I Had A Merry Guinness

As usual, I'm catching up with my life on my blog due to the how busy my life was. But the good news is, things are gonna change soon. I want to be able to share what's happening around my life more in my blog. Looking back for the past 1 and a half year archive kinda made me disappointed. Not much has been documented about myself. I am aiming to do better this year. :)

Alright back to Merry Guinness (which was what Guinness tried to get everyone into during Christmas). :D

To be perfectly honest, I'm not really a Christmas person. Well, blame it to my family who don't give two hoots about Christmas and view the celebration as something Christians are trying to get non-Christians to convert. I know, silly right?

But this year, I thought of doing something different. A quiet Christmas dinner with Zach was in my mind. After all, we both work pretty hard and once in awhile, letting some steam off via a nice dinner would certainly help right?

So we went to this new place called Mayfair located at Damansara Perdana. When I enter the place, I knew it was what I was looking for, a nice quiet place for dinner. No, I'm not saying it's dodgy, in fact it's very classy. I was joined by another fellow blogger, Edwin. :D


Couches and low table for those who prefer them, proper tables and chairs for the others and the amount of decorations kinda give me an 'English' feel. I also spotted that this outlet is a big supporter of Guinness (reason why I come as well).


Check out the mirror! LOL

I have to be honest, Guinness was not my favorite drink in the past. I remember when I was much younger, probably 15 or something and my dad passed me a Guinness bottle once. I poured it out and drank it. It was super bitter and I loathed it since. However, my fellow friends told me that Guinness that we have today is very much different from before. It's something that I might want to try according to them (they down it like nobody's business). Thus, I had my second Guinness in my life at Mayfair.


My friends were right! It wasn't what I could remember anymore. Guinness is smooth, tasty and the best of all, it's not gassy like regular beer. I instantly loved it. The price was very affordable too since it was Christmas promotion back then.

Then we ordered some food and I think I learn my lesson today for not being more punctual on blogging about places I dine at, I forgot their names but I do know the key ingredients for the dishes, so do bear with me on this one.


We started with a Cream of Mushroom soup which was obviously not from the Campbell can. It was rich and creamy and definitely great if you're a fan of authentic mushroom soup. :P


There were 2 selections of Salad for that evening. Caesar and something different (can't recall the name). We went for the latter as you can see from the image above. It wasn't something that I like but Zach enjoyed it quite well so I guess it was based on preference. :/


I had Char Grilled Bone in Pork Chop (image above). My verdict? I didn't like it. :( It wasn't tasty enough and it tasted quite bland overall. The roasted apple is definitely not something I'd enjoy as well. Luckily things didn't go downhill from here.


Zach had Chicken and Mushroom Pie and it was a bomb. Well, that's because it had red wine in its recipe and both Zach and I are big fans of red wine. LOL.


Edwin had a Linguine Carbornara which was something more familiar. The taste didn't disappoint and the portion is very large for individual serving as well. :D


We also had a Mixed Sausages Platter (Dynamite Chili, Chorizo, Pork Basic, Smoked Chicken, Potato Salad, Apple Sauce & Mustard) which was filled with awesome happiness (meat meat meat, you know how much I like meat. :D ). The Apple Sauce & Mustard Sauce were superb with the sausages.

The fancy meal came close to RM300 (we were very happy that night, thanks to Guinness, LOL) but the experience dining at Mayfair was awesome. I totally recommend this place if you're into dining at places with a good environment and serve decent food. Do note that the price is slightly above average to compensate for the feel the outlet give out. LOL.

Here are details of Mayfair English Kitchen & Bar;

Mayfair English Kitchen & Bar,
Block D, Menara Taiko,
PJ Trade Centre,
No 8 Jln PJU 8/8A,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Selangor
03-7726 4131

Last but not least, a picture of me celebrating Merry Guinness.


Till the next post, peeps. :D



Mknace said...

:) :) :)
cool place to hang out

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KY said...

dynamite chili is my all time fav sausage!