Deleted Avatar Sex Scene

Oh yes there is! I bet you perverts are longing to see this.

Watch the video for the hot awesome sex scene.

Hope you enjoy it!



My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger is fast approaching and I'm proud to say it is my year again! Yesh, I'm born in the year of Tiger and according to the elements, I'm a Fire Tiger!! See how ferocious is my spirit, eh? ROAR!!


As much as I'm strong and independent on my own (you know, the solitary hunter thingy) I actually have a soft side for companions. By companions I don't mean concubines but I meant friends. You see, as much as I'm practical in my life, I seriously do appreciate all my friends that I've met in various phases of my life.

As much as I appreciate each and every one of them, alas, time has passed and it's quite difficult for me to meet each and every one of them as people have moved on and it's just difficult to meet up with everyone anymore. That kinda makes me sad.

Thus if anyone would to ask what would be my dream be this year, I'd say I'd like to see all my friends since childhood for a good dinner. And by friends, I mean everyone I knew since I was in kindergarten drawing stick figures with crayons;

childhood thin
This was me before I got fat

Friends from when I was growing up in elementary and high school;

form 5 class pic
My class photo. I miss everyone!!

Friends from when I was in UTP;

I'm not in the picture. I've left...

Friends from when I was in TARC;

The crazy bunch of classmates I had

Gay friends that I knew when I first came to KL;

gay frens
We went to various parties, foam party, shower party~

And of course, my current buddies, my colleagues from Nuffnang!!

Picture of colleagues ain't the latest, but this one captures the zen of my workplace. LOL

So if this dream of mine really come to reality I'll probably need to rob a bank to fund the dinner for at least 100 even after a large amount of the invited ones FFK. I seriously doubt I can afford to do so. :(

But, all is not lost when I saw this;

tiger run

Tiger Beer is organizing a run for Nuffnangers!! And the winners of the race will get their wishes come true!! Wah lau!! With RM8,888 I can buy all my friends a good reunion dinner at Oversea Restaurant for sure! Yes, that would be perfect for me!

The best thing of all, it is open for anyone to take part with no tricks like asking you to buy beer first and get the code or something from it. All you need to do is just share what is your dream for the Year of Tiger in your blog and send the permalink to and you'll stand a chance to be called up for the race!

As there can only be 88 runners due to feng shui reason, that means chances of winning is even higher if you're selected for the run! In addition to the RM 8,888 dreams for the first male runner up and the first female runner up, the Grand Prize winner will walk home with an additional RM 1,888 cash. There are also 10 consolation prizes with free Tiger Beer and also RM88 angpow! Wah lau!! This is just great, if you ask me. :D

So, please please Tiger, pick me to join the race. I want a reunion dinner with all my friends. *crosses finger*

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Worldwake Hopefuls

This is a geek post. If you're looking for gay content, this post is not your read.

A new set for Magic is releasing very soon. It's Worldwake!


Fuck, Magic is seriously killing me. I haven't even got my playset of Baneslayer Angel yet and now this.

The good thing about Worldwake is that it is a small set and the number of cards are lower which means it's easier to collect the cards and the price won't be soaring too high compared to M10 cards (cibai Baneslayer).

Among the cards that I'm looking forward to have a playset are;

1) Abyssal Persecutor


A 4 mana for 6/6 flying trample is insane. Of course, it still doesn't solve Baneslayer but this is just wicked! Not many would be able to answer to him whacking them on the face. And when you're in Black, you have plenty of answers to take him off when necessary. For Standard play, we can always rely on Fleshbag Marauder (get rid of shroud creatures in Control decks too!), kicked Gatekeeper of Malakir or go tier 2 to Bonespliter, Assassinate or splash red for Terminate. If you're splashing white, you don't even have to worry as Path to Exile, Journey to Nowhere, Oblivion Ring and etc would come in handy to seal the win for you. This is my number 1 hit list for sure.

2. Jace, the Mind Sculptor


As much as he's a planeswalker and he's good, but I seriously don't see a deck that he can find home to yet. Nevertheless, I'd still want 4 copies of him as I currently have a strategy to abuse him but I'm not gonna share it yet...

