Getting a New Computer

I don't come from a rich family. I don't stay with my parents where they clean my room, do my laundry and prepare meals for me.

Well, that means I earn my own living, use every single dime from my salary to pay my rent, bills, expenses, loan and purchase utilities. In addition, my parents request me to send them money as well which I dutifully agree. Sometimes, to get a new pair of jeans, I have to endure having bread for meals for a week or two.

Okay, enough with inducing sympathy on your side. :P

The computer I'm using in my house, which I'm using to blog now is 6 years. It was purchased on the first year when I was enrolled in UTP. If you're someone who uses computer a lot you'd have been able to tell a computer that was 6 years old means this machine is basically antique. I do think so. I don't know what the fuck happened to it, but when I purchased it, it could run Warcraft 3 at top graphic quality but now, it fucking lags even when I run it at the minimum performance. Heck, I can't even DotA using my own PC for the past few years.

That means over the past few years, I've been using my PC strictly to online chatting, browsing, working, porn surfing and blogging only. Yes, I had no games in my computer for over 2-3 years and I used to call myself a gamer. Sad years for me indeed T_T

Main reason why I didn't get a new computer? No funds and no particular reason for me to. I was fine with my life. No powerful computer meant I didn't have to spend so much time on games and could do other things in life. Then....


Starcraft 2 was announced.

Just for your info, the first game I picked up on PC was Starcraft. I was bloody good in it commanding the Zerg Swarm. My hydralisks, zerglings, mutalisks coupled with defilers and queens were crazy. Along side my pals, Chun Wei and Wai Kong when we were in secondary school, each of us hold the title of King for one of the races, me - Zerg, Chun Wei - Terran, Wai Kong - Protoss. We took challenges from various people, sometimes 1 on 1, sometimes 3 on 3 and suffice to say, we triumphed over all our challengers.

Well, we were kids back then and WCG wasn't even known yet thus we didn't take part in bigger tourneys. I'm sure if we did, we'd probably get our ass kicked, but boy we were the toughest players in the block back then. :P

When I saw Starcraft 2 is set to be released on 27 July, I can't help but to make all preparations to ensure that I'll be able to play it at optimum performance and of course, be real good at it again. I've seen the beta videos and I must say the graphics are really impressive. I just hope that I fare well in adjusting to the new interface.


So, peeps, I need advice. I've got a RM1,500 budget to buy myself a desktop (just the machine since my monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse are still usable). Can you suggest me the right components for a PC which will rock socks while playing Starcraft 2? I'll truly appreciate your advice on this matter.


Freebies! Who doesn't like freebies, eh? I know I do! :D

free 90

This World Cup season, Xpax is giving out free 90 minutes talk time! Yes, percuma, min fai, ng sai chin geh. Just join Xpax before 31 July and stay active (by reloading RM30 for each month for 3 months) and you'll be given free 30 minutes talk time each month!!

With all the bonuses that you can get (Blue Bear which you can win RM10,000 daily) and now free talk time? Xpax is just way too generous. Better jump in to Xpax if you're not on it now before the promo ends. ;)


P.S Please, anyone who is knowledgeable with computer parts, do advise me? I do need recommendations, like damn 9 a lot. LOL.


Present for My Parents

My dad is a retiree and my mum will join him in a few years time. I grew up in a home where my parents did their best to provide the best they could for me and my sister. It wasn't easy as both my parents had to work really hard to foot the expenses from the 3 devils (particularly me). I had no idea how difficult work was of course, till I started working myself.

Now I know why my dad wasn't very keen to go out shopping on weekend where he didn't have to work. I myself find it difficult for me to leave house on a weekend because the amount of rest I can get is just so rewarding for myself. Sorry dad, for not understanding this 15 years earlier.

My mum wasn't exactly very educated, but she did her best to try to provide for the family. She invented her own dish and perfected it, and then started a small business selling home made kaya, belacan and vegetarian pickle curry to nearby houses. She was proud of herself and I am as well. :)

Now, my dad is slightly relaxed as all his 3 children have now grown up and working (my younger sister joins the workforce officially on 1st July). Truth to be told, I didn't make things easy for him couple of years ago when I threw in my towel for my studies at UTP. But he still believed in me and supported my decision and I am grateful that he did.

