The Tale of a Dropout Part 1

Every now and then I wonder about thinking of how other gays live their lives. A lot of us have been in difficult situations such as fearing that our identities are exposed to our parents or even rejecting our own sexuality. However, I personally believe there are more people out there with worse life experiences than us.

As such, I would like to share with you some of the stories that I've uncovered with my readers. The names are not their real names and the story might be fiction or non fiction. The key point of these stories are to illustrate that being gay, ain't all about being fabulous and living a life of joy.


Joe was no bright student back in high school. It was evident from his test results which were normally in the single digits over a 100 percent and also his inability to understand the subjects taught in the classroom.

And so, Joe decided to drop out from high school. It wasn't a difficult choice as his family ain't bothered about what he did anyway. His dad was a drunkard who drinks like a fish day and night while his mum has left him when he was a child. He hardly had anyone that showed him any affection. In fact, he survives daily thanks to his neighbor who bothered to invite him for meals every day.

Joe made his own living by working as a waiter at a Chinese coffee shop which was located some walking distance from where he stayed. The wage wasn't much, but it was enough to put simple food on the table for him and some basic things to survive. At times, he hated God for placing him on Earth to suffer and at times, he hated himself for not being brighter.

Joe was all alone in the world, he thought. To make things worse, Joe was gay. He knew he liked boys and not girls ever since his classmates and him discover sex/porn DVD/Internet porn. His eyes followed the banana and not the papaya nor the tuna. That really put him in a very difficult position. To be poor, unloved, stupid (education wise) and gay wasn't exactly a very nice position to be, ain't it?

Despite how he hated himself and God, he lived on. He yearned to be loved and of course being a teenager who's filled with raging hormones, he wanted to get laid as well. He had very little idea how would he find other gays in the society to be able to fall in love or WooHoo (The Sims' term for sexual intercourse). As he was a little bit Internet savvy, he was able to find some online gay community which he could take part in to know others.

Despite the fact that Joe was poor, he was actually quite cute. He was not built but he wasn't too slim nor fat which made him appealing to a lot of people out there. He wasn't a queen in his dressing which made him a discreet which added more brownie points for himself when it comes to the community perception of its members.

Joe was of course excited to be flocked with messages asking him out, complimenting him on how he's cute and stuff and so he agreed to meet up with his new found friends online. The first person he met, however, was not who he was as perceived by Joe.

Matthew was using another person's picture and faked all his information on his profile online. Let's put it this way, Matthew ain't exactly the most desirable gay man around. Thus, the only way he gets to date cute guys are to cheat them out for a date and try to impress them from there. He has some cash, but he ain't a fool to spend money on new boys knowing how many moneyboys are around in KL.

And so Joe and Matthew met for dinner one day at a local diner. Joe was definitely not happy to find out Matthew wasn't who he was expecting. However, since he was already there and Matthew is forking the money for dinner, he thought why not give a chance to know a new friend in life. His decision proved to be a bad one as by midnight, Joe was lying naked on Matthew's bed, spiked and unable to defend himself from what was coming for him.

Joe was raped and molested that night and despite he detested Matthew's act, he somewhat found pleasure in that act. It was a bizarre feeling that he couldn't explain but somehow he enjoyed it. Soon, Joe was willingly having dinner with Matthew just to get 'spiked' and 'raped'.

Matthew wasn't all that bad of a character if you're willing to close your eyes on his acts of deceiving naive boys out for a date and spiking them. As he grew closer to Joe, his victim, he started to care for him a little, especially on how he was surviving. Seeing that Joe was quite attractive, he suggested him to look for his friend who happens to operate a gay massage center.

After all, an eighteen year old with reasonable body and face could definitely earn more than him serving drinks at a Chinese coffee shop. And so agreed and looked for Matthew's friend, Uncle Ho. Uncle Ho was more than delighted to have Joe on board as a masseur. After all, customers are always asking for 'fresh meat' to attend to their 'aching' bodies.

To be continued...

P.S. Google Gay Massage to find out what it really means.


Life as a Gay Men

No picture post, random gay babbling

Sometimes I do wonder.

As much as gays are much accepted widely among the city folks these days, but what is the real sentiment behind the people who accept us? Yea, sure some are totally tolerant about us and stuff, while some people merely tolerate or accept us just because the majority of the city people do and they're 'forced' into peer pressure to accept gays.