3. Basilisk Collar (no image)

Basilisk Collar (1)(colorless)
Artifact - Equipment - Rare
Equipped creature has deathtouch and lifelink.
Equip (2)(colorless)

1 mana equipment with such ability is very interesting. This is not high priority for me, but I'd love to have a playset as I have a feeling this might get out of hand. Imagine this on an Abyssal Persecutor? Well, lifelink is what matters since with a 6 power, everything would be smashed into pieces (except for Wall of Denial, so yea, deathtouch is handy!)

4. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs (no image)

Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs 3RR
Legendary Creature - Ogre Warrior - Rare
Whenever a creature under an opponent's control attacks you, put a 3/3 red Ogre creature token onto the battlefield unless that creature's controller pays (3).
P/T = 5/4

5 mana for 5/4 in red is decent but the ability is so wicked and does not belong in Red for sure. Seriously, this is a control card. Why would such control card be in Red? That would be a question for Wizards to answer but as of now, I like this very much and I'd definitely want a playset of it to brainstorm what kind of fun impulsive control decks I can make with him.

Other cards that are noticeable includes;

1. The red hating Kor Firewalker;

Kor Firewalker WW
Creature - Kor Soldier - Uncommon
Protection from red
Whenever a player casts a red spell, you may gain 1 life.
P/T = 2/2

Bye bye Red Deck Wins. With this, Abyssal Persecutor, Baneslayer, Wall of Reverence, Wall of Denial in Standard, I seriously think it's time to bid you farewell. What? Ball Lightning for 3 nett damage? Lol. Definitely 4 for sideboard if you're running white.

2. Can be quite broken Archon of Redemption,

Archon of Redemption 3WW
Creature - Archon - Rare
Whenver Archon Of Redemption or another creature with flying enters the battlefield under your control, you may gain life equal to that creature's power.
P/T = 3/4

White seriously has an overwhelming arsenal of fliers. With the right cards, you'd be gaining damn freaking a lot of lives! Don't underestimate him.

3. The every colors' Borderland Ranger - Pilgrim's Eye

Pilgrim's Eye (3)(colorless)
Artifact Creature - Thopter - Common
When Pilgrim's Eye enters the battlefield, search your library for a basic land, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
P/T = 1/1

Fixing color ain't gonna be difficult anymore with him around. Furthermore he's a flier that can swing! Hurrah!

4. The landy land - Tectonic Edge

Tectonic Edge
Land - Uncommon
{T}: Add 1 to your mana pool.
1, {T}: Sacrifice Tectonic Edge: Destroy target nonbasic land. Activate this ability only if an opponent controls four or more lands.

Man, this is so gonna ruin the day for Jund or any decks that run too many nonbasic lands. I foresee this in a Spreading Seas deck and trust me, you'll fall asleep fighting that deck if you run a tri-color deck.

Truth to be told, I'm not too happy with the cards spoiled so far. Wizards said they're gonna make Blue better. From the current cards spoiled, there's only 2 playable blue cards for control (Jace and maybe Treasure Hunt). Fuck this shit.

Oh well, not like my dissatisfaction change the way Wizards design cards. Let's just hope I get the cards I want from the Pre-release sessions I'm attending this weekend. If you're a Magic player, tell me what cards do you want to get your hands on from Worldwake and share your reasons? :)


A Happy Gay Relationship

Matt was 19 years old. He had a year off from studying and had fun here and there but he was gonna start college soon. Matt was gay, but not many of his friends nor family members knew. Well, as he ain't feminine at the first place, not many regular folks would be able to tell that he was gay.

While Matt had his fun partying with his friends (straight) and doing adventurous stuffs such as mountain climbing, jungle trekking and etc, the only thing he didn't bother doing was to explore the gay scene. Well, let's just say that Matt didn't exactly had a very good experience the last time he explored. He was rejected and heart broken.

As Matt realized that it was almost time that he'd need to continue with his next phase of life, he realized that he should do something about to satisfy his curiosity to explore the gay scene further. Since Matt was in a laid back town, there was only a limited pool of gay guys around (not to mention old and ugly). His best choice to get acquainted to new people was the Internet. So he did the regular, signed up for a few gay networks, hooked up to mIRC and etc.

After a few weeks, he has got plenty of people interested to know him better. However, Matt wasn't exactly very interested in them till Joel came along. Joel contacted Matt via the gay portal and soon they started chatting on MSN and even on phone. Matt found out that Joel just broke up with his boyfriend not long ago. As time passed by, Joel invited Matt to visit his hometown which was located about 2 hours train ride south of where Matt stayed. Matt, adventurous as he was accepted the offer and that was the start of the journey he'd never forget in his life.

