, this Ivan is damn awesome. While spotting traffic for us he'd like be saying something like;

"Watch out for incoming traffic. Red Wira, the driver is wearing a songkok and smiling by himself"

which was absolutely true when we passed the freaking car!

Once we left the Sungai Buloh toll, that's where the fun began. We were driving Beemers and we were in a convoy! Woohooo!! Ivan kept asking us to "tickle the throttle" if we needed to accelerate because the accelerator is so damn sensitive, if you floor it, you'd prolly hit something very far in a short time. :D


Of course, I had the pleasure of actually flooring it as I purposely kept a distance behind the car in front of me (another Beemer in the convoy) in hope for me to reach 200km/h which I did eventually hit. The feeling was doubt exhilarating. Ho ho ho.

When you're driving a Beemer, you hardly realize how long it took you to drive from one location to another. Reason? It was so comfortable and relaxing to drive a BMW car. Serious shit, I'm not paid to say this but it is from my very own experience! Hahaha. Without me even noticing it, we reached Ipoh for lunch at Indulgence.


If you're from Ipoh, you'd probably know that Indulgence is one of the finest place to dine. Heck, the price for their dishes are pretty insane too for common folks of Ipoh to enjoy. Of course, the premium status of Indulgence is well suited for BMW and that's why we were there. :D

After an awesome meal, we continued our journey up North and once again, it was exhilarating especially with the bends of the hill roads. I nearly kissed Shaolintiger's ass (his car, I mean) and accidentally drifted (in built system saved me from crashing) due to the fact I was cornering at 80km/h on hill roads. XD


Alas, we reached Belum Resort (contradictory, are we there yet? Belum) just before the sunset. The place was beautiful and I bet it was pricey too. But it was all taken care of by BMW which we did appreciate. :)


There's nothing else better than to receive a welcome drink in the form of champagne. Once we got down from the Beemers, we were welcomed and served various drinks ranging from fruit punch to champagne and red wine for those who adore the alcohol touch in their thirst quencher.


Not long after checking in the nice cozy rooms at Belum Resort, the sun set and it was time for dinner. Dinner was awesome with a lot of fun happenings which took place that not many bloggers seem eager to bring out and share in their blogs. Well, let's just say that Jenga was way too fun that everyone did crazy stuff (which wasn't very nice if you happen to clean up after us). KY roughly documented it somewhere in YouTube. Go look if you wanna find out. Lol.


The next morning, right before we started our drive back to KL, we had time for water rafting! And no, we weren't sitting on kayaks with plastic paddlers. It was old school water rafting! That means, bamboo!! Ho ho ho. The cold water in Lake Temenggor definitely gave all of us a wake up call, especially for those who were still sleepy.

Don't look at the leg hair

After water rafting, we cleaned up and hit the road once again heading towards Ipoh for lunch before KL for the end of the drive.

The BMWDrive was no doubt eye opening for many who weren't informed about the Diesel Technology. For layman, we normally think of diesel vehicles like the following;

- They are noisy and dirty
- They are less powerful
- They are usually bus, lorry or taxi

Well, these are misconception. How noisy, dirty and powerful a vehicle is, is all dependent on the engine and fuel quality. BMW showed us that with a proper diesel engine and diesel fuel, a car can be more powerful due to the presence of the extra torque generated and in the same time more environment friendly (lesser emission of CO2 compared to petrol cars). In addition, fuel consumption is much lower than the regular petrol cars in BMW's Diesel Technology.

We were shown a few examples and tests during the drive and we are convinced that the Diesel Technology is good. In fact, it's better than petrol cars due to the following reasons;

- Emits less CO2 and dirt compared to petrol car
- Consumes less fuel (no refuel for entire 770km journey)
- More powerful thanks to the additional torque by diesel engine
- Diesel is cheaper than petrol by 10 sen at the moment. Lol
- The 320d and 520d are cheaper in comparison with 320i and 520i

If you're still having doubts about Diesel cars, go check out the BMW showrooms and ask for assistance and information. I'm sure they'll be helpful enough to enlighten you on the benefits of Diesel Cars.

I found my dream car after the BMW Drive. It's definitely gonna be a Beemer. ;)


Thank you Sashi from BMW and everyone for making this the best drive ever.