A tweet from a close friend kinda prodded me into writing this post. He mentioned that as much as he accepted me, but deep down inside of him, he can't help but to feel a little irked about people like me.

I mean, sure, to straight people, gays are just humans who just happen to like someone from the same gender. That's kind of only half the real definition of gays.

If you happen to be straight and claim that you accept gay people, perhaps you need to re-examine what is the true definition of gays. The true definition of gay means man having sex with another man.

2 sausages

Are you able to accept that? Yes, it's some sort of a sword fight between 2 and in the end of it, 1 sword concedes and gives the other its sheath.

Seriously, not many straight people are able to go through this imagination and say they are okay with this. If you are somehow irked by the imagination, that means deep down inside, you're still uncomfortable about gays.

I'm not trying to push for anything here today, but I'm just expressing regret that people are accepting gays 'just to be cool' which is wrong. People should accept or reject gays based on their own principles. I don't really care if my close friends tell me they ain't cool about my sexuality. If they wish to cut all ties with me, so be it. However, if they ain't cool about me putting my sword into another person's sheath only, that can be arranged that I never mention anything about sex life in front of them.

As shared in the first sentence, this is a random babbling post. Just ignore this.


If I am Ip Man master, I would..

I would teach Zuzu Wing Chun martial art to protect himself from big and ugly dogs.

210410 002

If bulldogs or other nasty dogs try to disturb Zuzu, Zuzu will whack the hell out of them with Wing Chun!

Ip Man 2 is premiering end of this month!! I really wanna watch Donnie Yen play the great grandmaster on the big screen and it's all possible to GSC EonBank Credit Card!!

Check out for more information. :)

P.S. It's been awhile since I camwhore in my blog. Here's one of the rare pictures I take these days.

110410 014


Zuzu Likes Slurpee Hor~

I made a video to take part in a contest to win RM500 cash prize and also vacation to various local tourist spots. :D

Of course, Zuzu 'volunteered' to help and thus he's the star of the video. :)

If you think you deserve the RM500 more than me, by all means, challenge me here at the Funniest Slurpee Video contest.

Loves Zuzu

Zuzu Post!

Oh hai!!

Itz been awhile since I update regularly. I sincerely apologize (I lost count how many times I've been doing this. Lol).

Anyway, today is gonna be picture day featuring Zuzu, my son!! :D

110410 002

The above is Zuzu when he had long hair. Ain't he cute and fuzzy?

Zuzu is 3 years old and likes food (a lot). Every time someone munches something, he'll be the first to get to him/her and show his cute eyes begging for the food. Of course, we only give him food which are appropriate (no chocolates!).

Recently, we took him to the pet shop to get a hair cut. As Zach and I were rushing somewhere, we just told the groomer to cut it short without specific instructions. When we returned, Zuzu was no longer a Shih Tzu.

In fact, he looked more like a Poodle.

110410 006

He's so freaking cute la!! Lol. When I saw him in that state I was like, WTF!!! How come so cute 1? Lol. The tip of his legs were all shaven bald and for the first time I could see his naked paws. Awwww. Damn kawaii, ok? Lol.

At first when Zuzu got home with the new hairdo, he emo for 1 whole day, ok? He was not active, running around and even avoided both me and Zach and lie down outside our room for the entire day. Every time we carry him to our bed, he'll run out far from our room and lie down there to emo. Hahaha, I guess it takes some time to get used to a new hairstyle, even for dogs, eh?

110410 007

But after a day or 2, he was okay again and played around with Zach and I cheerfully. In fact, now that his hair is thin, he was able to sleep with us on our bed comfortably. Previously, he'd try to avoid sleeping on the bed as it would be too hot for him as he had long hair. Thus, he would usually lie down on the cold marble floor. Hehehe.

Shih Tzu ain't the cleverest dog to begin with, but we're lucky Zuzu ain't that dumb either. Thanks to his greediness for food, we were able to teach him simple tricks.

110410 004

110410 005

Simple but cute, ain't it?

Zach and I are truly blessed that we have Zuzu as our son. The only thing is.. he's kinda like a virgin. 3 years old and haven't shag a bitch before. 3 years old for dogs is somewhat like 21 for human? Poor Zuzu. Lol.

So if you have a female Shih Tzu that requires 'mantenance' from another male Shih Tzu, do let me know. Perhaps we can arrange a date night for both of them. :D

I'll end this post with Zach posing with Zuzu. :P

110410 008

Loves Zuzu and Zaza

Pokemon Heart Gold NDS ROM Free Download No Freeze / Pokemon Soul Silver ROM Free Download No Freeze

Okay, I'm gonna be a pirate today. Lol.