So nowadays, my dad just sits at home watching television, going online to read news and play mahjong with my aunts in Ipoh. I gotta say it seems a little bored from what it seems, especially with the limited amount of programmes available in free television. My house never had Astro before because my dad didn't think it was necessary. I could tell his reasons now.

If I was my dad, I won't waste money on Astro too. Imagine working 8 hours a day and braving traffic to come home. Most of the time, you just want to rest or spend time with your loved ones, talking and not tuning out from your loved ones. Besides, we had a computer which was much more important in terms of giving us exposure in life. I have to agree with that. It's the same situation here. I won't subscribe Astro in my house where I'm staying in KL. How many hours a day would I be able to watch television a day? I dare say less than 5 hours a week.

My mum had always loved drama series. As she still takes pride in working these days, she hardly has time to catch them on time. Luckily, sometimes my aunt has DVD of those shows and lent them to my mum and she does enjoy watching them when she was free.

As I've just been appraised and the result turned positive, the first thing that came to my mind was to give something to my parents. I can't think of anything else but to subscribe Astro for them.


This is not an advertorial as I'm not paid to write about Astro. Though I'm not earning a lot, but I don't mind forking out a hundred bucks plus each month to ensure that my parents are entertained, informed and learn from the various content provided by Astro.

I am personally a fan of National Geographic and Discovery Channel but the frequency of those shows in free TV was just disappointing. My dad is fan of sports and news, but once again, dedicated shows like those just ain't sufficient on free TV. My mum will definitely enjoy the TVB series and not to mention learn a thing or two while watching more informative programmes.

A day after I submitted my application form, I called my dad to inform him of this. He sounded happy and grateful. Initially I subscribed only Basic + Movies + TVB. I asked if that's okay with him or he would like to have Sports Channels. He shared that he would be delighted if there are sports channels. His voice tone was so grateful that I can't help but to add in the extra channels despite it will go heavier on my monthly expenses.

Despite the fact, this contribution is very little to my parents, but I can't help but to somehow feel 'filial' for the very first time in my life. I hope mum and dad would enjoy Astro at home. I won't be able to tell anytime soon as a busy month is ahead of me.

*crosses finger*



Prepaid plans are among the most useful things for us who are very cautious about spending on phone calls and SMS. It's helpful for students and not to mention people who just started working.

Thus, we tend to look for plans that will provide us the best rates be it SMS, calls and etc. Since we have quite a number of telcos around it is important that we analyze them correctly and make the right choice.

comparison chart

Xpax is my choice because only Xpax gives 12sen/minute to 15 Friends on all networks unlike other telcos which only provide special rate to limited amount of numbers which are in their own network.

The best deal is, with Xpax during this World Cup Season, you may just find yourself RM10,000 richer with their Blue Bear promotion. Check out for more information.


P.S. People keep telling me that my actions are just like the Astro commercial that they saw previously that urge people to subscribe Astro for their parents. The funny thing is I have not seen the ad before in my life, definitely not before my decision. I can't seem to find it anywhere. If it's available on Youtube, can someone point me at the right URL so I can share here as well?

Happy to be filial for once,

Lousy Memory

It's a known fact that I have lousy memory, especially in remembering people's faces.

This means if I see you for the first time today, chances are super high I'll forget who you are the next time we meet. Yes, it is that bad.

It's not that I'm mean or what. But my memory is just damn awful. Most of the time when people smiled and waved at me, I smiled and waved back not knowing who the other person was. Of course, out of courtesy, I don't wanna appear stupid by not knowing thus I just smiled. Most of the time, if they come close to me and talk to me about something, I'll just carry on with the conversation pretending I was aware who he/she was. LOL.

