Malacca Trip Part 2

Day 2 of Malacca trip was exciting!

Met up with Akiraceo the Miao, the talented artist blogger and also Jasonmumbles, popular blogger in Malacca.

For the morning, Miao came by and brought us for breakfast at a popular dim sum outlet called Man Ting Siong which looks like an ordinary coffee shop.

dim sum place

With a cozy environment and friendly staffs, we totally enjoyed the dim sum we had at the place. Of course, for an Ipoh guy who have had dim sum in great dim sum restaurants in Ipoh, the dim sum here is a little different in taste, but it was decent enough though the price is as expensive as it is anywhere in Malaysia.

dim sum

A few platters for us to contain our morning hunger cost about RM45 if I'm not mistaken, which is definitely considered high for a breakfast expenditure normally. As we were on a holiday, that was somehow, acceptable though. Lol.

Miao then brought us to the Malacca zoo which was definitely enjoyable for both Zach and I. In there we got to see lots of animals! Do you know that when I was young, I had a secret ambition and it was to be a zoo keeper/zoologist? Hehehe. I really liked animals and totally enjoyed watching the documentaries about animals on television.

I was practically fond of tigers, also due to the fact I'm born in the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiacs.

tiger hug

zach hug tiger

I must say, I was impressed with the Malaccan zoo as I was expecting it to be poorly maintained and stuff like that as I've heard how terrible the National Zoo in KL was managed. The Malaccan Zoo was somewhat of a half half situation where animal enclosures with sponsors were much better while the lesser fortunate animals without sponsors... they just look bad. As in real bad.


It's obvious if you're a Giraffe or Tiger, your enclosure will probably draw lots of sponsors from corporations and you'll be living in a grandeur space compared to if you're a wild boar or just another breed of ordinary deer.


The zoo also had shows for the public which involved animal gigs and display of their intelligence or rather trained intelligence. Animals like parrots, monkeys, elephants and orang utan were shown and performed tricks for the audience. However, the shows were done in the National Language which was Bahasa Melayu. Considering that the Malacca zoo was aimed at Malaysians to visit, it was totally fine but it does make me wonder what happens if a foreigner visits the zoo and watches the show?

sun bear

Probably like the bear above. Lol. It was a sunbear and it was so cute sitting in such position. Hahahaha.

From there on, it was almost every stop we make is for another place to eat, eat and eat. Don't believe me? Read on. After the zoo visit, we went back to Jonker for lunch. It was at Donald and Lily's, which was a small shophouse. And by small, I meant really small.

donald lily

However, the amount of people queuing up to get in there for lunch was insane. It's pretty much amazing how most Malaccan delicacies are sold in such small shops and yet enjoy brisk businesses. Among the highlight of the dishes we had were their Nasi Minyak with Rendang,

rendang rice

and also their Nyonya Rojak.

rojak nyonya

The first one was definitely very sinful. But according to Zach, it's worth the sin as it was super delicious. It was fragrant and the rendang was very tasty.

As for the rojak, it was somewhat a different rojak than the ones I take in KL or back at Ipoh. I don't quite enjoy it, but it was definitely an eye opener for me. :D

Zach and I took a break from the adventure and call a time off where we retreated back to the hotel not for sex for rest as we were up late last night not sex again! for a movie at Pahlawan Megamall till about 2am.

After a long nap (eat + sleep = fat), we prepared ourselves for our evening journey to other places in Malacca, which was for more food. Lol. Well, before we went ahead with dinner, we once again went to Pahlawan Megamall to buy tickets for another movie to watch that night, Alice in Wonderland with Miao. Kekeke.

One of the things that I enjoy doing most, was tweeting and reading conversations by Nuffies on BBM. I can definitely say I'm a crackberry addict when Zach took at least 5 photos of me in the pose below throughout the trip. This was taken when we were waiting at McD at Pahlawan Mall awaiting Miao to pick us up for our next makan destination.

bb addict

The next stop was - Pak Putra mamak!

It is famous for its Tandoori Chicken and Naans.

pak putra

I was partially inclined to have Satay Celup for dinner and this for supper but as advised by Jasonmumbles, Tandoori Chicken always runs out by 10pm but Satay Celup will run till midnight. Thus we went ahead for the first pit stop of dinner at Pak Putra.

It was my second time at Pak Putra as we previously came here as well last year together with the Nuffies. The tandoori chicken was awesome at RM6 per plate and Naan were priced decently. As we were eating, Jasonmumbles even revealed that Pak Putra is actually owned by famous Twitterer, Nikicheong's uncle! Gosh, famous people have famous relatives one!! Lol.