I just found the 2 ROMs for both Heart Gold and Soul Silver which do not freeze or crash and works for NDS Lite downloads.


For Pokemon Heart Gold - Download here

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Have fun peeps!!


Age Does Not Change A Gamer

Hello everyone,

My name is Robb and I'm a gamer.

Everybody : Hi, Robb!

Ever since I was young, I was always into entertaining myself by games. I remember when I was young, the Tetris gadget was the first game I've got. Boy, was it fun! I bet some of my readers who are too young are to know what that is. Lol.

Heck, those Tetris gadgets were so ancient, I can't even find a picture on Google. :S

Then, I was fortunate when my dad bought me a Micro Genius, which was the first generation console game that I ever laid my hands on. Back then, the game cartridges were very expensive and so was the machine. Thanks, dad for buying me such wonderful machine (back then la). I remember playing the old school Street Fighter where all characters don't have superpower, but just normal hits for combo. Lol.


Then, as I grew older, the computer age kicked in finally. I had a desktop at home and I was playing.... Starcraft!!


Starcraft was the first game that challenge me in many different ways. First off, it was tactical and strategy based game which requires player to macro manage the economy and micro manage the units. To top that up, I wasn't the best kid at school who was well verse in the English language. However, Starcraft and many other computer games helped me learn the language substantially especially through their storyline, FAQs and many more.

Heck, for some games like Age of Empires or Stronghold, I was even able to learn about the real history of civilizations before I even learn them in school. I learned plenty of other useful information through the games I've played throughout my growing up period.

Did you know that cows were slaughtered for their meat for consumption and their skin to make leather armor back in the medieval days?

Games have never fail to make me happy all the time. I can't help but to say that this fact remains as it is today, when I'm close to quarter of a century old (next year is unclehood).

Today, I own a desktop, a PS2, PS, PSP, 2 Nintendo DS Lite and a game of my passion - Magic the Gathering which I've invested countless amount of money into it (I'm stupid, don't be like me). Zach and I are even thinking of getting a PS3 now that Final Fantasy 13 is already out in English.


Final Fantasy 13 is gonna cost a bit to us if we're really gonna get it. It's because if we're playing FFXIII on our current TV, which is an old school bulky ordinary TV, the graphic it will chuck out will probably be an insult to play FFXIII with. As such, Zach is kinda determined to buy a new Full HDTV just to play FFXIII. I'm not so into the game yet since I haven't even play Final Fantasy 12 yet. Lol.

I'm also looking to change my desktop as it's now close to 5 years old (which means the system is pretty much very sucky now). I'm holding myself together and waiting for Starcraft 2 to be released before I do that. This is because I want to be able to have a desktop that is fully optimized for the game.


My card game, Magic the Gathering will be having a new set released as well. It's called Rise of Eldrazi and so far it only has 1 card that kinda like (not super like, nothing compared to Jace, the Mind Sculptor), which is Gideon Jura, a white Planeswalker.

EN MTGROE CardsT4_V5.indd

It's going at 30USD a piece and in Malaysia we can expect it to be floating around RM90 when it's released. I'm considering should I get a playset of him fast or not. I don't really see his price shooting up like Jace, but I do wish to get him early. Hmm....

EN MTGROE CardsT4_V5.indd

In the same time, All Is Dust is also very attractive to me since I'm a control player. Kekekeke. Hopefully this doesn't shoot up too high in price.

Okay, onto another game which I also enjoy playing which don't cost me any extra money - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver!!! Lol. (Yes, yes, I'm childish and I play Pokemon. Shaddap).


They are actually remake of the original games with better graphics, better features and of course, access to many more Pokemons. I've always been a fan to all the Pokemon games (except Mystery Dungeons). They recently released the International English version but the pirates have yet to properly crack it. All the available ROMs for them crash after playing for maximum of 20 minutes.

As I have 2 DS Lite, I can also trade between both of them to make those pokemon that requires trading to evolve to do so. Yeah, Slowking and Scizor!!

Oh well, I can fairly say that I'm a game addict. Despite the fact I'm now so old, I still find myself very entertained whenever I play games.

I guess once a gamer, always a gamer.

If you're a gamer too, why don't you share with me what games you enjoy playing the most?

Playing Games now probably,