However, having this problem is damn bad in the corporate world. Especially when you have to meet so many people, clients and etc. Mine is double whammy, include thousands of bloggers I have to meet. *slams forehead* LOL

Apparently, I'm not the only person that has this problem. There's this midget girl called Not-Audrey that has the same problem with me. Yesterday, she went for an event and she happened to saw someone and mistook her for being another person's wife!

She even go around telling everyone that the lady was another person's wife when she wasn't!! LOL. Fresh and I had a damn good time laughing at her XD.

I mean it's understandable that Not-Audrey is likely to have the problem. I mean, she got night visions and no knees, I'm sure the lack of height probably means the lack of memory la. But why me?

Why do I have lousy memory too? *Gasps*

Unless I have passive midget-gene in my DNA!!! The Horror!!!

Thank God I'm gay. If I'm straight and mate with another woman with passive midget-gene and so happens the gene got twisted and started to have buttsecks with each other my offspring will be midget as well!

I mean, it's cool that I can train them to be deadly assassins and robbers (halfling gets 50% thievery success rate, quote Utopia), but life's gonna be quite difficult for him/her in school la. Imagine the amount of teasing.

See? What I told you about thievery success rate? Espionage damn keng!

Okay, drifted far enough. LOL. No offense for midgets and Not-Audrey. Just running wild with my blogging topic.

I think I should meet up with Not-Aud to discuss how to solve this problem la. Else wise we both can dai in this industry.


Watching Toy Story 3 sure made me wanna get some plushies and toys. But most of them can be quite... pricey...

Lucky for me, I found out that Xpax is giving out free Celcom Blue Bears!! And they are in theme for the World Cup too!! Wootz!

xpax bears

You can get a free Celcom Blue Bear whenever you reload RM30 or more during this World Cup season. All you have to do is just SMS 'BOLA' to 22188 and reload RM30 or more. You'll then get a mobile voucher and you can collect your free Celcom Blue Bear from a Blue Cube center!

The best deal of all, you also stand a chance to win RM10,000 daily whenever you get a Celcom Blue Bear!! Wootz!!

Don't wait any longer, cause the RM10,000 cash might just be waiting around the corner for you if you're an Xpax user. ;)


Okay, I think I offended midgets today. I hope no midgets run towards me and punch my crotch (they can't reach my face anyway).

*Runs away laughing*

P.S. I'm a bad bad man. Gay but makes fun of midget somemore. Tsk tsk tsk.


The Weekend Syndrome

Recently, I managed to observe a few behavior of myself and found out that I occasionally experience insomnia during Saturday night/Sunday morning. By insomnia, it means I can't seem to sleep no matter what I do.

I can't sleep despite the fact I did activities that's supposed to 'induce sleep' (if you know what I mean *smirk*). I can't sleep even when I play stupid boring games over and over again. I can't sleep even while reading Harry Potter for the gazilion times.

can't sleep
No, my pillow ain't wet thought

Of course, I do know some of the contributing reasons.

Firstly, due to the fact that Saturday is an off day for me, I tend to take afternoon nap, which normally ended much longer than being a nap thus screwing my sleeping hours later. Sometimes, even half an hour of nap is capable of doing so.

Secondly, the past 2 months have been hectic Magic the Gathering tournaments. Every single weekend, there are tournaments and of course, naturally, I take part in every single one of them because I'm in the game competitively (it's kinda stupid to not be competitive after the amount of money I spent...). So... yea.. excitement usually kicks in with me thinking of possible match-ups and strategies. And they usually last the entire night. LOL.

Thirdly, I believe that there's a gay leprechaun who is invisible, spreading "Hahahahaha-You-Can't-Sleep-Tonight" Dust all over me whenever I try to sleep on Saturday night.

I am writing this now at 4.38AM, Sunday morning. Well, I have to admit, I did took a nap today, but tomorrow is not a Magic tournament day for me (because I've qualified for the big tournament, tomorrow's tourney is a qualifier for the biggie). But this means I can at least try to sleep successfully. After all, even when I have Magic tournament the next day, I'd usually be asleep by 4AM. This means the fucking leprechaun's dust is damn powerful la!!