To cut to the chase, that meet-up joined both Joel and Matt together as a couple. Of course, that being said, they did the regular discussion of Big Bang theory and how to eat a banana properly debate and perhaps a few lessons in baking cream pies as well.

Matt and Joel grew together in their relationship as their phases of life passed as well. From students to working adults, things have always been a challenge to the regular folks and what more, to 2 young gays. As Matt and Joel moved out from their respective hometown and settled in a bigger city, their sexuality wasn't that much of a problem as people from the big city were more forgiving towards 'abnormalities'. However, there were always problems especially for 2 individuals to stay together. Obviously there would be conflicting point of views in doing things and preferences which happens to every couple be it straight or homosexual. Of course, those are minor ones.

The ones that were more prominent would definitely be the issue of loyalty, lust, cheating and etc which do happen in heterosexual relationships as well. But do bear in mind that in a gay relationship, these things happen twice as fast and frequent. All those issues however were in the past. Matt and Joel has now survived 4 years of steady strong loving relationship.

Today, Matt and Joel stays together with a few friends in their rented unit along with a dog. The king size bed Matt and Joel sleep on every night is a sign of the future commitments they are both gonna make which include purchase of car and their own place.

What's more to come? That's hard to tell as I've not seen my own future yet.

Of course, the happiness in this relationship ain't that much if you're to compare with a fairytale from Disney, but rest assured that many would see that this is indeed a bliss as 4 years of relationship for a gay couple since their early twenties till mid twenties (fuck, I'm reaching unclehood) is definitely rare.

This is 'Matt'

The reason why I wrote this post is to address that not all gays end up lonely in the end. There are always exceptions and that being said, what I've written previously aren't a 100% scenario but those are written from my observation of the local gay community at large.

This is 'Joel'

I believe my own relationship is a symbol of hope for young gay couples to be together as long as both parties are willing to tolerate and discuss all issues openly without the need to conceal and lie to each other. I shall share more in the near future on a few things we did in our relationship to make it last.

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bb 2.5

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Typical Gay Relationship 3

Moving on to part 3 of my series. I'm gonna move the age of the main character up. That means, we're looking at someone who is older in this post.


Let's start with Joe who was 35 years old in this story. Being in the gay scene for more than 15 years he has lived past all the shallow moments of just enjoying life as it goes and getting casual sex from random strangers. He longed for someone who will be with him. He wished to settle down with someone who he can spend his life with.

The strange thing was he still wished that his other half would be a twink. Just in case you aren't familiar with the term, twink refers to young, smooth and lean guys. Well, in this case, it refers to someone young. Yes, humans can be quite selfish sometimes. He is no longer as attractive as he used to be. The working hours he put up for his company took a toll on him and so did the happy hours he had to spend with clients drinking empty calories didn't help to maintain his waistline too. To make it short, Joe looked spent and has a noticeable beer belly.

But with his sacrifices to his looks, he had gain pretty much in terms of his wealth. Holding a very senior position in his company, he was paid rather well monthly. He's a typical gay man in his age which meant he was freaking loaded.

Reason? You don't have to worry about kids nor parents. You don't need to save for their future (imagine the mouths you'll be feeding, school, colleges and stuffs) and your parents probably disowned you when they found out you were gay. Of course, Joe's parents didn't disown him but he cared less for them nevertheless as it was clear that his parents gave him the same treatment ever since he decided to be honest with them about his sexuality.

Being a gay guy in his mid thirties ain't easy, especially if your looks had gone down the drain. What helped was his wallet but the last thing Joe would want is some moneyboy draining his wallet dry and leaving him after that. After all, money was all he was left with to stay 'attractive' in the gay scene.

The Internet and the gay clubs were still the places for Joe to try his luck to find his other half. Of course, he was not who he used to be, he couldn't just casually walk up to any cuties he saw and ask if he would like to fuck. He had to resort to small talks for opening. And usually these small talks will lead to either rude rejections or direct enquiry on how much would Joe pay. Of course, neither of them would be the answer Joe was looking for but he would consider to reply the second one if the guy is superbly cute.