Despite the hearty meal at Pak Putra, I insisted on going to Satay Celup. Jasonmumbles brought us the best satay celup restaurant according to him - Capitol Satay Celup. It was evident it was the best with the picture below, taken at 10pm.

satay celup

Bloody hell! We waited for about 40 minutes in that line just to get in and get our fix of satay celup! And when we got in there, the line was even longer when we came. Fuyoo, I guess this place is the best after all.


At 80 cents a stick, it's a little steep according to Jasonmumbles who used to had satay celup in the same restaurant for half the price a few years ago. As a tourist, I had no complain as I whacked as much as I could despite my limited stomach space due to the Tandoori Chicken and naan that I had earlier.

After the 'supper', Miao, Zach and I went ahead with our movie and that pretty much end the Day 2 of my Malacca trip. :)

Day 3 wasn't much of an eventful day as we slept in and woke up with barely enough time to head to the bus station for our bus. Lol. But we still managed to have Chicken Rice Ball for the second time right before we left. :P

One of the best place in the entire Malacca trip for me was the Padang Pahlawan.

padang pahlawan

Walking distance from the hotel, it was such a peaceful and windy field. It wasn't the biggest field I've ever seen, but being on it, lying down on the grass watching the stars with Zach besides me during the night time was one of the best and peaceful time I've ever had in my life.

If you're looking for such feelings, I strongly suggest that you visit the Padang Pahlawan in Malacca. Of course, make sure it's not raining when you're doing that. Lol.

A million thanks to Miao and Jasonmumbles for showing us around and we totally enjoyed our trip to Malacca. I'm planning for another visit during May, as soon as Jasonmumbles inform me that it's Durian season! Lol.

Enjoyed Malacca very much

Malacca Trip Part 1

Just in case you all didn't know, last weekend was Zach's birthday! He's now officially in the unclehood age!! (I consider anyone who has reached 25 as uncle and aunty, I'll be one next year).

Call him uncle! Lol

Zach is a guy who loves to travel. He really like beautiful places and stuff. Thus, for his 25th birthday, I initially wanted to bring him to Thailand for vacation but we were a little late in buying plane tickets thus we can't make it there 'economically'. Thus we postponed our Thailand trip to July.

So what do we do for Zach's birthday? I told him, let's go somewhere local and have fun. I thought of going to Malacca as our previous trip was filled with happy memories with the Nuffies. But, the trip was a short one and we didn't actually get to see a lot of the historical city. Thus, after checking with Zach if he would like to go to Malacca which he replied yes, then we're off!

We took a bus from Pudu on a Friday morning to Malacca. The bus was a 10AM bus and we reached Malacca about 12ish. Then, once we touched down, we caught a 'economical' bus and headed towards our hotel, Aldy Hotel which is strategically located near Jonker Street and also, Dataran Pahlawan Mall (walking distance)!!

robb in bus
Look at the size of the luggage I had to carry.. Birthday boy made me carry it..

The hotel is a very comfortable 3 star hotel with reasonable facilities. My room had a bathtub (hehehe), TV with Astro, nice comfy bed, powerful air cond and all you'll ever need in a hotel room. Hurray for Aldy Hotel!

aldy hotel
Don't ask me what pose was that. Randomly posing

For the first day, we spent our time visiting museums! Yes, we're a bored couple with nothing better to do than visit museums and read old stuffs. Lol. We went to the Stadhuys and I was surprised that I really enjoyed the visit.


Inside the Stadhuys, we get to learn all about the old days where cannons were used in battles and not for display nor toy..


How a ball-less eunuch (Cheng Ho) gets glorified..


and many more historical facts that I didn't know in details. It was really a experience to visit the museum for me. :D

After that, we retreated to Jonker Street for lunch and Zach was delighted to be on his way to eat - Chicken Rice Ball! Nom nom nom!! Look at how happy Zach was.

zach hiding
Zach is hiding his happy face

Of course, I was not allowed to take picture of Zach's face when he was busy noming the Chicken Rice Ball, so here's a picture of the yummies we had when we were there.

chicken rice ball
Lo and behold, the chicken rice balls!