Screw you gay leprechaun!!


Was watching the Netherlands Vs Japan game today during dinner time. I must say that both teams were equally good. Maybe Netherlands had some slight advantage over the ball control from what I observed. Thanks to Wesley Sneijder, Netherlands was able to win 1-0 over Japan, giving the team a comfortable position in Group E.

mark bornmel
Victory celebration. Funny pic, definitely. LOL

Man, World Cup season is always the best. You get lots of people gathering at your local diners, all cheering whenever a team scores a goal. Heck, I dare say, even Hari Raya or Chinese New Year ain't this exciting!

If you still are not aware, the excitement is bigger than just what's on the screen happening in South Africa. Celcom is giving out RM10,000 cash prize each day (yes, setiap hari) as long as you get your hands on the limited edition Celcom Blue Bears which come in 8 designs, featuring various football teams in the World Cup.

Check out now and you'll see the cute Blue Bears like below!


Plenty of ways for you to grab your bears. If you're on Celcom Blue, all you have to do is just;

1. SMS "BOLA" to 22188.
2. Reload a minimum of RM30.

Yes, it's that simple! This means you get a Celcom Blue Bear for absolutely free (since the credit will be used by yourself for phone calls and SMS). And from the free Celcom Blue Bear, you stand a chance to win RM10k!

Man, World Cup has never been this crazy before.


P.S. Hmm, clock is showing 5.02AM now. I shall attempt to sleep for maybe 3 hours before I head out to meet friends at the Magic the Gathering tournament. I'm there to support them and in the same time learn more about the local metagame. :)



It's a fact that all of us discriminate each other. Be it race, gender, sexuality or even education.

Some might say they are not, but if you're to ask them to marry or fall in love with someone who is a different skin color than they are, they are more skeptical to say yes. Of course, this might not be true for all, but chances are high that everyone has a 'preference' of company for the things they wish to do.

Of course, we also tend to stereotype different people for what they do or might do.

Take the photo below for example.


This is probably due to American media portraying the African Americans as criminals and stuff all the time. I know this is not true at all, but we all laugh at these jokes. Yes, they are offensive but they are still fun.

I read a joke about Chinese, it goes something like this;

How do you blindfold a Chinese?

Use a dental floss.

Of course, it's not as offensive, but it's still funny.

Back to my point. People can't help being a little discriminating actually. It's how humans are. Screw skin colors and sexuality and etc. Just go back to the smaller scope. We take care of our best interest in life. When we're hungry we eat, when we're cold we do something to get warmth and etc.

If you're forced to choose between your life and your friend's life, I think the choice is pretty obvious, no?

So from this field, let's widen it a bit. We still have our preferred choices in life when we do things. Like for example, some of us like Japanese food and hates Vietnamese food. There's nothing bad about Vietnamese food, but it's preference.

You bring it to a bigger field and this is where some of us are more comfortable hanging out with friends of certain education background, religion or even.. well, skin color. It's a preference. Nothing wrong in it.

But the bad effect comes in when extremists or opportunists try to take advantage of this nature of life. Extremists are basically spawns from opportunists' propaganda. These people value their 'preferences' much higher and look down on other people's 'preferences' in life. Of course, extremists only behave so because he's very fond of his preferences, but the opportunists.. is usually filled with an agenda for his/her own benefits in the long run.

Sad enough to say, today in the world we're living in, extremists and opportunists are everywhere. Thus, there are always conflicts going on around which will take many years of education down the road to actually help solve.

Recently, I read a blog. She was a mother and she condemned the Israeli recent actions shared that she wants to boycott whatever organizations that is somehow linked to Israel. Somehow, one of her readers left a comment stating that she's not keeping to her words as her previous post showed her having coffee at Starbucks. The reader then shared that she not try to act glamorous and have coffee at Starbucks and instead should support local kopitiam franchise.

