New Routine

I guess my life has been quite complacent lately. Things were stale and nothing seems to be new.

Of course, thanks to certain circumstances, I'm now able to get a new routine. Things will be different for my daily life. It's always something I don't mind doing, getting a healthier lifestyle which includes sleeping earlier and waking up early. :)

I think I'm personally a sleep hunger pig. If I don't sleep for 8 hours, I tend to be very exhausted in the day time and not to mention my eye bags will be quite apparent. Now that I'll be waking up 6.30AM in the morning, my sleeping hour is 10PM. LOL.

Pretty early for a 24 year old guy, ain't it? Well, I am finally going to get the right nourishment from sleeping at the right time now after so many years of passing it. Hopefully, my nourishment don't go sideways. LOL.

On the other hand, I'm finding a balance between Magic and Starcraft 2. At the moment Starcraft 2 is slightly favored due to the fact I can play it anything at home as long as I have Internet but some shops is going to make big tournaments for the rest of this year which kinda drag my interest back to the game. Damn you Eternal Magic and Comics Corner!! LOL.

Oh well, I'm so sorry for abandoning you guys, my blog readers. I promise I'll update more, but with all the new things happening around me, things do get a little hectic and thus I do skip blogging every now and then. Hope you guys don't get mad.

Love ya all!