Bliss in Penang

On the third day of Chinese New Year, that was the day I got less moody. Reason? I was going to Penang to spend the rest of my CNY holidays with Zach!! Hurray!! No more being a prisoner at Ipoh and to see my elder sister hearing her unnecessary talks about how difficult was her job, how good was she in doing it, how her colleagues suck and all those typical stuff that comes out from an American sitcom portrayal of a woman. Gosh, never have I thought those stuff shown on TV was true till my own sister proved it to me.

(Yes, that was a stab at her even before I start writing good stuff about CNY).

So, on Tuesday, my entire family followed the car to Penang and once again my dad was driving (how would one ever learn, aihhhh). I was excited cause this is like once in a blue moon occasion where my family will see Zach. Well, Zach had met my parents before, that was before me coming out to them. To my parents back then, Zach was just a friend. But ever since I came out to my parents, my dad was pretty much hostile towards Zach (at least whenever I try to bring Zach's name into conversation). But after more than a year, I guess things are finally getting better and true enough...

My family had a wonderful lunch with Zach on the same table talking nicely with each other!! Wooohooo!! We had lunch at New World Park and had awesome Char Koay Teow, Fried Rice and Ais Kacang! Woohoo!! After the lunch, I bid goodbye to my parents and my younger sister and was happy enough to part with my elder one. :D

My days in Penang were awesome. Reason? I was accepted as part of Zach's family and took part in various family gatherings including visiting the late grandma Wong's personal space in a resting tower at Kek Lok Si, family dinners and many more. The thing that I noticed about Zach's family compared to mine.. is that they are much wore honest, transparent and less gossipy compared to mine. We're talking about extended family here. Mine is a freaking drama extended family where everyone pretends they are okay in front of each other than express discontentment behind and in the end they never visit each other again. *shrugs*

Why can't people be honest, like me? If I think you're ugly and annoying, I'll block and delete you from my MSN right away. If I think you're cute, you can teh and manja me for a tad more, but if you get on my nerves I'll ignore you too (won't delete though, lol).

Okay, sorry that I sidetracked. Let's see what else did I do in Penang...

Oh oh oh! We watched 3 movies! Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief which was just average but the guy playing the hero was cute. It's very seldom for me to say a white guy is cute, okay? So he is definitely one cutie. Take my word for it. ;)

Sunset Strip
His real name is Logan Lerman

Then, we watched 14 blades to expect awesome martial art display by Donnie Yen just to be surprised by the super hot gorgeous eye-melting orgasm inducing Wu Zun!!!!! Arghhh!!! Despite the story sucked and the plot is epic fail and so was the dialogue by Wu Zun, his appearance just totally made up for it. Lol.

wu zun abs


Then we watched 72 Tenants of Prosperity which was a total blast! The entire movie brought back the Chinese New Year mood in me which was sucked away when I found out I had no car to use in Ipoh. Dong dong dong chiang~ dong dong dong chiang~ I strongly suggest for you to watch 72 Tenants of Prosperity if you have not. With an all-star cast from Hong Kong, it is super awesome and comical. You will regret it if you don't watch it (unless you're not into Hong Kong movies at all).

72 tenants of prosperity

Aside from movie marathon in Penang which was damn cheap (RM8/tix!) we also had an eating spree of all the Penang food! Zach is lazy to upload the pictures we took (I'm lazy too), so we will wait till the near future to share the pictures of the Assam Laksa opposite Peng Hua, Western food at Mount Erskine, awesome CKT near Sow Tow Lane and etc! :D

Planning to spend my CNY holidays in Penang was something I was really glad I did. If not, this year's CNY would have been one hell of CNY and I might just hate CNY forever and ever.

Last but not least, I've had 9 yee sang this year! Tomorrow is the last day, should I go for number 10? Lol.

yee sang
Who wants yee sang with my on Sunday evening?


I Hate My Elder Sister

It's no secret that I hate my elder sister from the bottom of my guts. But that doesn't mean that I'm not in speaking terms with her. Our spat goes a long way back to our growing up days, but the full story will drag on to probably a few pages so I'll cut things short and share the latest discontentment I had with her.