The mother blogger then wrote a new post replying to this comment in particular. She kept on harping on saying she's not at Starbucks cause it's glamorous (I have to admit, there's nothing glamorous about that) but because Starbucks is halal and she's not confident that the Halal certification for Old Town kopitiam is or not, as there are many claims that business operators sometimes fake these certs.

What she expressed next was atrocious. She ended her blog post telling her reader that as much as we should care for the Israel issue where the zionis are harming the Palestinian people, they should care more about the local zionis race harming her people.

When I read things like this, sometimes it just makes me wonder how bad the damage has been done by the early opportunists in our country in their attempt to seize power and wealth. Thanks to these opportunists' propaganda, carefully laid plans, 'controlled media', they managed to turn a mother, a loving mother to an extremist.

I am saddened by how bad discrimination has become in the country. :(


The World Cup fever is here. Everywhere you go at night these days, you can find lots of people watching the World Cup at mamak, food stalls, pubs and bars. We can't help it since it's the biggest tournament for football ever and it only happens once every 4 years!


I'm pledging my support for France of course. Why? Zinedine Zidane played for France, and he was the guy who led France to victory against Brazil 8 years ago! Of course, back then, nobody really know about it. Thus I believed that France actually has a lot of hidden gems. I hope there's one for this year's World Cup.

Buttt.. by the looks of it, they're not going to make Round 2 where the elimination playoffs will take place.

Nevertheless, France has always been a great football team and my support is still with them. They should still play the best they can. :D

If you're a fan of France or any other football teams, you can actually do a lot to show your support. Just check out! You can get online memorabilia such as desktop wallpapers, ringtones, online games desktop application and challenge your paper folding capabilities!

Do you also know that you can win RM10,000 daily by getting a limited edition Celcom Blue Bears? All you have to do is just sign up for Celcom Exec Savers! By signing up, you can also get to save over 40% on calls and SMS to ANY network during the World Cup season!

Check out this site for more information.



Toy Story 3 Review

Last Monday I got to watch Toy Story 3 thanks to Disney Malaysia & Nuffnang. Weee!!


Toy Story is no doubt an epic. It kicked off as the first Pixar animation that gave birth to the wide range of animation we had today. For that, it's truly classical.

Just when you thought the story can get old, it did not!

Toy Story 3 came in with a lot of hype, and DAMN! It delivered the hype!

Here's a short synopsis.

Buzz, Woody and the gang face an uncertain future as Andy gears up for college. When the toys unexpectedly land in a room full of untamed tots who can't wait to get their sticky little fingers on them, it's pandemonium as they try to stay together, ensuring "no toy gets left behind."

I know, that didn't help. LOL.

I'll sum it up for you nicely. Toy Story 3 is about the life of toys when their owner grew up and moved on in life. What happens to them? Sold in yard sale? Placed in the attic? Or to the garbage truck? Well, in Toy Story 3, it was almost all of them, with most of them getting donated to Day Care.

I'm not gonna spoil much more of the story, you'll need to watch to find out or else it will lose its impact when you watch it. :)

Notable characters in this installment include Barbie & Kent.


As gay as Kent's character was, he did command a lot of attention of the viewers. Kudos to Disney for the excellent plot! LOL.

Of course, there were also other toys that were so darn cute that you can't help wondering if they'll mass produce and sell them after the movie (actually, I'm sure they will). Among the favorites for me and the other Nuffies were...



The girls were like going crazy when they saw how cute they were. LOL.

Then we had Mr Pricklepants!


Hedgehog/Porcupine, whatever he is, he does not hurt your hands when you hug him!!

Last but not least, Lots-o'-Hugging-Bear!


Everybody loves Teddy Bears don't they?

Or do they? *hint* Jeng jeng jeng.

I rate Toy Story 3 as 9/10 on my movie scale. Go watch it if you have not. I promise you that you won't be disappointed!


You guys remember XPLAY?

There, the music event that has big local DJs and international DJs performing which I blogged about last Saturday? Well, it was in Kota Kinabalu last weekend, and this week, it's hitting Sunway! Woohoo!!