P.S. I wish I knew about the RM1/week for Twitter SMS during the drive. I ran out of credit for my BB service because I sent out an SMS to test whether it was working long time ago. So, every time when my credit is actually insufficient for my BB plan to work, there will still be RM2.40. If I knew there was a RM1/week Twitter service back then, I could have tweeted much much more. I had to rely on Wifi at Belum Resort which was alright, but it could have been much better.

Damn, why can't this page came out earlier. :(


Snippets Here and There

None of the content in this post is paid for. It's all from genuine interest

Hi guys,

I am so so sorry for the lack of updates. I deserve to be whipped. And no, I don't enjoy whipping or spanking (unlike some who enjoys punishment).


What have I been busy with?

Well, work mainly. In fact I was so busy I hardly have time to do anything for leisure. :( Too much work and no play makes Robby a dull gay. Thank God, 1 major event is over and I now have a bit of time to breath and share my thoughts with you guys again.

I know I've lost quite a few readers due to my inconsistency of blogging. I'm so sorry for that. My humble apologies to my dear readers. :(

Let me share some of the thoughts going in my mind lately.

1. Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

mister potato

Last Saturday was the Mister Potato Fiesta which was a party by Mister Potato by organized by Nuffnang at Mist Club, Bangsar. The fiesta turned out great as we had lots of people coming to the club dressed up as Mister Potato trying to win cash prizes from Mister Potato. In fact, that night itself, Mister Potato gave out cash prizes totaling up to RM21,500!

That's damn a lot of money!

Of course, organizing the entire event which was unseen by the public is a different story altogether which I underwent separately. Of course, such experience is not to be shared publicly unless you wanna learn from me how I put together events like these. I can of course share providing that you're a cute guy. *winks*

2. Hujan


Malaysians are well known to not support our local artists much. That's really a shame cause we do have great musicians within our country. At the Mister Potato Fiesta, Hujan, which is our local band was a total blast rocking the entire fiesta with their music and the special Jingle they did for Mister Potato.

I happen to fall under the category of Malaysians who don't listen much to our local artists, but I can definitely tell good music when I hear one. Hujan's music is no doubt freaking good. So guys, support our local music industry and check out Hujan at their official website. I assure you that you won't get wet.

3. Jace, the Mind Sculptor

new jace

I'm a geek who plays MagicTheGathering. I'm a geek who plays control decks, which means I delay the game and spoil the fun of aggressive players who wants to finish the game as fast as they can. Blue magic is a very manipulative magic that seeks total control of the game. The new planeswalker, Jace made me wet (non-literal) the moment it was spoiled in the upcoming Worldwake expansion set.

I personally would like to get my hands on 4 copies of this as soon as possible. I can't wait to jizz my pants holding 4 copies of them during end of January. Now, I hope nothing spoils my plan to attend the pre release at the last weekend of January or else I'll be fucking fucking pissed.

4. RM1/week for Twitter SMS with Channel X
I have some friends asking me through MSN about the promotion by Channel X. Some of them don't have a Twitter account but wishes to follow what others are tweeting and asked if this is possible with the Channel X Twitter SMS service. The answer is YES! You don't even need to have a Twitter account to use the service. Just check out this page to find out more.

5. Jogoya tomorrow

jogoya dec09 promo

After working very very hard for the past few weeks, I think I deserve a break. In fact, I think I would die if I don't take a break. What better break can I have than to enjoy a good lunch at Jogoya with Zach. Truth to be told, Jogoya's food ain't fantastic, but the fact that there's free flow wine served makes it totally worth it especially with Zach around who just loves getting high. :)

To make it better, there's an ongoing promotion for lunch. Well, it ain't buy 1 free 1, but it's still something. I'm on leave tomorrow and I hope I get to enjoy myself to the fullest with a day out with Zach. Am planning to catch a nice movie with him after the lunch too. :D

The year is ending but the work load ain't getting lighter. But I do hope I get to relax myself more in the near future as I do think I'm not as happy as I used to be these days. I need to get my entertainment dose back to make me a more cheerful person. After all, a happy gay definitely needs to play. :P

I definitely don't mind any form of playing with him

I guess I'm ending this post here today. I vow that I'll blog more interesting stuff in the near future. Please pray hard that I'll find myself the free time to blog about 'em, okay?