Once in a blue moon, Joe would find a guy accepting his advances. There was this evening that Joe got acquainted with Nathan who was 18 through Facebook. Joe has been chatting with Nathan for quite awhile and Nathan seemed like he was okay to befriend Joe, not minding the age gap. Eventually Joe asked Nathan out for dinner which he offered to buy. Nathan agreed and so they arranged for a meet up.


Wanting to impress his date, Joe put on his latest Armani collection and drove his humble 3 series Beemer to pick Nathan up from his college hostel in PJ. Nathan looked cute just like in his photos when Joe picked him up......


Okay, I think I can't do this slow pace narration/story telling anymore. I'm gonna cut to the chase.


Joe bought Nathan a dinner at Frangipani, one of the classiest restaurants in town, Gold Class tickets followed up by champagne at bar. By the end of everything, Joe was in 'love' with Nathan as he was so charming and attentive. So the next regular thing happened - Joe scored.


After that night, Joe shared with Nathan that he was in love with him and wanted to be with him. Nathan accepted and so they started their relationship. Joe thought Nathan was going to be his lifelong companion till..

His regular gift showers weren't sufficient till Nathan specifically asked for what gifts he would like to have each month. Nathan had even asked for a supplementary credit card which he justified that he needed it as his parents stopped giving him money to use. Joe tolerated it as his love for the boy was deep. He knew something was wrong but he loved him very much to cut off the ties till the day he found out Nathan tried to make a purchase for an LV bag which cost RM8,000.

That moment onwards, he knew he had to do the right thing and cut off their relationship. Nathan was obviously making use of him, in this case his wealth and he couldn't take it anymore.

The relationship ended, and Joe was back at square one again, looking for his life companion....


Pretty tragic, ain't it? This is what happens to gays who are in the older range and still single mostly. This might not be the case but seriously.. when you no longer have the looks and only money, you're bound to be exploited by the young twinks. Of course, there are also various tales of young twinks getting exploited by cleverer 'wiser' gay men but that would be another day's tale for me to share.

Just a curious question from me, do you think Joe did the right thing by breaking up with Nathan? Is a wealth trade with youthful companionship worth the deal? What is your point of view generally in an older man dating a younger man (gay)?

Please bear in mind that one day you'll be old as well and if you're given a choice to date younger or old guys like yourself, what would be your choice?

Do share.

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The Way Men Think

I heard this joke from my boss.

A rich man decided that it was time for him to get married. He had 3 possible candidates who were pretty. The man gave each of them 100 thousand dollars and wanted to see what were they gonna do with the money.

Girl A spent all the money in making herself look pretty. New clothes, jeweleries, make up, products and various treatments (short of plastic). She told the man that she spent all the money to make herself look pretty and beautiful forever just for him. The man was happy.

Girl B spent all the money in buying gifts for the man. She bought him a Rolex, various gadgets and even a limited edition Volkswagen! She told him that she spent all the money to make him happy. The man was impressed.

Girl C spent all the money in investment. Within a fortnight, she made quadruple the amount invested and bought various financial plans just for the two of them. She told him that she spent all the money to ensure their future is sound. The man was very impressed!

Now, guess who did the man marry?

He married the one with the biggest boobs.

Yes. Men thinks that way. Lol.

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Typical Gay Relationship 2

Before I go into context, can I ask you to follow me on Twitter please? It's . Why? I strongly think my personality is projected much stronger on Twitter than in my blog as my frequency in blogging has dropped due to the amount of time I need to spend working. If you don't have one yet, just register for one. If you refuse to register for one, you can still follow me. How? Channel X Twitter SMS, that's how! For only RM1/week you can tweet and follow all your favorite Twitterers without any limit! It's proven because one of my angels (colleagues who help me a lot), @SeouYuen was on it and even won tickets to Ne-yo's concert!

Okay, I've decided to write these relationship types according to age or relative presence in the gay circle. The previous written one shared the ideas and scenario of someone who is rather new in the circle, thus the dream of a prince charming and etc etc. This post will share the scenario of those who have been around in the scene for awhile.


Jake is 25, lean and toned and of course good looking too. That obviously makes him gay if you're still hoping he's straight. After popping his cherry years ago, that doesn't make him any less desirable. If you ask any gay man (except pedophiles) virginity ain't important at all. In fact, virgins are actually not that desirable because.. let's just say that no one can blow the trumpet well at first try? Oh and not to mention dead fishes are boring too. Lol.