The theme of this weekend's party is - Electro VS Hip-Hop. Details as follows;

DJs - DJ Fuzz & DJ Xu
Date : 19 June (Sat)
Time : 9.30pm till late
Venue : Opera, Sunway Pyramid

And just like last week, the party is only exclusive for invited guests only! Getting invited though, is not a difficult task.

All you gotta do is just;

1. Join the Xpax Facebook as a fan.
2. Click on the XPLAY tab and register for a free invite!
3. An email will be sent to you confirming your invites shortly!

Once again, free drinks for the first 200 people who register early. Grab those free drinks before they are gone peeps! XD


P.S. Work is catching up once again, but I'll do my best to blog more just for the sake of you guys. ;) Thanks for reading.


Cheating Fail

Sometimes it's quite easy to tell if someone is cheating or lying.

Take a kid for example. The first time a kid tries to lie to avoid punishment, his/her expression will be so priceless cause it will always be obvious that he/she is bluffing. LOL.

This also happens for people who are not accustomed to telling lies as well. I mean there's nothing wrong with not lying but at times people need to 'communicate differently' for certain reasons.

Why am I sharing about lying/cheating? Well, today I encountered an obvious case where the cheater is so bad at cheating, it just screams out loud and asks you to catch him.

There's this person who has multiple accounts registered with us. Each of these accounts has about 10 blog URLs registered under it. Each of these blogs only has 1 post in it, but all of them has exactly 50 unique visitors (some +1, some -1)!! This is an obvious indication that he's running a script here to generate fake impressions at certain intervals because only a script can be accurate to generate such impressions on a blog that only has 1 post that no one will ever find through search engines normally.

This act is of course against the Terms & Condition for my company as it is an abuse of our services aimed to exploit our system to generate more income for himself. However, our system is much smarter than that as we have various gatekeepers to check on all the behaviors of the users' accounts. Among them are scripts, filters and of course manpower such as myself to spot these irregular acts.

Action has of course been taken on the dude.

My message of the day to anyone out there - if you wanna cheat or lie, don't do it unless you are confident you can pull it off subtly. Else wise, you're just gonna get caught easily.

P.S. I suck at cheating/lying. That's why I don't bother. I just tell everyone that I like guys. :P


If you like parties then prepare to get dazzled with XPLAY parties!!!!


XPLAY is a series of music events nationwide that brings various genres of music together. These parties are not your average weekend parties with the in-house DJs. We're talking about best local and international ones like DJ Fuzz, LapSap, DJ Yasmin from Indonesia and much much more!

The first one is kicking off tomorrow featuring DJ Fuzz & DJ Xu at;

Date: Sat, 12 June 2010
Time: 9.30PM till late
Venue: Bed, Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu

The best part of the XPLAY parties are they are only for invited guests only. That means no regular random Joe. Yes, it's that exclusive. Muahahaha.

You wanna get invited? No problem, I'll share the tips on how to get invited to the XPLAY parties with you ;) 3 simple steps;

1. Check out which is Xpax Facebook page.
2. Join as a fan and click on the XPLAY tab
3. Register for a FREE invitation to the XPLAY Party!

If you're successful, you'll receive an email invite to the party!! Hurray!! There's more, if you're the first 200, you'll even get 1 Free drink of your choice!

Now you know what to do if you're in KK and love awesome party! ;)


Life at 24

Somehow today I found myself... a little down.

I'm 24 this year and I guess I'm just doing okay for someone my age. But definitely how well someone is doing is relative to who you are comparing it with.

By age of 24, Bill Gates has already founded Microsoft.

By age of 24, Timothy Tiah has already founded Nuffnang.

Comparing these 2 individual with.. I'm somewhat insignificant and of course, I am beginning to think that I'm a joke. Lol. But what if I'm comparing myself with others who are no so fortunate as well?

At age of 24, someone has to work as a toilet cleaner and earn minimal wages because he/she wasn't able to complete primary school.

At age of 24, someone has yet to find a job nor complete his/her studies because he/she is still clueless of what he/she wants to do in life.