P.S. I kinda lie partially in this post. If you can spot it, don't share it please.

Lots of love for my dearest readers <--- sounds fucking gay

Crazy Days

Hi all,

The past week has been chaotic for me. Work suddenly piled up and I almost drowned and thought of jumping off to escape. Yea, it sounds silly but believe me, the work pressure was not light at all. I've got so many things going on and I really couldn't cope at all and was afraid this will go wrong, that will go wrong and I literally wanted to just stab myself too.

Then I realized that it was all a challenge for me (thanks to Boss Stewie) to become a better person and in the same time to play a different role altogether. I have a lot of passion for my job and I take pride in doing it. However, my role in the company has evolved to the position that I can no longer handle everything in the Blogger Relations Department all by myself due to the magnitude of bloggers and clients the company has. As such, I am to learn to become a leader, in assigning tasks to my supporting teammates.

Truth to be told, I've been doing all these by myself and I do hold back in assigning job away from me as I was afraid that the tasks will not be done as good as what I wanted them to be. Then, I realize that this is a process that must take place in order for you to grow. So after all those numerous tweets that I'm gonna die or something, I've finally see the light. :D

But just as my pressure got lifted from my head, other things jumped in.

First off, ulcers.

Not mine, taken from net

I've got 2 freaking big ulcers on my right side of the mouth, 1 right beside my mouth's right curve and 1 inside my lower lips. T_T Damn pain, okay? Every time I put something inside my mouth with spoon or chopstick also pain like shit. Worse still when I drink soup, burned me like mad!! WTF

Thus I asked in my Twitter if anyone has any solution, some mention drinking watermelon frost, putting salt (wtf!) and biting it till it bleed and drink the blood (wtf wtf wtf!). Guess what I did last night?

I put salt on it. FUCKING HURTS!!! ARGHHH!!! After the pain, I felt that it wasn't improving and guess what else I did? I went and bite the ulcer and it bleed and I drank it. WTF WAS I THINKING??!!! ARGHH!!!!

Till now, I still have them. FML. I just downed 2 packets of leung sui to try to combat them. I also spent RM5 on a 2g bottle of chinese medicine that's supposed to cure ulcer if you spray on them. After applying the chinese medicine, I read the box and it says,

"This is a traditional medicine. If condition does not improve, please see a doctor."

FML. I'm such a stupid asshole.

Secondly, yesterday it rained damn heavy while Nic, Jester and I came back from a meeting. Nicholas decided to drop me off the office and I went up to do some work while waiting for the rain to subside before I go to Sogo and take a bus ride home (damn cheap, RM1.50 can reach home ady). After awhile the rain stopped and me being a smart ass, I thought it was safe to just leave office and walk to Sogo without taking umbrella cause I think guys carrying umbrella are fags (wait, I am one. I mean inappropriate, unless it's raining heavy like shit. Heck, if it's not raining hippo and rhino, and you're guy with an umbrella, I'll probably think you have damn small balls). And guess what? Just when I'm about the same distance from Sogo and my office, the rain came back heavily! I ran like a bull towards Sogo to find shelter but the damage has been done. I was freaking wet (wetter than having a wet dream, literally) and once I got on the bus, it didn't get any better. The regular not-cold air conditioning system suddenly turned the coldest one at all time. By the end of the night, I was down with fever. T_T

So yea, it has been quite crazy for me lately just so you wonder what had happened to me. And the most ironic part is, I only have time to blog when I'm down with all these shits.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my update of my life. I do intend to share my experience driving a BMW with the other bloggers but I just keep getting busy or sick. T_T But I do foresee more fun times to come especially next weekend during KY's Xmas Party.

P.S. Remember the post I did informing you guys about the RM1/week for Twitter SMS? It actually allows you to assign 5 different mobile numbers to your Twitter account to post your tweets at anytime and anywhere. That being said, if your mobile is lacking in credit or somehow not functioning, you can use your friends' number to tweet as well! Of course, make sure you inform your friend of the RM1/week and pay accordingly prior to your tweets. ;) Now you can tweet even using your friends' mobile thanks to Channel X.


Great Past Weekends

All my previous weekends were quite great. In fact, I think I had one of the most awesome weekends the past 2 weeks. I'll save the best for next post. 2 weeks ago, one of my close buddy, Sky made a planned trip to visit me and Zach in KL to spend the weekend together.