It is rather pricey to eat for daily basis, but for vacation, it's definitely worth your time. The shop is actually pretty famous that on weekends, you'd be required to wait for quite some time. Just look at the line.

line up for chicken rice ball

For the rest of that day, we proceeded to walk around Jonker street and then catching a midnight movie at GSC Dataran Pahlawan Megamall. Watched 'Another Pandora Box Story' (Canto movie). It is extremely lame. I like lame movies, but this is too excessive that I won't recommend you to watch unless you really wish to part with your RM10.

That covers day 1 for our Malacca trip. I'm saving day 2 for the next post. :D


Had fun in Malacca

Politics & Gay

Obviously the two terms in my title don't go well with each other, huh?

Last week, TheStar published an article that kinda irked me. I'll paste the article here and link to the original site;

Police: Penang a gay sex services hub

PETALING JAYA: Penang is becoming a hub for commercial gay sex services and the local councils seem to encourage it, police claim.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakub said police had raided health and fitness centres that were being used as a front for gay sex services over the past couple of years.

“Although we have forwarded our recommendations to the local councils not to renew the operators’ permits, we find the centres still in operation,” he said.

“Because of the local authorities’ inaction, the operators have become big-headed, acting as if they are above the law,” said DCP Ayub in an interview.

For instance, he said police raided a health club in Pulau Tikus about a month ago, but business was still continuing.

“In fact, all the premises that we have raided are still carrying on with their businesses,” he said, adding that police had identified at least five health clubs catering to gay activities in Fettes Park, Pulau Tikus, Bagan Jermal and Seberang Jaya.

“We should not allow such unhealthy culture to thrive here,” he said. DCP Ayub chided critics who claimed that such raids would hamper tourism.

Penang municipal councillor Tay Leong Seng said he would ask council officers for an explanation before making any comment.

Link -

First and foremost, being an informed gay and also aware of the political scene in Malaysia, the article was obviously published to defame/degrade/cause loss of face to DAP's administration of the Penang state. They're trying to paint the picture that DAP is allowing 'immoral' activities running rampant in the state they are governing. TheStar, which is owned by MCA, part of the Barisan Nasional which is dominated by UMNO, is trying to tell people -

"See? Vote for DAP la! You get gays running rampant then"

Then, a day later, the Penang council was reported to say that they are doing their job to ensure 'these immoral' activities don't get carried out and etc etc which translates to,

"Oh yes, oh yes. Gay is wrong. We are fixing this right away"

First issue I wanna touch is to prove that TheStar is biased in reporting. These gay joints, saunas, massage parlors and etc are at least 3 times the number in Klang Valley, mostly in KL which is the Federal Territory ruled by the Barisan Nasional. Just fucking check Utopia Asia or google 'gay sauna kl' and you'll get plenty of joints to satisfy your need.

None of them get raided (I think they probably paid monthly 'fees') and when one does (forgot to pay, maybe), it does not come out in the newspaper at all.

Second thing I'm gonna touch is how both the government and the oppositions are both doing things that will only make them popular, which means marginalizing the minority. When it comes to politics these days, you have to be do something that is popular to get the support from everyone else. Raja Petra shared something in his blog today and I'm gonna use it as a point too.

In German, back before WWII, Hitler won the election despite his agenda is to exterminate all Jews. Of course, the majority of the Germans back then were not quite fond of Jews and they approved Hitler's motion. But was it a good thing? Subjective to interpretation, but it's definitely painful to be a Jew in Europe at that time.

In Malaysia, that means you have to appeal to the people from the rural area, the kampung folks, the conservative reserved people and of course the religious or moral upholding people. And of course, our Malay friends who also happened to be Muslim by default makes the majority in the country (nothing wrong on that).

So what do politicians do to ensure they get the votes? They do policies that will look as if they appeal to the majority. Inciting fear that the minorities will cause damage and harm to the majority and thus they should vote for their party.

Politicians have been doing this over the past 50 years. Abusing the majority by creating fear, lies and etc to cause insecurity to the majority that the minority is not good and without them (politicians), the majority will suffer which have worked over and over again.

But today, in my blog post, I'm not talking about race or religion. I'm talking about sexuality. Homosexuality to be exact. Replace majority with heterosexuality and minority with homosexuality and you'll see what I mean. Homosexuals are all over the planet, be it humans or animals. I cannot tell you or prove to you whether it's by choice or by genetic, but I can tell you that homosexuals are here to stay.

Coming back to Malaysian politics scene, politicians have always shunned the homosexual group while showing their disgusted face. Anwar Ibrahim was accused of being a homosexual by the government as an attempt to discredit him especially in the kampung areas where people are more conservative and not as tolerant or informed of differences of individuals.