So yea. How well one is doing is definitely relative to who or the sample crowd you're comparing it with. I'm not sure how well I'm doing in the real average, but due to the fact that I'm always around people who seem to be doing much better than I am, I do feel inferior at times.

I'm 24, I don't own a car nor a house. I have a 20k study loan to pay and I'm living on my own (no complains there, staying with my parents ain't such a bliss). The plus side of my life? I have a very caring boyfriend, a cute dog/son and a life that I'm free to do whatever I want (of course, there's a limit and rational to this freedom).

To everyone out there who is reading my blog, can you share with me what's your life like now? Are you comfortable? I know there are some rich kids who aren't because their lives are controlled by their parents. There are also relatively poorer friends of mine who are very happy with their lives because they live for the moment.

I think my life is somewhat a happy one as I'm definitely carefree and I can live for the moment too. However, realizing what other greater individuals have done when they are my age do made me think about myself at this stage of my life.

P.S. Is this quarter life crisis? LOL


Blogging for Myself

It's been awhile since I've update my blog.


I can't find any reason to be honest.

It seems to me 4 years down the road of blogging did change a lot of things for me. Let me share some of the reasons why I blog from the day I started to blog till now.

Long long time ago, in Ipoh, there was this fat kid who got rejected by another guy who was so depressed, he was about to jump off the roof of the tallest building in Ipoh. Of course, in Ipoh the only tall building we had was a 4 storey tall shopping complex, so that kinda defeat the purpose of a momentous fall. Lol.

He was blessed with a few close net pals who were there for him and consoled him in his emotional days. One of them shared to him, why don't you share your feelings in a blog? That way, you get to express yourself and you will eventually feel better about it.

And that was the first step I took into the blogging world.

Back then, all my blog entries were only text and of course, emo like hell. It was an emo blog, where I rant about how painful it was for me to find out how reality hurts and yada yada. You probably don't want to read it. It's not in this URL, don't worry. It was a livejournal blog. LOL.

Then, I met Zach, my boyfriend (kinda an understatement, we're as good as married now). Of course, back then my blog was still emo, where I shared my feelings especially my love for Zach (it was courtship period, hahaha). However, as time goes by, I started to find out certain information or rather, benefits of blogging.

Yes, I went down the commercial route and started taking in ads and PayPerPosts opportunities from US. Within months, I've earned about 1k USD approximately. Due to the nature of PPP, I had to be very active in blogging. Back then, I blog about anything.

Look! A squirrel that hops on 1 leg!!

Ooooh~~~ Shiny pebbles!!

Yea, those sort of stuff and copied pasted content from Internet too.

It was because every PPP post you do, you need to accompany it with a normal post in your blog. Indirectly, I was spamming my own blog just so I could earn. Of course, this is no longer possible no thanks to the amount of people who are willing to refresh the opportunity page every second just to accept ads. When the amount of supply is overwhelming, opportunities eventually became scarce.

And then came Nuffnang. Of course, Nuffnang was not new but as time goes by, I was offered much more than banner ads. Among them were occasional advertorials. Thus I started thinking of ways to boost my readership and find out why do people read my blog at the first place. Among the reasons I found out people read my blog are;

- I'm gay
- I'm an ok looking guy (not ugly. LOL)
- I'm somewhat known in the blogosphere

Based on these factors, I tried to start blogging more about topics related to these reasons. Thus you can find occasional gay related content (which are safe for work), my camwhorish pictures and my coverage of local blogosphere happenings.

However, due to the nature of my job, I'm so busy these days I tend to not have much time to properly blog for these topics anymore. I find it difficult to commit so much time for these topics. Thus, I think it's time for me to stop doing things that I don't enjoy anymore.

Sure the money is good, but my blog is supposed to be a place where I'm happy to write on, and not because it's a chore or troublesome thing I have to do.

So from now on, I'm gonna blog about anything that happens in my life, be it short posts or long posts. Pictures or no pictures, the blog will carry my tale of my gutsy gay life.