If you are following me on Twitter, you would have known I was a "Grinch" during Chinese New Year in Ipoh. Reason? Well, it's in the title of this blog post.

Whenever I go back to Ipoh, I expect to be able to go around town using my dad's car especially at night. Face the facts, how interesting can hanging out with relatives and parents be day and night? Already I'm dedicating the day time for entertaining family members, I deserve some god damn time off, hanging out with friends, going places at night right? So, that's not usually a problem cause my dad doesn't hang out at night at his age (would be interesting if he does, lol).

But this year, I was denied the chance to drive on my own in Ipoh. I had to freaking ask people to fetch me out. As much as I know my friends don't really mind bringing me out, but I do not like to depend on others. I'm not a leech, okay? I do things independently and guess who was the culprit? No prizes for correct guesses anyway.

2 days before Chinese New Year, my dad drove his car to Penang and parked his car at my sister's hostel and waited a few hours for my sister to finish work. Once my sister was done, my dad drove my sister's car back to Ipoh instead. Justification - my sister is incompetent to drive on the highway on her own.

Well, if that was the first month she was driving her car, then it was acceptable. But guess what? She had been driving for half a year and it was not the first time my dad had to do that. All she did for all her previous trips back to Ipoh and back to Penang, my dad had to freaking accompany her, either driving for her or sitting next to her pointing directions on how to reach Ipoh or Penang. Fucking hell! How stupid or blind can a woman driver be? No offense to any female readers of mine, but my sister literally bring the average driving skills of women down the drain.

So to cut things short, our family had a car in Ipoh during Chinese New Year, it was my sister's car. So, as we're obviously not in good terms with each other, I was not allowed to drive it, which was expected. When that happened, it's obviously I hated this year's Chinese New Year more than anything.

When I first found out about it, I was so furious, I was thinking of getting back to KL where at least I can go anywhere I want, anytime with cab (Ipoh cab service sucks and are fucking expensive), go Penang right away and spend it with Zach, rent a car to use in Ipoh or just fucking endure the dreadful Chinese New Year.

Guess which one I did? The last - I was thinking of making the most people happy thus I went ahead and made the decision where I was fucking unhappy the entire stay in Ipoh. Going back to KL seems pointless as I was planning to go Penang in a few days time. Leaving Ipoh would also mean I'm shattering my parents' hearts especially since Chinese New Year is a grand occasion. Where would they hide their face when they said their son left Ipoh after returning cause of a spat between siblings? My family is a family where everyone care about their 'face' or reputation/image. Renting a car was suicidal as the normal rental rate is already crazy and it was Chinese New Year.

I was so glad on Tuesday that I went to Penang and spend the rest of my time there as Chinese New Year this year is totally dreadful thanks to an incompetent lady driver - my elder sister. Even when she was returning back to Penang, she was not the driver. God knows how long she would need to learn how to drive properly.

Hey sis, watch this video, you lousy driver.

P.S. I hate my elder sister so much that I was dreaming of her and I fucking yelled "Fuck you!" in the dream.

P.P.S. If you're a sexist driver, you can also check this video out. It pokes fun at lady drivers. Lol.

Fuck you, sis!

My Avatar

I just got a new avatar thanks to Chee Ching.



What did you think I was referring to? Avatar mah.


I Like Sex

It's obvious that all men like sex.

Just had one of the hottest and steamiest sex in my life last Saturday.


Sex la!!! *quote Christy, the intern who have left the office. :(*


If you want to be a part of this hot steamy sex experience, leave a comment in this blog post.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

P.S. I'm only kidding for applying for sex.

P.P.S. Or am I?

Sex sex sex

Happy Massage

Before I continue, everyone please go read this.

Okay, you're lazy to click. Fine. I put the text here.

TWO teenage boys were allegedly molested by a fellow teen who claimed he was a medium able to rid them of evil spirts by massaging their penis, Harian Metro reported.