The oppositions, even the more liberal DAP have kept mum over this issue as they fear losing popularity by accepting the gay community at large. Think of what those Chinese folks in the rural areas who are devoted Christians or Buddhists would think of them? PKR has over and over again tried to get their leader's hands off the accusation of being a homosexual, but that does not mean they cannot come into acceptance that there's nothing wrong with being gay. Getting PAS to accept homosexuals is definitely out of the question as I do remember it is forbidden for a man to love another man in the Quran.

So where does this lead the gay community to? Nowhere. We're out on our own, as minority, ready to be abused and sacrificed should the need arise. All of us are subject to the violation of the Penal Code (actually a lot of the straight people are too, for oral sex) and of course, this will not be imposed on us if we're not politicians or someone of a threat to the government.

All this shit really makes me wonder.. how can our conservative society accepts Chua Soi Lek, a married man who had extra marital affairs back to politics while they cannot accept the fact that a man is free to choose who he loves irregardless of gender?

Acceptance and tolerance works the same way for each individual. Can you accept someone who's a different skin color than you? What about education level? Religion? Occupation?

Then why can't the same be applied to sexuality?

And that's my food for thought for today.


Oh hai!

If you're reading this, I'm most likely already in Malacca. :D


Yesh, I am going to have a fun and delicious time in Malacca this weekend!! Kekekekee. I love satay celup. Well, I get to pick whatever I want to eat and just whack 'em kao kao. In addition to that, I am also a sucker for delicious sauce. Satay sauce (spicy sauce with peanut) happens to be one of my favorite which means I'm so gonna get fat this weekend.


Am not a big fan of chicken rice ball but I have to admit the rice rolled up into a ball is rather special. I have no idea why, but they actually taste different too. I do look forward for chicken rice ball for lunch this weekend but definitely not as much as satay celup.

The ever busy Jonker Street

I'll be staying at Aldy Hotel for the weekend. It's walking distance to Jonker street. I know the Stadhuys is nearby and I can take a river cruise somewhere near. But can anyone tell me where can I go from there for sight seeing? I think there's a mall which is walking distance from Aldy Hotel, is it? I wish to catch a movie if possible too. There's this Hong Kong movie called another Pandora's story or something which is basically a 'Scary Movie' of all the popular chinese movies lately such as Kungfu Hustle, Ip man and etc. Saw the trailer when I watched 14 Blades and 72 Tenants of Prosperity and I knew I really have to watch it. It's releasing on 18 March!

I noticed that not many people comment on my blog anymore. :(

Am I that bored till no one bother to drop by a word or two? T_T

I go dai now. *jumps*

Okay lah, I'm not that manja for attention, okay? I'll do better and blog more stories, especially about the gay community. After all, I do think a lot of people drop by to read those scandalous stories of mine (or my friends who gave permission for me to share it here).

I will share that in the near future, but let's enjoy some cute guys' picture for today. 8 is a good number, so 8 cute guys for everyone! Enjoy!









May you have a prosperous weekend ahead!!

Huat ah!! Lol.


The Wonderful Weekend

Despite getting a little stressed on Friday night cum Saturday early morning, I had a great weekend!!


Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur which is a huge ass event for Magic the Gathering players totally rocks. I met players from Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Philippines and many more this weekend. :D

Some of the Japanese players are cute, but not the super hot type from porn la, obviously. Lol. I can't imagine how happy I was playing in the event. Just for the record, I didn't win nor make it to Day 2 (you have to win 6 games out of 8 games on Day 1 to qualify for Day 2, Swiss point system). Well, I got a 4-3-1 (win-lose-draw) which is 2 games away from making Day 2 but I was really glad to have the experience to play at such a big event. :D

I played a customized Blue/White Control deck with Perimeter Captain and Kor Firewalker in the mainboard and White Knights at the sideboard to ensure I slap Jund in the face every time I meet them. Unfortunately, when I met Jund (met 3, lost 2), I failed to draw them or I had to mulligan down to a very low number of cards which was definitely sad.

kor firewalker
Having this guy on Turn 2 and your Jund/Mono Red opponents will cry

Oh well, Magic the Gathering involves a lot of skill and luck at the same time. There's definitely no guarantee that you're a Pro player and you'll definitely win a tournament. There were a few pros who failed to make Day 2 and there were a few fresh players who made Day 2 too! What do you know, huh? :D

If you wanna find out more detailed coverage about GPKL, check out the official coverage here


I'm going Melaka next weekend!!