Okay, enough virgin gays bashing. Let's get back to Jake. Jake has got over the phase where he dreams of getting his prince charming. At this point of life, he has come to accept that most gays just want to get into each others pants. Some are upfront and honest about it, some just beat around the bush saying it's love and all those crap. Of course, deep down inside Jake, he still wishes to find true love, but from what he has seen and experienced in the past, he's very doubtful of it.


Acknowledging that he should just be contented with his ability to charm other hot guys, he just makes the best out of it and try not to get anyone hurt nor himself hurt in the process (of getting laid of course!). Truth to be told, having casual sex is one of the easiest things to do for Jake. While he has his group of friends to hang out with, sex is usually done with strangers (strange, ain't it?).

Where do you get strangers you wanna have sex with, you ask? Plenty. Technically, it's everywhere. Let's start from day break, shall we?

Jake wakes up early each morning to hit the gym before work. He isn't the only fag that hits the gym this early. While working out is important to maintain his charm, the gym also serves as a place to check out and maybe hook up with strangers who are cute and hot. Usually by the time the workout is done, both interested parties will be entering the locker room, sauna/steam room and even shower stall together if everything goes well.


Jake gets to the office and signs on his IM, emails, social networking profiles and starts to work. Of course, occasionally, he gets to have some time to check out some cute guys' profiles and etc. Hooking up a cute guy from Facebook or gay portal ain't the hardest thing to do. In fact, there have been countless occasions where Jake managed to date some cute guys for lunch and having them for lunch too.

As Jake is pretty senior in his position, he attend quite a few meetings on behalf of his company. Of course, from a gay man's eyes, he's able to see that there are definitely more gays in the world than from the regular straight person's eyes. That being said, every now and then there will be an attractive gay guy that he'll meet for a meeting and let's just say that the meeting goes further than just work. In fact, it usually becomes a workout for both parties.

Hanging out at the mall after work is relatively easy to spot another gay man for Jake. All he has to do is just lock his eyes on his target and if his target locked it back at him, either party will follow the other party to wherever one goes. That is of course including secluded parking space, staircase, toilet and etc.

A veteran like Jake usually does not date anymore. He has had his share of dating and now he enjoys life as a lone ranger. Of course, sex is part of enjoying life, that's why he's embracing it. However, for him to play the disguise game on proclaiming that he loves someone at first sight while clearly he is not (but his dick is), he just don't think it's worth the time to do so. After all, career is so much rewarding and so are his other hobbies.


Evidently this post isn't as interesting as the other, but it is common for guys who have been around the scene for awhile to give up dating, not till they are really desperate again to find someone to settle down with (which I might cover in the near future). So while these guys are at this stage, they are indeed enjoying life to the fullest as it's all fun without commitment.

I do think some of my readers are in this phase. Are you?


Typical Gay Relationship 1

After being in the gay circle for quite awhile, I can't help but to notice there are a few common behaviors for gays when it comes to relationships. As such, I'm going to share them with you guys as time goes by.

Let's start it off with a freshie case. By freshie, I don't mean my colleague, Fresh, but rather someone who is new to the scene of gay circle, usually in their late teens.

Ahh~ I can still remember how I felt back then. T_T I'm an old fuck. Okay, self sympathy over, back to my story. Let me put a character name for our freshie role, shall I? I'll call him Jacob (I can't help it! I'm attracted to the cibai werewolf's body).

Jacob was 18, fresh from high school. He believed in true love and there would be a prince charming waiting for him somewhere in the world. He would have the perfect looks, perfect body, treats him well and considerably wealthy too (think Edward Cullen if you're a Twilight fan. Lol! Edward and Jacob. Gay Moon!)! Of course, being relatively new in the circle, Jacob didn't really have much of an idea what kind of guy would be a good one for him. He only knew that he wished for his prince charming to be somewhat his age and suits along with his personality.


To get to know other gays, Jacob used the Internet to know other gays be it through gay portals such as Axcest, Fridae or chat channels in mIRC. Of course, in these places there are a lot of people available with their pictures and all. Jacob saw someone that he was interested to know (he looks cute) so he dropped him a private message asking for his MSN. Two hours late, Jacob got a reply from Howard, the guy he sent the message to, with Howard's MSN email in it.