The “healing session” was carried out at the Ampang recreational park and the victims were told to spend the night there as part of the “traditional treatment.”

After the so-called medium had massaged the victims’ private parts and made them ejaculate, they were told to bathe naked in the river nearby.

He even managed to convince his victims that they had to continuously undergo the treatment, for a fee.

However, his mother put a stop to it when she contacted the victims and told them that her son was bogus.

The victims then lodged a report at the Wangsa Maju Police Station.

Sources said the victims had befriended the “medium” at a cybercafe and he convinced them they were being haunted by evil spirits.

They then agreed to follow him to the park where a tent was set up for the “massaging” procedure.

This was said to have happened on a few occasions at the same place.

How gullible can kids these days be? Hahahaha. And they are from KL some more! If they're like from some ulu kampung like Alor Gajah or (insert name of place you don't know) then it's justifiable la! Hahahaha.

In the mean time, the kid who tried conning them is scary. For someone his age, he's smart (not smart enough to keep this away from his mum somehow..). I fear for his future victims as he might just grow up to spin more lies to molest guys. Maybe he'll pretend he's from a modeling agency and the next think he wants to do is to take naked pictures of the 'model' potential guys and voila, his mouth ends up on the prick. Lol.

Enough with the news. Story time.


Yesterday, I saw a tweet from @benjicajess with this picture;


Have you had a 'happy/honey massage' before?

Well, Chris had.

Chris just turned 18 not long ago. Having done his SPM and he was waiting for his results to come out before he decides to go college or Form 6.

As usual, since Chris is a character in my blog, he is gay.

He was not new in the gay scene, but he has not visited a gay massage or a sauna before. Thus, one day, Chris decided to get adventurous and decided to pay a visit to a massage parlor in his hometown.

The massage parlor is pretty hidden and only queers know them (thanks to tt1069 forum). It was located on the first floor of a shophouse which carried a huge Piano signboard. Talk about misleading. ;/

So when he arrived, he rang the bell and a young twink, probably the same age as Chris came down.

"Yes? How can I help you?

Chris replied that he was here for a massage.

Realizing that Chris is a customer, the twink opened the door and let Chris in. After going up the stairs, Chris was finally in a gay massage parlor for the first time in his life. There were some other customers around, a well toned guy walking into a room and an uncle coming out from a room.

He was nervous and in the same time excited what's gonna happen next.

Then the twink who opened the door greet him again and asked if he had been there before. Chris replied no, and the twink then explained to him what do they do in that massage parlor. There were 3 types of massage package which were;

Full body massage (45 minutes)
Full body massage + naked masseur/masturbation
Full body massage + naked masseur + masturbation

Of course, the price for each package differs, the lower the option, the more expensive it was. Chris was blushing when he was told of the packages. The twink then asked which package did he want to take.


Feeling adventurous, he asked for the second option, not having the masseur naked with masturbation. The twink then asked who would he like to be his masseur and show a few photos of masseurs. The twink was in one of the photo. Chris answered casually, hiding his excitement, that he would like to have him to be his masseur.

The twink nodded and then passed a locker key and a towel to Chris. As it was Chris' first time, he asked, what should he do? The twink replied and said just take off all your clothes, put them into the locker and use the towel to cover your privates and enter the room that he was pointing. Chris got into the locker room and saw a steamy hot guy changing. The hot guy noticed Chris' stare and knew what it was for.


Thus Chris took off his clothes teasingly to see the reaction of the hot guy. Within seconds, the hot guy was right behind Chris, his hands on a wood. Suffice to say, both them proceeded to the showers and Chris experienced his first bukkake that day. Chris didn't want to waste the massage package thus withheld his load.

After cleaning up his face, he went back out and proceeded to his 'room' for the massage. The twink was waiting and asked if he had any problem back in the locker room as he took quite awhile. Chris said he was more than fine and smirked. The masseur took the hint and asked no further question.