Will be staying at a budget hotel near Jonker Street called Aldy Hotel or something. Can anyone recommend me where to go and eat? I would prefer walking distance as I don't drive and if possible, don't wanna trouble my friends to come be my driver la. Paiseh paiseh. :P

If you're in Melaka and would like to meet up, I'd be glad to meet you too. Just email me and we shall arrange for it. :D (email add at sidebar on left)

If you happen to know where cute Melaka gay guys gather, can you also let me know? Lol


The Xpax Big Freekin' Sale is still ongoing!! Free BlackBerry access for your weekend!! Interested? Just subscribe to Xpax BB access at RM2.50 a day from Monday till Friday and you'll get your weekends free!!


Okay, the Blackberry war is quite intense among all the telcos. As much as I have incentives to side with Xpax since I'm using Xpax for my BB, I've done my calculation on how the pricing are.

At the moment, telco M does not have a fixed data plan for BB. I might not be updated but if you are, kindly let me know. Telco D go at the flat rate of RM58/month. Now you see Xpax charges RM2.50 a day but only on weekdays. How many weeks are there in a month? 4 weeks. 5 days a week for 4 weeks will make RM50 for 1 month!! Isn't it the cheapest?

Yes, I know 4 weeks is a conventional calculation. So let's take this month, March for example where we have 31 days and maximum number of weekdays to count. Taking out 8 days from the weekends bring the total number of days to 23. 23 times RM2.50 would be RM57.50 for a month. Hah! Still 50 cents cheaper!!!


Now you know why I am still on Xpax for my Blackberry service plan.

Got X, got it all.

P.S. I hope I got LeeHom too. Ahh... One can dream, can't he? Lol

P.P.S. Youtube is always full of surprises. I remember stumbling on a video where there's this big blue man burning a yellow man under a magnifying glass. Today I found a sequel. Watch below.

Creative ain't it? Not sure who did that, but kudos for the brilliant animation though it's a little biased. Lol.


That's the last time I'll remind you of the awesome BB plan I'm on, I hope. Be sure to comment and let me know where to visit in Melaka please? I really look forward for another wonderful weekend ahead of me. ;)



Hi all,

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates.



Life has taken a toll on me with heavy workload. To add more to that, even when I'm on leave (applied 2 months in advance), I'm still working on something throughout the weekend. That's okay, actually but I do feel the burden for my dearest colleague, Fresh. You hang on there, okay? You'll be a fine Nuffie, trust my words. ;)


I'm also taking part in GP Kuala Lumpur, an international tournament for Magic the Gathering. This is my first time participating in major tournaments and I do hope I can do well. Wish me luck. :)


Last year and early this year has proved to be a very tiring time for me. I thought that those periods are over. I guess not, as even when I'm on leave I can no longer ignore my responsibilities knowing that I have my colleagues to take care of as I'm partially responsible for my department.

I guess in life, as you grow older, your responsibilities grow too. It's just that sometimes I wish there are more spaces for me to ensure I'm not too uncomfortable. :S

orlando sol 5

It's been awhile since I really have a good rest.

I heard sleeping with charcoal burning = very good rest. Would keep that in mind as a last resort if I really need a good rest.


I Hate Justin Bieber on MTV

Okay, this is not done due to me being jealous of him in any sort of way. In fact, I think that it's great for someone his age to be well known.


But, there is a problem with him being on MTV all the time. And by all time, I mean for every hour you see him on MTV singing;

"Baby baby baby no~"
Click on the annoying words to a Youtube video to be annoyed.

Loop that line for infinity of times and you'll understand how annoyed I got sitting in the office, dealing with serious work. MTV was supposed to lighten the mood but his music, his voice and his looks totally annoyed the shit out of me and my colleagues (especially Firdauz and also Huiwen, who wanted to destroy the TV when he was on it).

Seriously, he's way too young to be a singer. His voice is not even stable yet. I bet he hasn't even got pubes on his crotch. God sake, exploitation of minors are taken to a new level with Justin Bieber on MTV!!


Look at him!! It's like looking at a boy from primary school. How can people enjoy looking at him on TV? With annoying voice and childish acts, every time I see him on MTV, I feel like digging my eyes and inserting a chainsaw into my ears.