After getting to know each other for quite a bit through chats (MSN and phone), Jacob and Howard decided to meet each other. They planned to meet for a movie and dinner for the weekend. Jacob was of course, nervous as he was really looking forward to see Howard. Despite he was fairly new in the circle, Jacob was not silly as he knew that pictures do differ from real life. He was anxious to find out if Howard is as cute as his pictures look.

As Jacob was the younger one, Howard offered to buy him movie tickets before dinner. Thus, the place to meet was at the cinema.

Here's the funny part. The story will have 2 endings depending on how Howard looks like. Let's go for option 1, if Howard is not as good looking as he is in his pictures..

Option 1 - Bad Picture

As Jacob walked closer to the cinema, he got a ring from Howard. He was right behind him. Jacob turned and was a little surprised as Howard looked different from his pictures. Well, he seemed like he gained quite a few pounds from those shots. They chatted and entered the cinema hall to watch the movie.

Throughout the movie, both remained friendly. For a few moments, Jacob felt that Howard tried touching his hands, hinting to hold his hands. From the moment Jacob found out that Howard wasn't as good looking as he thought he was, he has made up his mind to just remain friends with Howard. As such, he retreated his hands politely.

The date went on with dinner where both were friendly with each other with small talks and etc. After the dinner, they both bid goodbye and occasionally remain friends through MSN.

The end.

Yes, superficial, ain't it?

Let's go for the next option, if Howard is good looking...

Option 2 - Cute Howard

As Jacob walked towards the cinema, he saw a familiar face among the crowd in front of the entrance. There he was, Howard, as cute as his pictures were. Jacob was dazzled by Howard nevertheless as Howard said hi to him with a friendly hug. From that hug itself, Jacob sort of could tell that Howard workout in the gym quite often. That's definitely a lot of brownie points.

During the movie, Howard confidently grabbed hold of Jacob's hand and held it tightly throughout the entire show. Jacob was of course shy, but he was willing enough to hold hands with Howard. After the movie, Howard brought Jacob over to cozy restaurant for dinner where both of them had a wonderful time chatting.

They found out that they have similar hobbies (insert hobby) and Howard has a large collection of (insert hobby) at his house so Howard asked if Jacob would like to visit his house to look at the collection after dinner.

Now, irregardless of whether it was gonna be that night or another day, Jacob was bound to visit Howard's place. So I'll just skip the beat a little and Poof - Jacob and Howard were on the bed, naked and exhausted. They cuddled and slept soundly embracing each other.


Next morning, Jacob and Howard woke up, a little shy with each other. As both are relatively new, they agreed to be responsible for each others action (this is damn wtf, man. Lol) and thus agreed to be a couple.

From here onwards, there are 2 more possibilities of what could happen to them. Let's go for the bad one first.

Possibility No 1 - Bad ending

As time goes by, Jacob discovered that Howard isn't exactly a very nice person to be around with. He's sleazy, dirty, manipulative and rude, even towards him. As much as the sex is good, but the rest of Howard is just terrible. After 2 weeks of trying out, things just aren't working out. Jacob called it quit and went back to the Internet to look for his real prince charming. (Repeat from the top)

Possibility No 2 - Good ending

Howard is the perfect guy for Jacob.

What? Lazy wanna explain fairytale la! It happens once in awhile but rare of course.

So the summary of this typical gay relationship 1 I'm sharing today is;
- Gays are superficial, looks is everything (for this story)
- Gay guys hit the bed faster than straight guys (usually first night after meet up)
- Gay guys only date after having sex usually
- Gay relationships has an average of 1 month lifespan especially for the freshies
- Good looking guys can be a pain in the ass in terms of their personalities


I'll share more in the near future of other behaviors and scenarios of the local gay scene I'm familiar with. Till then, ciao!

P.S. I wonder if there's a hashtag for local gays to search for in Twitter for meet up. Lol. If there is, I bet the Channel X Twitter SMS would come in handy to post your location up to meet other people. RM1/week is a steal!


Going Bangcock

I desperately need a break.

Seriously, work has been crazy since last year and despite the fact I now have Fresh (that's the name of my colleague, yes, she's Fresh!) to assist me, the workload is still crazy!! Well, with great stress comes compulsory rest and relaxation.