The masseur was very good in his massaging techniques. Chris was really really enjoying the 45 minutes body massage. That was also his first time getting a massage properly (not counting the ones his flings gave him). He didn't even realize it has been 40 minutes. So how did he realize that? Well, the masseur was stroking his prick, obviously. Lol.

Chris got a little horny and wanted to do more. He tried to bring the masseur closer to him to kiss him but the masseur rejected. He was being professional and would not kiss, hug or do anything extra as those are not services he offer. That kind sucks for Chris but he did still grope the masseur's prick but it was flaccid and neither did it had any reaction after constant rubbing.

He figured that the masseur's dick was probably immune to all the groping he would have got from all the customers like himself. The experience wasn't a good one. Chris was not that turned on. He wished he would have shot the load with the steamy hot guy in the showers instead. Closing his eyes and using his imagination to help, he managed to ejaculate just so the session would end.

After the 'fun' time. Chris head to the shower to clean himself up. On his way, he saw a few other cute guys changing in the locker room, but as he just 'shot' he wasn't in the mood for seconds. After showering and putting on his clothes, he headed towards the counter and paid the twink who massaged him.


Though the masturbation part wasn't that nice, but the massage was surely appreciated. Chris might just come back to the massage scene again, but definitely not for the 'fun' factor by the masseurs, but from other customers. ;)


There you go. A non fiction story shared by Chris.

Hope this opens up some eyes for those who had no idea what a gay massage is.


Tiger Run @ Jaya One

As much as I had a dream in the Year of Tiger, it can't actually come true. :(

That's because instead of running in the event last Saturday, I was running the event. I was there by noon to setup the place with a large group of part-timers to ensure everything is taken care of.


By 3pm, all the cones surrounding Jaya One were placed to indicate the right lane for bloggers to run. After sorting out all the backdrop, logistic items and yada yada, we were ready to roll!

People started coming for registration and as usual, we have people opting to be best dressed in the event in this case, Alice in the Wonderland showed up.


Koyuki came too with Cheesie!


Then, when the run was about to start, I had the chance to play with a new haler we bought just for this event. XD Speaking out loud is a nice thing to do. The whistle is very annoying too.


For this event, we've got Kevin Chong from the ntv7 Breakfast Crew fame to host for us. Flamboyant, funny and cute in his ways, he definitely pulled the crowd. ;)

Once everyone was briefed on how the run will take place, they're all set and gathered at the front of Headquarters Bistro for the start of the run.


Kevin gave the start point and off the bloggers go, running towards their dreams upon the Year of the Tiger! NGAUM!


Wonder how Alice in the Wonderland gonna run with her 4 inch thick shoes. Hmmm.. Oh there she is... walking...


I kinda arranged and made the bloggers to do various things at 5 outlets that were graciously involved in the run. The first one was of course Headquarters Bistro where they had to tweet live during the #tigerrun. Somehow, I can't manage to find any pictures yet, but if I do, I'll post it up here.

The second task was to Grab a Tiger from a freaking cold icebox where all the Tiger Beer bootles were at the bottom of it at Royal Oak. Frost bite ensured.


Next up was Frontera where runners were given spicy chicken wings to consume. The level of spiciness were - Spicy, Very Spicy and Inferno!! Muahahahaha. Look at the faces of the bloggers.


Then, the bloggers are required to stop at Chulo for a Facebook task. They're to become a fan of Tiger Beer Facebook Fanpage and post a comment on it before leaving.


Last but not least, bloggers are to complete the run with a Tiger pose at the backdrop. NGAUM


After everyone has completed the run, we brought out a very special dance -


A TIGER DANCE!! Damn nice, okay?


Totally different from lion dance, cause tiger dance is the in thing for the Year of Tiger! LOL.

After the performance, everyone was treated to a good satisfying meal along with free flow of Tiger Beer at Bar Madrid. That was definitely the most sought after moment for everyone, especially the free flow part. LOL.

While the bloggers are busy satisfying their hunger, my team and I were busy preparing the results of the run and the various consolation prizes. So after scratching our heads here and there, we finally have our winners for the run!!