If you somehow have connection to the people who put what songs to play on MTV channel for Astro, can you like please ask him to spare my eyes and ears and never put Justin Bieber on again? I'd do anything to not suffer having to hear "Baby baby baby, no~"


*Pukes blood*


You guys would have definitely heard or knew that I'm a strong Xpax supporter. Well, this is because I never have any problems whenever I'm using Xpax Blackberry services. In fact, it was the first prepaid BB plan in Malaysia and it is the best, in my opinion.

As low as RM2.50 a day for unlimited data or RM1/day for social media access, it is definitely very affordable. In fact, I've got colleagues from Singapore who uses BB and purchase Xpax SIM cards to utilize the BB plans. :D

The best deal of all is that in conjunction with the Xpax Big Freekin Sale, if you subscribe to unlimited BB access for your weekdays, you get unlimited access for free during your weekend! How cool is that? Uber cool, of course!

Besides, Xpax has got one of the most good looking stars endorsing it after all - Wang LeeHom!! Slurpp!!


P.S. I think that's one of the strong reason why I'm so supportive of Xpax.


Balik Ipoh This Weekend

I'm making plans to go back to my hometown this weekend. The reason? I want to experience Ipoh the way I wanted to, which I was denied during Chinese New Year. I want to go makan at all the nice hawker stalls at the old town area, find my friends to play mahjong and enjoy the hassle free roads in Ipoh (by that I mean driving).

I want good Ipoh food. Nom nom nom!

If you happen to be at Ipoh this weekend, feel free to contact me and if I'm available, we'll meet up for yamcha, ok? Email me at pcboy86(at)yahoo(dot)com yea?

But the main reason why I'm going back to Ipoh this week is because of Grand Prix Trial Kuala Lumpur, which is a tournament for Magic the Gathering.

I grew up and started playing Magic seriously in a shop called GameVault in Ipoh. It was a nice shop owned by Wearn and I really enjoyed learning how to play Magic from him and the crowd back then. As of late, the number of players in Ipoh has dropped so low that there are hardly any sanctioned drafts going on. Thus, I made it a point to myself whenever GameVault holds a tournament, I'll try my best to attend it if I can. I did not manage to attend the previous one due to the Tiger Run I organized (which was on the same day). :(

So this time around, I'm going to GameVault for sure. And God bless me, let me win the GPT and get 3 round BYEs for GP KL. Ngek ngek ngek.

I'm definitely playing control for the current standard environment. I'm still deciding between America Control or Blue/White Control. Both decks runs 4 Jace, the Mind Sculptor in mainboard and 3 Baneslayer Angel in SB so pricing of cards isn't really a matter for me. But looking at the metagame where the pace is really fast thanks to Naya Boss and return of Boros Bushwhacker, I might need the speed of Lightning Bolt to stop the early drops and not to mention Ajani Vengeant to ensure I stay alive. However, should the meta turn slower, then Blue/White will definitely be a choice to play as it makes you feel like god, but just saying no to everything your opponent cast. Lol. I'll decide as the weekend draws near on what deck I'll play.

Adding Ajani Vengeant into my deck will make my deck's worth go higher. Lol


Side note. I'm gonna share some gay hangouts in Ipoh that gays might find it an interesting fact to know while the straight guys can.. oh well, avoid at all cost in Ipoh. Lol.

Firstly, the known cruising spot is the Ipoh town Railway station at night, usually midnight. You see those men walking around in the garden pretending like they're taking fresh air? No, they are not taking fresh air but merely giving signal that they wanna get laid tonight. But, as Ipoh is usually deprived of cute guys thanks to all of them migrating to KL, you'll be very disappointed with the quality unless it's Chinese New Year (which was also why I was upset I can't get out on my own. Lol).

The railway station is definitely a nice architecture. The gays agree and made the garden the cruising spot. Lol

Then, we have Friend's Cafe which is a well known gathering spot for all gays in Ipoh. It's located at Ipoh Garden East and it's quite a pricey place to chill out. But nevertheless, it does has the highest concentrated gay customers. Hahaha.

Sadly, there are only 2 spots that I know of in Ipoh. I've heard that the public Swimming Pool in Ipoh also has gay guys, but they are usually uncles, or so I heard. *shrugs*. I'm definitely not going to be there. Hahaha.

Now that you know of the place, make good use of them (gays, remember them and perhaps use them? Lol).

I'm gonna be ending this here today.

Have a nice day ahead and may you get cuter each day.

Here's a picture where some of us may just wish there's a strong wind to blow the towel off. Enjoy.

towel guy