As such, I'm making plans to go Bangkok on the third week of March!!! Hurray!!


It is also because Zach's birthday happen to be in the same weekend so yea, I'm hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. Of course, there might be more birds since it's Bangkok we're talking about. *Giggles*

So anyone wanna tag along? If you do, do let me know cause the more the merrier it is for holiday trips!

Truth to be told, I've never been to Thailand before in my life. So for those of you who are more experienced in this, kindly share with me where should I visit in Bangkok. I'll really appreciate recommendation for hotels (cheap but good), places of interest to visit, gay clubs (I like twinks, young, fair and lean) and massage places. I don't mind gay massage as long as they're good and cute, but if it's a woman who does the job well, as long as she doesn't touch my dick, I'm okay too. Lol.

gay massage
I definitely prefer a guy massaging me. Lol

I'm not into spiritual enlightenment, so don't bother with the temples. I do however appreciate where to get good nice food, clothes and souvenirs. :D

I wanna know where to shop for cheap stuff!!

Okay guys and girls, please do help me out to plan my holiday. You'll have my deepest gratitude!!


Playing Heroes 5

I've been playing with a not-so-new game lately - Heroes V - Tribes from the East.


Of course, the image above came from Heroes V itself, where the Haven faction was the main faction, but Tribes from the East sets the Orcs as the main faction. In addition to that, this expansion came with an alternate upgrade for all existing units available making the combination of army more deadly and unique.

Okay, before I delve too much into the details, let's go back to the surface. Heroes V is a strategy turn based game. Yes, I'm a geek who likes strategies and planning. Using 'heroes' in the game, you command an army of creatures battling various kind of armies/creatures or vanquishing other heroes. Your hero can only move a certain number of steps on the map each turn.

See the green path on the map? That's the steps you can take

There are 7 resources in the game - gold, wood, ore, sulfur, crystal, gems, mercury where gold is the most important usually. You normally start with 1 town which you can build 1 particular building each turn providing you have the resources to do so. The view of the town is no doubt pretty nice compared to its previous versions. We have flying cities, dungeon, fortress and many more towns.


For battles, each heroes army are placed at the far end of the left and the right. You'll be able to arrange your creatures accordingly before you make a move. Of course, melee creatures need to move close enough to a target before striking while range and spell casters can shoot at range.


In terms of battle animation, it is rather clean and beautiful. The sound effect is impressive and so are the explosive spell effects.


All in all, it's definitely one of the better looking games in terms of visual for a strategy game. The thing why the game manages to support such high detail of visual without suffering from lags is due to the fact it is a turn based game.

Should this be a Real Time Strategy (RTS) like Warcraft or C&C, I doubt any of the existing computers can support it. Despite the fact I started playing strategy game with RTS, I grew to like Heroes V. I'd say the storyline is really captivating and the lack of cheat (newest version can't play cheat anymore T_T) made me persevered and completed all the missions despite the long hours to complete 1 single mission. Usually 1 mission takes three hours at least to complete.


If you like mythical creatures battling each other (think Dragons, Cyclops, Hydra, Elves, Dwarves, Griffins, Angels, Devils, Colossus and etc) with stunning graphic detail, this would be my recommendation for you.

Now, let me get back to my Necropolis for more undead summoning.


P.S. I can twitter and play the game when I'm ending the turn thanks to Twitter SMS by Channel X. With only RM1/week you get to tweet unlimited and receive all updates from your Twitter account. It's useful when you don't have to Alt + Tab to go out to Windows to tweet and get updates, cuz you get them sent to your phone via SMS.


Happy New Year!!!

Welcome the year 2010!! That's another decade we've lived through.

Over the decade we have had countless progress in technology and of course, various transformations of all kinds. For example, Britney went from 'virgin-will-not-have-sex-till-marriage' to crazy bitch who don't wear panties outdoor, shaved her head bald, got fat and now she's back with lots of hit songs with very suggestive lyrics.

Enough about other things that happened. Let me recap my own 10 years from 2000 till 2010. This is going to be a wordy post as I don't feel like putting pictures in between to cure any boredom of you guys reading this. Now let's start

I'm in Form 2 I think? That's when I started visiting Triple Net and got to know Billy. And that itself began my life as a faggot. Wow, I don't even know myself that I'm a 10 year fag till I wrote this. Lol.