Sky is definitely one of my buddies who I really enjoy spending time with as Zach and I click well with him despite the fact that he speaks Mandarin mostly. I call him Sky bb, by the way. Lol. Everyone say hi to Sky bb.


Picture was taken when we were dining at Johnny's at Timesquare. It was also where I got to meet a very young blog reader of mine, Elle. She's just after PMR and works part time for her uncle who happens to own all the Johnny's Steamboat restaurants in Malaysia as well as Black Canyon Coffee.


Everyone say hi to Elle~

She was so cute when she asked me, "Are you Robb? OMG!!!" I'm not that well known, but it's always nice to meet a blog reader who cares. :P


I personally prefer Johnny's set meal as it's pretty good and definitely a value for money too. At 10 bucks (inclusive of taxes), it comes with soup, main course of rice or noodles, ice cream and free flow of Thai tea (kailan was side order).

That weekend was also one of the rare weekends where I had to pay to watch movies. Lol. Talk about getting spoiled huh? I watched Astroboy and Mulan that weekend and both movies were nice despite the fact I watched a Cantonese dubbed Astroboy. Lol.


Mulan caught me by surprise. Zhao Wei has really grown out of her old days as Wan Chu Kak Kak and can really act well. The story was really touching and not to mention I'm a sucker for war movies too. The money for the tickets were well spent (though I did had press invite to watch both initially but had to skip them due to work commitment).

Then the next day we went to Sunway Lagoon as I've never been there before in my life. I thought that it would be great to go there as I actually thought both Sky bb and Zach had not been there too. Little did I know, both of them went there before. FML, I'm a sakai.


The worse part of the visit is, we were not planning to visit the Water Park because Sky bb doesn't wanna get tanned. Hahahaha. Nevertheless, I still intend to see what the place is like thus we went ahead with the plan.

Upon arrival, the queue to buy tickets scared the shit out of me.


But thanks to the free passes from Project Alpha passed to me by Nicki, I didn't had to pay to get in but still had to line up. :(

While I was busy lining up, Zach and Sky bb went around to camwhore with a duck.


Once we got in, I was like an eager boy trying to get everyone to sit various rides. I really wanted to try the rollercoaster but Sky bb opted out as he is phobic of thrill rides. Zach and I went ahead to sit on the rollercoaster instead.


Despite the fact that this one doesn't have loops, it does have lots of sharp drops that provides 'air' time. The abundance of helix curves also helps increase the excitement for us. 'Air' time refers to the short duration of time when a passenger's butt is not touching seat. I think my butt was lifted from my seat for about 2 seconds or more. If someone like Audrey sits on it, the 'air' time is probably gonna be 5 seconds. Lol.

Oh, Zach screamed quite a bit which he denied after the ride was done. XD

Sunway Lagoon also had wildlife park which houses various types of animals including tigers! Ngaum.


Unfortunately, the park is way below standard in terms of animal variety and infrastructure. Furthermore, the lack of covered pathway for visitors made the entire park pretty tiring to walk. Zach had rashes due to the constant exposure under the sun and before long, we called it quit and went to Sunway Pyramid for Sushi instead.

That's not all we had as we continued our dinner at Yuen Steamboat later on before we proceeded to Oblique for clubbing as well. All in all, that was a wonderful weekend for me and it was definitely quite some time since I had such a wonderful time all thanks to Sky bb, Zach and the free tickets from Nicki. Lol.

I will be sharing what I did last weekend soon. If you followed my Twitter, you'd have probably know. But if you don't, stay tuned.


Fuck My Hair! Fuck My Face!

I'm doomed!!

At first it's my body! I gained weight.

Then comes my hair and face! ARGHHHH!!!


The picture above was taken when my hair was long. Too long to style nicely thus looks lala-ish. Check my facial skin. ARGHHHH!! So reddish - signs of sensitive skins. I didn't even put anything new on my face!!


This picture was taken a week after my haircut. FML. Now I look like a nerd who has sensitive skins who also happens to be fat. FML FML FML!!

Anyone can suggest what I can do to cure the reddish stuffs on my face? Any suggestion for hairstyle as well?

Please help!! T_T

Need help