Volkswagen Drive - TSI and DSG Experience with Polo, Golf and Scirocco

My second time for a drive happened last weekend. This time, the invites came from Volkswagen (through Nuffnang). Was so damn happy to be going for a drive again after the previous one last year.


First and foremost, I'd like to clarify how silly I was for;
1. Not bringing my own camera - I forgot to take it as I woke up at 6am to pack and the camera miss the spot in my luggage. T___T
2. Losing the official photos' CD - Everyone was given a CD of the official photos taken by the official photographer. It was given during the bus ride towards the Kuantan airport. Since my luggage (the only bag I had), was in the luggage compartment, I temporarily placed the CD behind the seat I was facing (you know, those nets that can let you keep things 1?) Yea. I freaking forgot about it when I left the bus. FML

Thus, all the photos you'll be seeing in this post would be from photos I take from other bloggers/journalists. And since I'm like the laziest person on earth, I'll probably not give credit. LOL

Alright back to the drive. It's called the TSI and DSG experience. TSI refers to the 'twincharger' (turbocharger plus supercharger) and Fuel Stratified technologies in the engine of the car. Laymen terms - If you want the car to accelerate to a higher speed within a short time, you'd love this tech. DSG refers to Direct Shift Gearbox, an electronically controlled dual clutch multiple-shaft manual gearbox, in a transaxle design - without a conventional clutch pedal. In other words, two separate manual gearboxes (and clutches), contained within one housing, and working as one unit.By using two independent clutches, a DSG can achieve faster shift times, and eliminates the torque converter of a conventional epicyclic automatic transmission, resulting in better torque = awesome driving experience.


The 3 heroes of the drive was the Volkswagen Polo, Golf and Scirocco.


The drive was set to from Saujana, Subang after a short speech by the good people from Volkswagen (not forgetting the generous breakfast).

All the participants (journalists and bloggers) took a group photo with the organizer right before we depart. Can anyone spot me in there?


And then we were off!


Basically we were split into groups of three. The journey will be a drive from Subang all the way to Hyatt, Kuantan for lunch, before aiming towards Tanjung Jara Resort as our final destination. The course was charted by the experienced organizers in the industry, YS Khong and Ivan Khong, which was of course, filled with excitement and windy roads to show off the power of the cars. Along the routes, each group will be given a chance to try each car, and there will be 2 driver shifts stop to allow each participant to get their hands on the car as well.

In other words, everyone gets to drive a Polo, Golf and Scirocco during the drive. :D

My team got the Scirocco first. I have to admit, the car is a bomb on the road. Acceleration is super fast and the drive is smooth. The slight drawback for me would be the back of the car, the design isn't something I fancy too much. Comfort rating might also be a bit lower because the seats (especially back seats) ain't that roomy and comfortable. But then again, the Scirocco is a sports car, so I guess that won't matter much to the audience they are aiming. Retailing at about RM180,000 , I think sports car fans might wanna consider this.

The Scirocco = a horse at its peak. Stylish, energetic and not for the faint hearted.

Then, we tried the Polo. The sensation was so limited at first. Reason? We were driving Scirocco which had a better engine and much more of a beast than a Polo previously. However, when we drove on, the Polo is just as good as the other Volkswagen cars. It handles pretty well and not to mention, it's much more comfortable than Scirocco. For a retail of RM108,888 for an imported car, this is not bad at all.

Polo, the upcoming star

After driving the Polo, we reached our lunch destination at Hyatt, Kuantan. Man, that place is romantic. The beach is so inviting (despite the hot sun) and we were having lunch right by the seaside. As most of us were new, the participants took the opportunity to talk and learn more about each other. Pretty neat people I met back in the drive. :)

Suanie and Cindy with a new friend! Forgot his name cause I'm really bad with names

With our tummies filled, we were off to Tanjung Jara! Driving the Golf, heading north of Kuantan, my team and I agreed that we liked Golf best. Reason? We felt that it was just as fast/powerful as a Scirocco (not tested though), handles well and not to mention, it's much more comfortable and inviting to have guests in the car than a Scirocco. At the retail price of RM140,000 , I totally recommend friends to consider the Volkswagen Golf if they're looking for an imported car that performs well and lighter on the wallet.

Golf, definitely the all rounder in my books

And then we reached Tanjung Jara Resort. I got to tell you this is the part that I feel really pampered when I go for these drives. The room you get is usually huge (for family of three minimum) but you're staying there all by yourself (no complains, sharing room with new friends might not be the best idea, but if you get to bring a date then... yea...)

Check out the room in Tanjung Jara that Volkswagen booked for each of the participant;


Crazy, right? The washroom/bathroom is as big as the living room of where I'm renting now. LOL. Psst, got bath tub some more. LOL.


Anyway, the drive was pretty much over from there on. We were given a lot of time and space to socialize with each other and enjoy the facilities of Tanjung Jara. A very nice dinner was prepared for us by the beach again and some of us certainly did get a bit overdosed in alcohol, as usual.


The next day, we packed up and headed towards Kuantan airport for a flight back to Subang. It was a smooth sailing thanks to the organizers' effort in making sure none of us got lost. LOL.

A million thanks to Volkswagen for giving us the TSI and DSG experience through Polo, Golf and Scirocco. The experience is priceless and we would definitely like to do it again in the near future. Many thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation as well.



kerbaurider said...

Dude, you swapped the caption and photos of the cars. lmao ....

Robb said...

kerbau: you are right. i'll fix them

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Each of you were given a room to stay in?! That's sooo coool!

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I wanna have a Scirocco!!

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I'll go for Golf too, it has the same engine as Scirocco.

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wow nice trip . u r lucky lol

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