Work Work

Lately, I'm having quite a lot of stress from work. They aren't exactly bad stress but last minute work that comes out of nowhere due to miscommunications thus causing me to spend most of my time on work rather than being at home taking care of my son and daughter, and spending time with Zach.

Take this week for example, I've been staying back late after hours everyday and it will continue till Friday. Sigh...

I guess once you've started to work, you're required to give everything in, or else you're not serious about it.

So tell me, dear readers. Do you all work for the money, or work because you're passionate of your job? I'm on the second, that's why I don't mind giving all in. ;)



I am beginning to think I'm getting bored with what I have.

I'm a typical human after all. I have a new PC and Starcraft 2 account, Magic the Gathering cards, PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS and Zuzu and Zizi to keep me entertained but I still think I'm getting bored.

I'm not sure why. Could it be due to the stress from work? Or I'm just too easy to get bored of something? Hmm... need some time to figure it out.

At any rate, I think in the next few weeks I can be kept entertained for a bit cause South Park and Family Guy should be back on air in the US which means I can download them via torrent (yea, I know, I'm a pirate). Magic the Gathering is having a new set released 2 weeks from now and I get to spend my hard earned money on stupid cardboards again (sigh) so I can have wicked decks to play with.

There's also a new Kingdom Hearts game for PSP which Zach is currently playing that looks promising to play. It's set before the Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, era before Sora. Definitely interesting. I have to admit that Kingdom Hearts proved that just because something is as cute and nice as Disney, doesn't mean it cannot be fun and difficult to play for an RPG game.

If you have not played Kingdom Hearts yet, I strongly recommend you do so. It is a damn good game, all of them (PS2 has 2, GBA had 1 and now PSP 1).

But... all these are just entertainment that I think I will get bored of them sooner or later. Is it me or does everyone feel the same?

Or is this the reason why people smoke, drink and take drugs? Hmmm...

Anyway, do share what do you do to entertain yourself so maybe I can pick up some tips or two so I won't be a bored Robb.

Thanks peeps.



Hmm.. lately I noticed something with my behavior daily.

It's sort of... predictable.

This is what I do on weekdays.

1. Wake up early.
2. Get stuck in traffic.
3. Work.
4. Lunch.
5. Work.
6. Stuck in traffic.
7. Dinner and watch some TV/anime/series OR Event
8. Sleep.


Well I think my routine is shared with almost all the working adults out there.

Any advice from seniors who have been working for a much longer time to lift the 'boredom' of this routine?


Ayam Penyet AP

For those who are not familiar with the dish, it's actually an Indonesian cuisine that is taking Malaysia by storm, especially if you've got the taste buds for spicy food.

A few weeks ago I had the honor to attend a special Buka Puasa session with a few Nuffnangers thanks to the management of Ayam Penyet AP. :D

We were invited to one of their latest outlets which is at Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.

I got there by car pooling with Eyriqazz and Rabiatul since they stay nearby my place. Hehehehe.

The menu was quite extensive especially in the 'Penyet' department. There were Ayam Penyet, Epal (beef) Penyet, Lele (Keli fish) Penyet, Udang Penyet and more and we were served with the large range of 'Penyet' dishes just so we know how good they are.

There were also a few non-Penyet dishes such as Rendang Ayam and Ayam Pop which we got to taste.

My verdict?

Ayam Penyet - It's good~ The main deal is the sambal which is so spicy but yet delicious. Chicken is super tender and easy to eat even if you're using fork and spoon. Absolutely fantastic.

Epal Penyet - The beef is equally fantastic. Personally prefer beef over chicken at all times when I eat out because beef = no bones. LOL. I'm super lazy in eating as well. Comes with the super spicy delicious sambal.

Lele Penyet - I didn't try this one as this is full of bones. LOL. But the others who did all gave good reviews. Kudos! Comes with the super spicy delicious sambal.

Udang Penyet - Same reason, troublesome to eat. Don't want to peel shells. LOL. I heard there wasn't enough of prawns because everyone wanted it. Must have been good. Comes with the super spicy delicious sambal.

Ayam Pop - Err.. compared to Ayam Penyet, this was much more bland. Must be the missing sambal. With the super star Penyet series I think Ayam Pop is definitely not so popping to the local crowd.

Rendang Ayam - Despite the fact that it has more taste than Ayam Pop, the missing sambal really mattered. Of course, the rendang was also Indonesian style which meant it wasn't something local for our taste bud. With the sambal stealing the crowd, sad enough the rendang ayam didn't shine as much.

After all the 'Penyet' dishes and chicken, we were all super bloated.

A few advice though if you're going on your own for Ayam Penyet.
- Be sure to order extra water cause it's hot!
- For those who can't take dry dishes with rice might wanna consider ordering a soup or Gado-Gado because the Penyet range of dishes are dry.

All in all, a million thanks to Encik Amran for hosting us (middle of the picture) and we certainly enjoyed reviewing the dishes. We definitely look forward for more outlets near our homes to enjoy Ayam Penyet. :D

Last word - Pedas!!

Photo credits to Eyriqazz.


Cibai Sleep of Mine

My sleep is easily disturbed.

As shared in my previous entry, I have a new routine which requires me to wake up rather early and in order for me to do so, I sleep freaking early as well. I try to hit the sack by 11pm and yesterday I slept at 9.30pm.

All it took was a phone call about work at 11 and I was wide awake till 5am. FML.

Of course, the result was I woke up late and I had to stand inside the bus waiting for a 40 minutes jam (I can usually pick the ones at the back of the jam for a seat to wait the jam out) and once I got down from the bus, I had to run like nobody's business to my office just to ensure that I'm not late.

Guess what? I did make it. Phew.

I think I better go stock up some sleeping pill or something. Anyone has experience buying them from pharmacies? If I'm not mistaken, my grandma used to take them and you can only get them with a prescription from a doctor. Is this true?

Do share. :)