These 3 bloggers will have their dreams granted soon! One of them wants to cycle all over Taiwan island for 1 month, one of them wants to run a marathon in Europe while the other wants new braces! They are all gonna get them in the Year of Tiger thanks to Tiger Beer!! Wootz!

Many thanks to all the sponsors, Tiger Beer in particular for making this event possible, Jaya One as the official venue, P1WIMAX for providing the wireless service, Bar Madrid, Headquarters Bistro, Royal Oak, Frontera and Chulo! Not to mention the Nuffies who worked really hard to ensure the event is a success, thank you!! Now here's our tiger poses!


Last but not least, let's have an ang moh picture who also happens to be the official photographer for the event to reinforce the key message for everyone who went for the Tiger Run.


Loves Tiger


I'm sorry for everything I've not done
I'm sorry for letting you down
I'm sorry for not fulfilling my promises
I'm sorry for disappointing you
I'm sorry for not being around

I don't think my life would ever be the same without you
I don't think I can live like I used to
I don't think I'll be able to smile again without you

Please forgive me
Please don't go away
Please be with me.....

... my dearest readers - you who are reading this post.

Yes, I'm very apologetic because of my inconsistency of updating my blog. Been busy with work again, catching sufficient sleep to get rid of the eyebags, playing Magic cards and hitting the gym thus short of time to craft gay stories and share juicy stuffs with you all.

All those words above, I do mean it. Seriously, my blog has been a vital part of my life and it's all thanks to you guys who are reading this. Please don't abandon me, cause I do love all of you dear readers out there.

I'll do my best to update more in time to come, even if they are short ones.


My Take on Worldwake

Worldwake Pre Release is over. After looking at the spoilers I think that the set is pretty fun to play with in Limited, but in terms of competitive play, it kinda sucks badly. There's only 2 cards that is worth anyone's attention which are Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Abyssal Persecutor. The rarity of them is also very high (both Mythics) which was evident that I did not crack a single one of them from any of my boosters from sessions or prize payout.

But knowing how good both cards are (and they're in my colors, UBW) I whacked them all using hard cold cash which makes me broke on 1st of February. FML. I am now a proud owner of 4 pieces of Abyssal Persecutor and 3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Did I mention one of my Jace is a foil one? Lol. I bought that one too! But I'm not selling it, but I'd trade it off for 2 non-foil Jace (not Beleren) to complete my playset of 4.

I actually have 2 cards from Worldwake that I do think have potential which I've shared previously, namely Basilisk Collar and Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs.

basilisk collar

Turning every single creature into a ground creeping Vampire Nighthawk is just too wicked. With Basilisk Collar, every single creature of yours is a bomb in Limited. That is also true for Constructed if you're heavy on creature drops.

As for Kazuul, 5 mana for a 5/4 body in red is good. In Limited where people usually have lots of mana to pay in mid game or late game, his usefulness is limited but for Constructed, he'll be used in Control Decks. Having a 4 toughness butt keeps him off from Lightning Bolt range. Oh yea!

Summary of Worldwake Pre Release and speculations of Constructed with Worldwake legal;

- Allies are freaking scary if you have the right pool. My fourth session with no bombs did pretty well thanks to the Agadeem Occultist and Join the Ranks along with 6 Ally creatures in my deck. I managed to reanimate opponent's Allies which even made my Allies more broken. Of course, my removals were decent but the downfall of my deck was it was a tri-color deck with no fixer at all (not even Pilgrim's Eye). I totally enjoyed myself.
- Searing Blaze is gonna replace Burst Lightning. 2 red mana for 3 damage to creature and player is just insane (Landfall, that is).
- Urge to Feed is definitely replacing Disfigure
- Expect to see Monowhite to run 4 Hada Freeblade
- Red Deck Wins will no longer be relevant thanks to Kor Firewalker

Oh well, enough of geek talk for today. I just read quite a few articles that are strongly suggesting the prices of Jace and Abyssal Persecutor are gonna shoot up. Not sure what to make of it, but I'm just happy I've got my playset for Persecutor and 3 Jaces with me. *hugs them*