This was when my feelings towards Billy grew uncertain and at the end of 2001, Billy and I no longer contact each other. Nothing in particular which I can remember except that I scored for PMR.

Form 4, huh? That's life as seniors in the school. Of course, that doesn't mean I get to do much, but Wei Hoe's presence in my life is present. Of course, he didn't get 2 craps about me cause I did everything back then willingly for him. What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute guys. Worse part was, he is straight and had a girlfriend. Silly me, huh?

Form 5 was exciting. I got a little brave and started meeting other fags around Ipoh. Of course, that didn't mean much at this point, cuz those are like fairy tea parties with absolute nothing juicy taking place. But then again, you won't want to hear anything juicy homosexual encounter revolving a 105kg fat ass, right? A lot of self exploration through the Internet (that means porn), started playing Ragnarok Online during SPM itself and did pretty good for SPM too.

Due to my trial's result and excellent performance in my interview, I was offered a Petronas 'scholarship'. Thought myself was very versatile in life and could do anything. Course offered was chemical engineering where chemistry sounded interesting for me. Of course, I liked Chemistry very much so I took it up.

1 entire year in UTP was very enlightening for me. Showed me what being a Malaysian is all about. Racial divide is so significant the moment you step into tertiary institution setup by government or close to government (UTP for this case). Of course, I had no problem adjusting myself. I got involved with various clubs (none of them involves wielding whips and candles) where I learned the pleasure of being a communicator, organizer and planner.

Throughout that year, I attended more club meetings than lectures which also slowly reinforced my loss of interest in my studies as I discovered Chemical Engineering wasn't about Chemistry much, but mainly Physics, Physics and Physics (which I'm not fond of).

Right at the middle of the decade, my life took a complete turn. Reason? I got heart broken by another fag. Well, I kinda deserved it because I was fat. Lol. What a reason. Rejection turned out very well for me. Because of that rejection, I went on a crash diet (not advisable) and lost a total of 40kg within 6 months.

At the same time, I kinda also decided to quit my studies in UTP due to the fact I've lost interest in the course itself. I knew what I wanted to do in life thanks to the previous year's exposure in various clubs in UTP. By the middle of the year, I'm finally fit and reasonably good looking for the first time in my life.

And of course, in October itself, I met Zach for the first time in my life. And thanks to my prowling hands on the second night I met him, we're now enjoying a cozy 4 years relationship (and counting). At the end of the year, I moved from town life to city life for the first time.

I started a course at TARC, KL. City life for the first time of my life, I was so excited. But sadly, I wasn't adventurous and nothing much can be said about what I've done. Life as a student in TARC kinda sucked if it weren't for the friends I had. Well, can't complain much about cheap education, right?

I seriously cannot remember much from this year. I guess it was a year filled with fun of skipping lectures and still passing the course? Lol.

Got myself a job from Nuffnang. Started as an intern and then I asked for a permanent position and I got it. Yea! :P

Bad news came too. Remember the Petronas 'scholarship'? It is actually a convertible loan, which means if you don't complete the course or they don't take you in for employment, you have to pay them back accordingly. Well, let's just say the amount I had in debt was almost equivalent to getting a car. FML. Lucky me for the job I had. :P

Of course, 2008 also marked several success in personal achievement where I pulled off various events for the blogging community in Nuffnang. My first one all by myself was the Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging which was my personal best (due to it being the first and also everyone in animal costumes was just too nice!!). I had plenty of other events which impressed the clients here and there but let's not get too focused on this.

Did I mention that I also got Zuzu this year? That makes a family of three in my life. ^^

Looking back, life has changed quite a bit. I was no longer a kid/student where I can enjoy as much as I want. I was an adult who has responsibilities but also money to enjoy as much as I want. XD

Work was tough, no doubt about that but I persevered and I'm glad I did because there's nothing as cool as going to the office and meeting my fellow Nuffies for work, cracking silly jokes (ranges from dumb, blonde, racist, gay and etc).

Second day in the year, today. I don't think I can say much except that I am glad that the past decade was a great one for me, personally. I wanna thank everyone who has been a part of my life as you guys are the best. Mum and dad, sisters, best mates (Konrad, Chun Wei, JWWC, Mahen), Boss Stewie, colleagues, bloggers and last but not least, Zach, for making my life meaningful.

I love you all.